Kevin “What if they [Cody & Jess] have a temptation like what you got? Could she protect him?” Paul “nope”

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9:10pm Backyard. Paul, Ramses, Cody, Jessica, Raven and Jason.
They’re all sitting around or in the hot tub. Raven is talking about her chronic condition called gastricparesis.

9:20pm Lounge room. Josh talking to the cameras.
Josh – I just wanted to take a minute to send a quick message to my family. I can’t stop thinking about them. I love you. Just know that your boy is strong. Nothing can phase me, nothing can break me. Your boys the man. Your boy is strong minded. Your boy can get through anything. Danny, my brother I miss you like crazy. I think about you all the time and your crazy one liners and other sh*t that you say to me all the time. Family, I miss you like crazy. Just know that no matter what you see in this house, I am doing great. I’m doing really good. Just know that I am doing really good and everything is going good no matter what you see. This is a game and I’m playing it up. But I am perfectly fine inside and I’m living it up.

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9:35pm Bedroom. Paul and Christmas.
Paul – have you gathered anything? Is everything okay? Christmas – Mark and Elena are f**King hawking. Paul – they’re trying to get information for her (Jessica), from everybody. They’re done. Christmas – they’re watching everyone .. like hawk eyeing. Paul – the way this is going to work is if we blindside on Thursday, keep Josh as a number and then if one of us wins does… Christmas – but that’s a long shot now. Paul – no its not. Christmas – it depends on what the comp is. Paul leaves to go talk to Alex. Paul – we just need to keep playing telephone. Have you talked to Jason? Alex – Pretty much everyone is solid. The only person I haven’t questioned is Kevin. Ramses asked me about my vote and if it had changed. And I said no. Because I never said I was voting for him anyways. Paul – who gives a f**k. He’s going to be gone and he’s not coming back because its pre-jury. We pin him down and its not a wasted week and we can continue to steam roll. I’m going to send Jason to you. Alex – yup.

Christmas tells Jason and Alex – I talked to Jessica and told her that I want to vote for Josh to stay because he has backed me up and he voted for me to stay two times and that he’s supported me. I also told her I am pretty sure you’re going to have a clean sweep. Alex – I told her that I didn’t know who I was going to vote for because I didn’t like both of them. We can’t be left alone with Mark and Elena, they’re trying to flip us. Christmas – they’re aggressive. Paul comes back with Matt. Paul – Mark and Elena are asking about who people are voting for, for them (Cody & Jessica). Its f**king sketchy! What the F**k! Matt – it doesn’t make any sense for them (Mark and Elena) to go back to Cody and Jess. Christmas – because Mark and Cody had an alliance day 1. They’re each others ride or dies. Christmas – he (Ramses) was f**King hovering that little f**K face. Josh joins them and asks Alex you’re voting me out right?! Alex – yes. Christmas – you (Josh) better dig in to win this HOH. Josh – says he will and then he will crack Mark.
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9:42pm Lounge room. Jason, Josh and Kevin.
Jason – Alex is telling me one thing and they’re telling me something different. Alex is telling them who they’re voting for and I’m not telling them nothing. Josh – tell them you’re voting me out! Jason – right, that’s what I’m telling them. I don’t know what she is telling them. That’s what I’m telling them. Josh – tell Alex to tell them that she is voting me out. Jason – you go tell her. She’s sitting in there. Josh – what is she saying? Jason – that’s what she’s saying she’s just saying it in a different way. Jason – that she is going to vote you out but not like in those direct words. Kevin – go tell her. Jason – tell her to stop d**king around. Josh leaves to go talk to Alex. Jason tells Kevin – Lie to Mark and Elena saying I’m going to vote Josh out. But she (Alex) is saying she doesn’t know who she’s voting for. Kevin – What’s our plan man, we have to have a plan. If we don’t have a plan, we’re going to get trampled. You guys are so stupid. Those guys are so stupid. Jessica and Cody are playing it too cool man. Something is going on, they had to have gotten the temp (temptation). Jason – you think Paul is flipping. Kevin – nope. I think they’ve got even more power than we do. Jason – how? Kevin – temptation. What if they had the temptation. Jason – but what if they did have the temptation? They couldn’t stop a vote. Kevin – they could stop them from being voted. Paul got it for 3 times. What if they come to you and say they can’t be put up. They’re too cool, they’re playing too cool. We’ll see who’s right and wrong. I don’t know anything. Jason – I don’t care. Kevin – I think everyone should get 50K for just going through this sh*t. They’re playing way too cool. How could you play it so cool when no one likes you. Jason – they don’t know that no one likes them. Josh comes back and says I just told her (Alex) you better tell them you’re voting me out.

9:50pm Havenot room. Josh and Alex.
Alex – you don’t need to know anything just keep doing what you’re doing. Josh – who is f**king us? Alex – no one is f**king us. Just stay away from Mark and Elena. Josh – they’re scrambling. Alex – I know but you need to not be. You’re going home. Don’t blow up and don’t blow up on Thursday either. Just let it go. Be surprised. Josh – I’m not going no where right? Alex – just be surprised. Ignore everyone and act sad. Act totally sad like you’re going home. I’m going to miss you bla bla bla. Josh – I have your back 100%. I hate them. I can’t stand them. Alex – stay away from us because they’re up our a$$es.

10pm HOH room. Cody and Jessica.
Cody – so how can we get the votes against Paul? Who would be a less juicy target than Paul? Jessica – I say put up Paul next to Christmas because she can play that sympathy card and she’s not a competitor. You could spin it as Paul’s already been here, he’s had his chance. Christmas, half the competitions she can’t even play in. Cody – do you just want to backdoor Paul then? Jessica – Paul would need to be backdoored so Christmas would need to go up next to someone else. Cody – Ramses. Jessica – Oh god, I wouldn’t want to do that to that kid again. Cody – once its done, its done. If anything he becomes more comfortable in that position. Jessica – so if Jason, Ramses or Alex get HOH we should push for Paul backdoor. Cody – I would love to strong arm them. Jessica – and if our original alliance wins we should push for Jason and Alex to go up next to each other. Cody – I still want Paul out. Jessica – yeah get over it, I want Alex out more. Cody – solidify Paul with some more trust so that when I do get HOH, I nail him with the backdoor. Cody – you don’t want Alex in the jury house. Jessica – I don’t care if she is in jury. I just can’t stand her.

10:35pm Lounge room. Paul and Kevin.
Paul – when we win next week, they (Cody & Jessica) go up. Kevin – what if they have a temptation like what you got? Paul – they don’t. They wouldn’t give it twice. Who gives a f**k, we’re going after Cody, not Jessica. Kevin – could she protect him? Paul – nope. Kevin – what if there is a thing that she can protect him. Seems to me they (production) want him in the show real bad. And they gave him 4 opportunities to keep coming back. Easy games. Paul – they do that because it makes good tv. Kevin – what’s the vote going to be on Josh? Paul – 7 – 3. Kevin – then they’re going to know who voted. Paul – it doesn’t matter because we are just going to go the them and say Ramses has the 25K and we didn’t want him in jury. Sorry! You made your move by putting them up but. If the majority of the house wants it, then they would be stupid to go against it. Especially now that Josh is back they’re going to be three to f**king eight. They can’t be that stupid to go against that many numbers, they would submit. Kevin – say Cody wins HOH, who is he going to put up. Paul – I don’t know but the odds are in our favor. He ain’t going to beat me twice. That was a bullsh*t competition. This next competition is going to be a mental. Kevin – do you want it? I’ll throw it to you. Paul – we won’t know. Kevin – I just don’t want to be the bottom three .. I can’t take this sh*t. I’m sh*tting all over the place. My stomach can’t take this sh*t.

11:15pm Backyard. Paul and Kevin playing pool.

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11:15pm – 11:45pm Lounge room – Christmas and Josh.
Josh – how do you feel about Jason. Jason is solid. But I can’t work with Alex. I don’t trust her. Christmas – yeah she will get rid of you sooner than later. Jason – I can work with her but she is a liar. I’ve seen it. I’ve just seen the way that she talks to people. Christmas – I like Jason. Josh – and he is loyal as f**k! He stays away from me because I can tell there is a physical attraction there. Josh – with you? Christmas – no with him. Josh – thats how I feel about Elena. She is gorgeous but then I see how she can be a b***h.

12am Paul and Mark playing pool. Meanwhile – Elena, Jason, Ramses and Christmas hanging out by the hot tub. They talk about not having s*x. Christmas says she “self satisfied” in the hotel (sequester before entering the house). Elena says she tried using the shower head in the HOH room.

12:10pm Lounge room.
Josh – I just had a really good conversation with Christmas and I’ve never felt better with her. She is my number 1. She tells me that she’s huge crossfit. That’s f**King awesome!! I need to f**king win an HOH! I need to win a F**KING HOH! I need to win this HOH like a f**king fire is burning in my a$$. I think some sh*t is going to go down on Thursday. I think Christmas wants to pick up Jessica. Jessica is a great competitor but I don’t trust her at all. I’ve got my ride or die baby and its f**king Christmas Tree! I think me, Christmas, Paul, Kevin and Jason could be a lethal team. I’m the loose cannon but I can be lethal, trust me you’ll see. I didn’t do that bad it the last HOH.

12:45am Backyard – Elena and Mark.

Havenot room – Kevin, Christmas, Paul, Josh, Ramses and Jason.

1:37am Bedroom – Matt and Raven.
Matt – I bet so many guys think you’re cute until you open your mouth. Raven – Paul likes my accent! Matt – nobody likes your accent.

2:10am Mark and Elena laying out in the backyard talking about random things like relationships. They head to bed.

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Why is xmas still there? Useless.


Yes, seeing as the others are doing so well. Most of them don’t have injuries, and play so well in comps. What a joke. She outdid most of them the other day. I would personally rather watch her ride a scooter around the house than watch Jess riding Cody. But that’s just me.


I don’t understand the hex temp that Jessica has?? What can it do?? Anyone know for sure? Thanks


She can “halt” the eviction. So if her and or Cody are on the block she can stop the eviction from happening. They not have an eviction that week.


She added what it was when she told Kevin about it. The curse is going to affect the entire house, not just whomever puts up Jessica (or whatever she said). She can use it once. She told Kevin it is like Paul’s, but for 4 weeks. Nope. It is for 4 evictions. 1 has passed.


It can hault the whole eviction night and whoever is on the block.

Bo Diddler

Maybe the curse is a double eviction the next week, or two, or maybe cutting the jury from 9 to 7?


She just got 2nd place in the HOH

hold up what?

Yeah cz she was propped up and taped to a scooter with the brakes clamped. It was a tailor made comp for xmas. Production did everything possible to make the power couple lose. Xmas has dialed back the attributes that make her unbecoming. But it always floats back to the surface.


They’ve done very similar comps in the past, and there was no Christmas to “tailor” it to at the time. Total nonsense.

The Voice of Reason

She had a thick, hard plaster cast digging into her shin during the entire competition. As of last night you could still see the dent it made as it dug into her. She was at a severe disadvantage in that comp with her injury and still did an amazing job. If you don’t like Christmas on a personal level, that’s your right…but if you’ve never tried to stay still for three hours while something digs into your knee then you probably shouldn’t say this comp was “tailor made” for her.


When I first saw that Jessica had left noms the same, I thought what the heck, that’s the dumbest move in BB history! What a waste!! BUT….. Maybe not? Because of the hex she got, this may be a test. Because they truly don’t know who is voting for who. I think they expect Josh to go, but, I think it’s really to see where the house REALLY is. If that’s the case, it’s brilliant. But, I’m not banking on their intelligence.

When she told Kevin tonight, it really started me thinking that this is planned. She wouldn’t tell Kevin. She wants to see if it gets to Paul, to anyone. I’m always thinking their smarter than they are. Was HOPING this year would be great. Without Paul, it would be. He’s ruining it, their all star struck by the big time vet.


They are not that smart. They really are clueless. But for sure Jessica told Kevin about the temptation to create paranoia.

Uncle Teddy

Well you’re half correct. It is a “test” – they want to try and repair relationships. This will let them know who’s with them and who’s not. It’s not on purpose so they are not brilliant. With the hex they should have just gone after a bigger target. If Cody gets HOH next week he definitely will


If they don’t know “where the house is” after the last hoh comp then they would have to be the dumbest players in history. It’s pretty obvious they are 100% by themselves. Besides she’s said it herself several times, she’s simply putting people on the block that she feels won’t piss anyone off, thinking it will help her build bridges later down the road.




Someone like Cody needs to gather a house meeting and call out everyone for following Paul by playing his dirty game instead of their own. Because this is just ridiculous.


House meetings are never a good idea, and who would follow Cody? They don’t like him, they fear him.

Paul is in pieces

Agreed! Paul is a sad little man. The light, and energy misting from real men, leaves him cowering in the corners of darkness licking his wounds until he can convert the most misguided of souls.


Friendship my ass. Everyone know what he did last season


Yes, because house meetings always go soooo well. Noone would listen to Cody anyway. I don’t want Paul to win, but Cody is just pissed because no one follows him. He wants to be top dog and have everyone grovelling at his feet. Those two are tied with the same brush, and cannot pull the wool over the other ones eyes. They could never be in the same house together for very long.


A house meeting would be a great idea !!

Sir Loin of Beef

Said no one ever!

Fruit Loop Dingus

It will never happen
1. Cody does not have that social game to do it and will only possibly do it if he is heading out the door.
2. Paul would light the Josh fuse and that whole situation would blow up. Josh has just become Paul’s puppet.

Sir Loin of Beef

More like “Pauls’ pitbull!”


Cody should’ve held his house meeting the first week when he tried to backdoor Paul. Doing it now it just pointless because he has nobody on his side except Jessica. what will it accomplish? nothing but prove that he has np more power even when he is not Hoh. He embraced BB’s evil curse and let the power go to his head. I think it’s time to let that dream die and get over it. Just……..let………it……..die.

Fruit Loop Dingus

This is Big Brother we have seen crazier things happen and people survive. I forget the season but remember when the one houseguest received a punishment of 24 hour isolation and was set to be the person going home that week. After the isolation he emerged and play a part in accusing someone that caused the house to turn and get that other person out. So never give up.
Paul is a hypocrite because the only reason Paul made it to final two was because of Victor who came back into the game. That could explain why Paul is so afraid of Cody then and wants to attack him and Backdoor any ofCody’s game moves. Has anyone noticed how less. Oval Paul is when Cody is in the house??? I’m just saying I think Paul is truly afraid of Cody!!!

Geez Louise

That was Dan but none of these current houseguests will ever be a Dan… He’s one of the best strategist in my opinion.

Dan Is The Man

Dan could even out play production’s script he was so good!!


I think you are talking about Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 14. While he was trapped in solitary confinement he created “The Funeral”! It was brilliant! He pitched for Britney Haines to be the replacement nominee because she was in position to win the game!! That was an awesome season. However, Dan came in second place. Not bad since he already won season 10!!


I apologize, I misspelled Britney’s last name. It is spelled “Haynes”.


That move by Dan was pure genius! He was a great player! And fun to watch, he didn’t have to be an asshole to do it.

Gail Lessard

That was Dan that planned that move while in isolation.

neire Johnson

That ‘one’ house guest is none other than the best strategist of BB ever-Dan .
Paul is copying him and Derek-who played the HOH every week getting them to nominate and evict whoever he wanted, but made them think it was their idea. They both won BB.


Cody needs to be evicted next week.

Matt's 2 Shirts

That’s basically what he did in Dom’s show with Paul’s help right before he was followed out the door by Dom.


Yes, Cody, call a house meeting please. Sink your game even further.

House meetings = death in the big brother house.


The problem with that is it’s precisely what Cody wants the house to do with him in place of Paul. So by calling a house meeting to say stop following & playing Paul’s game isn’t he really saying start following & playing my game?

I mean, isn’t he the same guy who didn’t tell anyone in his alliance what he was planning on doing but still expected them to take out his target?

Pot meet kettle


Paul is ruining everything? How? He’s just playing the game. You may not like the guy…but not his fault that the HG,s follow him. If he makes it half way…I will truly be impressed. I wouldn’t want to go in as a vet that made it to 2nd last year.


Josh is a man child who lacks any self awareness. Raven is a lunatic, and dare I say, I’d rather Raven go home over Paul. Something about seeing and listening to her irks me. My favorite is still Kevin, but I’ve actually found myself rooting for Jess and Cody this week just for the entertainment factor and the hopes that EVENTUALLY the other side will have to sweat. I can’t wait until the numbers are so low in the coming weeks that Paul’s side has to start picking each other off.

Oh, and Josh’s family must be sooooooo proud. Ha.


Is Christmas saying Jason is attracted to her- did I read that right? Any truth to that- doesn’t seem like me Jason at all to me. Christmas is the one I find hardest to read without feeds.


I think that might be Xmas’ ego talking. Or, remember when Jason said he told some girl that he was attracted to her and had a hard time being around her? We all thought it was Raven, but maybe it was Xmas after all (?) Either way, Jason feels uncomfortable around Xmas because he feels she blames him for her foot, which he already feels guilty about. I don’t think he’s attracted to her. On another note, I don’t really think Jason is all “Team Paul”, I think he’s just playing along. Alex, I think is truly “Team Paul” and won’t shift from that.


When Ramses gets voted out will Jessica use the Hex? Ramses will be back in the game and Jessica can play for HoH again. But in the moment they will make another dumb decision. Even Ramses probably won’t push for Jess to use the Hex as he’s walking out the door (most people in the house know she’s got some secret power). These people are so stupid.


No, I believe she must use it before the votes. She could if she got wind of the blindside, but she be stupid to use it on Ramses and save it herself.


No just before the evicted person leaves the house.


Please evict Raven before jury. I cant listen to her crap much more


But she needs the money! She’s literally about to die any second! She’s billions of dollars in debt and that non-waterproof mascara has to be specially made because of her nefarious illness no doctor can treat and it’s not cheap. Plus if she stays with Matt, how in the world can they handle that level of wardrobe with out that sweet jury money?! That blue t-shirt and orange tank top are custom made from the hairs of albino chipmunks!

Club H.O.H

Lol I agree! Loved seeing Cody integrate her about her “disease” he’s trying to get intel and reads from her to truly see how it is. Please Cody get HOH!



Club H.O.H

Lol sorry phone spell check. Thanks


Maybe most of Matt’s wardrobe was taken by production. Some past houseguest did had their wardrobe taken because they need to meet tv guidelines

Elena's Flotation Devices

I am so torn this season. Loved Paul last season. Thought he deserved to win. He’s just ok for me this season. Annoyed with how many people think he’s the messiah but don’t necessarily want him out of the game. Jody – Glad to see him come back to shake up the house. He’s a dolt though. Jessica is def. the brains but they are so outnumbered at this point even with the hex. Kevin is fucking LOL. For some reason I just love this guy. Raven for some reason is annoying to me. Comes off as a faking cancer type chick. Matt is just there. Literally just there. Josh is mentally unstable. For some reason I want him to stay awhile because he’s a nut job. Ramses thinks he’s at summer camp. Literally no redeeming BB qualities. Alex is a competitor but she’s like “Meh” for me. Xmas is a competitor but it sucks she got hurt. I almost wish she left and came back 100% for a different season to show what she really could do. Elena – Nice rack but has this manly Taylor Dayne type energy to her. Overall, I really don’t have a side I love. I’m just rooting for drama. Weird cast overall for me.


Elana’s floatation devices cracked me up!!


What a shitty cast of “women”!! Lol kevin was right Paul is like a mini Charles manson!! Because they follow everything he says and does. I cant stand to watch after dark anymore Raven is so annoying and full of herself/attention seeking, same with elena always having her bra off and jumping around knowing the guys will comment. Honestly watching elena & raven is sickening!! I cant wait to see them get evicted, same with their DuLL & BORING boyfriends mark and matt lol ***kevin for the win***


This is the weakest cast of women ever. Only Jessica is worth something


I think it’s finally hitting Kevin or at least the paranoia that he is not the ride or die and instead, is the bottom of the totem pole.


I think Kevin was referring to not wanting to be “bottom 3” in the HOH comp because he doesn’t want to be on slop anymore – it’s bothering his stomach A bonding opportunity for him and Raven? 🙂


Can’t people keep some things private… Private doesn’t mean it’s wrong or immoral, just keep somethings to yourself. ie…like being intimate w/a shower head.

Free Speech Called

Its Big Brother, these people don’t give a flying fuck what other people think, hence they talk about what they are passionate about….sometimes that passion is sex. I really get a kick out of people that watch Big Bro and then complain what the house guests do and speak of….is that not the whole point to look in on how other people life their lives? Not everyone is going to live like “you”, some people are their authentic self and are just honest. This is an interesting paradox because here we are in 2017, in a more open time then ever and people want others to stop talking about sex…..

Part of FREE SPEECH is the ability to listen to other’s FREE SPEECH and not want to censor others…..

BB Shower Head

It’s not the sex talk that bothers me….its the using the shower head that everyone else in the house has to use and touch. Are they not allowed to bring their own “toys” into the house?


i think you are the only person in this world that thinks she actually used the shower head to rub or insert it.


No were did that say she inserted it. you are the one that said that. So I would say you are the only one in this world that thought that, not me!!!


ok Dominique

it was implied, why else would they comment about how the showerhead is used and touched by everyone? and the mention of “toys”

J. Madison

Perhaps you should try some of that listening you’re preaching about.

BTW – Free Speech relates to Constitutional directives affecting how the Federal Government governs the people of the country, not interactions among or between individuals or privately held entities.

Free Speech Called

You really believe you came into existence to follow orders or be governed by someone else?….. very interesting concept but not for me, I’ll stick to allowing people to talk about anything they so choose….after all part of free speech and free will is the ability to turn off or ignore someone/something and go your own way…yet so many seem to believe they can censor someone instead of ignoring.

Static Cling

Who’s telling anyone what to say or think? The original post is about what they think. You disagree with them. Fine. No one is telling you not to think or say anything, meatball.

Billy Madison

A quote from Billy Madison for you J. Madison

“Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

Apocalypse Now

You have no idea who James Madison was do you?>. However you do know the fictional Billy Madison.

Fake News

Am I supposed to care or be required to know who James Madison is over Billy Madison? Nope…next

stevie j

FREE SPEACH for everyone. Having an opinion about certain comments made by houseguest, which may be distasteful for some but fine with others is totally ok. Having an opinion is also using free speech. Sorry but just the way it works!

Straw Man

Who’s saying it isn’t, meatball?

Fly catcher

OMG! That last picture of Mark is going to give me nightmares.


Kevin – “I think everyone should get 50k just for going through this sh*t”
I cannot get enough of him! He’s friggin Hilarious!


Thursday is going to be so awesome!! I hope Josh yells out, ” Now you are both covered in meatball sauce, you meatballs!!’ when the votes come out. Bahahhahahahhahaa!


I hope he says nothing, but odds are slim. Keeps talking to the cameras like he’s an awesome player that fans love…no…he’s just a yappy lap dog, all bark no bite.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Good TV but I am more worried of the permenant effects that this could have on Josh’s life. The man is not cut out for stressful situations like this and he is cracking up. Once Josh goes off on Cody and Mark they are going to make life for Josh unbearable. If Josh really thinks the others in the house will have his back he truly is delusionable. This will make for some good TV but at a cost. I say somebody from Josh’s family needs to throw in the towel for him if this blows up the way it looks like it is going cause Josh is going to be seriously hurt psychologically!!!!!


Josh is fine. He told his family that to the cameras. Read up. His speech sounded authentic to me. He’s not a good liar.


I really hate that Josh’s behavior now and future behavior is falling on deaf ears in this house and with production. We see it happening but no one in or around that house seems to care. Yet, if Cody goes off on him, Cody looks like the bad guy when everyone else was fully aware that it was going to happen. Yes it will be bad, but maybe Josh getting a foot up his ass needs to happen since he thinks this is acceptable behavior and no one is intervening to remind him to compose his beahciour irregardless of whether he goes home or not. I’m pissed that this behavior is being shown on AD like it’s a joke. It’s actually very, very sad.

Josh is whackadoodle

Put Josh out of his misery already. That guy is a f*cking trainwreck.

desiraes Mom

I have a question, why was Ramses wearing one of Matt’s two shirts last night ??


I think he lost a bet. Heard them talking that if Matt loses he has to wear Ramses clothes and vice a vers a.


But then that leaves Matt with only 1 shirt. Who made that bet?

"The Hustler" Ramses

Ramses lost at pool literally on Ramses’ first shot. They talked about upping the ante but well you know what happened before with pool & betting so they kept it tame to wearing each other’s wardrobe. Pretty lame bet. The best was Ramses losing on his first shot too funny.


Rams arms are filling out Matt’s shirt


Jessica should have put up opposite sides of the house, like Matt and Jason, to cause rifts and make Paul choose sides. Nothing changed, nothing accomplished.

Also, where was Jessica’s HOH room reveal and letter? They ignored it?

Jody f2

Cody was reading her letter with Jess draped over his shoulders, with her little hands clutching his arms. Damn I love that girl

Jess Addict

She is adorable Jody F2. I can’t get enough of her sexy a$$. It will be a travesty of the highest order if she does not make jury. #JessForJury.


It’s going to be real funny if Paul and his crew win HoH next week, somehow end up with Jessica and Cody on the block come the Thursday eviction, and then when she halts the eviction with her Hex power, Kevin says to Paul … “See, I told you …. you mudda f*cker.”


Christmas is the best player in BB History just ask her.


Marks a loser


I am just speculating here, BUT…..what IF, after Jessica uses her temptation, it makes the NEXT week a double eviction? If, as she claims, she is a fan, and has watched past seasons, why has she not even considered that? If Josh stays, and that happens next week, she and Cody have sealed their own fate. They don’ t have the numbers for BOTH of them to survive a DE, and the odds are against them…. Am I right?


Won’t the fact that one player already self-evicted change the need for a double eviction night?


There’s usually a double eviction in the schedule and with the hex stopping another one and the buy back they can easily rope a DE.


I can’t stand mark.


If Jessica uses her hex to stop the eviction next week to ONLY save Cody, she will be forever regretting that discision. She better remember that there’s no guarantees they (her and Cody) will still be together. The odds are not in their favor starting off a relationship in this bizarre environment.


Whoever the HOH will put the 2 up together, so they can’t pull each other off if they get POV. She is trying to last the 4 weeks before she needs it. This is week 2, if they make it next week then she can use it on week 4.

Marcus Aurelius

The odds are definitely against them. Anytime a couple separates themselves from the rest of the house, it doesn’t end well. Unless given an incredible superpower where they are saved.

I Am Marcus Aurelius!

I absolutely love and resonate with Marcus Aurelius….

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be”, Be one!”
“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Perfect quotes for this message board….lol so many don’t realize their own thoughts/beliefs create their experience!!


I expect a crap load of thumbs down for this… BUT here it goes.

Josh is not that terrible. He (like many, many other HGs) had a tough start emotionally. Not everyone “leaves the nest” with a confident, take on the world mentality. Culturally, I get him… I am a Hispanic (6th generation Mexican American) woman in my 30’s. My mother has a 26 year old daughter still at home with her and her 3 other daughters (including myself) live in separate households within the same neighborhood. I would miss my family as well. I can’t say that I’d have the breakdowns he has had… but I can at least empathize with the man.

Christmas has had some positive influence on him. If I were Josh’s mother I’d thank her. He seems to want to head down the right road and build solid relationships… I truly believe he understands the game. The problem is that Josh wants to be one of the “cool kids” with Paul’s group and Paul knows this. Paul has him (and others like Kevin with those wonky votes) doing all of his dirty work… Paul encourages Josh (because he is the only one insecure enough to submit) to have these stupid outbursts attacking Jessica and Cody. Paul wants him to look like an idiot fool so that when J & C are gone Josh is one of the next in line as a target… further enabling Paul to be less on the radar.

I’ve been watching BB since season 5… in no way am I saying Josh is a great player or that he has the potential to win because he does not. I’m not that emotionally invested in this show but I am a true fan. And as a long-term fan, it bothers me a great deal to see that Josh has the potential to be an entertaining and decent player (a slightly paranoid one but still a decent one)… but that he is constantly crapped on and disrespected by most of the HGs.

That is all… Kevin FTW! <3

Fruit Loop Dingus

Michelle this is going to sound mean but it is what most of us are thinking after reading your post about Josh, “Duh”! We know that about his family because Josh has not let us forget it. Everyone that has a relationship with their family misses them. Hence I am afraid the stuff he is being set up for is going to permenantly scar him psychologically. Because his family has sheltered him he is learning how to process things for the first time. Like the pool game he lost by scratching on the eight ball and then acting like a spoiled child and claiming Mark does it all the time or let him do it over. Now what Mark did made Mark the bigger A-hole but the way Josh tried to counter was also very childish like as if it were the first time he has been confronted by something like this in his life without the support of his family fighting his fights for him or with him. Personally I think Josh’s best chance in this game is to get a reality show where they follow him around & how he interacts with his family in Miami. That is something most would watch for at least a season maybe two!!!! Cause most would be scream at the TV telling his family to let him do it for himself. How many times did he screwup the slop tip the point anytime he starts to make it now somebody steps in and takes it over???
Hell Matt was feeling sorry for them and making batches every morning so they had something to eat.
Families are great and we need them but this kid needs to leave for his own mental stability. Xmas I thought should have left the house but now I wonder if her foot is not as bad as she says just so she can stay alive in the house to help promote her brand period. This injury may have hurt her physically but will help her brand further in the long run the further she can go in the house. Yes she has a very inflated ego but in the world she works in I am sure it is needed to be able to compete at a high level. Her game seems to be support her brand which is life coaching to the masses or more directly to the people with personality traits like Josh’s. I think she genuinely cares but it is a two fold Benefit for her. That and if Josh snaps maybe he will recognize how she tried to help him and he will go after her last.


What I wrote wasn’t my attempt to enlighten readers (as if you hadn’t formed those opinions, a variation of them or worse prior to). I find his situation and his position with the other HGs (because of his mentality) sad. You’re right in the sense that he is immature and childish in many ways and he is for the most part socially inept. Will he be scarred psychologically for life? A strong no is my answer.

Maybe I felt the need to play devil’s advocate is because of our similar cultures… and because I do not have a brother (true story lol). Anyway… enough about JOSH.



“I wonder if her foot is not as bad as she says”. . . .you’re kidding, right? Ten broken bones, with one bone so badly damaged they had to use a donor bone. If anything, I think it’s much worse than she says. I admire her determination and strength.

Pot stirrer

Whether it is one bone or thirty I admire her determination but at some point if she truly wanted to continue to compete in other competitions outside the house then she needed to go somewhere where she could properly recoup. I still say it helps her brand by staying in the house and keeps her around longer simply because she is hurt.
You have to understand that people have exaggerated things in the house now and in the past to win favor. I am a little doubting because she was getting around that house pretty darn well for an injury she made sound was horrific. It may have been hence her sticking around helps her badass brand. Xmas said in the beginning all she cared about was making it until jury. She has been playing the game and told a fib here and there so why not lay it on a little bit thicker so her house mates would want to keep her around a bit longer. Think about the lawsuit & bad press BB would get if it were not safe for her to stay in the house. So is here injury really as bad as she says? It’s not like her doctor delivered the report. Xmas did and she is still playing a game!!!!!!
In the live feeds she is seen talking about her fitness company and her staff.
Too wrap up
Yes she is hurt admire her for still wanting to play. As bad as she makes it sound since she is still playing I have a bit of reserve on the severity of the injury.
Can this show help her “Badass ” brand by sticking it out, hell yes and kodos for her to beanie to capitalize on her injury.


More than likely all she has to do right now for recovery is stay off it as much as possible. Welcome to BB, where people can lay around all day and have food dropped in the storage room. Almost no activity is required in the house so it’s not a bad place to recuperate.


As a fan of the game, Jessica should of realized by now that she screwed up. Should of put Paul next to Jason and told the houseguests to vote out who you like . Without Paul, everyone will scramble and new “teams” will evolve. Jason is just a straight up turd of a human being


Josh seems to be sending an open letter to his family, but not the good kind. He is itemizing for them every agony he is experiencing. “Your boy” is NOT doing very well in the house and “what you see” proves it. They could never have wished for Josh to become this caricature /cartoon villain who does the master’s bidding. Think: Igor- “yes master, yes master.” How unfortunate that Josh is so lacking in self-esteem that he thinks he has to “act out” to gain acceptance. I would like to think he will recover from his BB experience and become more self-possessed when he sees himself on camera, but I question whether he has the intellectual maturity to actually get the lesson and benefit from it.


I think you are talking about Dan Gheesling from Big Brother 14. While he was trapped in solitary confinement he created “The Funeral”! It was brilliant! He pitched for Britney Haines to be the replacement nominee because she was in position to win the game!! That was an awesome season. However, Dan came in second place. Not bad since he already won season 10!!

Anti Paul Puppets

I actually like the move Jess made by leaking information in an attempt to make her Power seem better or last longer. She correctly sees that she and Cody are sitting ducks.

In the Kevin and Paul conversation, Kevin is trying to help steer Paul out of danger, but of course Paul is too arrogant to understand. Kevin correctly sees that voting against Jody sets them up as targets for next week. But of course, Paul – “He ain’t going to beat me twice.”

Matt's 2 Shirts

Except that it should turn out to prove to Kevin she is lying when the curse affects the whole house before she ever gets nominated.


*If you want to sway a crowd, do not approach them in a crowd setting. Cultivate a solid one-on-one relationship with each person.
*Be a mirror through which people see their own reflection. Be that helpless, powerless, “victim” they need to see, despite the advantages you may have.
*When a group setting is unavoidable, keep the numbers down and make sure you are in the room. That way no one compares notes on you.
*Practice being a group member without being the conspicuous leader of the group. The others must at least BELIEVE they have their own ideas and are making their own decisions.
*Exercise your influence and promote your own well-being AHEAD of time and only when engaging with INDIVIDUALS. That way, when they get together in groups, you can keep your head down, secure in the knowledge that they will already have been convinced and decided (as INDIVIDUALS) that your safety is their safety.
*Keep them fearful that losing you is the worst thing that could happen and is therefore unthinkable.
*Encourage them to nurse grudges, even when they receive new input and can observe that things are now different. They must never entertain the possibility that people can learn from their mistakes and change accordingly.
*In short, run your dictatorship and never allow any influences from the outside. Yours must be the only voice they ever hear.
*Keep this up for the summer and CLAIM YOUR GRAND PRIZE! Isn’t this what they wanted?


we still dont know the consquence to the whole is going be for jessica halting hex


LESSONS FROM KEVIN’S PLAYBOOK: (Gotta love that guy. ; – ))
*Gain trust with your sense of humor and your good-natured sharing of words of wisdom.
*Know that you LEARN more from listening than from talking.
*Collect Intel, but don’t feel obliged to repeat everything you hear, or anything you hear unless it advances YOU in the game.
*Always keep in mind that you came there to win money. Do what is in YOUR best interests.
*Bullying is not your style, so leave that to someone with less character and self-confidence.
*Be a trusted confidante to as many of the others as you can. Let them reveal themselves to you without feeling judged.
*Lie whenever you need to. It is part of the game!!
*Be charming; never obnoxious or arrogant/ cocky.
*You have age and life experience that the others lack. Know that they undervalue these qualities and use it against them.
*Ease your way to the end by playing a less flashy game, but one in which you can clearly articulate how your strategy was one in which they never saw you coming!!
CHEERS to KEVIN!!!!! (The Invisible Man)


Josh will be alright. He’s been on slop and a have not for a while. He’s got cabin fever.
As we all would living in that house. His family loves him and that’s all that matters.
Josh will be alright.
Take dime store psychology for what it’s worth. It’s not worth a dime.medea


This comment will not sit well with everyone, but even though Josh is a little “extra” and can be annoying, I really find him funny. His “Mr. and Mrs. Meatball” made me spit out some watermelon. Call him crazy, a boy, or whatever; Josh does have a comedic side. Everyone dumped on Cody or Jess in that HOH competition, but only find Josh’s meatball comments and antagonizing Cody and Jess ignorant. Well I am sorry, it was not ignorant it was down right funny and I find myself watching that episode over and over just to hear his rants. Like him or not Josh has done nothing no worse or less than the others in the house.

Cody treats Jess like a tool and he gets a pass.
Raven trolls around for sympathy for her stomach problems and gets a pass.
Christmas just trolls on her scooter and gets a pass.
Jess sticks her fingers up a man’s as* and gets a pass.
Matt just gets a pass for absolutely being useless.
Jason wears that cowboy hat to cover his receding hair line and gets a pass.
And Mark is just Frankie Munster on steroids and he gets a pass.

Josh is just immature like the others, but I have to give it to him. He KEEPS it real whether he is crying, talking trash, or whatever. Josh is just Josh!



Does xmas have a thing for Kevin? She’s awfully handsy with him.

Sir Loin of Beef

“Elena says she tried using the shower head in the HOH room.”

What is she an FN octopus?