“I just have this dream Josh walks out that door and there’s a flurry of boos.. I’ll just Bask in it”

9:50am everyone sleeping sans Cody who is working out.

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10:56am Jason tries to throw some water on Alex
Alex – Don’t..
Jason – that was a scary don’t
Alex – I’m wearing my microphone, a$$ hat
She punches him in the nuts

Cody is telling them about the Korean war and the battle of the Chosin reservoir.
Cody says the marines that survived that are known as the Chosin few because there story is so incredible..

11:18am Paul and Ramses
Ramses – how do you feel about this week
Paul – Pretty good.. I want to see what that Curse is about
Alex joins them.. Chit chat..

11:22am Ramses and Cody
Cody asks him if he’s been talking to people to figure out where their heads are at.
Ramses says he has been he hasn’t spoke to Paul yet he was going to..

Ramses says they may keep Josh to get Cody.
Cody says if they keep Josh he won’t be able to trust anyone in the house.

Cody – I just have this dream Josh walks out that door and theirs flurry of boos.. I’ll just Bask in it(lays back like he’s soaking it in)
Cody – my body will be filled with JOy.. satisfaction..
Cody – screw the 500K that’s all I want.
Ramses – I want to at least make it to Jury
Cody – same same..

Cody says he believes that Ramses did vote to keep Jillian.
Ramses says everyone blames him and it bugs him because Jillian was his best friend.
Cody says people are trying to stir the pot with the votes.

Cody – that guy is such a piece of sh1t.. a person that berates women a third of his size
Ramses – that was f*ed
Cody – he called her a thing.. he said HEY Christmas I hope you beat that Thing
Ramses – that was really f*ed up
Cody – he played a disgusting game (Josh)

11:29am Mark, Xmas, Raven and Paul
Paul brings up Ramess asking him about this week.
Matt says Ramses is having a conversation with Cody right now, “It’s pretty serious”
Paul flexes for Matt..
Matt – look at these biceps
They agree Ramses is starting to get nervous.

11:58am Ramses and Kevin
Kevin is wondering if they have a competition to determine who is on slop and Christmas can’t compete would she automatically be on slop.
Ramses doesn’t know..
Kevin complains he needs to use the washroom and the girls are in there for hours, “Unbelievable”
Kevin leaves but goes back to bed.

The bathroom… Getting ready for Snap chat

12:30pm Paul and Raven Kitchen

Raven says her and Matt are 100% onboard with getting out Ramses.
Paul points out how comfortable mark and Elena are
Raven – Elena’s a sleep
Paul – Alex, Jason, me, Christmas and Kevin are one billion percent. I’m keeping tabs on them every day

Josh comes in
Paul – keep crying.. keep selling it.. keep selling it I’m telling you it’s all fine.
Josh – when do I keep walking into a room and people shut the f* up
Paul tells him not to worry about it
Josh – Elena’s working hard
Paul – nah.. she’s just keeping tabs.. Keep selling it..
Josh says Ramses is working with Elena and mark.
Josh – Elena has to go..
JOsh – I need that F*ing HOH

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Josh's Momma and Poppa

Don’t worry Cody, we will be part of the booing crowd….


Josh was at the bottom of the rankings previously because he was annoying and crying, he is still those things but atleast he’s funny with it. And much more entertaining than Raven and Matt


I don’t think there is anything funny in the way Josh acts.

Bolt Uprite.

Proof, straight from the horse’s mouth, that Josh is living inside Cody’s head.


Good grief, Cody. Stop spending so much time dreaming of Josh getting boos from the audience. You have bigger problems. Josh is just an annoyance. Let it go!


Cody is such a letdown. All promise and no delivery. cimesboff like an arrogant jerk. That isn’t easy to watch or hear

finally someone who see what i see

arrogant was the word i was looking for. doesn’t he just piss you off. he is not humble at all. he has some sort of little man issues or something. he always turns everything into a im better then you so bow down to me or else we can fight. total dick. and you know hes prolly the type of prick that have no shame grass cutter who will try to get his buddies gf drunk and date rape her. such a typical jerk off. and im almost positive hes a racist against blacks and asians. or at the minimum prejudice and thinks hes better then all colored folks


U got hit the nail on the head he is a wanna be, talks how Josh talks about girls but it’s ok for Cody to..he makes me sick has no respect for AMERICA or his little skank or he would not allow her to disrespect herself and AMERICA with their make out crap and her asking for the morning after pill down right NASTY both of them

Bob Cobb

Cody – that guy is such a piece of sh1t.. a person that berates women a third of his size. OK, this is the same a$$hat that dated women he called “dogs” which must include the mother of his child.




I just hope that when the votes are read out by Julie that the cameras are on Cody and Jessica. Last time the look on Cody’s face was absolute Golden. I laughed for about a minute solid. These two plus Mark and Elana won’t know what side is up anymore. I want to hear the conversation after that comes down.

Ian's Lament

I very much think Josh is mildly impaired. It just physically and vocally small but really amplified with his emotional instability and need for affirmation. I hope I’m wrong because that would be a level of exploitation I would think BB should never go. But it is big brother so expect the unexpected………

Capt. Obvious

I am the Big Brother Nostradamus!!
On Saturday, I told a commenter who was getting multi thumb downs for posting an anti-Cody/Jess comment to come back on Tuesday, by then the people on these boards will have turned on the HOH group.
And low & behold!!! Look at these comments on Tuesday!!
Who are the ultimate BB flip-flippers? The people who come to the website, that’s who!!
First you like Cody, then you despise Cody, then you can’t wait for Cody to come back, now you hate Cody again.
My next great prediction: Someone on Paul’s side wins HOH, puts up Cody, you all go back to loving Cody.
Time stamp this post!!

Cody is a poor excuse for a man

Totally true. I admit I had hopes for him when the first show aired and then then it went down hill for Cody and I have consistently disliked him and his game play and awful moves in this game and complete lack of a social game. Everyone else seemed the same way and as soon as he left the game everyone was all pro Cody. And now it’s back to anti Cody. He’s always been the same unlikeable person. He treats woman like crap in there. As soon as cane back he commented how the women gained weight. I mean just rude. And the things he’s said about the woman he’s been with is disgusting. And yes he did essentially call the mother of his child a dog. Can’t wait til the kid grows up to see that. What a fantastic role model for his kid. He’s awful and I hate to say it but I hope they burn an hoh and they use the stupid power and then get one of them out next week. Cody is disgusting to watch. Josh might be annoying and doing everyone’s dirty work but at least he’s calling them on where everyone else is scared. I can’t wait til Cody is out and everyone complains he’s not there. At least Cody is consistently awful.


All he has talked about is how strong the women are this season. How they are so much stronger than the guys. He also has talked great about his child’s mom time and time again. Yesterday in the hot tub he was talking to Jessica about how great she is. Paul and josh literally go off on the women in the house and people say that’s just good tv or part of the game.

Skydiver MacGyver

Love it


Need both Cody and Paul in the game to keep it entertaining … enjoy liking and disliking them both equally for some of the dumb stuff they say or do. Still, through it all so far, the only people gone from the game are insignificant players as it will be again this week. Still waiting to see Matt, Mark, Elana and Raven evicted … floaters all and they need to go.

Should Josh stay this week, I wonder how much of an emotional meltdown Jessica will have. He really distracts and annoys the crap out of her and of all the people in the house, Josh staying will have the biggest impact on her game. It’s going to be entertaining.


This guy is crazy… who the Fuck let him in the house… he call her a thing lol he has call women worse.. what the hell is wrong with these people…


I really wouldn’t care if Josh left…I think he’s a bit unbalanced and his temper tantrums get on my nerves. That being said, I’ll still tune in Thursday to see Jessica and Cody flip their lids when they realize they had another unsuccessful HOH. Mark and Elena will jump ship again and go scurrying back to the other side.


If Cody wanted to make that dream of a jeered Josh walking out the door, then why didn’t they put up somebody next to him that was sure to stay. Between that and the other 3/4 of the house rolling over for Paul, this has got to be the stupidest group of houseguests ever.


If Jessica uses the temptation, the curse should be JOsh stays in the house for the rest of the season even if he gets voted out.


Man, cody is an idiot and a hypocrite.
Josh has set up residence in in his head for sure.


Josh is a mess. I don’t know if I’m supposed to despise him or feel bad for him. He has to be in the top 3 of BB puppets. He does whatever anyone (minus Cody and Jessica) say. He looks like an absolute fool. Does he realize that acting like a complete basket case only hurts his game? Paul(not one of my favs this year) is smart to keep josh as long as he can. As long as that puppet is in the house acting the way he has been, the more Paul can hide behind the shield that is Josh.


All an act on Josh’s part, don’t you see he is playing everyone, Cody is an Ass, who would rather lose 500k so that Josh can get booed, what an Idiot and as far as
Jess goes she got back what she gave, You go Josh!!!


The only acting Josh is doing is acting like he’s not attached to the strings Paul is pulling. He’s like a child doing everything they tell him to without really understanding why. He thinks he is playing the game when in reality he is only being played.


The only 2 people that aren’t a let down so far in that House are Kevin and Jason – And that is based on their comedic banter. Plus I am sure if either of them win HoH it will be far more fun than the last 2 we have seen.


On the last update I think Matt said to Raven “I bet a lot of guys like you until you open your mouth” Watching AD from last night with her holding court in the hot tub explaining or tying to explain the 1000 ways she could die. I agree with Matt, she is a meathead. A dancer’s body and a meat head. (meathead= dead from the neck up) Not to be confused with meatball, josh only knows what he heck that means. It does mean I asked my daughter to make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner this week. He said meatballs so many times I have to have it 🙂


Why does Cody keep saying he hopes Josh gets booed? Does he think we love Jody so much we will hate Josh?

If anything Josh does seem a bit off, but lately he’s brought a lot of drama to the feeds and the show. I can appreciate that.


I would rather watch Josh acting like a fool then the Elena & Mark backyard circle jerk convo.
It reminds me of maybe 4th grade, “do you like me circle yes or no”

marks a little B1tch

does anyone else think mark and elena are little weasles. they got cody and jessica’s golf balls in thier mouths just bc jess is hoh. he’s so stupid. they are not thinking past this week. who the hell would wanna work with cody mark elena and jess. they are on the bottom of that 5 if they do. these ppl are so dumb. and i hate how comfortable cody and jess are. they think they are king sh1t right now and its gonna stay that way. as soon as they dont win an hoh they are going up. and that temptaion is bs. i dont even think jessica won it. production strait up gave it to her bc they wanted her and cody to survive. BB take a hint we dont like the skank and the douch. i just hope one of them dont get to jury and the other one does. shes such a tramp it sickens me. she cant even keep her legs closed for more then a few days. ur on tv. have some class. and to top it off she picks a bum dead end job loser as her showmance. pathetic. and hes the biggest ass i ever met.


I know I voted for Jessica and a lot of other people voted for her everyday. So I actually think she won it bc Alex, Kevin, and Jason prob split there vote all up bc people like each one.


I’m hoping Jason will be one to step up and start thinking for himself. I’m so tired of Alex controlling his votes and actions. She was a big hope of mine, but then she drank the Paul Kool aid and I’ve lost my hope in her. I was looking forward to seeing her play until she got brainwashed. So my hopes are for Jason to step up. think It’ll be nice when Paul goes, then we can see who and if anyone has a brain in that house. I gotta say though , It’s looking like Jess may have a head for the game……just no allies. I think what she did shows she was trying to build trust. But I guess she’s gonna find out. She’s got 7 Paul’s in the house. CUT OFF THE HEAD.


you have to give Paul credit, he played once and should have won!! this time yes he did get help from production, but still the fact that he is playing exactly the same game he played last season and everyone still believes him, then for that he should win, his manipulation is incredible, still funny to watch!!!


OMG……You people are unreal……. STFU about howCody called his daughter’s Mom a DOG already. I am so sick of hearing about that….. Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill….That does NOT make him a bad guy. How about a little respect for a man who serviced his country to give us the freedom that we all so enjoy daily.

Tre Kinky

This is the first time I’ve heard that Cody serviced his country.

ize in backof head

From what I have observed,the only “servicing”that is being done is Cody”servicing”Jessica.She is not” pulling the wool” over his eyes as someone earlier mentioned, that “wool” is being pulled over something else entirely.


Yes, the house wasn’t the only thing Cody reentered.


Walk away.

You can’t expect people to ignore the obvious. Cody is a hypocrite


Fans don’t like Josh but bb sure seems to like him. Has anyone else noticed how much screentime they give him, I think after Paul he might have the most drs/time shown. They really try to make him out to be this funny guy and the producers seem to like him cause they keep showing him.


I’ve often thought how difficult it must be to pull together an edited broadcast. The number of f-bombs alone makes for an editing nightmare! Let alone all the general eeewww that get’s discussed and Elena’s “spa treatments” (shudder). Then, there’s the fascinating HGs like Matt and Raven or Xmas and her scooter. Kevin and Jason are #1/#2 for me for entertainment, but I don’t expect to see them on the show much because they’re the most swear-sy by a mile! How do they get a broadcast from all that?



*Granny laughs so hard she falls out of her rocking chair