“I wouldn’t hate it the slightest bit if at this point of the game they made weeks like 4 days long instead of 7”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas & Tyler
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody did not use the veto
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There hasn’t been an awful lot happening today. A late start for the hoseguests and almost no game talk. There’s a charades game planned for tonight so that’ll be fun..

2:15 pm Tyler asking if he should scare people for votes.

2:23 pm Enzo getting ready to shower..

2:36 pm Coins studying

3:15 pm Cody and Tyler
Cody talking about Enzo and Nicole being up in the HOH last night until super late.
Cody saying that Nicole can’t sleep. “I feel bad”
Tyler says he was in the zone after the glass of wine “got the melatonin early.. I’m outta here. Cancelled the day.”
Tyler says red wine makes him sleep white wine doesn’t thin it’s because of the sugar in white.
Cody – I don’t f**Ing know.
They talk about the Guinness bothering their stomach. They complain about Guinness and stout beers.
Tyler – we need to play charades tonight. it’s the last night we can do it you can’t do 2v2
Cody agrees 2v2 doesn’t work but 3v3 does.
feeds cut. When we’re back Christmas has joined them.

Christmas – can we play charades later.
Cody – I’m down if everybody wants to
Christmas – when do you want to play charades?
Cody – after dinner?
Tyler- it can kill some time for Nicole I’m sure she’ll want to play
Christmas – what time?
tyler – 7 or 8
Christmas leaves.. “start thinking of your movies.. ”
Cody – I feel like we’ve done so many movies now.
Christmas is gone.
Cody – aww only three weeks to go
Tyler – three weeks
Tyler – I can’t sit in a room with anybody without her coming into the room now
Cody – I know

Tyler – I hope Nicole takes me uhh.. what’s the word..
Cody – preposition.. bait?
Tyler – my consistency with how much I hang out with her
Cody – ohh yeah
Tyler – as a sign.. I feel like Christmas just immediately started to hang out with her nonstop
Cody – yeah
Tyler – I’m not trying to go overboard here

Cody – Christmas is just all over the place. F***ing Enzo is so funny with her.. he says the same sh1t dude I can’t go anywhere without her
Tyler – I know
Cody – I’m like I dunno bro I see her attached to Memphis’ hip
Tyler – yup attached to there
They talk about how bored they’ve been this season.
Tyler – we’ve been this board forever
Cody – I wouldn’t hate it the slightest bit if at this point of the game they made weeks like 4 days long instead of 7. (how about just end the season tonight!)
Tyler – do a double and a quick a$$ week
Cody – YO at this point of the game there’s like there’s no a lot of crazy amount of sh1t going on. so there’s like putting it from 7 days a week over 4 you’re not pulling shit out.. the comps are happening there’s one day like.. you can do the veto then there’s like
Tyler – I think there might be another double
Cody – no there’s not. This Thursday we’re down to five. there’s three weeks left today till finale day on finale day there’s still three people in the house so theres two weeks where people have to go.
Tyler – unless theres a week where nobody goes and we’re hit with a double
Cody – like a rewind..
Tyler – you had it finale 5

Tyler – you got to talk to Nicole for me BRO
Cody – yup
Tyler – I hope her minds not made up already
Cody – I don’t think it is. I don’t think it is at all
Tyler – will you let me know? what she says.
Cody – She hasn’t really said she’s just said either way she’s like I don’t care she’s like I want both of them gone. It’s like to me like.. alright that’s pretty straight up
Cody – she doesn’t really care which one so as long as she just gets nudged I think she’ll just be like OK whatever
Tyler – she needs a nudge.. I hope Enzo gave her a nudge last night when they were hanging out
Cody – I don’t think that was part of the conversation unless that is when I finally passed out
Tyler – yeah BRO I can’t go tomorrow
Cody – you had a dream so
Tyler – I had a dream.. we’d be f***ed if I did
Cody – we’d be what?
Tyler – we’d be f***ed if I was voted out
Tyler – we’ll see it’ll be a crazy day .. crazy day
Tyler heads downstairs.

4:27 pm Cody and Enzo
Enzo says that Christmas wants to talk to him.
Cody farts “how about that”
Cody complains about Christmas following him around
Enzo – she wants to talk about the vote

Cody – when did Memphis mention going after Nicole?
Enzo – yesterday or two days ago.. What did he say about Christmas?
Cody – he was just like .. he was like she’s gotta go but this week it’s Tyler

Enzo – I think he knows you are tight with Nicole so he’s going to tell you Christmas
Cody – wheres it at who is he going to put up on the block is he really going to put her up
Enzo – I think he will.. he can tell Christmas whatever the f***. you’re the pawn he has the balls to do it he doesn’t give a F*** he doesn’t really care about Christmas he’s using Christmas
Cody – yeah
Enzo – it’s me when I win HOH it’s like here’s my card that is what f**Ing sucks
Enzo says Memphis wants him to put up Christmas and Nicole “I don’t know I don’t trust him YO”
Cody – we’ll see when we get there you’ll have to win it first.
Enzo – if you, me and him have a sit-down and be like YO what’s the f***ing deal I’m HOH
Enzo wonders if Memphis would use the veto on Christmas.
Enzo – he may want Nicole out.
Cody – I think he would do it to get Nicole out.
Enzo – If I get rid of Memphis next week that next POV you’ll definitely win that and then we control what the f*** we want to do
Tyler comes in.. They complain about Christmas “she’s following me around everywhere”
Enzo says Nicole is up in the air she told him “I hate both of them”
Tyler – all she said I don’t want to piss them off (Enzo and Cody)
Tyler says if he gets voted out “It’ll be f***ing bad”
soe BRO chit chat
Tyler leaves..
Enzo – Memphis is telling me what I want to hear he’s telling you what you want to hear.. that’s it. He knows I got that 2.0 there so, of course, he’ll tell me He doesn’t know you know about the 2.0. He’s not going to tell you Nicole he’ll tell you Christmas.
Cody – the thing is that’s the only thing that makes me nervous like.. like .. he could say Nicole to me you know why would you bullshit me. THat’s what I’m trying to get my head around what’s the purpose?

Enzo – because in his mind he saying that you and Nicole are tight as f*** and he has to break that up. He hasn’t said you.. I wonder did he propose a final 2 deal with you?
Cody – nah, not with me
Enzo – he hasn’t with me so that means he has something with F***iung Christmas
Enzo – YO I have a good feeling I’ll win HOH if I win HOH YO we gotta sit down and talk me and you and then me, you and him. If I put him on the block I’m not going to blindside him
Cody is worried putting Memphis on the block might tip him off.
Enzo – I don’t want him getting cute and be like YO comes upstairs lets get rid of Cody right now Cause I can’t say nothing it don’t matter they got the f***ing votes..
Enzo – we can’t do that because if he wins POV we’re F***
Enzo – he can win the HOH and we’re good.. he’ll put both of them up we win POV keep them the same (Noms) the thing is he’ll want to get rid of Nicole and that’s when me and you will show are cards then..

Enzo – I like Memphis he’s funny as f** but if we get rid of him ohh my god it’s me you and the two girls. YO we have that POV we have it..
Cody says the only person winning the HOH tomorrow that will be bad is if Christmas wins.
Enzo says he’ll talk to Christmas and set it up so if she wins HOH she’ll go after Nicole “so me and you are f***ing good YO”
Enzo – if you win teh POV I’ll go up
Cody – thinks she will put you up?
Enzo – over Memphis I think.. I don’t know.
Cody – you gotta change that.
Cody – what if Nicole wins the veto and you go on the block next to me
Cody – you gotta break this up Memphis and Christmas .. you got to break that sh1t up

Enzo says he was thinking about it this week but if Tyler makes it to final 2 “who is beating him YO.. I don’t know”
Enzo – if Tyler is in this game.. I don’t know what the f** he’ll do.
Tyler joins them starts to pack

5:43 pm Memphis and Christmas

Making a cake and Chit chat about the season’s events.

5:46 pm Christmas and Ezno
Christmas says she’s good with Enzo and Memphis she’s the got the votes she needs to stay.
Christmas – Tyler is going this week. He was probably the best bet for anybody to like win against because he’s kinda slightest a lot of people in the jury
Enzo – if he makes it to final two the jury.. he’s just a beast you know..
Christmas – I don’t want you to ask me.. choose me right now I want you to kinda think about my position if you were to get that third HOH..
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Christmas is saying Nicole is trying to make it sound like Enzo and Cody are tight and she’s on the outside.

Enzo says you can’t get to the final three with Cody and Nicole that’s stupid.
Christmas wants that Nicole has all the dates memorized.
Enzo says the triple eviction worked out perfect they got out all their targets out and still left one target in the house (LOL this is one reason for keeping Nicole he wanted to leave a target in the game.)

6:28 pm Nicole and Enzo
Nicole – I’m having second thoughts about the vote.
Enzo – yeah
Nicole – I’m thinking how close .. it’s crazy how close Memphis and Christmas are
Nicole – are we making a mistake because there’s no way Memphis wants to go to the final 3 with you and Cody
Enzo – no hell no
Nicole – There’s no way he’s going after Christmas
Enzo – I thought of that too.
Nicole – He’ll put up me and Cody and you will be the replacement
Enzo – I think that too if Tyler teams up with Memphis we’re f**Ing done YO.. we’re f***Ing done
Nicole- If he teams up with Memphis..
Enzo – he’s going to be sneaky as f** we can talk to Cody tonight I don’t care.
Enzo – Tyler is coming after you
Nicole – they are all coming after me I’m getting targeted no matter what
Enzo says he feels that Memphis doesn’t give a give a f** about Christmas.
They go back and forth about the vote and decide they’ll talk to Cody later tonight.

6:47 pm

6:50 pm

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Is it me or is there a vibe of a flip in the air?

Roisin Dubh

If anyone is gonna sting Cody, it’s Memphis. All these other lugnuts are playing for 50k.


Agreed. At this point, they are all playing to be the last one to the jury. I can hardly say they are even playing for 2nd with no one really willing to take down pre game dealers and a previous winner.
Let’s hope Memphis is fed, I mean comes up with a decent plan to trash up Cody’s game!


So true.

The Beef

Christmas may take him out of the game, although I agree she can’t beat him in Final 2 with jury votes. If she wins HOH though, I think she will put him up with Nicole, then all they have to do is keep him from winning veto to send him to the jury house on a 1-1 vote with Christmas breaking the tie. That’s assuming Memphis is smart enough to know he too will lose to Cody in the Final 2, which may not be a good assumption at this point. Memphis may think Cody will take him to the Final 2 if he gets Nicole out, but it’s pretty clear to me he’ll take Enzo over Memphis. That’s why he needs to get Cody out of the game.


Nicole, you are the winner of BB22.

I’m living for that moment.


Me too….Can not wait. 2x winner.

Where’s Janelle

Even if Nicole gets 2nd place this season that would still be a heck of an accomplishment but Nicole winning Big Brother 22 would be incredible and insane ; especially when you consider everyone that hated and mocked her along the way.

Nicole has earned her place in Big Brother as a remarkable player considering how many days she’s spent in that house and how well she’s placed in all three seasons.

If Nicole wins for a second time and makes big brother history she deserves a lot credit for it!
It’s time people recognize her as a great player!

Death to Big Brother

If Dan couldn’t do it with a move like the funeral, Nicole certainly can’t do it. A Nicole win would be the ultimate slap in the face to anyone who has actually PLAYED the game. As Nicole has done a whole lot of nothing other then attaching herself to the Alpha male of the house and being dragged through the game like a crash test dummy.




Staying in the house doesn’t mean anything. By the logic, Victoria from BB16 would also be considered a “remarkable player”. Nicole has done absolutely nothing to get to this point and any of the other players, including Enzo, deserve it more than her.


The crazy part is Victoria actually won a POV in her season lol


are you watching the same show as everyone else? Nicole has done nothing just hide behind bigger targets .

Bro Luv

Like, YO!


Cody, like, we’ll do ya one better yo! Like, how about, like, about every week is, like, now 1 day so we can, like, put this awful season out of its misery, like, yo!


I hate it when Christmas says she’s a Comp Beast. She is not a Comp Beast.


Maybe a beast, but not a comp beast.

The Beef

I really LOL’ed when she said that! She IS a competitor for sure, but a long way from a “comp beast”, and this season has confirmed that.

Tyler timing out in that competition was a serious disappointment also. Maybe his brain couldn’t understand the whole “time” concept of the changes in the picture format? I don’t know, but Cody being able to understand and put them all together in less than 5 minutes, while Ty and Enzo couldn’t do it in 25 kind of shows a remarkable lack of brain power, or something. Really disappointing.


So Enzo is trying to sprinkle the truth and sort of tell Cody about Memphis, Christmas and final 2 and what it means but goes right back to Disappontmentville! Sucks Yo!


Those facial masks creep me out…


what a pic of the King.

Houka Inumuta

1 Days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler will be gone.

8 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memphis will be gone.

The Beef

If you get this right, you will be what, 1 for 60? 1 for 100?

If the Big Brother Gods come together, and this thing switches up, I hope you never make another prediction again! lol


Chicken sheet they are all chicken sheet…. Tyler is going to the jury and none of them because they are afraid to tell him… what kind of game is he going to blow up… everyone in that house knows everything Tyler knows… so what???? Just let the guy know he is going to jury.

Nobody is doing any big moves… it is all done by committee… They accidentally gave their alliance an accurate name.


I’d love for the rest of the season to be 1 day…


it feels like the very end of a season when it gets super predictable and boring…i keep having to remind myself over 1/3 of the original hg’s are still in the game


Why do we call her Coins? Cause of the nostrils?! lol


Very disappointing in this season!! The pre-gaming ruined the”game” and became the “summer house” to just hang out and not play. Nichole is one of the worse players, because it is really her personality and not a game play how she acts.
Tyler, Bay and Day will look back and think they should have teamed up with Janelle and Kayser who wanted to play, but the need to be the “cool kids” ruined their personal game.
It would be great for Julie to say, “Expect the unexpected, the game ends tonight!!” Everyone is a finalist and have to vote now. No time for making deals, just vote!! That show I would watch.