HOH Winner Results! “That’s a terrible problem to have! I have too much junk food because I keep winning..”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
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10:09pm The live feeds return.
Tyler – I was honestly just thinking that I didn’t want Nicole winning that next HOH. I was just putting Dani up because I wanted to get Dani out. Enzo – but what are you upset about? What happened? Tyler – No I just feel like sh*t because I voted different than you two. Than you and Cody. Enzo – why? Whatever the f**k YO! I just want what Memphis wanted. I was like I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. She’s a champion! I get it! I was like I ain’t f**king with Memphis. I’ll just take the easy road out. Go with Memphis and that is it YO! Tyler – I just thought you guys were thinking the same thing. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Cody. Enzo – it is what it is. Thank god Cody won! Enzo – yeah.

Bedroom. Cody, Christmas and Nicole
Nicole – he was first HOH so maybe they’re giving him a basket. Cody – who? Nicole – Memphis. Cody – I really hope they don’t give me all that junk again. I don’t know what else I would get .. I just don’t want all that candy. Nicole – tell them to give you healthier options. Cody complains about all the candy he still has left over from his last HOH. Nicole – oHhhh.. that is a terrible problem to have!! I just have too much junk food because I keep winning.. ahhhhhggg.. Cody – don’t take out your frustration on me. Take it out on yourself .. don’t take it out on me. Nicole – I’m NOTTTT!!!

10:25pm – 10:40pm Memphis comes out of the HOH room and joins them. They talk about how Victor got evicted 3 times on his season. Nicole – that’s why he got America’s Favorite .. he was the underdog that just kept coming back. Memphis – who is winning America’s Favorite? Nicole – DaVonne or Enzo. Cody – I think Memphis has a good shot. Memphis – yeah right!?!! Yeah right! That would be a cold day in f**king hell!

10:46pm – 10:51pm Bedroom. Enzo and Tyler.
Enzo – when its your time .. its your time! That’s all I know. YO! When its my time ..I’m a be a little upset and I’ll walk the f**k out. That’s it. Tyler – it happens man. Enzo – that’s it. Yo! Only one person wins this sh*t. That’s it YO! Tyler – just have to win comps now Bro! Enzo – the best thing you can do is win POVs. Man you want to be in that final 4 HOH. You want two cracks to get into that final 3. Tyler – bro that is kind of crazy not to make it. Enzo – say you win next weeks HOH.. then you can’t play in that final 4 HOH. That’s why I was like Damn. So then you only limit yourself to that POV.. that’s it. It doesn’t matter whos on the block at that point ..everyone is gunning for that POV. And then you have the power to pick who the f**k you want too! Tyler – we’re so f**king close! Enzo – So close! I would never put you up YO!

Bedroom. Cody, Nicole, Tyler and Christmas.
Christmas – people on the outside world and having millions of opinions on a fraction of what they saw. Cody – that sh*t doesn’t even phase me in the slightest. Certain things I’ll be like oh that’s annoying but I’ll brush it off in like a minute. The people don’t understand because they’re not in here constantly. Like they have no idea what its like in here for any of us. You can watch the feeds as much as you want .. but you’re not under the duress and psychological duress that we’re under. We are in a situation that takes anything normal and makes it un-normal. Seeing people talk and seeing people hang out.. and seeing people going into a room messes sh*t up inside our heads. We’re living in a fantasy world and people that watch the feeds think they get it .. and they just don’t! Or they watch the live show which is like a percent. Christmas – or not even ..like half a percent.

11:10pm Enzo and Tyler get their HOH baskets. They bring them out to the living room to show everyone what they got. Memphis reads his HOH letter and then Tyler reads his.

Nicole gets a little emotional in the bathroom.

11:30pm – 11:40pm Bedroom. Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – Will Memphis take one of them down do you think?! Cody – That is what I am nervous about. That is why it is just important to just win the veto. Nicole – He is so good at comps .. I don’t get it! Cody – he is incredible. The thing is .. the only positive thing is I think he really wants Tyler. I really want Christmas. I am going to have to bullsh*t him. But the veto is just as important this week. Because right now we remain in control of the votes. If he wins it and pulls someone down .. then we don’t have control. He has control. I don’t care what your other competitions have been like .. get it together. Nicole – I know! Cody – short memory .. like you have to forget about everything else. I want to apologize when you were on the block next to Dani .. I had no desire to win the veto .. I wanted it to stay that same. Nicole – that’s fine. Cody – I wanted her to go home. Nicole – well she almost won so.. Cody – no Tyler smoked her and then I passed her. Nicole – oh okay. Cody – I just think this veto is important .. then we send home Christmas and then Memphis is going to want Tyler. Enzo is going to want Tyler out. And then we’ll do that .. OR Memphis. Like which ever one.. I think both are good. We could send home Memphis or Tyler. Cody – I want to clip her (Christmas) from all of them. I want to clip her from Enzo, Tyler. Nicole – I can’t stand her. Cody – Enzo wants her out bad. Nicole – I can’t stand him (Tyler)! He makes me vomit! Cody – he does the same things as Dani too. Nicole – He’s so boring too. He is the worst. I am dead serious. I already didn’t like him. Cody laughs. Tyler joins them and the conversation ends.

11:50pm – 12am Bathroom. Enzo and Memphis.
Memphis – I don’t know for sure but I think he is going to put up Christmas and Tyler. Enzo – I think so too. We have to gun for that F**King veto! Memphis – that veto is HUGE! And then we leave Christmas on the block and just say hey.. We’re the votes so it doesn’t f**king matter. Enzo – and then you and I decide whatever the f**k we want to do. Memphis – we just have to make sure Cody is on that same page but we have to do it very lightly. Enzo – would you have been upset if Nicole went? Memphis – I would not have given two f**ks. It does not matter to me one bit. Nicole has won before so she is easy to vote out. Ezno – yeah keep her for now.

12:17am The feeds come back from being blocked. Nicole is the only havenot for the week. She is in the Havenot room all alone. Nicole complains about how she doesn’t even like sleeping by herself at home. Memphis – should we take shifts. Cody and Christmas agree. Tyler says that he would stay with her. Christmas – every night one of us will sleep up there with you.

12:20am Havenot room. Enzo and Cody.
Enzo – Tyler is shook yo! He’s shook! Cody – he f**ked up! He did he f**ked up and he’s going on the block now. Enzo – Memphis is already talking to me like Yo we got to get rid of Tyler. I was like Na dude chill the f**k out! Cody – na .. he ain’t getting rid of Tyler. Here is the thing that would make me nervous.. do you think that he would use the veto on her? Enzo – he better not because then he would have enemies with me and you. F**K that! He said he is not. He is gunning for the POV to keep the noms the same. That is what he is saying. That is what he is telling me. Enzo farts and stinks up the room. Memphis, Christmas, Tyler and Nicole join them and complain about how much it stinks.

12:30am Bedroom. Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – it is fine because I know I am supposed to be safe this week but the veto is very important. But like why make me weak for the veto!? Cody – its all in your head. I won the veto on the havenot. If your mind is there .. your body will follow. Nicole – don’t let me lose it this week. Cody – this is a very important veto. Nicole – I know. Cody – if you want these f**ker to pay.. Nicole – I KNOW! Quit trying to threaten me it clearly doesn’t work. Cody – I am not trying to threaten you .. its lighting a fire in you. Nicole – a fire has been lit .. trust me! I feel like you don’t believe in me and that is why I am sucking. Cody – that is so untrue. I am sorry that comes across that way. Nicole – I already know that I’ve been sucking and then I feel worse because I’ve been letting you down. Cody – you’re not letting me down. Nicole – yes I am! Cody – am I still here?! Nicole – yes. Some weird a$$ .. I don’t know how! You’re really good and I’ve done nothing to help you. But if alls I can do in this game to repay you is take you to final two that is how I will repay you. Cody – don’t even worry about final two. Lets just win the veto.

12:45am – 1am Havenot room. Cody and Nicole.
Cody and Nicole talk about the past events of the triple eviction and how its being virtually impossible to get through the game without being on the block. Enzo joins them. Enzo – YO we’re here YO! Three against three! F**k it! They already took advantage of you. Cody – so they’re (Tyler & Christmas) going to go up and we just need to win the veto and then we’ll send her (Christmas) a$$ home and then Tyler will follow. Enzo – that’s it! Cody – and then that final four veto is so f**king important. Nicole – that is more important than the HOH. That is usually the dates. Enzo – yo they wanted you (Nicole) out YO! Nicole – I know they did! They’re dead to me. Cody – what did Tyler say about me? Enzo – he didn’t say nothing about you. Oh in the bedroom.. he said I should have just followed you and Cody and voted umm.. Nicole – he is the one that tried to flip it. He is a dumba$$! Enzo – then he was in the hallway being like vote out Nicole .. Nicole. Nicole – what was their reasoning? Enzo – we just found out that Tyler and Christmas are very f**king close. Cody – he was always saying I am not that close with her. I want to target Christmas over Tyler. Enzo – she is too much yo! Cody – which one do you think? Enzo – at this point Christmas is all over the place yo! Nicole – if you would have picked her (Christmas) for havenot .. sh*t would have hit the fan!! Enzo – I don’t want to deal with that no more. Cody – it is going to come down to .. with Christmas and Tyler on the block who do you feel more confident you can beat. I think its Christmas over Tyler. Enzo – in what? Cody – anything. Even though I want to clip her. Tyler and Christmas join them. Tyler – they’re going to go from two people in the jury house to five!

1:20am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:20 am Enzo and Cody
Enzo – we’re knocking Christmas out this week.. she’s done I don’t trust her no more. Tyler will be a little salty to us. He might have the balls to put us both up if he wins HOH if we keep him.
Cody doesn’t think so if the vote goes his way this week. Cody adds it might however show Tyler that him and Nicole are tight.
Cody says that Tyler will ask Enzo if he knew he was going up. Enzo needs to be straight up to him and honest.
Cody brings up the vote to get out Nicole.
Cody is going to make it clear to Tyler he’s not voting him out.
Cody – this is how I’m going to play it with TY be like BRO that whole vote thing it is what it is you now made it easy if I don’t nominate you everybody is going to be like what.. Memphis will say something Nicole
Enzo – and Nicole is voting out Christmas it is what it is yo you’re straight Christmas is the target this week.. yo. I’ve had enough of her shenanigans

Enzo – She went like this.. when it was Dave versus Nicole.
Enzo explains it was in the hallway going into the DR. “when I’m about to cast my vote”
Cody – ohh because of the sh2t .. Dani called her out..
Enzo – she was like to Dani (Making that arm gesture)
Enzo – I was like calm the f** down
Cody – yeah yo don’t be doing that sh1t she blows you away as a f**Ing player
Enzo – I kinda laughed.. but I was thinking this girls crazy yo.. she’s crazy yo.. I don’t agree with that I do love Dani yo that wasn’t cool
Cody says the perfect events would have been Dani winning the second HOH last night taken out Christmas then Tyler would be able to take out Dani this week.
Cody says he loves Nicole her mom and Nicole’s mom talk all the time
Enzo says he thought Cody came into the game with an alliance with Nicole already.
Cody – no her mom and my mom talked like a bunch we haven’t talked at all (BS)
Enzo – yeah?
Cody – Dani was invited to her wedding before this that’s how tight they are.. Derrick was invited there were people in my cast invited I didn’t get invited.
Cod y – I just didn’t connect with anybody on my season other than Derrick.. and Zach.

(Manic YO bro talk about the triple eviction)
Cody – in that second one
Enzo – she picks my name Enzo Enzo .. like what the f** are you doing yo don’t make it that f***Ing obvious YO.. F** yo .. she’s like I pick Enzo .. she’s like wait do I still get Enzo she’s like wait I picked.. I was like YO calm the f*** down YO I was like YO someone has got to go home yo I can’t o more with this sh1t I was like YO we’re just about to get out of the triple eviction unscathed beautiful .. like YO get the f***.. I’m like C’mon yo I was shook.. she’s like I still get Enzo right I said it first. I said it first
Enzo – I’m like YO
They talk about the second Veto competition.
Enzo says he would only use the veto on Cody nobody else he doesn’t give a sh1t “YO”
Enzo says he likes Tyler and Memphis but they are not Cody “yo” he says Tyler might try to chop him because he knows he can’t compete against their relationship.
Cody says he’s nominating Tyler.
COdy – Christmas went to Nicole and was like do you think he’ll keep the girls off the block this week.. what nominate you Memphis or Tyler That’s that three people I’m going to nominate are you nuts
Enzo – she’s going to have a bird that girl YO.. she’s scares the sh1t outta me now she’s got the stink now she’s like Dani now and I don’t want to say anythign to her no more.. I don’t
Cody – that fact that she didn’t come to you with Tyler it shows where she’s at she’s. The thing she doesn’t know is you’ve known about the committee this entire f**Ing time
Enzo – no one knew.. That alliance is sh1t now. Slick 6 was sh1t
Cody – YO these big alliances did exactly what these big alliances did carry you to this point
Enzo goes on about not trusting Christmas anymore “She’s got the stink I want her out that’s it”
Cody says Memphis is in a tough spot now because someone he’s with has rubbed Cody the wrong way “Like Tylers a beast but Christmas has been running around doing a lot of sh1t and now that Christmas had this thing with Tyler they need to get split up and I think it’s Christmas”
Cody – right now I’m 60-40 for Christmas, to be honest .. Tyler if he’s on the block like I feel way more confident we beat Christmas than beating Tyler”

Enzo – why not put Nicole up as a pawn. Nicole and Christmas
Enzo – if Tyler is that tight with Christmas and wins the veto and pulls Christmas down and Memphis is going up I don’t want to be in that situation because Tyler and Christmas have the votes to send out Nicole
Enzo – yeah..
Cody – I would rather put up Tyler and Christmas and one of them have to f**Ing go
Enzo – if we keep Christmas in this house.. Christmas and Tyler to me are like .. they don’t give a f** they’ll come after us.. I feel like I don’t trust Christmas no more Ther’es a little bit of trust with Tyler
Cody – at this point protecting Nicole has been a liability
Enzo – she’s not winning nothing I told her that today I wanted you to win this HOH
Cody – she’s very fragile mentally so you have to be careful she’s beating herself up.
Cody goes on about how Nicole feels horrible because she’s not winning.
Enzo – she’s getting knocked out sooner or later that’s another reason why I wanted to keep her in this house that’s a decoy for us we can hide behind..
Cody – yeah .. yeah ..
They start talking about Cody’s music he got Papa Roach
Cody says playing Big Brother with Enzo has been world-class.. “YO YO YO”
Enzo – I play the game perfectly.. YO

3:33 am Sleeping yo
7:46 am Sleeping yo

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King Cody.


King Tyler, the beast has turned it on…


King Tyler turned it on to do Cody`s dirty work….U know Cody wanted Dani out right? But he needed someone else to do it for him.

King Tyler has no idea that Cody has Enzo, Nicole and Memphis on his pocket. And all 3 will take Cody to the final.

If Cody left, Enzo and Memphis would be lost and Dani would still go after Xmas with Nicole in the middle.




i saw that face Nic made on the feeds and i just knew you guys would post it here LMAO


Cody just put some coins in those coin slots!

another name

So… I’ve See Sloppy the happy handjob is whining already.
Ramentop is already trying to sweet baby bird Endothebigmoveliar.
Codpiece, Derrick’s undescended testicle, is HOH again, and whining about candy with Sloppy.
Menses is still waiting for his HOH basket from earlier this afternoon.

I haven’t seen or heard Bitchzilla the felon stomping around complaining that Dani made it personal, and she should have won that hoh and threatening to destroy Tokyo… and blahblahsnortblah anyone seen the keys to her SUV?


Best laugh I’ve had all day!

Houka Inumuta

Due to Tyler AND Memphis winning HOH none of them left tonight. Well Tyler is set to leave on October 8 so there is that!!!!

Committee Rules

I think Tyler’s days are numbered unless he start winning HOH or the veto. He is a target to everyone except Christmas.


right now i think xmas is the target (nicf and cody both want her gone more than tyler and memphis and enzo are sheep who will do whatever cody says). but starting next week tyler needs to win comps to stay.


Wow, even with just the alliance left this season is somehow still predictable. Cody wins hoh again. Christmas and Tyler are probably going up.

Meech's Peach Sweater

Of course we knew going in that the results of the triple eviction would be worst case scenario. This whole season has been set up to try to redeem Cody who made the dumbest BB move ever by evicting Victoria and costing himself half a mil. What that dumbshit doesn’t realize yet is that everyone knows about Derrick’s pregaming with him and Nicole. And this season will always have an asterisk next it. He will never be considered a true winner in most true fans eyes.


I have a feeling that cody is going to make that same stupid mistake again, if he is the one to pick who goes to F2 with him. Cody hasn’t done shit towards jury management, where as Enzo has and he is still doing it with everyone that is left in the house. Cody seems to blindly trust, if he was smart (granted we know he isn’t, he actually thinks a Texan is an animal..LOL) he would see that Enzo is talking to everyone and maybe he should find out what he is saying to them all before noms. Enzo is rather open about who he is talking to, he isn’t hiding it from Cody seeing. Cody should talk to nicole, no doubt she would tell him everything, even Christmas would and possibly Memphis.

I feel that IF cody sticks with being blindly loyal to Enzo, gets rid of Nicole if its them in the F3, then Cody deserves to lose the game AGAIN. I think if any of them were smart they would drag Nicole to F2, all of them have heard all the others say they wouldn’t vote for her to win again, so why would anyone cut her?? I think the only one who might do that would be Memphis.


Nicole must be loving that Dani left while sitting on the block next to her. Now she will do whatever it takes to get Cody to vote Shitmas out….and then finally mission accomplished as the last girl standing.

another name

Nicf is crying to Cody that her real world best friend Dani is going to hate her when she finds out what Nicf did.

bb 22

Nicole is a in a great position in the house right now because Christmas and Tyler exposed themselves last night by turning on the Committee for David! Now it has put them both Christmas and Tyler in a bad position.
I even said that before Cody won the HOH. Now Christmas or Tyler will be leaving.
While Nicoles target has gotten that much smaller.

That’s why it was so big for Nicole surviving triple eviction as a former winner. Nicole will get no blood on her hands now getting out Tyler or Christmas. She is clearly in a good position right now in the house because her target truly got that much smaller since she didn’t flip on her alliance.


Christmas or tyler were leaving on Cody’s hoh regardless. Even if they voted out David who would cody put up right now? Nicole? No that’s his true final 2. Enzo? No that’s his backup number 2. Memphis? No he believes if Christmas goes Memphis would honor their final 2. That leaves tyler and Christmas. Enzo made the mistake of not taking out Nicole because that moves him up to Cody’s number 1

another name

didn’t flip on her alliance?
what story is the evictee going to tell Dani in jury?
You know, her back up final two that got her into the committee to begin with.


after OTEV didn’t david tell cody he took the 10k to donate it to BLM? didn’t hear him mention even a peep about that tonight when julie asked him about it

another name

That’s because he changed his stance from donating all of the extra money to donating a portion tbd of the extra money, to saying talking about the movement was more of a Da’vonne thing, and she did it better than him so he’s not going to talk about it.


You know he is going to keep it. He should have kept his mouth shut, but now he will look like a jerk if he doesn’t.

The Foosa

Plus who would want to give to an “organization” that burns sh!t down and sucker punches white people in wheelchairs….


^^^ why do the moderators keep letting people post racist shit like this?

Bye Davone



Don’t forget looting, rioting, assaulting, murdering, etc…

expecting nothing

BLEGH, so lame and predictable. I got so excited when i thought NicF was going to get voted out. Enzo is dead to me now, FOREVER. X-mas made a huge mistake not using the veto on David, if she really wanted to go all the way with Tyler then she blew it. Tyler is a moron for not getting Cody out, but of course we all knew he would target Dani even though she can’t win a thing. and see ya Dani, it’s your own fault, you could have easily kept Ian and got out Tyler, it was your decision!!! whatever, i’m done with this nonsense. Grodner Sucks.

another name

Enzo did math. Memphis wanted David gone. Cody wanted David gone against Nicf, Dani wanted David gone. With another HOH (they saw the triple sign) coming up, he figured staying in the good graces of four people (one of them his final two) was better than being in the graces of Tyler and Xmas who he suspects are a final 2.
It was a horrible move for fans. I hated the move. I’m able to see that mathematically it was the right move at that moment for Enzo.


They didn’t see the triple sign until after David walked out the door though AND Cody, Enzo & Tyler all discussed that Dani/Nic had to go & how they wanted to keep David. So no matter what Tyler already knows they were lying to him.

another name

Nope. I went back and read my episode review written in order as things happened. julie screeen with triple big oops came on before they voted for david to leave.
While David was sitting with her she returned and verified what they had already seen.
I thought the discussion was, in order to get rid of Dani, Nicf had to be put on the block so that in case she won veto, Nicf would be forced to save herself not Dani.


Ahhh okay – I thought it was after. Thanks

Even with the math I still think it was a bad move for Enzo b/c David was NEVER coming for him (he was likely the safest & he had David’s ear) whereas taking out Nic would cut one of Cody’s F2’s which Enzo has to know is his preference. Since Cody mentioned to Enzo he thought about putting him up as a pawn if one of Kevin/David had come down that also should’ve cued him into how close Nic/Cody are b/c she was NEVER an option.

To me all that vote did is give everyone in the jury a reason to believe Enzo is playing Cody’s game. He repeatedly told anyone who would listen Ian/Nic should be targeted early b/c they had already won. ALL this week he told both Ty/Xmas & even Memphis he was going to put up Dani/Nic if he won HOH so by keeping her over David he won loyalty points with Memphis but 2 people who trusted him feel like he shafted them & IMHO Enzo is more exposed now then ever in the game.

If Nicole wins F5 HOH we know she’ll put up whoever stays this week with Memphis but if she has to put up a replacement it’ll be Enzo – if David had stayed under the same circumstances Enzo would likely be who he kept safe. He did have a strong bond with Tyler as well but as far as Enzo knew he was David’s top guy so he removed a for sure ally for someone that won’t show him the same loyalty AND who’ll end up sitting in that F2 chair in all likelihood.

another name

Enzo suspected that Tyler and David had a closer thing. Meaning Enzo wouldn’t be gaining a side deal, Enzo would be keeping someone else’s side deal no matter which way he voted. So does he keep the side deal his final 2 wants… or keep the side deal of the guy he no longer trusts (Tyler). Weakening Tyler was one of Enzo’s primary goals stated on Wednesday night. I think Memphis wanted David gone, but Tyler tried to monkeywrench. Is play it safe Enzo (only hink votes when its near unanimous in early weeks with big numbers) going to go with the minority monkeywrench?
It’s actually the other vote where the house made an error. Dani would have gone after Xmas and Tyler. Dani would have remained the target of Tyler and Xmas. Nicf? Both sides would likely let her skate to 4 most likely as the comp fool.

Enzo would be kept to…5 or 4 in the David scenario, because he already thinks Tyler and Christmas have a thing that might include David. So the Tyler side keeps him, but he loses the trust of the others. Again math. Who has won more comps? Xmas and Tyler, or Memphis and Cody? Because remember, he believed he’d be going against Memphis’ wishes.

As far as jury is concerned? Ian knows the names in the alliance. So does Da’vonne. The fact that Enzo has found a way to, at this point, slide through the crack in the alliance, are they going to care who he cozies up to and even seems to be playing for? Or are they going to respect that he was able to slide in when they were not? This is a question for a non bitter jury.
For a bitter jury, they may say ‘you played his game’ but when he answers he used social game to get in good with everyone, said whatever he needed to say to everyone without committment (notice he lets others set the plans or express a target and then says,” yeah, that’s it”), then skated the middle until a the alliance he knew about exposed a weakness, and used the weakness to get further? That could get him points.

Remember how Cody answered Jury questions last time. And Tyler. And Memphis. And Nicf. NONE of them were actually very good in front of juries, so if Enzo can get to jury, and string together a sentence to explain his game… he’s par with them.

I hope i’m making sense. It’s almost 7am my time, and i’m beginning to nod off finally.
I expect this week Enzo will hope Memphis and Tyler convince Cody to keep Tyler, or hope that Memphis is the replacement nom. Enzo has to hope Christmas wins veto, Memphis is replacement, and Nicf and Enzo control the vote. That’s the perfect scenario for appeasing Memphis and getting Tyler out (which i actually think Enzo prefers logistically).
The ONLY point that actually makes better game sense for Enzo is get rid of Nicf than either David OR Dani: she’s won before and should always be evicted before the rookie or the new pariah.


Wishing alot for Enzo to put together a sentence or 2.

another name

maybe they’ll give him flashcards of a yoyo and a cat.


i agree. i think enzo made the right move for his own game. david gives tyler a number and he’s never getting past final 3 with tyler and christmas both in the game. he’s much more closely aligned with cody and memphis than tyler and xmas. he wants nicole to go but on cody/memphis’ terms not tyler/xmas’ terms.


What’s frustrating is Enzo doesn’t realise he won’t win against Cody. Tyler needs to sit him down and explain this to him. Go over jury votes. Wtf is Enzo doing.

expecting nothing

why do you think they revealed the triple in that way? was it on purpose by production to help control the vote to keep NicF? am i reading into this too much? it just seemed like such a random way to do it…


But if Xmas took down David then Memphis would’ve put Tyler up as the replacement (which Xmas knew) & then he would’ve been voted out instead leaving Xmas w/o an ally & Memphis pissed at her.

expecting nothing

would he have? i think maybe he would have thrown Dani up…

Either way, i really enjoyed everyone’s comments and i feel like you all gave me a different perspective to look at it through. i suppose Enzo did make the safest move for his game which i should respect. it just personally makes me so angry after all his “i don’t give a s**t, let’s play” bull crap.


Memphis would never have put Dani up. Yes he voted her out…but he would never have nominated her, imo.

BBAS2 baby

I had high hopes for this triple eviction and truly thought it could redeem this dreadful season for me
I’m disappointed with the outcome and don’t care for any of these people who are still left

Can we instead watch the jury house 24/7?

The Foosa

Off you go then, b-bye Felicia….


Please stop co-opting black culture.

Lucy in the Sky

how do you know The Foosa isn’t black?
stop co-opting cancel culture!


Have you read the comments Foosa makes? If Foosa is black, he/she is a disgrace to the black community.


That’s not very nice Cujo. The African-American community is not monolithic and have varying opinions about loads of diff topics. I’m not a POC but am very close w/ several and they have very diff views about things…just like whites.

Bye Davone

Thumbs down.


So are black people not allowed to use phrases initiated but whites now too? Please stop making EVERYTHING a racial issue!


Yeah, cause only the black culture is allowed to co-opt the black culture. I mean this is America after, the land if dwindling free speech.


I think Christmas and Tyler will go up. There’s no way Cody is putting up Nicole. Tyler’s usually good at reading this game if he thinks he’s safe because of Cody’s winning he’s mistaken. I actually think Dani would have gone after Christmas before Tyler, then again she did mention going after him. I think if someone comes down Memphis will go up as a pawn.


That wouldn’t actually be a bad thing..it would tell Memphis a lot about the pecking order and just maybe we would see Nicole & Cody on the block together soon


If only. I am beginning to believe they are not allowed to even talk about putting Cody on the block. To my knowledge, only the misfits mentioned it. Maybe I missed something.

Sam X

Davonne was the only one to talk putting up Cody


i can’t quite tell if xmas or tyler is the target. i think it’s xmas though as she’s closer with memphis and enzo than tyler (but enzo/memphis are sheep who will do what cody says). i think nicf goes up as a pawn over memphis. memphis would probably take being on the block really badly and nicf’s vote is easier to control than memphis’s. either way nicf/memphis probably end up the swing vote (and probably side with cody and enzo regardless). enzo’s too risky to put up as he’s all but guaranteed to do worse in comps than cody so cody doesn’t want to risk not having him for final 4 when the veto is super important.


I think Cody def wants Shitmas gone BUT…as the night progressed…he seems to recognize Tyler will be much harder to beat should they ever make it to finale.

Kats Alien Bitch

If you were playing rationally, you take the biggest threat out. I would want Tyler or Memphis gone if I was Cody, because at this point this game is going to be about winning comps.

It’s kind of incredible Nicole F is going to get to the final 5 without having won a damn thing. Like her/hate her – she can play.


But she can cry on cue. Doesn’t that count for being on All Star?

The Beef

She can play? More like she was lucky enough to know the right people and get into the strong pre-game alliance, and ride their coattails throughout the game to this point. She’s done nothing to merit being in that house other than being aligned with the right side, and it looks like that might be enough to carry her to the end, which is a sad commentary on the state of the game right now. Not only is it incredible, it’s shocking and down right disgusting if they take someone like her to the end, simply because they think they can beat her because she sucks so bad at this game.

Yeah, I do realize that’s a strategy – to take a weak player that you can beat to the end. Just never thought in a so called All-Star season one as weak as Nicole would still be hanging around this far into it. The next weakest (Enzo) has won three competitions so far this season. I don’t think Nicole has really even been close to winning one yet.

another name

Wayback rewind moment:
Anyone remember when Kaycee won HOH unexpectedly, edging out Brett in season 20?
Remember her HOH basket? A stale bag of chips… another bag of chips that were already open and had a dead cigarette butt in the bag … warm beverages, and the food that she paid for herself during sequester and not had the chance to finish a month and a bit earlier… half of which had gone bad?

And Cody is whining about too much candy.

Meanwhile… But first. Christmas is already practicing her mantra she will be saying to post season social media and reporters: You only see a fraction of what happens when you watch feeds. I hate hate loathe haayyyyte when big brother house guests try that bullshit line in an attempt to invalidate what feed viewers DID see.
Okay, this season with so many feed blocks that is almost valid… but honey, the stuff that was seen was damning enough, don’t ask for the network to release the tapes for the rest of your shit.


David gave up the game in his “save me” speech. Nicole is guaranteed 2nd place because no jury member is going to give her a second win. She’s everyone’s final 2 by default. Woooo – a – Whoooot!! Enjoy the rest of the train ride until the wreck!!!!


nicf beats cody and memphis and potentially others depending how the next couple weeks go. da’vonne has shown that she votes based on representation, not game, and may vote nicf just because she’s a woman as long as nicf isn’t sitting next to xmas. dani and ian both actively like nicf the most of anyone left in the house and would therefore be likely to vote in her favor. kevin will vote nicf over cody or memphis, and david will vote nicf over memphis. so nicf beats memphis and only needs one more vote vs cody (and there’s a good chance she can pick it up from one of the remaining players in the house depending how these next few eliminations go). she also probably beats xmas and tyler as that would likely get memphis, cody, and enzo voting for her (and once you add in ian and dani’s votes gives nicf the win). the only one she struggles against is enzo.

Michele Smith

Wtf is the deal with Cody winning every other HOH??? There is only one person left in the house that I care about al all and that’s Tyler. But he’s not playing as well as season 20. Once he goes….I just don’t care anymore. Every single decent person in that house was targeted by a group of people who pregamed (found out many people who were gonna be there and pregamed with Derrick & Dan. So I don’t have any respect for their game.


I’ve lose respect for the game with the type of fame seekers being picked, pre-game conditioning, and increase in DR sessions which are just to remind players to follow the scripts.
Does anyone really believe that they were unaware of a triple eviction and Cody’s reaction wasn’t planned when it was announced? All the other player expression were of a “we know” lets get on with it.


If they truly get Christmas out next week, it’s highly likely Tyler will win HOH next week. With Cody not playing in the next HOH his odds increase. Nicole really bugs me she doesn’t deserve to be there at all. I’d like to see her, Memphis and Christmas out of there.


I doubt Tyler doesn’t already know he’s likely going up just based on the vote to keep Nicole b/c it proves Enzo/Cody were lying to him when they said they wanted to keep David around. Enzo in particular looks super shady (no pun intended as he has his shades on talking to Ty). Tyler kind of touches on “that’s what we talked about” (ie: keeping David). So he already knows the deal but clearly will be hoping Cody puts up Xmas/Nic which isn’t happening. Ty felt everyone pull away from him when Dani nominated him & the way Enzo was acting with him even prior to noms was clearly showing YO- YOU’RE GOING UP!

Cody tells Nic how he had to win to give her a stress free week so its one of the few times this season we see him blatantly show his hand that she is his true F2 b/c that means she also won’t be the re-nom.

I’m pulling for the underdog to win (Tyler) and he’ll have to WIN A LOT to get to F2 b/c the entire house is against him b/c if he stays this week it’ll mean Xmas is gone… UNLESS he can somehow convince Nic he was played by Enzo/Cody who told him to take out Dani/Nic. As it is I expect Xmas to bust a gasket when Cody nominates her & I kind of hope we do get volatile Xmas who let’s it rip what Enzo/Cody were saying about Nic/Dani .. cue the house meeting lol.

A few potential problems for Cody … If noms stay the same Memphis will want to take out Tyler & he’ll push Enzo to do that too which will show Cody/Memphis where Enzo’s true allegiance lies. The BETTER option (or my hope) is that Ty wins POV forcing Cody to put up a replacement which will likely be Memphis and clue him into the fact Cody is closer to Nic/Enzo than he is to him which then also tells him their F2 is BS.

The question is would Memphis then go to Tyler and spill what’s been going on & try to align with him instead to take out Cody? That’s about all we can hope for. It’s already a difficult season to watch & I’m hanging on by a thread but if Tyler goes this week I’m not sure how invested I’ll be in the remainder of this lousy season.


I completely agree. Tyler needs to turn it up, winning comps to make it to F2.


I can’t get behind Tyler. I thought I liked him…but I don’t.



If you caught the specific words Julie said at show end they left a opening for another shake up “I can officially confirm that no one WHO HAS BEEN EVICTED is returning to the game which means one of you sitting there will be crowned the winner of All-Stars and we’ll do that on finale night which will take place on Weds Oct 28″.

Counting forward with only 6 in the house theoretically the timetable would be

  • Oct 9 down to F5: Xmas is Cody’s primary target b/c she won’t nominate Memphis/Enzo but Tyler would & he prob believes he can reel Ty back in (NOPE)
  • Oct 16 down to F4 **
  • Oct 23 down to F3
  • Oct 28 -finale

**Here’s the snag in that thinking... Typically the F5/F4 evictions occur in the same week within days of each other. Every season following the F5 eviction the standard time table is F4 HOH is played that Thurs night with the F4 eviction generally happening two days later. Then F3 typically plays parts one & two and finale is six days after F4 eviction. So unless they plan on having each of F5 & F4 getting a full week in the house which is not how they’ve done things for the majority of seasons this screams of a replay week.

They did veer away from that timetable last season with Tommy (F5) on Day 86 & Cliff (F4) on Day 93 leaving each on full weeks of play and finale was 6 days later Day 99.

However, the three prior seasons they played to the typical short timetable


  • DE Brett out F6 Day 86
  • 5 days later Day 91 Sam out F5
  • two days later Day 93 Angela out F4
  • 6 days later finale Day 99


  • Day 84 Alex out F5
  • 2 days later Day 86 Kevin out F4
  • 6 days later finale Day 92


  • Day 90 Victor out F5
  • 2 days later Day 92 Corey out F4
  • 7 days later finale Day 99

As you can see unless they follow last season (which did have a DE at F7 & F6) there is an extra week in this timetable b/c the week the F5 & F4 player should leave would be Oct 23 and a few days later so my thinking is they stick to this week’s cut to F5 (esp if it’s Xmas who fans aren’t invested in) on Thursday Oct 9th. BUT.. I’m betting the Oct 16th week has a strong possibility to be a replay week especially if someone that The Powers That Be (TPTB) want to stay is the F5 evictee.

For Grodner/TPTB this would benefit Cody who’ll be vulnerable (well not really if we’re honest) or possibly Tyler if anyone but him wins F5 HOH or POV.

Anyway the schedule does allow for TPTB to throw in a replay week which ironically last happened in Cody’s season when Frankie won F5 HOH & POV and in the replay Caleb won HOH & Cody won POV with Frankie leaving.

Ultimately, it will depend on who is on the block at F5 & TPTB might also leave it. For example if both Cody/Tyler are off the block/safe I doubt Memphis or Enzo leaving would bother them as much. We’ll see but if CBS wants fans to stay invested they need to have an underdog in the house at least until F4 and the ONLY underdog at this point is Tyler.

another name

Don’t they usually have a season in review special episode?


That happens in F3 week


There’s the catch up episode maybe the jury house focus because of the triple eviction will take up some time?

another name

what my brain sees every time i see
the name coin slots
(sorry, 2 minute attempt without a clone function)

bb unemployed2.jpg

Predicting the order of the triple was easy and what was unexpected was the flip against Nicole. She will see they pay for that. Enzo or Memphis for the win because they don’t play emotional.


That’s what I’m talkin bout. Those are the only 2 I’d be happy with winning.


The thing is Enzo keeps talking big moves, it’s already been stated here if he had voted Coins to go that would have been a big move. He chose to play it safe instead.

memphis is just to cracked and needs to go.

basically I am rooting for the big yellow duck in the pool.


What, someone tell me please has Enzo done to even be a winner or considered.


The crazy thing about that Cody – Enzo chat is there are SO MANY red flags Enzo should be picking up on about Cody-Nic.

Unless he talks to the camera we won’t know if he catches it or not but the one true thing he said was keeping Nicole really messed up their game.

Cody telling Ty “he has to put them up together now” will go over like a lead balloon. Ty will play along but he’ll know the real deal ESPECIALLY b/c Enzo voted to keep Nic.


Dani called out Kaysar for the way he left calling people out and said she had no respect for him and it was trashy…she left the exact same way!

Cody or Memphis are winning this game.
Both made final 2 riding the coattails of the masterminds of their season. Like them or not they have dominated this season.

It will be The Renegade against the Hitman.

another name

If Kaysar had called the trio anything but Love Triangle, there would have been no Dani outrage. It was the insinuation that there was a showmance that was the actual point of contention. She repeated Love triangle four times.


Nicole who has won NOTHING this season and who voted out her F2 best bet to win (Ian) and sold out her BFF inside & outside the house (Dani) is appalled that Tyler & Xmas voted to evict her & is furious Enzo made her a have not. She tells Cody she will not vote for either Xmas or Tyler to win.

WOW – talk about a spoiled brat – they had the audacity to vote for you but meanwhile the girl she called evil – Xmas is going to sleep with her in have not so she doesn’t have to be alone & cook for her. And Ty who she said is the most boring person in the house (have you looked in a mirror?) comes in to offer her food from his basket.

Also should be interesting when Xmas gets to jury & tells Dani your girl Nicole was one of the people who told me you were gunning for me!

After Ty/Enzo talked & Enzo spun some bullsh*t to Ty about doing the easy vote when Ty left the room he said ‘This sh*t’s a mess Yo’ — so he knows he’s exposed.


I don’t like Coins…but I’d feel the same way if my alliance members tried to take me out BEFORE all the non-alliance members were clipped.


Cody is playing up the F2 big time with Enzo saying ONLY THEY are allowed to have side deals which is why he wants Xmas out this week. For Enzo he knows that’s a problem b/c if noms stay the same Memphis will want them to vote out Tyler. Since Enzo wouldn’t vote out Nic it’s doubtful he’d turn on Cody at this point & keep Xmas.

Better still will be if Ty wins POV so Cody HAS to nominate someone & we all know after he told Nic he had to win for her to have a week of safety it wouldn’t look good for him to go back on that promise so it doesn’t seem likely – – after all she’s his goat.

Which means he’d have to put up one of Memphis or Enzo – both of whom think they are his F2. When Cody told Enzo he considered putting him up as a pawn (if Kev/David came down) he said Yo you can’t be messing around like that at this stage of the game — so would he put up Memphis & say ‘just so you don’t have to vote her out’ — but in reality that would show Memphis who Cody is really tight with – especially if he wouldn’t put up Nic.

That might get Memphis to question Enzo/Cody as well & should result in him chatting with Tyler which hasn’t happened this season – at least not a deep strategic chat. Ty could tell him just like they wanted me to take out Dani they want me to win HOH next week & take you out so I’m assuming they’ve told you the same – to win & take me out right?

Ty would need to tell him about Triple Thr3at, his F2 with Cody & that he knows about WGs & also knows Cody/Enzo have F3 with Nic & say you see the common denominators? (Enzo/Cody) but she’s his real F2. I’m PRAYING that conversation happens & that Memphis recognizes while Ty is hard to beat in comps so is Cody but Ty will have no one left in the house. AND he should state the obvious Dani, Nic, Day, David, Enzo & Ian are ALL voting for Cody while more than half those people hate me. That might be a compelling argument for Memphis.

Meanwhile – this is the second time Cody & Enzo have proven how disloyal they are to Tyler b/c they didn’t back him up over the Dani situation when she lied about targeting Day (Aug 25) . They both were in the room when Dani said Bay/Day had to go but did nothing to back up Ty and then when both told him to put up Dani/Nic & Enzo told him she had to go voted the opposite way. Ty may be holding onto hope that their F3 was real but the noms will prove it never was.

The only reason Cody wants to keep Tyler instead of Xmas is b/c he wants to cut Xmas from Memphis/Enzo & b/c he believes Ty will go after Memphis but if you’re Tyler I’d reconsider that option if he stays & wins HOH – I’d put up Cody & Enzo b/c while we know Nic will keep Cody I’m not sure Memphis wouldn’t vote to keep Enzo (esp if Cody puts him up as the replacement & he has that talk with Ty).

Could be a very interesting week especially if Ty wins POV.

I’m thinking this week’s POV will be BB Comics – Nicole beat Victor, Paul and Corey in season 18 and Cody didn’t play in BB16 (Christine beat Nicole that year), Kaycee won in BB20 but Tyler was 2nd.

And I’m thinking F5 HOH will be slip & slide and if Ty is still there it would be tailor made for him to win since Cody wouldn’t be playing. He lost to Faysal in his BB20 but the lanes were super short so it took like three strides for him to cross (Ty was second) & he’d be playing vs bad back Memphis, older Enzo & small Nicole. And if it’s the spinning disc – Ty also won that comp in BB20 & again it would be hard for the trio to beat him particularly for Memphis with his back & Enzo would likely feel safe while Nic would have trouble due to needing upper body strength.


Excellently written!


Hmmm. Cody wins again? Rigged!!!!


Woah Nicole gets put up and her true mean girl spirit shows up. Tyler’s boring and makes you want to vomit, really? Cause your boring af and your voice has wanted to make me vomit the entire season


That would be a great picture to put on Nicole’s wedding invitations. Or a really scary screen saver for Halloween. Either way, that is by far the worse picture I’ve seen of Nic.


I can’t fukkin wait until Nicole gets kicked out. She’s so annoying it hurts.


Yesterday I said I liked Coin slots but after watching the show I take it back. She really is a horrific person, first lying to Shitmas’s face saying she was her number #1, then telling Tyler she was never coming for him, she would never do that to him, then having the conversation with Cody saying Tyler makes her want to puke and she can’t stand him and never liked him, he’s “boring”. This is Enzo’s fault, YO, the dude has no balls, he’s an idiot. Why are they letting Cody run the house?


i really dislike all of them, to be honest. my pick for final 2 would be memphis & enzo, i feel gross just saying that because memphis is an a**hole and enzo is an immature misogynist (with the exception of keesha & nicole a. he expresses hate for every woman at some point. never has expressed hate towards any of the men) hoping cody puts up tyler & xmas (as planned) xmas wins veto and replacement nicole to ensure tyler goes, then xmas wins next hoh and targets cody & nicole, unfortunately none of these clowns will vote out cody but i can dream!


Why is Nicole being protected? All she does is whine and doesn’t win anything. I hate when someone is being carried. She doesn’t deserve to win.


Because the ultimate plan derived before the show was her in Cody in F2, Coin slots knowing she wont win the 500k because she’s already won, but will have the 50k in her pocket for her wedding.

Team Janelle

Tuggy is boring herself. What is she talking about? Unless she considers the soft porn shows she use to put on as entertaining, which on second thought she probably does.


Here comes the fake tears cause she knows she is next to Christmas on that totem pole.
UGH!!! Do you see Christmas crying?! Nooooooooo. Wow, I cannot stand this girl.

another name

Actually, Christmas is literally crying on Memphis’ shoulder this morning. About Dani calling her out, and not hugging her.


I was talking about snakole and all the crying she did after the TE. And good for Christmas for giving her a run for the money for the whiner’s cry award. Hehe.


Too funny. But I think she’s really crying because she thinks/knows she’s goin on the block. I don’t think she gives a crap what Dani thinks…and we saw what she thinks of Dani, lol. :p


Nicole ???

Friskies Cat Food

This season blows chunks! 1 move, just 1 move before you have to by process of elimination. None of these jokers deserve anything. they all suck


Memphis has this game in the bag. Tyler is probably getting backdoored next. Cody and Memphis are final 2.


Who is Cody’s true final 2? I really hope it’s not Nicole or Memphis. I know they are probably beatable but I can’t stand them. Nicole because she’s annoying and can’t win anything and Memphis because of his ego and thinking he’s good at the game. I think Cody might win against everyone if these juniors aren’t bitter!


I think it is Nicole or Enzo. But we will only know if Final 3 is Cody, Nicole and Enzo with Cody winning HOH. Will be making another 500K decision mistake?

another name

As someone that has always considered Cody to be a big steaming pile of number 2 to begin with… I assume his true final 2 is whoever. He’s cocky enough to think he deserves to win regardless.


I honestly don’t know how anyone likes Nichole!?!, her whiny voice and sponge bob square pants ass is so annoying. If she wasn’t connected to someone like Cody she’d be gone ages ago .. It’s downright comical she has the damn nerve to call anyone boring Lol!?!? This chick has the personality of a rock! But it is ironic of Enzo to talk of her not winning 😉 these ppl really are delusional eh??? Christmas thinking she’s something special when her only wins are both when #1 da’vonne gets her answer WRONG (automatically winning) and #2 Nichole buzzing in first but getting her puzzle wrong.. big heads in this house hahaha super boring season! Let’s go TY!!!


Nic is a very shallow person on top of being self-centered. I hope she’s lost all her endorsements and we never see her again. She is Beyond AWFUL!


Hook Em. :p


Triple eviction disappointment. I am glad Dani is gone. If Tyler wants to survive he is going to have to win everything. He knows that they will try to backdoor him. He needs to put Cody and Enzo up or Cody and Nichol. Who ever sits besides Tyler I think they will win. David might vote for Tyler but overall I do not think anyone will. Dani will make sure of that. Nichol blaming everyone else for her actions. She is just a follower. They have all told lies. If nichol knew that Cody wants her out to she would not be happy. Hopefully Tyler does not go


So predictable this game .

another name

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’d already learned not to expect anything out of Enzo.
Sure he through nonsensical hinky votes at the beginning, hoping to suspicion in the house, but when it would have been wanted? Nope. He threw hink votes that wouldn’t alter outcome. He talks big move, but pathologically tries to exist in ‘the middle’ of every group.

I’m expecting Nicf crying into the camera about being the victim. She’ll portray herself as a victim of bad intel that cause her to turn on Dani. There was no bad intel. There was just Nicf’s anti woman nature. Even now, the two men that nom’d her are not her primary target. The third, the woman that voted against her is the prime target.

Christmas? I expect a descent into the ickyplace. She’s already going to be attempting victimization about the Dani bombs, but getting nom’d today? That’s going to push it from usual code orange right into the redzone.

The absolute cynic in me says well of course there was an invisible HOH, and of course Cody is safe. Would not suprise me at all to have a surprise fan vote on a twist, and have the results adjusted in such a way that Cody wins safety next week. Think it couldn’t happen? Does nobody remember the traffic cone safety costume that came with a week of safety in 18? That was during jury (third juror had just been evicted). I will hold to my last day that fan votes on a show that doesn’t have to follow game show rules because the show is not classified as a gameshow, are altered for storyline purposes. Heck, in the rules of the canadian version, it clearly states that votes can be discounted before, during or after the voting period for any reason the show deems without notification to the voters (its supposed to be a measure meant to stop robocalls but the wording doesn’t say that).

Memphis will expect to put his foot down and get his way with the vote this week. What is humorous, it might just work. If the other two voters are Enzo and Nicf, and their natural inclination is to play safe? Any other HOH and it would be a done deal. So we get the battle of who gets his way this week.

Tyler? Tried one too many times to keep David. We’re going to need to see a flashback clip of Memphis’ plan, and whether or not Tyler convinced Miss follow the HOH to break it. Don’t worry. It’ll happen. We’ll get little clips in the next episode of lots of things if the show after a multiple eviction is any indication.

another name

What I want, what I really really want?
I want the hg’s to say to Christmas, “Oh, sorry, gotta do what the HOH wants,” when her ass is trying to campaign.
I deserve this. WE deserve this.


If the vote Nicole out… no more have nots for the Season lol.