Jessica- “It’s so funny that Paul is the leader of both sides of the house”

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5:10pm Jessica and Cody HOH
Jessica has told COdy that kevin told her the house may be flipping.
Jessica – I knew the second I didn’t use that Veto that they would flip the vote
Cody – who’s doing it
Jessica – My assumption is Paul but he didn’t give me names
Cody – F*ing Paul
Jess – Paul is keeping Elena in the dark for this one.. He’s trying to rally the other side of the house..
Jess – the only votes I trust tomorrow are your’s and Elena’s
Jessica – I am not going to sleep tonight I’m going to interrupt every conversation..
Jess – I knew this was going to happen I said it several f*ing times..

Jess – I want to drag paul by his f*ing beard, drag him in here and kick his f*ing face
Jess – I’m way too f*ing trusting.. Way too trusting..
Jess – there’s a very good chance Ramses goes home tomorrow..
Cody – we got Kevin, Elena, Me
Jess – how do you think Kevin will vote with us
Jessica says kevin won’t stick out, and she doesn’t trust Mark either.

Jessica – I should have taken control of the situation and I should have made a power move..
Kevin comes in
Jessica – are you going to vote to keep Ramses for sure.
Kevin – yeah..
Cody – where’s Alex and JAson’s heads at
Kevin – I dunno.. Keep your cool.. The only reason I told her is she’s from Boston she’s my pal.. I don’t even know if it’s true

Kevin – don’t be shocked.. It’s a game.. Just keep your cool.. Don’t go around asking people..
Kevin leaves..
Cody – F* Paul
Jessica – I need to start trusting my gut more
Jessica – I’m so disappointed with myself..

Jessica – what should we do
Cody – I can talk to Jason and Alex
Jessica – they won’t tell the truth anyways..
Cody says Jason sometimes talks to truth to him, “Pours out sh1t when he’s so damn scared”
Jessica says the HOH was all for nothing.
Cody – me and you aren’t going to change anyones minds.. Lets let it play out.. Don’t trust out about it
Jessica – my HOH and what I accomplish is my legacy I leave behind
Cody – well what did mine accomplish
Jessica – true..

Jessica – Paul needs to go.. Should have pulled the trigger on that too.. . shoulda coulda woulda.. f* my life

Cody – I’m back… and we get to see their faces when you use the HEx..

Jessica- it’s so funny that Paul is the leader of both sides of the house
Cody – and they are all falling in line like f*ing idiots

Jessica – He’s running the house..
Jessica – if he wins HOH again he’s not giving you the chance to win Veto..

5:47pm Raven and Matt
Raven is calling Ramses shady.

5:50pm COdy, Alex and JAson
Cody – am I going to be surprised tomorrow
Alex – I don’t think so

5:54pm Cody and Jason
Cody – i’m not getting F*ed on this vote am I
Jason – I don’t think so, no
Cody – c’mon Jason.. Don’t F* me
Jason – Josh is going home..
Jason – if you’re getting f*ed I’m getting f*ed
Cody – I need you and Alex to vote him out
Jason – why do you think this..
Cody – I’ve heard chatter that Paul is going around trying to switch the vote up.. telling Josh to lay low
Cody – Jason I gave up my game for you guys.. all I ask is that we get that guy out.. I gave up my game.
Cody – you know he’s making deal all over the place..
Jason – who, Paul?
Cody – ya
Cody – If I’m surprised on this vote I’m going to lose my mind
Cody – I’m going to win the f*ing HOH and I’m going comb through this place like a josh damn tornado and not a single person will be safe.. If I don’t get f*ing Josh out I will lose my f*ing mind

Jason – Okay sounds good

5:56pm Jason and Alex
Jason is saying that Cody is getting really intense. Holding his head and looking at him with laser beam eyes.
Jason – he said if he’s surprised he’s win HOH and no one is f*ing safe..
Alex wants to get Paul and come up with a plan.
Jason says if given the choice between Paul and Cody he’ll pick Paul because he’s more fun to talk to.

Jason grabs his head and says he hates this game.


6:24pm Alex scares Jason by hiding in the trash can.
Kevin joins them. They’re agreeing to go to bed at 10 tonight to prevent Jessica and Cody to “Bogg them down” and isolate them one on one to get them to change their vote
Alex – there’s a 10 o’clock curfew

Josh impersonating Cody.


7:30pm HOH lockdown called.. 7:55pm feeds come back. Production removed a lamp that was broken.

7:56pm Paul and Jason

Jason – I’m with Alex, Paul and Kevin..
Paul – you think it’s the right move right..
Jason – YES, I can’t f*ing stand Ramses
Jason mentions that Cody is going to be crazy in the house after Josh stays.

8:00pm HOH Mark, Cody Elena and Jessica..
Jessica says they need 5 votes but they only have 3 locked.
Mark – If he stays i’ll get evicted for putting my hands on him
Cody – did they talk to you? They talked to me
Feeds cut..

When they come back Jessica is saying she’ll ask Matt passively.
Mark says if it’s a close vote he’s concerned because nobody has come to talk to him.
Mark – tell Christmas to not do the Sympathy vote..
Jessica – I told her and she said she’ll sleep on it
Mark – Sleep on what!
Mark says Sympathy votes drive him crazy. He goes on a rant.
Elena – you wanted to sympathy vote Dom..
Mark – After she mentioned your name did I say I wanted to keep her..

8:10pm Raven, Matt and Paul

Paul says nobody likes Mark and he sucks at everything so he should be the last one to go. Paul says it should be Cody, Elena and Jessica.

8:30pm They are getting shown something video clips maybe. This is probably for the HOH tomorrow and chances are they’ll be shown more throughout the night.

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Jessica just finding out that she an idiot? Production should’ve told her what might happen since they gave her that temptation.

Jessica was so concerned with gaining trust she chose not to take a shot at Paul to ruffle his feathers(even though they didn’t have the votes) to show him Cody & Jessica are not afraid of him, but clearly they are.


It’s funny they are all fine doing Paul’s dirty and executing his plans. Just wait until these fools get evicted bc they didn’t know they were the plan for that week and Paul stabs them in the back. Hahaha


Well, Paul is playing the game. He talks to people, plants seeds, is competitive, takes a leadership role, and is motcaftraid to play.. His BB game is sharp. Jessica and Cody think they can just isolate themselves and get mad at people, then people will follow them. Seriously? They should of taken a shot at Paul, but they are horrible BB players in general and bore the hell out of me


For people who supposedly know this game they by far are the dumbest group of people ever assembled under one roof. Josh is psychotic. This boy is a thug with severe mental issues. He should be instatutionalized. He’s not funny and I can’t believe someone has beat the crap out this idiot. One of the worst cast ever. Christmas should never have been allowed to stay. It’s absolutely unfair to everyone else.


I can’t stand Jessica or Cody. Don’t know why production would have wanted him back in he had no personality at all still. Jessica is stupid.

ChillTown 2.0

The #KevFather may have just shaken up the game big time. A lot of you may not like to hear it but he is playing the Andy/Ian/Steve game right now. He has an incredibly good pulse on where the house lies and has essentially clued in Jessica and Cody. So he is still chillin with Paul. Now gaining more trust with Jody, while staying together with Alex and Jason who will prove to be a pivotal 2 votes for Paul every week (Alex is a disappointment ughh). His bases are covered at the moment and is setting up the Royal Rumble between everyone in the house.

This game is gonna get interesting quick because if Paul and sheep dont win HoH, they are toast (especially if Cody pulls out a W, because Paul is his #1 target). While even if Paul and the sheep win, Jessica will just reset the week.

I loved what Kevin did because if Josh staying is a “big” blindside I could care less. Now we got real gaming going on for the 1st time all season. All hail the #KevFather !!!!!!!!!!

Capt Obvious

Incorrect. Jess & Cody were going to find out in 24 hrs anyways. All it did was speed up the process by a day AND put a huge unnecessary target on him.
Cody is going to flip out after the vote and in his tirade, he will spill the beans that he heard it from Kevin.
Kevin didnt have to do that. I agree with what you said that he was playing a solid game but that was all for nothing now.


I love Kevin:) I can’t wait for the tables to turn on Paul Matt n Raven and of course Josh. Jason is such a coward. I’m disappointed with both Alex and Jason. I thought they would play their own game not Paul’s. Should be exciting..thanks Kevin:)


Cody should have confronted Alex. Told her that she used to talk about how she was playing her own game and who she wanted out and nothing would deter. And now come to find out she’s become one of Pauls lackeys. She would probably say shes not. And all he would have to do is ask her when she brings up who she wants out next does Paul go along with it or changes it and says let’s get out this person first. Then she might finally relize Paul is using her. Or jessica and Cody should of went along with it and started telling everyone they have decided to take out Ramses first then it would be their idea and suck the air right out of that blindside. Josh wouldn’t be able to do his meatball dance and the house wouldn’t know that they know they were going to flip and it would look like Jessica and Cody got exactly what they wanted. Then they start working with Kevin and maybe Kevin will tell them more.


So basically your gripe in that Cody has been unable to use Alex, meanwhile Paul has built a relationship with her, built trust with her, and you are shocked she has aligned with Paul? She is totally playing her game and even told Cody to his face that he would go after Cody and Jessica.


I think Alex is just trying to play nice right now with Paul sometimes you have to keep your enemies close before you strike.


Kevin is playing the float game. The season is still early but he is floating better than anyone since Shelly. He is sitting pretty ATM.
Next week has 2 parts…..who wins HOH and will Jody need to use the HEX. To those harsh on Jess remember her week with no Cody her social improved. I think she incorrectly made in roads with the house. Thus a terrible set of noms and a very bad POV decision. By the way how many HOH and POV wins does each HG have? Bad decisions yes but she isn’t a train wreck. For train wreck see…… Paul’s sheep.
So far you got to give it to Paul. His game looks a lot like Dan, the mist, during “coaches”. No fan of Dan’s that season. You just gotta give the guy props at this point.


Absolutely. Like every season, there are sheep. I cant for the life of me understand why people want the sheep to follow Jody rather than Paul when Paul has done the work and played the game to build relationships and Jody has just seclude themselves, make threats and expect loyalty.

Guy From Canada

There is floating and positioning. A float is like Matt and Raven being useless while staying under the radar (I think they are doing this unintentionally as they appear to be naturally useless). Kevin is positioning himself in the middle through being social with everyone and leaking just the right amount of information to whom he needs to leak it to to build trust.

Cody is proven he can keep a secret and he won’t leak hat he knows Kevin told them. And Cody will reward loyalty. Jessica may leak but I doubt it with a lack of trust. She has no possibility for power next week except if Cody is in power. If Cody wins next week, Kevin knows he is possibly a good pawn being a lone guy with no number two so it’s smart for him to build trust and position himself well.


Seems to me that Kevin is playing the Shelly game (BB13). He’s ingratiating himself on all sides (the ULTIMATE floater game) and at some point if he gets as far as I think he will, he’ll be forced to choose a side (like Shelly). I think he’s a funny guy, but more so his game intrigues me…curious to see if he tries to win an HOH and where he will fall when we get to double eviction…


Your comment about playing the rat role is on point. Do you think ppl will finally put 2 & 2 together and figure kevin out? Alex already has made comments questioning if kevin has done certain shady things like switching votes & jason came to his rescue…only time will tell but I think eventually somebody is going to either figure out that he’s ping ponging between both sides or somebody is going to go the hell off & blurt it out.


Wrong. He was already good with them. With everyone and now this gives Jessxa chance to throw him under the bus, which she will in a heartbeat once Ramsey’s is evicted. First bad move by Kev.

Bolt Uprite.

They will find out pretty quickly that Kevin was the squealer and Paul will tell everyone in the cast that Kevin has the $25,000 but that he blamed it all on the departed Ramses. I wonder if Kevin picked up this stool pigeon habit back in the ‘hood?

Double D

Dang…I liked Kevin.

Don’t forget he’s never watched the show.


Kevin has seen the game, he just knows how to play and let’s everyone believe he has no idea how to play. He is following some winners of the past and play the RAT. He told Jess about the Flip, but he told Paul that Jess has the Hex. Gains trust from both sides, he votes to throw people off, already got 25K and no one guesses it was him. He tells stories and everyone trusts him. He is playing the game, and he knows this game well to be able to play it like a violin . Don’t you be fooled!


Strong arming doesn’t work in this game, Cody. What happened the first time you tried that tactic??? Smh

Captain Crunch

Kevin just messed up his own game. It doesn’t matter if he flips of not b/c they still have the votes to get rid of Rames and Kevin will be exposed if he votes to keep Rames by his allies and they will turn on him. If he votes to keep Josh he will be exposed by Jess and Cody who he gave his word that he would vote out josh, so this was just a bad move by Kevin.


Well Kevins two daughters on twitter said, when you expect him to do one thing he does the opposite! But hey, maybe just like most of us, he cannot handle Josh another week! I called it a few days ago, Kevin is always good for a surprise vote, and the blindside may get blindsided! You cannot tell me that is not good TV! Paul is going to go ape-chit crazy and I absolutely love it!

Capt Obvious

Ramses is gone.
Just because Kevin spilled the beans doesn’t mean anyone will change their vote.
6-4 even if Kevin votes out Josh.

Watch out loser

If Elena votes Josh out, don’t be surprised if Mark does to. I think if there were no pressure applied from Paul, Alex or Cody then Whistle Nut would vote out Josh too. Only need 5 to give Jessica the tie break vote.
Probably only a 25% chance of it happening but not impossible.

Capt. Obvious

Not sure what your point is or if you have a pulse on what’s going on in the house.
Of course Mark is voting out Josh. So is Elena, Cody & now Kevin probably has to otherwise Cody/Jess will call him out. That’s 4 votes but that’s all they will get.
Unless something inconceivable happens in the next 22 hours Paul, XMAS, Alex, Jason, Matt & Raven are voting out Ramses.

Watch out loser

My point was that while you are most likely correct, the vote is not 100% certain. Could be a little wishful thinking on my part. I can’t remember the last person in BB who got on my nerves as much as Josh.

Gotta light?

Ironically it was Josh from BB 9. I couldn’t stand that little prick.


Amber season 8. Cried every episode.


Time for the we are all voting the same right meeting? Tongue in cheek! LOL
I agree with several that Ramses appears to be going. the meeting should go like this. Leave Kevin out. Whistle Nut, Alex plus Mark, Elaine and Jody in HOH. Convo something like this….
It will be great when Josh is gone?
Yeh imagine Paul thinking he could flip the house?
Yeh it’s been rumoured that’s what is going to happen Thursday.
Imagine how stupid that is?
The 5 of us let Jess decide who leaves. We get less than 5 then we know someone here isn’t working with us and they no longer need/get protection.
Jody made the week easy on noms. Now Paul thinks any of us 5 would expose them selves to save Josh of all people? Paul is a complete idiot! He’d expose any of you and not care about the consequences.

The idea is simple without pointing fingers Jody lay out the consequences of keeping Josh. Maybe Alex and the Nut actually look at the consequences and see keeping Josh as just plain stupid.


There is no way. Alex, Jason, and Paul are solid. Matt and Raven do not like or trust Cody and Jessica. That’s 5 votes to evict Ramses. Christmas also is playing Jess saying she is voting Ramses out as a sympathy vote for Josh. That’s all they need. Mark and Elena are being left in the dark on purpose.


Josh can stay but only if he stays in that little room.lmao


Ohhhh man, Kevin! Is he just looking to start some sh*t or see if telling Jess about a possible flip will get him more info on her Hex/Curse or? This is sort of hilarious.


His going to be pissed off


Cody will be the triggerman in a mass shooting someday and we can say we knew him when!


Woah a little dark..


He is scary. Hope they have good security on the set.


I like how Raven and Matt think they are actually something in this game. Raven is absolutely the most annoying person ever. Her screaming 24/7 is beyond terrible. Alex is just a shit starting mean girl who is going to screw Jason over soon. Jason is starting to see it but we’ll always be too scared to do anything. Kevin is playing the best game in the house by far.


All Alex talks about is punching someone in the face. She is bat shit crazy and I had hopes she would be the fan favorite but she is just a jealous mean ass girl. Once she got power she changed 100%


And I hate the way she talks to Jason. So condescending..


When are these people going to get it that what goes on under the sheets we see.

I must need glasses

How? Do we see under the sheets I’m in lol…

Bunny Flop

Maybe Cody can trigger Joshy pooh to really have a hissy fit. If josh really goes off tonight, the blindside might just hit Paul instead. Should be an interesting few hours.


I think Kevin did it so that it may push Jessica to play the temptation to save Ramses.

Can’t call him a floater any more. He’s having fun messing them all up.


Agreed. Think Kevin is just stirring the pot. If Paul finds out, Kevin can just say he was trying to get the Hex used up so they wouldn’t be in danger later on. He’s got Caterpillar eyes & Psycho Eyes wondering. Just got the ” I clued you in to that vote” card with them in case he needs it. I think he’ll vote Ramses out & say he had to go with the house.

Kevin FTW!


whoever wrote this comment is spot on!!

Fruit Loop Dingus

Your the man!!!!! Just when we thought this game would get boring Kevin pulls us right back in.
With the heart felt thing Jason did tonight about his son I think we might have our next America’s favorite!!!!!


Darn it Kevin I was looking forward to that blindside. What the heck were you thinking?


Mark said he’d put his hands on him if he stays. CBS will now be held liable for having prior knowledge if he does put his hands in Josh. (on)


Lol Mark is a loser. He thinks throwing hot sauce in Josh’s face is an okay acceptable response to Josh not admitting defeat? What lunatic does that?

Wasting Time

Mark is not a loser. Josh is a baby who should not bet if he NEVER can uphold his end of it. I was watching it and do not think Mark did it to hurt Josh, and Elena gave him the idea.. I think Mark did it as in picking, he did not have an evil face, and did not get mad at Josh when he came out with the other stuff, he expected that I think. IF that is all it takes for Josh’s family to think he’s a bitch, they think it already. Look how Josh acts, he would get his head busted in real life. Mark feels comfortable with Cody because Cody is straight up, so is Jess..the rest are fakes and liars. You don’t have to play like that. Elena is using him, sadly. I hoped better, but Mark is a good guy, he deserves better..and he isn’t blind..he’s just in a bad place period, and Paul will play with Elena’s (heart, emotions, ego, reallyinsert anything here) to hurt Mark more. I’m sooo tired of the Paul show. Go Kevin, get sick of these pricks, don’t be a sheep. This should be your show. Alex blew her chance to play, she handed it to Paul, now trying to take Jason’s spot and give it to him too. Smdh

House of Idiots

It is time for CBS to kick him out. It is a terrible and potentially dangerous idea to have someone so violent stuck in a house where emotions run that high

Pillow Gate

Are you talking Cody or Josh? Josh is a moron but anyone who had the discipline to be in the Marines should have more restraint than Cody does. Josh is a yapping child. Alex is beating the crap out of Jason, Jessica wants to drag Paul by his beard and kick his head in. Doesn’t BB require psych evals???


Huh? A lot of vets have gone postal a time or two. My dad included. Vietnam vet, suffering from ptsd. It happens more often than you may think.


Did Paul and Kevin decide for Kevin to go to Jess and give Jess the information about the Josh/Ramsey Vote?

Kevin has been very worried about having a Post Vote Plan / making a Post Vote Plan with Paul. Kevin told Paul that if they did have a plan they (Kevin/Paul) would fail. In other words, without making a Post Vote Plan to keep Josh Kevin & Paul were setting themselves up for failure. Kevin told Paul that with Jessica having The Temptation, the HGs being unclear on what Jess’ Halting Hex Temptation actually does, and the HGs not knowing what Curse Consequence The House will receive after Jess uses her Halting Hex Temptation — it was of the utmost importance and essential for their Game / Safety for them (Kevin/Paul) to have a Post Vote Plan.

Hopefully, Kevin did not make himself Big Brother Game Enemy #1 by telling Jess about this week’s vote.

There were so many things leading up to Kevin telling Jess about this week’s vote.

For example, Mark telling Cody that Mark was okay with anything as long as he (Mark), Elana, and Paul are safe. Mark telling Cody this made Cody very suspicious of The House.

Perhaps, Kevin and Paul did come up with a Post Vote Plan – with such a plan including giving Jess a “heads up?”

I would like to see Kevin win HOH this week. However, the HGs have said many things that indicated that they (the HGs) already know which HG will get HOH this week, and, which HG will be evicted. During such conversations, there are many cuts in the feeds. Paul and many of the HGs were talking in the front bedroom – Alex said something about HOH and the nominees – Paul corrected Alex saying something such as “remember ‘They (pointing to the DR)’ said. There were several cuts in the feeds – and Alex says “oh, yeah yeah yeah.” Also, there have been conversations involving many of the HGs where Paul has talked about “outsmarting / outplaying Production” in terms of the direction of The Big Brother Game.

It’s also possible that Production encouraged Kevin to tell Jessica about this week’s House Vote Plan.

Again, hopefully Kevin did not ruin his game — and his conversation with Jess was not a rogue move (an action that Kevin was not encouraged to do by Paul and/or Production).

Kevin does not owe Jess any explanation. It would probably have been more advantageous for Jess/Cody to get blindsided before Cody plays in the next HOH. Kevin, Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason will be playing in the next HOH giving them the advantage over Cody winning.

Kevin being very aware of “the odds” and Kevin’s overall personality does not match with Kevin just deciding on a whim to give Jess this information.

Kevin has already stated that The House just needs to make sure that Cody/Jess do not win HOH. The House has the odds in their favor in keeping the power away from Cody/Jess. The House keeping the power away from Cody/Jess could allow The House to make Jess lose her Temptation by making her Temptation run out of time.

Kevin’s character, disposition, (perceived) background experience makes Kevin telling Jess about this week’s Eviction Vote in opposition to Kevin’s personality.

This seems like an unlike Kevin move to do — what’s going on????

Hoping Kevin wins HOH and regroups his game.

Tons of thanks to Simon & Dawg for making Big Brother Summer Fun more entertaining!

Also, thanks to all that post comments on OBB — the comments & conversations here are a true gift! Reading the posts is an enjoyable pleasure. Often I only read Simon and Dawg’s Big Brother Updates and then the comments. This site is the best! Thank you Simon and Dawg for making a brilliantly awesome place!


Holy shit, my head hurts after reading that.

That just might be the longest comment ever written.

Bolt Uprite.

And every word just idle speculation.


Of all the people in the house, Alex has to be the biggest let down. She is nothing more than a tool, yet she was supposed to be this big, “fan” of the show and the first thing she wants to do, when Jason told her about Cody coming to him is, “Alex wants to get Paul and come up with a plan”. What a freaking joke! I can’t take these idiots, playing Paul’s game.

Fruitloop Dinguses

Mark with the ‘I will put my hands on him if he stays’ (big emotional ups and downs are known ‘roids side effects)
-Jessica with the ‘I will drag him by his [expletive] beard and kick him in the [expletive] face’ (cause she’s starting to understand her idiocy and reacts like a teenager)
-Alex and her nasty comments….(likely jealousy mixed with insecurity)

I mean , come on! Big Brother needs to start calling them out on this cr@p.

I love how some people are just completely oblivious that they’re on national TV. every. single. time.


Triscuit, cream cheese, pickled jalapeño ring. Triscuit, cream cheese, anchovy

Lou Skunt

Pretty soon Kevin’s game is going to blow up in his face. He can only keep doing this for so long.


Josh is unbearable. I really hope he goes home tomorrow. I don’t have a super favorite. I can not believe these people are letting the runner up from prior season lead their pack. Paul is on my last nerve.

your neighbor

To: Simon & Dawg….. I loved your site last season & am sooooo glad to see you’re still doing all of this for all of us. My question? Are we doing a Kraken thing again, or is this just a fall event?? (P.s. Since I live only about 20-30 miles from Canada, I was in the store & found……Kracken!!! Man, that’s some wicked stuff!!).
Anyhow, great work, guys. Much appreciated.


Please, for frig sake, can we get a key stroke limit on these comments? If I wanted to read a book I’d go to the library. It amazes me how much time some people take to type out a massively long comment lol I don’t even read them, I just skip to the normal length ones.

Wish Kevin would have kept quiet, I really wanted to see the drama of the blindside. Hoping it still happens.


Cody and Jess for the win! Either way, in or out of the Big Brother house, they are winners! Paul is a freak. Josh is psycho. Matt is a pushover. Alex is a hypocrite. Raven is desperate. I had high hopes for Jason and Kevin, so hopefully they start laying instead of sheeping. At least Kevin is the gangsta I thought he was. Elena is smart but still a disappointment and Mark is a disappointment as well. Xmas, well she’s a hot mess.


‘winners’? No. They are narcissistic, short sighted, mean spirited, and shallow … and but for the intervention of CBS would surely be gone by now.


Jess and Cody are already winners, both inside and out of the house. The other houseguest are so weird. Like freaks!


I just watched the episode and FOR THE LIFE OF ME… Jessica… haven’t you learned anything, woman? Wasn’t your bf’s HOH enough of a learning experience? Giiiiiirl! WAKE UP! You were right all along and you let YOUR MAN, your stupid doofus man, make a decision for you. Your plans are going down the drain, and your hex will be all for nothing because you will waste it if not this next week, on the next for sure. Live with that you dumass! Damn… when I started feeling some respect for Jody, they go and make this stupid move. I still can’t believe she did that when she had perfectly read the house so well. There you go! Lose your only other possible ally in the house. You deserve the bimbo title now… engraved on a golden plaque!

Other two considerations:

– The Battle back episode was so dull and anticlimactic. Dunno why they wasted our time showing those boring competitions.
– Matt is officially the most useless BB player I have ever seen. Victoria made more game moves than him.


I’m so disgusted with the whole household. Not one of them have a brain of their own. Except Cody & Jess but I am not crazy over Cody but Jess has worn on me. I do like an underdog. This whole house is filled with bullies. What bothers me the worst his Paul using man boy to do all the dirty work so he looks like the scumbag and Paul’s hands are clean. Poor Ramses is getting booted and he didn’t do anything. I hate f@#$ing sheep!


You complain about people being sheep, yet you want them to be sheep for Cody and do as he tells them to do. Kind of hypocritical don’t you think?


No I don’t I want them to play the game instead of being up Paul’s butt.


I don’t get why this ‘fry-cookin'” Fidel castro lookin’ dictator has any sway. He is a short dictator with a lot of tats…so what? He’s gross and the food he cooks is really unhealthy but maybe his ‘mist’ is his friendship grease? (which almost cost X-mas another broken leg….


Sheep suck.. so GROSS.


Zzzzz just hand the check over to Paul right now because I see no competition whatsoever he’s way ahead of them all how the heck are these players so clueless this season wtf is Jessica doing you don’t put up an Allie Ramses that people could flip on wtf didn’t she use the veto and put up a Matt or Christmas a number for the other side. Ramses and Josh are the least likely to win a HOH and totally duds what a waste! Maybe they could have a temptation where the curse is another vet comes in because I think that will be the only way Paul is going not to win….he tells these people exactly what to do and to ours and his amazement they do exactly what he wants! Bye Ramses!


As much as Josh is annoying, Alex pisses me off the most with all her big game talk but plays into
Paul like a fiddle. Alex was my favorite week one but I hate it when people talk big but absolutely does beyond nothing like Alex.


Oh you are just mad Alex isn’t A sheep for that lunatic Cody. I think Alex has worked to improve her and Jason’s position in the house. Where they were once at the bottom, they are now middle of the pack and trending upward. She really used her HOH effectively to improve their position.


I liked kevin…until he snitched. Wtf does her being from boston have to do with anything? Oh that’s right. It doesn’t. But I’m thinking he may feel some obligation to share info with her since she kinda shared details of her temptation. Regardless I’ll be glad when she’s gone…& what’s his face too. For whatever reason they feel like somebody OWES them explanations when they give the same courtesy to NO ONE. She always says “you lied to my face” which makes me want to punch her in the face because I’m like A) one in that house owes you a damn thing & B) b!+ch this is a GAME for half a million dollars so if I have to lie to my mom, dad, spouse, kids, a priest or anyone else….I WILL

UGH… sidebar
mark is the biggest dunce I’ve ever seen. Elena is clearly playing him & a blind man can see she had no interest in him. She appears to be attracted to paul and is super thirsty for attention. Maybe it’s because she used to be fat. IDK but it’s clear whatever charm she thinks she has isn’t working on everybody. Like Paul said they’re there for $500,000…not a hookup.


It was clearly established in Week 1 that Cody has no feel for how to play Big Brother. He lacks people skills and has the finesse of a hog in the china closet. Cody himself told Julie Chen that he and Jessica agreed he was the worst player ever. He noted that if he were able to re-enter the house, he would shut his pie hole and listen to Jessica.
Jessica actually had the entire situation figured out and laid it out for Cody when they were in the hammock. What did I miss? The hole that is being prepared for their burial cannot get any deeper and SHE KNEW THIS!!
How on earth could nominating Paul make things any worse? She said she didn’t want to waste her HOH, but then she pulled the same stunt as Alex and “played it safe.” I get why Alex did what she did— She thinks she has an alliance with Paul. But Jessica knows better. It will never happen!!
Listening to Cody’s “advice” ??? Really??? Ever since he found out about her Halting Hex, he’s just kicking back and willing to waste that too. They could have put Paul on the block, gotten rid of Josh, and still had wiggle room in case Cody doesn’t win the next HOH. The Hex could have remained in her hip pocket. Jessica is so much smarter than Cody, but being with him dims her bulb.


I love Kevin’s game-play. He is simultaneously invisible and omnipresent. But Jessica should never have shared with anyone (maybe not even Cody) the fact that she has the Halting Hex. It’s kinda like when someone on “Survivor” has a hidden Immunity Idol and can’t shut up about it. Word spreads and all anyone can think about is ways to force you to use it and lose your power.
I just hope Jessica knows not to waste the Hex on anyone but herself and/or Cody. Paul has cornered the market on allies, so there’s no point in saving anyone else in the house unless they have the good fortune to be on the block with you when you decide to use it.

Twisty Twist Twist

Rumors say that the twist from Hex being accepted is that the whole game will go back to season 1 where America had to decide who to vote out which means no HOHs and no POVs.


It is unfortunate that Cody is the only houseguest who will never turn on Jessica. She needs an ally, but Cody is no help when it comes to reading a room and strategizing accordingly. You have to be interested in other people in order to bond with them. He’s not interested and he lacks Paul’s skill at faking it. He can’t see past Paul’s beard. That was the good news back in the days when Paul had not yet become everyone else’s Messiah. But since Cody is the ONLY one in the house who has ever dared to put Paul up for eviction, Paul is safe.
I say forget about trying to backdoor Paul. Put him up on the block. If he wins the POV and takes himself down, so be it. But despite the prevailing belief system of the houseguests, their religious leader is not infallible. You might just as well let him play in the POV comp. He can be selected to play whether he is on the block or not. 50-50 chance.
Maybe Alex or Jason or Matt need to be on the block with him. That would light a fire under them all. Let’s see what happens when going to Paul for instructions/ orders is not an option.


Paul is likely aware of / directed Kevin’s hints to Jess. Either Josh or Ramses leaving works fine for Paul’s game so they are hoping to flush out the Hex now and be done with it and Jody can’t use it to protect themselves a few steps down the road.


I hope Josh stays ONLY because it makes watching entertaining. I do not want him to win but Mark/Elana, Matt/Raven and Rams bring zero entertainment to BB. I like it when the house flips instead of doing everything the HOH wants regardless of who is HOH.


Cody is not very bright when it comes to this game, but at least he has a mission. As frustrating as it is to watch him stumble through the “thinking” part, he has never wavered in his desire to get rid of Paul. Unlike the rest of them, he dances only to the beat of his own drum. Jessica seems to think there’s still opportunity to “make friends.” Paul will never allow “his people” to let go of grudges they’ve been nursing since Week 1. Wake up, Jessica/ Cody!! You’re on your own!!!!!
As for the rest of the house, you’re going to be running out of places to hide very soon, b/c Paul will be thinning out the herd, out of sheer necessity. Don’t be surprised, little lambs, when he comes for YOU. BOO!!!

Jess Addict

Just watched last night’s show and I am even more pissed about Jess’ lost opportunity. All the fuc@ing signs were there. Her instincts TOLD her to use the veto. She could have put almost anyone up as a pawn (except Mark) and justified the move as a pawn. This would have put a dent in Paul’s armor. I still think Ramses was too passive. He could have lied and told Jess he heard the plan was to evict him. F*@k!!!!!