Jessie’s done campaigning to get Amanda out “Candice is a time bomb”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


10:23pm Jessie and JUDD backyard couch
Jessie is saying her social game is going better today.. she feels that she’s been loose lips with Spencer’s nam lately.. “I was grabbing at loose straws.. I feel that i’ve thrown spencer name out there so I was trying to clear things up before it got back to him”
She apologized to Spencer and everything is good with him.
Jessie says the one person she will put up for sure is Ginamarie because she put her up.
Spencer joins them. They start talking about their home states. Spencer says it takes him 6 hours to get to Dallas. Jessie didn’t know Texas and Arkansas shared a border.

Andy joins them (Drink)

Andy says Helen lives 1.5 miles from him. Andy jokingly brings up Helen’s “delusions of fame”. He says Helen thinks people will be recognising her and him on the street and there will be go to events to sign autographs. He doesn’t think they will become that famous.


10:33pm Bedroom Candice, Helen and Elissa
Friends chit chatting. They are asking Elissa how Rachel dealt with the boredom in the house. Candice tells them she cannot stay in a room with GM and Aaryn they make her want to barf. Cadnice says she really doesn’t like Amanda but she can tolerate her. She cannot forget the things Aaryn and GM said to her.

Candice says she thinks McCrae is the MVP, “I just know it I know it.. He thinks she’s bad for his team” Candice mentions that the Diary asks her a lot about his. Candice points out that McCrae isn’t as smitten with Amanda anymore he’s seen what she really is like and he doesn’t want to be in the game with her for much longer. Candice thinks that JUDD, Spencer and McCrae are working together.


11:02pm Bedroom Jessie, Candice Elissa and Helen
Helen says “We got to figure out how to keep Candice” GM and Aaryn walk in to get some things. Elissa is going her gymnastic/yoga moves. Jessie give is a try doesn’t have as much luck (See image below)

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:03pm backyard couch Spencer and McCrae

They agree double eviction is coming up and a big player is going to be taken out. Spencer says if he wins the HOH and it’s double eviction he wants McCrae to find him out so they can figure out what to do.

McCrae: “there really is two options during Double eviction Me and Amanda and Elissa and Helen”
Spencer: “I don’t know Dude.. Just come find me in the storage room or Cockpit if I win HOH“

McCrae says depending on who wins HOH next week could be tough for Spencer.


11:39pm HOH AManda, Aaryn and Andy
Amanda says Helen pulled her aside and told her she thinks JUDD is MVP again.
Andy: “Why does she think that this time”
Amanda: “Her friends”
Andy says Candice is campaigning against Spencer. Amanda asks if people are planning on voting out Spencer. Andy says the house is still voting out Candice and even if Helen and her friends decide to flip
Andy: ‘JUDD, McCrae, Me and Aaryn are solid.. I don’t see Helen flipping”
Amanda asks Andy if JUDD is MVP
Andy doesn’t know he thinks they gave JUDD and Howard too much credit last week.
Amanda: ‘I don’t know… I think he is”
Gm blasts in.. says rumor has it Candice is trying to top GM’s nomination speech.
Amanda mentions the first three weeks Aaryn was a “ball of c*ntieness…” “you and Kaitlin walking around everywhere you were a c*** ball with
Jessie 3 feet tagging behind”

11:49:40pm HOH Andy, Aaryn, JUDD and Amanda
Andy is telling them he will be voting out Candice but he likes her a lot so this will be a difficult eviction for him.
Ginamarie: “It was hard for me to vote out Jeremy and see my Fiance leave” (LOL GM calls nick her fiance)


11:47pm Bedroom Elissa, Jessie and Helen
Jessie says she’s done campaigning to get Amanda out.
J: “I don’t fully trust her she’s in a really big power position skilled with words and intelligent she’s a strong person her social game is rock solid.. everyone talks to her tells her what’s going on in the house.”
Elissa asks her if the talk with Amanda Changed her mind or it was something else.
J: “what changed my mind today is not feeling like the timing is right. Just Just hope that I can trust her… Are you frustrated with me Elissa”
Elissa: “I’m not frustrated at all”
J: “I Want to do what y’all want to do and make decisions together”
Helen: “one of my worries is if Amanda leaves McCrae, JUDD, Andy and Spencer will form a guys alliance and the girls will need to band together”

Helen: ‘The one thing with Amanda being here is she acts as a wedge between them all banding together”
Elissa is worried how close Aryn and JUDD have become
Jessie thinks they have a relationship but he would put her up
Elissa: “You think he would”
Jessie: “Ya”

Helen says the girls are divided but the guys are “Bros” you only need 4 votes in the jury to win the game. She worried fi the guys get to Jury they will have the power to pick the winner.
Helen :’For the next three weeks we have to win HOH or we lose this game.. those four boys and Ginamarie will collude and take us out”
Helen now saying it’s season 12 all over again. She really pushing for them to put the boys up next week. (It’s your standard Helen getting worked up in a frenzy of hate but now it’s directed to all the guys in the house)
helen: ‘I’m not as worried for Amanda as I am the boys”
Jessie agreeing with her. Jessie says if they are so worried about the guys why are they not voting out Spencer. Helen: “We don’t have the votes”

Helen understands that Jessie wants Amanda gone but she has to understand the benefit of keeping Amanda, “There is some good for her being here”

Jessie says Candice is a time bomb she’s going home this week she just hopes she doesn’t start talking to people spreading out names.
Candice joins them.


12:03AM Jessie and JUDD
JUDD: “Everything Cool”
Jessie: ‘Ya..Everything is Cool we are just trying to manage Candice because she’s a ticking time bomb. ”
JUDD is worried Candice will blow up in her speech. Jessie: ‘What would you do if you knew you were going home.. you would do whatever the f*** you want to “
JUDD: “Ya”

JUDD asks her if she told them it was too early to take out Amanda. Jessie says she told them nothing it was Helen that came to her and told her the timing was bad.
JUDD: “I thought she would”

12:28am Amanda finally gets to shower..


12:34am backyard couch Andy and McCrae
Andy says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Jessie and maybe Ginamarie. The target would be Jessie.


12:44AM Aaryn and JUDD
Aaryn says hanging out in the HOH with GM is like being in an insane asylum. “I’m afraid the sh!t she does is going to reflect onto me.. I’m around her all the time and I want to be away from her”
Aaryn: “Theres no where in this house you can go and be yourself.. Amanda and MCCrae have each other and that gives you an escape GM isn’t a escape she’s an insane asylum”

Aaryn: “ Andy does nothing he gets no blood on his hands he goes back and forth between alliances he’ll float to the end”
JUDD: “he finds stuff out right”
Aaryn: “I guess.. It’s so hard to be with GM.. she’s so vulgar she’s like a child..”
The Nick shrine is really starting to freak Aaryn out GM is back to talking about Nick all the time.


12:415AM Cockpit Helen and Andy

Helen says she’s had conversation with “friends” She thinks the MVP is I McCrae or JUDD.
Andy asks her who she talked to.
Helen: “was conversations with friends.. I feel very strongly”
Helen says McCrae wants to win this game and Amanda is an albatross to him, “You know with all the drama”.
Andy: “I think Amanda and McCrae can benefit us for a while .. we can really trust them”
Helen agrees
Andy says he feels bad about Jessie but is certain Jessie will flip on them.

Helen says people want Jessie out next week but she wants Spencer out.

Helen says they will be able to trust GM after this week once Candice goes.
Andy say she has Spencer and if Spencer gets HOH he won’t put up them. Helen: ‘Who will he put up”
Andy: “Don’t know doesn’t matter it’s not us”
Helen: “it’s important we go into Jury like we’re the swing votes.”

Helen says she loves the 4 guys and says JUDD is the most dangerous of those 4. Helen isn’t as worried about McCrae and she thinks Amanda isn’t coming after them.
Helen hates watching Candice and Amanda fight. Helen: ‘I came on big brother not the jerry springer show”

Andy says going into the next week they are looking good nobody is coming after them.
Helen: ‘I love Ginamaire.. she’s not super strategic but you always know what she’s thinking”

1:28AM HOH JUDD, Aaryn and McCrae

JUDD is saying he doesn’t think GM was referring to Nick. He thinks it just sounded like that she was really meaning her ex fiance. Aaryn says her and GM legitimately talked about moving in together but now Aaryn doesn’t want to she’s scared to end up in a white padded room.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I used to think Jessie was a floater, but I like her now. She is the ONLY one playing the game, everyone else is Amanda’s slave.


I wish Chima errr I mean Amanda would self evict.


WOW, Aaryn sees how nasty GM is, but Helen doesn’t. Now, that is saying something and Aaryn does see that being aligned with GM is like an albatross around your neck. Aaryn’s brain does exist when not surrounded by idiots, bigots and racist. Who would of thought it?


vote jess for americas favourite

she would be a worthy winner of the 25k in my opinion


If Spencer wins hoh and does, what the house wants on a double eviction I’ll cry if Candice and Jessie go its going to be the lamest double eviction ever which i guess is fitting for the lamest season ever




Stop Yelling!


She was only in bed for, like half a week and there are people who were A LOT worse. get over it.


JESSIE ,Aaryn ,ELISSA,Spencer and maybe Helen could have voted Amanda out ? You are right all the stuff Howard had said is now going thru all of there minds . Howard knew to win you had to vote out Amanda and Helen .


Since I hate almost everybody in the house, it’s time to take some enjoyment from very small pleasures. Like Helen being completely duped by Andy.

Helen's Fault

Keeping Amanda to drive a edge in the boys? What’s stopping her from banding together to get you out now? She basically has an inferiority complex with Amanda and feels like she’s playing in a position of less power. Hello! Use the MVP nominee and stop referencing Season 12. Wake up!


I really think Helen should go up as MVP if It’s still there… She is been proving plenty of times how bad of a player she is!!! Get Helen out!!!!


no lets keep amanda paranoid and stressed out on the block

she will eventually be voted out

Jack Daniels

Amanda is playing a fantastic game. I do not like her tactics, but I have to give credit when credit is due. She got Jeremy & Kaitlin evicted which weakened Aaryn. Howard was evicted which severely weakened Helen, and soon Candice will be out the door and unbeknownst to Andy weakens his game. They all now have no option but to plan their end game around Amanda. Her next target will be Judd, which will weaken McCrae. She is very savvy and smart and always thinks of her game, and her game ONLY. Andy is foolish and does not realize that evicting Candice is stupid. Spencer will certainly put him up, where Candice would never put him up. Helen made this mistake last week and she is now a sitting duck. Andy is too worried about being in the know, when he should be worrying about what is best for him. I understand his reluctance in evicting Amanda, but he should actually be pushing to evict Spencer. It keeps the target on GM and Aaryn, weakens both McCrae and Judd, and strengthens his power in the house. He will be a powerful middleman, with all parties wanting him in their alliance. Instead he is evicting an ally and if things do not swing his way Judd , McCrae, or Spencer will put him up as a pawn and his popularity in the house will get him evicted. I cannot believe that if Jessie and Elissa can see the emergence of an all male alliance with (Judd,Spence & McCrae), that Andy does not see he is setting himself up for disaster. McCrae is smart, and trying to plan his post Amanda game, but I just do not see Amanda leaving anytime soon if she is not evicted Thursday!!!


no her game is sh!t

she just happens to be incredibly lucky that submissive wimps want to be her slave and protect her at all costs

Ms. Demented

Wow, I didn’t think this was possible… But I HATE HATE HATE each and everyone in the Big Brother house on AND off camera!!!

Do people really think aaryn is hot????

Whats up with her mouth….its all wierd……she isnt that pretty….

the Truth

She’s kinda hot…minus the racist shit…..but yeah her mouth is weird…like she has rows and rows of shark teeth…or like maybe she has an extra mouth inside like the alien in the movie “Alien”.

give me a break



I would totally bang her if she keeps her mouth closed, but she looks like a rabid werewolf when she leaves her mouth open.


she has a rat mouth….no lips and sharp teeth…


Lol GM and Her Nick shrine really crack me up! She is insane!


Nick if you are watching GM be afraid be very afraid.


Nick didnt give one s(-)!t about gm lmao….the guy was a weasel he played to hard to fast. Was over confident.


On Thursday night Candice should say “GM I did not sit on your hat, Aaryn it’s been great not knowing you, Amanda kiss my a$$ and to the rest of you guys it’s been real.”


Spencer: Ooops I tossed out someones food by mistake.

Elissa: I don’t like when people waste food. All over the world people are starving

Andy joins them

Judd: It’s kinda embarrassing trying to explain what an appetizer is to someone from a starving country though “Yeah the appetizer, that’s the food we eat before we have our food…No no you’re thinking of dessert, that’s food we eat after we have our food.”


Amanda: The hell with those starving people I say. Im not going to be sharing any of my food with them. Not even a bottle of water.

Judd: I don’t know about you, but when they first introduced bottled water, I thought it was so funny, I was like “Bottled water! Haha, they’re selling bottled water! … I guess I’ll try it. Ah, this is good, this is more watery than water. Yeah, this has got a water kick to it.”

Mc: I drink bottled water with my pizza all the time.

Judd: I was looking at a bottle of water; they have nutritional facts printed on the side. You know, I’m no chemist, but I have a rough idea what’s in water.


Do you just sit at home, listening to comedians, and figuring out how to turn it into bad BB fanfiction?


Someone needs to tell GM to put her tin foil hat back on


Sounds like Nick is going to need to get a restraining order against Gina Marie.


Anyone know that Chris Rock set where he talks about people who claim ‘they keepin it real’ and he says ‘ya, real stupid’ with a big ole grin on his face? Classic must-see comedy.


Actually, it’s “real dumb”


Candice should be told to wear that nose because everyone else fulfilled their tasks. Preferential treatment…. Hmmm. Someone go holler at em for this blatant racism. Bitch go put on that nose.


desperately trying to find someone to root for, but yet i only find myself hating all of them (some more than others).



Are they two people going by the name “Name?” Sometimes your comments seem so insightful and sometimes I don’t know where you are coming from?


dude there are several with the username Name as its the default username if you dont type one in


I really feel bad for Candice. I think her game has been shook when “The Mean Girls” (Aaryn the Aryan, Fatal Attraction GM, Catty Kaitlyn & Plastic Boca Raton Amanda — Just because Amanda went against “The Mean Girls” in the beginning, you will see she was just going against them to save face when she naturally fits in and feels comfortable spewing racist innuendo’s around Aaryn and GM now that Kaitlyn is gone). I know when Candice blew up on Spencer, she was taking out all her frustration on him when she should have thought about it more and remind herself she needs as many allies as she possibly can. She should apologize to him. Howards gone girl! Spencer was the next closest ally for you to continue to work with now that Howard is gone. Candice should also talk to McCrae more. Light conversation is not a bad thing. It might open doors girl or give you information to help your game. Another thing is, Candice should approach Judd and Andy and tell them how her staying can help their game. Don’t just let Jessie fight to keep you, and show them why you should stay in the game. Show some fire Candice! Make that clown alphit come back to bite Aaryn the Aryan in her racist arse! You would be surprised at who would actually help you minus Aaryn the Aryan and Fatal Attraction deepthroat GM. Lol. In all honesty, if Candice leaves… I will not be watching this season of BB anymore. Why? Because this BB cast is boring, hypocrites, without merit and i cannot continue to support CBS by watching BB and allow myself to think or support these racist behavior on BB to be acceptable on television or in the real world. I know its a game, but i don’t have to condone racism, bigotry, sexism, and some of these BB players are playing a game fueled with hate. Even though i am not a big fan of Candice and her game … her departure from the BB is the one entity that makes me feel sick to see who CBS has left to continue to play on BB. I hope you do stay Candice, but it looks like BB continues to stack the cards against your race. This time they actually let a racist get on television. Good job CBS! Smh.


After all that conjecture you still found it necessary to put the ‘racial’ stamp on Candice’s departure. Really? Just because she’s the girl with really bad gaming abilities, she’s now the victim of racism? Pure and simple to me, she’s got no game; period. Just like the others before her, they gotta go sometime honey. If they keep Candice longer would that make you say (when she is evicted) that she at least stayed a month longer so it’s no longer about her being black? This makes no sense at all.


I guess he feels that Candice should be given immunity she didn’t win just like the producers did for Howard in week 3. They should all just stop playing and give Candice the money. That’s the only way people like him will be happy.


Lol. Ryan said he doesn’t like Candice’s game. Your reading too much into it like Andy running around telling people what people said. He is saying that Candice leaving means “The Mean Girls” officially have control of the house. Bad t.v has officially controlled the BB house. I don’t blame Ryan. I am a BB fan too but even I disagree with thinking “hate” continuously spewed is the way to play the game. This season of BB15 is trash t.v. McCrae needs to stop being vertical all the time. A bunch of lazy people left. Gross! Elissa and Helen are wearing their floater life vest way too tight right now and no ones game will prosper as long as Amanda is in the game. I think even I will stop watching BB too. I can’t find myself routing for anyone left in BB15 to win anymore. When I feel that way even i know that this is bad tv. Way to go the casting crew of BB15. You suck!


Bb gets upset and kicks cast off the show if they dont wear their mic (it had happen in one of the season), or fighting ( last season), but with these racial slurs its okay. You could tell Julie doesn’t like Aaryn she never speaks to her.


How many times did you just mention the word “race” or a variation of it? And the HG’s are the racists?

Amanda's Duck Feet

Nice homage to Cartman there Lurker! lol


I wish BB would lie to the cast members and say that this season will have no jury and that America will vote instead. I wonder if that will change the way they play since they all seem to be playing in order to get to jury.


How come the time is NEVER right when it comes down to evicting Amanda??? It’s truly either because it is staged to keep her because to me Amanda is the biggest threat in that house ! Or because the house is seriously made up complete idiots! More and more it looks as CBS is staging Amanda for the win. She should have been gone already.


Hmm…something not quite right here because clearly these are intelligent people (each one of them) and very street-wise IMO, so it’s beginning to look a lot like Grodner’s pawprints are giving Amanda some tender touches (I just can’t figure out how or why). It does seem to appear that there might be some truth to the ‘rumours’ about her ‘acquaintance’ who is now ‘bronzed’. I don’t like the feeling of being fished in by something and if that is the case I certainly would not hesitate to never spend my time or money on something that may prove to be fraudulent. Anyone else feel that way?


Makes you wonder what the talk is about in the DR ,,,,,, changing minds?


grodner and amanda are friends, thats no rumour, and amanda has worked with cbs in the past

whether the rumour is true of amanda being the predetermined winner…wait and see, but its looking highly likely


Um… because they don’t have enough votes?


i dont know! they talk about how manipulative she is etc and then they talk about jury as if theyre all going (Andy and Helen convo)….given amandas insane ability to have everyone tell her everything basically – wouldnt you be worried about her controlling jury too? get her out before jury!!!

Here We Go Agian

Well, AG, production and the DR have struck again. Not the right time to evict Amanda and talk about the double eviction, dang!


So Howard was right with Amanda and Helen out every one would have a fair chance at the $500,000 dollars


Is it true that Amanda has been fired from her job?


yes she will be forced out of the family business as if she was part of it nobody would want to be associated with it

i could see their business failing too even without her, as there is too much negativity because of amandas behaviour in the house

Just a thought

I agree that it is looking like Amanda has been staged to win. I read some else’s posting that Amanda is good friends with someone in production. I didn’t want to believe it but it looks more and more like it. Why else would she act out so bad and not be everyone’s target. I don’t know….is it too late to ask for a new cast??? One without so many sheep.


Boogie also had friends in production.. just saying… and I’m not a fan of Amanda, OK OK OK!


but amanda has been friends with grodner for years

too much of an unfair advantage – it should never have been allowed


and the selection process seems highly questionable

it seems like if she wanted to grodner could cast 16 of her friends to be house guests


What do these pathetic cast members think will happen if they evict Amanda?!?! She’ll get made and beat them up or tell them off later????? This show has become weak and boring as a shit!!! I hope just like Showtime cancelled BB, CBS ratings are so low that they cancel this stupid, manipulated, racist fucking show!!! Nick, Howard and Jeremy were the only interesting people on this show but now it’s more interesting to watch paint dry. I’m done with these boring,nasty, weak idiots. WORSE season EVER!!!!


And another thing, clean up that house. These are some nasty,filthy, sloppy ass pigs!!! They should be embarassed and do McWussy ever change his nasty ass pants or wash??? These people are just nasty as hell!!!!!!!!!!


I sure hope BB has some psychological help standing by whenever Gina M exits. The delusional ‘loon’ will need some extensive help not only with her feelings for Nick but the loss of her job.

Amanda's Mustache

yes, I agree, she is really going to have a hard time with the loss of her job. I truly think gm is ignorant, doesn’t know better, and got lucky being cast on this show, even more lucky with the job she had. I was thinking about the finale w/ gm and nick last night when I couldn’t fall asleep, it’s gonna be so awkward lol

Just a thought

I am sorry if I have made an comments wrong on this site. I was just leaving my thoughts. I really enjoy reading this site. Please keep up the good work Simon and Dawg. I like what you are doing here. It makes the season more enjoyable. Thank you again for your hard work

Diane johndon

Jesse needs to say about why she’s not voting Amanda out n tell them all she’s voting for Amanda to win the $500k since that’s the startegy everyone’s playing

Diane johndon

PS. BB made Amanda tan so that a white houseguest would know what it feels to have a dark skin color since nobody came to Candice’s defense. But the tanning did something even better cuz Amanda looks like shit. OMG! I’ve never seen anything like it


I really think you’re reading way too much into the spray-tanning punishment. Of course, you are one of THOSE that can’t seem to see the gameplay but only the colors of houseguests.


Oh. My. Goodness.

For someone with such a huge head, Helen has a small brain. And she cannot read people.

She wants to get rid of the guys, but she doesn’t realize Amanda is protecting them (well, protecting them by not winning anything but painting a large enough target on herself).

If she can get rid of Amanda, she can get out Spencer and Andy and McCrae and Judd.

It would take some lies (of which she certainly isn’t afraid) and the right people. Say, for instance, that Helen, Elissa and Jessie have a sit-down with Aaryn. Helen could say that Amanda and McCrae have told her that Aaryn is their No. 1 target now that her usefulness has worn off (getting out Howard and Candice). So the three girls can offer Aaryn (and maybe GinaMarie) two weeks of safety (if they win HOH) in exchange for a vote to evict Amanda. Second part of that would be a cover. Helen knows Amanda, McCrae and Andy don’t trust Judd, so why not use that information to her advantage. After the eviction, the three girls all hug Judd and thank him for his vote — and tell anyone who’ll listen that Judd was the fourth vote and part of the plan. That way, Aaryn is covered — as long as Helen/Elissa/Jessie stick to the lie. At any rate, they’d have the numbers to get the guys out. Right now, Helen doesn’t have the numbers. And she is probably out second on Thursday night.


i think it’s funny that they think mcrae is MVP. why in the heck would he put up amanda…ya she’s dramatic, but HE needs her. he’s not going to put her up people. not this early that’s for sure. i don’t think he would at all, he would have a good chance of winning in the final two with her if she keeps pissing everyone off. it’s going to be funny when amanda finds out that america put her up twice. i can’t wait for aaryn, ginamarie and amanda’s exit interviews. i hope julie makes them all feel like crap for the way they’ve acted. especially aaryn, i hope no body claps for her when she comes out. that would make my life!


The double evict predict

Amanda wins puts up Elissa and Jesse
Elissa gone
Next hoh or hohoho
is Mccrae
He puts up Jesse Gina Jesse gone
MVP both times Amanda but because she HOH first time ANDY lol


the dream double eviction thursday night…

amanda evicted 4-3
somebody other than jess wins hoh
jess wins veto to save herself
gina or aaryn evicted
jess wins hoh for the full week and puts up mccrae and andy, aaryn or gina is 3rd nom

team jess


I see people think it’s crazy to think McCrae would put Amanda up as MVP. Don’t forget that some of these same people thought Elissa put herself up. To bbEricfan, great post. I wish Helen would realize that all the people she is voting out would be jury votes for her in final 2. Judd and Andy are already trying to stack the jury in their favor. They are both trying to make nice with everyone. No one would ever know Aaryn would be the 4th vote and they would blame Judd. Aaryn hates Candice and likes Judd so it’s unlikely she would do it. Helen doesn’t really have anyone in the house. She thinks she can trust Andy but she can’t and she throws Elissa under the bus and blames her for things she doesn’t do and has voted out people who would have been loyal to her. She will have a lot of regrets after this is over.

Bob barker

Damn Aaryn and Jessie just keep getting hotter and hotter by the day!!! Go ahead haters and hit the dislike button. I don’t care but they are!!


Jessie, here is your chance to evict Amanda.


Put Amanda & McRae up together and watch the fireworks.


elissa is actually really hot