“I hate to say it she’s (Raven) using that for sympathy, all the time” -Kevin

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2:39pm Kevin and Paul
Paul says before Jessica comes COdy, Mark, Elena, or Cody, Elena, Mark.
Kevin – I’m with ya .. how about the other two
Paul says Elena is stronger than mark, without Elena Mark is a lost puppy.
Paul – without Cody Jessica is a lost puppy
Kevin – Without Raven Matt’s a lost puppy
Paul – you gotta take out the strong ones first
Paul tells him Raven does better than Matt in competitions.
Paul – without Cody Jessica is nothing
Kevin – bit time.. not even nothing she’s putting her finger up your a$$h***
Paul – Yup
Kevin – sexual harassment yo know
Paul – I said that mulitple times
Kevin – if you put it up her a$$ you know what would happen.. she would play and play until someone took it seriously
Paul – dude she has put her finger in my a$$ so many times i’ve turned around and said YO don’t f*ing do that.. I don’t like it it’s not funny..
Paul – ROLL reversal I would be in f*ing jail
Kevin – answer me this has the finger gone up since he’s been back
Paul – nope
Kevin – that’s cold.. that’s even more humiliating (LOL)

Kevin says nobody has told him but he’s got a feeling jessica has something up her sleeve.
Kevin – I know people, she’s got something up her sleeve… she’s too happy too confident.. She can’t be confident she’s HOH she needs him to win HOH.
Kevin – she got the f*ing thing
Paul – I know that..
Paul tells him they have no idea what the temptation does so there’s no point to worry about it.
Kevin – I think it’s good.

Kevin talking about the Cody and Jessica showmance.
Paul says they have already had sex.
Paul can’t understand how these people get an emotional attachment in the house, “30 f*ing days”

Kevin asked Jessica if she was in love.
Kevin says they are spending 2 weeks each in their home towns.
Kevin – I asked her you how do you fall so quick
Kevin – she said.. They told her at the beginning she was going to fall in love with a guy on the show.. I said how did you know they didn’t mean me
They talk about a guy like Cody will get eaten up in LA.
Kevin says Elena is playing Mark like a fiddle.
Paul agrees.

Paul says the girls are more popular than the guys. Says the guys this season are duds.
Paul says Matt and Mark both never get called into the Diary room.

Paul goes on about how crazy he’s going to be once they get down to 8 people.

Kevin thinks Elena, Josh and Mark will be gone before they hit 8.
Paul doesn’t think Josh will be.
Paul starts talking about Meet and Greets.. Says he really likes going to Canada.

Kevin – they give you cigars in the HOH?
Paul – no , the f***

Kevin – What do you think about that girl Raven
Paul – She’s too nice.. It’s too much.. It’s forced..
Kevin – exactly
Paul – but she’s f*ing crazy you see those moments she has she’s f*ing nuts and angry.
Paul – that will come out .. starting to chip away at it
Kevin – just put her on the block once
Paul – she would be done.. Once she doesn’t feel safe she’s going to go nuts
Paul – just like Dominique

Kevin – I hate to say it, she’s using that for sympathy all the time
Paul – yeah
Kevin – I would like to know what’s really going on.. Mother f*er looks healthy to me this is a game show
Paul – it’s almost a downer.. She always relates it back to that.. Like I sympathize with you I empathize with you I hope they find a cure and fix it..
Paul – BUT don’t make me feel bad about it all the time

They bring up when paul said the slop was harsh on his guts and she brought it back to her disease.
Kevin mentions how Raven “floats out there like a Russian ballerina”

Kevin – she’s in better shape than everybody in here..
They comment how she really played up her cut foot.
Paul says they should technically be looking at this as a game not a charity.

3:32pm Paul and Cody
Cody tells him he was told nobody else will get a chance to come back unto the house.
Feeds cut..

3:33pm Christmas says she’s going to start dating older guys. Says she’s not dating athletes “They’re really high maintenance.. I’m excited what this is going to do for my date life”

4:24pm Kevin and Jason
Kevin – I aint never let no women hit me like that (Raven hit Matt)
Kevin – this motherf*er is 33 years old and he lets her hit him like they’re in high school
Jason – what do you want him to do
Kevin – say listen nothing going on here no more if you touch me again
Kevin – we can hug, kiss, talk, and grab a$$ but don’t hit me no more
Kevin – she hits that motherf*er all the time
Jason – Alex beats the f* outta me
Jason – yeah but you ain’t got your fingers up Alex’s @$$
Kevin says they’re more like bother and sister.
Jason about Matt and Raven – “When you’re making out and hitting him in the face like that you make him look like a chump”
Kevin – she don’t look sick to me.. take a look
Jason – I’m not disputing any of that .. I don’t f*ing get it
Kevin – Paul talked to me he ain’t to happy about it
Jason – about what..
Kevin brings up Paul complaining about Raven always bringing it back to her disease.
Kevin – to be honest it don’t look like her stomach hurts
Jason – I ain’t never seen her throw up
Kevin – me neither
Kevin – when she cut her toe she was walking around like Quasimodo looked like her shoulder was injured.
Kevin – I thought she fell on to her shoulder

Kevin says the girls in the house thinks everyone is looking at them all the time.
Kevin points out how the girls are playing with their hair looking into the mirrors when they talk.

Kevin comments on Raven constantly talking about her “rear end”
Kevin – wow loo how goofy those 4 guys are (matt, cody, mark and josh)
Kevin – can you believe that.. Paul was saying they cast strong girls but the guys.. if it wasn’t for me, him and you nobody would be talking to each other.
Kevin saying they have to get rid of Raven and Christmas

4:50pm Paul, Raven and Matt
Paul warns them that Mark was telling him there is a couple in the house that isn’t doing much. Paul thinks he means them.
Paul – Elena is stronger than him and Cody is stronger than Jessica.
Paul – take the strong ones out first
Matt – Mark is the weakest player of those 4
Paul – big style.. he sucks

Raven says that mark wakes up every morning and goes up to the HOh to talk to Cody.
Paul says they are the only 2 he’s close with
Matt goes on about how Cody and Jessica are not making good moves..
Matt leaves..
Paul says Mark is easy to catch lieing, his jaw goes down..
Paul says mark can’t stand xmas, he’ll be targeting her if he wins HOH.
Paul – just know he’s talking about you..

4:53pm Jason and Alex
Jason – I love triscuits.. I love that they (production) loves triscuits
Jason – they’re going to be blindsided like a motherf*er
feeds cut..

5:40pm Cody and Jessica Hammock
Cody saying that their best best is to stick with Mark and Elena. Jessica hopes they win a f*ing competition for once.
COdy thinks Christmas and Ramses will be the targets next week.

Jessica points out they’ll have 60 days without Josh, they’ll forget all about him.
Jessica – he is now going home with 4 grand before taxes.. our revenge is taking away his livelihood.. and we’re done.
Cody – I love a things about you that I didn’t realize I would..
Cody – I always thought I wanted a sweet girl… and you’re not..
Jessica laughs.. “thanks babe”

6:24pm Alex, Paul and Jason
Alex doesn’t think the Temptation is a big thing she thinks that Paul was given the best one.
JOsh joins them.. All I beg is one of us wins the HOH and send them home..
Paul tells Josh to start acting depressed he’s going to blow it.
Paul and Josh leave. Alex and Jason try to figure out how they can use Mark after Elena and Cody are gone.

7:02pm Josh and Kevin
Josh says he’s going to stop talking sh1t to Cody but Mark, “I’m going to crack him”
They talk about how beautiful Christmas is.
Josh says he’s solid like the old days.

7:43pm Josh going off about Elena, Cody, Jessica and Mark.
Josh – this is the stupid face he (Mark) makes .. “Lets talk about it”
Josh – Let’s talk about what.. let’s talk about what.. that you’re a f*ing meatball..
Josh – Elena thinks she’s the Janelle of this season.. blurp..

Josh starts talking to the Owl

Josh says he’s stuck in this room until eviction because he’s supposed to act depressed. Josh shows off the room.. “These are my four walls.. I got a padded bed.. you got the apples.. ”
Josh has counted the apples says there’s 355 apples on the wall..

Josh talking on the owl’s behave – he says he hates Cody.. he says Cody’s personalty is as dry as the desert..
Josh going on about how he should be on “Bold and the beautiful” Because he’s been acting these last 4 days.
Surprise surprise JOsh says he’s going to yell “Meatballs” when he wins HOH.

8:16pm Xmas and Raven
Raven is ready to win HO and put Cody/Mark on the block.

Matt joins them.. Says mark has a shit social game and isn’t a strong competitor he’s just a vote for the other side.
Matt wants to get Mark out before Jury.
Matt is certain that mark and Elena will come back to their side if they win HOH.

Kevin comes by breaks up the game talk..

8:44pm Chit chat.

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Go Mark go!


Mark is gone next week if Mark, Cody, or Elena don’t win HOH.


Oooh! Statistics!

Where is my monocle?


I like how Paul tells Alex the order in which people need to be kicked out and then she basically tells Jason the order like it was her idea. How can these people be so clueless to how Paul is playing. Like making stuff up to matt and raven about mark/Elena talking about them. I’ve watched a lot of seasons and usually people do some fact checking. These dolts don’t even bother to see if what Paul is saying is legit.


Mark was implying that if he got HOH he’d target Matt &Raven. He said a couple that he didn’t like the way they were playing, they didn’t make enough waves.

snort much?

Someone a long time ago must have told Raven that the fake snort when fake laughing was cute. Now, it’s on her list of fake things to do along with her fake disease and her fake hair and her fake personality and her fake voices and her fake limp and her fake fights with “Kevi” and her fake relationship and her fake phuquing fakeness. She will be the biggest blowup in the history of the game when they put her fake ass on the real block.

She'll be 2nd

Josh will be the biggest when he goes.



Matrix Redux

Counterfeit Morpheus.


If all these updates were about Kevin it would not bother me one bit. That dude is funny as h$ll!


Straight up this was a badass post lol respect


Matt mentioned how cute her snort was one time, and now she always over does it. Super fake. Not cute at all.


Matt did. It was early on in the show – she did it by accident at the time (like we all do) and he was all “Oh that’s so cute” not knowing it would release a curse on the house – she then did it over and over and over and now does it ALL THE TIME. I think she needs to be told to stop by production; like they told her when she was using the lint roller the other day – it’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fake.

Sir Loin of Beef

Elena Showerhead to Craven Attentionwhore: “You mean this ain’t ‘Dating Naked?”


Wow, some of the ladies in the house wear way too much makeup. Which is silly because they don’t need that much makeup. They are all pretty. Here is some advice for the younger ladies out there. Don’t become overly dependent on make-up because you can’t wear makeup like that when you are older.


Great comment about these young women wearing waaaay too much make-up. Some days Elena has so much make-up on that she looks like a 50-year old trying to look 45. She’s really heavy handed with her make-up regimen. And Jessica looks really pretty when its just her natural face.


Great comment about these young women wearing waaaay too much make-up. Some days Elena has so much make-up on that she looks like a 50-year old trying to look 45. She’s really heavy handed with her make-up regimen. And Jessica looks really pretty when its just her natural face.
As an added observation, seems like we’re spending the summer watching Elena’s ass grow. Less ice cream and get on those damn bicycles.

BB Fan from chicken george season

So glad to see people catching on to fake Raven. Since temptation is to be used on live eviction I think it would be so funny that the curse is also . Hey houseguests since the temptation was excepted your curse tonight is the hoh has the only vote to evict. What a way to shake things up and Baby Huey would definitely be gone.

Captain Crunch

That wouldn’t be fair giving Jess 2 rewards basically. She already has the temptation there is no way they would curse the house by giving Jess another reward to cast the only vote unless they really wanted drama and to piss everyone off.

Jess Addict

Every temptation has essentially been 2 rewards for the temptee — Paul into the game, Paul allowed to get on everyone’s fuc$ing nerves, Xmas gets veto, Xmas gets to see Jess and Cody in a fu@king toad costume. Not sure why Jess’ can’t have 2 rewards.


I love that there is talk happening about Raven and her constantly bringing up her disease and mortality while she looks and seems fine. Feels like there’s some Gypsy Rose type sh*t going on with her and the more people in that house are aware of that, the better. Because yes, this is a game, not a charity.


Johnny Fairplay. anyone??


Her mom has been saying Raven has 2 years to live since she was 15! Lol Big time taker scammers. Raven used donated money to buy a car and a boob job but claimed she didn’t have money for her prescription before coming in the house. Lies lies lies. She said her and her mom were in Mensa. Her mom never graduated high school. She said her GPA was dance. Hahaaaa I hope zingbot uses that one. She is one big phony! Glad Kevin is finally speaking up. She needs to be exposed


I don’t care who you’re rooting for Paul or Cody and I’m not a fan of production interference However …. I would be over the moon if by some miracle JOSH goes home. Come on…pretty please:(


Jason means the blindside isn’t going to be a blindside for Jessica/cody. It will be a blindside for Paul, Christmas and Josh. I knew I disliked that guy.
Damn it. Cody and Jessica have been getting things their way a lot lately. I really didn’t want to watch cody gloat and smirk.
I liked the fact that Josh got under his skin so much. Ugh!
Cody is such a egotistical jerk. I wish his hard drive would blow a gasket.


Are you just supposing that or was there something on the feeds that say that? thanks!

Matt's 2 Shirts

Well, if you think Anon is making that up what makes you think they won’t make up the answer to your question?


I wish you were right, because I don’t want a “win” for Paul (unless it helps Kevin, then I’m good), but Jason IS meaning a blindside for Jessica and Cody. He’s on board (as far as I know) with keeping Josh (*sigh*).


Gotta love Kevin


Blindsiding Jody with the vote is probably the best thing for them. They will now know who exactly is working together. They were trying to reintegrate into the house with their soft nominations, little do they know it is a pointless task. Only allies are Mark/Elena. They will learn this Thursday.


I just love Cody and Jess. Easily best vouplecdince Rachel and Brendan!


I disagree.

sunny dee

come on now

everyone hated them too, didn’t they?

i see lots of similiarities lol


Brenchel was way more gross

Team Andrew

I like Triscuits, too.


Triscuit, summer sausage,sharp cheddar, beer. Repeat.


Sea salt, dill and olive oil triscuits with hummus. Mmmm


Raven does talk a lot about her disease, and I can see how it gets old listening to her.


There’s a major distinction between a condition and a disease. As long as she has upkeep medical care she will live a long life.


thank you dr, lol, she’s annoying but disease is not synonymous with terminal.


No claim of having a medical doctorate, nor any claim of terminal synonyms — but other than that your response is on the spot.


Diabetes is more serious than Ravens condition. Not that it is comparable… just saying Ravens illness is not terminal…it is manageable. She’s outright distorting and taking advantage of people to get sympathy and more importantly MONEY!


I feel like I’m getting old listening to her.


Oh please!! They are no Rachel and Brenden and if they were back in the house, they’d annihilate Cody and Jessica!!!!


Bahahaha I’d actually love to see that.


I love Jody.


I don’t know why there is so much hate for Cody in the house and within these comments. Say what you want, but if he wasn’t in there, you Cody haters would be complaining about how boring and stupid these people are and the hate would be solely on Paul for his antics. Hate the game or love it, but there hasn’t been this much drama for a long time and let’s face it, you’ll watch solely for that. I’m sure I’ll get a ton of, “thumb downs”, but it’s the truth.


The only action Cody brings to this game is for Jessica. Other than that his gameplay doesn’t exist. He’s made the exact same mistakes this week as during his HoH. They should be out and about getting a feel for the way the house feels. They are too distracted by playing sleepover and missing the big picture.


If we don’t have Cody and Jessica the game will become very boring! Paul deciding everything. We won’t be expecting the unexpected. I’m really tired of Paul’s antics. Frankly he’s really obnoxious!!! I didn’t like Cody’s attitude but at least he’s playing the game. He seems a little more humble since he came back.

If we don’t have Cody and Jessica the game will become very boring! Paul deciding everything. We won’t be expecting the unexpected. I’m really tired of Paul’s antics. Frankly he’s really obnoxious!!! I didn’t like Cody’s attitude but at least he’s playing the game. He seems a little more humble since he came back…


If we don’t have Cody and Jessica the game will become very boring! Paul deciding everything. We won’t be expecting the unexpected. I’m really tired of Paul’s antics. Frankly he’s really obnoxious!!! I didn’t like Cody’s attitude but at least he’s playing the game. He seems a little more humble since he came back…


Now Kevin dropping seeds. Way to go Kevin!


I thought it was Cody dropping seeds…


I have never been one of those “if such and such happens I am gonna stop watching” but I am not sure how much more I can watch of Josh! This guy is entertaining for about two seconds, then he is annoying as fudge! Anyway, my question is (if anyone can indulge me in an answer please) did xmas (or one of the other girls) not say when noms were announced that they were throwing a vote to Josh, cause that would make 5, and a possibility that the blindside could b blindsided if they could get another and we all know that Kevin is good for a throw off vot!


Firstly, fudge is not annoying; it’s delicious. Secondly, I agree on the Josh comment. I’m finding the “enforced” isolation and “don’t talk to me” treatment off-putting, especially since I think it’s mostly because he’s driving them all coo-coo. I have never found Josh funny, but I’m finding this all rather sad. Not saying he wouldn’t be driving me coo-coo too, but this is too much in my book.


i think anonymous meant annoying as F%%%

love big brother

i believe anonymous meant annoying as fuc&

Matt's 2 Shirts

What’s the difference? Both are good with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.


HILARIOUS and sooooo true!


Raven and Josh are the worst…ugh I can’t wait wait until they are gone then I can really enjoy watching. As soon as either of them start talking I cringe and shut it off. Hate on Cody but he’s easier to cope with than Phony Raven and Man Child Josh.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Fortunately it only takes about two seconds to throw around some Meatballs.

Unfortunately it takes about 700 BILLION hours to read through all the complaints.

Eric wenb

I wonder who will have the guts to target Raven for eviction, without seeming careless. If nobody does she could ride the “disease victim” card all the way to the top.

Kevin is the best

Thank you Kevin for finally saying what all bb fans are saying outside of the house. I knew you were my favorite for a reason.


I heard Raven raised money for her
disease then bought a dance studio


Apparently, she now has two dance studios!!! Sketchy!!!


Go to YouTube and watch Raven exposed … its all true


If I were in there I would put up Raven and Christmas. The two biggest charity cases ever to play the game. Screw them both! And I would screw them both. But you know what I mean.


I heard Raven raised money for her “disease” and bought a dance studio with the money.


Jessica is gross for poking Paul’s assh*/3.


But it does give Kevin great things to say…lol
Kevin – answer me this has the finger gone up since he’s been back
Paul – nope
Kevin – that’s cold.. that’s even more humiliating (LOL)


It’s too bad that not many of Kevin’s great lines will make it to broadcast – they’re often x-rated topics and too f-bomb laden, But funny! That’s a hard combo to pull off.


It’s too bad Raven’s deceit isn’t shown at all

Bunny Flop

I like watching the show. Not planning to stop. But I had to turn it off last night. Because of Baby Huey. I just cannot stomach the guy or his meatballs.


I found the definition of Raven’s Disease. It causes you to lie uncontrollably and crave attention.


Kevin is freaking hilarious!


These fucking people. UGH!!!!!


Joe Kerr

My God Josh…shut UP! This man has done an amazing feat. He has got me rooting for Cody and Jess to win and evict him.

And that is one huge feat!


I know. Josh’s plan was to torment Cody, Jessica, and Matt. Or was it the fans? Hard to tell…


The way some people feel about Josh is how I feel about Cody. I totally recoil at the sound of his voice.


Aboutn20 years ago there was a wrestler named Raven. His catch phrase was “what about me? What about Raven??” Somehow this Raven tries to gather more sympathy than he ever did.

But enough about her.

The conversation between Paul and Kevin was epic and is what big brother is all about!

Colour me entertained.

Kevin FTW


I can’t get a good read on whether Elena has a genuine romantic interest in Mark. Sometimes she is affectionate and attentive with him but on others occasions she is detached and cold. I have no doubt that Mark would like to pursue a relationship with Elena outside the BB house.


That’s how the SHOWER HEAD feels !!!


I always hate waiting for Thursdays to come. It’s so boring in-between. The HGs get stuck on Repeat and so do we. I’ve heard/read the same thing over and over.
Thursdays never come fast enough.

Bolt Uprite.

Interestingly, Jessica was speculating on the Hex, and said it specified it was good for the next 4 evictions, not 4 weeks.


Ughhh… Elena in that purple swimsuit showing off her saggy ass is making me sick


To those of you who are critical of Raven’s illness. Shame on you. Living with a Chronic gastro condition is not easy. I admire her for living her life to the fullest.


You can live your life to the fullest without scamming people.


I have watched big brother for ever and I must say this is the most boring season ever. Matt mark and Elena do nothing for the show I wonder how they pick people to be on this show? There are no antics going on they all sit around and look stupid. I hope people are playing for themselves and not for raven cause I did hear someone say they would give her the money if they won. She does not look sick has not been sick just wanting attention.


Kevin FTW!!!!!


I don’t get the live feeds. What’s Andrew been up to lately? (jk)


That’s right.


I am. Rooting for jody,wth paul is bac i hated him last year.bb is getting worse every yesr.if josh still in house im quiting watching until the end.this show is rigged for paul &im getting so sick of it.