Candice has been in bed all day “It’s the Jessie method when you’re on the block”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


5:25pm Backyard Spencer and McCrae
They cannot understand why Helen’s mom cannot speak English. Spencer says Helen is not south Korea they are north korean. Her father helped out America so they pulled him out. “They’ve been here for 40 years”
Amanda joins them “Look at my racoon face”
They get called inside the house it;s lockdown. Spencer comments that it means Amanda will get called into the spray tanner again.
5:28pm bedroom McCrae and Amanda
McCrae: “Riddle me this.. How is Elissa skin so sensitive that she cannot sleep in the same sheets as someone that has had lotion on but she can spray tan”
Amanda: ‘Hey are you proud of me with Jessie”
MC: “Ya”
Amanda: “I’m acting like her best friend.. cause if me and Jessie aren’t fighting there isn’t any drama with me.. This morning when I made up with Jessie it pissed Aaryn off.. basically Jessie told Aaryn she doesn’t want to work with Aaryn so she should just stay clear of her. “
Amanda: “Aaryn’s response was OK if I win HOH I’m putting you up “
McCrae saying it’s bullshit that people are saying Tan fat is better than white fat he believes it’s all just made up by the tanning companies to get everyone to tan.
Amanda saying she’s starting to realise that JUDD isn’t a very good liar.
Andy joins them (Drink)
Tells them he was up in the HOH with Elissa/Gm and all Elissa was doing was giving GM backhanded compliments. Amanda: “That is so like Elissa.. back handed compliments”

5:43pm Storage room Andy, Spencer and McCrae are planning a joke on Elissa that involves the dental dam and her name tag.
Spencer: “How do you use these”
McCrae: ‘Spread them and go to town”
Spencer: “If you need one of those things should be be doing what you’re about to do”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


5:54pm Bedroom Spencer, Amanda and Andy
Amanda says she got “rape fear” after Howard told her those things last week. Spencer: “If he got a hold of you He probably could “
Amanda says she had to hide in the Diary room for 2 hours ands she asked production if they did thorough background checks .
They go through some of the things they added to their Big Brother Applications. Spencer says he went to rehab for smoking pot, Nobody seems to care in casting.
McCrae joins them lays beside Amanda. She mounts him and makes the motion like she’s humping him. Andy: “Amanda is the man in the relationship”
They ask Andy when He knew he was gay. Andy says she always knew from a very young age. He always liked boys, all his celebrity crushes were boys he says for him he was born gay.


6:22pm HOH Gm getting her hair coloured by Elissa. Helen and Aaryn on the couch talking about hair, Make up etc etc

Aaryn tells them how Jeremy and Kaitlin were strategizing against Aaryn when she was in the bed right beside them. Aaryn tells them tthe poem Jeremy made up for Kaitlin. “Roses are red your eyes are green when I think about you it’s just like a dream.. Something something unreal..”
Aaryn tells them that Jessie was saying the name of the game is to keep “Princess Elissa” and “Princess Amanda” happy. They all start bashing Jessie. Aaryn tells them Jessie is trying to get her to go against Elissa and Helen.
GM says a lot of guys probably f*** Jessie then “Bounce out” Just random bashing
Helen says it’s expected that Amanda is mean spirited but she’s really shocked at how Jessie can get. Helen brings up the fight in the backyard the one night between Amanda and Jessie. She thinks Jessie was mean spirited during that.



6:44pm Amanda gets music signalling another spray tan
Amanda tells them this is her last one She isn’t allowed to shower for 6 hours.
After getting the the spray tan she grabs McCrae and rubs him on her body. McCrae’s stomach is now orange.

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:56pm Backyard JUDD, Anyd, MC, Amanda, Spencer
Dog talk. Amanda tells them that she can’t leave her dog in the room when she’s having s$x because he’ll lick her a$$h*le.

Andy points out Candice has only been out of the bed for 45 minutes today. Andy says the last three people that have left the house have been virtually in hiding during their last week. Mentions Howard did a bit of last Minute scheming but Candice and Kaitlin where no where to be seen.
Amanda: ‘JEssie says that’s her method when she’s on the block she just sleeps… It’s a good idea… actually I don’t think that is a good method”
JUDD: “I think different methods work with different people”

7:18pm Kitchen JUDD and Amanda JUDD asks her if Jessie is being weird. Amanda says no asks him why he’s thinking she is. JUDD says Andy brought it up in the bathroom says she’s been super quiet to him.


7:20pm Bedroom JUDD and McCrae
Briefly chat about the vote on Thursday they are confident Candice is going home.

JUDD says he might put up Jessie and Elissa or Jessie and Helen asks McCrae what he thinks. McCrae is worried if Helen and Elissa get broken up everyone will start targeting him and Amanda. McCrae says they’ll have to see who gets HOH before they make plans.

Outdoor lockdown is over. Everyone heads outside. Andy is telling them he requested another spray tan for Amanda and they told him she is completed the spray tan task there will be no more spray tans.


7:31pm GM, Aaryn, Elissa and HElen in the HOH Still doing their hair, Still talking about Jessie


7:44pm Quiet on the feeds.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I can’t wait until Helen is evicted and during her goodbye messages the play a clip of herself saying “when you look back at the tapes, you’ll see I had a heavy hand in your eviction.”

pot calling kettle

Seriously, Amanda you hid for two hours because you were scared of Howard!!!! BS!!!! Omg, that makes me sick to my stomach! Really, Spencer you wonder why Helen’s mom does not speak English. Maybe she does not want to and she enjoys talking in her own language. WOW, it keeps getting worse and worse!! How can one human be as dark as Amanda is. I mean wow wonder if that has health consequences?


She is telling the typical “fish” story. On thursday she said she had to hide in the DR for an hour and now it is 2 hours. By the time the season is over she will be telling the story with more lies in it I can see her telling the story by the end as her having to set up camp in the DR and have to bring her food to her cause she was so petrified to go out for fear Howard was going to rape her again. (typical fish story means a story a fisherman might tell when he says he almost c aught the biggest fish……it gets bigger in length each time he tells it) I so want her to go this thursday but I doubt she will..**Pouting here**

big brother fan

Facts are facts go to youtube and you can hear exactly what howard said.


Give us a link where YOU heard Howard say those things!

pot calling kettle

Well didn’t think it possible but it is. Amanda comes out of the tanning booth and Spencer asks, Hey is that James Earl Jones? Seriously how stupid are these people?

Joey Joe Joe

Now that’s just funny right there. Grow a sense of humor. If a joke involves people of different race it’s racist? That’s just dumb.


no it’s just that spencer never makes funny jokes


Why is McPizza all of the sudden dating Candice?


Your name is racist, it insinuates the pot calling the kettle black. That is just horrible!!


Apparently candice is laughing at Amanda and Judd asks her which one she would of preferred the clown suit or the tanning, and Candice said the clown suit because if she did the tan thing all the house guests would think that Howard was back in the house as dark as she would get. She has a sense of humor or is it okay for her to say the truth because she is african american but no one else can comment on the fact that Amanda is really dark??? Now Amanda comments yeah racist but now think maybe calling them all racist because they made a comment that they all were in fact thinking, Candice too, is just that a comment and not meant to hurt just a reaction to how she looks.


Every comment someone makes on race isn’t racial. It’s all in the demeanor and tone. When someone is wrong on any subject it’s wrong, and trying to place Candice in the same boat with Aaryn, and Amanda still won’t change the fact that what Amanda and Aaryn has said and done were. not only wrong, but both intentional and rude, and evidently their parents think so, because one had to lock his twitter account and his daughter’s website has been since shut down from her job, and the other had to hire her daughter a publicist and she actually lost her job. They’re parents aren’t stressing over simple comments.


Every comment a RACIST makes about race is RACIST …. Those who condone this should dye…. Ur hair … Lol …. But really and people say to black people “oh he/she pulling the race card” … Hope you and America see why …. It’s disgust me being a “white” man this sickens me …. I wish Howard would’ve whipped all those punk ass, redneck, make us look bad, disgusting people’s as … Maybe he could’ve got a stand your ground defense … Cause a lot of that shhhh was uncalled for …. Hahahahah he wanted aMANdo ???? Hahahahaha yeah right he wanted that horribly built man… Not many NFL linebackers get boob jobs … Get ur money back you ugly hOMEr SimPSon body having, butch….

Give Me a Break

Oh Candice made a funnie about skin color. So Lola wants us to believe that Amanda and Aaryn references to race were in the same mode. Yeah and the sky is green, the moon is blue, and water flows upriver. If you don’t see the difference Lola, I am not going to waste time explaining it. If you think they are the same. Then Bravo!


The best two nominees for next week are McPizza and Andy the Rat. This would force people to reveal who they are really aligned with in the game.


I don’t thinkit would force anyone to show their hand because if they’re afraid of Amanda when she’s on the block they would never vote McCrae out and have to stay in that house with Amanda. No brained Andy is a goner. It would be nice to see Helen and Andy on the block or Helen and Amanda. Helen has no clue. She loves to say Elisa and Jessie don’t know anything but they’re smarter than her and she’s going to lose and look back and realize she should have never listened to Andy but instead should have listened to Elisa and Jesse because once Candice leaves Helen has no one but Elisa. She’s voting out everyone that would keep her to save Amanda who still has all of her allies in the house. Helen thinks she’s so smart but she’s so blind and naive.

vote Jess as americas favourite player

Helen says it’s expected that Amanda is mean spirited but she’s really shocked at how Jessie can get. Helen brings up the fight in the backyard the one night between Amanda and Jessie. She thinks Jessie was mean spirited during that.

ok helen you are a complete and utter moron…just keep brown nosing amanda you idiot

and look at the massive gut on amanda in the pic above! wow and she thinks playboy would want to work with a racist fat pig?


Simon/Dawg could you put a caption on that SS of GM giving thumps up “Cocaine Is a Helluva Drug”


ROLMFAO It was the 1st thing that hit my head when i saw that snap.



lmao…oh sh**, everybody here is cracking up looking at that pic, thanks for requesting that caption & thanks simon for doing it, it’s perfect!


Ah Chapelle Show.


pathetic cast. fire AG and the casting director

big brother fan

You honestly can’t blame the casting director I’m sure none of the house guests seemed like this during their interviews.


I guess CBS isn’t THAT shameless to let Amanda go on the live show with the tan.

It just wouldn’t go right with the “edit” eh?


Now Amanda’s talking not having sex in her bedroom with the dog there because the dog would lick her bunghole?! Ugh, really classy, Amanda…you skank!!


Don’t hate on the zoophile, lol! Funny how her dog would think of giving her a tookaslingus while she’s having sex. McCrae’s gonna use and toss her, no way he’s introducing THAT to his parents. Even a proud self-proclaimed pizza delivery boy for. life can do better.


Yep…and the story of her dog always licking her a**hole during sex sounds about as real as her believing Howard was going to rape her in a house with 50 cameras. But in Amanda’s mind, she thinks people buy her fantasies of every dog being attracted to her stank and every black man is a sexual predator. I hope Howard is consulting an attorney for himself and Candice and they sue the s**t out of CBS.

With BB Canada being much closer to the first ten seasons of American BB…you know, when BB didn’t suck, I’m ready for America’s version to be put out to pasture.


Amanda needs to watch her mouth because if she makes it to the end and wins the money it may just be tied up in a defamation lawsuit. I’m shocked CBS is letting these people say some of the things they’re saying. It’s making CBS look just as bad as the contestants. I understand that they want to stay out of the game as much as possible, but these people are ruining their lives right now. Their losing their jobs and will probably have a hard time getting another one. And only one person can win the $500k. The other stipend money isn’t going to last them a month or two. What will they do after that?

Has there ever been another cast that got into this much trouble? Did any other cast members from other seasons ever lose their jobs as a result of their behavior on BB?

big brother fan

Listen in the past season contestants have gotten in trouble for “racist” sayings too and guess what they are fine. Look it up this is not the only season to have trouble. I think all of you need to grow up most of America is making these “racist” comments. Everyone relax if a camera was following you around 24/7 I bet you would get caught saying something bad too.


Amanda obviously speaks from experience, that’s some of the weirdest shit I’ve ever heard a dog doing.

Dogs usually get agitated and either bark a lot, jump on the bed, sometimes even snap if it’s a person they’re not used to.


Dogs are trainable.

Give Me a Break

Yep the demure Amanda talking about the dog doing her. However, there was something so shocking and repulsive that Howard said, that it even amazed Amanda. Amanda’s next retelling of this story, she will say that I was in fear of my life. That large Black man said he was going to rape me. He was going to come in the night and take me away and use me for his sexual desires. I just didn’t know what to say to Howard, other then please come soon….sounds like fun.


What is wrong with this chick? I wonder if she’s on drugs on truly just has a sh*tty personality. The rape fear comment. No words. Howard has a Sponge Bob Square Pants fetish is what I guess she’s getting at. She’s so dark and I don’t mean the orange spray tan. I can’t believe some of them are gathering around her and don’t want to get her out.


Judd: I’m so bored

Spencer: Let’s go play pool then

Andy shows up

Judd: No thanks, I’d rather sit here andI smoke and fill the potholes in my soul

Andy: I’m too hyped I need to be doing something

Judd: Take some of your ADD pills. My brother has ADD, which is weird because he drives a Ford Focus. I told my brother that joke but he didn’t laugh because he got distracted by my shoe strings.

Amanda: Did I tell you all that Mc and I are getting married on Valentine’s day next year!

Judd: Valentine’s day has gotten blown way out of proportion. Valentine’s Day just used to be for your girlfriend or your wife but now everyone’s like ‘Oh, happy valentine’s day!’ I even got a Valentine’s Day card from my grandmother. How ridiculous is that? We stopped having sex years ago!

Jessie: Judd, I’m going to give you a Valentine’s day you will never forget

Andy leaves

Helen: Candace, Jessie, then maybe Amanda

Elissa: I want Candace to stay

Andy shows up

Andy: Judd has to go. He is just all over the place

Helen: ok ok ok, you know, Candace, Judd then Jessie. But don’t tell anyone We will get Amanda later


judd aint funny dude

nobody can understand him

its like the pink floyd song comfortably numb…

“your lips move but i cannot hear what youre saying”


Dog licking a$$hole….. What a class act….. Please, please, evict her!

It can get worse

So what have we learned from Amanda today. Amanda confirmed she is into bestiality. BB you out did yourself this season.


Seriously people need to get over the hate. She’s personally my favorite player because she’s playing the game unlike all the sheep that are just following her.

About the dog thing, does no one have dogs? Dogs are curious and they do lick all the time so she’s not saying anything that’s shocking. My wife and I can’t do anything in front of our dogs either: first because it’s just strange’ but also because the dogs may lick us during so I’m not seeing the issue with her comment. Now it doesn’t matter what she says, the hate is still there, get over it.


so her dog must have licked her asshole to know that she shouldnt have the dog in the room during sex

otherwise how would she know

Delilah Jones

So, I just turned on the feeds, and I might be hearing things…. but, did Elissa just tell GM that Amanda is going to be so mad, and GM reply – what when she leaves on Thursday? Did anyone else hear that? Has Elissa managed to flip the house? I tried listening to it again, but can not make out what they are actually saying.


Helen is an utter fool, but her humiliation will not occur in the big brother house but in her home in Chicago. She looks like an utter fool, friend with Aaryn “Go make some rice” Gries and Amanda “Helen taste like egg rolls and wontons” Zuckerman. What a fool.

come on now

Seriously that comment was not Politically Correct and was a stereotype but it was not racist. It was just like two kids fighting because they were mad at one another. Ignorance.


actually it is racist because Asian is considered a race!! oh my goodness how ignorant is your comment?!? I didn’t even take anthropology in college and I know that. Besides, race is a human construct, just another way to divide, classify, and overpower people – and that is what these HGs are doing. It’s not Helen’s fault, she has no way of knowing, and you know what, even if she did, she might not act differently for the sake of her image and the values she wants to transmit to her children.


Helen did not hear any of those things….. is she a fool for not having telepathy? Helen is annoying at times and talks too much to be very good at the game, but she has conducted herself with class for the most part – certainly relative to many of her housemates.


Class!?! Class!?!

Helen’s been acting like a grade A bitch. Fuck her and the horse she rode in on.


I honestly don’t think it will matter when she actually hears what was said. She puts certain ones on a pedestal and I don’t think it’s game play. Look how she turns things around on people if they make trouble or cause drama like for example Jesse. But doesn’t seem to blink about Amanda at least not enough to want to get her out. She’s just as bad as the rest in her own way.


julie chen will be utterly disgusted with amanda, aaryn, gina

but also in helen for siding with them


Can someone tell me how a double eviction works? Is it basically a speed round of BB? Or do they get rid of two people are on the block right now?

Delilah Jones

The first eviction will be between Amanda, Candace, and Spencer. There will then be an HOH comp, power of veto, renomination if necessary, then eviction. After the double eviction, there will be another HOH comp.


Thank you!

Delilah Jones

No problem!


Seriously…this requires an answer, not an up or down rating.


Live eviction early on maybe 10 mins into the broadcast
Winner has the commercial break to pick noms
Again winner has time to decide during comercial break
pov ceremony
2nd live eviction
ALL IN AN HOUR!! Double Eviction nights are always great
I cant remember if the start the HOH(not the double eviction HOH) for the rest of the week that night or not.


it is


Hopefully something happens during the double eviction. This game is way to predictable right now…production needs to step in and change directions.


Dude! A lot of these HG are spool two faced!


OMG people, relax with the Amanda hate. I thought the dog comment was hilarious! Do you expect Downton Abbey level prim and proper behavior? These people are trapped and we see everything they’re thinking aloud. Granted, I don’t agree with some of the things said, but some of you are taking some of the comments to a whole other level. Chill out..


I expect prim and proper, that’s why I stick my pinky out every time Andy enters the conversation and I have to drink.


dont tell me to relax with the amanda hate

that’d be great


amanda looks like a fu**in grilled hot dog


Yeah, she’s a sick dog in heat alright!


Except, a hot dog is delicious and has nice buns.




GM NEEDS HELP/THERAPY….Sunday nite After Dark show…shows her in kitchen literally shoveling food in her mouth…they go to commercial and she is STILL eating…..OBVIOUSLY BINGING. YEAH, she said she had to go to bathroom soon after…to purge probably ….


Yes, I also remember her saying she needed work on her teeth. They are all probably badly eroded due to her binging. I’ve suspected she has had an eating disorder for many weeks now.


She also said she needed a car. She probably needs the car to get to her dentist and Psychiatrist to treat her eating disorder.

I just can't

At this point I think most of these guests are better off outside the house than inside. unless you’re up the “superfriends” hole its just constant bashing.- you’re pretty much considered a piece of sh*t who should sit down and be quiet until they find a way to evict you. I’m most disgusted by Helen these days ( only because my hate for Amanda is already deep rooted and needs no explanation). How she doesn’t see that getting rid of her numbers isnt going to pan out for her in the long run is going to come and bite her in the ass. she was very ballsy during her HOH but has proved to be nothing but a sbitch (thats bitch and snitch for those of you who were wondering).

I hope serious talk about getting out Amanda can resume tomorrow. Jessie , I applaud you girl for trying to make a move. When everyone else gets picked off one by one you’ll come out of there looking like one of the smart ones to everybody but the HGs. Judd/Jessie/Elissa need to keep pushing forward with this plan. Just dont go tell Andy or Aaryn or GM… and only bring in Helen when youre sure of the plan. honestly these people need to stop playing bronze medal players and get their ish together.


what an asswipe. really? rape fear? she need to shut her fuckin mouth before she gets howard in trouble for no goddamn reason


Well, it shouldn’t be hard to disprove it, given they all wear mikes and have cameras on them 24/7.

King Goldy

If Demanda does not go home, i using my 30 votes to put Andy on the block. He is the rat that keeps spoiling the Amanda Eviction Party. It also shocks me that every time Amanda has attacked someone it was after they told Andy something, and people still talk to him. I just don’t get it!!!!


I thought they were stopping the America vote after this one. Am I wrong?

King Goldy

Dont know but i hope they give us one more shot at this. I bet you Julie Chen is more pissed off than us. She probably come up with the let America Vote to get these people out and the house guest are not taking advantage of it.


Judd is playing Aaryn and Jessie against each other, so he hopes. I don’t really know if Judd likes Jessie, if he is pretending to like Jessie, or likes people to think he’s pretending to like Jessie while he actually does like Jessie. Aaryn, on the other hand, I have no doubt. She’s pretending to like Judd to f*** with Jessie. I also think its f***ing comical how the Mean Girls really don’t like each other all that much, either.

Jordan Rules

I love the idea of voting for Andy as the MVP vote. Major floater who has screwed up lots of game but has not personally done anything. It works because his people are running the house. He is the RAT!!!!


I f*cking HATE Andy. That f*ucking RAt. He really needs to go on the block. Would love to see him up there McCree and Amanda


please stick to the plan

keep putting amanda on the block as 3rd nominated until she is eventually evicted

this is the most likely way she does not win the money

Curious Blog Newbie

So I’ll preface this by saying I’ve only been watching BB since season 9 and this is my first season to read the spoilers/blogs. That being said, I’m VERY curious how this season’s cast truly measures up to seasons past. And I mean that quite literally. Make no mistake, with absolutely no reference or numbers in front of me, I still believe that this HAS to be one of the crudest, most obnoxious, hateful and vile group of people to ever play the game. However, I’m willing to bet, they are not the first cast to make a racial slur or derogatory comment, etc.

What I would like to know is if there are any quantifiable comparisons out there to really PROVE this is the worst yet. Specifically:
1) How many BB contestants each year have lost their jobs (not because they had to quit to be on the show — They lost it during or after the show, due primarily to their comments or behavior)?
2) How do the numbers stack up for the racial, derogatory comments, obscenties, etc.? And not just #of comments, but the #of contestants/offenders in one season (vs. one bully in the group)?
3) I’ve heard mention of death threats to Aaryn, Amanda, GM – how does this compare to past contestants/seasons??
4) Other comparisons to prove this cast is the worst yet?

As I said, with absolutely no reference, I’m still willing to bet these horrible people would take the cake. But for my own curiosity, I would some stats to really back it up… Oh yeah, and so when Amanda Zuckerman tries to claim she got edited as a villain, we can all say, “Sorry b!tch… The proof is in the pudding!”


Did any hear GM say last night “Candice is such a degenerate that even her mother didn’t want her?” How nasty is that?? I don’t understand why she hate her so much and why would she say something so freaking disgusting.


The way GM and Aaryn acts in regards to Candice,it seems more and more out of jealousy than anything else.

She annoys everyone in that house, but nobody talks about her like they do.


Can someone tell me why Aaryn keeps flirting with Judd? Is it because her and GM want to have some “fun” and get him to like her to make him look like a fool? Or are they trying to get him to like Aaryn so they can try to control him in the game?




I just read that there will be a returning houseguest. Simon/Dawg have you heard this?


I bet Aaryn is dumb and stupid that Helen or Elissa easily evicted you. I would love see her face with Julie Chen!!!!!

Say What

Hope Hell is a very large place!

Amanda wants praise from McCrae because she hasn’t bullied Jessie today. LOL! Amanda said she had a rape fear after Howard said what she accused him of saying. Wow! Her story gets bigger and better each time she says it. The guy is out the house and she is still using his name to advance her game. Amanda’s statement is beyond game play now. Howard needs CBS to release the voice tapes immediately. He is being slandered. Forget whatever you signed, these BB videotapes will be around the rest of your life. Howard you don’t want these slanderous accusations to go unchallenged. Forget whatever little money CBS is giving you, your dignity and reputation are worth much more.

Helen understands Amanda’s bullying but doesn’t understand Jessie’s reaction. In Helen’s mind, it’s alright for Amanda to bully Jessie, but don’t dare Jessie try and stand up for herself. I guess we are at the point where parallel universes meet. The mean girls meet and join the good girls. Gina is getting her hair done with Elissa, while Aaryn and Helen are kicking it. Aaryn, who just 2 weeks ago was on the verge of elimination and reached out for help from Jessie. It was Jessie that told Aaryn to offer Helen a deal to stay in the house. Now Aaryn thinks Jessie is so foolish. Aaryn can’t believe that Jessie wants her help go against Amanda. Oh well, poor Jessie. At 8AM in this morning Helen was rallying Jessie to overthrow Amanda. At 12PM Helen said never mind. At 3PM Helen is shocked that Jessie wants to take out Amanda. At 7PM Helen thinks Jessie is a total idiot and can’t understand where in the world Jessie got an idea to take on Amanda. Lets review the count now, its 9 vs 1 (Spencer, Judd, Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn, Gina, Helen, Elissa vs Jessie). Jessie, you tried to play for yourself….but if I compared your situation with General Custer at Little Big Horn. I would say Custer had a better chance.

This Gina, is just a sewer rat. I am just shock as a female player how personal she gets. Gina says Jessie has sex with a lot of guys. Tell me Gina, what was the purpose of that comment. Oh I know, you want to say something hurtful and you wanted to say it on camera. You delusional b*$$h, Gina thinks America finds her so funny. This latest comment of Gina’s targeted at Jessie really bothers me. It’s so representative of the whole BB15 season.

Well you reap what you sow.


Helen participated in the bullying and was fully involved in the fight between Amanda and Jess. Helen needs to place Jess in the position of being out of line in order to rationalize her role within that encounter.



julie chen is ashamed of you

you are a disgrace

what great morals you are teaching your kids

reward the bullies and racists and destroy the nice person for standing up for herself


gina is utterly disgusting

helen is a super bitch who must be a terrible mother for saying it was understandable amanda picks on jess and that jess was mean spirited whilst defending herself – jess wasnt mean spirited you moron helen and everything jess said in the fight was the truth


So Amanda has finally been fired from her job as a real estate broker. She had this coming for weeks. Even her website has been taken down. Now if only te HGs can use their brain and evict her…

Not Really

Amanda works for the family business. Its her grandfather’s realty company. She’ll get her job back once she gets out the BB house. The company just couldn’t take all the negative publicity their daughter was generating. All they did was take away Amanda’s realty website so when you perform an internet search her name is not associated with the company.


im here to tell you amanda is now unemployable

even her families business will not have her in the business as nobody will want to associate with her

amanda wanted to be in playboy – zero chance of that happening now


I just wish Helen would talk to GM and Aaryn about evicting Amanda because it sounds like they could be turning against her behind her back. With Aaryn, GM, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, they wouldn’t even need Judd and they could steamroll through the house.


Yes and I believe in the Easter Bunny as well. Helen is not going up against Amanda. She has a good thing with Amanda being the villain and Helen the Super Hero. They are playing the house guests. You run to Amanda, to fight Helen, Amanda supports Helen. You run to Helen to fight Amanda, Helen supports Amanda. Helen was actually defending Amanda to Aaryn and Gina about Amanda’s confrontation with Jessie. Helen has a final 5 deal with Amanda and she is not going to rock the boat and anyone like Jessie will get squash that tries. That’s why Spencer and Howard couldn’t get anywhere. They thought Judd might want to flip the house. Judd is with Helen/Amanda. Spencer and Howard thought Andy was a floater and would want to be part of an alliance. Andy was already in an alliance. Howard and Spencer just never realized Andy’s duplicity.

Its over, the Super Friends won, but they should rename their alliance the Super Fiends. Everyone line up in this order. Candice this week. Jessie, you the following week. Spencer then Elissa will follow after Jessie. I know…..the viewing audience keeps saying they need to flip the house. We are beyond that point once Howard walked out through that door. There is no one capable…..there is not even anyone that would even put up Helen or Amanda except America’s MVP. Everyone has their favorite when they will bail out on this show. I think once Jessie is evicted. I am done with BB for this season. I can’t watch Gina and Aaryn gloat. Amanda give another retelling of the Howard saga. Helen discuss race relations. Andy’s unrequited love of Judd. Yep that’s enough for me.


Did Amanda get fired from her job? I found one article but can’t find anymore. Anyone else heard this??


Her parents run the real state agency she works for meaning I don’t think they fired her.


she will be forced out of the business

no chance they keep her as it will destroy the business


Helen won’t even make eye contact with Candice, what a piece of Garbage. Well Aaryn, I guess Helen took your advise and made some RICE. This is so good, Helen the Court Jester.

And GM talked about Candice’s weave but most of hair is weave.

Just Saying


Simon, did my comment get posted? I don’t see it.


What’s up with GM and her tin foil hat she is making. I’ve seen people with the tin foil hats before and they usually wear them to either keep the voices in their heads out or to prevent others from reading their thoughts. Do you suppose Nick told her to make the hat while she was praying to the alter she set up?


Errr, I so wish Andy or Judd would vote with Helen, Elissa, and Jesse to get Amanda out! Counting Candice that would be a 5 person alliance heading into the double eviction with their odds of winning HOH being 5-3 with GM sitting out. I wish these people would think. Since when has a power couple like McC and Amancda been able le to just skate by. Brendan and Rachel were targeted from Week 1 their season. Jeff and Jordan throughout their season too.


It’s so disappointing how everyone waits a whole year for the next season of big brother, and it just ends up sucking so hard. I’ve watched since season 1 and this is probably the worst season ever.


My thoughts exactly to the T !


Amanda should be ashamed of herself. Rape fear. Really??????? I think she was obsessed with Howard and he turned her down.


I am sure this is going to be an unpopular opinion and I would like to preface it by saying I am not an Amanda fan. But some of the outrage over her comments is interesting to me given the hugely popular Britney Haynes who spent her season spewing vile comments about Rachel. Some were sarcastic and funny to be sure but others were really hateful. What Amanda is doing is no different in my eyes except she isn’t doing it to the season’s designated “villain.” I get that Rachel was a more controversial character than a Jessie or a Candace but if you are going to get incensed about inappropriate comments at least be consistent in your outrage. I personally find both Britney and Amanda to be two hate-filled individuals.


amanda zuckerman the florida realtor has openly discussed in graphic detail slitting the throat and knocking out the teeth of jess and sodomizing her

please use some common sense


I am so sick of GM and her loud fake laugh. And why does BB always have to stay the camera on someone eating??? it’s gross! I would rather see the people talking than chewing!

Ms. Understood

What exactly has Jessie done to be called slut all the time. I’ve only ever seen her after Judd. Meanwhile Amanda is like a dog in heat!


It all stems from the first week when she was talking to Amanda about how all the guys were so hot and she couldn’t decide which one she wanted to get with. Then when she realized she was the least attractive female hg there, her confidence was shattered and she’s been walking around like a lost puppy ever since.

production rigged it

Least attractive female there, what show are you watching obviously not this one?


One big difference — a dog in heat does not hump anything and everything, they tend to be particular. Amanda is not particular.


what is so wrong with jess saying most of the guys were hot and flirting with them?

the most she has done is cuddled and kissed judd

but amanda has given handjobs and fucked in there whilst she has a boyfriend watching on tv

and combining looks and how nice a person she is, jess is the most attractive girl there


GM about Jessie: A lot of guys just F****** then “bounce out”.
Sounds like the voice of experience.


Yea, GM’s personality screams “One night stands Only”… Men don’t deal with hoodrats for more then “booty calls”. and potential psychos like GM, dudes probably fuck then change their number right after. Girl is making shrines for a dude she just met, that’s psychotic.

If Jessie was doing things like running around the house with band-aids on her titties, or giving dudes HJs after knowing them for less than a week, that would be considered a “slutty”. What she’s doing is being flirty, and until she takes it to that next level, it’s completely innocent.


very well said


32 year old gina with a fright night face is pissed off she has got no action in the house

she will never ever get a kiss from nick

gina is a joke and is the lowest form of scum, even worse than a rat

production rigged it

Helen bringing up again how she thought Jessie was mean spirited in her fight with Amanda. I can’t wait until she gets out of the house and sees for herself the things that Amanda has said. She’s going to feel like such a stupid bitch something that we already know she is as far as the game goes anyway.


helen is going to be mentally destroyed after this season

she will never recover – same with aaryn, gina and amanda


In that photo of GM, she looks just like Garth from Wayne’s World….take a look


Yes! omg she does! I’ve been trying to figure it out & you nailed it!


As of August 5, 2013, Amanda Zuckerman has been fired by her realty company and her webpage has been suspended….NICE

production rigged it

I hope this is true…I usually don’t wish for people to lose their’ jobs because I am currently unemployed myself, but those 3 bitches Aaryn, GinaMarie and Amanda all f*cking deserve it…you reap what you sow.


I don’t think she has been fired. She works for her family’s realty business.


dude she will be forced out of the business because if she stays they will do no business as nobody will want to be associated with them


I really hope that America votes Manish Manda out of the house. She is a hypocritical bully. I hate that she picks on Jessie. I hate most of the house right now except for Candice, Jessie, Elissa and surprisingly Spencer. Amanda is a bitch. I don’t think Howard is innocent. But if the situation were different, Amanda would definitely fuck Howard while she was fucking McCrae and still fix her mouth to call other women sluts and whore knowing that the biggest slut and whore is herself. I think that if Jessie was meaner and more aggressive, no one would bad mouth her or try to pick on her as much as they’re doing now. They do it because it’s easy. This house is weak minded. It shows. For the first time in big brother I’ve seen unanimous house votes for the last 4-5 weeks. Everyone does what the house (Helen) wants. GinaMarie is an ignorant mother-er. and so is Aaryn. This is the worst Big Brother season I’ve seen in my life. To me it resembles a season of Flavor of Love on VH1, a bunch of video girls looking for a come up vying for the attention of a washed up rapper while viciously attacking the other women in the house verbally and physically. It’s wrong.

BTW McCrae is f-ing snake. He’s worse than Amanda. Amanda is aggressive so you see when she’s coming. McCrae is a snake in grass. He’s very low key until he needs to attack. He did it to Jessie on the couch and he did it to Spencer last week before the Veto competition. He’s pretty nasty. He waits until you”re vulnerable and alone (no allies in the house or current allies are leaving) and he attacks.

Also I love it when I see Amanda get a taste of her medicine. When Elissa called her a whore and slut and when Spencer checked her on the couch outside during last Thursday’s episode.

Mike B

this whole Racist thing got blown out of proportion I’m sorry. All this country does this day is complain and cry about dumb shit. It’s not Aaryn’s fault and it’s not Amanda’s fault it’s societies fault. If no one gave a shit about the color of the skin from the get go no one would give a shit. To me Aaryn said those things because she was mad and didn’t realize who sent David home. I’m no defending anyone but come on this all adds up to how soft people are these days you say one thing wrong and you get marked as a bad person. I really try to take this show as a game and not take things personal. I already know if I was in that house I’d say stupid stuff too. Although I would apologize for what I said. Anyways fact of the matter is people need to let go of the feelings and let these people play the game.

Mike B

You people are so brain washed it’s not even funny 10 people didn’t like that lmfao y’all are just as bad as the people in that house.


mike b

stop that

i said knock it off

shut it down


Well unfortunately, if you don’t see how saying things like black Candace dirtied the sheets or how Amanda is insinuating that Howard gave her rape fear than you must be very young and have no real references of what things like that mean or very limited in your thinking and experiences. It’s a shame that it’s become a big issue that overshadows the game but it has nothing to do with not letting them “play the game” . But with people having standards in what they find entertaining and acceptable whether they are black, white, tan, or yellow, So yeah that’s the point people want to see people play that game.


Well it appears Amanda’s dad does not know his daughter the Social Justice Warrior that well…

“This season of “Big Brother” has been heavy in drama, conflict, bullying and bad behavior, including racial slurs. In fact, the network put a warning in front of the show for the first time in fifteen seasons because the racial remarks are so frequent. Housemate Amanda Zuckerman has stood up to those making the remarks and her father, Robert Zuckerman, praised her on Twitter on July 17.

Zuckerman wrote that his daughter can’t stand bigoted, hateful people and that he isn’t surprised she stood up for what is write. He added that she has a cousin that is black, so the comments Aaryn, Jeremy and GinaMarie have made hit especially close to home.

However, he is a bit confused as to why no one is addressing all of the derogatory remarks that were made early in the season about Amanda being Jewish by both Jeremy and Jessie. She must have let it go because she fiercely defended Jessie when she was under attack by the alliance of mean girls.

See what drama unfolds next on “Big Brother” tonight.”


thats a bunch of bullsh!t

amanda pretended to help jess as amanda was fishing for mvp votes and she actually hates jess and has picked on her all season – jess won the fight versus the mean girls and jeremy on her own

all jess said was in regard to alot of jewish people being wealthy, which is being complimentary to their success

amanda herself says “i like money, what can i say, im jewish”


Man, i hope that the second part of the double eviction is exciting because with this season, i have been SO disappointed. Ideally Spencer wins HOH and puts up Amanda and McCrae. I hope there is no MVP nomination for the double/second HOH. That would be super exciting. Amanda goes home. I am on the fence about McCrae. I kinda like him but it is hard because of demanda. To get things going for the next week, McCrae wins HOH. Who would he put up? With it being so quick, it would be impossible to know exactly who voted Amanda out vs who voted for McCrae. My best guess is everyone would vote Amanda out. I would wish for Judd to win HOH but he would go after a big threat. He would put up Spencer and Jessie probably. Jessie would go home. (sad face). I don’t really love Jessie’s game this year except for the last couple of weeks. (excluding today). At least Jessie is ready to play. SO after all my ramblings, I want Jessie to win HOH. She should put up Andy and Amanda. I could only hope Amanda would go home. Wait…… I just don’t know. How about EVERYONE gets evicted this Thursday. I want some excitement. A blindside game changer. Can’t stand Helen or Amanda. Aryan and GM mean nothing to me. So Jessie or Judd FTW, I guess. LOL


oops, I meant to say Judd wouldn’t put up a big threat


team jess


Curious about the dbl eviction. For the second eviction will there still be 3 noms? Could production put up Amanda again or put up the person who came in 2nd last week? Does anyone think it possible that maybe one week, in the very near future, America will be allowed to vote out a hg? Too bad that America was not allowed to choose the hg to be evicted in the dbl eviction.


BB really stinks this year! Usually there’s one house guest you like or can root for… But with this cast I don’t like any of them. How many days until next summer’s BB ;-) What a disappointing season.


Aaryn is feeling super confident again–she is scheming and telling lies