Helen tells Amanda we need to blind side Jessie and Judd, I don’t want them to know it’s coming.

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

CBS Interactive Inc.

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return, Judd is up and out in the backyard. Jessie is in the bathroom stall and yells for Andy to grab her toilet paper from the storage room. Andy goes and grabs her some. Ginamarie is in the kitchen frantically looking for Crystal Light in the kitchen. Andy heads out to join Judd on the backyard couch. Judd fills Andy in on how Ginamarie flipped out last night. Judd says that Ginamarie had a tear running down her face. He says Gina said that’s her’s and Nicks bed. Andy was supposed to save it. Andy says if I was more immature I would call a house meeting and say that no bed is no ones bed! Andy says just because we were havenots for week one we now don’t have a bed because we couldn’t claim one. Judd says yeah we got f**ked out of a bed. Judd says Aaryn doesn’t have a bed, she hops around. Andy says Jessie is one of the smallest people here and she has the biggest bed. Andy says Ginamarie would have an aneurysm if someone took that bed from her. If Candice got in that bed Ginamarie would drag her out of it. Judd says we have two looney toons and one of them is going to make to jury. It’s our fault though. Gina comes out and says that she talked to Helen and she said she would give my bed back. She says I just like that bed because of the whole Nick thing. Judd asks why don’t Andy and I have our own bed, everyone else has their own bed but us. Gina says I don’t have my own bed I still sleep with someone in it. Judd tells Gina if she is a havenot he will save that bed for her. Gina heads back inside. Andy tells Judd you know she went to bed and was anxious about that all night. Judd says he was walking on the boarder line of pissing her off. That’s bullsh*t but I don’t want to piss people off because people already think I am grouchy. Judd says I hope Gina is a havenot this week.



CBS Interactive Inc.

9:40am Jessie asks Judd why are all these rumours about you and Aaryn. (Jessie is jealous about Judd hanging out with Aaryn.) Judd says we are just friends. Jessie asks so are you all working together. Judd says no we are just friends we don’t hang out any more than anyone else. Jessie asks why he always gets weird about it when someone asks him about it. Judd says other people make it weird. Andy joins them again. The conversation turns to each of them wanting to win HOH this week. Andy gets up to fill the pool with water. Jessie tells Judd he got really defensive about the bed the other day. Judd asks what’s on your mind? Jessie says I am just trying to get to the bottom of it. Judd says there’s nothing to get to the bottom of. Jessie heads inside to change her mic.


9:55am – 10am In the bathroom – Helen talks to Amanda while she is in the shower. Helen says that it’s Candice that wonders why people want to keep Amanda over her and Spencer. Helen mentions that she thinks he will try and throw it anyways because he doesn’t want blood on his hands. They talk about voting out Judd and how they have the numbers to do. They discuss how Jessie is trying to help Candice because Jessie knows she is next and low on the totem pole. Helen tells Amanda if she wins HOH she will put Judd and Jessie up. Hellen says that Judd needs to go. Helen says we need to blind side Jessie and Judd, I don’t want them to know it’s coming. Amanda agrees. Helen leaves the bathroom.


10am – 10:20am Judd talks to Amanda in the bathroom about how upset Gina got that Helen and Elissa slept in her bed. Judd comments that Jessie needs to go, we need to blind side her. They talk about how Jessie is trying to protect Candice and they don’t understand why. Judd says that if something shaddy goes down I will put Jessie and Candice up on the block. Amanda says if you, McCrae or Helen win HOH we still have the votes if I happen to go up on the block again from the MVP. They talk about being optimistic and not thinking that Amanda will continue to go up. Amanda says that if it’s the same person putting me up its probably pissing them off that its not working. It will piss off the live feeders. Amanda says the MVP twist will probably go soon. Aaryn joins them. Judd comments to Aaryn that Jessie was acting weird about us and asking questions. Judd says that he is about f**king over it, on a personal level I am over it. It’s not like I can drive down the road and escape from her. Judd then tells Aaryn about Ginamarie flipping out about Helen/Elissa sleeping in Nick’s bed. Aaryn says I am getting frustrated with that. Aayrn says you know when you lie a lot and it becomes true in your head – She truly believes Nick likes her and he doesn’t. When she gets out of here and he tells her he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, she is really going to need therapy.


10:30am – 10:50am Out on the backyard couch – Helen tells Judd that Jessie is telling me that you guys are kissing and stuff. I don’t know if she is telling other people or not. It’s just really bad for your game. Judd says yeah I want her out bad. Helen says I just wanted to tell you that, don’t say it came from me. Aaryn joins them and the conversation ends. Helen goes back to running. Aaryn starts talking about zits. Amanda and Andy join them. They talk about how after Jessie goes home it is going to get harder to send people home. Aaryn says that its a good thing if we feel emotional about sending people home once we get to jury. Amanda says that she will play this game on game play even if one of the people in the end got me out I will vote for them if they had a better game. Andy and Judd agree. Aaryn says I have never been able to lie in my real life so it was hard to switch who you are when you come in here. Amanda agrees. Helen joins them and they talk about Amanda/McCrae’s wedding next week. Aaryn asks who would walk done the aisle with me, I guess Ginamarie but I am not going to be the man. She can be the dyke. Amanda starts talking about how she asked her sister to make another facebook page and twitter account for her once the cast was released. She then yells at the camera for people who are watching to contact her sister Amy Zuckerman on facebook and.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back, Amanda talks about wanting to come back again on anther season. Amanda thinks Ginamarie would be called back too. Aaryn says no she won’t they can’t handle her, you need to be good at game play too not just bat sh*t crazy.


10:55am The conversation turn to the bed situation. Aaryn says she has slept with everyone in the house, I am a big wh*re! Aayrn says Judd and her almost slept together but he was scared. They talk about how crazy Jessie would be if they did share a bed. Aaryn says that she was so scared of sleeping with Howard because Jessie said she did week one and she said that he was feeling her up and stuff. I was just so scared of him and his big lips.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Maybe there’s hope for this season disaster show after all, Go Helen. Anyone but Candi or Jess for this weeks double evict.


Wait wait wait one sec How does Amanda know she will be able to have her bb15 WEDDING next week if she is on the chopping block . She must know she will not be evicted . Weird .


Last week when she was on the block, she said it was going to be the following Tuesday (making sure anyone excited about it would keep her), then got scared and her and McCrea eloped in the Cockpit while Andy officiated. Now she’s pushed it back to next week since she’s up again this week. If she goes up next week, she’ll probably push it back to the next week…


What Amanda Wants, Amanda Gets


How funny would it be if they blindsided Helen instead?


As racist, vile, and disgusting as I find Amanda and Aaryn, at least they’re up front scum…Helen is just the prim and proper version of them. She’s an undercover b***h and happy to use racism for her game, just like the good Republican she is. But more than anything, I find her gameplay offensive. She and Andy are floaters, saved and empowered by how the house chose to immediately use the MVP, thereby making “the house” all powerful. I can’t wait for Helen’s eviction.


Helen is a sellout, she lacks integrity, she’s full of herself and she’s self centred. Oh well I hope she gets voted out during this weeks double eviction by Demanda, that would be poetic justice. And then Jessie votes out Demanda and hooks up with McCrae! Check out “Amanda Zuckerman Social Justice Warior” on you tube, I must say this video has truly captured the essence of Demanda. Check out You tube about Demanda


the way Helen twist people’s words to drum up support for her cause is despicable. i really hate her for the way she treated/used/manipulated Candice, but hey, that’s a politician for you.

Itty Bitty Britty

I already disliked Helen and now I find out she’s Republican!! I can’t wait to see her get blindsided.

Helen's co-worker

For the record, Helen isn’t a Republican. I’ve worked with her for the last three years. She’s about as opposite of Republican as you can get.


GM is going to have a whole heap of rejection to deal with when reality hits her outside the house. She is going to have an aneurism on top of a nervous breakdown on top of hysteriatrics. Wish there was a camera around to watch when Karma comes around. Meanwhile, GM is trying to figure out how to take Nick’s bed to the Jury House and beyond.


Do you guys even follow up on the evicted house guests? Why are you assuming Nick doesn’t like GM? Nick actually said that he liked GM and he just didn’t do anything on the show because he didn’t know if GM was being real or if she was playing him. After he left the house he saw the feelings were genuine and said he promises to take GM out on a date when she gets out of the house. She may be a bit delusional, but there’s no need to be judgmental and rude.


After he was out of the house, Nick did say in an interview that the thought GM’s feelings were genuine – he didn’t say HE had any feelings for her. He did say, after being prodded, that he did say he’d take her out on a date. I think he’s just being politically correct (after all, he’s still hoping to get voted America’s Favorite). He may take her out – only to tell her he’s not interested in her and he wishes her the best, then it’s adios.

But I think GM has some serious problems with reality and it may take some doing on Nick’s part to get rid of this girl. She desperately needs help on a number of levels, and I think Nick has already knows that, especially if he’s still watching BB15.


Even if Nick liked her before, pretty sure after this behavior he’s freaked out (any normal guy would be)


Nick is very Gay you could tell it before he went inside the big brother house just how slow are people didn’t know the world was full slow people just like GM!!!!


I really want Candice to jump into “Nicks” bed and axe Gutter Mouth (GM) to flip the mattress with her in it. That’s what I would do if I was Candice, I’d be like flip it B*tch Flip it!

Ugly Candice

So you want Candice to act shitty just like the rest. You guys complain about how mean others are to Candice and then want to do mean things to others. Nice.


Candice is already acting shitty. Candice has said she wants to rip GM’s f***ing face off. She uses the word homo referring to gays and she has made racist remarks against white people. I thought she was half white. I think she is full b*tch.


Brewhaha you are so not wrong for saying that and I love every bit of it I hope that a cam is on when GM dumbass get a visit from karma hahah!!!!

lil ole me

helen is targeting both a gal and a guy…
wait until she learns its a D.O looming…
either she looses control or she doesn’t…

lil ole me

i had a gut level feeling its not to be
either two gals or two guys leaving


Omfg! Its all over twitter that CANDICE! said that she said something in the DR & (IN MY WORDS)supposedly if she just gets evicted
I guess that Producers feel like that action will embarrass them/ big brother


lil ole me

yes… i think the “superfriends” really do deserve ANY and ALL of the hypothetical
questions that poor Candice shall ask them! I’m waiting for helen’s empire to implode!


If that’s true. (9 person Jury) and Candace is in it. It’s only or CBS ratings. They see the money in keeping her in he Jury house for ratings. Lol
Even so I hope it’s true.


It’s true – CBS confirmed it will be a 9 person jury starting with the double evictees tomorrow night :) this news makes me happy!

They All Said What

This sort of blows all their theories about waiting until jury to evict… how does crow taste???

Jess(Americas Player) Made Jury!

thats great news about the 9 member jury

that means its confirmed Jess makes jury, im so happy about that

i hope people will consider voting for Jess for americas favourite player


Am so happy about this news because its a win win situation for Candice. Add the jury money plus the $5000 she already won.Her haters will have serious headache come thurs

Candice is GROSS

So you are saying that CBS is appeasing Candice to avoid a Black person from bringing in the race card. Sharpton will be waiting for Candice to protest.


I dont see much truth to that


I could have sworn it was said it would be a nine person jury at the beginning of the season? Didn’t CBS say it would be the largest jury to date?


I Remember Reading This Seasons Jury Will Be 9 Members. Not Sure Where But I Remember Reading/Hearing It. I Think It Will Be “Telling” If Can Attitude Is Better Today.


WHAT???? Confused?????


So wow Candice plays the race card and gets her way and that is okay, but all the others are racist. Please what a bunch of BS!!!


How is she playing the race card, when its a fact she’s been a victim of rahcism. You’re an idiot. If BB producers want to keep her on as part of their decision then that’s for them. Frankly, I’d love to see her confront them and they have to answer for their disgusting behaviour and all the vitriol they spewed her, Howard’s, and Jessie’s way.


Candice has spewed some nasty things and not to mention the fit she was pitching outside the room prior to the be incident where she was spewing out of her mouth all she was going to do to Aaryn. Candice is playing the wronged one for all she can get and the race card. Geez do not like her. She couldn’t win competitions or try to swing the house to keep her so she threatens the producer to get to jury, but whines how she is being treated. What BS!


What race card? The race card got ply on her. By Amanda, Aaryn, and Gina. So if you deal me a card you mean I can’t play it?
Then don’t deal it.


And by David the boy GM and Jermery and Katylin so yeah Aayrin GM Amanda are the one that brought racism into this game and to say that they did use rude racism comments shows just how fucking dumb you are because it wasn’t just about black people it was stuff said about Helen race also and they used gay slurs so you dam right cbs is going to try in do alot of stuff to keep lawsuit off there ass when it would have just been smart of them to ex their ass right out the house when they started opening there fucking mouth saying the shit that they said also cbs should have put people in the game that really understand the game in wanted to play the game this is what happen when you pit people that shouldn’t never been on the show in the 1st place


She didn’t play the race card she just stated facts


Really! Candice is playing the race card and experience no racial abuse whatsoever. Wearing Aaryn’s clown suit is psychological torture and i don’t be surprised if she checks in a hospital for PTSD trying to get over the BB15 experience.

Clowns can be both Fun and terrorizing so whe may be experience it both ways, she is wearing it at a time she is on the block for eviction(a week after her buddy left the house) you can imagine her emotions are sky high and worst of all its something associated with a racist(whether or not she knows what she is. They say ignorance is a bliss) someone who stood in her face hauling what you gone do girl what you do (its my world so deal with it). Candice is completely helpless. I too would check out, whatever the implications. and that is not playing a race card but having enough of this. Not even 500k would be worth it for me.


RACE CARD: Deliberately and falsely accused another person of being a racist in order to gain some sort of advantage. Please explain how this applies to Candice? She has dealt with racism in the house, she did not use the race card, Know what the term race card means before you accuse someone of it. BTW some of the house guest clearly stated certain comments made by the mean girls were in deed racial, so are they wrong?


I have the live feeds – how do you see the DR sessions – where do you go?


Uhhhh You can’t believe every thing you read on Twitter!! It is not a credible news source.. But nice try! Ha!

CBS says

While you have a valid point Marg, the fact it is the ‘CBS’ Twitter account gives it a little more credibility regarding their own show.


Long time lurker, first time poster :)

According to hollywoodreporter.com:

“CBS announced on Twitter that this season will feature the largest jury thus far in the franchise, with nine members instead of the usual seven.
The jury will begin Thursday — a double eviction — when both of the evicted houseguests leave the house on to become the first two jury members.
The news will be announced to the houseguests on the live broadcast Thursday, which airs at 9 p.m. on CBS.”


If this is true, I hope CBS doesn’t tell them about this until after the second eviction….


Wouldn’t it suck if Candace is evicted and then Aaryn or GM as the 2nd in the double eviction?? Then they are stuck together in that house for a whole week…


Poor GM, she really is going to need therapy once Nick rejects her. It’s pretty sad.


Everyone, Read Gms Hoh Blog. I So Wanted To Laugh But Half Way Thru Reading It I Just Felt Sorry For Her. **Sorry About The Caps On All The Words, I’ve Tried Everything I Know Fix It…., Damn Android Ph.

Candice is an idiot.

OMG!!! Did Judd call Candice A LOONY TOON? He is such a racist! Let’s ruin his life.


I’ll call CBS and you find out where he works and call his employer!!

Candice is an idiot.

Yeah! Then we can harrass him on facebook and twitter FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! OMG! Fun Fun Fun!


Wonder if he knew about the Censored Eleven Loony Tunes cartoons. They were to racist. I’m I showing my age. Lol

I’m sure that he was thinking more on the lines she is crazy not racist thoughts. However, once the racist thought is planted perhaps we hang on every word.
That’s why I think for the sake of he Show they should have removed Tim from the show, and brought back the one who was evicted before. It would have sent
A MSG Just like they would kick one one off for fighting.

Then we could enjoy the show.


Well they can all F- en relax now they all made it to jury, OMG can we please start playing the game now, you know, ok ok you know is it time, is it still to early, ok, you know, ( SCREAM ) !!!


How can anyone be blindsided now when folks in this house can’t keep a secret! Just tell ANDY and spill the beans!

Maybe Nick Was Not Gay

See this is the thing I do not like when a girl likes a guy and he doesn’t like her back people sometimes call that guy gay.On the other board people are calling nick gay because he did not like Gina Marie.Gina Marie is disgusting inside and out good for him and just because he did not want clingy Jessie either he is automatically gay? He could be gay, the only thing I am trying to say is you should be careful calling someone gay if they are not.

Maybe Nick Was Not Gay

I am also not trying to attack anyone but I had to deal with a similar scenario myself.There once was a female coworker of mine who really liked me she stalked me all around the job and could not keep her eyes off of me.I was not attracted to this girl at all so when she told me her feelings towards me I tried to kindly reject her. A few days later I hear a few of her friends (also my female coworkers) talking about me.They said he must be gay,Oh yeah he likes guys.I am not gay and just because I did not like their friend they started a rumor for no reason.


Wow, Comment A Bit Too Close To Home? But Seriously Andy Said Numerous Times His Gaydar Was Picking Up Signals. Let’s Say Nick Isn’t Gay, It Might Be In His Best Interest To Make GM Believe He Is. It Would Soften The Blow For Her And Prevent Nick From The Need Of Hiring A Body Guard

Maybe Nick was not gay



Amanda needs to go but Helen shouldn’t win anything. Her game play has been crap. She started out doing okay but then she turned into Amanda and McCrea’s hatchet man/woman/person. She has convinced herself that she is a power when all she has become is an annoying sheep.

Maybe next time I tell you what I really feel.


I’m pumped about the double eviction. I am going to hate to see Candice go because at this point she is one of the good guys. If by some miracle Jessie or Elissa can win the HOH competition, this thing could get really interesting. If anyone else wins, they are going to put jessie up against someone and we know Jessie may be going home.

Candice has already checked out of the game so I am 95% sure this will be her last full day in the Big Brother house. So sad


if helen gets next weeks mvp nom instead of amanda,well….i think i would be okay with that


BB 15 drinking game.

Every time andy enters the room, drink
Every time Helen says OK drink
Every time nick is mentioned drink
Every time McCrae says ya drink

We can add as we go…


And within 15 minutes we’ll all be passed out drunk…I’m in.


Omg, we’ll be wasted…LOL


Every time GinaMari says you know drink or when she and huh drink


just one convo with helen involved we pretty much will be through a six pack. This game is not for the faint hearted


Quoting Spencer…”Candice can ”HIGH STEP OUT”. The Hitler referral is clear and loud!!! Big Brother 15 truly is a social experiment in 2013. These folks represent middle America? Beware…all the house guests will go home and they may be your neighbor. Sad but, true.

lil ole me

the classic 1930s & 40s phrase is “goosestepping”
however there is the tonal aspect to the verbalized
remark whereby one is the euphemism for the other.

lil ole me

in the golden age of hollywood professional dancers like
fred astaire and ginger rogers often “high stepped” during
their routines. so maybe spencer meant she was revving
up for a classy exit, however if he was frowning, there
can be a degree of sarcasm embedded inside the remark!


Why “Middle America”?
GM & Amanda are east coasters, no need to pin it on the middle!

Honeslty though, if you want to be technical about it, I think the problem lies in
recruiting “good looking” young people (who mostly want to be famous/actors/celebrities).
Not much substance there.

How about BB goes to political meetings to recruit?
Or any form of protest rally?
Or how about mensa meetings?

I would love an entire house full of Ian Terry types.
Yeah, I know a lot of people did not like him, but the kid was SMART.
The it would be a real game.

PS- And please everyone, stop saying BB is representative of America.
Not a single person I know acts like any of them.
BB HG’s, and to add to that BB veiwers are a minority.
At least among people I know. Maybe I am an anomaly though, who knows?


i think he meant middle america as in middle class americans or average americans.


Or why don’t cbs actually use people that send in there tapes to be on the show the fans that watch every summer and people of all ages this cast is joke I think over half the cast works for cbs in ther is pob only 4 people that was picked that really don’t work for cbs that is real players!!!


At the moment-

Jessie complaining because her name got brought up in the telephone game.
(Almost everyones did, btw, that is the game, to say something funny about someone,
see how much it gets changed as it is passed around).
I get the feeling if her name had NOT been brought up she would be complaining also.

Say what you want about Amanda, she nailed it with the victim diagnosis.

OK now she is complaining no one is “on her side”. She doesn’t get it, she did not
work the social game correctly, that is why she is where she is now.

Jess(Americas Player) Made Jury!

oh here we go another aMANda zuckerMAN brown noser

thats it support the racist mean spirited bully

you have as much class as amanda…none

you seem annoyed that jess is the only one to have gotten the better of amanda

the only class in this act is jess and her soul is intact


Verified there will be 9 person jury, starting with next two to be evicted.


It will be shock if Judd or Amanda to be blindside. “SHOCKER”

lil ole me

100,ooo thankx, Dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
had she only kept her remarks
to the type of stuff inside the blog
this could have been a better
Big Bro season most totally!


Waohhh, am kind of stunned reading GM’s blog.Now i understand why she so much hate Candice,its not a color thing people, but more of an inferiority complex.English is my second language and i cant write what GM wrote on her blog even when my eyes are closed


Anyone who walks they the house with bandaid on their nipples, planning a fake wedding on a game show, and pretended to be a dominatrix has no right calling anyone else an attention whore.

Yes, Jessie whines, but damn Amanda thinks this house revolves around her.


It does revolve around her.



WHEN SHE SAID IT I THINK…idk how it went down,




when julie says it! Hopefully they will be smart and evict amanda!(dout it tho!)

Helen is fucked lmao, she says that Candice is Disposable
Lol she might wanna rethink that!

P.s before CANDICE found out!…she supposedly said something in the DR that made them tell her or what she must have fcked with them lmao

Imo…They OBVIOUSLY made this twist because they kno how fcked up
It will be if she is just STRAIGHT UP evicted by these evil people after all of this
Racism & sht


maybe they told her something in the DR because she is in a funk and looking forward to going home. If they didn’t tell her she may not have been prepared to stay sequestered in the jury house. She won’t be able to get away from them and not to mention it will just be her and one other person (they don’t want anyone to be alone in the jury house for a week, hence why the jury always starts with a double eviction). Either way I am pretty sure they announced at the beginning of the season that it was the biggest jury in BB history.


That moment on the live finale when Nick tells GM that he’s gay and has no interest in relationship. Perhaps the only thing worth watching this entire season.


Nick is not gay STOP SAYING THAT i know Nick went to school with him i have worked on jobs with him . He has this thing for Asian women . He moves his hands so much because we all went thru so much sales training . We have sold security systems , cars , i know the guy i am telling YOU ALL HE IS 100 % PERCENT STRAIGHT .


CBS just tweeted that the jury will in fact be 9 people. So both HGs evicted tomorow will in the jury.

lil ole me

O! happy day!!!!!!!!!!!! O! happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CBS getz to hide ALL the bigots away!
at least if Candice now goes, she can
whammy all the SFs from the BB jury!!!
i’m hoping they break up ms. A & mr. M
by keeping HIM in the game a tad longer!
indeedy i hope Amanda is hidden way as
soon as possible! i feel sorry for Howie!!!!


I wonder if the 1st evicted jury member will get to be MVP for the double eviction. It would be a sweet move.


How was Candice recruited for the show – Spencer mentioned it last night but I didn’t get the where and how of it. Thanks.


OMFG yall is nick a actor or sonething because he is on ..ID channel..”Dates From Hell”..
Idk if im late lmao but im looking and thinking WTF, is that nick lmao..and it is


Yes, He Is An Actor

My Momma

What in the world is wrong with some of these people? I cannot imagine even thinking some of the things they are saying much less letting millions of people hear them come out of my mouth. I know everyone says “it’s a game”,”it’s not personal” but no matter which way you look at it, it reflects a thought and those thoughts are disgusting. And I have never heard “the C word” used by so many females in my life. Noone wants all people in the house to be exactly alike or “everything is wonderful” people, there have been plenty of people in the past who have been cutthroat yet didnt disrespect an entire race, gender etc. Makes me wanna act a fool, but I won’t…


Gina doesn’t read or watch the news, otherwise she would know you could lose your job when making racist remarks.
I feel sorry for her. She’s going lose what is important to her.


The bed Nick slept in?


Yep…Its a 9 person jury!!!! Woohoo…now Candice can get some satisfaction when the rest of those bozo’s find out she’s on the jury!!! Can’t wait to see their reactions!!!


If there is another America Vote hopefully America puts up Helen. Maybe that will teach her a lesson…….if she doesn’t make a move someone else might! Because I think McCrea and Amanda would vote her out.

Also I’m so tired of these floaters Andy and Judd being afraid of doing something. I mean come on didn’t you come in there to play the game. And if you know those 4 (Amanda McCrea Helen and Elissa) are controlling the house do you really think you could beat them in the end?

Overall this season of Big Brother is disappointing. They ruined it by letting Elissa be on the show which devalued the whole idea of BB MVP. I just hope next season they will go back to people who are not related to past BB contestants.


Who knows, maybe the jury news will inspire the houseguest to evict McManda this week and get them both on the jury before they can save enough face to win. Doubtful but hey, anything can happen I guess.


Since it’s double eviction tomorrow, they won’t have time to set up a MVP or America’s Vote. Not sure whether they’ll have it beyond.

Re: evicting Amanda — I still say evict her while you have the chance, but it might be better to wait until the 2nd eviction (backdoor so she doesn’t play for veto). That way she doesn’t have time to campaign or flip the house. Also housemates won’t have to deal w/her vengeful, wounded-animal imitation.

The next HOH is going to be so huge strategically. It’s very very apparent that Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa & Andy are working together. That’s why Andy has been able to go back and forth between the two groups w/little consequences. (drink)


I’m also not impressed with the players — someone mentioned that there is no social game & that’s so true. They’re all playing like floaters and scared rabbits.

What Helen is messing up is that she’s treating everyone like an expendable pawn. She’s not giving them reason to like her and she’s always hiding behind “that’s what the house wants.”

That is not the mist that Dan use to create. Dan use to create sincere relationships with people.

Right now, both McCrae and Judd are sitting pretty — they have quite a few final 4

Final 4s:



Andy (Is he part of this group?)

If Judd could pull another final 4 that would make him even stronger:
GM (? or Jessie, but Judd talking about getting her out/could be a ruse)


I don’t know, Judd and Jessie are kind of in the hot seat right now.


Well, it looks as though Amanda and MC will not be sent out the door during the double eviction (no big surprise)… there’s a wedding on the horizon and production will make sure that happens.


I think BB just wants to keep Candice quiet so they are making sure she’s on the jury and locked away.


I can’t remember is there a veto comp on double eviction night?




Ian won it last year – if he hadn’t – Dan was sending him home….


I call BS on a 9 member jury, no reason for the extra 2. If Candace got this because of the situation in the house, well, all I gotta say is racism goes BOTH ways my friends!!! Smh


16 players playing form day 1 = the need for the extra 2 jury members.

Can you understand that, or do we need to call the whambulance?




OMG!!!! I just read the comments that Spencer made to McRae, Andy and Amanda while in the shower about Child P***agraphy and it is SICK!! my self as a parent of a 5 and 2 yr old, I am so pissed off that CBS would let this Animal say the things he said and continue to have a chance to play for $500,000!
If you know what he said you understand my anger, If you haven’t seen and read, go read it!!

This Loser needs to go Now!….and to think that people in the house still keep him there?


Where is it i cant find it what did he say ?

this is a new low for the show

E Online and the Huffington Post are
running stories about what he said.


What did he say. OMG, he is sick.


other websites that have BB spoilers and updates ran with the story earlier.

it won’t take much to bring it up in a search engine. even if he was joking he

went well beyond what is appropriate or moral. he should have been evicted.


Thought it was odd, as much as they beg and plead for alcohol, mcramda goes in the DR and poof gets a bottle of wine, guess the tan was a fix to so she’ll look better ( just threw up in my mouth ) for the wedding . Hey production I would much rather see all that happen in the fancy jury house, just sayin !!!


“The conversation turn to the bed situation. Aaryn says she has slept with everyone in the house, I am a big wh*re! Aayrn says Judd and her almost slept together but he was scared. They talk about how crazy Jessie would be if they did share a bed. Aaryn says that she was so scared of sleeping with Howard because Jessie said she did week one and she said that he was feeling her up and stuff. I was just so scared of him and his big lips.”

Hey Dawg or Simon do you know if Jessie said, what Aaryn stated above?

Aaryn, so you think Howard has “big lips” and you were scared of him. Really???

I think you were more concerned that he would stand up for and protect Candice from your racist rants; but to your chagrin he did not haul off and slap your face as the “angry black man” you thought he was.


Thanks Dawg…that’s what I was thinking too! These HGs definitely love to go for the jugular!!!


No need to take what she said any further from the trash than what Amanda said.

my opinion

That would make sense that Candice if knows that she’s going to jury as to the reason why she is being so quiet. It’s probably killing her not to let it slip out and put in their faces. This way, she will know who she will cast her vote for at the end as to who is still be friendly toward her now. It would be awesome for her to be the MVP for the 2nd eviction. I don’t think it would matter if Julie told them the next person being evicted would go to jury to change from evicting Candice to one of the other 2.


Very happy about the 9 person jury. It makes sense since BB started with 16 HG!! So glad Candice will be a part of it


Just in case some people missed it:

Big Brother on CBS! ?@CBSBigBrother

BREAKING NEWS! The #BB15 jury begins this week with both evicted Houseguests from the Double Eviction on Aug 8! #BiggestBBJury!



This Jury is going to reek of KARMA, I have a feeling things are gonna get entertaining in the house soon.

Especially if Jessie wins HOH, and can stay safe.

the lioness

I probably won’t be popular for saying this, but I’m kinda bummed Candice will be a part of the jury. I was hoping she could go home, get out of the game, detox from all the hate, and come back on finale night. Now she’s just in for more stress and hate in the jury house. Just imagine her and GM stuck in the jury house together!

i'm tall

oh, aaryn you and your simple ways. she was scared of howard because of his big lips! cbs you surely are the worst network on tv for the fine job you do of casting bigots and racists in this house. smh.

Melanie Buoy

I am so over this situation in the house!!!! How can they even think of allowing Amanda have a fake ceremony whether on Live Feed or the show live when we watch it,to give Amanda more attention for anything!!! Then Aaryn says Howard scared her that his big lips scared her!! Oh my gosh can she just dig herself anymore deeper from her comments,this is going to be the most hurtful show for the house guests when & if they watch and hear everything that has been said,words are the most hurtful abuse to a person,I cannot believe that CBS did not put a stop to this awful hateful behavior and bring other contestants to replace them! It would be the greatest move in this game & season so far if Andy,Helen,Judd,Elissa,vote Amanda out,McCray would be alone and begin to seriously make alliances and play his own game,this season is so awful,predictable,and I don’t watch it because you already know these idiots will not go against the leaders,wake up and change this game,get Amanda OUT!!!!!


“Aaryn says that she was so scared of sleeping with Howard because Jessie said she did week one and she said that he was feeling her up and stuff. I was just so scared of him and his big lips.”

After seeing the end of that comment, need I ask if this is truth or a lie?


Right about now, I’m ready for a Helen blindside, I think the “house” would want it, so she will accept it being the sheep she is.

Stressed Out

What does Aaryn mean by saying she was so scared of Howard’s “big lips”?? I can’t believe some of the things that come out of their mouthes.