ELISSA & McCRAE FIGHT! McCrae says if you keep saying sh*t you are going to get the pitbull!

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


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1:15pm – 1:40pm Judd and Elissa head out into the backyard. Judd comments on how you can’t even tell now that the hot tub overflowed. Amanda is now up and in the kitchen. She comments to Judd that she doesn’t sleep well with all the animosity in the house. Amanda heads outside. Andy joins Judd in the kitchen and comments that if I am going up, I am going up in style! Judd and Aaryn head out to the backyard and join Amanda on the couch. Aaryn says that Gina said she went upstairs and she (Elissa) said us throwing the parachute off the balcony was childish games. Judd says there is nothing better to do in here. Aaryn says that Gina said she was going to stay in bed and not talk to Elissa until late tonight and then tell her whatever she wants to hear to stay off the block. Andy joins them. Amanda says that Elissa was pretty adamant about her not going on the block. Aaryn says she bit her lip on the inside and now there’s puss.. I think its infected. Amanda says it’s probably a cold sore. Aayrn says it’s not a cold sore. Spencer joins them. Aaryn tells Judd about how they are thinking about getting a party bus to go to Vegas together. Judd says he would be down with that. Spencer says he would do it but would probably rent a car with Mari

In the lounge – Judd has a quick conversation with Andy about how he tried to talk to Elissa this morning and she pretty much said Andy would be going up. Andy says that he will try to talk to her today but that he thinks once her mind is set it is set. Judd says we need to stay close to Ginamarie today too. Andy agrees. They leave the lounge. Andy then goes into the lounge with McCrae and says that Elissa has had another melt down and I am probably going to go up again. Amanda joins them. Andy says that Judd has been working her hard and she basically told him I am going up. He has been fighting for me to not go up all day. If I go up I need to tell Judd that this is all fake because if Aaryn tells him before I do he will know I have been lying to him this whole time. Judd trusts me and will vote to keep me if I am 100% honest with him and tell him everything. Amanda tells Andy to walk around really unhappy and upset today. Andy says it would be so perfect if Gina just went up. Andy says I have to tell Judd that I am coming after you two. Amanda says what if he wins HOH then he will be coming after us. Just wait to tell him anything. Andy says okay.


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2pm – 2:10pm Spencer and Andy talk in the lounge. Andy says Elissa shook my hand and promised me I wouldn’t go up. Spencer comments that he can tell Andy is stressed because he is cleaning. Andy says I want to tell Judd that it was all just an act but Amanda and McCrae say that I can’t because then they will be pissed at him. Spencer says you could just tell him that you didn’t know. Andy says yeah, I just need to tell him before Aaryn does. Spencer agrees. Spencer and Andy head to the kitchen. Amanda joins them. Spencer tells Amanda he was going to Howard her. Amanda asks what does that mean? Spencer says I was going to tell you I was going to f**K the sh*t out of you. Amanda says oh. Amanda tells Andy we just need to be the last person in her (Elissa) ear tonight and tomorrow. They head to the storage room. Andy says I just need to know how to work it so that I am not throwing you and McCrae under the bus. Amanda says yeah just be the last one to talk to her tonight and tomorrow. Andy agrees.

Aaryn tells Gina I have good news, Elissa is 100% putting up Andy. Gina asks what’s the good news. Aaryn says that Andy would be going home. Aaryn says that she would rather Spencer go up and he go home. Aaryn tells Gina to talk to Elissa and comment how I have come back from the dead so many times that it would be a shame for Andy to go up and go home.



2:15pm – 2:30pm Elissa goes out into the backyard and tells McCrae to tell his girlfriend not to touch my sh*t! McCrae starts yelling really loud. McCrae says shut the f**k up! She never touched your sh*t! It was Ginamarie last night to took your ball. McCrae says if you keep saying sh*t you are going to get the pitbull! Elissa says well I hope I do! McCrae says we never touched your sh*t. Elissa says if you touch my sh*t again I will tell the diary room. We are on a tv show and you can’t mess with my stuff! McCrae says I am going to tell production right now! McCrae runs inside! (LOL) McCrae comes back out and says they told me you can’t touch my stuff. Elissa says you have dirty clothes and you take up more drawer than any one. McCrae says you have fifty million drawers. You went through my stuff and moved my clothes without asking. Elissa says don’t touch my things. McCrae says it was Ginamarie that took your ball. You are look at that wrong person to blame! Elissa says don’t touch my stuff. McCrae says I wouldn’t want to touch your upper class bullsh*t stuff! Elissa says I wouldn’t want to touch your dirty clothes either. Amanda comes out and McCrae tells her not to touch Elissa’s stuff. Amanda says touch her stuff, why would I want to do that. Amanda says you never talk about your step son, who knows whos mother he has, you’re a great step mom that never talks about her step son. You tell Ginamarie about my pregnancy which all of America already knows about, nice one. Amanda says you should have been a bl*w j*b Elissa.. you got caught in the wrong hole! Elissa starts running in the backyard and doesn’t say a word. Amanda heads back inside. Gina comes out and asks if McCrae needs any laundry done. McCrae says no thanks I like my sh*t dirty!



2:35pm – 2:40pm In the bathroom – Amanda tells Aaryn oh my god I was so harsh to Elissa but she deserved it! Aaryn says her husband’s teeth are yellow. Amanda says that is a sugar daddy if I’ve ever seen one. Aaryn agrees. Amanda says I am going to go touch Elissa’s stuff. Aaryn says I don’t get that touching sh*t stuff. Amanda says I will go put her sign on the toilet. Amanda then goes to grab Elissa’s love letter from the OTEV competition and puts it on the toilet. Aaryn says oh my god. Amanda goes out to the backyard and tells McCrae and Judd she just put Elissa’s love letter on the toilet. McCrae says don’t touch her sh*t. Amanda says if she wants to be mad about me touching her sh*t I will do it.

2:45pm Gina, Aaryn and Amanda play with feather earrings pretending to be Candice. Lots of get my name out of your mouth and screaming going on..


2:50pm McCrae and Judd on the backyard couch. Judd is asking McCrae why he didn’t campaign to keep him. McCrae says we just thought you were so dangerous. Judd says I was working with you. McCrae says yeah not me. It was Helen and Elissa pushing for it real hard. I wasn’t on board. If I had won that HOH I told them that you would not have gone up and they were pissed that I said that. And you can ask anyone about that.

2:55pm Gina uses the toilet and leaves Elissa’s OTEV love letter in there. Amanda comes in and checks that it’s still there. She says great, just checking that no ones moved it.


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I don’t condone hitting girls…but some of them *coughamandacough* are just really asking for it. Now she’s going around spreading lies about Elissa


McCrae calls himself a man? Fighting with a woman and saying such nasty things when all she said was not to touch her stuff… I am so glad Elissa did not say anything nasty back to Amanda and McCrae… you go girl! Let them look like the despicable selves that they are!

Amanda talking about Elissa’s children and husband is beyond pathetic. No one should ever speak ill about another’s family…she is a disgrace.


I am not going to defend Macranda or Elissa but they are all in the same bole this is suppose to be a game not real life ….. things are turned to be so personal in the house … that doesn’t make any one look good !

LOL with spitting.

She only mentioned clothes. They went psycho. Imagine that.

Oh My Gosh!

Does BB pay for the therapy bills that some of these people will need after this game is over??!!!


Have not been able to watch…Why are they not voting to get McCrae out ????


Have not been able to watch…Why are they not voting to get McCrae out ????
plz fill me in….


Amanda won POV so she will use it to take McPuss of the block.


Cant you read? LOL!


Amanda won POV. She did or will take McCrae off the block. The eviction vote will probably be between Aaryn and Andy.

still too soon helen?

I need a new handle – i have a question – i saw that someone here wrote that no one who has won and used veto has ever been put up.

Is that an actual rule, or is it convention?

I’m wondering because if production is really throwing things for Elissa – then they could invoke that loophole.

If it IS a rule, then she can’t (though that raises the questions about the game being rigged for Amanda – she was saying she knew one of the guys throwing balls, and Helen got pushed off, etc).

I was excited when Elissa won HOH – but if there is no chance of Amanda or Mcpussy going home, then it’s kind of lame again – though it would make me smile to see Andy go home.

I don’t like Aaryn. At all. I think she’s a racist bigot. But you have to hand it to her – she got EVERYONE to like her, and winning those comps – she’s a real beast. It would be good for BB if she went home – but not as good as it would be if Amanda or McCrae went home.

Someone please enlighten me.



until it gets to 4 the veto winner and how he saves is safe

BB Fan

New handle

Thank you – i just wasn’t sure.


These people are really disgusting…Amanda is the most evil, disgraceful, and ignorant person i have seen on BB for a while. How the hell did BB cast these people???


I would like to see Elissa go to the DR and say: you decide right now who stays – me or amanda. MAKE THEM SHOW THEIR COLORS.

Rio Seven

That s a great idea C, but only if WE WERE LOOKING FOR THE WORST IDEA EVER.

I mean really? Who suggests that?

What is wrong with the people leaving comments on this website?


All you’ll can run up there and kiss Amanda’s ass but, one of you morons is going to jury. I will love to see you assholes face when they announce it, because you both were assured they are safe. HAHAHA. Andy and Spencer are discussing who they are going to get out next like he staying. Arron’s running around kissing Amanda’s ass,. Wait until this is over and you’ll see how terrible you’ll looked to America. I wouldn’t count on getting any work for coming onto BB. I felt sorry for some of them losing their jobs but, not now, they have just gotten worse. GM you showed your just ignorant white trash for going to the bathroom on Elissa’s letter. I’m glad your pageant found out how much of a piece of shi- you are.



He’s a punk, it would be nice if he would defend himself against Amanda, but he’s so afraid of her. He’s also a nasty man and Amanda is a very nasty woman. They leave dishes all over the room, and leave dirty clothes piled up. He wears the same pajama pants for days. Even Amanda has told him how he smells, and he says nothing, but when Elisa says something to him he gets offended. Amanda is such a pest and a bully, I really don’t understand why production don’t do anything with her. I bet McCrae’s parents are praying he doesn’t marry her. Nobody wants a daughter in law from hell for their son.


I think Am deserves Mcnasty.They can leave the show and live in a trailer.


I had such high hopes for him at the beginning of the season, as I think many did. He has possibly ended up being the biggest disappointment this season.


How cruel can someone be. I honestly cant tolerate Fatmanda and mcpussy anymore. to make fun of a kid who doesn’t even know you. That’s someones CHILD! How cruel can someone be? I’m so shocked. CBS better put a stuff to it. I wouldn’t mind starting a rally to get AMANDA FAT HERPES ARBOTION ASS out of the game. So disgusting.


put a stop to it* sorry im just so shocked, i can’t even type right.


Glad Im not Elissas Hubby, I would punch Mcrae at the live finale and and slap him for Amanda’s comment. Low blow bringing kids into it.

Go Elissa

I put a thumbs up to this but I read it to fast or something , I thought it said that Elissa’s husband would WANT to punch McCrae in the face….. I really do Not condone anybody getting punched….Even when they really do deserves it !


McPussy showers every seventy day, whether he needs it or not. aMANduh loves the stink because it mixes well with her onion and yeast stink.

Elissa the liar and shit stirrer

Haven’t you been paying attention? He’s an old man. And Botox duck lips is going to take the coward’s way out and self evict long before finale night. Besides her sugar daddy will be in Canada and the finale time will probably be past his bed time. Elissa marrying some rich old guy says a lot about her character. And she has the audacity to judge others? What a total low life fake.


I hope this bites BB in the ass. This goes way past gameplay. Throwing her letter in the toilet (GM using the bathroom on it –and to think I was feeling sorry for that dumb bit–) BB should come in and escort Amanda off the premises (no jury- no jury money) Bring another person back from the jury house & let America have her vote in the jury BB is just as much of a low life as Amanda for allowing this to happen. Any Lawyers out there that might want to take this. THIS NOT GAMEPLAY BB.


I just don’t understand people taking up for Elissa. You are aware that she probably wouldn’t like you right?
She’s one of the worst human beings on Earth and these fake fans are on her side because her sister won.
It’s ridiculous.

don't assume

Many of us are rooting for her because she recognizes how awful the others are and has a mind of her own. It’s refreshing in a season of sheep.

Elissa the liar and shit stirrer

Are you kidding me? Elissa is pathetic. She started it, as usual. She blamed Amanda for touching her stuff when Amanda didn’t. And like the fembot stooooopid ass she is, she won’t listen to reason and just goes on with her tunnel vision retarded rants. Helen really did a masterful job manipulating the queen of stuck-up’s mind. And Elissa should keep her damn mouth shut about Amanda’s personal life if she doesn’t want things said about her personal life. It’s disgusting the pass all the Elissa glorifiers give her for her revolting pretentious nature but everybody else in the house gets crapped on. Elissa is not better than anybody. In fact I put her at the bottom. That was a good one about how duck lips should have been a Bl-w J-b. Too funny!!!


“She started it” WTF? Are you even old enough to be on here?


McCrae is a disgrace, he has no right to call himself a man. The way he is behaving is beyond pathetic. I am happy that Elissa did not say anything nasty back to Demanda and McPussy. She is a smart classy woman and knows better. Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae keep talking bad about Elissas family… that is so despicable.


lol oops simon delete one of the 2 comments above… i thought my comment didn’t get submitted the first time so i rewrote it :P


What’s funny is he leaves sexist rascist hateful and homophobic stuff up all the time but you say something he doesn’t agree with or bad about the game being fixed for Elissa he deletes it. It’s hilarious.


WTF!!! Elissa came out and started this whole thing. Mc said he didn’t touch anything it was GM. Elissa never listens to anyone; she act’s sand talks all uppity, all the time. I think you are taking classy with someone who things she is better than anyone, she as snob. She’s always throwing how much money she has into everyone’s face, and come on; she is married for the money, her husband looks like a dork. Sugar daddy all the way. She only cares about what she looks like, workouts all the time, typical gold digger. She has acted and talked like she’d so much better and is uppity all the time. And she has done her fair share of trash talking and degrading of others. She is all cocky since becoming HOH and it will come back to bit her on her a$$. She had an advantage coming into this game and has even called out production.

Elissa is disgusting

Elissa took the classy way out? LOL. She didn’t say anything back to Amanda/McCrae because she was having one of her mini meltdowns. The reason she hates Amanda so much is because Amanda has friends in the house and has controlled every eviction whereas duck lips hasn’t been able to control any (including this week) and has no friends because her social game sucks. If the ignorant stooooopid ass wouldn’t talk down on the HGs like she’s a queen and they are the help her life in the house might be more pleasant. But you reap what you sow. Elissa had to talk about Amanda and her pregnancy so it’s fair game for Amanda to go after plastic face’s life. It sucks to be Elissa right now. Her whole HOH was a waste. And 2 AM, Spencer, and GM will send her sorry ass out in 2 weeks, if the big phony doesn’t self-evict like the poor sport she is. Either way I can’t wait to see her out of the house.


There you have it Amanda fans! Amanda admits she was “preggers”. It wasn’t a rumor if so, it was a rumor started by Amanda herself to get sympathy!!!! Which makes her e en more low class to start thoserumors….plus Howardis genuinely upset at Amanda for dragging his name through the mud! What a great role model sarcastically….and MCrae whata sore loser!!!! One of 3 am is going home get over it! MCranda has to be soooooo stupid to think El will put up GM after this. Whenwill Andy see MCranda isjust hurting hisgame!!!! Wakeup!!!!


She’s lying about that. She may have been pregnant, and she may have had a miscarriage, but SHE DID NOT find out she was THREE DAYS PREGNANT. That’s impossible to know that quick after conception. Reason being a woman only ovulates a certain time of month. Regardless of when she has sex the semen can live inside of her for a couple of days. It’s only when there’s a fertilized egg their create a baby will she then knows she’s pregnant. Meaning it’s hard for a doctor whether drawing a woman’s blood or giving her a pregnancy test can determine if she’s actually pregnant, and there’s no test to tell if Semen is inside a woman. She’s totally lying about the days. Pregnant she may have been, and miscarried she may have, but she wasn’t three days pregnant. In order for it to show in her blood stream she was pregnant it would have to be at least 6-days before a Dr. can see high levels in her blood stream to show pregnancy. And she thinks Elisa is too stupid to no the difference. I think this is why Elisa accused her of having an abortion (saying she did just to come on the show). As for her birth control story it doesn’t make sense either, but that’s a story for another day. She should have kept that story to herself.


No. the 3 day thing is that she had the abortion 3 days before she entered the house.


she very clearly said that she had a miscarriage shortly after she found out she was pregnant not sure where you are getting the rediculous idea she had an abortion to go on the show people like you make me sick.


you must be one of her pathetic family members! lol

Go Elissa

When she talked about it the First time She said she had an Abortion !!! Now she is back peddling


If that’s the case, I really hope she had a miscarriage which is hard to believe she would want to come on a reality show after just experiencing something like that or even feel up to it physically. I also hope she didn’t have an abortion just to be on a show, because if she did then she’s really sick to do something like that for TV or money. I find the miscarriage hard to believe, because I don’t see CBS or BB notifying her 3 days before the show saying they want her on, not knowing if she would or not. That’s too last minute to give somebody notice to be on a show knowing they may be gone from home for three months. Also she had to make arrangements herself with her home, her pets, her bills, and to say in three days she did all of that plus had a miscarriage doesn’t sound to believable to me. And I certainly don’t believe CBS would have casted her knowing she was pregnant, which means how did Amanda knowingly accept the offer to be on the show knowing she would have a miscarriage before going on. It makes no sense. How did she know she would have a miscarriage? She certainly had to know she was pregnant. Could be true, but her story doesn’t make sense.


it was three days after she found out she was pregnant not three days before she was going to be on the show. nothing was said about three days before the show people are twisting things and making vile sickening comments.


It doesn’t matter about the pregnancy, the fact that she sleeps with every
Guy she’s ever dated…. She jumped on Mcpussy the first night!!!

Rio Seven

Is everyone really this dumb or is this a conspiracy to drive me bat shit?

Some education for you people… Having a miscarriage after being pregnant for a week is not the same as miscarrying after two or three months. Basically the egg doesn’t attach or doesn’t attach properly, and pregnancy ends before it really began. It happens ALL the time, and most of the time people don’t even know it happened.

Secondly, Amanda DID NOT say she had an abortion or used the morning after pill, but if she did it is not only none of your fucking business, but it would be Amanda’s LEGAL right.

But I keep forgetting, America just likes to PRETEND to be the land of free.


Guess you haven’t heard of the morning after pill? She may be thinking to herself I had unprotected sex 3 days ago and took the pill. Might not even have been a pregnancy test. Really need to learn about this stuff if your a woman. I’m a man and know this you should really stop thinking you know everything and actually learn something IDIOT!!!


As a man, and before you call someone an idiot, maybe YOU should learn about “this stuff”. The morning after pill only prevents pregnancy. If a woman becomes pregnant before taking the pill, it will NOT abort the pregnancy. The fact that A-man-DUH stated she was, indeed pregnant, would make any reference to the mornging after pill…well…idiotic.


Seriously, killing a baby just to be able to go onto a reality show is the lowest of the low. She is scum.


an abortion is not killing a baby – science


What is it killing then? A refrigerator?


What if the women was formerly a man?






Amanda just confirmed why I don’t like her, “DON’T BRING PEOPLE CHILDREN INTO THE ARGUEMENT , THEY ARE OFF LIMITS”, the smartest decision Elissa made was to not reveal an ounce of info about her kids.


Guaranteed Amanda and Mcjerky don’t win anything. No way both will make it to final. Maybe one of them will. A jury of Candice, Helen, and Jessie will make sure these BB hillbillies don’t get squat. Looks like the old Aaryn is showing her true colors again. Judd is right. You got to kick the snakes out of the BB household.


I called it 2 weeks ago! You wait and see. They will be taking that crazy assed bitch Amanda out in a straight jacket.
She is going to impode and BB will have to disqualify the nasty vile bitch!!
She is currently verbally attacking Elissa and Amanda is out of control.

Elissa the liar and shit stirrer

Amanda spreading lies about Elissa? What about Elissa doing the same about Amanda? You asswipes who glorify Elissa really take the cake. She is a vile, shallow, gold digging elitist snob. At least she can read the cue cards in the Diary Room because she wouldn’t otherwise be witty enough to make those statements from her own lame brain. If Elissa keeps up the condescending I’m-better-than-you attitude I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets popped in the mouth by one of the girls. It would be well earned. I noticed on tonight’s show that the Botox really did a number on her lips… she can’t smile. She just gets this retarded goofy look on her kisser when she’s happy but it looks hilarious. No wonder she can’t chew right when eating. Her mouth is closed except for a tiny hole that she slides the food in through. Then she makes a disgusting noise chomping away, which is almost drowned out from breathing from her nose. What a fake piece of plastic. I hope the entire house makes her life a living hell until her ouster in 2 weeks. She won’t be able to do a thing about it except run to the diary room and beg to call her sugar daddy. Hey, Elissa, you asked for everything you get from the shitty way you have played “your game.”


You can say what you want about E… But, Amanda is the smackingest
person, what is it with her mouth?? And you can’t blame it on Botox.


Wow, so I jst got done reading a couple of your posts. I do not know or have ever met Elissa or her family. I am 37 and my husband is 19yrs older than me. He had no money. I fell in love with him. I was a young mom and we connected on an emotional level. Guys my age at that time wouldn’t b able to handle a relationship with kids. This may not have been her situation but unless you personally know her & her family, you have no clue why she and her husband met and fell in love. Who the hell cares about her personal relationship with her husband that you know nothing about. You are either not married or jst plain ignorant like most of the house guests. The thing that cracks me up though is you’re not even smart enough to leave out the EXACT same comments Arron & Amanda made. Fembot? Plastic? only giving away that you are most likely a relative of one or the other and are jst as bad as them. Elissa was shunned from the first week in the house jst for being related to a past BB contestant. How the hell would you feel if your sister went on first and then you did with nothing but excitement only to find out most dont like you bcuz of who your related to. She was honest about being America’s Player. Then when she wasn’t, no one believed her. She is the only one in the house that says exactly what she’s thinking and if it may be a mean thought, she keeps it to herself. Since when has being a quiet person, good manners and being happy with your life make you a bad person? She’s the only honest one in the damn house! If you’re family to Ar or Am I understand sticking up for them but all you are is a BB wannabe that has to use phrases and words that other people come up with to join in on the bashing towards El. Makes you jst as bad, if not worse bcuz u arent even thr, as all the other mean, hateful liars like you- bestie, lover, family (I mean who really cares) of the two main biggots in the house. Ignorance is NO EXCUSE for racism or bashing a woman’s husband. Obviously they are very jealous of Elissa’s lifestyle or it wouldn’t bother them so much. How the hell is that Elissa’s fault? I mean the worst she’s done is say “Dont touch my sh*t” and then took the higher road and went for a run after having McCray go off on her. You don’t see her crying a lot but you sure see Amanda crying and carrying on, burping, farting etc not giving a shit if people want to smell her gas! And now poor poor racist Arron is now crying. Like Elissa said, “Now you know what I’ve felt like since day one” I may be paraphrasing but you get my point. Or maybe you dont since you condone their behavior. I’m so glad she got HOH bcuz we get to see how her gameplay is. FINALLY!!! An HOH that is doing what they want and not being another puppet for someone else.Arron was HOH 4 times and never thought for herself! Now, that’s how you play a game. I really feel sorry for you that you would b jst like the jerks in the house and down someone for being a quiet person with a happy life. Look at how she talks to them after being casted out pretty much from the group for 65 days. I don’t think I could b nice when now they are pleading to her. But she is very civil. so many times she’s been blamed for sh*t when she was off by herself doing yoga or being nice to Candice when GM ran up to Ar and said she thought El and Candie were “working together”, only for Ar to turn around and change GM’s words “I think” to passing GM’s comment along to others as “I know”. You want to root for Ar, Am who cares? Great! Do that bcuz you should but you don’t have to be delusional about it. IDK, people like them and you make me sick and I am disabled with no money but still use good manners and do not intentional hurt others. I’ve never seen Elissa INTENTIONALLY hurt others except a couple times when defending her homelife & thats bcuz when you’re around people like them and they say and treat you poorly enough, it tends to rub off on the best of people and they say things they regret later. EVEN THATS UNTINTETIONAL! The others have always been intentional. Oh and even worse! If thr going to talk sh*t like Ar and Am and a few others, dont be a pus*y and only do it behind their backs. But they shouldn’t b saying the things at all. I really hope this puts a clearer perspective on things.
Thank you


I just read that they have been calling one by one the HGs into the DR, probably to remind them of the house rules. Amanda is getting worse with Elissa. Aaryn just told GM that they took away the scissors. I guess they are scared Demanda may do something to Elissa. Demanda should go home and McCrap being the obedient little Fifi he is should follow her.


They should come in and throw Amanda out the game (Not even jury, let America have her vote). They could bring the jury members to play for a member to play for her spot . Come on. BB . This goes beyond the game . America does not need to see any more of this BITCH. I’m relly disappointed in BB for allowing this type of behavior to continue. BB should be ashamed of them FUCKING selves . BB is as big of an asshole as Amanda. FUCK YOU BIG BROTHER. ( I’ m done)


I’m with you, Their families must be so embarrassed to see how much of a piece of crap their daughters are. I want to see how Arryns publicist spins this.(It’s a circle mom,i it comes back to the start, your daughter is a piece of crap no-matter how you dress her GM is. Just uneducated piece of crap and I bet the pageant is glad she went on BB so they can see the type of person they are using for a roll model. WhAt can you say about Amanda? Slime bag,CUN-, BITC- and a piece- SHI-. I’d like to know the company that would want to hire her to sell their properties, or what network would hire her to do anything knowing how she acts when she don’t get her way.


I’ve been saying that for awhile now. And for her to be treating Elissa the way age has been all day, makes me sick.

***Simon or Dawg: Can someone plz tell me what Andy means by telling Judd the truth & something was fake B4 Aaryn does???. I’m confused by that & what he’s talking about. Is he talking about him working with Aaryn, Amanda & McCrae? I have no clue. But I’ve heard Andy say this more than one time.


About their scheme to get GM put up instead of Andy.. they’ve been pretending to be fighting with him

VA Vet

It doesn’t matter that Elissa didn’t nominate MC and Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are four people in the 3AM alliance and any one of them could have taken Amanda off if they won veto. As long as Elissa gets one out this week, that is the best she can hope for. (Yeah, we all want Amanda gone but in BB you have to cover all your bases to at least accomplish the ultimate objective).

Elissa and Judd need to take out TWO of the 3AM to get equal footing in the game. Once 3AM is down to two people, Spencer will come sucking around to Elissa’s side.

All Elissa could hope for is that one of the 3AM goes out this week which is why Andy needs to go up. The real test is next weeks HOH. If someone who is working for Elissa doesn’t win HOH, no doubt Elissa and Judd will be nominated and if Elissa doesn’t get vetoed off, she goes no matter what.

It’s next weeks HOH that will determine the future of BB15


After this week, if Elisa puts Andy up tomorrow as the replacement nominee, It’s going to be the house against Amanda and McCrae. ANDY IS GOING TO DUMP THAT SINKING SHIP. And Amanda is going to Freak out in hysteria, and McCrae is going to be nailess, from biting his nails like he does when he gets nervous. I wouldn’t be surprise if he doesn’t start blaming Amanda for the way things turn out, because he knows that all those weeks of hiding behind Amanda, and not having to fight for a win in competitions are about to end, because he and Amanda are going to have to fight tooth and nail to stay in the game. He’s also going to really want to enforce his side alliance’s with Spencer and Andy, but I don’t think that will work either, because Judd, GM, and Elisa will keep Spencer close, and once they get rid of McCranda, Andy will be next on there list to get out, and it will be GM, Elisa, and Spencer, and Judd in the final 4. How awesome that would be to send Amanda to the jury to have to vote for one of the four she can’t stand to see win? Priceless. I can’t wait for Thursday night to watch her and McCrae fight for HOH, because they will finally realize they no longer run the house, and Amanda’s mouth has dug a ditch so deep, they have no way of getting out of it.


Please go to Hulu and do a search with the keywords “Rita DelVecchio” and “Saturday Night Live” It’s Ginamarie in 30 years guaranteed!!!


Hahahahaha that is so true! I love it!

Italian Princess

OMG… so funny! You gotta admit, Gina is a character.


Kudos for Elissa!! She has more guts than anyone, she stands up to Amanda and Mcrae who are seriously the most disgusting people/BB players. All they do is literally lay in their bed all day, only get up to go outside and smoke cigs. They play both very dirty and play dirty. McRae runs like a child to “tattletale” to DR….how embarassing!


The reason he “ran like a tattletail to DR” was because the last time Elissa got
in a fight she did that. Quit a few of them decided that whenever there was a fight
they would run to DR before she could to piss her off.

So he was trying to irk her even more.

LOL with spitting.

How’s that working out for him? They’re idiots. They just keep showing it. They won’t be wise enough to shut up when they get evicted. They’ll smart off on national tv outside the house.


Embarrassing , and a day after she cooked for the whole house, they have no shame eating what she cooked!!!


Totally figured out the only gameplay Amanda has is to alienate people tell them off and make them feel like crap so the give up and want to leave, I relive that’s a definition of a bully. McRaes gameplay is to do Amanas bidding for her. I was rooting for him to win til his true colors came out. So very sad. Hope Elissa gets hoh again. And Andy flooding the hoh room? How devious and childish. And his a professor? Educated and stupid… Wish riggin was in the house instead of him, at least he had more class than that…


Amanda’s a real scumbag. She needs to keep Elissa’s family out of it, that’s crossing the line. And her little lap dog needs to f*ck off too.


I respect Elissa for not talking with these vile people about her step children. She knows the media exposure family can get after being on a reality tv show and she has kept her step children out of the fray. She seems to have a good relationship with their mother and them. How many people here would want Demanda as their children’s step mother?


Does Demanda not know that they are on live cameras 24/7????? This couple is more hated then Brenchel was on their first season! McCrazy is just upset cause he knows once Andy leaves. The whole house will be coming after them. I hope Elissa gets pandoras box so she can stay a little longer.


Amanda is really low and nasty.


McCrae vs. Elissa…. girl fight!!


Totally Thinking That…and you know E would kick his a$$…that is until Amanda saves his pussy a$$…I’m so embarrassed for him now :o(


I just have to say, I am so happy I finally have someone to root for. And it goes as follows:


I am hoping for those as a F3.

The rest of these people disgust me.


Yes McNasty, we know you like your shit dirty. From your women on down to your clothes.

Dan's Mist

Aaahaha! Hardest I’ve laughed all day! Thank you!



So you like the Mcnasty name.


mcreepy is a douche, its ok for hos man to go around yellin at people,


And i love how the POV holder keeps disappearing….Come on Pandora’s Box! diamond power of veto for elissa or judd PLEASE!



bb Fan

Ohh mcpussy is a such a girl


No McCrea is not acting like a girl he is acting like a straight up punk ass little bitch!!!!!


I cannot wait for snooty bitch Elissa to go home. She’s so pathetically petty, it’s ridiculous. Like, stirring up a fight, just to fight, give everyone a break Elissa.


Have you been watching anything from this season. I’m sorry but if what you say is “snooty” then easily, “snooty” trumps trashy whore. Notice there are no quotes around trashy whore.


Nice one Monica!!!!


you must be MC/Demanda’s mother!…lol : D


This is what I keep thinking everytime someone defends this girl. No way can any normal viewer at this point be for Skankmanda unless they are her family.


I agree I can not wait until Elissa is out, she is one nasty peice of trash.

I mean come on how childish is it to say ‘tell your girlfriend not to touch my s***’. If yoiu have a problem with his girlfirend, talk to his girlfriend. And who says a guy can not fight with a girl, as long as it is not physical, a man has every right to stand up to a snooty witch.

I say go MrCrae hope you make it to the end!

Yes Amanda is a nasty piece herself, but please have you heard half the trash that comes out of Elissa’s mouth, she is no angel!

Italian Princess

Looks like the Brenchel Army is all over this site. Notice how comments that favor Elissa have hundreds of votes? Personally, I don’t care for the way Rachel played the game (mostly trying to be a Janelle, which she never could be), and I surely do not like the way Elissa is playing/not playing. She hasn’t done a thing this whole season till now. And she threatens to leave the game if evicted. That’s just bad sportsmanship and a slap in the face to every person who has ever wanted to be on BB. Say what you want about Amanda, but if she can control the game without ever winning HOH, I’d say she deserves to win. It has nothing to do with her personal life — that’s irrelevant. I could not care less about that and it should not be a factor in the results. It’s not supposed to be personal, people — it’s a GAME.


i agree completely. Elissa is sooo stuck up and while people in here are calling Amanda a hoe the evidence points very strongly that Elissa only married her “husband” for the same reason she came on the show, MONEY. she appeared on a Bridezilla segment on Anderson live before her wedding last year (she was married less then a year prior to the show) and you can visibly see that since the wedding she has gotten a ton of plastic surgery done. i wonder who paid for all of that. her husband lives and runs a business Canada and she lives in the US and basically goes and visits him occasionally while he pays the bills. they are not too far off when they say he is her sugar daddy.

Italian Princess

Wait — so Elissa’s husband lives in Canada?? Didn’t she say she lives in North Carolina? Wow… interesting! Must be quite a marriage.


you are a big disgrace for writing such comment!! i can see that you are of the same feathers with mc-so not crea and amandisgrace


And Amanda – of COURSE it’s a cold sore, it’s what you know best.


Yeah amanda, its a cold sore. Amanda knows herpes when she she sees it.

LOL with spitting.

Someone shared a dirty dish and someone else’s was raising it’s ugly head. McPussy has the clap, crabs, and not telling what else and now Aa has herpes from a cup. Oh the horror. The friggin’ horror. Is this Karma at its best or what. Call me shallow. I care less. Those three are dirt.


Elissa is just a spoiled little brat! She is so fake it is sickening!!


They are so jealous of Elissa it’s hilarious. She doesn’t care which makes it even more hilarious. :) Elissa PLEASE put Andy up…


Totally agree!!!


Why can Elissa lie about everyone and it’s ok, but if anyone else lies they are dirtbags? It goes both ways people!


Can you be specific about Elissa’s lies? I must have missed her lies about people… she has lied to people as has everyone else in the house, that is part of the game, but what lies has she told about people & their personal lives? Please clarify


Yep, Crickets….


McPussy running through the house like the B**CH he is….was totally funny. That boy is not a man at all…..

And yes, him and Amanda are nasty and dirty…just look at how they leave the area around their bed.


I’d rather look at what is around their bed than what’s in it!




What am I missing?? Why doesn’t Elissa hammer the fact that Aaryn is fierce competitor, therefore needs to go?! It’s obvious that Mcranda want Aaryn around to win the comps for them. Elissa could win over the “fence layers” to vote Aaryn out if they focus on the fact she is a strong player.


Everyone already knows that. Demanda even told them she wants Aaryn to stay so she can win and take out Elissa and Judd. LEMMINGS!


as soon as Amanda won veto aaryn was gone all this talk is for not thought it might e a 3-2 vote but it will be 5-0 elissa doesn’t realize aaryn going doesn’t effect Amanda they planned her exit in the next 2 weeks

LOL with spitting.

Right. That’s why Amanda and McRae are self-imploding. You don’t get it. She’s getting exactly what she wants. She wants to expose these people without any doubt. She has.


It affects everything, Amanda was plotting Aaryn’s departure in the next 2 weeks, thats 2 WEEKS, enough time to get out their enemies and then their power player afterward. I’ll be so happy when Aaryn walks out that door, not quite yet into the real world, but at least away from this one so I won’t have to deal with her bratty personality anymore.

Elissa for the Win

Even if Aaryn gets evicted, it will still weaken McPussy and Damanda’s position in the house. So they’ll have Andy and themselves. That leaves Judd, GM, Spencer and Elissa. If Judd wins HoH he can kill the 2AM alliance by putting up both McPussy and Damanda. If one comes off the block, he’ll put up Andy (hopefully). OMG this is finally getting interesting!


fuck Amanda and Mcccrae


Got to love the drama. What is the requirement: one Elissa outburst and one fight involving Amanda once per week?




That would be awesome! But I think it’ll be better when she throws a fit because she’s getting kicked to the curb!


and does McCrusty self-EJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elissa for the Win

or self ejaculate!!!!!!


WOW!!! McCrea, you’re such a man yelling like that. Wow, you are really proving that you can handle yourself by yelling and cursing at a woman.


That’s the longest time McCrae has gone without his fist in his mouth, chewing on his fingers. He and Amanda are disgusting pigs, with their various diseases and filthy bed sheets and dirty clothing.

I hope there is another comp where they get sprayed with water – it’s the only time McCrae gets washed off.




Marble size balls LMAO. Onion smelling, yeast itching blood soaked marble balls lol Sorry, but I don’t like lice infested flea at all


macrae and Amanda have to goooooooo! AND AMANDA IS PREGNANT WITH MCRAES CHILD???? WOWWWWW
I hope they take aaryn out tonite…… she has to go.. andy does too but not now, next week hope judd wins tonite HOH……… Amanda and Mccrae on the block, would be excellent! gotta break them up.. but Amanda should go before mccrae!!! They are dirty pigs, look at their room, clothes all over the place, dirty dishes ANIMALS ARE CLEANER THAN THEM!!! ELISSA PROUD OF YOU FOR NOT FIGHTING DIRTY LIKE THEM..




McCrae – “no thanks I like my sh*t dirty”
Exhibit #1 – dirty clothes and bowls everywhere around their bed. Exhibit #2 – Amanda



Teri B

And don’t forget the UGH #period blood stains.





Amanda is a bull. I think I’m missing something. I thought each houseguest was there to win the game, not help someone else win!


McCrae you’re A p*ssy so STFU!!! Why doesn’t he stand up to his Mommy Amanda!!!! I bet Elissa with all her yoga strength could beat his little girly ass!!!


Wonder how Demanda’s feels about MC calling her a pitbull? I mean it’s accurate n’ all.


Amanda is beyond vile. I’ve watched this show every season and I don’t recall a more vulgar, disgusting and rude person as Amanda. Shame on her!

Is she pregnant?

Pinocchio Obama

Is she pregnant?

Yes. With the incubus.


Yes NcYeasty already had the baby last week. It was a big clog of Dough. It. Evicted itself and went out in the trash.
They named it Yeastquita Mcfilthy.

LOL with spitting.

Let’s hope and pray she’s not. No child should have to endure an upbringing from that woman.


These people will never live this down. Never. CBS better do some mass editing to save their skin, but rating would shoot through the roof. Save McPussy and Apussnasty or go for the big ratings…. RATINGS…. Blood in the water.

Shinning Star



stop with the stupid “first” shit. It’s childish (look at me, mommy) and usually wrong. thank you.


LMFAO !!!!!!!


haha. this is where I love the “brenchel army”, which now is likely even larger due to elisa and has formed some sort of sub brenchelisa army. those people will absolutely make the life online for these two absolutely brutal. will be pretty awesome.


It is a shame that CBS allows these personal attacks I thought this was a better show but I was sadly mistaken I will never look at it the same again.

Elissa Rocks!

I love that Mcnasty is feeling the heat! Amanda can’t put up any sort of fight without going to made-up personal BS. Finally someone who isn’t afraid of them! Could Mccrae finally be realizing that hooking up with Amanda is going to cost him 500K???


Oh boy I hope CBS shows that little exchange between McCrae and Elissa. That’s so funny, but they won’t.


Okay Elissa you need to keep poking the stinky bear but don’t be drawn into anger. So far only Demanda has gone bat crap crazy but it you can get McStinky to lose it at the same time–OMG!! That would totally freak out the house and if McStinky is so busy going off he won’t be making sure Demanda doesn’t say something stupid.

Don’t fight Elissa just keep poking the stinky bear.


Amanda has the right to say the shit she wants! Elissa is the same as everybody else in that house! What’s ironic is that amanda is the underdog of the season! Think about it!


Another AMANDA fan that can’t get a point across without using profanity. … two peas in a seriously rotting, decaying pod!


I try to stay away from personal attacks, and I won’t go as far as Amanda or McPussy, but you her_71 are a friggin’ idiot dirt bag s n gargling bag of trash.


Did I mention you’re stupid as shit?


I love that Elissa called McRae dirty! Him and Amanda always look filthy on the live feeds, he’s constantly laying in the bed looking like a total slob. Has anyone gotten a load of those rooms? I mean who lives like that? I know there are a lot of people in the house, but they are all grown so why does the house look like that? There is literally shit everywhere, and they just lay there and no one seems to care.


Ok Mcranda, u think u can talk shit to eliss and get away with it? Somebody hold me weave.

Go Elissa

Finally getting to see the Rachel coming out of Elissa!! Maybe the last few weeks can make up for the first 2 boring months. I like how Elissa just bad mouths people regarding game play for the most part and everyone else takes things to another level attacking personal family stuff. Amanda needs to get off my TV! Once the show is over she is gonna finally see that she is being labeled the most disgusting big brother player ever! Very trashy woman that Amanda talking about sex 24/7 and all her rashes and Std’s!! CBS should fumigate that place when she’s gone!!


The CDC will have to bring in a hazmat team to clean the bb house after the show is over.

Pinocchio Obama

You have a lot of class Amanda……as long as you drop the cl.


I honestly don’t care who wins BB15 at this point, all I care about is that I get to see Amanda and McCrae walk out the house after being evicted. Now that would be the best moments of the season. As we all see here, Amanda is possibly the most vile, rude, and dispicable person to ever walk through the Big Brother house. Amanda’s gameplay is top notch, but she is insane and deserves nothing but to sit on the block with her lap dog. but she isn’t the only one that is disgusting. McCrae is a turd and belongs in a trash can. Andy is a whiny little shit who can’t even embrace the fact that he floated 99.99% of the game so far with the .01% being his HoH. Also Andy’s only gameplay is telling Amanda and McCrae what is going on in the house. really Andy? really? Spencer is a simply a nutcase. Aayrn will always be a racist bigot in my eyes and while her comp wins are impressive, she’s still a bitch.
Finally, I do admit that Gina, Judd, and Elissa all have a variety of problems, they are the only people I can support.


Whatever small amount of respect i had left for McCrae, i just lost. Don’t even want to watch the feeds anymore until amanda and mccrae are gone


HEY CBS>>>>>>AIR THIS FREAKING ARGUMENT IN FULL. I want people to see BOTH Amanda AND mcrae for EXACTLY who they are. this pretty much sums them both up perfectly.

Teri B

Unfortunately, it will never happen. CBS doesn’t DARE show Demanda and her lapdog in a bad light. Their edits are always golden.



McCrusty yelling at a girl, what a vile scumbag. He needs an ass whipping.


I was thinking just one simple bitch slap would level his ass, but then we’ll have to agree to disagree. Whoever runs into him first can try their method, whether it’s you, me or Elissa’s Husband.

BB newbie

I think that the reason that rat-bastard Andy is so far up McCrandas ass is because of all of the cheese growing between Scumanda’s legs.


Amanda unzipped his fly, took out his c*ck, kissed it and said goodnight Mc.
GM and Aaryn were dumb-struck. “Amanda, that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen!” Aaryn exclaimed.
“You wouldn’t think it was so disgusting,” Amanda replied, “if you ever smelled his breath.”


McCrae is such a filthy slob. I’m surprised the health inspectors ever let him deliver a pizza. I would bet anyone his hair is full of bugs, his teeth are covered in gross slime, his feet stink, and he has rashes all over his body. In other words the perfect boyfriend for Amanda.


Lurker you crack me up


lurker001 – you are in rare form! LOL!

Pinocchio Obama

McCrae don’t let your mouth get you in trouble. You are so brave threatening a woman but I think Elissa can take you.


I hate this season because if Amanda doesn’t get her way it is like World war 3. Like it is Big Brother not the Amanda show. Allison may help you but the other contestants don’t have too


Ahahaha it’s so funny because when Aaryn walks out on Thursday her life is OVER. She was bullying Elissa during that argument too and proudly proclaimed “I’m going to hell.” With the shit you’re gonna have to deal with after the show, I’d say so too sweetheart. As for Amanda, she is probably one of the most disgusting people to ever take part in this series. Having sex with a 22 yet old pizza boy while cameras watch. Class act huh? Regardless Ellisa will walk out exactly how she walked in- the fan favorite. She’s literally the ONLY one to root or this season besides Judd. It’s really sad actually. I pray Elissa gets a diamond power of veto in Pandora’s box or something. Oh and one more thing, fire that moran Alison Grodner.


Is it true that McPussy doesn’t take a shower?


Man, can you imagine the ribbing and shit McCrae is going to get when he’s back around his bros and family. I would be extremely embarass if I came across to the TV audience and live feeders as a kept boytoy, without any say in the relationship.