Jessie sums up the BB15 game “Who can Stick their head the furthest up Amanda’s A$$”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


5:30pm Bedroom Amanda, Andy and McCrae hiding under the covers while Creepy uncle Spencer flips ths sheets up to get them. Elissa comes by tells them the bachelorette party is at 9 and Andy is the stripper for the night.

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5:32pm Backyard JUDD and Helen

JUDD is telling them how the first season of Big BRother was. The entire house voted two people and then America voted the person out.
JUDD: “I think that is how BBUK still is”
Helen: “Thats crazy”
JUDD: “Anything happening game wise”
Helen says nothing new going one she still thinks Candice is still going home.. “If jessie wins HOH things are going to go crazy”

Andy joins them (Drink) He agrees that next week is “Scary”

After Andy leaves they talk about jury votes. THey both want Spencer in jury. Helen says she doesn’t want Jessie in jury because her final 2 vote would be unpredictable.


5:56pm bedroom Amanda and McCrae
Amanda: “I’m excited We get to cuddle in HOH tonight”
McCrea: “you pretty much have to win HOH next week”
Amanda: “no not true”
McCrae: “ya “
Amanda: “It’s a dangerous week for whoever wins it”
Gm joins them and talks about her hairs. Apparently her weave costs 2000 but she got a deal and it only was 700. Gm says this is why she is so @nal about her hair because “This sh!tr costs money” After Ginamarie leaves Amanda tells McCrae she spend nothing on her hair all she uses is the boxes of hair dye you buy at the store.,


6:18pm Backyard JUDD and Aaryn
Aaryn: “Nick is legitimately going to be too scared to come to the finale”
A: “I would be .. it’s going to ruin it for him.. Like I’m serious he’s not even going to enjoy the f*** finale because he will be scared.. I’m f** scared JUDD”
JUDD: ”You think she’s going to jump in him”
Aaryn: “YES 110%”

6:21pm Spencer and Aaryn
Spencer: “things are really going to turn in the next two weeks”
Aaryn: “I hope so”
Spencer: “me to”
Aaryn: “everyone is too scared “
Spencer ya .. well I really want to focus on being cool this week.. and just pray that I’m HOH or someone I trust or feel comfortable with is.”
Aaryn says she’s not doing anyones dirty work any more ..
Aaryn says Candice is campaigning for Spencer To leave no amanda. Spencer: “ Oh I’m sure”


6:55pm Hammock Spencer and Jessie

She’s was working on something but Helen shut it down. Jessie doesn’t understand because it was Helen’s idea to start with. Jessie says she stuck her neck out and nothing happened she feels like she’s the main target in the house noe.
Jessie isn’t going to give up on trying to make a big move. Spencer tells her to get HOH.

Spencer says it’s going to be hard for them to do anything until MVP is gone. Jessie agrees says MVP is annoying as F*** “If they don’t get rid of it this week they’re handing them the game”

Jessie: “Dude.. JUDD has such a short fuse.. it’s hard because we’re supposed to be so close but sometimes he directs it at me”
Spencer: “It’s a tough game”

Jessie says it feel like everyone is so solid in their groups now. Spencer just hopes to stick around long enough to be relevant again.

Jessie doesn’t want to go to the bachelorette party because it’s just going to be a group of girls ki$$ing Amanda’s a$$. She says the name of the game is “Who can Stick their head the furthest up Amanda’s A$$”
Spencer: “Ya that seems to be the name of the game”

She pleads with him not to tell anyone else in the house she’s talked to him about Amanda. Spencer swears he won’t ‘I’m ready for some big moves to happen that doesn’t include me going home or going up on the block”
They agree the MVP was a shitty twist that wrecked their games. Jessie is second guessing herself making a big move in the beginning and keeping Elissa. She thinks If Elissa had gone home and Nick was still around he could be “Duking” it out with Amanda and McCrae and she would sit on the side lines.

Jessie asks him to promise her if they are both on the block together to not throw each other under the bus. Spencer says he’ll promise her that.


7:20pm Bedroom Spencer, Andy and JUDD Spencer says he just talked to JEssie.. She really worried about going up next week and she just wanted to make sure he wouldn’t campaigning against her if they are both nominated.

Andy says Elissa would put up Aaryn and Jessie..
Specner says Aaryn ad Jessie

JUDD says he wishes this week was double eviction so they can get it over with all in one night, ‘I’m f***ing nervous about Double eviction.. I get nervous watching it on the TV.. I’l telling you”

Specner: ‘This week or next week is double eviction” Andy and JUDD both hope that this week is double eviction. They all hope MVP is done this week.

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As the camera spans back and starts to focus towards the door… ANDY ENTERS!!! (drink)


scamming simon’s schtick for thumbs, sigh.


Do you mean that guy that is playing the game without being called out? I thought he was my pet called “Andy the Rat”.

The Black Fish

Spencer has a point, there is no incentive to go after Amanda/McCrae until the MVP is gone. Amanda will just rally the sheep to protect the farmer, and the third wheel, probably Aaryn or Andy will go home.


Except that makes ZERO sense. We have given them Amanda up on the block without needing an HOH brave enough to take the risk, a sitting duck to be voted out, and they’ve balked two weeks in a row. Now that they’ve evicted all the non-sheep, I don’t expect any HOH to even have the stones to put her up, much less being able to muster the votes. The MVP ruined the game…but that’s because the floaters led by Amanda and McCrea floated to the power of the majority, “the house”. And now they whine about it when they’ve become the targets? Gimme a break.

Spencer’s right about it not being in his interest for Amanda to go, but MVP has nothing to do with it. He has no allies and being a drone for her, keeping himself safe while threats or those who can’t be managed are evicted, and pray he can get to the last 5…then banding with the other two to evict McCrea, then Amanda, then hoping he can make it to the end.

Spencer is still the only person other than Amanda and McCrea playing this game to win, with a clear strategic path to get there.

BB15 letdown

The mvp twist is what is ruining their games??? Really?! Jessie says that MVP has to end cause if it doesn’t it hands them the game? Ummm…..we, the MVP, nominated Amanda giving the houseguests a golden opportunity to get rid of her. TWICE!


just keep putting the racist b!tch amanda on the block as 3rd nom and soon she will eventually be voted out

it takes away her being able to vote and will keep her majorly stressed out

and it will maximize the chance she doesnt win money


America voting for the 3rd nominee is gone this week. There is no way they continue it. Just do the math and think about the strategy and you know that a 3rd nominee would totally screw the game over. With a double eviction, America will not vote again until America’s Player.

vote for Jess for Americas favourite

it will be in play until final 5 i think

This Season Blows

“JUDD is telling them how the first season of Big BRother was. The entire house voted two people and then America voted the person out.”

Not quite how it worked. There wasn’t a limit to how many people could be nominated for eviction. One week, six people out of seven in the house were put up!


I don’t rember that.

I rember the HOH nominated 2 people for eviction and America voted them out.

Before this season, I’ve never seen more than 2 people on the block.

This Season Blows

There wasn’t an HOH that year, every houseguest was called into the diary room to put people on the block.


Season 1 had no Hoh so each person nominated 2 people. Yes there was a week with 6 people on the block.


Yep. The noms were done by the houseguests and then the 2 with the highest votes were nominated then America voted out who they wanted. I think Wil was the 1st one out. There was racial issues in that season too, I remember. I also remember there were only like 8 houseguests total. Curtis came in 3rd I think (or maybe it was Jamie), Josh was 2nd and Eddie was 1st (the guy with one leg). Britney and Josh had the 1st BB showmance and Chicken George was my favourite!! My husband and I were obsessed with the show and I used to watch the free feeds online…


Andy may just be the WORST gay player in the HISTORY of BB! All he does is gossip. Not, gossiping for the sake of the game. But gossiping for gossiping sakes!

Spears and Buffalo

Nobody can top Lawon.


Or Marcelles for not using the veto on himself and then he got booted!! That was bad!!


I think Andy is playing a smart game, he will make at least final 4 if not final 2!!


Sadly, I kind of agree with you. I was really rooting for Andy. I always root for the gay cast. But then he aligned with the queen of c**tiness Amanda, acting as her (and sometimes Helen’s) b*tch boy. Ugh.

Although, in his defense, straight guys (especially the kind that gets on BB) rarely, if ever, team with gay men. So I see why he get with the girl group.

Honestly, just about everyone who is aligning with the supermajority is NOT playing the game well. When in BB history has a group of hamsters so at ease with a showmance and puppetmaster ruling the house like this oblivious bunch? I really hope Jessie win this Thursday’s HOH. She must.


No sorry, Joshua (BB9) took that title.


Good point. That’s why we need Andy the Rat and Mcpizza up next week. You will see who votes for which alliance.

Name geanieb

That won’t work because no one can be sure which alliance Andy the rat-floater-gossip is in! I don’t watch he live feds but from OBB and the 3 weekly shows, I can’t tell. I want Spencer, Judd, Jessie, Aaryn, Andy, GM, Candice out in that order and then let McCranda and Helissa duke it out and see who wins when they have only themselves to count on and no one else to manipulate to do their bidding. Out of the 4, I guess I’d rather see McCrae or Helen win at this point. They each have had to deal with a partner screwing up their game and driving them crazy and being viscious to other people.


“Who can Stick their head the furthest up Amanda’s A$$”

Trick question, they’re already up her a$$.


Joke – What is the difference between a Brown Noser and a Shithead?

Depth Perception!

Jessie’s comment about Amanda’s party is 100% correct.

vote for Jess for americas favourite player

Jessie says the name of the game is “Who can Stick their head the furthest up Amanda’s A$$”

jess you have my vote for americas favourite player…i hope you win the 25k

you have had to deal with alot of crap this season

in a season full of scumbags you are the nicest, most genuine person there

you are the only one there with the brains and courage to even attempt to shake up the game to make things more interesting for the audience

and after being bullied and treated poorly by amanda(and many others) the entire season, i loved how you have called her out and stood up for yourself

there are many there that have lost their jobs and virtually ruined their lives and reputations, but you will leave with your head held high

the only class in this act is jess and her soul is intact

i hope the 25k goes to jess

production rigged it

I agree 1000% she is the only one with the guts to do anything.


I like Jessie more and more. At least she considers making a big move. And although she is needy, she is able to recognize the big picture about who the real powers that are calling the shots.

Jessie=America’s Favorite HouseGuest



you definitely hit the nail on the head with the title of this entry


I am begging someone please stand up and do something. Why is everyone so scared to go against each other? This season is nothing but ugly, racist, vile comments about others and sex sex sex. Amanda talking about having a masterbation circle, and Andy feels the need to share he wakes up with a hard on come on CBS. Jessie can not do it by her self. At least when Elissa was getting the MVP she did big moves she was putting up threats or people who would get off the block so threats could go up.

Roisin Dubh

Something tells me that Amanda has a couple of screaming eagle sessions under her belt. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s her on her knees with two guys on either side, and it showcases her left/ right coordination skills. You can fill in the rest.



Spears and Buffalo

Helen’s counting jury votes. She knows Amanda needs to go, but she doesn’t want to make the move. She’d much prefer Spencer or Jessie do it. Wimp.

VA Vet

Helen is counting jury votes so she will know who will be in the jury with her.


I am all about Jessie winning this game now she really is thee only one that has stood up for herself against “the mean girls” and that barbarian Amanda and has the balls to make a big move while everyone else to chicken sh!t to thnk for themselves. I mean why make a wave? is this big brother or people trying to kiss the bosses a$$ for a possible promotion?


How is the MVP wrecking everyone’s game when we have given them Amanda two weeks in a row? They are wrecking their own games by being too afraid to make a move.


thumbs up x 1000.

i was gonna say the exact same thing until i read that you had said it already


jessie for hoh this week. …


Jessie, is the only one with active brain cells working. Everyone else is just paranoid and spineless wimps at this point. They know what the right move is, to evict Amanda, but they whip themselves into this frenzy that somehow Amanda is going to reach out and get them. It just boggles the mind, watching these morons trying to be analytical, however, consumed by fear at the same time.

Amanda and/or production has them scared shitless in having an original thought and strategic game play outside of Amanda’s approval. How can someone who has not one anything have so much perceived power…the delusional alpha-female and her beta-drones.


have you taken a good look at Demanda`s build .. heck I would be scared if her flat over sized butt came rushing at me yelling .. with those dead shark eyes glaring at you ….lol.. looks do say a lot … ps; noticed the pick of Mcscarry and Deamanda in the bed … looks like Demanda has finally sucked all the energy out of Mcscarry… just an observation ..


Hey, the Atlanta Falcons can always use another good linebacker prospect. Maybe Amanda will get evicted soon enough the she could give it a shot. Move over Sean Whitherspoon.


Oh my God! You made me laugh so hard with that comment! Hahahahaha!


Helen: “I can’t go against the house” Then pack your bags, the house has no need for spineless jellyfish!

Jessie and Candice are close, but Helen can’t see the forrest through the trees.

Roisin Dubh

Jessie better keep her mouth shut until Thursday. Once Ahandjob catches wind about what she’s been saying via Judd, Andy, or Helen, Candice will stay. Add to that that she’ll probably be a no-show to the panty party. No bueno.


MC does not look like a very happy groom in that picture.


McLay (because he’s rarely standing) is starting to realize he got in way over his head with Amanda. I feel sorry for him.



Amanda's Duck Feet

Bride Of Frankenstein.


Mc crack look like Charles Manson in the above picture in bed.


I think if Jessie, Helen, and Elissa asked Aaryn to vote out Amanda and in return they will throw the HOH Challenge (but don’t actually throw it) so she can have a better chance of winning it and putting Candice up to vote her out next she would consider it. They need to feed on the fact that she doesn’t trust Amanda and she has finally been seeing Amanda for who she is. Maybe even get Candice to give a fake apology to her too and agree to do what Aaryn wants. They could manipulate her into keeping Candice from leaving for this eviction. I think this is probably their last week where they would even have the numbers to eliminate Amanda if they wanted to. After this vote, there is no way they will have the numbers again especially since the house is divided into 3 alliances with their own stupid agenda to either just make it to the jury or to just make Amanda happy while Amanda and McCrea has already called their bank informing them about the large deposit they will make.


AMANDA , Mcrae ,Helen,and Aaryn will be the final 4 . Amanda will walk away with $500,000 dollars . Howard was right to try to get his small army to vote out Amanda and Helen he was correct .


Helen is such a self righteous bitch!


Okay. Now I’m just at the point of all I want is something to happen … Anything. a big move, someone has sex, a physical altercation or anything remotely interesting…..please please pleeeeaaasssseee!!!!!


2 words, F******G Stupid


Jessie and Candace putting the pressure on Helen…

Sadly it’s probably a pipe dream…

Jessie: “Helen, where is your GUSTO?”

THUMBS UP she goes for it – THUMBS DOWN Helen doesn’t!?!?!


I’m going to respond to the broken record that is Amanda has to go with a broken record of my own… she will not leave until after Jury.


oh another aMANda zuckerMAN brown noser


What in the world? Helen has so disappointed me. Helen and McCrea actually . McCrea was on it til he got laid now he does nothing at all but stays in the bed with Amanda and Helen I thought she was going to slide right in and knock them out. Someone please shake this house up send Amanda and Andy packing Thursday then the next eviction put Aaryn Helen and McCrea on the block and BB15 will get exciting and the show we love will get back on track.


I think McPizza is actually a bed bug. He is always in a bed with DeManda. But DeManda is more like herpes, she has sores that pop up when ever she is stressed. Most people call it her personality.

Big Sister

I absolutely refuse to watch the batchelorette party and wedding. Any bets on how long into it that Andy (Howdy Doody) will show up?


Hahahahaa!!! I have been trying to figure out who Andy looks like…I was thinking a cartoon character but Howdy Doody is spot on!!!


Wow, that one photo of McCrae and Amanda in bed just shows how much he does not want to be there……


For all this talk about Amanda being a b*tch, she’s the only one who is consistent. She’s a consistent b**ch, but she’s consistent.


Candice should go to the party and just be a total bitch. Amanda will probably make an ass of herself and then cry about it. There is still a chance to change everyone’s mind before eviction. Hopefully something eventful will go down at this party. these feeds are getting boring and everyone is so predictable Go Candice and Jessie!


GM: People are so mean to me. Everyone thinks im so stupid

Helen: I wish I was like you. I would give my right arm and my liver to be just like you.

Andy joins them

GM: I was just thinking about the day before I came out to the BB house. I borrowed my mom’s car and needed gas and had a problem. I’ve been standing out there trying to pump gas for the last 10 minutes! Your @&$%*# gas pump is broken!

Man: I’m sorry. I’ll go out with you and see what I can do.
There is a bright red “Out of Order” bag on the nozzle; and you shoved everything into your tank, bag and all. Why?

GM: Oh, sorry

Man: Yes, that pump is broken. You’ll need to pull up to another pump.

GM: “Oh, well you guys should really mark it better. I wasted a lot of time here!”

Man: “Um…yes, we usually put a traffic cone in front.”

GM: “Oh yeah…I saw it, but I didn’t know what it was for, so I just drove over it.”

Man: Your a f*cking idiot!!

GM: I told Nick that story and he said that he would agree with me but we would both be wrong. See Nick agrees with me!!


“Spencer says it’s going to be hard for them to do anything until MVP is gone. Jessie agrees says MVP is annoying as F*** “If they don’t get rid of it this week they’re handing them the game”

They haven’t evicted an MVP nominee since week 2 and the MVP (us) have handed “the house” Elissa and Amanda on a golden f***in’ platter and these cowards in the house refuse our help…and now they’re bitching about the MVP. House full of morons…


Twist : GM gets pandora’s box and gets something good. Meanwhile, something bad is unleashed in the house : Evel Dick enters the house and pours a massive jug of iced tea on Amanda and terrorize the sh*t out of her for a week before the houseguests boot her out with a landslide! Oh God, I can’t stand her!

oh please..

I hope America still gets the vote…and we keep putting Amanda up until someone..anyone..gets a hint!


Amanda says; We need to send home Elissa!
MC; ok
Helen: ok
Judd; ok
GM; ok
Aaryn; ok
Candice; I don’t know
Amanda; We need to send home Candice!
Judd; ok
Spencer; ok
Helen; I don’t know
Amanda; Helen needs to go !!
No one has any balls to stand up to Amanda and its pitiful as hell! Amanda is going to win because the game is rigged. No one will send home Amanda because they can’t . She is the biggest target in that house and no one will vote her out? Not one person??? Shady as hell!

Gator girl

Do you think the houseguest have been called into the diary room and told to not vote for Amanda?
Because it just does not make sense to be afraid of a bully you are not going to see again.r


Hey Simon or Dawg I have a few questions ok?…. The first one is who do you think is going home on Thursday?? My answer: Candice. Who do you think is going to win HOH during the Double Eviction?? My answer: I am hoping its Aaryn but people think she isn’t that smart I myself think she is smart so I think its going to between Aaryn or Jessie and Jessie wins. Who do you think is going home for the 2nd Double Eviction (Depends on who wins HOH)?? My answer: I think its going to be between Aaryn, GinaMarie, Amanda, Helen, Elissa, and McCrae out of all 6 people it would probley be Aaryn that goes crossing my fingers it isn’t:/ Not but not least is my final question… How are they going to do the MVP during the Double Eviction?? My answer: Mabe they wont have the MVP nominee during the Double Eviction and just have normally 2 people on the block. That’s just my opinions please answer my question eather one of you thanks so much. Oh and one last thing….. Wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooo go Aaryn beat them sucka’s:))))


Yup. Anything would be nice. Understanding that Amanda in the house doesn’t control the game. Everyone in that house seem to know that keeping her will always put a target on her. They know this. My prediction is that Amanda goes as the 2nd or 3rd jury member. Alliances are failing and reforming due to the big 4. Someone needs to go. It will probably be Helen because she is monstrously strong in binding people to her wishes & knowing when to strike. Its why its not time yet. I get this forum hates Amanda. I don’t though. Amanda ( not aMANda, or demanda, or mcpussy, or ahandjob, as pure idiots on this forum do say) is trying to keep her alliance safe and keep targets off their back by pitting them on her back. And thus trusting the right people to vote. Helen knows its just not yet time. She needs to know that once Amanda goes, so goes either her or Elissa. Andy may be a rat, but he sure has many people liking him. He will get far. Maybe final 5 or 4. Or further. Judd is very smart. He is the ace up someone’s sleeve, but who knows who. Let’s get some original thoughts on this forum instead of Amanda bashers and bitching incessantly about who can’t do/make the big moves. Or wishing wishy washy things that won’t happen, and then reiterated that it won’t happen….. Awwww. So sad. Come on, sad sacks, let’s get some thoughts going other than the same bullshit.


Gm Talking about being a lady…..fu*kin crazy yo

hell yeah

Damn straight. We all hate the bigots. I get it. Let’s say something a little original, like who plays the best game as of this moment. Or anything. Love the site for its play by play, but mob mentality shows how awful the cast is and the season is. We needed someone a little more seasoned in the house, like a 45 year old, or something! Let’s get some lesbians in there. Not a prototypical gay dude. Drink.


Jessie Elissa and Candice could take over if some one would just listen to Jessie this week . If she cannot get the 4 votes then I hope that they each get ignored as Jessie has and she emerges and takes over the house and Helen is going to be a bit embarrassed when she see these shows and the other HG have truly became well known but unfortunately for them and their families it’s negative. Reality is about to kick them dead in their butts.


This is like watching the worst episode of Saved By The Bell; The Idiot Class…. I mean they give reality show a new low… All these dummies do is talk about the game, but scared to make a move…


The problem with Jessie’s plan is the only one who would have balls to vote against Amanda is Amanda. If they cloned Amanda, Amanda would confront herself for being a r@cist, homophobic b&got, and then steal her man away. They would then get in an epic b**ch fight, neither would back down, and basically smoke each other. How’s that for a double eviction? Three weeks running, Jessie has talked big, then caved when the house wouldn’t vote with her. I’m sure I can count on her caving again. Jessie may have potential to be a strategizer, but Amanda has a lifetime of experience of being a conniving b**ch. Amanda should run a How to Be a F*cking B**ch and Win Big Brother boot camp when she’s out.


no the only problem with jessies plan is that judd and helen are incredibly stupid

actually 5 of the 7 people voting this week are stupid

only jess and elissa seem to realize how crucial it is to split the couple before jury

Crae crae for mcCrae

Final two mcCrae & his queen
1/2 mill to mcCrae !


that prospect is brutal to think about

if it happened cbs will be taking too much heat that they could possibly stand

america would be outraged


I don’t see any game play going on here, but Jessie; I Must say, that girl/woman has spunk! I’ve come to respect Spencer ( game play respect. ) It is so difficult to root for anyone in that house, except those two mentioned. Helen…my first favorite; I’m so over her! Elissa, was gaining ground, but relies too much on Helen. I really had high hopes for JUDD. ( you can see where that got me; he’s such a Wuss! )
I have watched since Season 1, and this has to be the worse group of player’s!
Thank goodness…it is double eviction week; Maybe now, it will pick up speed.

Dr. J

I’m just curious but why do people think McLay is playing such a brilliant game? All he has done is agree with Amanda and lets her make the decisions. Oh yes he’s answered a few questions from others about strategy only to get into trouble with Amanda because of it. He is worthless in my opinion. In second eviction I’d like to see Amanda/McCray on the block to let the good times roll. Helen also needs to go. She has kissed more booty this season than I have ever seen before. Wow stroking Gina Marie to make her feel good was nothing more than a misleading BS guise to make herself feel better. Oh well, let’s see where the chips fall and who sticks it to whom…


Totally agree with you regarding McCrae!!! I think, that I would Love to see him go before Amanda, and that’s saying something!! I cannot stand his so called game play. Should be ‘What GamePlay??


The MVP twist could have been used as a great tool by smarter house guests. Here’s an easy example of how: Everybody saying “We need 4 votes to get Amanda out”. No, actually, you don’t. What you can do instead is manipulate a split vote and still get her out with 3-2-2. All a clever player would have to do is get 2 people to think the vote will be against Candice, 2 to think it will be against Spencer, and bang, your little group of 3 suddenly becomes the majority. And given how most of the house guests are playing more on personal biases and feelings, manipulating a split vote could be pretty damned easy for somebody with charisma and an actual strategy…

But I guess that’s the problem right there, isn’t it. Damn. Man, imagine how say Chilltown could have used that 3rd person on the block to their voting advantage.