Jessica “Something similar to my dream happened, so no lying can occur [about the hex]”

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9:45pm Cody and Jessica.
Jessica – if you don’t win HOH.. Cody – I’m going to talk to that person immediately. Jessica – lets say Matt wins and he puts you and Alex on the block next to each other and I have to use the hex right then and there. So what does that reset mean. What would that mean? Would that null and void that second eviction? Or would we go back into the backyard and immediately play that HOH comp? Cody – ah… Jess I wouldn’t worry about it. Jessica – we have to be prepared for all situations. Cody – alright, situation is whoever gets HOH .. we be like hey we got this … HOH means nothing if you use it on us. Jessica – That was my dream by the way .. I told the HOH a very vague sense .. and because I had decided to come out that I had won the last temptation that they came over the loud speaker and talked about off camera rules like how this affects the game. Like all the specifics. And I am standing there like what the f**K! Like I didn’t want all of that information and then today they called me into the DR and they said we just wanted to let you know that you talked to Kevin and told him about the hex and.. Big Brother – you are not allowed to talk about production! Jessica – this is important. Big Brother – you are not allowed to talk about production! Jessica – but yeah something similar to my dream happened, so no lying can occur. Cody – oh. Jessica – apparently my conversation with Kevin could be construed in different ways. Cody – I feel ya.

9:50pm Hammock. Cody and Mark.
Cody – I’ve been thinking .. like my head is so far in the future now… Elena and Jess are some of the best players dude. If we could just be like their missile and they make all the decisions. I mean they are f**king good. Mark – its a very good situation. Cody – when was the last time you talked to Matt and Raven? Has it been awhile since you’ve had a serious conversation? Like talked to them and they’re cool this week. I mean we haven’t had any good heart to hearts lately. We just need to win the HOH. Mark agrees.

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9:55am Hammock. Mark – He loves the idea of the four of you don’t think I should throw Paul under the bus with them (Cody & Jess)? Elena – no. Mark – You don’t think I should throe Paul under the bus? Elena – no. Mark – Jess love you. Elena – I love Jess. Mark – I feel like you’re her closest friend in the house. Elena – I’m going to wait and see what happens. Mark – I am telling you Paul has not come out of his (Cody) mouth. And its not going to. He’s not stupid, I’m sure he sees how I am with you and Paul. The last thing that Cody is going to want to do is put me in the middle again but other people in the house.. its up in the air. Elena – I’m open to the idea as long as it doesn’t interfere with Paul. Mark – its not going to. Mark – I really need to win HOH. Elena – it wouldn’t even be that bad if Cody won it. Mark – he doesn’t want to make a move on us.

10:35pm Backyard Raven and Matt.
Matt comments on Mark wearing his pink swim short. Raven – I can’t believe he wore that spandex outfit the other day. Bud, please don’t do that ever again. Matt – you’ve got to be packing a monster to wear that sh*t! Straight up dude. Raven – Kevin was busting his balls so bad. He was like what am I looking at?! No Kevin. Matt – you’ve to know your strengths and weaknesses. Raven – what is Elena doing? Matt – this time last week I would have said that I trust Elena 3rd behind you and Paul. Matt – she has to know that Mark is playing a dog sh*t game and that he is on everyone’s radar. She has to know. She is a smart girl. Raven – I think she is smart but she makes me question .. she tries to play not very smart. Matt – I am kind of offended because no one tries to get anything from me. Raven – nobody tries anything with me either. Mark and Elena come out in their bathing suits (Mark in his pink swim suit) to go in the hot tub.

12am Havenot room. Jason and Ramses are messing with Josh. Josh – I am going to throw water!

12:09am Ramses then tries to sneak up on Matt to scare him in the kitchen.

12:25am Bedroom.
Christmas – that’s the game plan right there. If Cody wins, we put Elena up. Or we put Cody and Mark up right away and you know either one of them will use it. If we can get Cody out, we tell them (Mark / Elena) they are a pawn. There are so many ways we can f**k this up. Alex – we just have to make sure we have enough key players. You’re the only person that came through. Christmas – but I didn’t. Alex – you did better than anyone else. Christmas – Ramses was on the other side, you know they would have flipped him. We have to figure out what we’re going to do and everyone better be on board.

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12:50am – 1:20am Matt & Raven making out / having s**.

1:25am Kitchen – Mark and Elena.
Mark – I wonder who’s radar I’m on? Elena – I wonder who’s I’m on. Mark – nobody. Elena – you don’t know that. Mark – I do know that. Elena – no one is going to tell you. Mark – who, who, who? Who would actually come after you? Elena – I don’t know. Elena – maybe its not who would come after me but well I have to put someone up. Mark – who? Elena – Alex and Jason. Mark – nope, not a chance in hell.

2am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Love the rankings with Kevin on top! I would like to see Jillian and Cameron ahead of Raven and Boyz-2-Shirts. I am surprised that Jessica expects Paul Fool and his gang to respect her HOH and vote Josh out. I can see her being clueless but expected Cody to try to target at least 2-shirts or Raven. Hell even getting one on the block gave them the best chance Josh gets voted out. Funny that ole Josh is even in their heads when they should have been looking at better choices. After that HOH comp they can’t see it is them against Fool and the gang? At least it will make good TV when they have those WTF faces Thursday


You’re right that the last HOH comp should have had them putting up different noms. It was clearly Jess and Cody against the rest of them.


I think Jess tried to appease the house knowing she did not have the votes to make a big move. I mean they kept Christmas over Jillian. She thought get rid of Josh at least takes away minions from Paul. I think the one positive thing from this blindside is that Elena and Mark are now forced to be on Jess’ and Cody’s corner. I guess Paul was trying to make targets out of them and send them a message. Not sure why b/c Elena would have been so far up Paul’s a** and voted for whomever.

So if the blindside happens, it will be good because at least they will actually gain two allies. Now it would be crucial for one of them (Cody, Elena, Mark) to win HOH and divide the other side of the house. If I were them, and I got HOH after that blindside, I would put up Paul and Alex to divide that huge group. That way, you know that:
– Jason would be wanting to protect Alex
– Kevin will have to pick a side
– Josh, Matt, Raven – up Paul’s a**
– Christmas would be a wild vote

Either way, if Alex is gone, Jason (definitely) and Kevin might work with Jody. Alex seems to be the reason why Jason is working with Paul. If by a miracle they would vote out Paul, then the unity between the other side will be gone because Paul is the one keeping them together. So if they play their cards right, Josh staying might not be the worse thing.


I don’t understand why everyone thinks Raven is lying about her condition? Enlighten me please. I think Elena really likes Paul & not umm what’s his name umm Mark. If she had a hint Paul was looking at her in a showmance way, she would ditch Mark. I thought Elena was watching what she ate, then all of a sudden ice cream went from 1/4 cup to a deep dish bowl ( carton size). She and Mark are looking like cartoon characters. His tight pink shorts are so gross & her drop waist boobies are just so wrong. Don’t talk body image either, they are showing off their bodies is not so flattering ways, especially Elena…just boobie flopping jiggle make me giggle all night. smh Cody just has no people skills what so ever. Jessica would of had a better game if he never returned. smh again

sunny dee

it’s ridiculous because she has an actual device surgically implanted in her waistline that is clearly visible. maybe it isn’t as life threatening or exotically rare or expensive to treat, but it clearly exists.

people seem to think the fact she has a dance studio is proof she used all donated money for the studio. Not sure how expensive they think it is to set something like that up, it literally needs a big empty space and a few mirrors to be up and running.


And a fully loaded $40,000 car.. And the problem is her disease is NOT terminal and she tells ppl in the house she will die in a few years from it… Extremely TWISTED.

cry me a river raven

It’s all over the internet. You can google her and would be amazed what shows up. Her family are scammers. There are threads on other BB pages devoted to just this subject. I don’t know if its more sad or infuriating the lengths they have been going to scam people.

(Simon & Dawg- your page is by far the best one! You guys rock!)


She reminds me of a guy I no that had exploratory surgeries against medical advice because he wanted pain meds. I’m not saying she does it for same reasons but same idea.


Most of the cost of gastroparesis would be covered by insurance. Her condition isn’t going to drastically shorten her life if she follows some guidelines much like a diabetic. What’s really bothering folks on the boards isn’t so much the hyperbole on the show but her actions prior to the show. A lot of the stuff seems to reek of personal enrichment and promotion rather than taking care of an actual need.


She has distorted and inflated her condition. She lies constantly about many things including her and her mom being so smart they belong to Mensa. When in fact she didn’t even understand what it was. She claims her surgery was over $200k it was $20k and covered by insurance. The list goes on. She claims to vomit 14 times a day. No evidence she has ever gotten sick in the house. Eats non stop. Phony Scammers. Many people close to them have exposed the truth. Including anonymous medical professionals involved in their treatment. Watch Raven Exposed on YouTube. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.


We understand that she has a medical condition, it is the fact that to open a business takes money or good credit. We are all faced with hard times and during those hard times you buckle down and do hard work. If she had said that she had the medical condition and she owned dance studios and she is currently paying off her medical bills. We are not doubting that things may have at one time been hard on her family and they persevered through it thanks to the help of others and she has been able to make a successful life for herself. Instead it seems like she is playing up her medical condition for the sake of game play. If she were as bad off as she is saying in the game then how could she afford a new car and dance studios. Cause her parents and her would need to be using every dollar to help pay for her medical bills.
Personally, I believe she does have medical bills and that her family has been able to make the payments thanks to the donations of others. They have kept their personal finances in order that way Raven and her family have had the income for a money generating business. So yes she is sick but receiving effective treatment. Her family obviously needed the help and are still using the help of others so they can maintain their lifestyle. Raven is playing a game and using her obvious scars to help get her message out and to quite possibly win a game/ Those of us on the outside of the house are not throwing her as much sympathy because her family and her are obviously doing quite well for her condition and we all have problems that we wish someone else would take care of for us.

Sherlock is on the Case

Makes sense. This still does not explain why Raven’s mother is still going around asking for money and saying how bad off their condition is unless she is realizing Raven going on this show has backfired and they are receiving less in donations? Something for somebody who understands how these gofund me’s work and see if you can see a donation history? This may give some more insight into the whole Raven backstory. I say if Raven is using it for game play it has been an excellent game move. The problem is she keeps forgetting that she is supposed to be sick and that may cause the move to blow up in her face.


Well, I’m left wondering how she (and her family) was able to afford that boob job, nice ride, and dance studios when she’s dying and needs life saving surgeries because there is no cure. I’ve read and watched some of the multiple past pleas for financial help and just have to question the number of times she has done this.

Honestly, I do wish for Raven to have a healthy life, but her claims are definitely suspicious and need verification.


It is hard to listen to her talk about it all the time but she does have a stomach pacmaker. So how can she be faking it?
And not all insurance companys have the same type of cost sharing (copays coinsurance or deductables) and some have caps or 80/20 or 50/50 coinsurance.
Sounds like she’s had to live with and adjust her life around this condition for years.
And although it’s treatable the treatments can stop working. Which is always hanging over her head.

Below are some comments taken from the government website on Gastroparesis
The incidence, prevalence, and outcomes of patients with gastroparesis in Olmsted County, Minnesota, from 1996 to 2006. Overall survival was significantly lower than the age- and sex-specific expected survival computed from the Minnesota white population (P<.05).

Gastroparesis is an uncommon condition in the community but is associated with a poor outcome.

And for those who compare it to diabetes:
People who follow all the guidlines still die or go blind or loose feet from this disease. Treatment gets better every year but it still kills.
Maybe Raven's is similar in that you can go along and be normal until you're not. And its scarey living like that.


Sunny, a rent for a space can be pricy. How can she afford a rent, if she keep getting treatments? She just doesn’t make any sense.

Bolt Uprite.

I think once the blindside goes down Elena will give Mark the Heisman and make a beeline to try and get back into Paul’s good graces, after all, the only reason she was kept in the dark was so Mark wouldn’t get wise and spill to Jody. She still wants to partner with Paul, she just didn’t know how far out of the loop she has been kept this week.


Raven is using her condition to get sympathy. She can’t be sick like she’s describing and be in the BB House. Plus, she hasn’t been sick in the last 5 weeks or so that she’s been in the house.


Who is 2-shirts?

Matt's 2 Shirts

You see, oh maybe you don’t. Never mind.

This Season Makes Me Stab The Person Next To Me

Matt because he only has 2 shirts. The orange top and the blue t-shirt.


Thank you


Kevin FTW!!!

Fruit Loop Dingus

The vote Thursday is going to shock the house and draw a definitive line in the sand. It does. Or matter who We like or dislike because the outcome is going to make for some interesting TV.
Jess may have a decent idea if someone on the other side of the house wins HoH Jody tells the new HoH they have the halting hex so that HoH does not waste their week by nominating someone or both from Jody. So then the question becomes would Jody use it on Elana & Mark?


If Jessica uses the hex right after the nominations are announced she deserves to go right out the door the next week. So much can happen between nominations and eviction.


I think it has to be used right before the vote on the live show. (maybe even after the voting but before the results are read?)

Just me

Actually Julie said, it is official, the temptation will not be used for this evening’s eviction – last week BEFORE votes were cast. The CBS BB voting page explains it by saying, “they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night”. So she won’t be able to use it until the live show and she will probably have to announce it before the votes are cast. Hopefully they will explain it to her better in the DR.


It’s still confusing about who will be able to play for HOH after the hex is used.
“Halting” the eviction isn’t the same as saying it’s a Reset.
Does it mean that the current HOH that nominated them can’t play for the next HOH? Otherwise it would be a Reset week.
And we still don’t know what the curse is.


I don’t think it is treating like a reset. It just Halts the live eviction which means the HOH was a waste and they can’t play in the next HOH. So their week basically was a waste because no one left.


Great job “JUST ME” you did an excellent job explaining the curse.

Hi Its Production

Have no fear, we will tell Jessica when to use it! Remember, we are in the game too!

Matt's 2 Shirts

The advantage to be had from waiting and paying attention takes place outside the covers. They will just be able to stop the eviction.

BB fan

Elena is one smart lady.

How can you not be impressed with her game play.


Aye there Mate, I’d say you’ve had a wee bit too much of the ole Kraken! Elena’s only alliance member is the shower head in the HOH. I heard that is her ride or die. I was surprised she stayed on the wall as long as she did but other then that her game stinks. She thinks she is not a target but she will more then likely be cut even before Mark.


I’m confused. Is Jessica saying production told her not to lie about the temptation?


Probably (?) I can’t think straight about the permutations of this hex comp. At the moment, I’m laughing that Matt and Raven are “offended” that no one talks game with them. Ummm…that’s because everyone but Paul thinks you’re inconsequential.

Matt's 2 Shirts

Don’t be offended oh great bearer of the shirt, they’re still talking game about you.


Jessica should have told Kevin that she got the temptation and thats why this vote is so important cuz she wants to know who she can trust before she uses it. That wouldn’t be a lie about what it is and it would’ve made everybody rethink their vote. I can’t believe they think anybody would go along with their vote after the way they were treated at the HOH comp.


Jess was telling Cody about a dream she was having about the Hex while at the same time describing what actually happened with production to help unconfused Cody but has left all of us confused on what the heck has happened after she told Kevin she won the Hex.


she only said dream after production told her not stop. She used Dream as a reference to Production to finish her talk.


So Matt and Raven trust and protect Paul……Mark and Elena trust and protect Paul…..Alex, Christmas, Kevin, Josh, also trust and protect Paul…… Looks like Paul is in a really good position in this game. Kind of makes my stomach upset at how these people worship the ground that Paul walks on.

If i could get my way, I think it would be awesome if Cody/Jess/Mark/Elena could get 2 people from the other side to flip – Maybe Kevin and Jason, and get the votes to be a tie, then Jessica would have to break the tie and send Josh home. That would make for great TV. I’m really not looking forward to another Cody/Jess blindside.


Yes, but that would require one of those four to actually talk to the other HGs. That group is so used to being the popular kids in real life, that they can’t imagine any benefit in talking to outsiders ( other than to bring them another drink)


Jessica is very friendly with both Jason and Kevin – and has told Cold she loves/likes them a great deal. She HAS been building relationships with them and I bet it is these two she’d be most upset/hurt if they don’t help her out. Not saying she “should be” upset, just that she might be. I have to officially come out of the closet and say I’ve been really impressed with Jessica lately (I know…I know), but she’s working her little behind off and her thinking is pretty good. Has she made mistakes? Yes. Am I bit prudish about some of the behaviour? Damn skippy. But, she has a lot of admirable qualities, and I’m pulling for her – with or without Cody.

Matt's 2 Shirts

That’s because Paul is the real V.I.P. Concierge in the house.
V.I.P. = Very Ignorant Players

The True VIP

V.I.P = Very Ignorant Post(ers)

Matt's 2 Shirts

If the shirt fits…

Looks like it fits like a glove BTW.

Christmas' black soul

Whyyyyyy is that con artist talking about her funeral?! This is big brother, not gofundme. They need to get rid of her before Josh (even though that is very unlikely). She’s on Paul’s radar, so hopefully not too long!!


She isn’t on Paul’s radar. Paul was just sayin that to Kevin so he could get more out of kevin to use it against him or to use if he is on the block next to raven.


implying raven would leave before paul


I think Raven and Jessica need to get together and form an alliance called “Munchausen by Proctologist”


She’s been talking about her funeral and dying since she was 15…She’s 23 correct? Let’s see in 2 years…lol she will have her 3rd dance studio by then..gone on 3 more vacations. Another new car maybe bigger breast implants Oh and probably will claim to have no money for her medicine or medical bills. Time to go back on tv and beg…and have another fundraiser ….disgusting

Blubber butt

I’ve had it with showmances. Play the fucking game!


Thank Jeff & Jordan


These showmances are set up by production. Yesterday Jessica said that she was told she would fall in love in the house with someone that was similar to Cody. Production loves it.


As long as shows like Bachelor, and spin offs,are getting the ratings that they are you are going to have showmances whether for real or setup by production. As much as we may not like it ratings get advertisements and advertisements pay the bills that keep these shows going. If you want to change it stop standing outside the gate protesting and get inside and make the changes from the inside. Those changes last longer and have better effects on the quality of life for others.

Capt. Obvious

Ehhhh. You say that but if someone actually does play the game, all the people on these boards automatically start to hate them.
There’s only 3 people playing the game right now in Paul, Cody & Jess and they’re the most targeted for negative comments.
Kevin, XMAS, Jason & Alex are in the next tier of ” effort points”, but they are mainly just talk and at the end of the day are going with the flow.
The 2 couples are starting to realize their worth right now is just their vote.
Josh is just bonkers & Ramses is like Bigfoot; there’s rumors that he’s been spotted in the house, but nothing has been 100% confirmed.


“all the people on these boards automatically start to hate them”

Please do not speak for me, Captain. 🙂

The Game

Part of the game is showmances (a pair has more pull then a solo don’t you know). Didn’t Nicole just win last year while in a showmance and a few others before her, kind of proves it works and that those that complain about showmances, don’t really understand Big Brother and are just miserable whiney complainers that believe their entitled opinions actually matter, sorry they don’t Big Brother is going to continue to put people in there that WILL hook up, its been part of the game since BB 1.


Nicole stroked the goat killer last year and had STUPID people in the jury.
That’s how she won


Do you make excuses for everything when you can’t except what happened?


Maybe you mean accept?
I wouldn’t even know how to except what happened.
I can accept you didn’t do well in school though.

Grammar Nazi

Nazi Germany called, they have an opening for Grammar Nazi. It entails scouring the internet fighting that horrible crime of errors and auto correct mistakes. I know you are perfect for it! Do you accept it?


Not tonight your mom is coming over with beer, just pick her up where you did last Monday

You Got Game

If you’re with my mom, just keep her and make sure you pull her dentures out before she gives you a gummer.


Speaking of grammar, Jessica always says, “Cody and I” when it should be “Cody and me” in the context of her statement.


omg stop:0 lol

Go back to grade school

*Accept! Why is grammar such an issue for some people?


Speaking of grammar, Jessica always says, “Cody and I” when it should be “Cody and me” in the context of her statement.


Exactly. Complete horrible bb winner. I actually liked her until she started spending 90% of her time laying in bed.


What is it about showmances that get people so angry? Really I’d like to know (seriously) do people really hate affection that much?

Showmance but no romance

I think it has to do more with the fact that a showmance means 2ppl 2 votes and when you have a group of showmances working together it just makes the game boring and predictable, but from the perspective of a showmance they feel safe when theres 2 of them and they are not playing a solo game.

Not True

You mention that showmances make the season predictable and boring and yet I’d say that

Matt/Raven have absolutely no power and are just space fillers for now
Cody/Jessica are on everyones target and have no true alliance anymore
Mark/Elena I wouldn’t even call this a showmance, more like Mark being a lap-dog to Elena and I can see Elena flipping on Mark in a billionth of a second

If anything showmances make a person a target


I can only speak for myself but I prefer to hear game talk. The plotting and twisting of the game. Who is aligned with who? Who do you think we should evict or can we work with……………….. Versus say last night or the night before for instance Mark and Elena on the hammock being all coy and childish with each other like they are in grade school. She is always fishing for compliments “what do you like about me” Like the Seinfeld episode with the smoopy smoopy crap. Jess and Cody making soft core porn shoots. They came up for air in the back yard and she was just hanging on his shoulder kissing his shoulder, again over the top like a 15 y/o trying to peek a boob. Raven the same she hangs all over 2-shirts 24/7 (she at least does not wrap her legs around and dry hump like Jess and Cody even though they are getting jiggy under the covers it appears) Anyway I could go on but I for one want it to be about the game or I would watch old episodes of the love boat.


So in a “game” (we all know its production influenced but will still call it a game) where people are around each other 24/7 for 3 months they are just supposed to talk game 24/7 and be cold towards each other? It is very easy to view the Big Bro house from the outside, yet there are only a few select people that truly know what it feels like to be on the inside.

I just don’t get what bothers people so much about affection still. It goes back to the saying if something bothers you so much, ignore it because complaining about it is insanity. People create their own stress! When Elena/Mark or Matt/Raven are on the feeds, I simply flip it, issue solved and I didn’t need to go on a message board to complain. Rather simple…no?


I always find showmances annoying. It is like you always have someone to whine and complain with. They can be cute, but there is also that voyuer/ exhibitionist quality that is a bit creepy and pervy about them. For a Jeff and Jordan you still get a Brendan and Racheal (Douchie and the Beast… nauseating) or a Racheal and McKay that just got gross and became total slobs together. Some couple have had sex on cam, it isn’t just baby talk, cuddles and kisses. It has also messed up some really good players games.

Creation Called

People have been having sex on camera since the camera was invented. It really isn’t a big deal, been happening since 1816. Its just sex which has also been happening since the “Big Bang”….even the creation of existence is named after a big orgy!


Mark says, he(Cody) loves the idea of the 4 of us.
Elena says, (as she’s shoveling mounds of ice cream into her face) Does he love the idea of Paul? because I DO

I can’t wait for her to see how insignificant she was to Paul and his little cult.


Elana turns my stomach. She is the worst kind of tease. Watching her in the hot tub last night made my blood boil. She is driving Mark nuts and he can’t think straight. I can’t stand women who manipulate men like that.

Let's Play Big Brother

Not evicting the houseguest who the HOH wants out is NOT A BLINDSIDE – especially if everyone but 3 people know it’s coming. A true blindside is when they flip the whole house at the last minute without telling the person being voted out. Production is overplaying their hand here. This Hex Temptation can’t be lied about? Why not? It’s BB, everything can be lied about, that’s the point. Christmas hasn’t even used her stupid temptation. I dislike Paul more and more. He was the one egging Josh on at the HOH comp because he’s trying to keep the target off of him, and it’s working. But things are going to come crashing down around him (I can only hope) and maybe then the house full of floaters can play the game for themselves and not just as Paul’s minions. He’s now ruined 2 seasons of BB for me. For the love of all that is sacred, please get rid of him.


I would love to see what these people would do if Paul was evicted. How would they know what to do if no one was there to tell them what to do.

I have been wondering lately if Paul wasn’t on this season, who would we of voted for for the first temptation? If I am remembering correctly, at the beginning of the game my favorite was Jillian…..


They would look for hair that fell out of his face beaver and try and clone him.
Seriously they will all need sunglasses when they pull their heads out of his a$$

I don't mind Cody

This is too funny.

Your Common Sense

Blindside = Not seeing it coming. I, for one, LOVEEE the strategy behind this blindside… I just hope Mr. Josh McMeatball can hold it together for one more day without red flags going up on this delicious move.


thank you for seeing the entertainment value in it.

Your Common Sense

Thank you for thanking me. It’s quite refreshing to not be attacked. I’m completely enjoying this week. And, love him or hate him, Paul has a firm grasp on the fact that humans are predominantly creatures of emotion rather than logic and is thoroughly launching that knowledge all up in every one of these hamster’s psyche with precise hits. Alex, so far, is the only other HG also displaying this trait. I’d be willing to bet both of them have read/studied Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” manyyy times.

The set up for the future fallout from this week to the coming week/s is (finally!) addicting and we get to see a storm (of potentially epic proportions) about to wreak havoc on so many of these emotional critters. I love seeing serious, methodical, strategy and patience like this. It’s so rare. And, again… so delicious. LOVE IT!

However, I am peeved about CBS not being forthcoming with all the rules surrounding the Halting Hex. America deserves to thoroughly know the details to not further fuel the production favoritism fires. Grodner should know better by now.


I am assuming BB told Jessica she couldn’t lie about her Halting Hex. I would understand if they stopped her and wouldn’t let her say anything. Because that would be talking about production. But I don’t understand not allowing her to lie about it. In all the years of BB. There have been so many lies. So may strategies based on lies. It really doesn’t make sense to me So since she lied to Kevin are they going to tell him in DR that she lied? I just could see more them saying not to discuss it at all rather than not to lie about it.

Johnny cage

Production has it out for Cody and Jess big-time. I hope the power couple thwarts them at every turn. Production is protecting paul and xmas.


What?? Are you watching the same show? Production made sure Cody came back, they definitely gave the temptation to Jessica and some even question that HOH comp so… NO they do not have it out for them.. Quite the opposite unfortunately.

Pants on fire

Yes, lies are a huge part of this game. However, given a temptation advantage only for 1 person to use would make it an extremely more unfair advantage if they were allowed to lie about its power on top of it. That would in essence give that power a potential double the power advantage.

Just me

So? Everyone can lie to Jess and Cody about the vote. Its 10 – 2. Obviously they didn’t expect Cody to w8. The Battle back and Jess to get the Temptation them the Veto. In my mind all that does is even it out. It could thwart this weeks plan, and isn’t that the point of Big Brother. Or is it just that only Paul’s plans and lying are allowed or important?


Jessica wouldn’t be the first person they told not to do that. Apparently it’s a rule.


I believe it’s against the “rules” to use production as strategy. I’ve only been watching for about 4/5 years, but read that in the past they made other houseguest come clean and admit a lie if it involved production when they were lying about it as a part of strategy. Not sure if that’s accurate or not though.

Team cancel show after season

Ok so Andy wins Season 15

Derrick wins 16

Steve wins 17

Nicole wins 18

That’s last 4. Ok this season if you look above the clear winner chosen by the writers with their varying pattern of winners is..

Season 19 Winner- Xmas Abbott.

Book it!

Matt's 2 Shirts

I can’t she’s already got the rights.


That is a BADASS prediction. Who would have guessed it and I bet there will be a BADASS book deal out of it also to help spur on some more interest for the next BADASS season which is already funded.
It is all about the branding BADASS style.


Ramses is evicted … Jason wins HoH … Jessica tells Jason about the Hex … Jason nominates Mark and Elana …. if one comes down … Raven or Christmas goes up as the replacement …. Mark or Elana gets evicted


Paul really needs to plant the seeds of doubt about ravens sickness especially as Kevin and Jason are talking about it. Because next week if Cody wins hoh he will put up paul and raven. And Paul will need Jason Kevin josh Christmas and alex all to evict raven. Which they won’t do if they don’t think she’s not as sick as she says!
raven needs to be evicted!!!


Sooooo…Jessica got told she couldn’t lie about the Hex temptation. Interesting….Are they (production) going to tell Kevin that it was a lie?

Now don’t get me wrong – I’d like the house a lot better without Jess “she who wears caterpillars on her eyelids” & “Psycho Eyes” Cody – BUT, since when can’t you lie in Big Brother????? I thought Jess had a pretty good idea there. (Can’t stand that woman!)

Can’t wait to see what the curse is for this temptation! But will we have to wait until she uses it? Or do they unleash the curse after they announce that someone accepted it?

Really like this season!


I agree that it’s bs. Is BB gonna tell say something to everyone about kevin and Paul lying about saying Ramsey’s won the 25 grand. Everyone on BB lies and I thought that was the point of the game.

No fave yet

I’m confused. So Jess has told Cody and Kevin all about her power….even lied about the extent of her power to Kevin and maybe another. She wants them to think it would be a waste to nominate her and Cody for a few weeks because of her hex power. Does anyone know the rules of this hex?


I’m thinking HOH should definitely nominate jess and Cody to use up the power!

Andrew for the win!!!

From the CBS BB site:
Whether on the block or not, they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night.
Now last week, when Jessica was up with Dom, Julie said it was officially not being used, just before the vote. So, it sounds like she will have to use it BEFORE votes are cast.
I think Jess needs to keep the hex to herself and not tell anyone else. Kevin has been very clever in letting people know something is up with Jessica without spilling the beans about the hex, but no one (namely Paul) is listening.


I think what she told Kevin could be taken different ways and she did not technically lie to him. She said she had more power than Paul’s and that is relative.


Simon Dawg are you going to be covering BB Canada this season?


Too early to tell, LOL last year I only decided to do it at the last minute.

elena butt show?

Thanks for the excellent recaps and taking the time to run this site. I was hoping to see your take on the Elena ass show in the have not room last night. That was a very interesting peek into her insecurities and need for attention. Also, it was funny as hell!



Missed the bum show.. I’ll catch it up on flashback. What’s the time stamp?


Around 11:35 last night I think

True Insecurities

So Elena is insecure because she let her ass show? That’s funny I would say that is rather something secure in her about accepting her own body. Interesting perspective because usually the people that make fun of someone else, are insecure of themselves. Secure people don’t need to put down or make fun of others, you will learn this when you accept yourself because when you accept yourself, you accept all others too! 🙂


I don’t think Elena accets her own body. It’s one of the reasons she is constantly have wardrobe malfunctions to get some reactions. She’s desperate for outside affirmations.

get over yourself

It’s so good to see the morality police on this board. You are the true beacon of all things good about humanity. How dare anyone not agree with you; there must be something truly wrong with those misanthropes. I hope they have the good sense to run their posts by you in the future to insure that you are on the same page. No pull your shirt open, show that giant PC on your uniform and save the world from those that don’t get on board. You are the best.

The Mirror

Now everything you wrote, read back in a mirror to yourself! Are you trying to police the political correctness police?

True Insecurities

If there were any morals on this board then maybe I could police it, but sadly there isn’t. As you were!

Keeping it Real

And look at you scolding people for having opinions, being judgmental, and arguing their point. You are a hypocrite.


Hopefully you do. You do such a good job, and your full coverage was missed terribly this year


So Raven doesn’t want to adopt because she’s terminal and won’t be there for them. But, she is soliciting live feeders for donations so she can freeze her eggs that would have a high probability of passing on her terminal disease and bent Y chromosome. WTF. She is the worst of the group with her immature, self-absorbed and attention seeking behavior.

Ian's Lament

The Ramses situation is Production showing it’s disconnect with this generation. Ramses is a cosplayer meaning he dresses up in costume to role play. He is completely uncomfortable being himself so he channels through a character he wears a costume for. That is why he is a dud on the show.


He is completely uncomfortable with himself because he can’t accept that he is an adult. It doesn’t define an entire generation, but there does seem to be more of that personality type nowadays.


Only way Paul doesn’t win this game is if he is final four with Jason, Kevin and Alex and they take him out. With the exception of Jess and Cody who will go out first opportunity, all idolize and trust Paul and not enough players like or will work with each other to take him out. And even in the end if the jury recognizes that Paul is a snake that caused their demise, they will say he played the best game. Who could he possibly sit next to in final two that the others would vote to win over him?


Josh. Paul’s been working that angle for awhile.


Kevin FTW!!!!!


Simon/dawg what do y’all think the curse will be Thursday? Could it be that both noms go home, a public vote instead of a secret vote, or something like everyone is a havenot for the week??


No Idea.. maybe a double or instant.


I’d like to see all the showmances split right in half with the other half leaving the house. Let them all play as lone wolves and see how it all shakes out. I have nothing against affection but all this kissy face is just boring. Also I wish the camera man didn’t focus on Jess and Cody so much. There are other people in the house so why are two cameras almost always on those two? Big Brother is becoming another soap opera, lets just call it “As My Stomach Turns”.

Hi Its Production

Big Brother has always been a “soap opera”, it is just that you are realizing it more and more because the “script” is becoming very obvious, especially this year. About a week ago, I mentioned Kevin was going to start targeting Raven about her illness. If you pay close attention, hints are always dropped for the script.


Not so much a script but steering the ship. Once Cody reentered the house, production moved to another subject. Once one story wanes, they look for the next thing to try to hook us.


I hope no one is dumb enough to not put up Jess and Cody bc of the temptation. You would think they would want to do it even more to flush out the advantage. If she’s not forced to use it then they just remain safe for the next few weeks. I couldn’t stand Paul last season and I still don’t like him but I prefer him to Jessica any day. And I wouldn’t mind if he won the next HOH just bc he is the only one I’ve heard say he would put them up together right away. Once she is out then Paul can go right behind her followed by Raven.


Exactly my thoughts. If they don’t put Jessica and Cody up, they can keep using that every week and stay. Out then up and make them use it to get it out of the way! Or, what am I missing here?


It makes sense that the curse would be an instant or a double. We have been told that the curse “will affect the entire house”, that would include the holder of the Hex (Jessica). Let’s say that she uses the Hex to save herself or Cody, the curse comes into play, an instant or double happens, either or both of them are evicted immediately (or any other 2 players). That would make great TV!


Not all showmances are created equal.. Jeff and Jordan were never all over each other nor did they blatantly have sex on national television. Both are just classy ppl in general and their showmance didn’t bother me at all. But Jess/Cody are just gross imo. But that’s just me. And you know what they say… opinions are like a**holes… We all got em.


What about Raven and Matt? That showmance is OK, in your opinion?


I totally agree. Some showmances are cute, some tolerable, and some downright disgusting (ex: McCranda was the absolute worst). It does seem like couples are becoming more and more indiscreet as time goes by. I get that being closed up in the house magnifies everything and these HG’s truly do get the chance to get to know each other rather well with 24/7 companionship. But, I prefer people keep their private business private.

I like a sweet love story. I do not like recluse-style wham-bammers that spend their time hooking up over playing this game.

Fatty Pie

Is Elena plumping up or do I need my eyes checked?

BB Addict

She’s definitely a porker.

Go to an Eye Doctor Quickly

Your a meany!!!!!!!
Keyboard Bully (KB)




could be.. who knows.


right they said non eliminaton right know to they wantrating to


I would bet that 75% of the haters of Jess here are women. And not because guys like her more cuz she is hot. It’s that women are bitter over other women more often than men. Not saying all.

We also forget she is 26. In your 20’s you say things you would never say 10 yrs later. It’s young speak. On the “meangirl” thing. I have never seen Jess be a bully or directly mean to another girls face. Mark is a bully “mean boy” if you will. Most of what Jess says to Cody in private about the other women comes from the direct hatred towards her. She will say “I don’t like Alex I want her gone” Alex has been against and jealous of Jess since moment one of show. Jess has every right to not like Alex. Alex is the “meangirl” toward Jess if anything. Still Jess is cordial with her in public. Yes she says stuff to Cody about who she doesn’t like. Not a “meangirl” to me.

Jess has basically the whole house against her
And she is not laying in bed with a towel over head like some would. She is happy and attempts to make others enjoy the house. Yes she likes to spend time with Cody. They dig eachother. I’ve seen much more annoying showmances in this season and other seasons.

Jess at the core is a sweet girl who is a little immature. Matt at 38 is way more immature than Jess.

If you knew more of Jessicas life story you may like her more. She has walls up. Give her a chance and you will find Elena, Raven, Xmas, ALEX way more “meangirl” than Jess.

Fantastic Post

Nicely said and good to see some people on here see the positive in others and can actually say nice meaningful things to say and not the typical vial and venom that comes out of some people and don’t use judging others as justification to make themselves feel better.

I’m a dude and yes Jessica is pretty, doesn’t mean I would remotely want to date her but I can still see the good in her as she does have a good heart. Only torn down people tear others down!


I completely agree……I am a women and I don’t think that Jessica is a “Mean girl”. She has to know on some level that the whole house is against her and that must not feel the greatest. So she likes to spend time with Cody – well Cody is the only one who really seems to care about her so why wouldn’t she want to spend time with him.


I am rooting for the underdogs (Jody) to take Paul out. I admire that Cody was not afraid to make the move everyone else SHOULD have been planning to make and found it really strange that he was chastised so much for his power play. Yes, he should have clued his team in, but if they were really with him, they would have trusted Cody’s attempt/play. AND, I guarantee that had Paul not had that safety, Cody’s “team” would have remained intact.

I think Jess is a beautiful girl (she does not need those false eyelashes) and find her interest in Cody to be genuine. I think Cody and Jess are perfect for each other. Who knows, maybe they will be the next BB wedding.

At the same time, I do believe Jess has mean girl tendencies. I’ve seen mean behavior or heard mean conversation from all the HG’s, other than Jillian (and few from Kevin, but there are some). Her actions and reactions simply remind us that she is human.

I really wish she had put up better noms….used the veto…..made a bigger move.

I bet Jessica will be forced to use the hex this week in a double eviction and then the heavy duty game play begins.

sunny dee

you might want to go back to the beginning of the show/feeds.

most of what you’ve laid out is backwards. jess targeted Alex only because cody was talking to her and setting up a side alliance. not game, but because alex is a smart, fit and attractive young woman, someone who had no interest in cody either romantically or game wise. jess has never let that go.

the reason she got along with elena and raven are because they were also a bit catty. xmas and alex and jillian were not, which is why she never gravitated to them. remember jessica was always the one saying disparaging things about alex, as in how she wasn’t going to go over anywhere near ‘pao pao;’


You’re as dumb as she is.


Thanks to Simon and Dawg, every time that Boyz II Men Geico commercial comes on I think of Matt and Raven.

“You’re gonna have dizziness, nausea and sweaty eyelids
And in certain cases chronic flatulence…

Soooooo gassy girl…..



Same here Granny! It’s almost like that commercial was made for BB! Lol!


I’m sorry but Raven is the most annoying, pandering to the cameral, obnoxious player in a long time. Can’t wait until she is gone. She is not terminal and she better hope karma doesn’t hit her in the ass.


At the beginning of BBOTT, which I didn’t watch, I said to myself one of the “gimmicks” – the Willett sisters or Jason Roy will make it to F2, and was shocked to see one of the sisters and Jason made it to final. I guess viewers voted, but find it hard to believe it was just coincidence. (Similar incidence with BBCAN4 Brothers making it to the end with returnee Kelsey) Wonder if OTT version was part a test to see if they could still get an outcome they wanted? So if the formula is right then either Cody or Paul have a good chance of making it to final 2, unless there is another twist.


Never was a fan of vets coming back unless all participants were returning vets. Also not a fan of buy backs. I like the idea that once you are out, your are out.

Sergeant Sarcasm

I can’t believe how many people don’t see the magnificent job Josh is doing with his strategy. He’s the most deserving person in that house. Everyone else is being fake and he is the only one actually playing the game. Once he gives Paul an idea….BOOM…it’s done. He is controlling everyone in the house. He isn’t there to play sucky face with girls in bikinis, he’s there to win. He is a competition BEAST!! He’s just waiting for the riff raff to get out of the game before he starts showing everyone just how good he can be in competitions. The men are intimidated by him and the women dream about him. What a master of this game he has become!! Keep talking to the cameras, we LOVE hearing you go on about meatballs and how great you are!!!

Mr. Massachusetts FTW!

Sorry for the thumbs down…I didn’t see your user name until after I clicked it…Good one!


Some of these comments are so funny, I wish we had a “like” or “lol” button on them like on FB. I had seen lots of comments on here about Matt’s attire but never really noticed it so started paying attention and was laughing so hard watching some after dark episodes…yes, only the 2 tops??? Why??? Then Ramsey was wearing the orange one the other night, I almost pee’d my pants I was giggling so hard! LOL I think his temptation should be some new clothes!


told ya Jess cant use production as a strategy


Elena is fat and stupid.