Still in hiding “C’mon sweet angel precious face.. Let’s do YOGA together”

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


5:13pm Andy and McCrae
Andy tells him he’s talked to Amanda and the only loose end they need to tie up is poopy telling everyone about their alliance and their scheming to get GM up instead of him.
Andy thinks he’ll just play dumb.

Andy says they should pull JUDD aside and tell them they need to work together to get Aaryn out.
MC:” Yuup.. ya ya.. “
Andy: “I don’t want JUDD to think you guys are shady f*** and put you up.
MC:” He already does and he already will”

Andy says if Elissa puts him up then f** her Andy is going to go after her guns blazing. They agree that pretty much everyone in the house is.
Andy – If i know I am staying I will speak my mind all week.. i trust you guys so much.. I cannot go out now after all this work
MC says he doesn’t trust Poopy at all
Andy – I want you to know I will benefit you guys moving forward.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


Amanda tells McCrae she is going to keep torturing Elissa all summer.

5:26pm Elissa gets called into the diary room and will have to leave her HOH room. Amanda prepares to strike. feeds go to fish..

5:48pm Feeds switch to Trivia Must be pandora’s box


6:26pm Feeds come back
Amanda is sitting in the living room alone with her Kazoo She’s yelling “This will never stop Elissa.. this is what you get Elissa.. I am not going to stop”

“that’s what you get for being a b!tch to every single person in this house including production.. now I am torturing you on behave of all the house guests”
Amanda gets up says “OK i’m going to the Dairy room without you.. ” (Hmm sounds like Elissa never went to the DR she’s been hiding in the HOH all this time.. Why the fish… )


6:30pm Backyard MC, Andy and MC
McCrae:” If you and me are ever on the block i’m going to stay”
Amanda:” Good I want you to stay”
Spencer, JUDD and GM join them

MC says his fight with Elissa earlier was about the yellow softballs. Sounds like the fight was over those. Elissa was saying that they were using her softballs. McCrae says he brought one softball in from the competition.

Spencer says Amanda is f***ing up their chances of getting Alcohol tonight. They laugh. Amanda doesn’t understand why Elissa doesn’t come down. Amanda misses Elissa so much.
Amanda: “She looks so much like her pictures.. I’m going to try to get her down here what else is there for me to do.. I miss her so much.. I miss her face.. I miss her big bloated face”

6:36pm Amanda in the kitchen yelling up to Elissa who is hiding in the HOH
“Elissa c’mon.. I want to play”
“Want to go in the Hot Tub together.. Aaryn’s going to go I want to go to.. i think you should come… maybe we can do YOGA together”
Amanda: “C’mon sweet angel precious face..”

6:42 HOH Andy and Elissa
Andy say he wants to ssaw sorry about what is going on.. it’s the worst..
A – I know it’s not going to stop
E – I cannot believe the show will tolerate that can you
A – I’m just as surprised.. Feeds cut..


7:03pm Backyard everyone but Elissa who is hiding in the HOH Amanda says she’s taking a break from terrorizing Elissa. She adds that she isn’t breaking any rules.
Aaryn thinks that production told her to take a break, “If I were you I wouldn’t take a break”:
Amanda tells Aaryn to start doing it then.

Mostly just chit chat.. Amanda says her throat hurts. GM thinks it’s because she keeps blowing the Kazoo.
Amanda: “Elissa’s husband is actually her father”
Amanda asks them what they have been doing all day.. Spencer says he was taking a nap until this old woman who thought it was New Years showed up.
Amanda says she doesn’t know what is more annoying what Amanda is doing or what Elissa does, “Walking around with that jester smile on her face when she is doing something evil”

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Shes been bullying Elissa NONSTOP for 5 hrs. Obsessed much? That psycho is cray cray! Aaryn is no angel either….she is telling Amanda to continue all night….that cruel witch…..If BB lets me in….I wouldn’t mind cussing off Amanda and Aaryn…..the thing is I DONT cuss….that’s saying something!


She better watch it, if Andy goes then Spencer may jump ship and put up Mcranda next week (because he could probably trust Judd) If Arryn goes home then GM might put up Mcranda for being such a bitch. Judd will be playing to put up Mcranda. So they may only have mcrae(who hasn’t done much) Amanda( who has already outdone herself) Arryn or Andy. What will happen if Elissa gets Pandora’s box and is safe next week? Would Andy, Spencer or Arryn make a move on Mcranda for being such an asshole.

Big Sister

I am sending strong telepathic thoughts to Elissa begging her to put up that rat, Andy! I really want to see him cry some more even if they are crocodile tears. For him to realize that he is disposable when up against Aaryn would make Thursday almost bearable. Even if he stayed and Aaryn left, the vote should not be unanimous and then he could spend time trying to figure out why oh why did McCranda turn against him. It is laughable that he is so upset that Zingbot called him a floater! Let lightning strike Amanda for thinking she is this year’s Jordan!! CBS has ruined the BB brand with this cast. Have you all noticed how her beady eyes dart around like wildly spinning marbles? I am now officially Team Elissa and want her to keep on laughing in her ridiculous face. Her behavior tonight was not to be believed.


Put up Andy and Arryn might just have a little something to keep her mind occupied.


First we have racist Aaryn, now we have bully Amanda. The others are just as disgusting. The language they use is just beyond!!!! I’m sure their parents are so proud watching them make fools of themselves. It’s so sad that young kids are watching and reading this and thinking this is acceptable TV. It really kills me that CBS, the producers of Big Brother allow such attacks. Do you really think your “warnings” before the show make a difference? Come on. Luckily the worst of it is not seen, but reading what’s really going on just makes me sick. I wish the viewers got to decide who to give the money to!

kathie from canada

I was noticing that CBS has not done any more of the ‘fluff’ pieces visiting with the families of the houseguests. No wonder! How long are they going to allow this ridiculous juvenile behaviour from Amanda before they finally pull the plug on her! What a disgusting human being … and I use the term loosely!

Amanda's Theruapist

If I was family member of this BB 15 group I would object to being on TV! These people obviously didn’t think if you make an ass – or worse of yourself there would be repercussions!?!
LMFAO! :-)


Aryan won’t be the only one in need of a spin doctor when this is over! Only the sound of boos from the audience in September will make this better!

Amanda's Therapist



CBS is contributing to the dumbing down of America. Networks keep showing the worst of the worst and making it look like that is how famous people act. They are really setting an awful example for younger people in our country.

Amanda is awesome

Lighten up, it’s just a game. Funny how when Botox duck lips won HOH and made her nominations and planned on backsliding Amanda, then it was ok for Elissa to trash talk and tell outright lies and play the part of cruel bully laughing at people’s faces. Now that that has all turned to liquid shit all the BB haters are crying foul for Elissa getting some of her own medicine. She knows what a fool she’s been made and just can’t handle it. Too bad. Then self evict you little stuck-up baby. I’m just afraid that while the gold digging phony is locked away in her room it’s because of a Pandora’s Box situation. That would be a crock and would just prove the game is rigged for her. Hopefully she’s cowered away in the HOH room because she knows she’s a loser and has no friends in the house, and that she’s going home in 2 weeks. Let me say it now you pretentious phony: bye bye! I hope Amanda and the others you’ve shit on make your life a living hell the next two weeks.


Why is BB letting this go one that is so wrong. They should have dismissed Amanda and Aaryn the moment they started using racial slurs the put Russells brother out because he bumped that guy week one of being in the house but they are letting racial slurs be made and bullying.Wow they must be related to someone higher up


Ok I like a good read and write to much myself. I couldn’t do 7 pages. LOL For everyone here wondering about Amanda’s behaviour and speech. She is doing exactly what production(AG) wants her to do. It is production who by extension is terrorizing Ellisa. I frankly think that lack of any standards regaurding decency and moral by CBS and the show is truly appalling. It almost looks like it’s the last season so lets crash and burn this bitch. Not that I actually think this is the last season.

And please remember Amanda is completely comfortable at showing her godless, racist douchebag A$$! She knows she is winning BB and 500K no matter what thanks to AG!


I have never in my life called a woman the ‘c’ word, but Amanda truly is the definition of this word.


It is so messed up how Amanda has been behaving since Elissa won HOH. Boohoo Amanda, things didn’t go your way so now you are bullying and terrorizing people – go to hell you sore loser! Some1 from your alliance is going home whether you like it or not! McCrae is so delusional thinking he is being “portrayed” as a “super fan” haha what a joke. You are being portrayed as and you ARE a whipped lil doggy.

Imagine Though!

If this is how she’s acting now, imagine if she actually was on the block! What would she be doing then!?!


I don’t know what the “C” word is. But I do know she is the abdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy and Z word.

See You Next Tuesday

Hint: Rhymes with Punt. Or Hunt. Or Grunt. Or Runt. And so on…

The Fist of Goodness

See you next Tuesday

I can't stand Elissa

No BigJacket, Elissa is the c word. More aptly, she’s a stuck-up c word. I know a few and they make me sick walking around like they are better than everyone else. Everything about Botox duck lips is fake from her hair to her lips to her eye lashes to her boobs. What a shallow person. With a very shitty attitude and whose game play sucks!


Isnt this the big brother house???? Not the zoo??? I mean we have Rat Andy…..Hippomanda…..Monkrae……and Aaryn….well shes just a “female dog”


I think in the zoo there is one called an Arryndderall it’s a blonde descendant from hippomanda – yeasta.


That’s hilarious!!!

Old Macdonald

In your zoo animal description of the HGs you forgot about Botox duck lips Elissa. Or maybe you can compare her to a skunk because she thinks her sh-t don’t stink. Or maybe you can call her a weasel who likes to stir shit up where she thinks she’s safe but just runs down a hole when it blows up in her face and she gets a taste of her own medicine.

The Fist of Goodness

They use Collagen for lips not Botox FYI… Duh




Amanda is a nasty skank but Elissa isn’t a nice person either. All you goofs supporting her are people she would take a steaming crap on if she could. Elissa is just as nasty, just in a different way.


I personally don’t think any of these houseguest are any better, however Amanda insulting Elissa’s family is disgusting. You don’t ever hear Elissa commenting on Amanda’s outside relationships because she knows it’s a game. Once it’s all over Elissa will probably be friendly towards everyone except Amanda because of this fact. If I was in the house I would take all the personal attacks with a grain of salt but if anyone insulted my family, I’m pretty sure I would be expelled!! The fact Elissa hasn’t taken a bottle and smashed it over that diseased nimphomaniac’s head, is astonishing to me!


I agree that was so rude what she said about her husband. Amand is a rotten how are you gonna just meet a guy don’t kow squat about him and sleep with him she need to use some of that gym equipment while she’s in there


She maybe stuck up but, that’s a lot different than just being a CUNT.


Evil Dick 2.0


She is nothing compared to Evil Dick… Evil Dick was likable. He appreciated other peoples gameplay if they outwitted him.

Amanda is just vicious. She can’t stand not being able to have control over everyone. Ugh bossy and narcissistic evil bitch!

She is so UNORIGINAL! She copied Rachel Reilly with the whole “Big Brother” wedding, and she repeatedly tries to copy previous house guests… get the hell outta here you loser! She targeted all of the showmances because she wanted to be the only showmance in the game… well that is going to bite you in the ass bitch! Cause now everyone remaining will target her and McPussy, except Andy he is a lost cause – no hope for him. I fail to understand why he is so loyal to Amanda after seeing how she is… i just don’t get it.


I am SO GLAD that they didn’t show the wedding on CBS.


She really is a bad person I mean how mean can you be


White trash.


I guess Elissa should tell her, at least I don’t have herpes but, I guess she is to classy for that. I think her parents have turned off the BB live feed because I think they have heard too much information about their daughter. I’m sure he has stopped tweeting trying to condone his daughters actions.(losing cause) I bet he regrets her going on this show and all his family and friends seeing what a piece of shit he has raised. SOOO Proud HUH. MOM & DAD.( can’t wait for her to bring home McRae so he can lay around all day getting high and playing video games). Maybe he’ll take his monthly bath before he comes over.. And now you know why the house smells like ONIONS now.


Amanda is complete trash. How does she not see that her actions are wrong and how is it that no one in the house is telling her she is a bully. I bet her family is really proud.


Not only does CBS condone racism but they condone bullying!!!! This is disgusting.


someone please get cuntmanda out of that house next week please somebody with somebody balls please do it she knows to she can’t get her way everytime someone wins hoh #teamelissa


Helen should be ashamed of herself because the current condition of this house is primarily a result of her scheming and picking off those who actually would have banned together to fight McCranda!! So unlike the Hollywood out Fairytale endings we are use to….this time…the bad guys win.

Pick a better cast CBS

THIS has gone to far its not even funny


this isn’t even entertaining at all. this BB season has turned into an embarrassing Jerry Springer form of entertainment. CBS will edit Amanda torturing Elissa into a non-threatening funny segment for next Thursday’s show. CBS will not show the true Amanda personally attacking Elissa and her family.


Thats exactly what i was thinking. CBS will put that comical song and make it seem like amanda was just playing with all the houseguests. Amanda is a bitch, and a skank. She walks around in her nasty ass underwear with no self respect, awareness, or identity. I will stop watching BB if amanda wins. After this season Allison Grodner needs to be fired and Kassting needs to be fired too. If CBS/Production do not rectify this, then they will lose a ton of viewers hands down.


I wish elissa would get a pandoras box with a coup d’etat, and the house would get evel dick. I would hope that Dick would call out every single one of them, especially amanda. Evel Dick giving amanda her own medicine would be amazing!


ohhhh please!!! What GAME are you watching?? Amanda is trying to keep her alliance in this game by any means necessary. Ellissa is a vapid fool who deserves to leave this game..being BB “blood” does not a game player make. She’s been ridiculous the entire time in the house! Being Rachel’s sister does not give her a free pass….she even said she would LEAVE jury more insulting to longtime fans can you get??? if I was Amanda I’d be doing even worse to that self important, self righteous, entitled gash!


Then poopy, I gues you are as big a piece of shit as Amanda. This is not going to do anything to change Elissa’s gameplay you FUCKING MORON.

Amanda's Therapist

Mr/Mrs Poopy about Amanda…how can you feel what she is doing or saying is justified in any way? OMG ! STFU!!
She is the “scum” of the earth-If you don’t play nice with Amanda she will make your life hell! She is controlling and obsessive and obviously envious of all females in the BB house! In watching her since day one – she has nEvEr said one kind word to any one of them! Is this intentionally done by
her? She has never been honest with anyone since her ass was allowed to enter through BB doors…IMO!! :-)
Amanda is the obnoxious one in a group! You don’t want to allow out of your sight….OR you will find her hitting on your man/husband! She would not hesitate to seduce him!


Yes, this! Someone that gets that this isn’t an episode of glee. It seems that most commenters are under the impression that this is a sensitivity training seminar…except, of course, when duck lips is treating everyone like garbage (she’s intrinsicly better, you see).


so you think alissa deserves to go because she caused a riff in the house and pointed out how controlling, selfish, annoying as and hell, self rightious and just an all around skanky person Amanda is and everyone has just been her little minons this whole time? what kind of world do you live in. I was rooting for Amanda and mcstinky for the longest time but after she thought she was the shit it totally turned me off from them. I don’t tolerate people that have big heads and think they are all that. she has no game play all she knows how to do is boss people around and its pretty obvious that her parents babied her her whole life and now she is running around pouting and stumping her feet because she has no control over alissa like she thought she would have. poor baby!! she is to dumb to have real game so she definitely does not deserve to be there at all she just plan trash!!


amanda the pig and andy the rat. Get these animals out.


amanda’s so disgusting. her parents must be SO proud of their little nasty daughter. ugh, so tired of her antics.


Amanda is in for a hell of a surprise when she leaves the house. I’ve never seen such a nasty group of people, this season will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Longtime BB Fan

I really wish that after the final episode they would show all the houseguests watching what everyone said behind everyone’s back. All the lies and disgusting actions…and let viewers tell them what we really think of them.

I also want to see when Amanda leaves…and the audience does not clap…and maye even boo her. Her face will be priceless!


I would love for Amanda to get Boo by the live audience when she exits the house!


if the audience boo’d her she probably would think that they were bummed that she got kicked out. she thinks she’s all that. she is just pi$$ed that she doesn’t have control of elissa like she thought she would.


…if she leaves… It is sooo shameful that not one person in that house has the nerve to stand up for Elissa and tell Amanda to shut her fucking mouth. I don’t think anyone left in the house will ever have the nerve to put her and McCrae up together because they will fear being treated like Elissa is being treated right now. I am worried that at this late point in the game that Amanda is going to win at least second place. I know it’s a game, but doesn’t Amanda ever stop to think that millions of people are watching her terrorize another human being… just because the other human being is a pawn in the same game she is playing. Bullying is a horrible part of the world we live in and it is sad that CBS would rather allow such actions for ratings than put a stop to it. I am outraged at Amanda’s actions, I thought only teenagers who were trying to figure out who they were acted this way, but sadly she is an adult with no boundaries or morals. All the money in the world couldn’t make her happy once she gets out of the BB house, especially the 350-375 thousand she may take home, because she is a miserable person on the inside… and when Elissa, or any of the other jurors or players, besides McCrae, leaves this game they will continue with their happy lives and occasionally remember the crazy bitch in the big brother house that made a complete full of herself and her family and how ugly her flat ass and awkward mouth and nose was and just laugh… just my thoughts!!!!


Amanda is a top notch Realtor with wealthy clients. That is precisely why she acts so bratty she has been spoiled by those rich old wealthy clients in real estate, that is my opinion. But now I hear she does not have a job.


Or this season will be known for the “final” season. BB is going to loose fans or get into some kind of trouble if they let this continue much longer If they do? I’m out! I have never been embarrassed to say I watch big brother-until now.

CBS is to blame

I hope that CBS does not edit what Amanda is doing to her usual golden edit , she is vile and being a super bully, at this point not even entertaining , she is a bigot, racist,narcissist ,borderline c$&t , if they let her win, they will have fail miserably….disgusted once bb fan….

CBS is to blame

I hope that CBS does not edit what Amanda is doing to her usual golden edit , she is vile and being a super bully, at this point not even entertaining , she is a bigot, racist,narcissist ,borderline c$&t , if they let her win, they will have fail miserably….disgusted once bb fan….


Please get Amanda out of the house. Someone evict her please!!!


I didn’t see why everyone hated amanda until now .. Before she was tolerable but now that she isn’t in control she is just low class :( .. So kudos to all the people who knew she was this kind of person .. I didn’t see it !


Yes that’s why we like the OBB site. It’s a true eye opener for all those who have been blinded by the yeast clog. So glad you can see clearer now.

Heather Grace

Oh my god, Amanda is by far the most annoying and obnoxious houseguest! And has ZERO class.

You know, Ghost of Helen edition

You know I told you Elissa it was too early to mess with Amanda. A big player like Amanda you do not mess with until the final 2. You know you will be hated by America for putting up the new janelle Aaryn ok ok ok.

You Know, Ghost of Helen edition

Tough crowd lol


I really don’t care if this rigg this for elissa or judd to win .. maybe elissa for all she endure yes bias much


Wonder what she got in Pandora’s Box?


What Elissa needs from Pandora’s Box is: a ball gag, some rope, a leather mask and a fire hose to clean the stink off that piece of garbage Amanda. Barring that, how about a rewind button… to Friday’s nominations.

Old Macdonald

I’d like to see a ball gag in Elissa’s pie hole. But it wouldn’t fit because her Botox duck lips won’t open that wide. Haven’t you noticed? I think tonight’s BBAD is the first time in 60+ days where the stuck-up skank isn’t shoving food between her duck lips. But there’s still an hour left. I hate how she chews with her mouth shut and makes disgusting noises out of her nose like a horse. And then she stares wide eyed, shaking her head, and pouting with her droopy fake eye lashes batting. Just self-evict already. You know you are the next to be voted out after this week, right?

Old Macdonald

I stand corrected. The disgusting pig is eating right now. Told you. Elissa just go back to your hole and hide until Thursday.


Hopefully something to override the POV. That would send that bitch over the edge if Elissa could put her up on block.. I hope it’s some sort of power so she can put it to Amanda. I would love to see them vote out Arryn as Amanda is voting out Andy. That way Andy will know she tried to screw him and it will be everyone against Mcranda next week. McRae would be so pissed at her for running her mouth. He might even go after her next week after this. (Back door her McRae,send her packing so you don’t have to listen to her)

Andy The Rat

How did someone as vile and disgusting as Amanda get cast? She’s gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house. And the more I watch, the more I dislike Andy. He’s disgusting.


Amanda got cast to be a smoke screen. They had to make america want Elissa to win since they have predetemned that she would be the winner. Amanda has been instructed to be as obnoxious as possible so that we will root for Elissa to win. It is all a set up. They are setting up a showdown between Elissa and Amanda in the end wth Elissa the big wnner.

Andy The Rat

How did someone as vile and disgusting as Amanda get cast? She’s gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house. And the more I watch, the more I dislike Andy. He’s disgusting.


Whoooooaaaaaaa vmas are awesome f**************ck big brother yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Andy is shady as f*uck.
Amanda is a bitch, want to punch her in the face for bullying Elissa.
Hope Aaryn and Andy are on the block.
What is up with the other HG, they should speak out, but I guess everybody else is afraid of Queen Amanda.


Amanda should crawl into a hole, I’m sure there is a swamp somewhere that would love to bury her evilness.


Why pick on the swamp??? What did it do to deserve Amanda???

Danity Kane

Is it still possible there was a pandora’s box? Elissa better kick some ass at that veto or her ass will be kicked out the door ;c
Please rig the veto for Elissa, Alison!


Why is Production allowing Amanda to terrorize Elissa Oh I get it because Alison is Amandas friend. Is what Amanda doing be considered as a form of harassment because Elissa does not want to do what evil Amanda wants?


Can someone punch Amanda the F*ck out please?!

Getting Old

Crickets… That is how old this shit is! Amanda’s biggest fan is herself, the Amanda Show… Crickets


I really don’t care if they rigg this for judd or elissa to win … everything elissa edure they need to rigg this for her….. bias much yes


Amanda needs 2 slapps one for speed and one for direction




Spicy this is Cajunand I guess I owe you an apology for a comment the other nite. I totally agree with you today. Wouldn’t it be great if she got some kind of power to override the veto in Pandora’s box. That would send her the bit– over the edge. Then could do all the yelling and screaming she wanted.


So it’s acceptable to be in your 30s and embarrass your self and family on Internet and tv? Nice!

In the real world it’s a crime to threaten to kill people and eat them. Not on big brother tho. In fact, it goes completely unnoticed by production.


If someone makes death threats, even in the BB house, the police should be called. Who knows this persons mental state of mind. CBS is taking on a lot of liability if one person physically harms another after making a death threat. That would be worth millions in a lawsuit to the victim. CBS is a scumbag network.

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda is like the gal in the movie “Single White Female”
They can’t mess around with threats!
That is crazy! CBS needs to do something!
People don’t make threats as a JOKE!


Honestly I’m surprised they haven’t put a stop to Amanda’s actions yet. Didn’t they make Shannon apologize for using Hardy’s toothbrush on the toilet? Not sure how Amanda messing with Elissa’s stuff is much different. Times like this in the show just make it uncomfortable to watch, and shame on CBS and AG if they let it continue. I’m all for backstabbing etc. but this is just downright bullying and imho not what the game is supposed to be about.

...about Amanda

Unfortunately…production won’t stop it…It’ll give them ratings and that’s all iits about. Evel Dick was allowed to behave that way and got away with it. On his Twitter account, he said that Amanda is “playing the best game this season…” and that “you do what you have to do to win…” As much as we hate her now, there are those who will love her when she is out of the house (America is very forgiving). The only way for this to stop is for someone in the BB House to put Amanda up…No one but Jessie and Elissa would (well, El botched that up, didn’t she…). I do want to punch Amanda when I see her out on the street, though…just kidding…but luved the thought :o)


What I find so upsetting is we live in a world where teens have committed suicide due to bullying…. adults as well…. I know this is a game and some people use different strategies but when it’s this bad and comes to death threats? Someone needs to put a stop to it…


I don’t like the husband talk…. I would have gotten the boot for laying out amanda the first time she said anything negative about my husband.
I gotta give it to Elissa for keeping a cool head. I would have gone full out snap show by now.


I kinda hope Elissa snaps and cracks Amanda right in the nose. Although shed get evicted…The victory we, as America would feel would be priceless. Amanda needs her ass kicked.

I'd Vote...

If Elissa cracked Hamda suckerman in the jaw, I’d start a campaign to send her money as Americas Player after she got evicted. It would be soooo worth seeing. Do it Elissa, Do it for US!

Elissa for BB15

I agree with you 100%


That could be what Sue Happy Amanda is trying to do. I remembered before her saying that when she gets out she has to sue someone. She is a realtor OMG AMERICA remember her and run when you know it is her because if you do not buy the property she will terrorize you.


This is embarrassing. Praying to God they do NOT edit this. Reading the previous posts and seeing that photo of the pad and condom really make my stomach turn. Amanda is a vile person.


And she’s HOW old?! I would be mortified if one of my children acted so immaturely and was so blatantly a bully, even in “private.” (not on tv) Her parents must be so proud.

Kelli Jo

Amanda…you suck. That is all.


Elissa has to remove Andy
at the high risk of a PO’ed
Aaryn who may go total
crypto~fascist and/or
neo~N@zi on her when as a
support system for the wicked
witch of the west. Elissa is
turning into Glinda before our
eyes. I am thinking of Ozma
of Oz, by Frank L. Baum.
is JUDD the wizard returnith?
if Andy is a flying monkey…


Amanda is such a goddamn child. I bet she smells putrid too. Elissa’s will is stronger than i thought. I woulda drowned the bitch in the hot tub by now


So… what exactly did Elissa do to piss Amanda off this much, besides the whole “we threw the veto” thing…????


Elissa had the nerve not to do what Amanda wanted her to do..She put up McRae rather than GM like Amanda wanted so 3am could vote out GM rather than pick between McRae and Arryn. Hopefully it will be Andy and Arryn now. Andy might want to work with Elissa now but he has lied so much, you can’t take a chance. If he really did, he would have put Amanda & McRae up last week.

Team Elissa

SICKENING! Why the production remains silent? This is outrageous!


Three words for Skum Man Duh! Psychopathic, vile, disgusting creature! Production needs to evict her from the BB house for bullying, this has gone way beyond game play. It is out of hand. I hope Elissa locks the HOH room so that Psycho cannot get in there with a knife in the night and slash her throat. This woman is way beyond crazy and needs some serious help. Even if this is just for the ratings it has gotten completely out of hand. CBS needs to do something about this before this Psycho does something that may give her more than a bad reputation. She’s P-S-Y-C-H-O!!!!!!!! Appears she needs more medication than what she is already taking.


That’s 4 words.


Amanda needs to disappear from Earth


Demanda, McCrap, and Sandy should not win this game. And what world is Demanda living in when she told Elissa that they were protecting her??? My vote is for Elissa to win it all. I hope when they have BB reunions that people will spit on the three stooges.


I am so over bb14!


what season you watching this is season 15 not 14 lol


I can’t wait to send DAMANDA and mcpussy hate mail after the show!! Google her address, it’s there for everyone to see :)

Good luck ever securing employment again! Not that you’ll need it, I suppose, since your butt buddy Allison grodner, woman of no morals and ethics on BB production, has rigged the game to make you win. Good thing, too, because you’re really going to need that money. You don’t expect mcpussy to ever want to do anything but be a pizza delivery boy, right?

Your parents must be in’ve been giving death threats left and right all season. Don’t be surprised when that follows you for the rest of your life.


This is like watching a “Prisoner Lock-Down” show. Disgusting!


Wow, is aMANda ever embarrassing herself.

Don't complain now

Some of you can’t complain about Amanda’s bullying, Evel dick kind of did the same thing and alot of you still praise him and would give him a hug and high five if you met him.

Dan's Mist

Except Evel Dick was actually witty and made us laugh, not lame and making us feel uncomfortable.


Amanda is a fat whore fucking cunt face who is obese and hopped up on drugs and should eat a pie of shit and go to hell.

VA Vet

Hope you’re watching this McCrae. That’s what you are in for the first time you cross her after you move to Fla. to live with her.


Clearly Amana revels in being a bitch. So Helen should start killing her with kindness…now THAT will get her riled up.

Keep Cool Elissa

I don’t want Elissa to lose her cool – she’s handling this perfectly. I would, however, gain respect for any HG that would stand up to her and tell her to shut the F**K UP! Even Judd’s not doing it. Hope Elissa sticks to her gut feeling and puts Andy up as replacement nom.


Judd is a typical redneck. He thinks it is funny.


GM brought up Elissa’s clothes so Amanda wouldn’t take any, and apologized to her for Amanda’s behavior. Geez, I almost like GM now…tipsy turvy world I live in.


Lol…auto correct….topsy turvy world not tipsy turvy


I am so glad I stopped watching last week. Thought when Elissa won that maybe show isnt rigged but then disgusting amanda wins. It is so fixed. The way amanda acts is horrific. I will come here for my updates. Cant stay away as much as i want to. But no more bb on tv for me. They ruined this show this season.
Thanks for whoever gives the updates. Great job. I appreciate being able to catch up on what ive missed. Thank You


Who needs a clown costume or a clown doll when you have De-MAN-durr in the BB house. She acts like she is John Wayne Gacy’s bastard daughter. I wish Chima would come back in the BB house just to punch that nasty c*nt in the face and walk out. Nothing tasteless then to see a supposive women act unladylike. I hope her car get egged for the rest of her life. This BB season sucks. Just watching them being nasty bring the worst in even the BB fans. Good job CBS! (Cut to fishes).

Elissa for BB15

Amanda go take a break and get a shower and leave Elissa alone, cant you see she don’t even care you exist.


Everyone agrees with Am, just Am has the balls to do it. E is a superficial person who needs to be knocked down a few notches. I think it is super funny! When is everyone going to realize that E is worse than the rest of them, she serves backhanded comments to everyone and talked about them like they are trash, so why would anybody like her? Hello


You must be a sick twit too!

Oh no

Cb, I hope you have no children. Nuff said.


They are TRASH. No decent person would behave like they do and admit to the horrible things they do in their everyday life. Believe it or not some people still have morals and values. I would disown my kids if they behaved this way.


Andy needs to be bitch slapped. Amanda needs to be institutionalized. McCrae…well he’s useless. Aaryn needs to be sucker punched. GM needs some self esteem. Spencer needs to continue to be watched, perv. Judd needs stop slurring when he speaks. Elissa needs to remain sane until its over. CBS/BB need to make more careful casting decisions.


Amanda is a sicko. Cant believe she is gonna win.


I refuse to beleve she is going to win until she wins. There is still time to get her out….but boy, it will take someone with the guts to do it based on the torture she is putting Elissa through. I’m not sure if any of the HG’s, other than Elissa, are that brave.


She=Amanda. Tired….