The Bachelorette party “Please god don’t let me be like these people.. Every day I pray”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


9:41pm Storage room Herlen and JUDD

Helen going off about Jessie wanting Amanda out. Helen says if she wants Amanda out so bad then let her win HOH and get her out.
Helen says Jessie came to her and said JUDD will vote out Amanda if Helen will do it.
JUDD: ‘She’s miscommunication”
Helen: ‘She’s using us against each other.. It’s a no.. We may need Aaryn and GM we don’t need Candice”
JUDD: ‘And Jessie”
H: “Jessie is crazy.. “

Helen says getting Amanda out right now would break them all up they would go crazy. She thinks there still 2 people to get out before they worry about Amanda.


9:45pm Backyard They are now allowed to use the grill.


10:17pm bedroom Elissa and Candice
Elissa is inviting her to the party. Candice doesn’t think she’s up for it.

Elissa says she doesn’t like sangria she told Amanda and all they saved her was a little bit of wine. Elissa offers to get her a beer. Candice says she’s just going to go to sleep.

Elissa says she wants Candice to be able to enjoy her time here. Elissa is worried that she’s going to start picking up on the bad habits of the house. She says she prays every day to god that she doesn’t start acting like Amanda, Aaryn and GM.
Elissa “Please god don’t let me be like these people.. Every day I pray.. You know how you can pick up bad habits being around people right”

Jessie rolls in .. “It’s a bit nippy in here” Jessie offers to Candice alcohol Candice says she just want to stay in bed.

Jessie leaves.
Elissa says the behaviour of the other houseguests is disgusting and it’s Embarrassing being around them, “I feel trashy you know”
Candice says she knows “They” talk about her when she leaves the room, she doesn’t want to be around people like that anymore. Elissa doesn’t want to be part of the bachelorette party but she’s already committed to it. Candice tells her not to mess up her game she should go.

Elissa: “Theres no one in my circle that acts like them … the things she (Amanda) said to you… “
They talk about Amanda saying Howard wanting his Black C**** in her mouth instead of Howards. THey are disgusted by her.

Elissa says the people she creates friendship with are cultured and diverse nothing like the people in the Big brother house.
Elissa starts to cry.
Elissa brings up the derogatory comments says it sucks that Candice has to deal with those on top of the game.
Candice starts to cry says she’s OK but keeps sobbing

Candice starts to bash Ginamarie for crying about not being able to write her HOH blog. Elissa tells her to stop she understand why GM wants to say those things but say it private when the camera isn’t on them.


10:37pm Bachelorette party

Elissa: “to the most beautiful big brother bride and the most wonderful groom and to the most amazing season because Amanda is amazing”


10:40pm JUDD and Spencer Backyard

JUDD says Helen was told by Jessie that he would vote out Amanda if Helen is on board.
JUDD: ‘Jessie’s just causing chaos.. I never said that she thinks if I kiss her I will do what she wants.. “
Specner: ‘You fine with her going home next weeK”
JUDD: ‘Hell ya.. hell ya”
Spencer thinks she’s very dangerous for JUDD when she’s throwing his name out there.

10:50pm The guys are invited to the party to have some cake

CBS Interactive Inc.


The decorations for the party


11:10pm Backyard everyone but Candice

Amanda telling them a story about having a edible a couple days before they did drug testing. She says she never smokes weed but had 1/2 a cookie from her boyfriend. She got so high. They all start talking about casting and the drug screening. Andy says they told him if he smokes week he should stop because they didn’t want him to have a ‘Pot Freak out” Andy: ‘Is that a thing.. a pot freak out?”
Aaryn says it happened in Big Brother 7 with Diane. Spencer: “She was so hot”

They give Specner a hard time for picking Howard over Elissa as being who the public would think is the hottest

11:22pm Jessie asks JUDD when she gets her ring.
JUDD give her a beer tab. Jessie: “Amanda gets a hand crafted ring and I get a beer tab”

11:28pm Backyard
Spencer asks GM if she will drink the hydrogen peroxide. She says she’ll drink it if it doesn’t kill her.
GM says that on the bottle it says: “contact the prison control “
People start to correct her “you mean poison control”

GM: “The psychic lady is going to talk to me again”
Elissa asks if the Psychologist has to come into the house this year.
GM: “Ya.. “
Elissa: “Ohh really”
GM says something about after Nick left.. GM “Keep the knifes and forks away from Ginamarie”

11:43pm Drunken backyard games They are playing telephone.

one line was “Spencer’s d!ck tastes like old man farts and 4 inch Doritos” and it ended up being Spencer’s beard is covered in butterscotch form l!cking Jessie’s p*$$y

Midnight Still playing telephone

Aaryn at the end of a message says “Helen wants to be la!id by a dirt bag called Spencer”
Specner says the message Andy gave him was “Helen once got f*** by a d!*k so big it struck her in the brain and gave her short term memory lose”
They are all blaming Andy on making up messed up messages.
JUDD: “Spencer has Candice’s clownie p*$$y juice in his beard and he’s saving it for later to bake a cake”
Again they blame it on Andy.


12:20AM Jessie and Candice
Jessie saying that a lot of the messages here about JUDD and Aaryn. Jessie is certain JUDD is being f**** around by Aaryn. She’s wondering if she should cut him loose. Candice says Jessie needs to talk to JUDD straight up and ask him who’s he with.

Jessie: “Aaryn and GM were being b!tches.. in the telephone game ”
Jessie says JUDD doesn’t have a chance with her outside this game. She’s only been flirting with him for game.
Jessie adds that JUDD has been super sketchy, “Sometimes he throws me under the bus”

Jessie says JUDD has a small D**** because he didn’t want her to feel once when they were cuddling.
Jessie: “He doesn’t even deserve this at all”
Jessie is now claiming that JUDD is the one coming after her she says he does it every day.
Jessie mentions how Aaryn has been flirty with JUDD, “Aaryn is such a sneaky snake”
Candice: ‘I’m going to be laughing when Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and HElen boot them out of this house”
Candice tells her she needs to win the next HOH. They start studying the dates of events, nominations, competition orders… etc etc

12:35AM Kitchen Gm, Helen and Elissa
They are asking GM if she will take the Diamond power of veto over 1 week with Nick. GM says she’ll take the DPOV. Helen asks if she will take dating Nick outside the house or the DPOV.
GM: “I’m going to date Nick anyways so DPOV“
Ginamarie: “I’m going to marry him you’ll see.. I also said In my blog that I met all these wonderful people and I met the man of my dreams.. and he’s never going to get away from me”

[polldaddy poll=7304429]


12:50AM Cockpit Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn

Aaryn saying that JUDD is playing both sides Jessie is stupid enough to fall for it but she’s not. Aaryn doesn’t know about JUDD anymore. Aaryn says that Jessie is trying to get Amanda out hardcore.
Amanda: “I’m not going anywhere this week”

Aaryn brings up how JUDD told her he’s getting close to Jessie so he can get information but now Aaryn is thinking he’s playing both sides.

Amanda thinks JUDD wants Helen and Elissa out next week and they cannot have than happen. Amanda pushes the point Helen and Elissa must be left in the game.

Amanda: ‘JUDD isn’t on our side .. he’s on his own side””
Aaryn: ‘I know”
Amanda: “You can’t trust him.. he had a final four with us and he lied to us”
Aaryn: ‘JUDD told me he would go to the end with me”

1:03AM Bedroom Helen and Jessie Jessie saying that JUDD has something going on with Aaryn.
Jessie asks Helen “What does the house consist of”
Helen says it’s the majority of the people that are not on the block.

1:14Am Andy and Aaryn
They are talking about how much they trust Helen. Andy says for some reason JUDD doesn’t want Helen in Jury.
Aaryn: ‘Do you think Amanda and MCCrae are trustworthy”
Andy says they are he trust Helen, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrea more than anyone.
Aaryn: “for a while I was really trusting Judd but now I’m not sure”

1:26AM Cockpit JUDD, McCrae, Amanda, Spencer
McCrae says he never wore a condom with his two one night stands. Amanda is shocked by tells him he needs to get tested.
Spencer: ‘Dude I had s$x with 30 random girls and never wore a condom”

1:36AM Hammock GM and Spencer Spencer is haring what he plans on doing with the Big Brother 15 winnings. He’s taking Marilyn to the Bahamas and spanking her booty.
Gm “I hope Nick spanks my booty”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Wtf Elissa looks just like a wax figure…


Fuming! Just read the transcript about Spencer’s joke (?) about child P***. I guarantee that if I were in that house of depraved lunatics, I would be one of the first voted out or removed by BB, because there is NO WAY I could sit by and listen to someone joke about something so sensitive and serious! Any woman planning on marrying him should run!

Do none of these people have the moral fortitude to stand up to these degenerates? Helen? Elissa? Candice? I say BB should cancel the show and distribute the money to charities. Outrageous!


I have contacted CBS re his remarks but don’t imagine it will make much difference. I advised them that they are effectively harbouring an admitted paedophile in the house. The police should have been called when those remarks were made and he should have been removed immediately. I have contacted his employer but their hands are tied due to the union. Julie can say all she wants about a bowl of rice but she has remained silent on Spencer’s horrific, vile, filthy remarks. Next move is to boycott all advertisers on the show and let them know why we will not use their products.


Great Job and thank you!!


Freakin hilarious !! good job Spencer… don’t worry about the pious dbags..


It was a horribly tasteless attempt at humor said into McCrae’s mic in a faux attempt to “frame” him. Doesn’t it make more sense for people to just simply hate Spencer and root against him instead of trying to insert themselves into his life by calling his employer and the network of the TV show he’s on? Thank god for all the busy body morality police who have no skeletons of their own, don’t know what we’d do without them.

If you can’t watch this TV SHOW without getting so upset that you feel compelled to intrude into the players’ personal lives, then you should probably just do something else. Don’t worry though, you’ll get your blood. Each house-guest who has made offensive remarks will have to answer to the salivating lynch mob upon their exits…… and for the rest of their lives to a degree.


really? He deserves to be kicked off the show and arrested? So every comedian who has been on comedy central that has made a joke like that deserves to be arrested? You are an idiot.


He had sex with 30 women and never used a condom . This is the stupidest cast ever ever EVER on any reality show ever .


What did Spencer say i cant find it anywhere . He joked about hurting children ?

vote for Jess for Americas favourite

i hope america gives jess the 25k

team jess yo

Love Doctor

Aaryn,you are flirting with Judd, while knowing Jessie and him also fool around. Neither Judd or Jessie think they are in a relationship, but Aaryn you knew what the deal was. Now Aaryn is saying I think Judd is playing both sides. What’s both sides….you and Jessie? Ah! Aaryn, wasn’t it you that woke up Judd the other night and said he should sleep in the nude? Wasn’t it you and Judd arm in arm in the HOH bed which you initiated? Now its the guy’s fault because he is taking advantage of the opportunity of two women. Jessie wants to sleep with him for a vote. Bad move but that’s her strategy. Aaryn, you are trying to flirt with Judd, so it will ensure your safety. I thought you were a friend of Gina, but you are no friend. You made Gina’s HOH your HOH. Every move Gina made had to be bless by you first, then you realized that Gina might not be the best person to try and go further in the game with, Hence, Aaryn started her flirt campaign. Come on Aaryn… offered it up on a platter and Judd didn’t say no. That’s not Judd’s fault.

Love Doctor

Jess says Judd has a small penis. Why do women always have to attack a guy’s manhood when they get upset? Come on Jessie, help a guy out. Other women are watching this show. Build a buzz for Judd. Jessie, tell the female audience that it’s huge. Come on Jessie, don’t be so cruel.


I hope theres Candice wins… game or no game, she should not have to go through that crap. I glad she is going home :(


There is a lot of game left to play. If Jessie doesn’t get HOH and she starts kissing butt and flips once Candice is out of the house, she doesn’t deserve it. If however, she stands her ground and speaks her mind even if she is on the block, then I will consider giving her my vote. (I will way that agianst her past behavior of flipping with the power.) At least Howard stayed true to the MC even when it disbanded and was a good firend to Spencer and Candice, the only people who stood by him.


sorry but jess already deserves it no matter what happens from this point on

she risked her game 2 weeks in a row to stand up to the racist bully amanda, and attempted to get her evicted(amanda who america hates)

jess in attempting to go against the grain and being the only one looking to even make an attempt to shake up the game to make the season less predictable and more entertaining for us

and for doing this, they are trying to destroy her and ganging up on her

for all these reasons, and most importantly she is, unlike almost all the others, not an asshole, and she is the most genuinely nice person there…i dont want to see any of these other people get it as they are either dumb, scared, racist or a mean spirited bully, or a combination of all those

i would love to see jess as americas favourite player


Soooo how did you come to the conclusion that she is genuinely nice? All I see is a conceited girl who thinks she’s the “prettiest girl in the house” and she is playing Judd like a fiddle by doing sexual favours. I know that people have different definitions of nice but that’s certainly not mine.


Elissa: “to the most beautiful big brother bride and the most wonderful groom and to the most amazing season because Amanda is amazing”

Sarcasm Overload, Sarcasm Overload.

Aj Holler

Lol you know it pained her to say that, can’t wait for the double eviction


Excellent speech, in my mind. I wonder if anyone will actually realize how sarcastic it was since her own sister was a BB bride. It just speaks to how ridiculous this entire cast is. I’m still rooting for Elissa.


I just don’t get how people can support Elissa and her elitist attitude. She feels like she is a better person than everybody else in the house when she has been involved in just as much negativity, malice and ill will as just about anybody on the cast. For the first three weeks, despite what her mouth may have said, she felt entitled to the MVP, and felt it was a given that she would keep winning. Everybody worked together the keep her in the game based the twist, and she repayed them by screwing up the nom twice in a row. If production hadn’t taken it away form her she would have been gone the net time she screwed it up. People keep talking about the Amanda to win conspiracy, but it’s totally clear that this season is Elissa’s season.


I hate Helen so much.


Hate is a strong word. I would say I dislike the style of game she is playing and if I were playing Big Brother, I would not want to be her friend after this because she shows she is the type of person who would say terrible personal things behind someone’s back if they don’t agree with her. It is a character thing that is magnified in this closed in environment.


I can’t figure out who I hate more the disgusting please everyone and be super fake Helen or the Loud mouth two faced bitch in Amanda I’m so tired of Helen and Amanda spinning everything Jessie does to make her look awful just disgusts me


Add Andy (I make sure I am there for every conversation so I can snitch to Amanda). I would be happy to see the three of them up at the same time and see who would rat out who. Andy is liked because he just takes other people’s information and passes it along. How would he look if he has to get himself off the block.


i like to see a big brother fan vr vet big brother this how its work if a fan wins they a put a two vets then the vets will play for veto then if not use the fan have a choice put another vet up or vote one of the nom home that mean hoh has all the power same for the vet to the fans it be the best big brother ever thats what the challenge doing


I would like to see a fan vs favorites season but not the hoh having so much power it would ruin the social importance of the Game


I wonder how cbs would handle racial issue if candice then helen come out on the same night. that would be interesting to watch.


What’s amazing is that Aaryn has dropped to #3 on the America’s Least Favorite Player list.

Dan's Mist

I was thinking that the other day, that it really says something that aaryn is no longer the least liked person, and that 2 people that were originally favorites are now in that 1 and 2 spot.


It is simple Aaryn has laid low and if you actually read the comments she made not racially, although CBS made a mountain out of a mole hill in Aaryn’s case and did nothing about the N word, the gook comment, the murder of candice by Amanda and the gang rape of Jessie not to mention the lie Amanda made up about Howard just to name a few, in retrospect heck Aaryn’s comments were the mild ones and whereas her and Candice not liking each other not about race but about lies not being corrected, and Amanda’s comments are racial and mean and well Helen is just such a darn irritant that you cannot stand her.


A exorcism will have to be performed on that house .


No for a lot of the fans of the bb show we hate Aayrin, Amanda and GM on the same level because they all 3 say the same rude racist shit but all 3 wouldn’t dare say the shit outside the house to peoples face where they know nobody is their to save them form getting their ass whoop. Then it goes to Helen, Andy and Spencer!!!!!!


Just when I think maybe Elissa can be cool, she says some shit like today.
It is fine she feels bad for Candace, but her degrading everyone in the house
makes her guilty of meangirl-itus just like the rest.
You would think someone with Rachel for a sister would be more forgiving
of others.

And also…I am not getting all the Jessie love on this site.
I know you love her because she is the David to the house Goliath, I get that.
But does anyone listen to her on the feeds? *UGH* She is so self-pitying.
And she does this mealy mouthed kind of speech, she reminds me of another
former HG, can’t think of who though (the way she speaks).
I see her as weak.
Not saying that to be mean, just know the type of girl she reminds me of,
they want to pull up and be a big dog, but they were born to be mini-poodles.


f-ckin hell youre harsh dude

jess is clearly the nicest person there

and she is not wanting to be a sheep like the others there

is trying to vote out amanda(who america hates) to make the season less predictable and more entertaining for us

you cant please everyone


Jessie is the nicest person in the house? In what world? She is trying to play JUDD now, after trying to get with every other guy in the house, regardless of their “arrangements”, she didn’t help Candice out at all during the bed flipping incident, and all she does is try to make herself the victim after all her “big moves” fail because nobody wants to be stuck working with her. I don’t see “nicest person in the house” there at all. I guess some people must just see a younger versions of themselves in people like Jessie and Elissa, and build them up to be these amazing people they are not. Everybody wants to feel like the underdog.


during the bed flipping incident candice had howard helping her, whilst jess was being harassed and bullied by all 3 mean girls, plus jeremy…she had her own battle to fight that night, and won the battle 4 against 1

each to there own, but for me jess is without question the nicest most genuine person in the house


Did you forget all about the way she entered the house saying ” I am the hottest girl and everyone is jealous of me?” I disliked Jessie right from the start. And the fact she is pimping herself out for game purposes “going to touch Judd’s manhood” is nothing short of prostituting except it’s bb votes not money. Now if you are saying she is the nicest person in comparison to the other crazies in this house, then I concur. Lol


so you are trying to pay her out and say she is not a nice person because she made a statement that she thinks she is attractive? youre reaching a bit there…if that the worst thing you can think of she has done then you havent got much of an argument

kissing judd, who gives a sh!t? i dont believe its a crime…and doing so shouldnt make someone not a nice person…bringing the pimping word into it is ridiculous…kissing is harmless

so jess is without question the nicest person there

i hope she gets the 25k


She said she tried to touch his penis. I mean, she doesn’t apparently even like the guy so why go so far? On live tv. And the attractive comment was a ” I’m better than anyone else” kind of scenario. Go back and watch the intros during the first episode and then tell me what you think.


jess had me the minute she figured out demanda


Yeah after Howard was trying to school the dummies and they didn’t listen but now she wants to go after Amanda the following after Howard is gone when she and the other should have did it then and she wouldn’t have to try and turn tricks for Judd and feel like and know she is getting played with that being said Im only hoping she hangs in there only because she is going after Amanda!!! But how dumb is this cast is not hard every time they talk to somebody in the house and they say lets get this person out and that person say no we should go after such n such then go talk to another person and they say the same shit well don’t you think those to people you was talking are on the same click


she has wanted amanda gone from week 1 as amanda has treated her and others so poorly

and thats not even the biggest reason she wants amanda gone – its because she realizes the importance of splitting that couple just before jury


Since this week is a double eviction, does anyone know how they are going to choose the third nominee during the second eviction?


probably a 24 vote between the wednesday and thursday shows


*24 hour vote


Hopefully They Will Use Last Weeks MVP Nom Or Average Americas MVP Votes.But I Think The Third Nom May Be donzo


Good possibility twist is over


yeah im thinking the twist is over, and thank god


its not over


Amanda will win this game she can act however she wants and say almost anything and these people are so loyal to her it is ridiculous wow! I don’t see much changing anytime soon once Candace is gone Jessie or Spencer will be next followed by Judd and Aaryn. Easily Amanda, McCrae and Helen will make it to final 4 it’s so crazy I don’t know where the others head are at but obiously not paying attention to the game. I think Helen is a good player but her thinking on Amanda is all wrong the longer you leave someone in the game the bigger chance she will stay to the end esp with McCrae on her team. Everyone else should be concentrating and banding together to get Amanda, McCrae, and Helen out!


i really liked helen up until her HOH where she went off on jeremy being a bully…. and now she backs the biggest bully of season 15, demandaaa.


Helen has taken a page in Cirie Fields first season game in survivor, as long as she is not the target or in the firing line she’s all good. She is making sure that after the initial target is gone, another one will pop out. She’s making sure that people “loves” her so when she speaks she will not be perceived as a liar. I don’t know how she will last in this game but if she reaches at least top 4 in this game I have to hand it to her, she is annoying but is really good. However, I just don’t really think this type of gameplay will work on Big Brother, so unless she proves me right, she is as stupid as GM is.


Sure GM has a weird accent(pronunciation) and acts dumb a lot but I feel like she’s using that as a tactic to make it far or perhaps win it all. By doing this she will be viewed as a weaker/non threatening player in the game. Still hope my Candi girl makes it through this double eviction. Get rid of McPizza boy and Andy the ginger rat.


Yeah, It Would Be Funny If In The End We Find Out GM Is A Mensa Member And A Broadway Actor



You must be joking!…..her behavior is so NOT an act with GM…..this person does not know about to spell CHICAGO, doesn’t know the difference between poison and prison when reading a medicine bottle, then to top it all off GM has the nerve to say that Candace is such a horrible person and this is why biological mother put her up for adoption. NO, this is NOT an act. See, racist such as GM will ALWAYS find a reason for their behavior…and GM reason for disliking Candace ….she feels in her own crazy mind that Candace is a rat. Now, let’s see how funny that piece of information is….especially since we have all witness Andy be the biggest rat in the house However, this is a person she trust.

No, Sunshine…’s not an act. GM is a vile and disgusting human being…oops my mistake, she is an UNEMPLOYED vile and disgusting human being who I will not lose sleep over. #NEXT!


Lighten Up frances

Candice is an idiot.



You are so right Montrell this is no act what so ever!!! Bit im telling you this what GM, Aayrin and Amanda going to say we only said those things so people would take me to the end because they felt like nobody would vote for me to win the money because of the stuff I said watch that’s how there goin to try and spin it!!!!!

production rigged it

So now when you get poisoned you have to now contact Prison Control huh? That’s a new one for me lol. Oh GinaMarie you are so funny and don’t even try to be. Those fumes from your hair dye have obviously destroyed that last brain cell you had been keeping for a rainy day. I would say she will be having alot of contact with a prison in the very near future because I think she will be a resident of one very soon after she starts stalking Nick, he files a restraining order against her and she goes from the big brother house to the big house.


Will be pulling for Jess in the DE HOH on Thursday probably more than I’ve ever pulled for a player in a single comp…… and I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. Will be great fun to watch the cockroaches panic and scramble live on national TV.

And if that doesn’t happen (which it probably won’t), I may just go ahead over to the dark side and start pulling for Amanda/McCrae to go on an HOH run to throw Helen and Judd’s pansy asses out of the house.


looking for feedback, plz reply

to all the demanda haters…

should we shift our votes to helen this next week? helen has proven she can’t take a hint from mvp nomination.

it would have been crazy sweet for demanda to know the public nominated her so many times in a row as possible, but if we temp changed to helen, we’d break that streak.

again, plz reply because we need to know if we should try and organize something like that.


no way

if amanda is not on the block it increases her chances of reaching final 2 and winning money, i really dont want that to happen

only vote helen if amanda is already on the block or evicted(or hoh – hope that doesnt occur)

the best way to try and prevent amanda from winning money is to keep her on the block, stressed out, and not being able to vote in any eviction


No way! It’ll just split the vote and someone else will go up.


Like you know, I’m going to do whatever the house wants. OK OK.

Scumbag Steve

It’s so pathetic to listen to people complain about Candice’s lack of gameplay or “how bad she plays the game”

The fact of the matter is, she has been completely ostracized to the point where any move she tries to make in this game get’s ridiculed, and the poeple in the house put a bad spin on it and turn it against her. The woman has faced so much racism that she has been reduced to an outsider. The “good people” that consoled her and then promised that she would see the day where Aaryn would walk out of the house, have completely stabbed her in the back, and taken away that joy from her. Candice endured all of that racist bullshit, and didn’t even react as bad as she wanted, all because she thought that there were good people in the house that would help her move forward and get sweet revenge in watching the racists exit the house. Elissa and Jessie are the only people in this game, that are more than likely good people outside of this house.

Helen is a condescending, arrogant, liar. The lies she spreads about Candice and Jessie after they sit there and pour their hearts out to her, is despicable. Helen sold her soul, and will surely be ashamed of the way she portrayed herself in this game. Sending away all of her potential friends and allies, up until the point where the real scumbags swindle her and kick her to the curb. I truly believe that deep down Helen is a good person, her punishment for her behavior will be rewatching herself on TV.


I’m going to start doing a “racist” count for every time someone mentions that word in their post. I’m sure you just did it 3-5 times without counting.
We get it. We got it the first ten thousands times the hundreds of you said it. I hate Aaryn for her comments because it gave racists a chance to complain and push their agenda the WHOLE summer.


Thank you for saying that. Good grief I honestly don’t know what is worse, the things the hgs have said or the fact that the same 10-20 people complain and cry about it in EVERY damn comment.


bbk and bd22

you dont get to dictate what people want to talk about in their posts

if you dont like what people say then dont read it


If you don’t like someone’s comment don’t comment on it lol


Yes, poor Candice.

If only the other HGs hadn’t forced her to call a “house meeting” and have a complete meltdown/attack on Spencer for lying (which is a part of the BB game)…. If only she wasn’t black… If only she didn’t stay in bed all day… If only she didn’t have to wear that clown suit…. If only Howie had stayed…

She coulda been a contendah.

Now What?

All of youz — it just doesn’t matter if Candice is a hypocrite, a bad game player, a loud mouth or antisocial. She could have been the worst strategist or the best strategist ever seen on BB and it would still be a bunch of people with irrational hatred who ridicule her every move because they amazingly see themselves as better than her (or perhaps they’re covering up their own insecurities… I don’t know). But the number of personal attacks on her by HGs versus the attacks on other people for doing the same thing is astounding (like Andy who also won nothing; or Jessie who also has emotional outbursts; or Amanda who has also has confrontations; or GM who also cries a lot; or Judd who also sleeps a lot). I too think that she should be voted out, but for different reasons. This group will go down as one of the most vile BB seasons and she should get off this ship as soon as possible. There is no way she can win the game and it’s just going to hurt her professional reputation to continue to be connected in any way to the rest of them. And regardless of Elissa’s issues (and she has plenty of them), at least she is trying to have some sympathy and empathy for another human being.


Candice is a hypocrite and has such a wallflower personality that she wouldn’t rub anyone the wrong way (sarcasm). She is the one who used Elissa and Helen at the same time conspiring with Howard in putting up Helen and Elissa. Only problem was they never won anything. Everyone wanted Howard gone while Helen was HOH; the only reason Howard isn’t gone is because Elissa didn’t want to put up Howard as the MVP (respect to Candice) and Helen did not backdoor Howard like the house wanted; instead she backdoored Jeremy. That’s why many were so upset with her, especially Judd. Judd wanted Howard on the block, as did Amanda and McCrae. They wanted to work with Jeremy. At the end they voted out Jeremy because they didn’t want Jeremy and Howard both in the house.

Candice threw Jessie, Spencer, Elissa, Helen under the bus. Candice and Helen are not friends. When Helen says “Candice is my friend, I love her”; well, who isn’t her friend and who doesn’t she love. Candice and Elissa are friends.

Only the reason Jessie wants Candice to stay is to keep a bigger target. Jessie knows she messed up; hence, she was on the block. She has nothing to lose. They have less votes to get Amanda out this week than last week. What changed? The fact that Jessie is the next to go if she doesn’t win HOH.

I can’t believe Jessie is 25; she acts like a 10 year old! She complained to JUdd that Helen is only looking out for herself; Judd replied “everyone is”. Duh! Jessied complained that Helen doesn’t deserve to win because she has money. What? Get a job! Jessie was mad that Helen invited Aryn to Bar-B-Q and felt she was brown-nosing. Okay. That’s why you hung out with Aryn while she was HOH.

I don’t understand the Jessie love. She plays the victim, which she clearly is not: that argument she had with Jeremy about nothing; still don’t know what that was out. Wanting Kaitlin out because there could only be one hot brunette. Claiming she’s the prettiest girl in the house and everyone hates the pretty girl. Waah, waah, waah.


I can’t wait for everyone to get out the house and start apologizing to Candice, because at least for Aaryn, Gina Marie and Amanda they’re going to apologize and say they didn’t realize it came off that way. Even if they don’t mean it to stop the backlash they will do it so in the end it’s not always about money and Candice won more than they will because two of them have already lost their jobs While Candice gained support. BB helped build Candice reputation up while allowing Aaryn and GM to tear down so it doesn’t matter what kind of game Candice plays or lack there of she still comes out on top of those three.

This Season SUCKS!!!

Remember Helen is a Political Consultant, she creates lies and backstabs for a living. Unfortunately, she lacks foresight.

Keep voting Amanda to stay on the block, Helen’s days are numbered anyway.


I read the same the thing. Amanda is a friend of someone in production and she has been preselected to win Big Brother. If this turns out to be true, i will never watch this show again. I really hope its not rigged. I wish they would evict Amanda.


Same here, if Amanda win BB15 or even get the second place,

I am done with that show. I’ll stick with BB Canada.

It is not a threat, I don’t do that, I have one word.

What’s the point to watch a reality show which turns out to be fake?

And unless they come up with an All stars cast next year, I think they’ll continue their sinking (if you go on their Wiki ratings, they are loosing ratings every years)


Wait….you’re not gonna watch BB US because its “rigged” but are gonna “stick with BBCA?”
Lol did you watch the first season? That season was more rigged than any US season ever.
You must be a Gary fan and have no problems with “rigging” when its for your player.

This Season SUCKS!!!

If Amanda is not evicted before jury, I’ll find it hard to continue watching BB.


No way if that is true I am with you I will never watch them again. Amanda has a dirty mouth why would you talk like that on live TV knowing America is watching they have no respect for themselves


OMG!! And yall accuse the house of being dumbass sheep!! lol That Alison Grodner/Amanda friends predetermined winner crap is sooo fake and was obviously made up by an Amanda hater to accomplish just what it has…breed more hate. If you honestly believe that and are seriously worried about that then you are as dumb as these hgs.


bd22 aka aMANda zuckerMAN brown nose number 156…

shut it down


Quick question: does the HOH get to keep their pictures and trinkets after a new HOH is crowned? I thought I saw Aaryn with the clown doll on BBAD


I wish someone in the telephone game would’ve said ” I’m pretty sure Judd and Andy are having a sexual relationship, because Judd woke up today and said his mouth tasted like ginger.”


You go Candice, help your girl Jessie out by being her only support system in that cessapool of a house. Rooting for Jessie to make it to the finals. If she wins HOH…she should nominate Amanda and McCrae. And if America gets MVP when should put up Helen. That would be entertaining as hell to watch because it is double eviction and they would not have much time to campaign; with POV competiton and ceremony and then the eviction ceremony.

Andy – Helen
Aaryn – Amanda
Gina Marie – Helen
Judd – Helen
Elissa – Amanda
Spencer – Amanda

Opps, Jessie gets the tiebreaker and there goes Amanda….


I agree as much as I want Helen out I want Amanda and McCrae out more


I don’t think it will go like that, the only person to vote for Helen to stay will be Elisa. Go back and watch the feeds, Andy is more loyal to Amanda. Everyone else would vote for Helen to go especially Spencer and Judd because they think the girls are trying to boot the guys out. Aaryn and GM will vote Helen out because they feel they can get farther with Amanda because is a huge target if she stays in the game. If Helen stays no one is targeting her. I would love to see Helen and Amanda on the block and no one wins POV it would serve Helen right because she goes running to repeat everything someone says to her and then lie about what she said. She’s a true rat. I can understand her wanting Candice or anyone out if she feels it will hurt her game but why trash talk someone in the process to cover your behind. I am shocked no one figured out how to tell when Helen is lying or over exaggerating because she keeps saying you know like every three words. At least Elisa has sense to sit back and be quiet, but Andy called it right Helen talks to much. Her mouth is like diarrhea she can’t keep anything not even for five minutes. As soon has you say something to her to runs and find someone to tell it to. Of all the people in the house I think Helen is going to be the most shocked as to how she is coming off. Aaryn, GM, and Amanda I don’t doubt for one second don’t act like that in their everyday lives.


Can you imagine the meltdown when GM finds out she was fired from her job AND Nick not wanting ANYTHING to do with her. Now I would pay to see that session with her analyst.


I did not know that Gm lost her job? How? Tell me if I’m right Nick did not like Gm from what I saw am I right


GM lost her job because of racist remarks she made early in the season.


ROFLMFAO ! “Judd has a small di**” damn public humiliation by the hottest girl he will ever kiss and he throws her under he bus behind her back what a moron. Cant wait cor Thursday.



There are two alternatives for house guest nominees next week, Amanda and Helen, or Andy the Ray and McPizza. Both will put the house in a tailspin.

Eric CA

First Off I HATE TIME WARNER CABLE, they dumped CBS from the line up because of a financial dispute. Now because I have Time Warner Cable I can not even watch Big Brother online, because Time Warner Cable Customers are blocked from that.. ugh.

Ok now back to you regularly scheduled rant,

Elissa, Jessie and Candice have got to go… Honestly what did they think they where signing up for? Yes, personalities will drive you crazy. Yes, you will be placed in a house under lock down with a group of people you would never ever associate with otherwise. Elissa, discussing poor character is laughable, because her sister is Rachael Riley. the Rachael Riley that used to work in Vegas as a woman that got men to buy expensive drinks, and supply hot girls to party with them and conned them out of money and then took the expensive stuff home with her. The Rachael Riley that married a total douche bag that masturbated online and then had the pics published. That is what Elissa associates with outside the house. She also needs to learn a little loyalty with people that actually saved her and Helen’s bacon.. here is a hint, it was not Jessie and it was not Candice.

Candice is annoying, she would still be in the House next week if she could just show more charm and less pout. Lets not forget that Spencer was the original Super Friends target. How did Candice become the next evicted House Guest and not Spencer? Spencer played the social game and people started think they may want him in sequester house over a whining girl.. Nobody wants to spend the summer in Candy Land. If she could just have pulled off a little charm, Spencer would have gone home, not Candice.

Jessie she had one thing she had to do… keep quiet for two more weeks. She has made herself a huge target. My god unless you are 100% sure you have the votes… keep it quiet. Then when it is down to Helen, Elissa, Andy, GM, A, Jessie, Judd, Amanda and Mcrae… then get Amanda out. Helen and Elissa would have been more than willing to turn on Amanda. So if say Elissa, Jessie or Helen won HoH at that point. GM and Aaryn are no threat.
put up McCrae and Amanda, (They should know by now that America is MVP, at least Andy does.) America can not pick Amanda again. So that would put up these possibles GM, Arryn or Elissa. then it is simple math. Judd, GM and Andy at this point need to break up a power pair. vote wise McCrae and Amanda can not vote the third even it is Elissa can not vote. HoH can not vote so that means they just need 3 votes to evict even 2-2-1 tie, HoH get to break ties. It is a much better scenario than now. Now my guess is Candice gets evicted. Fast Forward.. Jessie goes home or to sequester, unless she wins POV or HoH… she is the Fast Forward eviction.


Use a VPN to get around Time Warner Cable restrictions.

If you don’t want to pay for one, or don’t know how to use one go here…

… It’s a Japaneese university project. Just follow the directions on that page, It’s pretty much install, click, choose your exit point, Time Warner bypass.


stop that


Use a VPN to get around Time Warner’s restrictions.

I’d suggest one but I don’t know if that’s allowed or not.

I see links to things on these fourms all the time, but when I put one in a post they bounce it!

Be a better person

You sound really foolish for saying every word you just typed!! The hg turned on Candice because of the lies Helen told. That’s why. I wouldn’t want to be around people that treats me like poo either. Candice sees what Spencer can’t. He’s next.


Eric can you watch cbs via local antenna? I do.


I think Jessie is the smartest player in terms of figuring people out. She has said many times what viewers already know and it makes her look like a genius. She knows that Andy is more loyal to Amanda than Helen and Elissa. She knows Amanda and Aaryn (which would also mean GM) have been getting close. She believes Judd is in deep with Amanda and McCrae. Jessie actually isn’t afraid of standing up against Amanda and this is what viewers want to see! She has everything figured out and is voicing it. I understand why the other HGs think she is crazy, but as a viewer it is exiting seeing her figure it all out!!!! I am definitely rooting for Jessie! I know she is in a tough position after being so vocal of what she has figured out. I really really hope CBS portrays everything as is. I want America to know that Jessie deserves the 25,000!


great post

you are awesome jess


Jessie winning would be like Danielle winning from last season. Sure, in comparison, she’s semi likeable in the sense that she’s not making derogatory comments or anything, but she flip flops from guy to guy and alliance to alliance. All she cared about going into the show was getting a showmance. I don’t really see where she’s done anything worth 500k. I think Mccrae should be the winner. He does well in comps and he is a smart game player. I also gained a lot of respect for him when he stood up to Amanda tonight. He knows what he’s at. Pizza boy my ass, that dude is a lot smarter than we give him credit for.

Scumbag Steve

Can we please start getting subtitles for JUDD?

I can’t understand a word that man says.

Aaryns mouth is wierd

How come arryn has not been a have not? Kinda funny……….proof it may be rigged

Scumbag Steve

I would love nothing more than to see any of these bigots have to endure what Candice has endured in this house. Let’s see Amanda or Aaryn in a house with a bunch of racist black people that constantly put them down for their skin color, weight, culture etc… and the minute they cry and complain, they are met with nothing more than “You’re being way too hypersensitive”

What a joke. People should take into consideration how hard it must be for Howard and Candice. Back before any of this racism inside the house was common knowledge, Candice was actually starting to play a solid game. She was the first person to peg the guys alliance. It’s no surprise that once she started going through this bullshit, her gameplay took a nosedive. We live in a day and age where people like Willie from season 14 are considered more dangerous then people who make off-color, ignorant remarks. Yeah, let’s remove the guy who got in somebody’s face from the house. But let’s keep the people who continue to drop racism.

Let’s just all remember one thing: WILLIE NEVER LOST HIS JOB FOR HIS ACTIONS!


Really? So now a ‘solid game’ is figuring out a secret alliance? I’m afraid that there’s wayyy more to the game here. That’s kind of like saying Candice figured out what Judd had for breakfast every morning? So what? What was her sway in the house? What were her relationships?
That was pretty funny Steve – solid game….


Yes, but Willie is a wealthy, self-employed oil guy, right?


I loved that Elissa and Candice moment!


Why is it that the BB group cannot figure out NEED to separate the power couples??? It happened on BB Canada too. It drives me CRAZEEEEEEE!!


No Wonder…Every One wants to get Jury ,,,,$750.00 per week,,,New Boob’s Blondies Wow


I think GM is so sad!! :(


Simon/Dawg…is there anything you can do about these people coming on here with their racist racist racist racist racist wall of text every post? I mean seriously, your comments section has gone to shit. Every other word in every post is the word “racist.” It’s starting to take not only the enjoyment out of reading comments on this site, but also the game itself. Racist is literally every other word…and it doesn’t look like its gonna stop for the whole summer. I mean damn…we get it. We got it the first 500,000 times it was posted. These people aren’t even fans of the game, their just posting in here to complain and sabotage the comments.
If I owned this site, I’d create a filter that wouldn’t post those posts or make a script that automatically changes the word “racist” into “flowers” or something. I mean it’s literally getting on my last nerve. I wish I could be locked in a room with one of these people who type that word every other sentence on here in every post.
I never made one racist remark and I have to suffer for it the whole summer because of these annoying idiots.



please stop talking


I’m a nut…but, don’t players stop playing when JURY offers $750 a week? Cute blonde can finally get a boob job. Where did the fun and ethics go???????


Its a grand, not 750


I think that GM will probably become suicidal once she leaves BB house. She strikes me as unstable now and when she finds out she has no job and no Nick she will need psychiatric counselling.


This season of BB is just like BBCanada if Tom got his way with his “perfect jury” plan.


Guys really this shit been set up from long time not just this season don’t be fooled by the “reality show” bull


Hottest chick should get America’s favourite player the one and only Jessie. Amanda can never get it cuz she’s a man duh


i agree jess for the 25k


Hmmm. Let me get this straight Elissa’s advice to Candice is to say mean things in private not in front of the cameras. So she’s even worse because she hides he r true feelings good or bad. How fake is that? Then she can run around all holier than thou when if she’s anything like her sister. …
As for Candice being ostracized, she’s find that to herself to continue the poor me feelings & what better way to get attention. She’s knew coming in that she’d have to play a social game but could only be social for Howie. How funny that she thought she only had to outlast Spencer in the HOH comp. She should’ve won it if she wanted safety of wanted different people on the block. Bye bye Candy.


Watching these people bully Candice makes me so sad.
My young sister committed suicide by hanging herself, from
being bullied.
I am angry that this is passing for entertainment when it is
so so far from anything anyone should endure and face.
I have cancelled my live feeds and I am done with this show.
It’s too painful


First of all, nobody is bullying Candace. Candace is being a baby pouting in bed…She could’ve put the game aside for an hour or so but no…she refused to go to the party.

Secondly, I think I speak for many people when I say, there is nothing more annoying than someone grandstanding by coming on a bb spoilers board to announce to everyone that they have stopped watching the feeds and show and they are done. Ok, good. If you are done, then be done here too…why in th hell do we have to hear about it, about how deeply Amanda and Aaryn and Helens mouth has wounded you..waaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

I swear, there are ALOT of people on here who are taking this all, and by this all I mean bb 15 waaayyy too seriously!


Omfg!!! When Spencer said he was taking Marilyn to the Bahama’s and spanking her booty and GM replies….”I hope Nick spanks my booty..”. I just about fell out of my chair laughing so hard!!!!! I hate the expression…dumb blonde…but if there is a definition in Websters for it it would say…”see photo” and there would be Gina Marie. The funny part of it all is that GM truly would want Nick to spank her booty. Poor Nick…doesn’t stand a chance! Instead of the old elementary book, “Dick and Jane,” its now intitled, “Nick and Gina.”…..See Nick…see Gina Marie. See Gina chasing Nick…see Nick being chased, see Nick run…run Nick run!””


Nick has got to be the only HG that has “remained” in the house this long after being evicted first!


As much as I disliked GM’s comments in the game, I think she has a good heart. I just think that sometimes she get lost in the moment, but she is a good person. I’m scared of what’s going to happen to her after BB…she’s definetly going to need help.


Does anyone know where I could watch BB UK? I watched a few episodes and it was definetly a lot better than The Amanda Show.

Delilah Jones

I have been watching this season of BBUK on youtube. They have every episode up there, thus far..


One Word to describe each Houseguest:
Helen: Arrogant
Gina Marie: DUMB!
Andy: Snake
Candice: Alone
Judd: Spineless
McCrae: Bitch
Aaryn: Spoiled
Spencer: Real
Jessie: Bold
Amanda: Satan


Think you got it pretty right except GM maybe uneducated just to be nice.


Amanda will win.. Or at least be the one to get Helen out.. And Helen’s gonna say “maybe we should’ve got her out then”.. Very very poor season:(. I just hope next season is better! Next up, BBCanada!


Amanda thinks that getting rid Elisss & Helen next week, but she playing dumb and stupid.


My hope for double eviction night is- Jessie wins HOH, puts up Amanda & McCrae, veto not used, Amanda goes home. Next HOH Elissa, because I don’t think she will be stupid and they’ll probably give her a pandora a box- we need some excitement :)


Can’t stand Candice. Can’t stand Jessie. Can’t stand Elissa. I seriously doubt that even in a group effort, they could form a complete sentence or thought. I will be happy to see any or all of them go at any point. “It’s like, mmm, scary, because you know what I mean, I’m just that type of person … I, a hunerd percent, have like, a big heart, or whatever”.

This Season Blows

Pretty ironic how Rachelissa calls out the rest of the house for “derogatory comments” while she’s ripping them a new one behind their backs. Last I checked, she always has a snotty comment about other women’s looks, so she really has no room to whine about people being “mean.” And for Candice to go from screaming “pop that pussy” one minute to calling the rest of the house “trashy” the next is laughable. This cast is a bunch of annoying and sanctimonious hypocrites. Vote me down, Cat People, but your side of the house is no better than the other side.

The Royal Baby, Prince George

I’m scared. Elissa’s face looks like a bad Halloween mask. How old is she??? Most people want to look younger, she looks like an old hag. Yikes.