“When you’re a target the entire game you’re [Tyler] not good at this game that’s how I feel”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas & Tyler
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
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Power of Veto Ceremony
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9:53 am Everyone getting ready for the day. Production woke them up early

10:03 am A Duck

10:04 am Nicole cleaning

10:20 am Nicole getting ready .. for the coin fans

10:33 am Christmas
Christmas says Enzo is locked in with Cody and Nicole. “He’s riding out to see which one he can untimely be within the final 3”
Christmas – it’s in my best interest to keep Tyler in this house. Period. Enzo has shown me I’m not in his target.
Christmas – he has a commitment to Cody.. Enzo is double-dipping.. that’s fine everybody double dips in Big Brother
Christmas thinks if she’s on the block against Tyler, Enzo she’ll stay. If she’s on the block against Memphis she thinks she’s going home.
Christmas – let’s face it Nicole’s not going on the block this week.. if I win the Veto and take myself down they’ll put up Memphis.
Christmas says noms will be the same unless her or Tyler win the veto., “I pray that Enzo would go up”
Christmas – If Memphis goes up I’m out .. that is worst-case scenario .. I don’t want to be sixth
Christmas – I need to find out how secure he is with Cody. (Memphis)
Christmas – going forward we might want to keep Nicole because Cody is a comp beast beast beast.. he’s had a clean sweep twice.. We’re at final 6 there’s only a few HOH until we’re fina; 3.
Christmas runs some scenario that Tyler goes this week and they take Cody out next week. “He needs to go out before Nicole”
Christmas explains how mechanics of the game with these few players everyone plays in veto. She goes on explaining parts that are different when fewer players are around. Talks through different scenarios untimely wants to take out Cody ASAP and keep Nicole a bit longer because she stinks at comps.. for now. (Like someone watching the feeds Saturday morning isn’t a die-hard fan that knows all this.)

10:43 am Nicole
Nicole – it’s Not Good.. When you’re a target the entire game you’re not good at this game that’s how I feel. Err.. Not even a target when people. He’s just talk about… it’s not good. I know a good player and I’m really good at giving props to people that deserve it. Tyler’s So bad. I just can’t help.. he’s just so bad.

11:39 am Nicole and Christmas playing backgammon
Chit chat.. Cody is sleeping in the HOH.

12:09 pm Christmas.. “OH OH VETO.. OH OH VETO.. ”

1:08pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cams … The Power Of Veto competition is starting!!

2:44pm Still blocked..

3:48pm Still nothing..

4:30pm Nothing yet..

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Team New School Team New School

Tyler is so bad?!?!? Right, Nicole and you are the best! He is bad because he didn’t have an alliance with most of the house before he walked in the door? I didn’t hate Nicole this season until last week.


She has a good heart. I hope she wins.

She loved Ian but had to do what it takes to win a game.

Go girl.


I don’t think she loved Ian until they told her people saw her laughing at him. If she truly loved him she would have said something even if all she said was that’s how he manages. But by saying nothing and laughing she doesn’t care.


If she loved Ian he would’ve known about Nicole’s “TRUE” Alliance, and he would’ve been in it. Not the fake one they created with Ian just before he was evicted. Not to mention her belly laughing about him. Yeah she really loves him; NOT.


Her and Ian’s alliance was made right away and Dani & Cody joined not long after. Many HG’s have said or done things they regret due to playing a game for $500,000.


Either way she voted, Ian was going to go. Smartest thing to do was vote with her alliance. I’m team Nicole, all the way.

Vic the real MVP

You too find bullying to be acceptable. Nice, no wonder the world sux

Vic the real MVP

Yeah I know I clown the people I love too. Especially about being on the spectrum. If that ain’t love I don’t know what is! She’s a b****


And you are a bully.


What game are you watching, must win something anything & not be a rider & a whiner, Cody’s lucky he has a girlfrnd


She is saying she is bad too, hello!!! Didn’t you read??

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I feel the same way about Nicole. In the beginning I kind of was pulling for her but now I can’t wait for her to get evicted.

BB Juicy Blast

If anyone knows about pulling, it’s Nicole.


Winner! ^


She really told us who she was beginning last week. I agree completely.

Lenora Sampson

Always disliked her this season I just can’t stand her


Tyler has David and Christmas. They were to be a four before Kaycee got Covid and Josh signed for The Challenge. Xmas & Tyler thought they were going to be there until they walked in. That is why they hooked up night one. Nicole denied being in the show to Derrick and wasn’t in the Alliance. Janelle and Bay were in an alliance and Tyler also had David, arranged through Ovi.


Will the Veto be played today?

Barney Rubble



Nicole, voting someone out of the game that is a number for you (Ian) to benefit someones elses game is bad game. And didn’t you keep Tyler?? Yea I say you are bad at this game. Too bad there isn’t a guy to lay around in bed with this season so you are Cody’s Victoria.


Her voting out Tyler would have done nothing, Dani was voting Ian out. Quit being a bully.


Oh Nichole… go away! Sincerely: everyone <3

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

Thank you Simon for the Xmas dance!


Tyler is a better player than Nicole. Just because she won it doesn’t make her a better player. No matter who she is against at the end she wouldn’t win.


Well, to be honest Nicole had production shield her during her winning season. So I guess getting production on your side is part of the game now…




Also people forget one thing. Did she win because she deserved to or because the jury was against Paul


True. Natalie and Da’vonne have both confessed that Paul played a better game and they wish they would’ve voted for him instead of Nicoins.


Interesting… so entering the game being argueably the biggest target given how well he played his season, ppl knowing all that, and still being there in the final 6 while winning comps and not being carried around is being terrible at the game?!
Man this woman is so delusional and petty is not even funny
Especially when she has done absolutely nothing in the game and has been unable to ONCE flip the vote to keep her close allies in the house
Lets remember how she voted out ian, one of her closest allies against tyler the person she so much despises now cause he dared to make a game move against her lol
Week after week after week she has given in to codys wishes on who goes home
She has had 0 sway in the decision made
Couldnt even get her close irl friend (major advantage she entered the game with) to put on the block enzo against tyler to secure ian
She entered with 3 irl close relationships. Now lets be clear, its one thing to pregame, make some calls and agree to work together with ppl you have talked to a few times and barely know. And its A WHOLE different thing to enter with irl friends. Ppl may not realize this, but the difference is huge given that ppl who are your friends irl are MUCH less likely to turn agaisnt you in the game or to expect it from you. Hence why dani never saw she turning against her coming, nor did ian. Cause ppl actually value irl friendships way more than pregames talks. The evidence? David voting against tyler when he was on the block and being willing to evict him to keep someone he wasnt even close to in the house.
So knowing all this and having done nothing in the game, she still trash talks tylers game, who entered with a huge target and shouldve been evicted in the first few weeks like most fans anticipated once the cast was known and got to top 6 not being carried around but actually playing the game
Sure nicole

Just call me Fred

Sicole thinks she is really great at this game. She is always saying, “What do I do?” to anyone who will listen to her. She is always lost and doesn’t know how to play the game. And she’s calling out Tyler. If she only knew how stupid she looks she’d prolly run and hide like she’s done all summer. What a joke for an all star. I liked her until she laughed at Ian and she thinks she’s the cat’s meow. She’s a loser and shouldn’t have won the game at all. She rode others shirt tails to the end and lucked out. Not a good player at all.

Bic Mitchum

Nicole, besides make a pre game alliance with Cody what have you done?? Any comp wins? Any real strategy other than have Cody carry you? You didn’t deserve to win at all last time, Paul was robbed by bitter jury members and now you act like your a bb big shot. I hope I get to see you talking to Julie soon


Cody will for sure use the “she already won, hasn’t won any comps, etc” if he is sitting next to her at the end. Enzo blew it by not getting rid of her when they had the chance.


I think Cody taking Nicole to F2 will be his second $450K mistake…


I wish nothing more than for the veto to be won and for cody to put up nicole thinking she will be 100% safe and she being blindsided and voted out
Ye ikik its not happening but how amazing would it be?!
At this point i want tyler to win the veto and save himself and the replacement nom to be sent home somehow.
I really want to see some campaigning going between whoever is left on the block and the renom
Sadly these pregame relationships made the game so boring as ppl arent willing to play for themselves and keep just protecting their pregame allies even when it goes against their best interests
At which point will enzo realize that cody isnt taking him to f2 ever?!
He would take freaking tyler over enzo given enzos social game
If nicole makes it to f2 she will get a lot of votes and will likely win and these clowns seem blind to that. Props to christmas for picking up on that
Dani, ian, kevin and day will likely vote for her which leaves her pretty close to win only needing one of the remaining players votes
And this is why i cant stand day and kevin, cause as clueless as they were during the game, thats exactly how they will vote
Sadly the players who would actually respect game moves were evicted prejury and all we have left are emotional bitter juries
If dani wasnt so hypocritical and was half as good a player as she thinks she is, she would give tyler credit for getting her out before she got him out, cause hey getting out “the best player” should be a great move right? But nahhh its better to be bitter about it


I forget. What season did you win?

The Beef

I think you are spot on in your analysis here and given what we’ve seen in this season so far I don’t think anybody should be at all surprised by how these nimrods vote. If it does end up being Cody vs. Nicole I think Dani will vote for Nicole out of bitterness towards Cody simply for not throwing her a sympathy vote, and how small of her is that and her actually being someone who PLAYS the game vs. being a coattail rider or floater? I think Ian will vote for her out of loyalty, Kevin will out of spite because he hates Cody, and Da’Vonne will, because she’s a woman, and we all know Day will vote for a woman over a white man every single time.

Christmas, Tyler, Memphis and Enzo will all vote for Cody because, well because he DESERVES to win over her, but also because the three guys worked a lot closer with him than her throughout the game, and I don’t think any of them will be bitter about him getting them out.

That leaves David as the swing vote. Does he vote game or does he let somebody in the jury house get in his head and sway his vote? Your guess is as good as mine on that one. I’d bet he would go Cody due to game play and the fact Nicole has already won, but I’m far from certain on that. Plus there’s still time for a surprise or two along the way, but given how this season has played out, I doubt that’s going to happen.


If Tyler manages to win the comps needed to get to F2, then I hope his speech to the jury consists of, “I did not have a pregame alliance,” and nothing else.

Starry night

Mic drop


If he makes it to final 2 he should absolutely win given that he had all the odds against him
However i dont see him winning ever cause these ppl are all bitter and petty and cant acknowledge good game play if it doesnt come from someone who whines and plays victim and acts all hurt about everything
Its a freaking game where someone has to leave each week and ppl have to do what it takes to get to the end which includes lying and setting ppl up
I wish instead of ppl being so petty they would acknowledge when someone truly did a lot to get to where they are
In tylers season we got that from haileigh and brett. Tyler was behind both of their evictions, and yet they gave him the win cause they werent petty like most jurors lately
The whole “if you get me out im not voting for you” is the most absurd thing in this game
Really if you consider yourself any good at this, you should praise whoever takes you out, especially when you were coming after them
Take nicole for instance… she was never close to tyler. She knows she wanted him out sooner rather than later. So knowing this, didnt it make sense for him to try to take her out? If anything she should be thinking if he didnt take the chance “damn this guy is so dumb, keeps me here when im coming for him”
Yes it didnt turn out well for him, but so what
Why being so hateful about it and acting so entitled and disgusted as if he did anything wrong to her personally
Ugh i just cant with her
What ppl really cant stand from tyler is that he doesnt play emotionally nor he pretends to. He makes stratigic decisions and plays along with what he thinks is best.
Instead they prefer whiny fake nicole who acts like shes such a victim and is being wronged


But he did. He had David and he had Xmas. He had Josh & Kaycee in a 4 some but they got cut and Tyler & Xmas didn’t know it until the first night.

The one without an alliance was Nicole. Yes she was friends with Dani but hadn’t seen or talked to Cody in years nor had she seen Ian.


the triple could have been the most exciting thing to happen this season but of course it was a huge letdown and did nothing to make this boring season any more interesting which has suddenly become even more boring and honestly its painful to keep watching the feeds i just cant


Tyler has been a target the whole game because of how good he was on his season. The fact that he’s still there now only proves that he IS good. And props to Nicole she is obviously good too. She won a season and is in the final 5 at least on her 3rd go around. But she had an pre alliance with Cody, and Cody has done ALL the work to get Nicole this far. So I’m MY opinion. Tyler is better than Nicole.


They all had pregame stuff going.
The difference is that she didnt only have pregame calls. She entered the house with 3 ppl who would NEVER betray her cause theyre close irl. 3 strong players. Just think how even codys mom was invited to the wedding
Irl relationships wont ever turn on you unless theyre called nicole (she turns on anyone unless theyre her alpha i.e. cody)
One of those 3 is cody who beside she and dani (2 who again would NEVER go against him) entered with memphis and enzo as close allies too. Again 2 strong players. Cause of their loyalty to cody they wouldnt turn on her till final 8 at least
Now take a look again at those names and notice how they consist of almost every player who has won every comp from the very beginning
So thats such a strong web built around her that she couldve stayed in a corner the entire game talking to no one and the result wouldve been exactly what we are seeing


I don’t think Cody knew Enzo and Memphis before this..could be wrong tho. But pretty sure Nicole knew Cody and Dani, but Dani and Cody didn’t know each other


Memphis and Cody were the only 2 in a pre-game set up by Dan and Memphis.


Tyler has not been a target, second time he getS nominated!!


He should have been
Only reason he wasnt was cause of the connections he made in the game (and possibly derricks advices to cody)
Pretty much everyone who saw the cast predicted him as one of the first persons to be evicted when the season started
No one thought ppl were gonna let him get far in the game
Yet as you said this is only his 2nd time on the block and he has good chances of staying


She didn’t have a pre-game with Cody but Tyler has one with David and Xmas and also Josh and Kaycee before they were cut.

Mirror Mirror

I was going to say something mean and stupid, but I stopped myself.


If Nicole thinks she is a good player and Tyler is a bad player. She truly needs electric shock therapy. what a complete idiot.


I am sending good vibes for Tyler to win, take himself off the block and replace him with Memphis and vote him out. He thinks he’s such a badass. He’s almost as bad as coin slot.

David’s Acting Coach

I’m so proud of David and the way he left the game. He didn’t use his acting skills but showed respect for the game and himself. I bet he would be much better with another go round (but I don’t want to see it – new players only please).


I just heard Cody won veto, is it true????? Lord I hope not! I wanted Tyler to win it!


Yes Cody won again.. I think they all just sat down and let him have this one..


Nicole is a very self centered immature young girl. I’m not sure that her marriage will last to the young man she is planning to marry. In this game she has had trouble with not having her “usual” showmance to fall back on and sweet talk into carrying her along for a good part of the game. She has been having to count on poor Cody without the “sexual teasing” she normally could use. She is the epitome of the archaic kept woman….




She had 4 comp wins in 18. No one carried her.


OMG. Picture above of Nicole looking in the mirror crying is sooooo creepy!!!! Maybe she’s practicing.