“It couldn’t have worked out better”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas & Tyler
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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Spoilage – Tyler is getting evicted.. Next triple, please.

12:17 am Feeds come back after a couple of hours of wine drinking..
Laughing eating pizza.

Christmas – he’s going to hump your leg.
Memphis – the ice age chasing the little nut on the screen .. that’s how I feel like for 100 days chasing the nut

12:42 am Chit chat and joking around in the HOH..

1:30 am Coins happy..

1:49 am Cody and Enzo
Cody – I’m so hyped ..
Enzo – I just wanted to touch base with you that we’re good and sh1t.. he’s going
Cody says Memphis will go after Christmas if he wins the next HOH.
Enzo – I hope he does I hope he doesn’t get cute with us. I think he knows that she’s a pawn in his game and he’s using her.
Cody – 100%
Enzo – I think he knows he needs us to get to the final 3
Enzo says he thought Memphis was a douchebag on his season but he liked him now
Cody – gamewise he’s been amazing for us.. he’s going to put her up (Christmas)
Enzo – after what she pulled on his f**ing HOH
Cody says the best move they did was not crossing Memphis “now who’s he most loyal to? you and mem”
The go through the people remaining and who they want to win HOH. Enzo wants Nicole to win. Warns Cody that Christmas will put up Cody and Nicole.
Cody says if Nicole wins veto and Christmas puts up Enzo as the replacement “I’m done in this game.. I’ll go off.”
Enzo – if I win HOH I have to put up Christmas and Memphis how the f**… YO… IF I put up Nicole and Christmas
Feeds cut When we’re back. Enzo is talking about putting Nicole up as a pawn.
Enzo says he’s been lying to both Christmas and Tyler all week saying they are fine and they have his vote. Adds that Tyler knows he’s going.
They talk about letting Memphis win the next HOH so he can put up Nicole and Christmas. All they have to worry about is the Veto at that point
Cody says if Nicole wins HOH she’s putting up Memphis and Christmas.
Enzo – if the noms stay the same do we clip Memphis? that’s the question YO that’s the f**ing Question
Cody – we’ll think about that when we get there..
Enzo – that’s the meat and potatoes.. I love the dude I do love the dude but we’re in the final 4. Christmas and F**ing we’re going to run through them..
Cody – the only thing about that with me is not knowing where Christmas is but knowing where Memphis is.
Cody says Nicole wants to send out Christmas over Tyler.
Cody – I said I don’t trust Tyler he told Enzo about the committee.. she said HE DID?
Cody says if Nicole would have won the Veto curing the triple Memphis was going to backdoor Tyler.

Cody is adamant that Memphis will nominate Christmas and Nicole. Points out that Memphis wants Tyler gone this week. Them taking out Tyler will solidify things for Memphis.

3:23 am Enzo and Cody
Enzo talks about there is no reason to start drama in the house to “Shake it up”
Enzo – yo..
Enzo – would have been great to see Christmas in there right after Dani YO
COdy – that’s all I can think about BRO..
Enzo – Dani would have a field day on her YO.. She would have said interesting
Cody – Christmas would have walked in their reaction would have set her off..
Enzo – Christmas has a really short fuse YO
COdy – Christmas would have snapped that’s it
Enzo – I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Christmas snapping in this F**Ing house
COdy – I’m telling you now if Memphis wins HOH and puts her up she’s going to f**ing go (off)
Enzo – Memphis knows how to massage her .. cause Memphis doesn’t give a f** I’ve been doing that this week to these two.. Christmas and Tyler. YOu got my vote blah blah.. Thursday night someone will find out
Enzo – what are you going to do.. I’ll say I’m sorry YO. you can’t give a f** YO who cares YO
Cody says Tyler is a class act he’s not going to do anything “He ain’t bitter like that”
Enzo – When Dani was doing it I liked it.. but it seems an act of desperation. It’s not me.. you guys got me f*** yo it is what it is YO that’s the way I’m going to approach it.. YO what you say there is not going to do nothing. It’s just not..
Enzo – yo should have played a better game I don’t know what to tell you that’s just not it at that moment.. it’s not going to change nothing.. (eviction speech)
COdy starts complaining about Kaysar’s speech.
Enzo – he had nothing figured out he thought he had the whole f***Ing season figured out..
Cody – he had no idea..
Enzo – everything was wrong
Cody – he just named me with a million other people

THey BRO out about Enzo’s Enemein CD he got for his HOH. “Brought me back yo” “It was Dope YO” “Bro.. F**ing Dope Bro”
Enzo says if Kaysar had won the Veto he was going to backdoor Ian “YO”
They talk about Dani “YO we kept her 8 weeks YO.. we let it ride yo” Enzo says they gave Dani ample time to stop spreading and spinning things around the house.
Enzo – we got rid of her YO I don’t feel back YO
Cody says if Dani had won HOH during the triple Tyler and Christmas would have gone up and Dani wanted Christmas gone.
COdy – that would have been ideal with us
Enzo – then we would have ride with her.. but not talk game.
Cody – she went out at the best time.. then I won HOH and we have everything locked. It couldn’t have worked out better..
Enzo – YO..
Cody – we still need to take care of business next week
THey go on about Dani Spinning information and talking game all the time
Enzo – you don’t need to talk game every day.. relax YO..
Cody – go home YO ..
Enzo says he’s sleeping all day tomorrow
Cody – you can’t sleep all day tomorrow YO I need you awake.
Enzo about Christmas “She’s so F***ing funny how she game talks yo. I’m not going to lie she knows like how to word sh1t she knows how to game talk I’ll give her that she’s fULL of sh1t yo.. she’s just full of sh1t but I love it yo it’s so f***ing funny YO”
Cody – dude Nicole is ruthless.. she’s like I’m telling Tyler I’m not voting for him she’s like if Tyler is staying I want to tell him i’m not voting for him.
Cody – I’m like alright we don’t know yet
Enzo – she doesn’t know we’re voting him out
Cody – I haven’t had that conversation with her.. I feel like you me and her should have that conversation

Enzo says he’s already had a light conversation bout it with Nicole. He brought up not wanting to play against Tyler in the next HOH and how getting rid of Tyler is good for Cody’s resume.
Enzo – in the next HOH we’re already fighting f***ing Memphis we want to fight Tyler to? She’s getting rid of Tyler

5:23 am Enzo heads to bed downstairs.

9:01 am Sleeping..
11:00 am Sleeping..

11:36 am We have movement everyone is up. They notice the squirrel statues

11:56 am Slow start

12:49 pm ooh neat feeds…

1:49 pm Nicole and Cody
Cody brings up Tyler’s attempts with Enzo trying to play it up to him that he needed to win the veto and use it on Tyelr\
Nicole – did you, Tyler, and Enzo have a final 3
Cody – yeah we did. Tyler wanted to do it and only brought it up the week of Enzo’s HOH and we never said anything about it EVER EVER
Nicole – I beat Paul in comps, I beat Cory in comps, I beat Victor in comps. I’m not bad at this game. my confidence is what’s stopping me from winning competitions. It isn’t my actual physical ability or my mental ability it’s my confidence level. When I feel like I’ve been doing poorly over and over it just adds up I put more pressure on myself and I freak out. I have to remember who I am I’m the only freaking winner in this house I’m still here I’m making it to final 5 it’s absolutely incredible and I can just dominate the rest of the season and .. my love ones know I can I just need to believe in myself
Cody – and I know you can. I’ve watched it. You won 2 HOH’s our season
Nicole – I won three
Cody – on 16
Nicole – yes

Cody – seeya later dude
Nicole – when I was hearing what he was doing on Season 20 like coming up with all these lies and laughing behind the scenes I was like ugh ..
Cody – he said something to Memphis. ooh oh no he said to Enzo like he’s going to go up to Memphis and try to be like alright everyone is voting to send Christmas out if you want to give a pity vote to me that’s how he wants to try and trick him (huh)
They laugh “that’s the stupidest thing ever”
Cody – that would never work.
Nicole – never in a million years

Nicole – First off Memphis does not believe in pity votes.
Cody – no.. no he’s going.. it’s more clear.
Nicole – I think we should blindside him too
Cody – yeah I want to
Nicole – otherwise he’s going to say a bunch of crap in his speech
Cody – about what
Nicole – me and you

1:59 pm Cody and Nicole
Nicole – does final 2 get their stipend?
Cody – yes, Normally no but this season yes
Nicole – that’s a big difference..
Cody – HUGE, cause I was like wait a minute if I get Second I was like HUH
Nicole – I did on 18
Cody – I did no on 16 that’s what pissed me off because Donny made more money than me (OH that made my day)
Nicole – that’s so weird
Cody – I was like it’s such bullsh1t. that frustrated me a lot

2:34 pm Christmas thinking “It’s a hard week my ally is going home”.
Enzo washing his butt.

Christmas says she needs to win the HOH. If Cody or Nicole win she’s in trouble. She wonders if the guys will throw it to her.

2:55 pm

3:40pm – 4:35pm The house guests are just sun tanning and relaxing. Memphis and Tyler chat about there being 3 weeks left till they see their “ladies”.

4:26pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..
4:43pm Still blocked..
5pm Enzo and Nicole relaxing in the HOH room. Meanwhile Tyler and Christmas are playing backgammon.

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nothing to say


You could say “Go Nicole!”

Just Sayin'

You forgot the word home… its go home nicole!


There are a lot of us Nicole fans out there.

Let’s light up the likes to show them we are here!

We are like Trump supporters quiet but plenty.


Trump supporters are the loudest people in the world.

Joe Hiden

Whereas the Biden supporters burn and loot in silence?

The Foosa

Oh totally, I agree with you. When you have 10K people hanging out at an airport hanger at a Pres Trump “peaceful protest” vs O’Biden-Bama and The Bern garnering tens of people at an event a couple of days ago; yes Pres Trump supporters are the loudest people in the world….

Any other words of wisdom from you “John” ?


I’m a Trump supporter, but can not stand Nicole. She got 2 minutes of fame and it went to her head. She is just a mean, nasty, self-centered, narcissistic idiot. Victor needs to run fast and far!

The Foosa

I like your post except that I sympathize with Nicole. How would you feel if you can’t breathe whatsoever through your nose and everyone keeps trying to put quarters in there and expecting a prize? She has issues…




Dang. Tyler’s probably leaving. This sucks. Who do I root for now? I can’t believe I’m actually going to have to root for Cody. Enzo’s starting to wear on me. He’s all talk… a lap dog to Cody. I appreciate his ability to stay safe, stay close to the power, and win when he had to, but Cody has done all of that much better. Memphis is arrogant and clueless. Nicole is a waste of space – she has contributed very little to the game except to exist, and Christmas is a spineless jerk. Ok, “root for” is a strong word. Cody and Enzo at the end would be least objectionable.


I mean at this point enzo is even advicing cody on building up his speech in f2 saying that hes gotten out 2 weak players and need to get a strong one out so the jury appreciates him… all i wonder is hmmm enzo what are you doing?! Why do you want cody to build up such a strong game? How is that any good for you?
Im honestly lost with enzo and his inability to think ahead and of whats best for HIS game. I think hes been broing up and trusting cody WAY too much that he has lost all sense of awareness about his own game
Truth is cody WONT ever take him to f2. Even if he does cody will get nicole, dani, tyler and ian most likely, and he should
Enzo can beat any other player in f2, but instead hes betting on cody, who will take anyone over him and who will 100% smoke him in the final hoh
By now i truly hope he ends up 3rd place again


Maybe he’s just tryin to get Cody to clip a strong player so it will be easier for him (Enzo). Then he’ll clip Cody if he gets the chance and go to Final 3 w/ Memphis and Christmas?

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

Right remember Cody can’t play in the next HOH and with Tyler gone it would be a great time for Enzo, Memphis or Xmas to clip Cody. Cody will have to rely on Nicole to win HOH and keep him safe.

Wish Paul was there to finish 2nd again

Ain’t happening. Enzo is playing for 3rd place again.


They have all been playing this game for Cody to win since Day 1. I don’t get it.


Exactly! Between grodner, Derrick, and hg, Cody was set up to win day 1

The Beef

Lot’s of people talk about the “strong” social game Enzo is playing. Conversations like the one you point out do not indicate a strong social game, but instead show him stupidly helping his opponent to not only win, but also to influence the jury during his argument! To me, this is NOT a great social game. It may be friendly, but it is helping your opposition gain a stronger position in the game.

But, maybe Enzo truly wants Tyler out over Christmas and he is using this psychology to get Cody to change his mind from evict Christmas to evict Tyler. If so, it seems that it has worked, and then maybe it IS good social game play.

So it can go both ways. It does seem stupid and strange for Enzo to do this, but is it really? Maybe it’s just psychology at work to get Cody to change his mind, and if it is you have to admit it has worked because Cody was fully committed to getting Christmas out just yesterday, and now he seems committed to getting Tyler out. Maybe Enzo is smarter than we are giving him credit for.

Just a fan

Memphis is not arrogant and clueless he just doesn’t ac t like an idiot

Tyler Needs Pandora

He isn’t acting. He really is an idiot.


lmfao, right on

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I’m really going to miss Tyler. He seemed like the only likable person left in the house. It is all in Grodner’s hands now.


Tyler blew it when he didn’t take out Cody on the triple. He wanted to get back at Dani, but Cody is the one running the game. As soon as he did that I knew Cody would take him out.

The Beef

I don’t believe the others would have voted Cody out! He could have nominated him and he would have been in an even worse position today then he is. Pretty sure these fools would have voted to keep him in the game, assuming he didn’t win the veto and take himself off the block.


Dani did what Cody wanted (vote Ian out). Codys done with Dani. Bye Dani
Tyler did what Cody wanted (vote Dani out). Cody
s done with Tyler. Bye Tyler

Cody uses you like a toilet paper. Wipe and Flush….next.


i haven’t liked Enzo for years now… I always found him annoying. He must be better in person because they always say how funny and likable he is.


I hope memphis wins hoh and puts enzo and cody up. I mean he gotta know hes last in the totem pole for them right? Im actually not sure about that but it feels so obvious that cody will always keep enzo and nicole over him
If not then just let cody win… he will honestly deserve it after fooling everyone
If memphis doesnt realize he needs to get cody out then hes bad at the game cause at this point its painfully obvious
Idk how cody and enzo think that he will go after christmas tbh
I also still fail to see enzos path to f2. Does he just want to hand cody the win? Seriously in which universe does he think that this strategy hes playing will get him to f2


I agree. I never thought I would root for Memphis.


Memphis thinks he’s in the boys’ club. He should nominate Cody and Nicole, but will probably nominate Christmas and Nicole.


I think I may be done, I’ll find something else to do during breaks rather than checking out what is happening in the house. I just dislike everyone that is left to the extent that I don’t see the point of watching. It’s not about not getting what I want, it’s about not wasting any more time on this cast.


Same. I’m done watching.


Ya I feel the same, if Tyler goes I don’t think I can stomach watching those who are left. Really don’t want any of them to win so what’s the point? Although it might be entertaining to see them all turn on each other????


Enzo CONFIRMED to Cody he has been LYING to both Tyler & Christmas & that he DID KNOW they were supposed to vote out Nicole. Umm — Meow, Meow I hate to break it to you but Ty/Xmas also know you’re lying.

The next several minutes is Enzo & Cody discussing F3 & Enzo pushing for Memphis while Cody is pushing to keep Nicole —hello Meow Meow RED FLAG.

The other big news in keeping with this sh*tty season is Tyler is a goner barring a major shift in TPTB plot line — again doubtful since Grodner seems intent on breaking all records for ineptitude.

For those of us dreaming up a best case scenarios it’s Tyler finding a Diamond Power of Veto so he can remove both himself/Xmas from the block & since he can’t put up Cody nominate Enzo & Nicole to break that trio up & send out Nicole. He’d piss off Cody/Enzo but he’d be a marked man anyway and maybe keeping Memphis off the block could buy him some leverage for the next week where he or Xmas could win HOH & get to hear Cody/Enzo whine instead of Nicole.

As much as I’m not a fan of Xmas or Memphis at least they’ve played the game & with Cody losing his true F2 it would be intriguing to see who his next choice would be (Enzo?).

Ty’s problem is he bought into the triple thr3at but that was only real to Cody & Enzo when it was convenient. He’s now trying to backtrack but the only way he stays is if Cody gets worried that Memphis can’t be trusted b/c he’s saying he’ll nominate Xmas/Nicole — hopefully the DR plants a few seeds to Cody making him question if Memphis would really do that when he made a second WG alliance with Enzo and the fact Memphis still hasn’t told him about the second F3 should give him some pause.


Warning: long post

Time for Tyler to go full on Dani-mode
So if I’m Tyler knowing I’m a goner I leave no stone upturned. The following represents what I would say to each of the hamsters if I was Tyler with the hopes of stirring up paranoia & trying to shift the target off myself…

First, I’d work Christmas (yes Xmas) b/c she is already set to explode. I’d tell her how it sucks Enzo f*cked us but it makes sense b/c he has three F3s still in the house but he’ll end up third again b/c he’s most committed to Cody (as per his vote) who is doing everything to protect his goat (Nic)! I’d say watch – they’ll throw Nic HOH so she can take out Memphis or you which is what they wanted me to do so you need to win HOH.

Ty should tell her — you can chill I already know I’m leaving it’s basically been confirmed. So here’s what you need to do to help yourself for next week b/c Nicody/Enzo are setting it up for you/Memphis to go out F5 & F4. I know you felt bad about Nic & I’m not sure if you protected Enzo about the vote but you need to tell her the truth so she can let it fester all week b/c she’s trashing us to them which means she’ll target you over Memphis.

Tell Nic how Enzo wanted her OTB in DE & has wanted her out the entire game & how he was 100% to vote her out but you initially protected him b/c you thought he had your back. You need to get her questioning if she can trust him. And tell Xmas she needs to tell Memphis about Enzo & the vote/ his true Nicody allegiance. I’d also drive home to her- no one can beat Cody and the ONLY way he goes home is if he’s sitting beside Enzo & the HOH will need to break the tie b/c both Enzo/Nic will vote to save him b/c they both have F2s with him.

*Xmas will freak about Nic talking behind her back, the Enzo betrayal will eat at her & thinking Ty is leaving she’ll definitely go to Memphis to secure that. This could benefit Ty b/c Nic will say something to Cody & Memphis might say something to both the guys — which in turn would possibly get them looking at Xmas again as an issue.

Then Ty needs to say to Enzo so basically Xmas vented after the vote & noms & I can read between the lines she thought you/Memphis & her had a F3 & your vote made it clear your more committed to Nicody, esp with the noms. I just stupidly thought Triple Thr3at was the real alliance. But I give you props you’ve played great & hey Cody will be a deserving winner. It just burns me Nicole will go down on par with Dan when she gets to F2 again & it’s obvious by how hard Cody protects her she’s his true F2 – I thought maybe not but it’s clear as day now – it’s crazy in retrospect b/c Dani warned me about all these things but I didn’t listen. (after Cody fought Enzo last night about taking Nic to F3 this “should” percolate).

Then tell him Xmas is pissed about the vote and was crying over Nic so if she wins HOH next week I think she’ll put up you & Cody, so please be careful. -I get it you did what you thought was better for your game. I feel so bad I lost POV today not just for me but for you b/c I could see us in those F2 chairs. You/Cody were the only guys I wanted to get to F3 with even though I feel you are the two best players – he’s the comp/strategist & you have the best social game I’ve ever seen. I knew I’d lose to either of you but I was so committed to TT. I hope you pull out F2 HOH so you can get to a chair b/c it’ll suck for him to take her. But, hey at least you should get third again right?

*this should clue in Enzo (but don’t count on it)

If Memphis approaches him: No need to approach Memphis til after Xmas talks to him but if Memphis says anything he can just say – hey I get it you have a F3 with both Cody/Enzo & Enzo /Xmas & think you have F2 with all three of them but just like I thought my F3 & F2 deals with the guys was real & they were pushing me to take out you I’m sure they were telling you the same thing.

I bet they are also pushing you to put up Nic/Xmas but please don’t say I didn’t warn you when they keep Nic b/c Enzo was 100% to take her out in DE & we saw how that worked out. Trust me it’ll be the same thing again with Xmas leaving. And, if you don’t win HOH I’ll see you in jury next week b/c the real F3 is Cody, Enzo & Nicole & she’s his real F2 goat. Good luck man.

If Nic approaches him: Doubtful this convo happens b/c her only intention is to tell him “I’m voting you out” b/c she wants to deliver a mean comment to upset him. If I was Ty I’d just laugh in her face & say you know Nic I was looking forward to see how differently you’d play this season. Turns out it’s precisely the same – attach yourself to the best male player to drag you through the game while you lay on your back making mean girl comments or cutting your BFFs throats & then lie in the middle of the floor crying making victim noises.

On the bright side the carpel tunnel in your wrist from the last time you played likely got to heal this time round huh or was that the from the first time you played? (clearly Tyler is too nice to say this but a girl can hope — AND in truth he can’t say this just in case Ty is successful at shifting the target to Xmas b/c he’d need her vote.)

Finally, he needs to go to Cody: (This is the crucial speech). Ty should say I get it – you had more than one alliance & lied to me about never letting me go on your HOH, It’s too bad, b/c I was never turning on Triple Thr3at. Just be careful b/c when Dani was planting seeds before DE she said their plan was to take you out the week after you won HOH (see sweat break out on Cody’s forehead).

(now you have Cody’s full attention)… This next week HOH likely will be Slip & Slide or Spinning Disc. Memphis’ back won’t do well with either of those comps, Nic doesn’t have the upper body strength for the spinning & won’t be able to keep up on Slip & Slide and in truth neither her or Enzo needs to win b/c they are the best two to take to F4 or even F3 which means Xmas is likely going to be HOH.

(Drive it home) It just sucks I won’t be here b/c I’d win either of those comps & you’d never hit the block. I’m sure she’ll put up you & Enzo b/c she was really upset he switched his vote & is lying about it now. It was smart if you ask me b/c it made us look attached which is hilarious b/c her real F2 is Memphis. She cried about the Nic vote & said if she won HOH this week she wasn’t putting Nic up & since Memphis is her F2 that means you & Enzo are her noms but I’m sure you can win POV against that group. (Cue Cody getting paranoid).

I presume your F3 is Nic & Enzo which is also gutsy of you, I get Enzo b/c he’s been loyal from the start & like I said I was all-in on TT, I figured I’d lose to both of you b/c you were the best player & he is the most loved but I like to play with competitors & staying loyal to my main alliance. Just so you understand, I didn’t want Nic here b/c truthfully I wasn’t in anything but the Committee with her & let’s be real she already has all five votes in jury…

Day only votes for females, Dani & Ian are her BFFs, Kevin & David will vote with Day. I mean, I guess Nic deserves it – no blood on her hands, escaped DE. Maybe Nic does deserve my vote to make up for voting her out on Thursday, I mean it’s why I’m leaving this week so she must be good if she convinced you shes more valuable to you than I am & you’re willing to chance it next week when you can’t play HOH. Hey man – it is what it is, I enjoyed it while it lasted, good luck & congrats.

Let the pustules on these hamster’s brains start to fester. At the very least it would give me one week of the entire house losing their minds. That’s what I’d do if I was Tyler & then just sit back & watch the rats scamper.

Of note: Those statements are essentially true except Nicole’s votes b/c I do think Day will hold a grudge this year & influence Kev/David. Moreover, I’ve already imagined Dr. Will at this year’s jury round table. There is no way he doesn’t hit them over the head with leading questions to make them realize how insulting it would be to the BB fraternity & fan base to crown Nic a 2 time winner essentially positioning her as the best U.S. BB player ever.

On the other hand – these hamsters aren’t All-Stars and this season sucks so maybe she is a fitting representative of the worst BB season in recent history (and that’s saying a lot!).


impressive comment!!!

The Beef

Great commentary and very good insight! I only disagree with one thing and that is Da’Vonne’s vote. I do think she will maintain her grudge, but still think she will vote female if she has the chance to do it because that’s just the person that she is – grudge or no grudge. Her “Principles” are important to her, even though they are out of place in this game, so I think she will stick to them and vote for Nicole the woman instead of Nicole the person. I may be wrong about that, and I hope we don’t get the chance to find out because Nicole doesn’t deserve to make it to the final 2.


I’ve always been against production interference that manipulates who stays and who goes. It ruins the authenticity of the game. With that said, BB22 had zero authenticity from the start due to the pregame alliance. So, let the production interference commence to save Tyler.


SanDiegoGal—How do you know that production manipulates who stays and who goes? How does production manipulate the cast? I’m not saying you are wrong because this season seems fake. It seems someone had a hand in keeping David in the game. And, it appears this season is set up to have Cody win, perhaps, because he made less money than Donny—or for whatever reason. It also seems when Tyler mentioned wanting to leave the game, he became aware of the manipulation and no longer wanted to be a part of the game.


Well not sure Tyler has a prayer of staying at this point. Enzo in my opinion needs to get taken out at right behind him, then Coins. To be honest based on shear game play I would like to see memo to myself and cod pea in finale if Tyler is gone.

Barney Rubble

Think how I feel. I’m now hoping for Christmas to win. Funny how this went from All Stars to All Duds.

Terry Brown

Cody is making the wrong move voting Tyler out. If Memphis or Christmas get HOH they will put up Cody and Nicole. They need to make Christmas go then Memphis doesn’t have the numbers to control the votes.

Is it over yet?

So they’re going to leave Coin Slots in the game and then production will rig an HOH only she can win, like who can whine the most or something and we’ll see her sneak into final 2 then talk about how awesome she is SO GLAD FOOTBALL IS SHOWING INSTEAD OF THIS CRAP SEASON


Carlito’s Way


I have avoided commenting on this trainwreck of a season because there is just so much negativity in the world right now, I didn’t have the energy to contribute to more of it. It’s too exhausting. And I watch BB for entertainment and escape. So, I kept my mouth shut. I’ve been watching, hanging in and waiting for a turn. Maybe a phoenix from this shit-show of a season would rise from the ashes. I have been a fan of this show longer than I care to recall but this is has to be the worst. with all the preseason set-ups. There is la creme de la creme and then there is le crap de la crap. Unfortunately, this season is the later. Starting with the so-called “All Stars.” No. Just no. There was literally one moment this season that had a chance to redeem it’s sorry ass, some actual excitement – what we BB fans hang in for: Nicole’s useless, whiny, jealous, mean spirited, fake and low-life ass was going to be voted out FINALLY, but then, “You gotta make moves, YO, you gotta win somethin’ YO, bah blah bah YO YO”, revealed what a fake, really bad player he is. With that 1 vote, Enzo could have saved the season and I would have rooted for him. I have always liked Tyler but he didn’t have a chance from the get-go with the set up, pre-formed alliance of Cody, Nicole and Memphis. Unless he literally won everything from last week on, he didn’t have a breath of a chance and it sucks. Big time. The pre-alliance shenanigans should not be permitted IMHO. So, now we are left with the 5 most horrible people left in the house. No one to root for. When Tyler walks out the door on Thursday, it’s a wrap for me. Thank you, Tyler for getting the Dani out. What a nasty hag. That was the highlight of the season, so thank you. I hope you win AFP.


Totally agree!


Whatever happened to “Expect the Unexpected”??


Why are they all just falling all over themselves to set Cody up to win????

Derrick's Script

Just following the script.


So they can get in on all that meet and greet money with Derrick. They may even get on his show if it hasn’t been canceled. Winning Big Brother isn’t important to any of them.


I’m 8 days out from total knee replacement. I hoped this would keep me from being so bored, boy was I wrong, it’s putting me to sleep. I never could stand Cody, and it’s looking like grod is fixing it big-time.


Would it be bad form to wish upon Cody the same fate as Adam?


Thanks Simon…had it 8 days ago…I am now stuck in bed til I start PT….hoping somehow Cody gets booted next!


I think Cody is getting a little comfortable I don’t see him not going up next week Christmas or Memphis will mostly likely win that next HOH. Why is banking on Nicole or Enzo winning I just don’t see that happening at all they are the worst at competition!


Dani was desperate because she wanted to stay in the game and she had no pre game or final 2 with anyone… The reason you (Enzo) does not need to be desperate is because you have pre game and final 2 deal.

another name

Sunday episodes have moved to MONDAY for the remainder of the season.


The movie they are showing tonight is just ok in my opinion


The problem with what Enzo and Cody right now is they are evicting an actual ally so they can keep someone that is targeting them. Their biggest error in thinking is Memphis will nominate Christmas next week. Memphis will nominate Nicole or Enzo and if they take off Nicole or Enzo… Memphis will nominate Cody so he can insure either Nicole or Enzo goes packing. Christmas has been Memphis number one for weeks now…. Those dudes are stupid.


At this point running all different scenarios Cody has zero chances of winning. Remember who are in the Jury House Kevin and day and they know who is running the house Cody Yo. I would love to see Cody’s expression of losing again (Paul’s Face) LOL Cody only could have won if he was next to Cruella Dan or David.


Such a disappointing season. The pre-gaming put “the stink” on the whole show. I feel bad for the house guests who didn’t have that advantage and really believed they came to play All Stars. Sad…


Pathetic, that’s all I have. This season is such a waste of time. P.S. I despise coins.


I am done watching big brother after Tyler leaves. Cody is not the smartest person. I thought Enzo wanted to shake things up but that is not true. Nicole is still there.
I wish he would get to stay somehow.


Tyler needs to look under those new squirrel statues, there might be a hidden power, lol!!!


Do we know yet what those squirrels statues for? Tie breaker, special power…


It’s a bright spot in this season, Donny made more money on season 16 than Cody…that makes me happy.


Cody will probably need someone to take him to final two even though he will most likely beat them if he gets to final two. History repeats.