Memphis “The best situation is if Cody is on the block with Nicole.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas & Tyler
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody did not use the veto
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BREAKING unexpected Spoiler – Cody did not use the veto..

5:10pm HOH room. Enzo and Memphis.
Enzo – its done! That’s it! What are going to do! Memphis – Like I am sure he (Tyler) is going to ask everyone. I am just going to be like I don’t know how everyone else is voting. But I will probably wait till Thursday morning. Enzo – because then you want Christmas to be a little on edge too. Like whatever the f**k .. I mean we already told Christmas so she already knows about it. Memphis – Yeah she knows but I still feel like she is all over the place. Enzo – yeah she is all over the place. Memphis – like if I have to ask you that next week I am going to be pissed. Next week is going to get interesting. Enzo – its going to get crazy. Memphis – the only way for us to pull this off ..the only way that it can end up us four.. Ezno – we have to get rid of Nicole. Memphis – but the only way we get rid of Nicole without pissing Cody off .. because that’s what he wants .. if he wants to keep Nicole because I am assuming he does. Enzo – I think so too. Memphis – the only way that we can do that without him batting an eye is that .. I mean really the only way is if me or you are on the block with her (Nicole). Ezno – but that is why I kept her .. I was like yo she’s a champion .. she already won money bro! Memphis – think about it this way if Christmas wins HOH next week she will put up Nicole and Cody. Enzo – and then we win POV .. that’s it! Memphis – win POV and then vote her out. That is easy! IF I win, I’ll put up Christmas and Nicole. Enzo – we can’t have Cody win the POV right? Or it doesn’t matter. Memphis – if I win the POV then we’re f**ked because then we have to convince Cody to vote Christmas to stay. Memphis – the best situation is if Cody is on the block with Nicole. Enzo – then that’s it. Memphis – because then he can’t vote. I don’t want to convince Cody that we have to keep Christmas because that is going to be a hard sell. Enzo – yeah. He thinks she is really tight with you. Memphis – and then why would we keep her .. she is a much better competitor than Nicole. Enzo – exactly! Memphis – if you win HOH you could put up Nicole and Christmas and then if Christmas wins the POV .. you put me or Cody up and then we send Nicole home. You either want Christmas as HOH or as POV winner. Enzo – I will just tell Cody that I saved f**king Nicole to make you happy and Memphis happy… AND now you have to make me happy! I want her gone. She is a champion. That’s it! Memphis – he won’t be combative. Memphis – I would rather you or me win HOH and POV to make sure that Nicole doesn’t. If she doesn’t win either of those she is going home no matter what. Ezno – Cody isn’t in it (HOH) so its just me, you and Christmas against Nicole. I think we should win it. Like what the f**k!

5:28pm HOH room. Enzo and Christmas.
Enzo – how you feeling? Just keep doing what you’re doing. Christmas – okay. I was just on an emotional roller coaster from that triple. It like got.. it was like .. It was the triple, going on the block, losing the veto. That sucked. And then underlying pressure that it was Loyal’s birthday on Thursday. I was just having a lot of emotions.

5:33pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..
5:57pm The feeds are still blocked.

6:13pm – 6:31pm The live feeds return. Bedroom. Memphis and Christmas.
Christmas – we haven’t had many game related questions. How many house guests have been evicted with zero votes to stay? Memphis – that exact question literally happened already. Christmas – How many house guests have been on the block twice? Nicole joins them. Memphis – I have questions for you. Nicole changes and leaves. Memphis – no those questions will definitely happen. Christmas – two vetos, two HOHs… that’s it! Memphis – you don’t think they’ll do one more endurance? Christmas – yeah one of the three. Memphis – well yeah but you don’t think they’ll do another. Christmas – maybe. They start studying the past events of the season. Memphis makes a mistake. Christmas – that’s okay that’s why we do this. I’ve been studying my a$$ off because Nicole is good at this stuff and I am not going to be out smarted by her. The good thing is that you have me and I know all of that and you know I am taking you to final two if we win!

7:05pm Bedroom Cody and Enzo studying the past events of the season.

7:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
7:38pm Big Brother switches the blocked feeds to the kitty pound..

8:22pm The feeds come back with all four feeds showing Nicole with a face mask on in the havenot room. Nicole – I am studying because I need to win this next HOH so bad! I have to be quick too.

9:31pm All four cams on Nicole sleeping in the havenot room..

9:58pm Kitty cam all day all night..

10:39pm – 10:47pm HOH room. Cody talking to the cameras..
Cody talks about how he’s becoming a beast at frying up foods. Tomorrow is the veto ceremony. This week has definitely been interesting. Getting back into the game is very very interesting. Every move could go incredibly or poorly. I am playing out every single scenario in my head which I never ever did in my first go around. I was thinking about things but not to this extent. Thanks a lot Derrick! This game is exhausting! Exhausting to always have conversations. This week if it goes one way .. just got to hope. This is where a little luck comes into play. And I can’t even compete in the next HOH. I just need a little luck on my side. Tyler and Christmas on the block. I had the triple threat with Enzo. He is so hard to get a read on because he is sneaky. Christmas – is pretty straight forward. Like if she wins I know I am going on the block. I just want Enzo or Nicole on the block next week. That would be ideal! It is 100% going to happen! Nicole is going to win this next HOH

11:07pm Bedroom. Christmas and Memphis.
Memphis aka Gramps is having back problems again. Christmas – I can’t remember the type of HOH they have before the final three. Memphis – yeah I don’t know. I have a feeling it will be sh*t that we’ve never seen before. Christmas – Yeah, like bizarre stuff. Unless they did the oil slick again. That would be great going into this week because then Cody is out and it would be me or Enzo. Memphis – yeah that would be great! Christmas – yeah, you can’t do that. I would be a maniac. I think Enzo would be really good at it because he’s so tall. You might have to even sit out. Memphis – are you kidding me .. you ain’t keeping me down!

11:25pm Memphis and Christmas say good night.. Big Brother turns out the lights.

All the house guests are now sleeping..

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BREAKING unexpected Spoiler – Cody did not use the veto.. 

Friskies Cat Food

It’s going to be Coin Slot and Cody final 2, how she skates by is beyond me, she is as useless as Victoria, which may be why Cody picks her, he doesn’t want to make the mistake he did when he punked out to Derrick.

Sarcasm On

Fake news


so big brother isn’t on tonight?


They are to weak to put Cody and coins on the block . Production will have HOH just for Nicole to win


Enzo is literally Cody’s bitch.


Cody is very intimidating. Dont even Evil Dick would mess with him.


Evel Dick isn’t intimidated by anyone. He even said his own daughter was playing a crap game by aligning with Cody and Nicole.

Soul child

Cody isn’t intimidating at all. They jsut all trust him too much and they all think they have a f2 with someone who wins comps.


I am so sick of Enzo and all of his big talk… like he’s done SO much this season (wasn’t his HOH win his ONLY win on either of his 2 seasons??).
Now he talks like such a big man… a big man whose done nothing.


He always talked like that when he was in the Brigade… Matt and Hayden did the heavy lifting and Enzo did the big talking… he is merely repeating what he did before… instead of Matt he is turning on Tyler. Now he has the delusion that Cody or Memphis is taking him to the final two… just like he thought Hayden or Lane would take him.

You would think he would have learned his lesson… but Enzo is mostly drug to the finals because he is entertaining to them and easy to beat.

TBH Cody is only nominating Tyler because he needs a big move and there has been no big moves this Season. The biggest move is who gets out Cody… I have an idea Nicole or Christmas will get that hit… I would die laughing if it was Nicole because it would serve Cody right.

The Beef

Actually he’s won an HOH, a POV and a safety suite this season, so he’s won three comps so far this year. He’s still last on the list of competitors, assuming you don’t put Nicole on that list since she’s won jack squat this season, so she’s not really a competitor at all. lol

Big Baby

In BB 18 Nicole won that season and James said that Nicole smoked him like a cigarette in the final HOH. She would smoke you as well.

The Beef

She smokes a lot of things like cigarettes. She’s an “undercover” smoker. Get it? She could probably win the undercover smoking competition, with or without the use of hands. I’m sure James would agree with that too, along with Cory and Victor.

Big Baby

Dr. Will won zero comps in two seasons.

Not a competitor ?!?
Dont you realize in BB 18 Nicole’s second season she won as many competitions as Jenelle did in her first season back in BB 6!!

I laugh at you every time haha you truly show how clueless you are when it comes to this show

You’re a buffoon that obviously has bitterness towards the fact that Nicole is still there in the big brother house. Have fun watching this season with someone on there that you truly can’t stand having success. She would smoke you like a little sissy get it smoke you like a little sissy haha because that’s how much you whine like a little TODDLER pissed that hes getting his ass kicked by a girl – I can see why you’re a Trump follower.

If you were in the big brother house against Nicole she would embarrass you and play you like spade just how Trump plays himself and embarrasses our country everyday.

No one sucks things harder than you haha especially when it comes to sucking when it comes to remembering big brother.

You’re so gullible that you don’t even understand what a MAGA follower of Trump really means MAGA – manipulating Americas gullible assholes and you my friend you’re that butthole lol

The Beef

Only a moron and complete fool would try and compare Snakole to the greatest player in Big Brother history, and YOU are that fool son! It’s true that she did win 4 comps in season 18, and good for her for doing that, but 3 of those wins came after there were only 7 or fewer people left in the house when it’s easier to win them (surely you know that, right?), and why is it this season, when there are “better” players, she can’t manage to win even one? I mean if she is so GREAT as you say, and she clearly has expressed a desire to win, but just can’t get it done while every other person in the house has won at least THREE times!

You don’t know me or the first thing about me or my athletic abilities, so you assuming that witch would “smoke” me is just that, an assumption on your part. Saying that has nothing to do with the fact she has STILL won nothing during this season, and is basically being dragged along by Cody to the end. So you continue to make up your fantasies in your head about what Nicole can do, and the rest of us will continue to recognize what’s happening in the real world son.

Your continuing efforts to bring up politics on a board dedicated to Big Brother is just sad and really shows you have bad manners and a really bad case of TDS. I would hope you have enough respect for Simon and Dawg, along with the other people who post here to stop doing that. I made the mistake of responding to some of it weeks ago, but I’m not going to do it again, so good luck with that.

Sue Galow

Nicole should not be eligible to win anything. Or Memphis, Christmas or Dani. Big Brother needs to make consequences to these insensitive assholes. It should have already happened.


It is part of his social game to agree with everyone. Everyone is his friend. He agrees with whatever they say whether he agrees or not.


And that is what is going to lead him to the final 2, and probably the win this season. Nobody is talking about getting Enzo out. It has been like that all season. he’s floating right along in 100 alliances with everyone. I hate to say it, because I can’t stand the guy, but he’s probably playing the best game.


Mirror and match. It’s a very old sales tactic taught to every sales guy.


Perfect analogy!
The mirror and matching technique is super successful for a reason.


Cody would beat easily Enzo or Memphis in the final. But Nicole ? ….she has 3 close friends plus Kevin. I think Nic gets those 4 votes.

So Enzo would actually be handing 500k to Cody if he and Memphis get Nicole out.


Day won’t vote for Nicole again. Not after the Ian vote.


I agree that Day will not vote for Nicole again. Not because she voted to evict Ian, but because she lied to Day, who believed her and then went after David. She pleaded with Nicole to tell her the truth, friend to friend, because she didn’t want to be attacking a brother on national television for something he didn’t do. Nicole still lied to her. Day can forgive lies if it benefits one’s game, but these circumstances are different, and Day will not forgive this lie. David will not vote for Nicole for the same reason, especially if he learns how she and Dani manipulated others into believing that David betrayed others with his vote. Heck, Ian may not even vote for Nicole.

Enzo/Memphis getting tight?

Yah, how could you even think about taking Cody over Nicole to F4?

Glad these two (Enzo/Memphis) are having these conversations to at the very least make it somewhat interesting. Tyler’s downfall has been not being able to connect with Memphis at this same level (ever since Memphis’ first HOH).


This season showed futue players how not to play the game. All stars floaters. Boring.

The Foosa

Honestly, this wasn’t an “All-Star” season at all when the likes of the “people like us” alliance are invited to be on.

They want to try this out again, before BB is cancelled, then they should bring back proper All-Stars, and do what Survivor did and that’s double the prize money…

Anita Veto

Hoping for BBCan to save us lol with the remaining players from last season vs newbies! I already gave up on this season and come to OBB for my fix lol. I still need to know what’s going on. Thank you Simon and Dawg for having the patience to watch this Small Stars.

another name

I doubt they are bringing back the majority of the remaining houseguests from season 8 of bbcan. Seriously. Do we really need to see Carol again? Remember Carol? Started complaining about wanting to leave on day 3 Carol?

BBAS2 baby

If they’re gonna bring back someone, I hope it’s Jamar and Minh-ly

Roll Tide

David was not an All Star. He was an unknown player as he was voted out first.


he was as much as an all-star as these other half-wits they have on here


Was David voted out?


Agreed. And I don’t care what anyone says, neither was Kevin or Bay…granted I like Bay, personally.

Touchdowm Bama

A Bay fan? That is rarer than a unicorn.


I know, I know, lol. :p Somethin about her I just like. I watched her on the Challenge too. I don’t think she’s a good BB player, necessarily, but I do like her on a personal level.

Sue Galow

Kevin made it to the final two.


It wasn’t All-Stars, it was returning players. I think because of COVID 19 it was difficult to get a good cast.

another name

I’m reading about votes Nicf would have in jury. Not as many as you would think.

One of the criteria in Ian’s selection process worth 33% of his vote is performance in comps. So, Nicf isn’t guaranteed his vote. Yes, he would prefer Nicf, but he would not be a guarantee for her. When he compared social, strategic and comp evaluations, she loses comp to everyone. That’s a 33% deficit she has to make up.
In order for Nicf to get to finals… two others currently in the game would have to go to jury. Two people that are part of the “if you don’t win comps you can’t win” conversation. A third would hit jury on finale night. Those three are most likely NOT voting Nicf. Their ego would never allow it. They would want their season signified by the player that was most like themselves in how they feel they played the game. Comp wins.
I doubt highly that Da’vonne gives her another vote (ooo. a redemption, you know how much they’ve been pulling redemption arcs this season). I think Da’vonne’s vote could be important, only because she’s going to be pushing her opinions on the other jurors heavily.
David? Gut feeling, David cared too much about comps.
Kevin? Where Da’vonne goes, I think Kevin goes.
Dani? If the evicted in the next two rounds tell Dani just how much Nicf was stabbing her in the back leading to Dani’s eviction? I don’t even think that’s a guarantee anymore. Heck, David knew from Tyler how much everyone was targeting Dani. If he spilled, and it is verified by the following evictees? Not a guaranteed vote. Dani is a sore loser who takes things as personal slights. Her best friend stabbed her in the back. When she finds out, it’s not going to be pretty.

Nicf might manage a split vote against Memphis, he has huge lack of likeability to the jury. As silly as it sounds, in a new school bitter jury situation, likeability is a big factor.
She would manage a split vote against Christmas for the same reason. She was not well liked. Who wants their season to be known as the season of the crazy felon?
She loses to Cody. She loses to Enzo (comp wins). There’s no debate there. She loses to both. period.

Gecko Mafia

Coles notes ffs! Don’t need a damn novel!


We like Another Name on here. You don’t have to read his well thought out observations. Swearing about someones notes is rude. Go take your rude comments to twitter.


Yep. Even if we have some disagreements, we stan Another Name.


we like the novels 🙂


another name is a goto commenter here on OBB

My 2 cents

Yes we do when it’s written by another name!


I’m not a Nicole fan but I would vote for her over Cody or Christmas.

Triple Bogey

I would vote for one of those blow up pool toys before Nicole.

Sue Galow

Hell no. Not after laughing at her supposed best friends autism. None of those asses should win. They should have been escorted out the door
The only others left are Cody and Enzo. Ok


Hey Another Name,

I believe if Nic is a choice at F3 the other person uses the argument “she already has 5 votes in jury” BUT— I agree with you Day WON’T vote for her & she’ll influence Kev/Dav & David,Ty will download to Dani but it’s Xmas who has “the goods” to bury Nic.

For as much as Ian got burned by her & uses his percentages he might be her sole vote b/c Ty, Xmas, Enzo & Memphis I think ALL vote Cody. So I doubt she can count on more than 2 or 3 votes tops.


are the jurors even in the same house?

another name

why wouldn’t they be? they left an environment they shared, did press by audio and video only, not live.


Fully agree. If Cody is sitting there on finale night…he wins. Even Dani votes for him. Yea, she’s personally hurt, but she will be a vote for him. After Tyler goes…they have to get Cody out of anyone else has a prayer of winning.

No Winning for Nicole

Who out of anyone that entered this house would vote Nicole the Allstar of Allstars, first double winner. Only if she’s up against Sh!tmas. That’s the only way. And even then, they might throw it to Sh!ts.

another name

Why is Tyler actually in so much danger? His achilles heel.
Tyler fails to maintain relationships adequately. Argue all you want. If he were maintaining his toys, Christmas wouldn’t be so close to Memphis, Triple Thr3at would still be a priority alliance, and Enzo wouldn’t be blowing smoke. If Tyler had maintained his relationship with Enzo instead of giving Cody the chance to turn Enzo? Triple Thr3at would still be the priority (as much as Cody would hate it). There are spans of 4 or 5 days at a time in the last few weeks that can be found where Tyler and Enzo didn’t have a private conversation, let alone a game conversation. That is really poor maintenance. In Tyler’s head he can just pop back up weeks later, and the game relationships remain where they were. It’s an error.
This is part of what cost him his last go round. He lost by one vote. I contend that vote was Sam. She wasn’t foutte. She was the toy he failed to maintain because he got bored of playing with it.
If Tyler had not failed to maintain his relationships, it would most likely be Christmas and Memphis on the block, and Tyler would be the deciding vote
(All of this of course is if the game were set up so that the Derrick/Dan/Grodner bullshit didn’t exist).


I agree 100%. I really enjoyed Tyler on his season. It was nice to see people actually playing the game which had been lacking in previous seasons I won’t mention. But he made critical errors towards the end that cost him the win (and it wasn’t just his numerous final twos but like you said, how he nurtures or neglects his relationships).

I 100% believe he lost because he didn’t nurture his relationship with Sam well enough. This time he did the same with Xmas.

After the drama between Xmas and Da’ and Bay, Tyler should have latched on to Xmas and not let her go. I don’t believe he was ever truly loyal to her but I do believe she would have remained loyal to him. That’s her whole shtick. Of course none of this really matters at this point. Every house guest this season has blown every opportunity to make this season interesting or enjoyable.


Agree about his first season – although Sam was a wild card who would always punish him if he didn’t take her to F2. IMHO his speech was more of an issue – he needed to sell how Kaycee got to sit back while he did all the heavy lifting so she never had to burn anyone while he was winning/protecting her/his alliance esp in the 1st half, then she beasted in 2H. They both were comp beasts & either could’ve won – it’s not like the Paul losing to Nic – Kaycee was a worthy winner.

Not sure I’m as in step on this season b/c Enzo became unreliable to Ty with the Dani nonsense. As for Xmas– they decided after the wall yeller to distance themselves. During DE it was Ty she aligned with not Memphis so I don’t think he ever lost her. Ty became disenchanted with the Committee & wanted to make a move with Bay, Day, David, Kevin, Ian & Xmas but then he got nom’d with Ian & Bay/Day not only were nominated together they also burned him when he tried to give them a heads up. So I think circumstance hurt him more than anything.

The other thing is feeds go down so much this season it’s hard to know how often anyone speaks. But, based on what we do see Enzo runs back to Cody with everything & Cody slips in convos so my guess is Ty figured out it was best to talk to them at the same time.

I got the impression part of why Ty talked/threatened to leave is he saw how heavily production manipulated this season was & didn’t feel like being a lemming so said – just let me leave before jury then. To wit, as you pointed out both HOH/POV this week were individually “timed” events where TPTB could dictate who won.

He probably should’ve nurtured Memphis more but it’s not like he would’ve picked Ty (comp beast) over Enzo for WG. That left the love triangle – Cody had a set pecking order, Nic is chained to Cody/too untrustworthy which left Dani who burned him twice so he wasn’t going to tempt fate a third time (but I still think they were the only duo who could’ve shook up what TPTB wanted).


Tyler was screwed by Swaggy proposing to Baleigh & taking time away from his speech so he didn’t get to tell all the things he did. Bay just has too much hate for him which has plagued his play both times. She was a wacko against KC on the challenge.

BBAS2 baby

They’re seriously thinking of booting Nicole next when Cody’s a bigger threat…..

I can’t with this house

Kats Alien Bitch

This season is what happens when the dominant alliance wins all of the HOH’s. Nobody outside of the alliance has really won very much, so the season is what it is.

Enzo's Escaped Shorts Crab

Ian & Dav’ been gettin bizzie in the backyard, YO.


Isnt anyone going to make a joke about Christmas and “But it’s Loyals Birthday”!?


Warning: Long post

Call me crazy but … I’m starting to get the feeling there could be a shift to keep Ty & it will be based on Xmas feeling too safe. Cody & Nic keep bringing it up with Nic contradicting herself one minute saying “she hasn’t even tried to talk to me since going OTB” & in the very next sentence saying “she won’t stop following me around”. If TPTB want Ty to stay this will be the reason likely (Xmas too comfy).

I still want Ty to have his chat with Cody & emphasize how he needs to keep Ty for F5 HOH b/c it will likely be Spinning Discs or Slip & Slide HOH which favors Xmas since Memphis has sore back & Enzo/Nic both feel safe so they don’t need to win. Then he has to hope Nic doesn’t luck into POV win which could be BB Comics (that she previously won) meaning he would be sitting beside Enzo & does he feel comfortable Memphis would vote to keep him over Enzo?

OF NOTE: Cody saying Enzo is sneaky & he’s not sure how much he can trust him is also another hint to why he might shift off voting out Ty. Ultimately, Ty needs to plant the right seeds & also hope TPTB are worried by the fans anger over this season & needing a true underdog to be in the game still. IF he stays he’ll have a great shot to win F5 HOH & all 4 hamsters will likely spill intel.

‘IF’ Ty stays & wins F5 HOH

You can bet Xmas will tell him about WGs (if she hasn’t already) before leaving so he’ll have things to discuss with Enzo/Memphis. With Nic he should say I need you tell me how you see the house b/c I’ve been told to target you – so I need to know why I shouldn’t & if you’re willing to work with me moving forward b/c ‘I was told you hate me’ (that will piss her off that they are burying her).

The key conversation has to be with Memphis and should include the only reason they voted out Nic is b/c Enzo was 100% committed to that which proves he has a F3 with Nicody. Ty would need to download for WEEKS Enzo/Cody have told him Memphis is after him & since Xmas told him about Wise Guys the fact Enzo never warned Memphis he should question how loyal he is to him – & then download the Triple Thr3at alliance that existed since Wk 2 so basically showing Memphis they were both being used to target each other but never in Cody’s true F3.

Ty would need to believe he can trust Memphis but if they both agree the trio of N/C/E have to broken up & that they commit to go F2 together then he can nominate Cody/Enzo (Cody target) but if he wins POV put up Nic to force Cody’s hand.

Odds are Cody would pick Nic b/c Enzo would have ties to Memphis while she doesn’t. Would Enzo be pissed? Would he turn on Cody to work with Memphis/Ty to take down Cody? I mean it’s all semantics b/c WE KNOW Grodner will work the F4 HOH so Cody wins it if he’s still there but at least this would add some intrigue to the current house dynamic.

Wall Yeller/ TPTB influence moving forward:
Also very curious about what wall yeller said – assume it was Cody (Nic?) related since the only hint we got was Cody being pissed. If they yelled Nic/Cody have cemented F2 then in a normal season that would be enough for Memphis/Enzo to question why Cody is so protective of her. BUT… Grodner doesn’t seem to care what fans think – if she did she’d force Robyn Cass to cast better & allow the game to be organic.

Last season we saw Nic A & Cliff outlast Tommy/Christie b/c the fans hated Christie so maybe we’ll get a shift this week & Ty will stay. I won’t give up hope until Thursday but things are looking pretty bleak at the moment.


“We have to get rid of the only person we know we can beat” is all I heard ?

I can’t stand Nicole but literally everyone left is a bigger threat than her.

Also if they are thinking about the jury that’s stupid. The jury votes are totally Wild every year and who knows how they feel after they sit in that salt for a while. Making it to the end should be the only thing they are worried about ?????


UPDATE: Okay big news that could shift the vote but ONLY if Enzo shares this information with Cody— Memphis is now saying to Enzo that Cody/Nic have to be on the block so that she can go & if Cody comes down one of Enzo or Memphis have to sit beside Nic. This of course is b/c Memphis assumes Enzo would keep him over Nic — I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t. This means Memphis knows he can’t have Xmas on the block beside Nic b/c they can’t trust Cody to vote her out. Little does he know Enzo can’t be trusted either.

So if Enzo tells Cody this information I’m thinking the shift to keep Tyler will happen b/c he’ll be in jeopardy & also know Memphis isn’t telling him everything which also means he isn’t necessarily going to honor his F2 with him. If Enzo doesn’t tell Cody that would indicate Enzo is actually playing his own game since he knows each of Nicody & WGs will keep him to F3 & he can make his big choice next week of which F3 to go with.

The other part of this equation is — If Memphis isn’t going to nominate Xmas it ensures her going to F4 & that screws up Cody’s chances of making it to F3 b/c of all the people left she’s been studying her dates the hardest & could win F4 POV which would mean she’d vote him out if he’s on the block.

If I had to bet I’d say he tells Cody b/c that’s been his MO (and TPTB might force him to do it anyway). On one hand I want Enzo to say something for Ty to stay. On the other hand Enzo not saying anything would indicate he is playing to win b/c not telling Cody would mean he’s keeping his options open to break up Nicody — the thing is sending out Nic next week if you have a shot at Cody would be the stupidest move of the season.

Let’s see if anything comes out of this as the current situation is Ty believes he’s leaving since Cody didn’t use the POV.

What do you think? Will Enzo tell Cody? Will TPTB push for Ty to stay?


Question. How close is the evicted house to the big brother house. Anyone know?


I think Enzo will tell him. I think sometimes Enzo passes information but doesn’t realize how he can use the information to his own advantage. He will let someone else (Cody) do the work with the info.
Enzo has been in a few positions where he could use some info for his own game sake and just give Cody a piece but he gives it all away to Cody.
I’m not even sure he has the patience to figure out what the game scenarios mean to him until the end and sad enough gets him close to the end but he doesn’t win.
I agree it would be odd IF he didn’t tell Cody at this point.


I do too, but in the first chat he had with Cody right after he DID NOT tell him – he lied & said he’d put up Xmas/Nic (which is what Memphis said Enzo could do if he wanted). Enzo did say but if he (Memphis) wins POV & takes her (Xmas) down then … Cody interrupts & says “I’m going home”.

Memphis hurt his foot jumping in the pool Sunday so the two likely F5 HOH’s favor Xmas. I can’t see any reason why Enzo would want to win that HOH – it would mean exposing which F3 he’s truly with. If he sends Christmas home Memphis would turn on him & take Nic instead of him deeper in the game. Ditto for Christmas if he screwed her a second time on the vote.

Over the next few days we’ll know how production is leaning. Watch for Cody to start piecing things together — the potential is

  • Xmas wins F5 HOH noms Cody/Nic
  • Nic knows dates so could win POV then Enzo is replacement
  • Relying on Memphis to keep him is tricky b/c he hasn’t told him about WG 2.0
  • Even if Cody stays w/o Enzo he’s leaving a duo (M/C) in the game with both knowing dates giving them strong potential to win F4 POV & decide who goes. It would put so much pressure on Cody to win F4 HOH & end up with them both F3
  • Meanwhile Ty has ZERO relationship with either Memphis or Nic (for now)

Add to that Cody saying Enzo is ‘super sneaky’ & the pieces are all there for TPTB to shift the narrative. We’ll see.


What’s with all of the unnecessary lying this season?

For lack of a better word, it’s not “cute” game play.

I find it interesting the pretending to fact check people but the amount of lies told to people in their own alliances or even who they are in a final 2 with just makes my head spin.

Super sneaky Cody says?? Damn it! That smells like an Enzo set up coming to an episode sometime soon.

I will give Enzo a few days to be fed what he should do….I mean actually tell Cody. All of his business as usual. (Both one and the same)

Love the input! Catches me up to stuff I’ve missed. Thanks!


Enzo n Cody are paisans,
Tyler and the others are muncha-cakes
nuff said,just saying

Friskies Cat Food

Okay, so who tipped them off that this would be the days challenge? No way they are all studying by coincidence. I hate this reality show more every day. Just end it


This season of BB no matter what fancy title they try to give it (All Stars), shows how bad TV can get. How anyone will ever believe there weren’t any pre show arrangements, clues and hints given during DR sessions, or the poor excuses they call competitions, just has a hour to waste or something for noise to make housebreakers think someone is home. Its a chore just to even read what’s happening, much less be tortured to even watch.
All I can say is “Take the money Julie and run”

Sue Galow

They play a version of the same competition at the same place in the game. That’s why they know to study.