“Don’t piss me off this is my HOH and I’m telling you to vote out Josh”

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12:32pm Paul and Jessica storage room
Paul isn’t so worried about the temptation because he took the temptation so he expects someone else to. He’s worried about the curse.

Paul – I’m thinking it’s some f*ed up Wednesday live eviction..
Jessica- Wednesday like today.. f* you
Jessica – It’s going to be big..
Paul – not necessarily the last care package was a dud… the bribe… (last season)

Jessica asks him who he’s voting for tomorrow.
Paul – yes .. Josh..
Jessica- you promise
Paul – yes
Paul says that Ramses is starting to do weird stuff.. Isn’t sure about him
Feeds cut..
Paul – just saying… in any scenario if multiple people gang up on me..
(I think Paul is telling her in the scenario where a lot of people come to him he’s going with the house)
Jessica – if Ramses goes home this week I’ll feel so f*ing guilty

Paul – if it goes either way it’s not necessarily
Jessica – explosion
Paul reminds her he’s played this game before. Tells her that her nominations haven’t pissed anyone off so regardless of who goes nobody is going to be pissed off at Jessica. Jessica says people should be scared of pissing her off and if Ramses goes home she’ll be pissed off.
Jessica – I don’t want to be blindsided tomorrow, I really want to be the person that takes Josh out of this game.
Jessica asks him if he hears something is up to tell

Paul asks her if Josh knew that thing about her father before he said it.
Jessica – yes
Paul is shocked says that’s f*ed up
Jessica – he was calling me a thing..

Jessica says that Josh told them that Paul instructed him to blow up during the veto meeting.
Paul denies it, “If anything I told him do not f*ing explode.. That’s not what.. I was telling him to stop”
Paul – that was f*ing bullsh1t

12:45pm cam 3-4 Josh and Mark
Cody talking about Alex putting Jessica up and then now claiming that it was her plan all along to get Dom out, “like she knew Dom was going to go nuts”
Mark – it was weird how it happened..

Talking about using Jason and Alex as assets because they are such good competitors.
Mark – just need power next week then it’ll be easy to form a group
Mark – I haven’t talked Matt and Raven since you’ve been back… I haven’t talked to Jason and Alex… I haven’t talked to Christmas about any game..

Mark – how are you and Paul
Cody – he hasn’t talked to me once.. ever since I put him up there’s been no game talk.. how about you this week
Mark – We’re good.. they were worried about you backdooring him this week..

Mark – if you want to do any crazy sh1t next week, as long as it doesn’t involve Elena or Paul you got my back
Cody says he doesn’t want to break up Matt and Raven before Jury he still wants to honor their original alliance.

1:00pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica tells him that Josh sprayed flour on Jason while he was in the shower and Jason was pissed.

They head up to the HOH.
Cody says that Mark, Elena and Paul are in a “Huge” alliance. Explain his conversation with Mark in the kitchen.
“Just as long as it’s not me, Elena and Paul we got your Back”

Cody – I don’t like any of them.. you take one out there’s still 2 left.. they are the biggest threats in the house they’ll come after me
Cody wants to make the first move.
Jessica – you still want to take out Paul
Cody – yeah because than maybe Elena and Mark will come
Jessica – there’s a lot of benefits to take out Paul the house will reshuffle.
Jessica says Christmas has been reaching out a lot lately

Cody says Mark was throwing Matt and Raven under the bus a little bit
Jessica- are they even here to play a game
Cody – i’m not going to go for someone weak like them.

Jessica says she doesn’t feel guilty lying to Paul about the temptations because he lied to her.
Jessica adds that Paul told her “It doesn’t matter who goes home tomorrow you’re not going to make any waves so it doesn’t really matter who goes home”
Jessica – and I looked at him .. he was like ‘You’re not going to piss anybody off’
Jessica – I looked at him and I was like, You’re under the assumption that I care about pissing people off people should be concerned about pissing me off and that’s exactly how I’m going to feel if Ramses goes home tomorrow
Jessica – Don’t f*ing piss me off this is my HOH and I’m telling you to vote out Josh.. (you’re in for a surprise)

Jessica mentions one downside that taking Paul is they become the biggest targets.
Cody says they are already the biggest targets.
Paul – that’s the dumbest thing Mark could have told me
Jessica says they can only count on each other says she can’t stand seeing Matt and Raven floating through on the other side.

Cody wants to put up Matt and Raven use the Veto on Raven and Backdoor paul.
Jessica – we have to stay active downstairs tonight.. I don’t want to but we have to make sure there’s no nonsense going on
Cody – should I start talking to Jason and Alex to hedge our bets in case they win HOH
Jessica – yes
Jessica says it tears at her soul talking to Jason and Alex.

Jessica – Mark does like you Elena and Paul and in his ideal scenario would be you all teaming up Avengers style
Cody – Yeah but we’re the sh1t sandwich in that group
Jessica – ya 100%

1:38pm Paul and Kevin
Paul freaking out.. Confirming with Kevin that he’s voting out Ramses. Paul thinks it’s a double eviction coming up.

Kevin – I gave you my word man.. my word..
Paul – I trust yo more than any motherf*er in this house..

Paul – if it’s a double eviction Mark and Elena go up and if Elena wins the Power of Veto Cody goes up and he goes home..
Kevin – OK I gotcha..
Paul – you need to start winning sh1t like NOW…

Paul – as someone that has played before I’m telling you..

1:46pm Josh and Paul Storage room

Josh – I’m f*ing heated, I want to call that b1tch out (Jessica)
Paul – I swear Josh if you do it I’ll vote you out on Thursday
Paul – do not ever say that again ever
Paul – You better f*ing win next week bro.. get the f*k outta here..
Josh leaves.. Raven comes in
Paul – Cody is first, Elena is second..
Paul – these next few weeks are important as f* we make a mistake we’re gone.. we’re gone..
Paul says once the other side takes a shot they will hit him first and once he’s gone, “You get it” (The season becomes much better)
Raven – yeah

1:55pm Josh and Christmas Bathroom
Planning out who they will take out if it’s a double.. Looks like it’s a carbon copy of what Paul is preaching. Cody, Elena, Mark, Jessica.

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FruitLoop Dingus

oh my gosh finally Jody is starting to play the game and socialize and talk serious strategy cause Paul looks to be scrambling to hold his plan together. Now if they could only poke Josh a little for the blowup that would piss production off and possibly get the editing team some overtime since they would need to recut everything before tomorrow night’s show.


Holy hell!!! They should change the theme of the show to a real estate show and watch Paul sell these fools ocean front property in Arizona lol! I’ve never these many gullible people in a room before.


I don’t understand – season after season – the houseguests have no manners. Raven is sitting at the red table in the kitchen with her feet up ( filthy socks) on the counter and tweezing her eyebrows. All the while, Paul is there fixing himself something to eat. I guess I was raised differently – body grooming is done in the bathroom and no feet up on the counter.
And nobody seems to mind. YUCK

sunny dee

they might mind, but how are you going to tell someone who is clearly that ignorant to do it in the first place that it isn’t OK. only kevin/dad can do it at this point.


Congratulations youre watching people live their lives ..im pretty sure you have some disgusting habits as well

settle down ares

Glad you’re here to put people in their places Ares. You are what we need more of. Your compass is perfectly aligned. By the way, this is a message board where people make observations about the show. If you are that thin skinned please kindly step into traffic. Now, breath, think, pick your nose, put your TP on the table, kick your feet up, clip your toe nails and flick them into the guacamole. Everything that was pointed out was disgusting; dude made an observation. Now, sharpen you tiny pencil, er, keyboard and attack what I just wrote you buffoon.

Keep Calm And Thicken Your Skin

Looks like you have the thin skin along with some lack of self awareness. Keep calm and carry on having thin skin and policing the message board!!

Judgement Day

Shhh, don’t tell people that, they just want to live their life judging everyone else! Let them live in their own prison.


You do realize your sense of non-judgement is judgement. I to the m to the becile…….

Good Job Ares

Thumbs down on intellectual thoughts is common place. Bursting judgemental peoples bubble is rather fun!


Dear Ares – they are not living their normal daily lives. They are on a tv show – and they know it. They are looking at the cameras and know exactly when the live feeds are on them. Body grooming should be done in the bathroom. And in addition to that, wash your hands after using the bathroom houseguests! So many of them do not and then go straight into the kitchen.


Well dont watch the show

Kevins ButtonUp Sweater

You cannot control JOsh, you can only hope to contain him for a short while.




Jessica you are hot as all get out but please take that Aunt Jemimah thing out of your hair. It’s a total turn off.


Jess cant do that. Looks like she has huge bald spots all over her head. She is drinking too much Kool Aid.


When I watched her flat ironing her hair I noticed huge bald spots. Either she had terrible extensions put it in or she has some issues. Also that 10,000 lbs of makeup on her face was gross. Seems to me she is very insecure. Probably also explains why she latched on to the equivalent of an anal wart the second he gave her a little attention.

Andrew sees all

oh I am so glad someone else noticed that too, when she wears her hair back her hairline is very thin, and those fake eyelashes, looks like they are about to fall off all the time.


Your silly.


She’s fake ! Hair ,Boobs,eyelashes !


Seriously that comment is racist that looks nothing like aunt Jemima .they wore those things in their hair because they’re black and their hair is different and it was the olden days and it’s not like they can just go out to the beauty salon . I don’t think aunt Jemima wore that for no reason at all .and what’s up with the Kool-Aid comment you piece of crap ..

2017 - overreact much.

Who can say whether that persons comment was racist or not. Only them. Why not give people a chance? To me it just sounded like he was describing the story bandana that aunt jemima wore. Nothing negative except that Jessica looks awful in it because she does. Most people wouldn’t take offense to that but we can’t always account for those ‘overly sensitive individuals’ looking for issues when there isn’t one. And another thing. Drinking the koolaid is an expression which has nothing to do with race.

I always find the people who perceive racism or are overly sensitive are the ones who tend to have racist views or feel entitled for one reason or another.

It’s 2017 so stop being so frigging sensitive.

Sensitive Sally

I fully endorse this message!


I am not overly sensitive I voted for Trump I am a Trump supporter when I read the aunt Jemima thing I did think it’s racist it was olden times they had to wear their hair a certain way And aunt Jemima has made A stereotype of black people and how they looked .when I see Jessica with the bandanna on her head I do not think of aunt Jemima I think of an gang member in LA and I reread the Kool-Aid drink and it said she got to bald spots from drinking too much Kool-Aid it was not in in reference to someone drinking the Kool-Aid being brainwashed . I think political correctness is the death of this country so no I am not overly sensitive but I am also not a racist

2017 Called

2017 you said: “it was olden times they had to wear their hair a certain way And aunt Jemima has made A stereotype of black people.

A suggestion, let go of the past, you even said it was olden times….then stop bringing the “olden times” into 2017. A lot of racism is caused from people not allowing the past to be the past. It is not the “olden times”, it is 2017 welcome to it!


I didn’t find it racist, and I’m a black woman.


Oh take your race card and shove it. It’s 2017

Pure bb fan

Uh oh. If cost finds out about Matt’s alliance he is done. Will Kevin spill the beans or Christmas? This is going to be a sh1t storm son.


Jessica has been very friendly with both Jason and Kevin – and has told Cody she loves/likes them a great deal. Others are saying that they are not building relationships, Jessica HAS been building relationships with them and I bet it is these two she’d be most upset/hurt if they don’t vote Josh out – I mean why NOT vote Josh out? Is it going to impact their game much? No. Not saying she “should be” upset, just that she will be. I have to officially come out of the closet and say I’ve been really impressed with Jessica lately (I know…I know), but she’s working her little behind off and her thinking is pretty solid. Has she made mistakes? Yes. Am I bit prudish about some of the behaviour? Damn skippy. But, she has a lot of admirable qualities, and I’m pulling for her – with or without Cody.

sunny dee

she did a lot of damage control when cody was gone, and she was pretty delightful to be around in the house provided you aren’t alex or josh obviously.

Pillow Gate

Like sticking her finger in Paul’s butt? That’s some social game.

Brother Utah

I am just dumbfounded that nobody in the house is comparing notes about Paul. This afternoon, Paul talks to Jessica then coaches Josh, Kevin and Raven what to do. Yet nobody want to compare notes and they believe everything what Paul says.

Hi Its Production

Don’t worry, we got this. The script calls for what you are speaking about in the coming weeks. All in due time.


I can’t wait.


like her decision to have sex on tv without birth control?


Like “His” fault to play in the rain with no raincoat?


There are so many racists on this site


Really? Who?


OH NO Is there NAZI’S here as well? Quick head for your safe space we will call in for a shelter dog to comfort you. Hopefully Simon or Dawg can check IP addresses and make sure we don’t also get hacked by the RUSSIANS!!!!

Joe Black

Who isn’t having sex on tv these days? Between insta, fb, etc. people are exploiting themselves every chance they get. And why are you calling out Jody for doing it but not Maven?

Polyamory Paradise

I know right, its an exciting time in history isn’t it! Make love, not war!!


“Jessica says that Josh told them that Paul instructed him to blow up during the veto meeting.”
I’m shocked Paul isn’t furious at Josh for this. Paul was totally the one stirring the pot on this and I hope everyone realizes Paul is getting others to do his dirty work.


LOL Jessica thinks she is running sh*t Walking around like a boss. Not one of the people who thinks she is all that. She thinks she is all that and that may be part of the turn off.
Glad we have a bit of suspense and anticipation this season. Not a big Josh fan one way or the other but it will be funny if he stays and starts calling Cody a meatball. Might get him all flustered before HOH. I would like to see Kevin or Jason get HOH and really see if they came to play or they let Cody or Paul push them around.

Did anyone else read about Matt (2-shirts) cleaning off some ??? on his stomach at the sink with the dish towel then drying more dishes, then for the trifecta he folds the towel on the floor and puts it away.


Yes!!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!! I am so grossed out about that!!! What the heck is wrong with these slobs?!?!?!


“Don’t piss me off this is my HOH and I’m telling you to vote out Josh” – too funny, Jess. Unless you tell people you have the hex, you have nothing to base your demands on. HOH has no more power after the Veto ceremony.


They know she has the hex and that’s not stopping them from blindsiding her ass tomorrow.


Yuuuuuuup. Which is why if she wanted to actually get josh out, she should have put up someone people actually like (either raven or Paul would be ideal — yes, you can put up Paul as a “pawn” and deny like hell you want him out while totally being okay to roll with it if the pressure of the block causes him to tank his game) instead of someone they couldn’t care less about like ramses

Somewhere over the rainbow

Maven = Wank & Skank


Take Paul out and let’s start this game already


I see why Jason wants Christmas out. Earlier she went and got her some tea and can back to the room with they have all been talking in and it needed something else in and she ask Jason would he do her a big favor and add a little more milk and honey. Trying to constantly make him fill guilty. That would piss me off.

Anyone but Raven for AFP

I really can’t stand Raven. She thinks she’s Ámerica’s sweetheart’ she thought she was getting the temptation. She is in for a huge surprise when ‘this show is over. As I said in a previous post, a GoFundMe for $200k was started July 7 to run through her time in the house. It is under the name ‘BB19’s Raven Walton.’ What does that tell you? Thank God the house is catching on to this pathetic scammer.


Yeah, if she was as sick as she claims, production never would have cleared her to compete. Shame so many of the houseguests don’t realize this. I thought that contestant claiming to be 19 was annoying despite for obvious reasons in regard to us alcohol laws, the youngest a contestant could ever be is 21, but raven’s so much worse. Love seeing raven plummet to the bottom of favorite houseguest polls though

Anyone but Raven for AFP

Hey I hadn’t checked the polls recently so thanks for the good news that Raven is now bottom of the barrel. I love how America always checks out these claims by houseguests and shares facts that are discovered. Raven can’t scam BB fans!!


Come on Josh!!! Blow Up before the eviction! Paul said he will vote you out if you do. Go for it Josh.


Come on Josh. Blow up before the eviction! Paul said he will vote you out. Blow up Josh!


Only two words to describe a lot of BB scenes this year:Adios Mio!


Scratch that. Ay Dios Mio is the correct term


And here we are….the place we get to EVERY season, where the OBB’ers begin attacking each other.

Y’all stop all this foolishness! You’re acting like a bunch mogwai just doused with water.

Granny is a lover, not a fighter. All this negativity is making me sweat.

Kevins rank drops

Kevin ruined the blindside, he tipped off Jess

Kevin is an idiot

I liked Kevin up until this point.. I can’t stand Paul and the way he has minions but I like Jessica and Cody even less. Why oh why did u tell her anything Kevin? Two people can’t protect you more than the house can.. I thought wisdom came with age smh ????


I was going to vote for Kevin for America’s favorite until he told Jessica.


Every time i turn on after dark i see elena trying to look sexy and desperately needing attention or i hear ravens fakeeeeeee and annoying voice/laugh. Big brother really these 2 make the show unwatchable!!!! Never seen two women on BB so fake and needing men’s attention, i can’t believe im saying this but id watch Jessica anyday over these 2 losers. Along with there dumb boyfriends! #googbye


Just get rid of Paul!! The sooner the better!! They never should have brought him back. He is soooo annoying!!!


What did Josh say about Jessica’s dad?


I find it confusing how many ppl comment that they are sick of floaters and want ppl to start playing the game, but they cannot stand Paul (the only person who is playing the game) and want him out. Which is it? Pick one.