Big Brother 22 All-Stars week 8 review and eviction results

Another rip-roaring week in the Big Brother 22 House. Cody won the Head of Household and Nominated Kevin and David. Cody then won Veto kept nominations the same. Kevin is the target and will be evicted tonight. Some Dr. Will segments were shown to the houseguests as pretaped video clips. Of course they let it slip that it may be a triple this week destroying any surprise. David going for the cash prize instead of Veto really broke the heads of some committee members. They’re oh so “Disgusted” with David. Like like the integrity of like like the game like he trampled all over it. It’s really up in the air what exactly is going down on this triple. Will it be a single and a double or 3 singles. Or will Grod just fly in and personally select 2 for eviction?
(It’s three singles!!!)

Triple Eviction

Enzo votes to evict Kevin YO
Dani votes to evict Kevin
Tyler votes to evict Kevin
Christmas votes to evict Kevin
Nicole votes to evict Kevin
Memphis votes to evict Kevin

Kevin Evicted

First Cycle

1st Q = Dani, Tyler, David out
2nd Q = no one out
3rd Q = no one out
4th Q = Nicole
5th Q = Enzo and Chritmas
Memphis is the new Head of Household

Nominations David and Nicole
Power of Veto players David, Nicole, Memphis, Tyler, Christmas, Dani

Power of Veto winner Christmas
POV Ceremony Christmas does not use the power of veto.

Cody votes to evict David
Christmas votes to evict Nicole
Tyler votes to evict Nicole
Enzo votes to evict David
Dani votes to evict David

David is evicted

Second Cycle

1st Q = no one out
2nd Q = Nicole, Dani, and Enzo out
3rd Q = no one out
4th Q = no ont out
5th Q = Christmas and Cody out

Tyler is the new HOH

Nominations Dani and Nicole
Power of Veto players Cody, Enzo, Christmas, Tyler, Nicole, Dani

Power of Veto winner Tyler

POV Ceremony Tyler does not use the power of Veto Nominations stay the same.

Cody votes to evict Dani
Memphis votes to evict Dani
Christmas votes to evict Dani
Enzo votes to evict Dani

Dani Evicted

HOH 3 Either later tonight or tomorrow.

7:00 pm Feeds are showing pound puppies

7:32 pm Feeds on pound puppies err pound kittens
feeds proabably won’t be back until after the west coast airing.

9:11pm The feeds are still blocked..

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i’m still not understanding why people are mad at david. he threw a comp you wanted him to lose. they should be ecstatic.


The short explanation: They are sanctimonious hypocrites


I couldn’t have said it better!


Robert you are so right.


He got something they didn’t. Short answer is they want everything for themselves.

Guy From Canada

Because they were entitled to the money not David…..last all stars Boogie and Will went for all the prizes these people are clearly not all stars…


yeah, i don’t understand the argument to not go for prizes. oh you want someone trying to stay in the game? it probably hurts you in final 2 but you have to make it there before worrying about that, might as well rack up prizes when they present themselves in the meantime.


I was thinking the same thing. It’s just more chances for them to win the veto. Lol. Cody would’ve been knocked out if David had the right shirt, and not the $10,000 shirt. I guess they needed an excuse to rag on David.


I think it’s more of a respect issue….they never thought of him as an “All-Star” because he never played before, and they thought it cocky that he felt so safe that he went for the money and not try to win the veto.


They needed an excuse… lets be honest David could have played a perfect game and they would have voted him out… because he wasn’t in their clique… their actual reason is at certain points they had better reasons to nominate and evict other players but they were in their mega alliance… they had several weeks of PoC on the block… not because they are racist (hopefully) but because their alliance has no people of color… they are afraid of the racist optics… so they need the excuse. They actual reason is they’re cowards… Mr Yo I dont give a sit… in the next sentence says “It’s too soon Yo”… they’re cowards. they’re to afraid to make a big move. Now the disposables are Nicole and Dani… Dani is gone so the next disposables are Christmas and Enzo. Christmas’s nom week is going to be fun… but now Dani is gone…. Cody might be at risk.


If David didn’t take the money, he’d be out of the house the same night and out $10,000. So for a rookie, he played it smart and came out ahead. Because in the end, it IS about winning money.


Sounds like 3 single evictions


Commence the cursing

Eric L

Chenbot sure is getting bleeped a lot, such a potty mouth.


Ugh. David is out


I thought Nicole hit her button first. Anyone see that

Soul child

Her puzzle was wrong


Her puzzle was wrong. That is why she didn’t win POV


Please vote her out!


Be careful of your wishes. They may not go the way you want. GROD is a djinn


gah you know he wants david out. wish it could be nicole but we know that is a dream

Soul child

I really wish a miracle would happen and they Flip the votes but sadly only excitement will maybe be the third eveiction


Say what you will about Nicole but being a former winner and surviving triple eviction after being on the block twice is rather impressive especially when they HAD a CLEAR CHANCE to take Nicole OUT OVER DAVID who left first last year!

That lie about the Ian vote by Nicole and in a lot ways paid off leading to tonight. Nicole Set up davonne, David, And Kevin And all three went out in succession all because Nicole set them up as targets just with her vote- that is amazing gameplay by Nicole and it proves because Davonne, Kevin, And David all went out in succession and by Nicole being the swing vote the other way it set them up as the target and it allowed Nicole to survive triple eviction tonight. That set up by Nicole allowed her to still be in the house right now.

If you don’t like Nicole, Ok, that’s your opinion and your entitled to it but by David not owning his disruptive power and Nicole giving davonne 5 k that Lie was a great move by Nicole.

It was great gameplay especially since it allowed her to stay in the game that much longer (giving her an extra month in the game) and surviving the triple eviction as former winner and she made other people targets simply by a single vote.


The ian thing was all dani not wanting to break a tie and puting the pressure on nicole. Pinning it on david was also dani idea. not great game play by nicole.

Lenora Sampson

LOL Victor whinny ass Nicole is not that smart son

bb 22

Nicole DID THE WORK to set up davonne David and kevin with That vote, because Nicole was the one who had to talk to them face to face and she had to do the work by talking to them and lying that she was voting for Ian to Day, Kevin, And David to set them up and cause mistrust for Day and Kevin with David. And the fact that they all three went out in succession and she remained loyal to the majority of her alliance the committee and Tyler And Christmas made the first strike turning on the alliance allowed Nicole to still be in the house. That is great game move by Nicole that is a FACT.

It is stunning that Nicole stayed over David, and she deserves credit because she set him (David) up to leave before her all the while making Tyler and Christmas bigger targets by turning on the committee for David!

another name

The vote is something she can’t own to jury fearing she loses four votes automatically, so the move remains pointless. She also can’t own it because she’s spent the last two weeks in d/r blaming everything on Dani. Continuity of production means she can’t call a redo if she makes finale. so pointless.
Nicf stayed over David because Enzo chose Core4 and Cody over Tyler and Tyler’s suspected final 2 with Christmas. It had Zero to do with Nicf. Nada.

bb 22

You are not seeing the point the target on Nicole has gotten smaller now because Christmas and Tyler exposed themselves completely tonight by turning on the COMITTEE FOR DAVID ?? When Nicole only lied about that vote keep the target away from herself and her allies by staying loyal to her original alliance the committee. With 6 people left Nicole is in a great position in the house right now, because she won’t get any blood on her hands as she is now justified to take any kind of action towards Christmas and Tyler because they made the first move the people in her alliance turned on her.
Christmas and Tyler voting out Nicole tonight over David is going to hurt them – their Target is a bullseye now because they flipped on their alliance for David!

another name

Actually, That isn’t at all what you said in the comment I responded to. You argued Nicf deserved credit for the vote lie move that she has told everyone was Dani’s fault not Nicf’s move. You implied that Nicf deservd credit for moves she can’t claim if she gets to the final two, and further inferred that she should be credited for a move she had nothing to do with.
Deserving credit for a move that is actually Enzo’s move (in not going along with the flip even thought Xmas spoke to Tyler in hall rule breach, and Tyler spoke to Enzo in the voting hall rule breach again) it was Enzo not going along with the flip, thereby staying in the graces of Memphis, Cody, and Nicf that gets credit for playing the numbers, not Nicf.

Outa your mind

Nicole barely survived the triple and only was it by the grace of Enzo’s swing vote. No way is she in anyway responsible for putting a target spotlight on Da, Kevin or David, except for Davonne, because of her association with her and the guys fear of a girls alliance popping up. If anything she lost more cred with her crew by pulling the Ian’s vote lie and trying to get cute with the jury management. Da, Kevin and David went because they couldn’t pull their shit together and operate with the rest of the house outside their little bubble. And probably racism.


I never thought it, but I’m pulling for Dani!


Omg Enzo is the worst!


what a wuss Enzo!!!


Enzo really pissed me off tonight. You whine about nobody having the balls to make a move, then you vote to evict David in a triple eviction???? Shut up.

The Beef

Enzo is a gigantic puscatore! He talks a good game, but when it comes time to produce, his balls shrink up to the size of bb’s. I guess he’s more concerned about staying in Cody’s good graces than he is about actually winning this season of Big Brother. He could have made the claim of being the swing vote in getting Nicole out and turning the game, but no, he goes with the flow and evicts his “buddy” David instead, the man who was alone on an island, and who would have become forever indebted to him for saving him.

He’s really starting to fall behind the others too as far as competitions go. Memphis, Cody, Tyler and Christmas are really stepping it up, and at this point if you don’t win, you are in serious jeopardy of being put on the block, depending on who does.

Billy Big Bottom

What a coward Enzo – ‘Big moves needed’, my arse!

Stanley meet Gloria

As she was in the tiny hallway after voting, I think Xmas clearly told Tyler that she voted to evict old Nicole, so he did too. Tyler should have quickly told Enzo how he and Xmas voted, then maybe he would have made good on his own Yo’s to evict Nicole then. If only Enzo would have thrown another hinkey vote just for the hell of it!


Tyler did talk to Enzo in the hallway before Enzo went in and voted. Not sure why Enzo was too scared to vote out Nic


Enzo all talk , all talk


Both Dan and Janelle called the houseguests a joke, especially Enzo, for not voting out Nicole


no wonder he likes cody so much, they both talk big and do sh!t.


Enzo the blowhard! Go home Yo!


Thats what im sayin, YO

Terrible Horrific Season

Seriously Enzo? Yo wtf?


I am just glad Cody didn’t win. He gave a weird smirk during that last HOH comp

Miss Impression

Cody has already won the season,we’re just going through the motions now.

another name

Didn’t we decide that after the premier episode HOH? You know, the one they rigged for Cody. The one that had 6 participants final round instead of 8? The one where the women had to go for the most difficult holes in the maze in the corners, while Cody’s round it was in the dead centre? The one where Cody was brought out and could see the correct path to take because the pedestals were still moving at the end… even the ones Memphis never touched?
Or did we decide that when production had a house meeting week 4 and told everyone nobody was allowed to mention anything a wall yeller said, even if there was previous evidence known in the house directly?
Or did we decide that when the HOH comp took two hours as an individual time comp for everyone to play croquet with 3 balls where Cody’s shot before commercial banked off third rock on the upper right before commercial, but banked off the first rock right next to the slots in the playback?
We could have even decided it when Nicf threw the veto so blatantly obviously so that Cody could pad his resume?

We basically have known that since Cody started talking about Derrick’s rigging. Because we all watched season 18 and know that Grod plays into Derrick rigging.

Terrible Horrific Season

Woohoo Tyler!!! Just please get out either Nicole Dani Cody or Enzo. Just any of those cowards. Please


Hoping Dani wins Veto


Tyler saves the day,yay.


Go Tyler finally not a sissy move !!!! Your not all talk!!!


Go Tyler go goodbye Dani or does he win POV and put Cody up so coins is gone lol


With Tyler winning POV, pretty sure Dani is going home which means I am now pinning all my hopes on Tyler winning this season

Jumping off the BB tower

They sure seemed surprised about that 3rd eviction eh?

Yellow Ducky For The Win

Good practice for the wannabe actors of the group.


I dont see how tyler will last much unless he or christmas win either pov or hoh till the end. He really needed david there as a number
At this point it looks like cody has a guaranteed spot in top 4 since freaking everyone thinks theyre close to them ugh so annoying
Whoever leaves in nicole/dani is a number for cody out so thats great!
Worst case scenario one of them is saved with the veto and tyler puts memphis up and hes voted out, mostly cause out of the ppl left only him and christmas could go/vote against cody
Best case scenario for me, dani wins veto and tyler puts up cody and that pregame f2 is broken
But we know that wont happen cause tyler cant afford to directly go against cody when he doesnt have the votes to get him out

Billy Big Bottom

Nicole is very lucky to still be in that house, and that is entirely down to Enzo (who the only thing he is a master of, is the bleedin’ obvious and cliches). Dani and Nicole typify the painful modern BB floaty, shit stirrer, wiener alliance gameplayers – glad Dani’s gone. She deserved shag all. Nicole next please.


yeah, something crazy would have to happen for cody to get evicted any time soon. xmas/tyler need to win comps to stay. nicole will be the sacrifice if xmas and tyler are safe. enzo, cody and memphis are sitting pretty.

Terrible Horrific Season

Dani and Nicole pitiful POV speeches. Bye bye Dani.

The Grinch

Dani called out Kaysar for outing alliances and she does the exact same thing. Sour Grapes!

Lenora Sampson

She was worse than my man kayser can not stand dani please get whinney Nicole out next

The Beef

Isn’t it funny how that happens when it’s YOUR ass in that chair and not someone else’s? And she’s all butthurt with Cody for voting to keep Nicole in the game over her, but Cody had final 2’s with both of them, and Cody knows about all of the scheming and lying Dani has done both to him and throughout the house for many weeks now. Maybe he just thinks Nicole is a bit more trustworthy than you are Dani? I don’t know, but maybe he doesn’t want his final 2 to backstab him in the final weeks of the game, so he chose her over you due to that!

Bitter jury alert! We now have at least 3 out of 5 members who will vote bitter or for some reason other than “who played the best game”. Maybe she will cool down and change her mind before finale night, but remember in 13 the “legend” voted for the loser Porsche, and not for the rightful winner Rachel Reilly.


I wish for Poseidon to wake up and cause trouble for the remaining houseguests


Ig dani is gone…
A part of me kinda wished dani and tyler had teamed up against the house
But lets face it, dani was never ditching cody/nicole

Simon did they show some fast convos before noms/pov/votes??
Im interested in knowing what tyler talked, especially to christmas
I wonder if he will know it was chrismas the other vote for nicole to leave or if he will believe it was enzo

The Beef

He knows it was Christmas. They talked in the hallway after Christmas voted and before Tyler voted. They maybe talked before that, but I don’t know.

He also talked to Enzo in the hallway after Ty voted and before Enzo voted. Because of the discussions after Tyler won HOH, I think everyone is pretty much aware of who voted for who in that second eviction. Nicole was saying she didn’t care, which I’m pretty sure she does, but she was trying to avoid going on the block again and then if she did, was hoping that Dani would be the target and not her, which of course it turned out she was.

Yellow Ducky For The Win

Ugh, another week of crying coin slots.


I actually like Coin slots. And while I chuckle at the name, it really isn’t her fault is it?

Guy From Canada

The biggest coin in the us is a quarter…..imagine those slots if toonies where in circulation where slots lived….the stretch, yikes!

Jumping off the BB tower

Dani just admitted On tv to having a pregame alliance with Cody. We all knew it but to hear it. What a sham!

Terrible Horrific Season

Christmas or Memphis win Hoh. Keep Tyler safe.


Wait…..Finale night falls on Halloween week? Oy!!!!


Fitting for this season.


I am sad to see Dani go.


Want Memphis to win now


Watch and see Christmas wins HOH and nominate Nicole and Enzoe or Cody

another name

2 hoh and 2 veto. 3 evicted.
no wonder feeds went down at about 8am bbt.
They’re showing the hints that Dr.Will dropped? Let’s wait and see. If he got 15k to make 2 one minute videos i’m going to roll my eyes out my damn head.
Post Veto
David being told why going for the money was a bad idea.
Kevin making his apology to Cody (it annoyed me that he had to).
Cody had to think about his target… ummmm that isn’t quite reality. When did that happen????????????????
Dr. Will at the Neighbor’s House video segment. think 3 moves ahead.
Cody the hoh and veto holder now saying they need to go after Christmas. It’s… made for edit conversation. like most of the targeting and triple talk.
They still aren’t showing how the house has all decided Dani has to go? Oh. That’s a choice. Tyler and David talk about going after Dani / Nicf. Oh finally, showing Tyler targeting Dani. Not Cody and Nicf and Memphis and Enzo and Christmas and David. Hmm.
Speeches. Kevin blm shout out, think of your own games speech. David making history and playing some comps talk speech.
Enzo: Kevin Dani: Kevin Tyler: Kevin Christmas: Kevin Nicf: Kevin Memphis: Kevin
6-0 vote, Kevin is evicted. Shocking.
Enzo keeps saying Elite 8. uhm. not really.
Kevin lying through his teeth in his convo with Julie. Ego stroking about biracial and lgbtq conversations, as a support of network endorsed social commentary psa. Goodbye messages: personally I didn’t like them but they made Kevin cry. So does a gust of air.
HOH1 a q/a booth comp It’s all about Will
7 questions. 1) dani tyler david out. Christmas should have been tossed for changing a locked answer. 2) audio cut everyone safe. 3) audio chops. video freeze. everyone safe. 4) nicf out. 5) video freeze. audio cut. Memphis wins. I didn’t hear the question or see the answers. just a frozen screen and suddenly Memphis is doing his little thumbs up.
Was anyone else having audio and video freezes throm question 2 on??
slight audio breaks again. disruptive as hell. David and Nicf. Nicf is a surprise in a way, not a surprise given a convo last night with Memphis, but a surprise given rest of week talks. given the code Memphis told the alliance for a double in week 4: first name is target. David is target.
Veto looks balance beam style? Ice in Your Veins
Enzo is sitting out anyone else. Touch ground you are out.
Xmas wins veto. Nicf flipping out. flipping out huge (surprised she didn’t offer hand jobs here) with audio breaks. Commercial when Memphis Xmess start to talk. well of course.
Veto meeting. will they bd Dani? Xmessy not using veto. In other words the HOH said don’t use it. Must do what the HOH says.
Will there be a surprise? They saw triple eviction behind Julie when the camera panned. big oops
Cody: David Christmas: Nicf Tyler: Nicf Enzo: David Dani: David
Core4 votes to save Core4. 3-2 David is evicted. Audio in house of David meeting Julie.
They think triple speed week. Dani is looking nervous as hell. David interview is audio blocked and cut. realllllllly bad Audio and video in this episode. David’s game comes down to his redemption comp in the dark room as his proudest moment.
Julie announces the confirmation of triple… amidst lots of audio glitches. it’s like stars without the stars. feeds are now the show with cuts every three minutes.
HOH2 another booth. and a video freeze. i’m annoyed. It’s All About You.
True or False and Nicf is cracking? or memorizing?
1) all safe 2) Dani Enzo Nicf are out. Prelude to nom possibilities? 3) all safe 4) Tyler wins hoh.
Dani knows. Nicf whines don’t make me target. audio skip repeat. commercial. eyeroll.
Shouldn’t be a surprise. What possible surprise could there be? Tyler nominates Dani and Nicf. Tyler acts upset. riiiiiight.
Veto Back to balance beams? Memphis sits out this time. Feet to the Fire.
touch ground you are out. Christmas dq Nicf dq. Tyler wins veto. Dani is 99% toast and she knows it I think. Maybe staying up until 4am was an error. Maybe evicting Ian was an error (she said if you shoot you can’t miss about him and missed). Will that be the result?
Veto meeting. Veto not used.
Vote 3
Expecting a Dani 4-0…. Let’s see: Dani saying Xmas first to evict if Nicf stays.
Cody: Dani. Memphis: Dani Xmas: Dani Enzo: they went to stars. Dani.
4-0 vote to evict Dani. Xmas is going to be pissed that Dani wouldn’t hug her for days.
Dani hurt by Cody’s vote. Not revealing their final 2. Someone in the studio clapped when Dani talked about Tyler trying to leave in week 5 and before, saying stay home if you don’t want to play.

Result A No surprise surprise triple eviction. Sunday shows move to Monday.
With Credits the audio is perfect for the first time in the episode. Fukakta audio.
Expecting bitter jurors to have to be given 10k t-shirts each to vote how production wants.


didn’t get any video freezes or audio cuts on my end except the typical mutes when a houseguest cursed

another name

Three friends all in the same area geographically all got multiple audio cuts and video freezes throughout the episode. It was like watching the feeds on a bigger screen but without the star screen.

Miss Impression

Even when we finally get an exciting episode it’s completely predictable.

another name

That’s what happens when they give them 2 days advance notice of what is going to happen. Though, honestly, it would have been just as predictable anyway.


Although Dani has a lot of haters, I was routing for her to switch this season up.. I won’t be watching the rest of this season, mark my words CBS ratings are gonna go down after this, then they will plummet once Tyler is inevitably voted out as well.


Dani wasnt gonna switch this season up. She was gonna stick with cody and nicole till the very end. She was gonna be another number for cody always
Only way this wouldve been really interesting is tyler realizing enzo fucked him over evicting david and putting enzo/cody on the block and cutting a deal with dani
Problem: its hard to believe that even if he did that dani would stick with him over nicole/whoever stayed in enzo/cody
Truth is it didnt matter what tyler did this hoh he was always going to be the biggest target going into next week
Might as well have taken a shot at cody and try to secure dani as a number, tho as i said above that was doubtful to happen anyway
His only number right now is christmas… whos close to memphis too and whom nicole would likely keep over tyler
This means if anyone other than christmas wins next hoh he will likely go up against christmas or nicole if its memphis who wins
His only way to get to the end is REALLY turn it on in EVERY comp from now on and have christmas also winning comps
The most interesting thing for me will be how far can he make it having all the odds against him


All valid points. Maybe Tyler and Xmas can get Memphis to turn on the wise guys since it should be obvious cody/enzo are aligned with Nicole after the Nicole/david vote. But I doubt it. Cody and Emzo have a pretty clear path to F3 imo unless xmas/tyler go ham in the Comps. Xmas / Tyler basically have to win out.

The Beef

You are spot on here! Whoever wins the next HOH is putting Tyler up, unless it’s Christmas, and Christmas is going up right beside him unless it’s Memphis who wins the HOH and then it will be Nicole.

I’d say it was 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 but Enzo is really more with Cody than he is with Memphis, just not with Nicole. Christmas I think would put up Cody and Nicole, and if noms stayed the same, Nicole would surely leave because Enzo and Memphis would save their Wise Guy alliance member. For everyone else, if it’s Christmas vs. Tyler, they would be fools not to get rid of Tyler at this point in the game if they have the chance to do it, although I hope they don’t get that chance.

Tyler is a great competitor, and he always has a chance in any physical POV competition to save his own ass. It just depends on what the competition is. But if he does do it, it means that Christmas is going home instead, because whoever goes up in his place will have the votes to stay.


Bye Kevin, David, and Dani! Hahahah
I have to admit I enjoyed Dani getting a taste of her own medicine.


All they managed to do tonight is to speed up the predictable! Maybe they can just do that with the rest of the season since it has been a huge predictable disappointment. I noticed tonight was the first time all season Julie said, “Expect the unexpected”, but they already knew about it so it wasn’t even actually true. *sigh* All-lame season can end anytime now.


It was Memphis with his moms all the rest can do is vote for who is there. Tyler put up 2 he got out who he wanted that’s what you do. I question if you or anyone complaining would have put up their alliance earlier.


I am a fan of old school play style, so absolutely 1000% I would. It’s every man for themselves at this point. Old school players take out the biggest threats during double evictions (this is the first for a triple eviction) then regroup with who’s left. Cody wins too much so he should have gone during the triple eviction, if you are a fan of old school playing. This herd mentality they do now makes for boring BB.

What Now?

FOUR scenario’s I see happening..

  1. Enzo and Memphis will be final two, everyone will vote for Enzo to win and Memphis will be “flabbergasted”..
  2. Tyler and Cody/Memphis/Enzo are final two and he loses by 1 vote again..
  3. Christmas and anyone of the boys are final two and Christmas loses unanamous
  4. Cody and Enzo are final two and Cody loses with Dani as the deciding vote
another name

I’m counting on bitter jury. Say what you want, but a bitter jury is the providence of the new school game. Since new school (big alliance steamroll with little human respect given to the jury pre eviction) became the production preferred style, they’ve been aiming for bitter jury votes instead of based on game votes.
The only hope i have for this Grod’s wetdream of a season 16 mixed with 18 and a dash of 21 season is that the jury is extra bitter. Sue me.
If the days of game play are condensed to who can get in the biggest alliance week one and say nice goodbye messages, then the days of juries that are rational and think game are lost as a byproduct of that change.

All puff and no stuff

All good options. No victory for wannabes.

Miss Impression

In what universe is anyone stopping Cody from going to the finals?

another name

Hate em all and point and laugh as they fail blog? Been my go to stance for weeks.


I second the “Enzo is dead to me”…all frickin week he talks about not wanting to get rid of david, ready to make big moves, etc…WTF?

Also, dani couldn’t be a more obvious hypocrite after trashing kayser for calling people out in his pre-eviction speech and then doing the exact same thing in hers?


I cannot do the hate sentiment but by God, Christmas NEEDS TO GO, then Memphis. I am hoping the Best Player wins & that will be revealed with this upcoming HOH & his nominees!!! Dani is right about Tyler, he will be up if Memphis or Christmas wins HOH! Everyone in that house does Not want to play against him in the final two & I don’t blame them!!!

The Beef

What game are you watching? If you think Christmas is gonna nominate Tyler, you either must have attended Kevin’s school of “Advanced Strategy for Playing Big Brother” or you slept through last nights episode.


I’m disgusted, I don’t care anymore. Enzo is who I will have to pull for, he’s the least irritating!

The Beef

Yeah! This right here! Big move Enzo! Last night he left his balls in a mayonnaise jar that maybe Nicole was holding on to for him. They may be the size of BB’s, but they’re all his, if she decides to give them back to him.

All talk and no game – that’s Enzo. He had the perfect opportunity, and he backed up like the little kitty that he is (meow meow).


“Enzo is dead to me” cause he could have gotten rid if Nicole. But nooo, he got rid of that comp-beast David. Tyler for the win

All puff and no stuff

Cody hate all day everyday

Miss Impression

Enzo is a big pussycat thinking Cody’s taking him to final 2.

Team New School Team New School

Tyler Bro Blog. He got out Dani, and I am forever grateful! 😉


Enzo is dead to me…YO! The meow meow has become a disappointment game wise for me
:(. He never made any MOVES YO!


Well atleast bitchface is gone.

RIP Big Brother (7/5/2000-10/1/2020)

This is the day Big Brother officially died. This is a supposed “All Stars” cast and you have an opportunity to evict a former winner over someone who came in 16th place and you choose David. This is not the show I used to love watching. Times have changed and the way this game is now played is boring and predictable. These huge alliances that never make big moves is not fun to watch and not how the game should be played. Tyler is the only one left I could stomach winning this year. Very disappointing season to say the least. Thanks Enzo!


I 100% agree…sadly…..

Wesley Sims

Simon / dqawg why does Julie not have to wear a mask when talking to house guests? ,

another name

… Julie ceased to be an organic when they upgraded and had her replaced with the chenbot in season 4. She comes with a software antivirus patch….


Because masks don’t work and they all know it! Masks are for the sheep watching MSM! Where’s the rational? Houseguests HAVE to wear a mask while they had no contact with the outside world, while Julie who roams around DOESN’T NEED to wear one?! 

The Foosa

Ding, ding, ding! You win the internet award tonight……Did you see that video of the Penn Gov and the Penn Health Czar(nutcase) chuckling on a hot mic to wear the masks for “political theatre” then take it off for the press conference. Naturally, MSM wont cover this, only actual hard news channels covered it.


I see the last 2 women leaving


That was AWESOME! The perfect trilogy! I was praying Tyler was going to win!


Could production have f#cked up the triple eviction reveal any more than they did??
First, Dr. Will gives them such telling clues (with his wink-wink) just to make sure that it’s as anticlimactic for the audience as possible, and then Julie calls them back over to talk to her (they think they’re completely done for the night) and some moron from production accidentally put it on the monitor right behind her, plain as day for them to see.
The level of incompetency on this show is staggering and insulting.

Miss Impression

It went completely as planned.

The Foosa

Yes, it was planned and why they didnt show a live view of Chenbot while it was speaking to the houseguests….

Bala J

Tyler should be the winner this season!

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Tyler tried to quit multiple times until week five. He lost all the respect I had for him in season 20 with that. He can go. They can all go and donate the winnings to a charity. What… bbcan8 already set that precedent.

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Decompression thoughts:
Kevin leaving means oh, production doesn’t want their annointed Chaos Gremlin screwing with the games of production faves.
David leaving means don’t care. Want me to care? Watch a full season of big brother before going on for the SECOND time. Nope. Never cared.
Dani, oh they have to send a jury spoiler in to preach the virtues of some hg’s and push for jury votes. What? It’s what is required for a couple of them at this point. Where it could backfire: sending in someone with a history of bitter jury voting to be the jury whisperer.

I do question why anyone actually believed Enzo was going to do something, anything, to alter the trajectory of the season. His d/r? Ummm, we’ve established those are pretty much bullshit since season 8. His plots in the house? He says big move… look at his hoh. Yeah. He was going to fold like Nicf’s hand around a phallus.

That's What She Said

Dr. Wills thing was lame.

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Said by every woman he ever dated.

Miss Impression

Totally on brand.

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Big errors: AKA Dani’s Seven Deadly Sins

  1. Accepting Chief Wiggum’s call. Like he was doing her a favor? NO, he was setting up the board for his proxy.
  2. Trusting Nicf in Big Brother. The only people that get a happy ending with Nicf all have a penis.
  3. Vetoing Bayleigh from the Committee in deference for Nicf. Debating with Memphis set her up as someone that wouldn’t just follow orders, and might be shifty.
  4. Attempting to set up a safety deal with Janelle and Kaysar before the week 2 HOH without telling everyone she was going to include in the deal. That came back to make Dani look like she was being shifty. To even Janelle and Kaysar, who had no interest in targeting Dani.
  5. Putting Tyler on the block and not pulling the trigger. The alliance knew he was after her. The company line of the Committee was do what the HOH wants. She folded in her long string of deferring to Cody judgements.
  6. Trusting Cody, and repeatedly telling him everything she knew, and everything she was doing in the game. Cody was going to get rid of anyone with independent ambition.
  7. Putting Ian on the block instead of Enzo. Enzo would have stayed 100 against Tyler at that point in the game. Again, gave Cody what he wanted and continued Nicf on the anti woman path Dani should have expected.

It occurs to me that every part of her game that Cody and Nicf were complaining about to the other house guests were the seed droppings and shifty moves she either did at the behest of Cody or Nicf, or because she was actually moving to protect Cody and Nicf in attempt to, for the first time, play a loyal game. She sucks at loyalty and should have played cut throat. It’s who she is.


Enzo you can go yo
What a putz.

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excuse they will attempt to use:
Yo yo i was going to pull the trigger… that’s it! make the big move yo! but then I saw the triple sign behind Jooolie yo and I thought yo i’ve got to do what i can for my boy Cody yo! and that means weakening Tyler… that’s it. So David, sorry man, had to go yo! (farting noise) damn vegan food yo.

Miss Impression

I’d like to give my condolences to the family of Nurk.


Nicole will be freaking out if anyone but Cody or her win HOH. She got lucky tonight but must now realize that she has a target on her back. Her luck will hopefully run out soon.

Soul child

Cody won


I hope Christmas wins the next hoh and sends her ass packing. Her and Tyler are apparently the only ones that want to make moves.


Enzo and Dani are dumb as dirt for keeping Slot-nose over David.


On the west coast and wanted to watch the show. BTW, nice save Julie Chen with the bs about David talking about the 3x eviction being seen on the monitor.

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feeds return to Enzo and Tyler saying, “thank god Cody won.”
make what you want out of that.


The fallout from the triple eviction…

Tyler & Xmas will be the primary F6 targets Xmas needed to win F6 HOH but Cody won so now that duo is likely either OTB …. or Cody puts up Xmas/Nic & tries to backdoor Ty who HAS to win POV to stay safe regardless.

Wise Guys Xmas edition will generate all kids of discussion

Enzo’s middle man gig is OVER: For WEEKS Enzo has told Ty & Xmas how much he wanted Nicole out – but when he had the opportunity and was TOLD in the hallway by Ty to vote her out he didn’t. THAT action just blew up all the work Enzo did this season – he will no longer be viewed as trustworthy or in the middle! Ty/Xmas specifically will know he’s been playing them the entire time. It will be impossible for Xmas to trust WGs b/c that vote proved he’s in tight with Cody not WGs.

If you noticed Enzo looked p*ssed when he voted out David b/c even he knows he’s playing Cody’s game! All the banter to drag David to the end as the goat was BS which Enzo got confirmation of. He’s fated to leave F3 again and has no one but himself to blame!

For the moment Ty is playing up to Enzo that he thought that’s what they wanted (to keep David — and it IS WHAT THEY TOLD HIM). It’s likely Cody puts them both up (Xmas/Ty) BUT if he screws up and puts up Xmas/Nic then if Ty wins POV to take her down they can control who they vote out.

Because Cody won HOH it will deter all Cody’s myriad of F2/F3 talk: If Cody hadn’t won HOH it would’ve allowed Ty/Xmas to play up all of Cody’s various F2 & F3s. They still might talk about it b/c as soon as Cody puts Tyler on the block he’ll know Triple Thr3at is b*llshit (not that he didn’t already).

Ty needs to basically win out to get to F2 &/or rely on Xmas (and that’s ONLY if Cody doesn’t put them both up right away). Hard to imagine Cody would take that chance but not only will it show Xmas/Ty where he stands it will also prove to Memphis/Enzo how safe Nic is with Cody.

Dani shocked by Cody vote – is he losing votes to bitter jury? Of all the things Dani said & her eyes showed emotion beyond anger over it was the fact Cody didn’t give her a vote. That was the FIRST TIME she realized their F2 was never real. Barring Cody sitting beside Xmas I think he lost Dani’s jury vote. Cody could easily have explained he wanted to give her a pity vote or even denied it was him.

Moving forward we know any scenario where Cody is the picker at F2 if Nic is there she’s his choice. If the third person is Memphis or Enzo he could lose their vote too since they have both played the entire game believing they are his F2

Dani who called Kaysar disgusting & said she disrespected him b/c of his “love triangle alliance” call out in his eviction speech. But she pulled no punches doing the same thing in her speech & then called out Ty on stage for wanting to leave saying she should’ve kept Ian (who consequently tried to leave for weeks on end). She’s bitter & shocked about Cody but stays true to her character.

I kind of wanted Dani to stay b/c she was playing at least while Nic simply whines & hides. I know her staying would’ve meant Ty was in jeopardy but still I feel the house won’t be as exciting without her in it.

Has Enzo FINALLY clued in? If Cody pushing Enzo to keep Nic didn’t clue him in then he really is naive.

Cody is safest BUT by winning F6 HOH he’ll have to show his cards! Someone is going to be pissed & there should be some drama this week. EVERYONE will play POV

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Only problem is Enzo is now telling Tyler that he voted the way Memphis asked him to vote in the Nicf David vote.
Nicf staying after Xmas voting her out was a required kick in the teeth. She turned on Dani and blamed her own game on her, trying to bond with Xmas… who voted to evict her. Just desserts.
Dani, when the next evictee goes into the house is going to find out that Nicf sold her out hard to every single person that is in the house this week. So she’s going to be disillusioned with both Cody and Nicf. You know that everyone left in the house, when they get to jury is going to attempt to shift blame on to what other people did in order to find jury tolerable.


Simon who is your choice to win the game ?