Exterminators VS The Brown Recluse, Black widow, Tarantula and The Plastic Toy Spider

POV Holder: Amanda Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used Yed POV Ceremony Sep 1st
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations: Aaryn and Andt
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


4:20pm Backyard Aaryn tells McCrae that Elissa is throwing her under the bus to GM. McCrae wonders why GM is spending all her time with Elissa. Aaryn says it’s because GM and Elissa are now a pair. Aaryn leaves to go lay down in the bedroom. Andy joins MC in the backyard. Andy: “Huricane poopy is brewing”


4:28pm Hammock Andy and Elissa

E – “I don’t want you to be upset with me.. I want you to know they don’t care about sacrificing someone.. what they are doing to Aaryn they don’t care at all”
Elissa says that Aaryn is throwing Andy under the bus saying that Andy is working with Amanda/McCrae and he is going to put Elissa up.
A – “I knew she was going to do that… hopefully you trust me more than her”
E – ohh 100%

ELissa says Amanda needs to be put in her places anbd Elissa is going to show amanda she cannot get away with what she is doing

Andy says he see what is going on in the house and he’s not going to ruffle any feathers this week.

E – I just want you to know she is trying to stay in the game
A – OK cool


4:36pm MC and Andy Bathroom
MC tells him that Elissa is trying to get the house against him and Amanda for next week. They have to win the HOH. Andy says he will fight hard for it.
MC says POOPY is making JUDD paranoid as F** Andy – “That is why she’s got to go”

4:37pm JUDD and Aaryn bedroom
Aaryn whispers that Andy is working with Amanda and McCrae. Next week they only need two votes and the HOH breaks the tie. Aaryn seem to be going against Amanda and McCrae because they will not vote to keep her.
Aaryn says GM will vote for her all she needs is JUDD and Spencer, “If Elissa doesn’t like it oh well”
Aaryn says Andy, Amanda, And McCrae are working together. Aaryn points out that Andy,, Amanda and McCrae are going to nominate Elissa next week. They will have the numbers to evict anyone they want
A – “I need to do damage control on GM .. they told me I would go home unless I was up against GM.. “
A – “McCrae wanted me to go home.. I didn’t know that until now.. I know you have no reason to do anything for me because I evicted you”

She asks him why do they want to keep Andy . JUDD thought that maybe he can work with Andy later on and he thought they were all working together wanted to split them up.
Aaryn says she is going to talk to Spencer, If she can get his vote it would be JUDD, GM, Aaryn and Specner against Andy, McCrae and Amanda. JUDD says he likes the idea.


4:55pm McCrae and Elissa

MC – you fired the first cannon shot .. you started coming after us
MC – I would not have put you up
E – everyone told me that i was y’all’s next target
MC – thats not true I would have voted Aaryn out.. I can’t speak for other people but i know what I would have done.
MC – I’ve walked on eggshells around you for 60 days. I’ve been catering to you because I don’t want you mad at me. McCrae brings up when Elissa freaked out on him and Andy for them laughing at something unrelated to her.

E – He was rolling his eyes when I said something about Christianity
MC – that’s not true.. you can say that all day.. you can misconstrued everything I do.
E – I have never done that to anyone in this house

MC brings up that Elissa was making fun of Amanda during his birthday party calling her a stripper.

E – how was I making fun to her she called herself a dominatrix
MC – those are two different things.. you were offended that she was upset by it
E – I wasn’t offended that she was upset about it I was offended that she brought all the girls into it.
MC brings up Elissa saying that Jessie was off her meds which offended Jessie then she went around saying she was offended that Jessie was offended by her comments.

MC – I dunno you try to justify what you do.. I feel like I’m walking around on eggshells with you.

E – you are a nice person.. you know we are playing a game.. I am a mom and a wife.. I haven’t been around people in this environment.. I am a mom I run a household.

E – I’m a nice person i’m a mom.. i’m a wife.. I run HUGE things for my husband I don’t have the time to think of saying nasty things to people

E – I was trying to help Jessie
MC – you were trying to help her.. seriously you were trying to help her
Elissa says she was trying to get Jessie to stop because she was making herself look bad.
E – I’m building a wellness centre in affiliation with a ministry I don’t say mean things to people
MC – it’s symptoms of a greater problem.. you feel like you never can do anything wrong. . You said you have made all your mistakes already in life..
E – you don’t know anything about me..
MC – I’m not claiming I do.. i just go by what you said.
E – MC when we get out of here I’ll sit down with you and explain my life.. I wanted a family and that is what I wanted..
E – I only wanted a family.. I never party .. you are not seeing my points of view
MC – you never saw my point of view or Amanda’s.. you were laughing at our faces when we were worried about going up.

MC – Everyone here think they are walking on Eggshells around you
Elissa say that is understable she’s an established mother.
Mc brings up Elissa calling GM and Aaryn freaks
E – I didn’t say they were freaks
MC – cmon now
E – I was in a bad mood.. I didn’t want to sit next to them.

MC – you can say whatever you want about how much you respect the game and production.. But anyone who says they don’t want to go to jury doesn’t respect the game.. People would love to be in this game.
MC mentions Howard had nothing and he would have loved to go to Jury, “I know how much jury meant to him”
E – I loved Howard
MC – I did to
E – you are judging me.. you know how many people are excited that Rachel reilly sisters is playing this game.
MC – you know how many people are excited that McCrae is playing this game.. zero
E – I walked away from my family.. I came into this game and everyone was coming after me
MC – you wanted to walk the first week.. and we were trying to protect you
E – I was viciously attacked
MC – that is what happens in this game you signed the papers
MC says there was pros and cons with what Elissa did with her HOH. He tells her Aaryn is going home and Elissa has created 3 enemies doing it. Elissa believes Andy is more loyal to them than Aaryn. McCrae isn’t sure about that he just thinks Andy knows when to keep his mouth shut.

CBS Interactive Inc.


5:00pm cockpit Spencer and Andy
Spencer says he was talking to Aaryn and she’s telling him if they keep her she will go after Amanda and MCCrea. Spencer adds that she thinks that she has JUDD’s vote. He told Aaryn to talk to him later. He wants Andy to know she’s spinning a lot of bullsh!t.

S – “She told Elissa that she is going to put up Me and McCrae next week.. that is bullsh!t’
A – I just talked to JUDD and he’s humouring her
Andy says most likely however wins HOH next week they will be safe as long as they rid the middle. Andy thinks when it comes down to it they should stick to what they planned last night.
S – Amanda needs to go and we can work with McCrae
A – exactly
S – I talked to McCrae and he said that he’s using her as a meat shield.. we’re at the final 7 sooner or later that meat shield is going to have to drop
S – I would like elissa to go next week..
A – I would like Elissa to go soon
S – She makes GM a little bit scarier .. and JUDD
Spencer says if McCrae and AManda wins HOH they will take out Elissa then they have the “exterminators” vs Amanda and McCrae.
A – I want Elissa out over anyone else in this house
S – me to I can reason with everyone but her
Andy says he’s come up with names for opponents of the exterminators
McCrea is the brown recluse
Elissa is the plastic toy spider
Amanda is the Black widow
Aaryn is the Tarantula
S – I wouldn’t care if Amanda and McCrae won HOH
A – yeah because they will put up Elissa and JUDD
S – and if they win POV GM goes up.
A – we’re in a good spot a lot of people trust us.. I’m nbot going to fight with Aaryn.
S – Everyone knows she is so full of sh!it
Spencer doesn’t know if he should let Aaryn linger or tell her she’s going out. Andy thinks that Aaryn already knows. Spencer’s biggest worry is a power coming into the game and saving Aaryn.


5:30pm Cheesboard Aaryn and GM

Aaryn explains that Amanda and McCrae told her the only way she would stay in the game is if she is up against GM. Aaryn was playing along with them but didn’t want GM to leave.
Aaryn – I just want you to know I had no intentions of throwing you under the bus
GM – I got you bunny

(Really hard to hear this conversation due to poor audio)


5:36pm Bedroom McCrae and Amanda
McCrae goes over his conversation with Elissa. sounds like he’s more mad than ever at Elissa.

Amanda – After she called GM disgusting.. GM is on her side.. well that is GM’s problem now
MC – ya just because it’s illogical for us doesn’t mean it’s illogical for them.
Amanda I will never apologized to her in a million years.. I am annoyed you did after she never had the decency to Apologize to us.
MC says Elissa is a monster. Amanda says if Elissa can’t apologize to her then she doesn’t exist to her.
MC – I don’t want to talk to her I don’t want to hear her sh!t I told her you made your move and we are not going to be on the same side.. I’m not going to be walking on eggshells around her anymore.
Amanda- I was crying to her and she laughed to my face with that joker face
Amanda points out that she was viviable upset and crying and Elissa walked by and started to laugh at her with her jokers face, ‘What kind of mother is that.. Don’t use the mother card “
MC mentions how the entire conversation outside was her bringing up she was a mother.
A – I don’t care you are a mother it just means your vag!na is looser than everyone elses.
MC – There is something wrong with her mentally.. she doesn’t get it.

MC says they are isolating themselves from the rest of the house. He points out that GM is working with Elissa now. Every Time they are mean to Elissa they run the risk
MC – Everyone is getting annoyed at it and they are all talking got Elissa now
Amanda – I don’t F** care McCae I’m playing my game .. i’ll stick up for myself
MC – You are playing personal
Amanda starts to cry
Amanda knows that production is portraying her as a evil person she can tell by her conversations in the Diary room.
Amanda gets it she is torturing the girl but for the first 2 months of the game Elissa would walk around here and torture everyone, “I’m sick of it”
MC – That’s fine
Amanda – “Just because she didn’t scream and yelled she sat there and laughed at people when they were hurting.. she talked sh!t saying everyone wanted to be her .. and talked down on everyone”
MC – you had your day.. and the next time she says sh!t people will be down her throat
Amanda – no they won’t they are all f*** pu$$ies
MC – I won’t.. I won’t let that f*** slide no more.. I can’t stand it
Amanda – We just have to f** win everything.. you and me.. and Andy..


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Arya Stark is a Badass

I hate Amanda so much but what would be the classic episode of Big Brother and a move big enough to win him the game would be if McCrae won HOH and put up and evicted Amanda.


Thumb up if you hate Amanda.


I LOATH that vile bitch.
I wanna know what the hell her parents do to her as a child? Maybe she was raised by wolves!
Time to bring out the men with the straight jacket and dump this creature off at her parent’s home.
This BB15 season is too long.


And Amanda calls Elissa the joker?
After that pic above! Ummm Joan Rivers cat lady, Elsa from RHOM!

Aaryn's Ex

This is going to be better then Dan’s funeral. Aaryn’s whose been counted out is going to stay in the house. She is going to expose the Terminator Alliance. Gina is either going to outright tell Aaryn about it or let it slip. Aaryn then goes to Amanda and the day is save. Aaryn is going to be a Big Brother legend after this week. Forget whether she is the next Janelle. Aaryn will go down as better then Janelle.

Plus next season will probably be a BB All Stars and well, Aaryn will be in it. They got to bring Amanda back next season just for the ratings. Andy, don’t see him coming back. That listening to everyone’s conversation and then reporting back to whoever is in power can only work one season. From season BB15, they will bring back Frank and Shane. I liked Shane, but he was to nice of a guy. He let his showmance girlfriend put him on the block in favor of Dan. That was so weak.

Aaryn is going down in the history books of Big Brother. If you are no Elissa supporter, say we want Aaryn!

Aaryn's Publicist

Just for the record. Aaryn never actually drove drunk. She was just embellishing her story. Aaryn is a responsible young woman and still a virgin for all the single guys.


Here comes the spin…..you calling Arryn a liar? We’re you there? The thing about the spin, it’s a circle and it always comes back to the beginning.
Arryn is a mean spiteful,racist bitch ( and a liar cording to her publicist) and you can put all the spin you want on that and it doesn’t change the facts.
Which time did she LIE,about, driving back an hour out of her way blitzed, from the airport or when her & her friend got in a wreck (while they were drunk)
And the guy was illegal so he told them to go on.I guess she lied to her mother about that one since here publicist says she’s a liar. A lie is a lie no matter what you call it. ( I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAl RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN) See what you started Bill

Blame It on Helen

Blame it on Helen for the situation Elissa is in this week. No reliable allies and no friends. How is what Helen did different then the Moving Company? Helen was in a secret alliance with Amanda, McCrae and Andy, and was reporting back to Amanda about Elissa, Candice and Jessie. Remember how upset Helen was with Howard and Spencer? They were in the Moving Company and Helen felt betrayed and hurt because she considered them her friends. Yeah right! Helen led Howard, Candice and Jessie to the slaughter house.

That’s why Andy finally turned on her. He saw through her fake crying and betrayals and thought she would do the same thing to him. Helen is still in the Jury House saying Andy was brain washed. I guess Helen would know about brainwashing, she did it the whole game to her friends. Elissa kept asking Helen why are we getting out Howard? Why are we getting out Candice? Why are we getting out Jessie? Now Helen is gone and Elissa is all alone. Yep Elissa, it might of been better that you started playing your own game earlier. However, I am glad you are now. You were the first person that even attempted to put Amanda or McCrae up on the block. Good luck!

Blame it on Helen

Obsessed much? She’s gone. It’s called a game. She played a shitty game because she’s a shitty player and sucked at comps just like others who are in the jury. She is one vote. If she has that much influence, who’s to blame?

Blame global warming on Helen!


Aaryn’s Ex:

You must have some righteous ganja. Do you live Colorado or Washington State? Your toasted dude.

Jeff Spicolli


Well if it wasn’t for all the returning HG’s since the 1st Allstars I’d agree allstars is due, in fact over due. I see some obvious 1 timers like Frank for example. I’d love Brit but she has done it twice as has Dan. Wee Ian might be worth a second go round. This season I’d take early exits Jeremy and Nick. Judd would be obvious to me. Amanda and Helen for the ladies and perhaps Arryn. The problem is the girls are racist trash! Do we really want this season again? I F***ing think NOT! I bring in Pavrati from Survivour just to see her rock a bathing suit. Speaking of bathing suits Kara must return! 2nd out in her season was cruel and inhuman punishment IMHO!

Really of the 2 timers Brandon, no Rachel. Dan and Brit plus maybe Janelle. Unfortunately minus Boogie that was the coaches in BB14. Not going to happen. But here’s one for you to consider. What about a winners only season. Fans have often gripped how certain winners weren’t worthy. Or a cast of final 4 HG’s only but no winners. We get Shelly and maybe Andy. Oh baby that would be sweet Now that I think of it Shelly is a freaking must.


The only ting about doing an allstar season is that they would have to bring back Rachael and big brother would once again carry her to the win. Would be the ultimate is if they did an allstar season and the houseguests all got together and agreed to thwart the productions game. Production cannot get rid of all of them.


OR…aaryn (if she stays in the game) wins the next hoh, thinks about putting up amanda and mcrae, and instead puts up elissa and spencer because she’s too scared and wimpy. She makes the biggest mistake, and sooner or later Amanda comes after her, she gets evicted and is only remembered as the racist egotistical blonde. The only exciting thing is when she finds out she lost her modeling agency


I think Amanda’s parents just treated her like a princess and granted her every wish, so she feels the world only revolves around her, and gets upset if others get attention.


Me I don’t particularly hate Amanda but she has now made me Team Elissa again. My wish is for Amanda to go at the hands of Elissa’s second HOH.

Elissa’s going up next week , God let her win the veto and watch as they all go crazy.


Andy and Spencer will throw the next HOH because they’re covered on both sides, and most likely will not be targeted next week. Therefore, it will come down to McCranda vs. Judd and Gina Marie. If there is no Pandora’s box that gives Elissa a power to save herself for the next two weeks, she’ll have to hope Judd or Gina Marie wins the next HOH and resists the pressure to nominate her from McCranda, Andy and Spencer; or she’ll have to win the veto, otherwise, her game is over.


GM will want revenge for Arryn
Judd will want revenge for being evicted.
I’d say if Andy & Spencer sand bag
It will be a 60% that Miranda goes up on the block.
Reality setting in huh Mcranda.

Italian Princess

Elissa already had MVP — If she gets another “Power,” whether it’s Golden Power of Veto or Pandora’s Box or whatever, then it will confirm my suspicions that the cards have been stacked in Elissa ‘s favor. I keep reading that the show has been “rigged” so that Amanda wins because she has friends in production. Sure doesn’t look like it from where I’m sitting. I think it’s been pre-determined that Elissa (a/k/a mom, wife, yoga instructor, “good person,” mom, Rachel’s sister, Brenchel’s Army favorite, and mom — in case you forgot) will walk away with money that she does not deserve to win. She hasn’t played the game AT ALL. She has whined a lot, however — probably because she’s a mom and Rachel’s sister. See — I made my point and didn’t even have to call anyone names.


Yes plz let Elissa win and pull herself off the block. I want to see all hell break loose in the bb house. lol

Gina Maries Fart

Amanda Said Elissa has a bigger Vagina.

Thumbs up if you think its a lie


I think Amanda’s vigina has been used as much as an i75 off ramp in Atlanta.


Well said and that was just a priceless comment. lol Amanda is a S!*@.


Hell, Amanda’s vagina is bigger than her mouth, that’s HUGE!!!!!


With all that Yoga Elissa does I bet she could snap a pencil with that thing.

So CBS inflates numbers?

Over 800 votes on a thumbs up is a joke. This is manipulation of a fan site. No thread has ever had that many comments or Thumbs. Mo one has the time to log in and off so admin has to do this. Love the site…lets keep it as real as possible.


Especially at this time of night and this time in the season I don’t think that number of thumbs is unreasonable. there are only two recap sites that I know of and I only read one so I think that comment is really rude. But I am in my late 30s and totally out of the online loop. My point was that I have tried to vote more than once and it won;t let me.


I believe the numbers are legit. However I also believe that those voting are Rachel fans and otherwise wouldn’t give two flying figs if Elissa was a nobody from Podunk, USA. She is the most shallow, pretentious dumb ass to ever be a HG. I mean, she’s had no game up until the time of Helen’s eviction. Now that she is all alone she is still playing Helen’s game and has NO allies. I hope the plastic phony self evicts as she keeps threatening to do. But I fear her Grand Canyon-sized ego won’t let her.


Thumbs down if you hate the vile disgusting gold digging snob plastic Botox duck lips Elissa.

A Man...Duh

Lmao @ Fugmanduhs comment, somehow i believe her vagina is actually looser than Elissa the moms….dirty whore.

Amanda's Therapist

OMG!!! :-) IF McPussy had the balls big enough to make the most unpredictable move in BB house this season…AND put
Amanda’s ass up….I would be one to “retract” every bad thing
I have said about the pussy pizza boy! LMFAO! LOL! LOL!


He doesn’t have balls…he has ovaries…


Could you imagine if MC voted her out? She would torment him for the week. He’s too much of a wimp to do that.


You guys know that Fugmandas really a dude, right. Its in her name: A-Man-Duh! “Can I get Amanda Hugenkiss (a man to hug and kiss)! Hey, everybody! I need Amanda Hugenkiss!” Classic simpsons.




question for those that follow whatever more than me….

how was elissa bully all this time and why do demanda/mcpussy think she should apologize to them? i only read here and dont watch, so any answers to how they can even think that would be appreciated.

Elissa sucks

Elissa has not been without blame in this game….early on, she made it plain that everyone in the game was beneath her & kept playing up the angle that she and her husband had a few houses, a few cars & regularly went on expensive vacations. In addition, she followed Aaryn around the house, bugging the hell out of her, sort of like Amanda is doing to her. She also repeatedly said that she ought to get paid for the game & wouldn’t have come on here if she would have known that everyone in the house was disgusting. She’s also said that she refuses to go to the jury house, which means she thinks she is entitled to win the game because she’s Rachel’s sister. Elissa can dish it out but can’t take it. She’s an elitist bitch who deserves to go next week.


while i thank you for the reply, i can tell it is a biased one and i do not believe the part where you said elissa did to aaryn what demanda did to elissa recently


Are you watching the same BB I’m watching.


Ya but Amanda has been staying alot of stuff about selling expensive houses and having money and having this that and the other as well so you can’t fault anyone for that. But Elissa doesn’t bash people like Amanda does. That is the reason that Amanda doesn’t have a job to go home to now and Elissa does. And Yes Amanda did lose her job along with Gina Marie and Arryn and possilbly now Spencer. lol


And what job does Elissa have other than that of professional gold digging skank who is into unattractive old men? Seriously, the plastic joker face is a Stepford wife who lives the country club life because of a befuddled old man who is into chicks with fake boobs, fake eye lashes, fake hair, and Botox injected duck lips. She’s a piece of work. And a huge piece of crap. The only reason she has lasted this long in the game is because of CBS and production’s help with all the special powers and preferential treatment and ‘help’ in winning the last two comps. God this repulsive snob needs to be evicted already.


Thank you Ellissa hater. Now go back to you Occupy Trashcan protest. Don’t forget to shit on a police car again and attack some women. Don’t worry about the shower you haven’t taken in two weeks, no one wants to be near you anyways.


Actually it wasn’t even close to what Scumanda is doing. And after watching how Elissa acts, and how these people act and talk, they pretty much are beneath her.


Amanda wants and apology from Elissa because Elissa laughed in her face on Friday after the HoH competition. Amanda went begging/crying for Elissa to put up Aaryn and GM because she and McCrae would be loyal to her if she did and Elissa laughed. Real tears and everything. How dare Elissa be mean to poor, poor Amanda. Elissa hurt her feelings. So now she walking around like sulking child feeling like Elissa is bullying her. Elissa is suppose to be nice and accept all her nonsense. Amanda got a taste of her own medicine and didn’t like it.


of course she’d laugh at the idea of gm (or spencer, or judd) going up. she knows demanda would lie to keep both of her puppets in the game


Well her and Helen came to you because they knew you were controlling Arryn and you thought it was funny them kissing ass.. Then when you voted out Helen you thought it was funny. You can dish it out but you can’t take it. Now you know the house may be going after you and you are crying again like a spoiled brat. Poor me. Here you thought you were going to make anyone who spoke to her alone your next target. The Gaul,if they are your next target it will have to be with a sniper rifle because your ass will be gone before you can target anyone else. Ask Caesar what happens when you get too big for your britches.(I LOVE TO SEE THAT BITCH CRY)


GM: Sometimes I don’t understand you because your lips don’t move

Judd: I come from a family of ventriloquists. My mum was a ventriloquist and she was always throwing her voice. For ten years I thought the dog was telling me to kill my dad.

GM: Can animals do that too. I’d hear a dog bark outside and my dad would say it was our dog who was on the floor. My dad always said that our dog was a vetrilosist

Judd: I paid a fortune for a parrot that can do ventriloquism. He’s so funny. He made a friend of mine say, “You’ve been conned.”

GM: How much did he cost you?

Judd: I really don’t want to say but I got him at an exotic bird auction. I found out afterwards why I paid so much. The damm bird was bidding against me.



Jazzy J

If JUDD is actually saying these things he is funny as hell. If you are making them up then you are funny as hell! Either way keep em coming, best posts on here no doubt!


A Lurker a Day keeps Amanda away.

BB Fan

This is why I want Judd to win




Ya and Amanda and Arryn are on the same meds. lol

Amanda's Therapist

OMG!! You are funny! You are good with the jokes….seriously!
btw If you can … tell us more!
Judd is funny too!
Funny looking!
He looks like the guys on “Beavus and Butthead” to me! :-)


You have great wit and That is exactly what I have been thinking about Judd as well.

Well Done

White Eagle


Thanks for the laugh.


lmao lurker, too bad you are not in the house – need someone to lighten up the toxic atmosphere this season

Aj Hollering

oh snap the Juddisms are back to bad we couldn’t watch what went on in jury


wow amanda and aaqryn are sweetie pies. they both deserve the half million

Poor Amanda

Poor Amanda says she is not going to play personal anymore, she is just going to win comps! LOL


That is all Amanda can do is be personal because she can’t win comps.(I think some people didn’t ‘t want to win POV because of the target that came with it. Amanda will never win a HOH and I don’t think stinky boy will. I predict GM or Judd will. GM hopefully.


I have to disagee. I think the McStank’s will start winning comps now because this season is so fucking rigged!!!! Its already obvious! Rat boy and nose picker already plan on throwing the hoh comp this week so that leaves only GM to win over the two stanks. I think the entire season is scripted. Thumbs up if u agree?????????????


She can’t win the comps because she has gained so much weight that it is impeding her. I think she might be eating for 2 or 3 now. lol

Arya Stark is a Badass

Thanks to Elissa.


Yep….boring as fuck, at least at this point.

Most of the day has been spent seeing just how brown GM’s nose can actually get =)

I hope next week things get hinky again, I miss the scheming.


thank god! finally some game play.


It amazes me that no one besides Elissa understands the way to break Demanda is simply to laugh at her. They have all been bullied by this vile creature and the Achilles Heel was right there in front of them.

Demanda knew she’s lost her power when she couldn’t get the others to verbally assault Elissa as she was doing and she knows if she does it again there will be a nom penalty and the minions will turn on her. This has become a mental game and Demanda is not equipped to play that game.

McStinky hates Elissa for a lot of reasons but most of all because he now knows he’s going to have to cut Demanda loose sooner rather than later and he hasn’t built a game that can overcome the damage Demanda has done.

Who knows

I hope at the end of the game Big Brother shows Amanda the outtakes of all the times where she was so mean spirited and domineering on the show to her fellow house guests, so she can see how she managed to humiliate herself and sabotage her own career.


Amanda is wise, i think before long she is going to suck it and go apologize Elissa and will also ask America to forgive her blame it on the house and blah blah.


How many nicknames can we make up for McCrae? Here’s a few:



Question for simon (or anyone that knows). I didn’t catch it, did Judd ever tell Elissa she was right about the plan to nominate GM.


I think JUDD whispered to Elissa, not long after he found out, that Mcranda was voting out Aaryn and Elissa was happy she had called their bluff.


Judd briefly told Elissa she was right about her feeling about Andy lying. He told her they were working together (Amanda, McCrea, and Andy). but He didn’t go into any detail it was just wispered in the kitchen about 11:30 today.


Thanks guys!


Well Arryn trying to get off the block has got Mcranda running for cover. She won’t be out there jumping on Elissa because Arryn told her GM,Judd & spencer will be coming after them. I said McRae would be pissed with her antics painting a picture on their backs He’s out there telling Elissa she fired the 1st shot and Amanda wants to run around and brag how she gets everyone evicted. I would love to see a 3 to 2 vote with Arryn staying and going after Mcranda(Amanda & McRae for Andy staying) I think she would go after Mcranda now. Too little too late.


Andy just needs to go…

Arya Stark is a Badass

It would be terrible if Andy got voted out after that great performance in the HOH competition where he caught all of one ball. Back to the comic book store rat.


Is it just me are does Andy look like NEWMAN (Mad Mag.)


Poor Andy. Someone must have clipped his ‘wings’. He was chasing a moth in the BY, jumped up to catch it, and landed in the pool fully dressed.
What do you call a butterfly without wings?


A pest!


It’s something about Amanda mouth I mean the way it looks. It look like she had a mustache and shaves her upper lip. She looks horrible.
In the picture of Andy and Elissa together, I did not know it was Elissa. I’m glad McStache has shut up for now. Big Mouth!

VA Vet

The little ferret sneaks around and squeals on everybody and then cries like a baby when he gets caught. Can’t wait for him to get evicted and watch him bawl his tiny brains out.


yea if people thought that Helen could provide the water works then Andy will provide a flood of Biblical proportions if he gets evicted. Actually respects elissa, amanda & mccrae’s game compared to his, his a pussy.


Yes Andy needs to go! This isn’t even complicated.
GM wants Amanda and McCrae out
Judd wants Amanda and McCrae out
Elissa wants Amanda and McCrae out
Spencer wants Amanda out.
McCrae and Amanda chose Andy over Aaryn!!! WHat does that tell you idiots! IF YOU KEEP ANDY HE WORKS WITH THEM! DUH!
If you keep AARYN you save her because Amanda and McCrae dumped her!!!! And Amanda and MCrae are alone. THIS makes for amazing TV! And Live Feeds.
Convince Spencer to vote Andy out. McCrae wants to take spencer to the end because he thinks he will win against h9im. But McCae won’t win shit because he hasn’t done shit. CBS want real players not rat finks and floaters. I hope DR convinces them that Andy needs to go. I want to see explosions from Andy and Amanda and McCrae and I want to see how Aaryn plays when she owes everybody including Elissa.

Aaryn is fugly

Ok I think it is best for Andy to go this week, maybe Aaryn really can work with Elissa?

Arya Stark is a Badass

I would love to see them team up but Aaryn is not trustworthy.


ROFLMAO Thanks for the laugh. Elissa shut Aaryn down and that bridge is burned.

Amanda's Therapist

Aaryn needs a house dropped on her!
She needs completely wiped out….like the Witch
from “The Wizard of Oz”!
Make sure Aaryn does not come back!!

VA Vet

No way! Aaryn is a scatter brain. Even she doesn’t know what she is doing.


Unfortunately, they don’t have the votes to evict Andy.


if Amanda and MC were smart they would weigh in the options on who is best to keep between Aaryn & Andy. if it was up to me Andy would go down as collateral damage this week and I would keep Aaryn. game play wise Aaryn helps Amanda and MC more than keeping Andy around. Andy is just a pet rat for Amanda & MC. *** this is not what I want to happen thursday, I want Aaryn gone. I’m just going through game scenarios, because these idiots in the house obviously haven’t gone through true game play options all season***


I so agree with you. This is going to be their pitfall. AA would have been of more use and loyal to them than Andy. I think Andy now is trying to cut them loose. I believe the GM, Andy, Spenser and Judd alliance is real (for now).

Long time BB Fan

One good thing about this week… Amanda and MC are not taking over the HOH bed!!


The best part of the week will be when Aaryn is evicted and she has to go see Julie. I hope the crowd boos.


amanda, you are an evil person. you’re just so angry that elissa didn’t play into your hand.


Dear BB producers,

Please cast some people who haven’t watched 15 seasons of BB. Please cast demographic diverse people, like more older people, more people of different races and religions. Maybe, gear towards the actual demographics of the country or come close. Get people who are entertaining and not disgusting! Stop having them live in the lap of luxury. Go back to how the house was in season 2 with more food comps, luxury comps, something to make them fight about things other than the HOH and POV comps. The competitions are like on a game show. I wish this show was more like Survivor, but in a house instead of the jungle.

Thank you

Cary Man

Yah, I’m sure the BB producers read these comments and will take your advice.


Actually in season one, if you had AOL you voted who left and the houseguests had to grow their own vegetables and get the live chicken to lay eggs if they wanted to eat. The rest of the food they had to win competitions to earn the money for the groceries. And one time they chose to sacrifice toilet paper for liquor.

McGay Pizza Co.

I wouldn’t tip this guy. The day I feel truly shocked by BB15 is when he decided to evict Amanda via backdoor. Otherwise, I’m going to continue to act surprised until BB16.


Could someone upload a video of McCrea and Elissa fighting? Please.


Oh, and this question is directed to the moderators of this site. (The writers or whatever).
Why aren't you guys uploading the feeds? It would make your life much more easy to upload all these of this game talk.


Um, the feeds cost money. People pay for the feeds, they are not free and I’m pretty sure that makes it illegal to upload content freely to any site. Not to memtion, Simon and Dawg are donating all their time, 24/7 (I believe for 3 months straight) recapping and transcribing the feeds for those who do not have them, in addition to creating a forum where BB lovers can gather and discuss. They do not get paid to do this, other than donations that their fans contribute to help run this site.

Please don’t be so demanding and disrespectful.


You’re so much like Aaryn, lmao.

Making crap up. I said please, and in no way was I demanding! How deluded.

I asked a question – why are they doing stuff this way? Why not upload videos?

The answer was: OBB will get shut down.

Done. None of this crap, please. Not even Simon was this offended. Go by McCrayCray and Dementa somewhere else. Attacking me for no reason… lol come on!

This Season Blows


Debatable. :)


Oh so know Amanda knows shes being protrayed as a bad person, hmmmm and she calls herself smart

Cary Man

Not sure I’d comment on anyone’s intelligence after writing that “sentence”.


you know elissa has her faults and she may have said this and that about people yes but i have never once seen her take up the feeds with hatefull disrespectful disgusting comments like you have Amanda production is not making you the evil person YOU ARE MAKEN YOURSELF THE EVIL PERSON


Amanda is ALLWAYS saying how “production” is portraying her in a certain way… Amanda, no one can make you say the things you say out of your mouth! Elissa has a lot of guts and class for just walking off. I would throw-down with that sumo-wrestler…


I’d love to see Elissa tell everyone she’s leaving and then on the way out just cold cock Amanda across her mouth.

Elissa sucks

Guts and class? What show are you watching? Need I remind all of you Elissa sycophants that she stalked Aaryn earlier this year and that she has said that they are are disgusting and beneath her? Do you call that class? All Elissa has done is play the game with emotion, not to mention the fact that at one point she said she wouldn’t go to the jury if she was evicted. Do you call that class? I don’t. Elissa needs to go next week. I don’t like Amanda & McCrae either but Elissa is just as bad, if not worse. All of you bashing on Andy are being unfair too. He’s stayed true to the 3AM alliance for weeks & you’re going after him because he’s gone back to Aaryn, Amanda & McCrae like he should have been doing? Isn’t it obvious too that this is how the game is played? If you hear information, what do you do? You tell your alliance. Andy should win the game. He’s the only one who’s been playing it like it should be played.

F O L L O W M E ! !

Hasn’t practically every houseguest in the past month said they wished they weren’t there? I’ve heard Jessie, Kaitlan, Elissa, Andy, Aaryn, all say they were tired of being there and wished they weren’t there. Even Amanda said tonight that she didn’t care anymore.
And tell me please, how does this distinguish itself as classy?
Explain it to me like I am a 3 year old…


Oh Amanda trying to spin it now? They tipped her off in the DR and she’s trying to turn it around. Nope Amanda, you’re not getting out of this one.


Idiot if you want to win stuff you best keep Aaryn!



The Thought Police

I just skip over Amanda and boy toy conversations – while we all know this is a game – Amanda and toy boy are making it hard (no pun intended) to really care what they think!

I Get It

Darn- you know the novel. Love your name!

The Thought Police

Thank You! But be very careful – I know what you’re thinking!


LOL I skip thru their conversations too!

Amanda's Therapist

OMG! Did you miss what McPussy
called his gal pal AKA “onion crotch”?

Pizza boy says she is his …….. ” meat shield “!



Did mcFunky say that or was that spencer puting words in his mouth? Just wondering would like to know…..thanx!


Oh poor Amanfunk we all feel so sorry for you and your tears. No is portraying you anyway but what you are a b***h.
Now go find a garbage can and hide behind it and cry.


sorry *no one


Really Spencer and Andy want Ellissa out before Amanda and Mcree. AA should have have taken Helen and Ellissa’s deal last week. On the other hand Helen would have never let Andy be on the block …. like it now that Ellissa is doing what she wants. I really don’t see Amanada or Mc getting any further unless they do win everything. Hope their is no special power this week, AA needs to go. The only way BB will continue to get better is if Mc and Amanada go up next week. Hope they leart their lesson and put them up together. Is Andy not reporting back to Amanda and Mc … maybe this new alliance is a real one. Next week’s HOH has to be GM. See if Amanda will bully her???

VA Vet

If Andy wins HOH he will punk out and put up Elissa and GM. BORING!!


dont need to worry about that, rat bastard andy will throw the HOH.

how do i know that? well he either has a fake or real alliance with judd, spencer, and GM. and an alliance with demanda/mcpussy. if he won, he’d have to sell out one of the alliances. he isn’t ready for that move. spencer is the same way, though his thing with the mcnastys isnt as strong, but strong enough to where he knows he won’t be targeted by either them or the exterminator alliance. either way, it all add up to him throwing the HOH.

that means the next HOH will be fought between judd/GM and the mcnastys.

its obvious what the mcnastys would do. nominate elissa/GM with judd for replacement or a different combination of the same 3. though could get interesting if whichever of the 3 not initially nominated would take 1 of the others down. then mcpussy/demanda would have to nominate spencer, which would pretty much mean 1 of the 3 gone with spencer definately targeting demanda/mcpussy the next week, with only 1 of them being able to play for HOH.

if judd/GM win, then its interesting. i think they’d both target the demanda/mcpussy for sure. what would be really interesting is what would either of them do if demanda or mcpussy came off the block from veto. who would be the replacement given elissa pretty much been their real friend lately, but spencer/andy in the exterminator alliance. and would that replacement then hold a grudge?


I totally agree – well said! Andy and Spencer have already had a discussion about throwing the hoh I believe, and honestly I think it’s probably in their best interests to do so. That said however – not sure either of them has to try too hard to do so. Also they can’t be too obvious about it or Demanda will flip out, since she issued her edict today that it’s now all about competitions. (Lol)

On that note, wouldn’t you think if winning was now super important you’d keep “the beast”? Does Amanda even hear the stuff that comes out of her mouth anymore??

Lastly though I agree that a GM/Judd re-nom is where things would get super interesting next week. If Elissa goes anywhere near the block she’s 100% going home, which means another week of suffering the consequences of nominating McManda with both of them still in the house and the nominating party unable to play for HOH.

I feel like it would have to be time for another Spencer pawn nomination with Judd/GM (which ever is not HOH), Andy and Elissa voting for whichever of McManda remains on the block. Or Andy could even continue his “floating” and vote with McManda and force the hoh to break the tie.

Amanda's Therapist



Judd needs to win HOH. I’m pretty sure he will put up Mcranda. GM might, but she is more likely to sway than Judd is.


MC & Amanda playing the victims? [WOW}

Just Thinking

Waa Waa Waa Once again Demanda is singing her favorite song. After say repeatedly I am torturing Elisa. And laughing about being a bully she now wants to cry a river. When the bully cant find a scared victim she begins to cry to her mommy. Same song different week.


Amanda is demented. Period.


It’s the meds.


Ya Amanda and Arryn are on the same meds.


What a load of crap…. Trying to portray elissa as worse than them is a joke! Seems they laughed like hell at Jesse’s pain, no pity for Helen either. They are souless scumbags. Poor babies, so funny when it was others, how could anyone be so stupid to not do as these a555oles say…. Bwahahaha, cant wait till the mcnasty duo burn to the ground!

Elissa sucks

And Elissa hasn’t? What show have YOU been watching? I’ve never seen anyone bitch and moan than Elissa this entire season. Has anyone else threatened to walk out of the jury house? NO. Has anyone else said they left their families for 3 months REPEATEDLY? NO. Only Elissa, the elitist, bitchy snob.


What matters is that she didn’t walk out! Nobody’s perfect, but Amanda has just proven time and time again that she’s a nasty person!


I think that these houseguest should all watch the feeds when they get out of the house. They rerun them after the season is over. I think most will be disappointed in their own behavior. They keep talking about how they are portrayed. They are doing it to themselves.

Andy is mad that Zingbot called him a floater. He has not made any big moves himself. He just aligned himself with the people who made the decisions. He thinks that he made all the moves to get all the evicted houseguest out. Sorry Andy, the decisions were made by mostly Amanda. You job was to report back to McCranda everything everyone was doing and saying. Now is the time to step up and make a move but you want to stay in the middle and float your way to the final 2.

MaCrae being the super fan he is will probably be the most disappointed in his behavior. Judd being the super fan also will probably look back and say boy, I was so gullible.

McCranda talks about how they saved Elissa from going home the first couple of weeks. They only saved her for their benefit. Amanda calls Elissa a sore loser. Who was the one crying when she lost competitions, who was the one crying behind a trash can and who was the one who stayed in bed all day when she couldn’t get her way with Elissa and control the nominations?? Amanda also is saying that Elissa is blabbing about her pregnancy to the other houseguests. Amanda I have news for you – the cameras are on 24/7 and we the live feeders heard you tell this story for the world to hear. In the beginning Amanda seemed like a fan favorite for sticking up to the bullies and for telling Aaryn to be mindful of what she says, but she has really sunk to new levels.


I still can’t believe how nasty this season got, Amanda in particular.

I'm Chris, and I don't like Andy

I wanted to take a break from all of this Amanda bashing (Don’t get me wrong, she’s awful and I want her gone, a terrible person) because I want to quit letting her get all of the spotlight. There are other assholes in there who deserve some of our time as well. In this segment I would like to focus on Andy. Why does he bother me so much, why do I get so damn annoyed when his face is on my television? Why do I want him out of the house with a passion?
For a good while I couldn’t answer these questions, I could only recognize that I was having those feelings. So, I set out on a mission, a soul searching of sorts. I had to get to the bottom of this anger that this kid puts into my bones. At first I thought that it was because he is a ginger. My therory being that the color red naturally can make people angry, therefore when I caught a glimpse of his hair of course I would feel some level of rage. To test this theory I ran an experiment, i had my girlfriend print off a picture of Ron Howard, she then would run by the couch holding it in front of her face. While I was hopeful that this would nip my delimma in the bud, I’m sad to report, nothing. Absolutely nothing stirred inside of me when the picture went zooming through my line of sight. (On a side note, i did find out that Ron Howard’s face on my girlfriend’s body is sort of hot. Needless to say we pulled out the scotch tape before we went to the bedroom that night.)
I became so discouraged! Why did my proverbial panties get in such a wad when that danty, young ferrit made sounds out of his open mouth? I feared to think the most horrible of reasons, but, if I were to get to the bottom of this awful quandry, pickle, conundrum I had to face potential demons. Was I a biggot, do I, in fact, dislike gay people? It terified me to even go down this road but, as I said earlier, I wanted answers. Plus, if this were the case, I could change and grow as a person. So what did I do, you ask. Well, I went on a date… with a gay male. So, here it was, scary as it was to maybe have my answer. We went out to a nice Italian joint called Maggiano’s, next we went to see “The Smurfs 2”, and finally went back to his place for a “nightcap”. He made a move on me, at first I was reluctant because I am straight obviously, but eventually acquiesced because I remembered I had brought with me a picture of Ron Howard’s face and some scotch tape. A great time was had by all! As magical as the night was, I was left deeply saddend that I was no closer to an answer than before I walked into “The Smurfs 2”.
For the next few nights I couldn’t sleep, why was I so enraged everytime this skinny, rosey cheeked, “mouse looking” cry baby wiped his drowning eyes on my boob tube?!?!? It finally hit me as he called Elissa a “fucking moron” for putting him on the block. It was so simple, it had nothing to do with looks or sexual preference. IT WAS BECAUSE THIS KID DOESN”T KNOW HOW TO OWN HIS BEHAVIOR! He carries this attitude that he should be loved by America simply because he is Andy. To play this game is OK, to have strategy is OK, to jump between alliances, spy and lie is OK. What isn’t ok is not accepting the consequences of those actions. This guy is so self centered that he can’t understand why anyone would put him on the block… ever. There is a part of him, I’m willing to bet, that believes he shouldn’t be put on the block because he is playing the perfect game, while everyone else should go on the block because…and I mean this…they are not Andy. I’m just focusing on his attitude, he said he doesn’t want to be portrayed as a pussy, that is such an off putting statement when you cry when you are forced to experience a part of the game, i.e. going on the block, just like everyone else has had to experience. It’s his complete neglect for other peoples’ feelings. He has a complete inability to see others’ perspectives and understand that maybe his own actions put him in that position. He truly believes everyone should love him merely for the sake of loving him. There’s no concept of earning respect in his mind. I’ll put it to you all this way, and correct me if I am wrong. Imagine that Andy has done everything the exact same way up to this point but when in the DR, he looks straight into the camera and went “oh boy, I chose to jump around alliances and do some spying, it was working for a while but it looks like it ha bit me in the ass! I guess I need to get out there, change, and adapt to this new house, wish me luck!” I for one, would have a respect for Andy. I wouldn’t dislike him the way that I do. All of this because he would have owned his behavior. That seems to be all that people want, personal responsibility. My dislike for him starts with his lack of ownership, he always wants to think his way is the best way and explain away the rest. To add fuel to that fire he insults others like Elissa for not living in his world, rather than adapting to a world where he isn’t the center, and that really gets me going! DON’T INSULT OTHERS BECAUSE THEY DON”T BEND TO YOUR WILL! That is such a coward thing to do!
So there you have it! I got to the bottom of my annoyance everytime that whiny little, puffy eyed man boy said “I’m not voting you out, like, 1000%.” on my television monitor. Thanks for reading this all of the way though, if you did. I need to get going, an old episode of Happy Days is coming on. Let the Amanda bashing resume!!!!!!!!


That was absolutely delightful to read.
Best thing I’ve read on here in weeks.
I salute you.

Crystal Ball

I agree with this completely! Andy had no remorse about evicting Helen other than worrying that it would possibly out his alliance with 3AM. He lied to her face and repeatedly said that he HAD to evict his “good friend” Helen because she was bad for his game. Yet, when Elissa puts him on the block for the same exact reason (he is a part of 3am and 3am is obviously bad for her game) he cannot understand or accept it. At least Aryan admitted that it was not a surprise she was nominated and it, in fact, made sense for Elissa’s game. Aryan is far from likeable but at least she sees the logic of this move. Andy lacks any logic, reasoning, or cunning that should be required to play this game and win.

Also, as the numbers dwindle, it is inevitable that every single person will go up on the block at least once by this point. It should be expected! He has the nerve to fall apart and act like it’s the end of the world in front of Spencer who has been on the block something like 6 times. Welcome to the game, you blubbering waste of space. If he wins this season by doing absolutely nothing but lie, cry, and hide behind others the entire time, I will absolutely never watch this show again. How he managed to get cast this year is a complete mystery to me.


Maggiano’s is yummy


Add Aaryn and basically all of 3am into that diagnosis–can dish it, can’t live with the consequences. That they are on the block is no surprise. It’s what should be done. They expected a tick off the box type of game with the players they couldn’t control. Notice Andy goes tidying or cleaning when stressed–that is a person’s way of trying to control his environment. Insecurity is also linked to a need for control.


That was the most f*ucked up post I’ve ever read. You put a Ron Howard mask on your girl friend? You dated a gay guy just to understand Andy? Man, you need some psychiatric help and fast. I’m afraid this really isn’t a joke. What really makes me scared is that you probably are either a teacher or politician. No wonder our country is so f*ucked up


I think it’s called “satire” or “comedy” or an “original and entertaining post”
I think what makes america so “f’d up” is trolls like you that can’t handle someone being more interesting then themselves.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I think what makes America f****dup is bad french fries.


True that!! I also thought he added a bit of Lurker wit…not everyone gets it…those that do are regulars here or take their meds on schedule. Thumbs up if you take your meds on schedule.

I'm Chris, and I don't like Andy

Ugh…sigh (face palm)…


that was very cathartic Chris …..now would you please do one on McCrae? On a serious note I was triggered by Amanda yesterday and for a few minutes today when she was harrasing Elissa so I decided to look deeply into it and process it and had quite a personal breakthrough. I do see this show as a social experiment each season and use it for entertainment of course but also for personal growth. Thanks for your post it was great.


lol that was good.

But here’s another stereotype. That “ego” of his could be blamed on his profession.

He is untouchable because he is a professor.



Good post. Thought provoking. I think that Elissa is more tolerant than Andy and accepts that she is not perfect. She has values and principles. She doesn’t call people c%#!Q%’s and bitches and c^%Wks. She may be arrogant but to call her elitist is a trick that the left and Occupy Wallstreet use to be jealous of other peoples success. McOvaries is the same way. Andy the Rat and McOvaries will be blindsided by life, because they truly lack perspective.

Their is a difference between have a view point and having a point of view.

Crystal Ball

Amanda claiming that Elissa was torturing everyone in the house as if it justifies her own actions yesterday is appalling. Elissa has acted entitled, snobbish, vapid, and tactless. All those things are annoying but it is not even close to the same level as Amanda’s extremely aggressive behavior. The fact that Amanda is throwing herself a pity party proves that she is not the great game player her fans claim her to be. She lacks any self-awareness. She can dish it out but not take it. A true game player would play more strategically and not emotionally like Amanda. She refuses to see that she is ruining her own game by losing the jury votes this week. At this point, her only hope is that McGross wins the 500K. Without a doubt, she will bully him into spending most of it on gifts for her, even if they break up.

Amanda: “You wouldn’t HAVE that money if it wasn’t for me! If you don’t buy me a new car and pay for my vacation to Fiji, I will torture you every day of your life! I will tell everyone how much you suck in bed! I will destroy you!!!”

McStupid: “Here. Take it. It’s all yours if you leave me alone.”


My oh my!! These two degenerates (Amanda & McCrae) never fail to amaze me with their logic! I can’t even stand to watch him with his nasty smelly self and that stupid long hair which is probably crawling with lice since he doesn’t shower regularly and she with that satanic face. I see pure evil! Elissa needs some holy water for them two!


Boo hoo Amanda waahaaaa. Cry you big titty baby. She says Elissa is a monster…unreal. Amanda is seriously disturbed. The sweetest thing that will come out of her horrific behavior will be when she leaves BB realizes the wrath that’s awaiting her in the real world. Shame on her and shame on CBS. I’m glad Elissa is staying strong.


Andy the Rat has to go!


Aaryn, Aaryn, Aaryn, I don’t like you girl, but talking to Amanda and McCrae about trying to stay in the house is silly. She should concentrate her efforts on Judd, Spencer, and GM.


Amanda is so delusional and the guys remaining are pussys. Why aren’t they standing up to the bully? Wimps!


I was on this board a lot last year. Diehard BBfan…this season disgusts me. Wow everyone in house except Judd and Elissa has made racial remarks even tho aaryn is the black sheep at least she wins comps …Elissa has won as well. Other than that hopefully Gina Marie or Judd wins next hoh …CBS has to be so embarrassed by the way this cast acts. And I have to say this is the worst season ever if nick or David would have stayed and aaryn and Amanda were evicted in the beginning it would have Ben amuch better season .


David started the racial BS. He would always say “Black Candice”. Aaryn thought it was so cute and funny. If David would have stayed the racism would have been even worse.


When Judd was mad at Howard, he said he should go back to Africa. When one of the girls offered Judd a bite of her ice cream cone, he asked who else had licked it, because he did not want to eat after “those people”. Judd is a DEEPLY racist redneck. Stop trying to whitewash him.


Sorry to burst your bubble but even Judd got on the bandwagon quite a bit before he got evicted. Thing is, when he came back into the house he admitted to Elissa he was as much at fault as the rest of them and he was ashamed of himself and he said his parents would be ashamed of him too. Or something to that effect. I believe its just like GM. The mob mentality /peer thing. Just not thinking in the moment. There is really no malice in them, just stupidity. In actuality, if you look at Andy, he is on the same lvl as Amanda and Aaryn with the hateful/racist stuff. In fact a lot of times, he starts them when no one else is talking smack.


trying to save aaryn from going to jury would be like trying to save a sinking ship because SPENCER isn’t keeping her …… when hellen , elissa was trying to reason with aaryn she was a idiot she went down stairs to queen Amanda crying she was being bully she needs to go to queen Amanda to save her ….. hellen Candice and Jessie will be glad for their new room mate


So hopefully they will show Amanda being the disgusting pig she’s been the last couple of days ! Cannot wait until this season is over. Ill be semi satisfied if Judd ends up winning and that says alot!


There truly is a special place in HELL

GonzoMe wants to GONZO rip intothe CBS HQ honchos

Bear Grylls in the finale almost literally lost two of his better “puddle ducks’ on a frothy river…

Now i can think again on how much of Andy’s meglomania is spotted in this OBB missive header…

Helen’s EGO got collided with by the totally false FAUX~UBER~QUEEN + EGO who is only nominally

in Amanda’s corner. were i Vegas gamer… i’d place wise bets on the days of the next month

that has ANDY doing his typical lesser or greater betrayal inside the solar days on our calendars,

and do sub~bets as to who each day he betrayed the most. the “rat” needs a ranking system or

otherwise i am reduced to doing skank report gonzo postings. i think someone deserves a 60s ratfink ring…

Judd's granny


Dan's Mist

Honestly at this point they are only mad that Elissa beat them to the punch first. They were completely dead set on getting her out this week, and when she won HoH they thought their cover wasn’t blown. Elissa isn’t a robot, she’s just not falling for their B.S. They are just ticked off that she’s managed to get one of their alliance out, and won’t do as she wants like everyone else. They talk about needing to reprogram her, no you morons she wasn’t able to be programmed like the rest of your sheep through out the season.


Amanda should’ve kept her slutty personal life to herself……. The skank actually said she was happy she had a miscarriage, so she could do the show…Who says that? SERIOUSLY? Seeing the way she acts on the show whether game or not, makes me think maybe she forced the miscarriage so she wouldn’t be kept off the show, like a skank ho would do to get ahead.

Elissa is very entitled, but does that mean you have to deal with her? No, ignore the bitch, and walk away from her. She had no problem with her entitles ass when she was MPV helping you get people out, huh? Then again, I remember Amanda also talking shit behind everyone’s back including Elissa during the 1st 3 weeks.

Amanda constantly plays personal, but acts like it’s game, cries when she doesn’t get her way. She got the nerve to get angry when someone comments about a situation SHE let me known to the house? You act like a slut, tell slutty stories about your lifestyle, even some in confidence, and you cross that person that knows this info?, Do you not expect them to air it out? This is how the world works. People use personal info to get back at people everyday.

Let me guess, AG told her to start crying so they can edit the show to make her look good again? HAHAHA


These people are ridiculous, the minute they don’t get their own way they become more horrendous then you think possible. But some how they manage to top themselves. What did they think, they were never going to go up on the block, they were never going to get sent to the jury house??? Amanda said it all, “I don’t care how I’m being portrayed. Amanda’s parents said it all “Amanda always gets her way”, I actually think that she thinks this bad behavior is going to let her get her way. McCray said his parents aren’t going to be upset with him over his behavior. This explains a lot. Every one in that house has major “entitlement complexes”, and they all need to grow up.
The biggest issue is, they all thought they were going to bully Elissa and she did not buckle, didn’t she realized she was supposed to go to the jury house, how dare she not do what they wanted. {sarcasm} If you don’t stand up to a bully you are as bad as the bully. Bullies all have one thing in common, they are cowards.


And that’s what upsets me most about Rat Dog. In real life Andy is a Professor of Communications at a college. Being small build, red hair and gay, he must have experienced bullying growing up. As an educator specializing in communication he should have stood up when the first racist comments started and when the threats and bullying began. Instead he became a yappy ankle biting rat dog who runs to Demanda to get a pat on the head.

In the real world Andy may talk the talk but Rat Dog has proven he can’t walk the walk.


amanda could cry all she want america sill want fell sorry for her cause what she did to candice jesse howard an now elssia was wrong in this how we see her as a bad bully

Crystal Ball

Watching Spencer and Andy gleefully planning on continuing to float and go against the Exterminator’s directive to take out Amanda and McGross next makes me absolutely sick. Every single person on this show is in their own way annoying or offensive but when it comes down to game play, it is the floaters that I respect the least. It is astounding to me that Andy denies that he is a floater.


while it maybe annoying, at this point in the game it makes complete strategic sense. play both sides against each other and once one side is secure “pick” it. seems pretty smart to me. do you mean to tell me if someone told you to pick from 2 different stacks of tickets each containing one worth $500,000 and one stack held 4 tickets and another held 8 you would choose the stack with 8? why would you do that to yourself?


i wanna play in a house with the people choosing from the stack of 8. this game is week to week. andy and spencer gained the most benefit to their game this week. elissa is a close second. the biggest losers are mcranda. that all changes next week with a new hoh. andy and spencer covered their bases for whichever side wins. in order to win, you have to get to the end and they positioned themselves nicely to get to at least f5/f4.

AMAZONDA and her mutt suck!

What a Psychoopath… Why r ppl so mad at her nd I hate spencer es dumb like they would have let him go but if he is as big a pervert as the Internet says than I guess degrading women must be normal for him… And Andy is such a bad representation of gay people. Andy of all people with ugly shock of orange hair and if even his eyelashes are orange yuck and since he wears contacts he probably wore glasses as a kid and totally knew what it was like to be bullied, well hey it’s happening rite now, Amazonda the beast is bullying him already, how pathetic. I hope Elissa wins next veto..


Please somone get them 2 assholes outa big brother.they have ruined whole bb15.I’ve watched all BB.THIS YEAR SUCKS!!! Where do they find these people?amanda&mcnasty under a rock?is a horrible thing the way they can bully everyone&then say they done nothen wrong.am haten them 2.andy is a big rat!!!


Wow production must have finally stepped in. Thank goodness Amanda shut her mouth and isn’t tormenting everyone for a little while anyway. I really want Amanda Andy and Mccrea out before Elissa

derick alaska

Amanda is crying????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Definitely a knee slapper!!!

Fleur de Lis

Personally I found it hilarious when Elissa laughed while Amanda was crying because it was so obvious that they were fake tears. Amanda can’t act to save her life and Elissa saw right through her tears.

Dan's Mist

That’s what seriously gets me abut them. They try to tug on her feelings with fake tears, she doesn’t buy it, and they call her insensitive for not falling for their ruse? How childish can you get. And they say Elissa acts Self Entitled.


I think. E was laughing at their hippocracy.


FINALLY!!!! An eviction ceremony that has all of us guessing!!!!!


After reading a number of the updates and scanning at the pictures provided, I have come to 2 conclusions.

Elissa has a perfect ass.

Amanda is a perfect ass.