“I don’t think I’ve seen two people like that make it this far. There’s always one person that gets dragged along but now there’s two” [Enzo and Nicole]

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas & Tyler
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony – Cody did not use the veto
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(Tyler still appears to be going this week. Most of the talk is on the next week HOH and Noms)

12:57 pm Feeds come back after the veto Ceremony. Enzo and Cody in the HOH

Enzo going on about hoping Nicole wins the HOH this week that is the “Big reason I saved her.. for you. I feel like she’s going to win an HOH soon that’s perfect YO this is perfect”
Cody – if you win HOH you can put up …
Enzo – I talked to him about it.. iw as like YO if I win HOH I’m gunna put up Nicole and Christmas we’re good right.. he went that’s perfect (Memphis) I was like OK no problem.
Enzo adds Memphis told him if he won Veto he would keep the noms the same.
Enzo – I looked through his soul we were like ok no problem.. I’m not sold on doing that.. I might just say look you’re the pawn you know I love you I have to protect Cody so I’m putting you up he’s done a lot for me I gotta put you on the block you know you’re not the f**In target you know you got Cody’s vote and if it comes to me you know you’re safe.

Cody – the thing is if he gets cute and wants to make sure something happens and he’s off the block he can do whatever he wants and control the vote.
Enzo – I just wanted to feel him out.. If he wins POV and takes Christmas off we’re f**ed they got the votes. You’re gone.. you’re gone..
Cody – that’s why it’s super important for one of you two to win the HOH and not get cute about it.

Enzo says that’s his one big thing to think over is putting Memphis on the block and how to smooth it over with Memphis.
Cody – Yo.. I want to make sure you are not put in a spot where you win the veto and she wants you to take her down that will put you in a situation where it burns you a certain way (enzo can say that to Memphis)
Enzo says putting Nicole up is easy.
Enzo says he felt Memphis out and he feels if Memphis wins HOH he’s putting up Christmas and Nicole. “99 percent chance he’s going to do that”
Enzo – Christmas is gone yo.. then you and me are looking good in the final 4 YO
They agree if Memphis wins veto on final 4 then he’ll take out Nicole and it’s the three of them. “F*** it YO”
Enzo says if he wins that veto he’ll make a “BIG MOVE” (ohh sure you will)
Cody – Hell yeah

Nicole joins them and they start talking about Christmas
Enzo – she’s too happy .. like she’s f***ing happy on the block. enough YO. She’s so f**Ing lucky because Tyler on the block next to her oh my god YO.. Make great TV! (something said by xmas)
Enzo – what are you talking about YO. what the F** are you talking about
Cody – the greatest TV would be to blindside you and have yo F**Ing blowup
Nicole – she said it three times
Enzo – 3 times.. enough they’re going to edit all that out
Cody – you already sealed the deal with your legacy on AllStars like.. ease up.. relax
Enzo – relax with the legendary sh1t.. relax..
Cody – what are you talking about
Nicole – honestly you are a really good player I won’t take that away from you but at the same time it’s like the only thing in her mind if winning competitions
feeds cut..
when we’re back they are going on about Christmas, Dani, Da’Vonne..

1:33 pm Christmas and Cody
Talking about Christmas’ veto ceremony speech apparently, she stumbled
Christmas – I got nervous.. it was good..
Cody thought it was going to be another rhyme
Christmas – let’s make good TV I triple dog dare you I thought it was spot on .. enticing.. I not only implore you I triple dog dare you
Cody – you are using words I don’t know..
They Chit chat about words..

1:38 pm Memphis and Tyler
Memphis – I’m leaning towards voting you out.. You’re a beast and you scare me. Honestly, between me and you, the only way I am going to make it through this f**ing thing is if I win 2 vetos. This coming veto and the next one. That’s the only way. I think everyone is looking at me the same way.
Memphis – If my a$$ is on the block it’s the same way and if they don’t they’re idiots
Tyler – I think you’ve rubbed people in the jury the wrong way that is why I wanted run through this thing with you. But I do thin you can win
Memphis – with Enzo and Nicole still in this house there’s no way .. whoever is making that decision with the veto there’s no f***ing way they are going to keep me that would be dumb does that make sense.
Tyler – yeah those two
Memphis – if you have the veto and yo have the choice to keep Enzo or me or keep Nicole and Me or keep Christmas and me you are going the other way
Tyler – I don’t think that’s true people are wanting to keep you more than you think
Memphis says people are wanting to keep Enzo and Nicole because they are not winning competitions. and they haven’t done anything.
Memphis – if you are looking at two people you want to go against in the final three and final 2 you are going to look at both of them. that is what makes these finals interesting I don’t think I’ve seen two people like that make it this far.. there’s always one person that gets dragged along but now there’s two
Tyler – they are both well-liked with the jury
They talk about Jury votes and how you may be friendly with people you meet on the show you but you never become “best buds”
Memphis saying he’s friends with Dan they went to each other’s wedding but they only really talk a couple of times a year.
Tyler – this is new age man. People think different 2 years ago I got popped in the jury and I thought I was being so nice in the jury
Memphis – I didn’t get one vote.
Tyler tells him if stays and wins veto Memphis is good.

2:16 pm Coins enjoying the nice weather

2:36 pm Christmas, Memphis and Nicole
Chit chat
Nicole – sun feels nice
C – you haven’t worn that top
N – I did at the beginning.. I usually wear one-pieces this one I wore on Big Brother 18 it’s old
Nicole – I think we should make decaf
Memphis – DECAF
Nicole – there’s still caffeine.. trust me as a nurse you have to tell you patients there’s still caffeine in there. that’s what I drink at home decaf.

2:26 pm Tyler and Nicole
Tyler – do you know how you are voting this week
N – I have to talk to Cody and Enzo I want to be on the same page as everyone I feel like I know how Memphis is voting without talking to him
Tyler says Memphis isn’t 100% but it doesn’t sound like he’s voting to keep him “He pretty much just told me”
N – I think Enzo is thinking of keeping you that is what I would do too
Tyler – that would be awesome it would us four against 1 but I can see why you don’t want to keep me
N – I don’t want to keep either on of you .. be frank.
Tyler – keep a duo or keep me
N – I see it like that..
Nicole – you putting me on the block doesn’t piss me off you voting me out pisses me off
Tyler – yeah I know

3:16 pm Cody and Nicole
Nicole says Tyler and Christmas making that move on the triple was “a vicious move made in 20 seconds”
Nicole wants Tyler to think he is staying.
Nicole says Christmas doesn’t feel bad for what she did on the triple.
Nicole goes on about Christmas trying to flip the vote on Nicole, “It’s nauseating”
Nicole says she told Christmas “it would be stupid to vote me out of this house I am your number one I tell you everything it would be absolutely stupid”
Nicole – what does she do she tries to flip the vote. (so you lied to her and she voted you out)
They go back and forth about who to vote out.
Nicole – Tyler has said Sorry to me a million more time that she has and she’s the one that owes me an apology I don’t care I want them both gone and it’s not a secret

4:03 pm studying ..

4:48 pm Studying or making food

6:03 pm nothing to note…

6:44 pm someone’s food


6:45 pm feeds are a lotta stars …

7:10 pm Stars

7:55pm The live feeds return.. Nicole and Christmas are making stir fried rice.
8:45pm Havenot room. Nicole is reading the bible.
9:33pm All four cams on Nicole staring off into the distance..

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Wake me on Thursday, and pass the Kraken.


I’m the opposite! There are so many twist and turns to follow and everything changes depending on who wins.

These are some solid all stars, we just had to weed out the weak ones.

I love Nicole’s chances!


The only way I will cheer for Nicole is if she boots out Cody herself

Barney Rubble

I want Nicole………….to get evicted.

Sue Galow

She’s a disgusting hypocrite. Laughing and making fun of Ian.

Just Sayin'

Nicole is the perfect person to take to final 2 now, I literally can’t think of one argument she could use. Zero comp wins and just hid behind cody and dani the entire game, she has no shot of winning against anyone left in the house. It irritates me that she will most likely get to final 2 by doing nothing but complaining and crying all season.
PS I’m with Memphis… Decaf?!


what irritates me more is she could win.

Ian, Dani will vote for her
Day might also vote for her as she votes for other reasons than game
Kevin might vote for her as I think he likes her most on a personal level of who is left.
and anyone still in there may be bitter after their eviction and not want to vote for whoever is sitting next to her.


Nicole and Enzo has been playing the game. Makes no sense to day they didn’t.

Barney Rubble

Can we have another triple eviction again and get this fiasco over with?



Where’s Janelle

Nicole did get $500,000 richer being the winner of season 18 was also the first female To win against a man in the final two and shes still in the house another week – I guess the joke is on everybody else watching.
Especially those thinking she’s not great at playing big brother.


This is ridiculous. This is not her game at all! Her moves were all under cover. Where are the blankets?

Not Your Usual Bear

Slut shaming is not cool. I guess it was okay for Boogie to use women. Bromance, heh, heh, heh. Boys just being boys. Will literally told a woman that he had cancer (I still find him charming, but as a person I know he was a pure prick. Perhaps he’s learned, but I doubt it).

Women can do whatever the hell they wish, sexually. Just as men always have. Big freakin deal.

If it’s a matter of her not deserving the win bc she didn’t play the game and hid behind power players as a shield, that has nothing to do with her sexual activity.

What about McKay? Love the guy, but he spent all his time in bed having sex.

As an advance, anyone challenging me on this is a misogynist. See ya.


I guess I am a female misogynist. Nicole’s MO is legendary for all the wrong reasons.


Hmmm hard no! When you’re only strategy is pre-gaming, season 18 and now, and targeting all women, you’re gonna hardly get other women’s support or woman of the year award.

If Nicole was out there using guys and strategizing, I’d also command her. That’s gameplay I actually want to see. But the strategy of attaching yourself to one man and spending the summer under covers with them is not gonna warrant my respect as a BB player. No strategy there. But nice try.


man or women they are just trashy when they do these thing while they know there are cameras watching for the world to see.

Houka Inumuta

The time has came. Tyler is getting evicted on October 8.

I have invited all my friends on here to celebrate with us.


I have to admit — the more you say he’s leaving the happier I get (then again you tend to get one right per season). Don’t hate me for hoping your losing streak remains intact 😉

The Beef

Every time Houka says this make the odds go up that Tyler stays! I hope Houka goes on a mad posting binge! Hahahaha

Barney Rubble

All your friends??? Simon do you have the bandwidth for one more person? Anyway it will be fun to meet your mom.

J/K. You know sooner or later when you predict the same thing every week you are going to be right. This falls under the blind squirrel theory.


I don’t know if this would have helped fix this season but, for future seasons, the winner of the POV should pick the replacement nominee instead of the HOH


I have seen this in other countries big brother. I like it better too.

I’ve seen also, HOH puts 1 person up, and the house 2nd person.

CBS could have used all these different ways for every season instead of same rules for 21 seasons.

Reality Love

Production should also NOT let the HOH winner have conversations with others when double evictions occur and the HOH has to make a quick decision about putting people on the block. Make him/her sweat and the others too.


That would be too much power for POV, think about this, the HOH doesn’t compete in the following weeks HOH comp, POV is completed by HOH, noms, and “random draw”. HOH would be less powerful than POV holder. If that’s what you want might as well do “America noms” players play for veto and players vote, I think that’s what UK did in the past.

Roisin Dubh

So the game for 50k is on. Cody going on the block is unthinkable to these lug nuts.


Enzo is such an idiot, when Cody takes Nicole to final 2 he’s going to regret screwing over Tyler and not voting her out so much!


This has never happened before. I cannot be even bothered to read the OBB summaries but am going straight to comments to just vent about this.

I can’t believe come Thursday I might be rooting for Christmas *shows self out* as the only hope to shake up whatever is left of this crappy season.

PS. Love the gif on Nicole, Simon. You even keep the comments fire.

Where’s Janelle

Another week goes by another reason why Nicole deserves to be called an all star.

Nicole has completely outplayed Janelle, Tyler,and Christmas.

Tyler and Christmas swing and miss at Nicole and they are in the position they are now because of their own fault.

Christmas on her HOH aided Nicole tremendously by taking Bayleigh out and Bay was close and tight with Janelle and Janelle had a vendetta against Nicole. Really it was quite plausible that Bayleigh could’ve gone after Nicole.

Ironic Tyler was the HOH who took out Janelle doing Nicole’s dirty work to get Janelle out. In yet Nicole is the one who gets no blood on her hands getting out Tyler after he swung and missed taking her out after Nicole just saved him two weeks prior.

Its funny how things work out and magnificent the difference in gameplay between Nicole and Janelle and how Nicole this season completely over matched and out played Janelle!

Wish Paul was there to finish 2nd again

Tyler and Christmas were next no matter if they voted Nicole out or not. You’re delusional if you think this is of their own doing. The pre-game alliance set this up and everything fell that way.

Where’s Janelle

Cody said he was sketched out by the two votes. Cody is closest with Nicole. Reason why Christmas and Tyler messed up their games by voting out Nicole and her staying. They were cooked when Nicole stayed over David!!


Out played how? She shielded behind Cody, Ian and Dani. Couldn’t/Wouldn’t go against Dani/Cody to save Ian, probably her best bet at F2 and a win. The only reason she’s in the house is because Cody is goating her to F2 banking on the fact that she got goated there and the jury will not let her be a two time champion based on spite. She absolutely didn’t win anything nor influenced anything her way without power. But, she wins the next HOH, and F4 Veto, and even gets taken F2, she might sway some votes, but the jury is probably too bitter with her, basically 180° versus Paul.


Why do the live feeds remain on Nicole? All 4 feeds for virtually 2 days & 2 nights!


I’m not a fan of Memphis personally. But you can’t deny that he is great at this game.

The Beef

I think Memphis has played a really good game competitively and strategically, but socially he’s a crabby guy and has turned a lot of people off. If he somehow does make it to the final 2 against Cody, the only person I can possibly see voting for him is Kevin, and that’s only because he hates Cody so much. I think he loses 9-0 pretty much against everybody else that he might make it against (Enzo, Nicole or Christmas).

David’s Acting Coach (retired)

– Tyler goes
— Enzo HOH: Noms Christmas/Nicole. Christmas leaves.
— Nicole HOH: Noms Christmas/Memphis. Memphis leaves.
— Christmas HOH: Noms Cody/Nicole. Cody leaves.
— Memphis HOH: Noms Cody/Nicole. Cody leaves.

– Christmas goes
— Tyler HOH: Noms Cody/Memphis. Memphis leaves. Noms: Cody/Nicole – Cody leaves.
— Enzo HOH: Noms Nicole/Memphis. Memphis leaves.
— Nicole HOH: Noms Tyler/Memphis. Tyler leaves.
— Memphis HOH: Noms Cody/Nicole. Cody leaves.

My guess for the week. Cody has 50% chance of leaving next week.
Nicole is safe this week and next week under any scenario and likely makes it to the finals where she will play the “make a woman the first two time champion” which will play well with the jury.


those are some silver dollar sized coin slots


Anyway to replace the houseguests pics with something else Nicole – coins, Enzo – a yoyo, Cody – dunce cap , Tyler- pic of Angela, Christmas – a xmas tree and Memphis – not sure




Does anyone know anything about the squirrel statues? Secret power maybe? Tie breaker question for next HOH?


$hitmas: I’m a Fitness Entrepreneur and a Crossfit Beast.” Proceeds to finish dead last behind fat ass Memphis in a YOGA CONTEST. ??????


A) That’s not yoga
B) Memphis is ripped for his age


Enzo is being dragged anywhere. Nicole sure is. They need to get her out soon. I will truly question the meaning of life of she of all people becomes a 2 time winner. She is disgusting inside and out and a terrible player.


Yeah, I ridiculed the game when Jordan won. Now Nicole can set a new precedence.

Joelle Knox

I don’t understand why Enzo is protecting Nicole. Nicole is annoying. Can she never return. As much.as I dislike Memphis he could win.


has to be the most boring feeds to watch now.


Why do we pay for the live feeds if BB is just going to make us stare a Nichole sleep all friggin night??


For those curious about Nic trashing Tyler this week it’s not isolated to him nominating her or putting her on the block, it extends pregame. Janelle tweeted:

“Nicole is jealous of Tyler & Angela. I know this because last Spring, I started liking Angela’s pictures and this bothered Nicole. She straight up asked me why I wasn’t liking her IG pics and why I was liking Angela’s. It’s no surprise she is after Tyler for being popular.”

Fans begged Janelle to keep the tweet up so other fans /BB fraternity would see it & she replied:

All of the alumni knows about his. She was complaining about it for awhile.”

Asked what Dani said – Janie said the only thing Dani ever said was “Angela is a boring white girl”.

If you think back to season start when Nicole wasn’t hiding from Janelle & trash talking her she was saying things about Tyler which we got a a renewed dose of this week (similar things – boring, snake, etc). So apparently the BB All-Stars (especially Nic & to a lesser extent Dani) weren’t just hit by Janelleousy but also by Tangelousy.

Carolyn Hausey

I’m Sick of Nicole. She Voted Ian Out, But She Got Mad Because Tyler & Christmas Voted for Her. Nicole Has Won Nothing, & if She Wins Hoh, Production Gave it 2 Her!