“She cried herself to sleep because I think she feels so guilty. I hope it eats away at her”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
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9:30 am Christmas and Memphis hug. Christmas cries..

10:07 am Coins
N – I’m staying on here all week
N – I apologize Dom I thought Dani was talking about me behind my back with the sly 5 and the final 2 with Cody. I made a huge mistake I cannot stand Christmas this much ..

N – I’m over it. I really didn’t tell her information she didn’t know all I did was set myself up for sitting next to her in the double that’s it

Feeds cut

When we’re back Christmas and Enzo are talking in the kitchen. Christmas is complaining about what Dani said last night. Outing her about the power
Christmas – she played sloppy
Enzo – she was all over the place YO
Christmas – if you are going to zing somebody on the way out make it f**ing good
Enzo – this jury is going to be bitter as f***
Of course, the conversation changes to complaining about David going for the 10K.
Christmas – he’s got more money that us right now

11:16 am Just chit chat around the kitchen.

11:24 am Nicole and Cody
Cody says the last thing he told her before the first vote to evict last night was “you’re going home” he was joking but when the vote came out 2-3 he as worried “Ohh sh1t she’s going home”
Nicole – I can put on a fake face.. I hate them so much I can’t even look at them
Cody – What was she like when she was sleeping in the room was she trying to talk to you
Nicole – she started crying she cried herself to sleep because I think she feels so guilty. I hope it eats away at her

12:20 pm Enzo and Tyler
Tyler – is he putting me up
Enzo – I don’t know I just don’t know like .. he’s like YO what is up with that vote this and that. I’m like YO she’s a champion YO that’s it. It is what it is.
Enzo – the only reason I didn’t do it is he’s tight.. he’s tight with Nicole
Tyler – it makes it look like I was trying to go against him
Enzo – when you go up there have a good story come up with some sh1t bro I need you in this game
Enzo – I want you here when we’re at the end of this f**ing thing then we’ll go to war YO. I don’t give a F** about Nicole I don’t care YO I did that because of him
Enzo – I was YO she’s a champion that’s a target to keep in the house I talked to him last night he was iffy about it.. F** it there’s other people in this house

12:26 pm Cody and Memphis
Broing up.. “we’re in such a good place”
Cody says they didn’t need to win the comps during the triple that’s how good of a spot they are in
Memphis points out that after winning the veto Christmas talked to Tyler first.
They talk about Tyler and Christmas trying to flip the vote on Nicole. Memphis mentions how that’s great because that means they have no idea about the two of them and Enzo.

Tyler says this entire game Christmas has had a “False sense of power” because she was part of the Committee.
Memphis says Christmas overplays.
They agree if the Veto was played on Nicole or Dani one of them would have gone up.
Cody gets called to the Diary room
Memphis – who is more dangerous to us in the game?
Cody says they are both beasts
Memphis – Christmas loses her cool… I don’t want you me, Tyler and Enzo in the final four.. this kid is too good.. this kid has ice in his veins.
Cody – let’s see how this veto goes.

1:00 pm Cody is back from the Diary room and they are continuing to talk about Splitting Tyler and Christmas up.
Memphis – if we can get me you and Enzo to the final 4
Cody says that Enzo mentioned to him Christmas and Tyler’s voting out Nicole makes it easy for him to now know who the targets are.
Cody doesn’t know what he’ll tell Christmas and Enzo. They briefly talk about breaking the news to them.

Memphis leaves – well have fun with that.. I’m glad you won it now.

Tyler comes in and the feeds cut.

1:05 pm Tyler and Cody
Tyler – I f***ed up .. I don’t know let me say I f*** ed
Cody – If I’m being honest it kinda makes I feel like it like has a look in teh house I know where you’re at but like to other people like there’s like a F*** look i mean if I could be completely transparent with you it just gives it something like easy to do even though like there’s no way anything goes wrong with you you know what I’m saying this week like there’s no way there’s no scenario because I’m in control of it and it’s like someone. like. there’s always going to be someone.. something I have control of like who’s off or whatever which way like you know what I mean but like. I just felt like it was like it was just weird how like that whole thing was and I think honestly I think it was a lot of her (ZOMG)

Cody tells him that Enzo isn’t voting out Tyler over Christmas.
Tyler says Christmas was trying to get him to tell this elaborate story he just wanted to tell the truth he f** up.
Cody says Chiorstmas has lied to him a lot.
Cody – I’m not sending you out in this game.
Cody – please don’t spiral into oblivion that I’m turning on you. I’m straight up. I feel personally connected to you. you are someone I can see myself chilling with
Cody – I’m not trying to make you a target this is how it is .. My thing with her this is the easiest thing for me so she doesn’t blow up and snap
Cody says Nicole is “so pissed” with Christmas

They hug it out..

1:23 pm Cody and Nicole
Rehashing a lot of what went down during the triple. Nicole says Tyler and Christmas have a final two.
Cody – one of them is going
Nicole – and Memphis will 100% not use the veto
Cody – there was no way he was in on it at all.
Nicole – she feels so guilty she’s following me around I’m like leave me alone ..
Nicole – they’re idiots.. this was really messy gameplay on their part they voted me out and I’m still here they’re dead to me. Number two Tyler showed you that he doesn’t care about you he wanted you and dani thrown out Number three they don’t care what Memphis the HOH wants when he specifically was looking at them..
Cody brings up Tyler saying “What are we going to do just do what Memphis wants”
Nicole says Keeping Tyler in the game keeps a target for Memphis if it’s Christmas left in the house Memphis won’t target her.
Nicole – Christmas made a final 2 with me week 3.
Cody says that Christmas is always talking about the moves she’s made.
Nicole – I’ll never vote for her in the end..
Nicole complains about Christmas being guilty for voting against her is always following her around, “leave me the hell alone you are going home”
Cody says he’s leaning towards wanting Christmas gone.

Nicole – he [Tyler] comes in here with his damn cookies..
Cody – I feel bad for the kid
Nicole- why do you feel bad for the kid ..
Cody – he’s a liar and aa snake
Nicole – they messed up there’s nothing else we can do about it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy
Feeds cut..

1:30 pm in the bathroom Tyler tells Christmas he’s going up “We f***ed up”

1:35 pm Tyler and Enzo
Enzo says he’s got his votes. Warns him that Memphis won’t vote against Christmas.
They talk about if Veto is played Christmas comes down and Nicole goes up. Enzo says there’s a chance Nicole goes up “we get rid of F***ing Nicole” (you had a chance less than 24 hours ago to do just that)
Tyler thinks Memphis and Christmas will vote him out over Nicole.
Enzo – if Memphis wins POV takes Christmas off
Tyler – he won’t use it. I don’t think he will use it
Enzo – if you’re on the block it ain’t over. I know if I win the POV he doesn’t want me to use it
Tyler – that’s the only way to save me
Enzo – If I use it I know. If I win it I’ll be like Cody YO gotta make a move.. gotta make a move in this game YO
Enzo – we need the numbers going into the final 5 YO C’mon.. Nicole ain’t winning sh1t YO she’s getting carried YO .. I’ll be like YO I did this for you Cody I saved Nicole for you now save Tyler for me that’s it that’s what I’ll do YO
Tyler – that’s not good..
Enzo – Cody what are you going to do if I use it;.. you ain’t coming after me bro. Get rid of Nicole YO she’s a champion
Tyler – he said he wants Christmas to go

Enzo – if he’s putting you u over Memphis he’s got something with Memphis or he’s scared of him because he’s brilliant he’s a comp beast. he’s winning mental sh1t to he’s a F**ing terminator in this game (LOL)
Enzo – it’s unreal I didn’t think he was that smart he’s smart as f**. Cody’s like we gotta jump on his back go to the end with him F** it
Enzo =- Putting you up over a vote.. over a vote c’mon

1:50 pm Christmas and Cody
Christmas – yesterday was a sh1t show.. it was a sh1t show
Christmas – in the moment you are spinning and it’s so bizarre the whole time.. I’m still just like the aftermath .. Where do I start I want to explain the Nicole vote
Christmas says she adores Nicole int his game.
Christmas says Memphis didn’t want her to use the veto and Nicole was fine with her not using it.
Christmas says that Tyler talked to her right before they voted and said “It’s flipping.” She asked Enzo is this happening he replied something like “let’s go”
Christmas goes on about hearing that a flip is happening and she didn’t have time to process everything. Sys she loves Nicole.

Cody says he feels like there was an agenda and it got shot down putting them on opposite sides.

Christmas goes on about explaining herself.. (I’ve left out the Christmas part and just put Cody’s contributions)
Cody – yeah.. right.. yeah.. right… yeah.. yeah… right .. I know yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. yeah .. yeah.. yeah.. it’s definitely it’s tough and I can 100% level with you one that
Christmas – I was betrayed to betray somebody I trusted and trusted me.

2:21 pm Christmas and Memphis
Christmas – If I go up next to Tyler. He cannot win the veto..
Memphis – He cannot
Memphis – we’re all gunning for it.. I’m gunning for it
Tyler – he’s just really good at it
Memphis – he’s just one person you have multiple remember that
Christmas – Yes.. thank you

2:25 pm Enzo and Cody
Bro.. likes.. and YO’s
Talking about how it’s the two of them and Memphis to the end. They want Christmas gone this week.
Enzo – I’m going to tell him flat out I said Memphis I’m doing this because I want you to myself I’m telling him straight the f*** up that’s how I’m doing it .. I’m like YO I want you to myself I don’t want nothing in between our relationship. I’m getting rid of that I’m trimming the fat.. I don’t give a f*** Yo I’ll tell him whatever I need to tell him..
They agree they need to win this veto. Enzo is worried if Veto is played by Memphis Nicole will go up and she will be evicted “Our games are f**d”
Cody doesn’t think Memphis will use the veto on Christmas.
Cody – says if it’s Nicole against Christmas. Memphis and Tyler will vote Nicole out.
Cody – in that situation he’ll go on the block..
Enzo – you know you’re safe you’re good.. Enzo will vote for you I’ll vote for you.. We’re good
Cody says Memphis, Tyler, and Christmas are dead to Nicole.

They talk about the Christmas and Tyler vote against Nicole.
Enzo – They were like you wish you would have talked to me.. I’m like BRO. I felt like saying you guys didn’t come to me. you guys went to each other so what do you want from me? I played my cards right you didn’t yo and that’s it you want me to help you play your cards right nah.. you played the your cards.. you showed your cards I showed my cards my cards were better than yours this week. that’s it. It is what it is YO. That’s it you played your jacks … your pair of jacks I had QUEENS YO up my sleeve taht’s it that’s all it was .. YO .. Next week you might have better cards.. we’ll see YO
Enzo – we’re going to be called BLOCK BUSTERS yo we’ve never been on the block YO
Enzo – you know what the committee rhythms with shitty. the shitty committee.. the core three yo

Enzo says the reason he’s wearing sunglasses is because it’s so bright in the house with all the camera lights.
COdy agrees they complain about the lights.

2:43 pm Enzo and Christmas
Enzo tells her she has him and Memphis if she’s nominated.
Christmas says she expects to be nominated.
Christmas – Honestly If I win it I won’t F***ing use it
Enzo – no you gotta us it on yourself. you have to
Christmas – Why?
Enzo – take yourself off
Christmas – Ok I’ll think about it .. but I would love to show I know who should go home.. Like taking a stand no on else has to go up in my place.. you know what I mean
Enzo – just think about that ..
Christmas says she’ll tell Nicole and Memphis she doesn’t want them to go up so she won’t use the veto on herself but they better vote to keep her.
Enzo – that’s a ballsy move
Enzo says that Cody doesn’t know about the wiseguys but he knows about Cody and Nicole being close.
Enzo – we’re good. could have been the worst you could have been a have not.
Feeds go to stars.,

Christmas – I can handle the hot seat
Enzo – that’s it you got the veto and you got us.
Christmas – game on.. I dot best under pressure
Enzo says the jury this season will be “So bitter YO”

Christmas – if Tyler goes this week
Enzo – which is a really really really good chance
Christmas – Cody can’t play..
Enzo – yes
Christmas – Nicole
Enzo – she’s weak
Christmas – it’s me yo and Memphis..
Enzo – we’re golden that’s it f** it it is what it is ..
(Enzo’s social game is insane YO.. Still dead to me for not voting out coins)
Christmas says that Cody is carrying Nicole through this game.
Enzo says Cody is doing all the damage and if he makes ot to final 2 with Nicole the jury will be bitter and give her the win
Christmas – that’s insane.

3:31 pm Memphis experiments with skincare wonders if he should scare Nicole.

3:46 pm Tyler and Enzo
Enzo full on YO talk and i’ve hit my YO quota for the day.

3:55 pm Feeds on stars

4:10 pm Feeds go to the same kittens we saw last night. They’re sleeping. Christmas and Tyler will be nominated.

4:40 pm Feeds down yo

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Houka Inumuta

I have waited 2 WHOLE YEARS for Tyler to finally get evicted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 8 is the night!!!!!!!!!!!!


Youre hilarious xD

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

Tyler needs to keep working on Enzo. Tyler winning veto and talking Enzo into a big move is the only way for Tyler and Xmas to stay this week. I would love to see them snap it off on Miss Cody.


yeah, tyler’s a good enough player that i think he can convince enzo or memphis to keep him and xmas in the house regardless of which of enzo/memphis/nicf winds up as a replacement nom, though he needs to make sure that nicf and cody do not win veto as there’s no way he can convince either of them to use it.


LOL I love Tyler but your comment made me laugh!


Houka, you are priceless.


Uh No


Ughhh Nicole is the worst. And I don’t see who will take a shot at her now so she’ll slither all the way to final two.

I was hoping Christmas would win HOH so her and Tyler could cause some rifts between Cody and his final 2s.

Backseat Driver

I dislike Christmas 100%…..but I sure do like your comment….it would be a pleasure to watch Cody crumble.

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I would much rather have Christmas stay than Nicole. Looking at Nicole’s beak hurts my retinas.


That’s not nice


nicf is more likely to get voted out as a casualty of someone else’s game move than as a target at this point. i think a lot of the house is content to let her hang around until the end.

Nic F3

I don’t think any of the rest will take Nic F2. She overplayed jury management. Can’t take that chance.


Cody is untouchable

Terry Brown

I would love to see Cody put up Memphis and Christmas. They both think they are so untouchable. Send Christmas out!

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

This would be especially great if then Enzo and Tyler voted out Memphis.


Nicole the only one that won BB should’ve been evicted instead of David, the man is trash in comps easy to take out later .. The idea that they didn’t evict Nicole leave no mysteries about the pregame alliance, nothing more she’s just as guilty big scheming as Dani. They had a deal to protect Her,Cody & Memphis..

Cody for the win

Whether pre game alliance or not, beautifully played by Cody. I’m not a fan of his but going after Christmas and keeping Tyler in the game so that him and Memphis can go after each other next round and keeping his core Nic and Enzo safe. He’s Final 3 for sure, if not solidifying the win.

bb 22

Still for a former winner to not get voted out next to someone who got 16th place in David and survived is super impressive. Especially since it put Tyler and Christmas in the bad position they are in now by exposing themselves and turning on their main alliance.

They (Xmas&Tyler) took a clear SWING at Nicole and they missed!
And Nicole didn’t have to get any blood on her hands.
For Nicole to be in a better position than them and having a smaller target as a former winner to survive a Triple Eviction (1st one EVER) to be in a better position is quite remarkable and deserves some Credit!


That’s because Derrick has told Cody to take Nic F to final two. She’s done absolutely nothing in the game and there’s no way she will get any vote other than Dani’s

The Beef

I don’t know about that. Last time I checked, she still has no balls, which means she may very well get Da’Vonne’s vote, even though she lied to her and stabbed her in the back.


Not really. Pregame allaiance is about just staying in the game. Winning isn’t the main thing. Cody mentioned before that more time on screen means more social media followers which means more money. Around $350k doesn’t really last long so winning is not the primary thought for any of them. They just want to stay on the TV for as long as possible and sticking with a solid core will keep them to the end.


If it was me, I’d rather take a swing and miss at Coins than take a swing at Devious
Dani and miss. Not by much, but in this instance, Nicf was the lesser of two evils.

bb 22

But it plays to Nicole’s game and advantage because she’s able to take them (Xmas & Tyler) both out without them being upset with her because Nicole didn’t get any blood on her hands so she could argue why she deserves their vote in JURY because they went against her and the committee alliance.

It plays to Nicole‘s game and advantage because she’s now able to take them both out without them being upset with her because she didn’t get any blood on her hands to do it since they wanted her out by voting to evict her.

Nicole can fully argue why she deserves their vote because they went against her in the alliance and it wasn’t her fault only Xmas and Tyler have themselves to blame for voting out Nicole when Nicole kept Tyler safe just TWO WEEKS before!

another name

Crap we’re being fed:
Nicf revealing to Cody that she was close to Dani irl. This was already known. The revelation factor is dubious and for storyline only.
Cody saying he doesn’t communicate with Nicf but his mom does. Da’vonne already revealed in week three that it’s a lie for storyline only.
Enzo didn’t know anybody. Before his divorce, Enzo and his ex shared a room with Dani and Dom in Vegas at a reality tv convention. Enzo already talked about meeting and hanging out with Derrick and Cody.
Christmas saying she had no pregame connections. She’s personal friends with Angela from sports modelling work. She and Tyler already mentioned pregame arrangement and the Angela connection.
Memphis didn’t communicate with anyone. riiight.

They have been told definitely to cut off all of the talk of pregaming because, frankly, that is what this season of ‘big brother return players that said yes’ will be noted for.
I’ve already got the asterisk standing by to put next to the winners name.


Just like real life it’s all who you know.
I watch the show for some entertainment, and like how people relate to one anouther., but this is such a shit show. I do like coming here and reading people’s take on things.
The most annoying is Nicole omg !!!


make sure you have an asterisk ready for the pregaming to be the reason for all their comp wins

another name

an asterisk will be beside any individual time comp HOH, because those are the easiest to rig for stroyline.


Enzo is still talking about going to war at the end. Yo, it’s the end, yo. The opportunity presented itself last night, yo, and you missed it, yo. You evicted a guy who was 16th in his season and kept in a former winner, yo. My brief stint as an Enzo fan has come to an end.

Since Tyler and Christmas are the only remaining HGs that are not part of the pregame alliance (except for Enzo who will be waiting for BB23 to make big moves, yo), then Cody will obviously put them on the block. Tyler for the veto, HOH, and FTW.


You are one of my favorite commentators over the years. Tipping OBB today. You need a tip jar too! Thanks for the laughs. Teresa from OC.

Kats Alien Bitch

Yo. Big Bro 23 may be too early for the big move.

The guys that are dominating the game are idiots.
Texan (yes Cody, its a think. How can someone actually be so dumb not to know that)


It’s pretty shocking how dumb Cody actually is. But it’s never hurt him because he’s good-looking, athletic and comes from a good family. Why is life so unfair???

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Agree! Why the hell is Nicole so angry? She wins NOTHING, she was talking about Dani behind her back, what makes her untouchable? Why would Christmas feel guilty? I don’t get it! I want Nicole gone. I hate her game and I REALLY hate her whining.


Thank you Nichole Franzel. If it wasnt for you and your terrible fake whining and season ruining pregame alliances and hand jobbing gameplay I would think this still a show worth watching. Thanks to you I only check Simon and Dawgs updates and skip the horribly edited cbs garbage

Nicole Rulez

Your welcome, Janelle. Nicole looks happy, safe, and secure now. So sorry you’re missing all the fun but I hope you’ll get the chance to watch her on tv crowned the NEW QUEEN OF BB when she wins it all again. So sorry your SO not being invited to her wedding. Hope life for you in Jealousyland is nice.


Janelle was never going to her wedding, anyway. If there’s even still a wedding…


Nicoins really IS insufferable! There’s nothing likable about her.


I can’t wait for that gutter trash Xmas whore to get out and find out how un-adored she truly is. She needs to be taken down a peg or two. The final six are not horrid they are just beyond blah and boring. The triple eviction was so predictable and boring. From the lack of audience applause to the dollar tree-esque comp designs I would say Big Brother needs to go away for a while then come back with a real ALL STARS in a few years to make up for this travesty season we are subjected to.


Why is Nicole so angry that other people have a final two deal? Everybody has a final two including her! I just don’t understand how she can be so angry about Tyler and Christmas voting against her and she voted Ian out and lied about it!


Exactly!!!! Everyone always gets so bent out of shape when someone makes a move against them when they are doing the exact same thing. Everyone lies, everyone back stabs, everyone makes multiple alliances. It’s part of the BB game. If you can’t handle it and not take it so personal you really shouldn’t be playing BB.


How ridiculous is it for HER, Nicole the SSSNAKE, to say that TYLER is a big LIAR! The bitch is a LIE! If she were doing it in a humorous way, but NO. she is dead serious! Nicole really thinks she is the only one who can have multiple alliances, glibly lie at the drop of a hat but no one else better DARE try to do the same to win the game.


Right! Her saying “they’re dead to me” because they voted for the bigger threat and the more annoying person to go??? Relly Nicoins? It’s a game, b!tch!


Enzo has said his regret on his first season was going to the end with 2 comp beasts. He just now told Cody , ” its me , you and Memphis to the end”……LOL it was a facepalm moment. YO


the only non-threats in comps at this point are enzo and nicf. at least memphis is only a mental threat, not a physical one?


Enzo is afraid to play his own game. He needs his boys to protect him.


The comp is named, “How many pregame alliances do you have?” and the HG with the lowest score wins.

another name

so make a vegan mud pie veto?


A balance beam to a maze and finally reaching a curly haired mannequin that must be coiffed into a hair man bun! Nicole is the only one w hand speed, tongue in cheek, lol, but keeps falling off the balance beam and loses to Tyler!


For the first time in my BB watching life, I hope so!

Death to Big Brother

Nicole is the most insufferable player to ever play this game. Heaven forbid someone try and take a swing at her. I mean honestly why is she even there. If Dan couldn’t be crowned at two time winner after perhaps one of the best moves in history (the funeral) then no one can. Period. It will never happen. I think just about everyone knows this, which is primarily the only reason Nicole is still around. I was starting to like Enzo again until he pussed out and kept her in the game last night. Enzo is making the EXACT same mistake that he made in season 12. He will get to the end with two others that have NO intention on taking him to final two. I really don’t see any way Cody doesn’t wind up winning this season. What a shame. I had so much hope for this season in the beginning. I am really getting tired of these mob mentality super alliances that always form at the start of the game and just steam roll. It makes things so predictable and so boring. They really need to find a way to put a stop to it. I hate to say if folks, but I think big brother is on life support and not even an all-star season could save it.


Agree, and all stars pulled the plug.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

I understand that both Cody and Memphis are soon going to receive medical treatment for their arms,for injuries sustained from excessive patting themselves on the back.

Cody’s John Lennon Look

The camera didn’t move Cody bc nobody cares about your sunglass/ hat combo.
I think this might have been the tipping point for me…..if it’s between Nicole and Cody how do the hg’s vote? I would forfeit and walk out.

another name

Felon: I just feel like personal – like game wise yesterday, I feel like… like I was betrayed to betray somebody that I trusted, and they trusted me…
Chody: mm-hmm, yep.

Wait. Doesn’t that sound like Grinch is pulling the “PERSONAL GAME INFORMATION” card?????? Sounds an AWFUL lot like she just pulled the personal game information card.
Just sayin.


Both Cody and Enzo told Tyler today “I’m personally connected to you”.
That would concern me if I were Tyler, as it sounds like they’re running off the same script.


Imagine if Christmas doesn’t use the veto and they vote her ass out?


That would be so epic!


We’d have a better season if they just walked outside and picked the first 16 people wearing shorts.

Terrible Horrific Season

Do not want Nic or Cody to win this crap season. They need to go


While I was very disappointed that Enzo didn’t vote out Nicole, he made the smart decision at the time. Why go against his main ally Cody to save David who’s not gonna keep him safe.

But yes Enzos social game is insane. Honestly he’s so good he could play this game 10 times and would go to the final 3 every single time

Night Nurse

Sadly, Nicole is probably going to make it to finale night and these people will go down in history as the dumbest people to ever play this game. I specifically want enzo to go out in 3rd place so it can really sting him when he sees Nicole in the finals. Praying Tyler will make it to the end. Everyone else can leave right now. Between this and the NBA finals, I don’t know which is worse, too predictable.

Nancy A Boehner

Face mask won’t help you dude!