“You People are CRAZY for keeping this showmance in the house she can sell a coffin to a dead man”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


7:35pm Backyard Helen, Jessie and Candice.

Jessie is saying it’s bullsh!t that Amanda can say all this sh!t about Elissa and get away with it but everyone else gets raked over the coals by Amanda.

Jessie points out the name of the game is how far you can stick you head up Amanda’s a$$. Candice agrees. Candice seems more occupied with geting Spencer out but Jessie wants Amanda out. Helen says she’s already tried to get the votes and can’t. Helen tells her they do not have the votes. Jessie says they did but they’re flip flopping has lost them the one vote they needed.

Jessie says they only need 4 votes and they can get that fourth vote.

Helen calls Candice out for going against her and Elissa last week.

Helen: ‘You know you know .. You guys say that Amanda runs the house I think you guys run the house You know You know “
(For 3 normal words Helen says she says 1 “you knows” .. i’m not exaggerating)

Helen says she was really hurt by Candice last week because she was working so hard to keep Howard and they knew Howard was coming after them. Helen: “Then why did you tell us you were playing a independent game.. You know.. you were working with Howard”
Candice says Howard was her person just like Elissa is Helen’s person. Jessie jumps in and reminds Helen how hard she fought to save Elissa the first 2 weeks.
Candice says Howard wanted to work with Helen and Elissa and she was able to keep them safe from Howard. Helen: “Why didn’t you tell us that”
Candice: “I TRIED”
Candice: “You People are CRAZY for letting this showmance in the house she can sell a coffin to a dead man and he is a mastermind.. You guys are all crazy keeping her in this game.. she’s a Evil d!ck.. every week she gets stronger”
Helen: “why don’t you tell this to the other people in the house”
Jessie: “There’s no point unless you are on board’
Helen: ‘Oh my gosh you know.. I tried to get the votes you know.. OK”
Helen: “I really appreciate you guys thinking I have the clout to get the votes but I don’t.. I don’t.. I don’t’ I can’t get the votes.”
Candice mentions that lesson one in Big Brother is always get rid of the shomances. Helen says they have been getting rid of them.
Jessie: ‘If I can get JUDD can we do this 100% “
Helen says she will only agree if Candice has Andy and JUDD’s vote but they have to agree first.
Candice says she cannot get votes unless she has the support of some core people.. she needs Elissa, Jessie and HElen confirmed before she tries.
Helen: ‘You know I can’t, I just can’t go against the house.. I’m sorry I just can’t.. after last week I just can’t go against the house.. you know”
Jessie: ‘If you are going with the house and that is your mentality then you will be sending me home next week cause that is what the house wants”
Helen: ‘Thats not my mentally every week”
Jessie: ‘Where is that gusto and initiative you had for the first 3 weeks”
Helen: ‘I’ve tried to talk to some people I can’t get the votes..”
Candice: ‘You obviously have some loyalty with Amanda it’s clear so I guess I have to work on getting spencer out”
Helen brings up Jessie telling Candice about the deal she made with Aaryn. Jessie says she didn’t mean to tell Candice. Candice was able to piece it together based on the conversation her and Jessie had. Candice mentions if she was supposedly so close to Helen and Elissa why did they try to hide this deal from her.
Helen: ‘Because you weren’t with us then”
Candice: ‘OHH”
Helen says she doesn’t agree with Amanda being mean to the girls and if she votes out Amanda it will because of what Amanda has said and done to Jessie and Candice.

Jessie: ‘NO she’s a dangerous target in this house that is why you vote her out”

Jessie: ‘I’m not playing the what the house wants game I am going home next week.. I know a lot of people that will benefit by getting Amanda out”
Helen: ‘Why can’t they vote her out”
Jessie: “We’ll we would be”
Helen leave to rant with Elissa in the cockpit
8:12pm Candice and Jessie
Candice: “I know I am disposable waste to Helen so why wouldn’t I work with Howard”
Jessie: “I know I’m disposable waste to people since day one.. f**** everybody”
Jessie: “Amanda is a b1tch and a bully”
Candice says if she goes this week then Jessie has to win HOH otherwise no move will be made otherwise.


8:09pm Helen and Elissa Cockpit
Helen says Candice has been bad for her Helen’s game except for recently when she was on the block. Helen is liking GM now more so she’s not going to go through with their plan even if they get the votes. Helen says if they get out Spencer they will have the entire house against them. They agree getting rid of Candice make them nobody’s target.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


8:30pm HOH Helen, Aaryn and GM

Helen is saying that Jessie is pissed off at her. Jessie thinks she is the next one out and is freaking out. Helen begins pouring scorn on Jessie saying she is a flip flopper and two faced. Helen adds two days ago Jessie was saying she didn’t need the Big Brother money.

Helen: “She’s reaching for straws you know reaching for straws you know .. you know if she hadn’t broken our trust you know 2 millions times you know “

Helen: ‘She cannot win the HOH next week.. you know.. you know.. I’m ready for her to go you know.. I’m ready you know”
Aaryn: “me to”
Helen: “I’m not trying to talk bad about her.. but I’m tired of her bringing us all down”
Helen: ‘I want her out.. I hate the fact she said I didn’t need the money.. you know”
Aaryn: ‘She spreads so many lies and it disgusts me”

Helen says Jessie never did anything for her. Brings up that Jessie never tried to save Elissa, Helen and tried to flip the house on them. (actually Jessie did help to save Elissa)
Helen points out JEssie want her to figure out how to save Candice but Helen won’t do it she will honour GM’s HOH.

Gm mentions how Jessie is walking around like the POV she won still has power, “Honey you had your 15 minutes said your little speech” Helen: ‘If she wins HOH I will self evict”

(I honesly cannot listen to Helen anymore.. she says “You know” ever second word it’s making my ears bleed)


8:56pm Andy, Jessie and Spencer Talking about Howard and how lacking his Big Brother Game was. Andy says he really thought Howard was a mastermind behind some scheme. He remembers going into the cockpit late at night and Amanda was there telling him over and over that Howard was up to something. Andy would stay up late at night thinking. (Spencer impersonates him see image above)
Spencer says Howard offered to contact his family and tell them he’s missing them and he thinks about them all the time. Andy: ‘Ahh that’s sweet”


9:08pm Bathroom Helen and Elissa
Helen: “This whole Candice things makes me sad”
Elissa: “Me to”
Helen: “She puts so much pressure on me”

Helen wants them to start talking about their business plan so when they leave the house they can start implementing things. She wants to do it when nobody is listening (feed watchers) Helen wants to build out their social media from what they gain on Big Brother and drive those people to their website.. Helen: “maybe next season we could costumer one of the veto competitions” (Not sure what they are selling)

Amanda starts screaming for joy they got wine for their Bachelorette party.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Candice is all around the place

Lol why does Candice want spencer out so bad,she was making a lot of since until she said she needs to get spencer out.

Uri Dequad

Judd needs to be a ventriloquist! He is half way there…
He already does not move his lips
He just needs to work on pronunciation.


Helen is a sellout, she lacks integrity, she’s full of herself and she’s self centred. Oh well I hope she gets voted out during this weeks double eviction by Demanda, that would be poetic justice. And then Jessie votes out Demanda and hooks up with McCrae! Check out “Amanda Zuckerman Social Justice Warior” on you tube, I must say this video has truly captured the essence of Demanda.


It’s obvious that Helen makes herself out to be a victim whenever she is about to screw whoever she is talking with at the time. She knows identity politics to a tee and knows how to harp on sympathy, but she is very strategic. I guess you all know which party she does her work with outside the game. She doesn’t even stand up to those saying racists and hateful things. It’s all about the game and her power.

This has been a paid political advertisement from both the Republican and Libertarian Party.


I was thinking the same darn thing, she’s definitely the token minority works as a strategist for the GOTP…. Her strategy say it all and it’s not long before they get rid of her next. KARMA !


Candice wants Amanda out but she needs Helen’s vote. Helen is refusing to vote out Amanda. So to save herself she is going to plan b which is to get Spencer out.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I know dude… poor girl. Now she is gonna go home looking like the Doppler radar


candice said she would have to work on getting spencer out because helen doesn’t want to go along with evicting Amanda. Therefore she said, she would have to work on getting spencer out.


Candice just said Spencer’s name so Helen couldn’t try take away any vote Candice might had a chance to get since let’s be honest we are talking about Helen and Candice knows how Helen gets when she is called out for he bullshit!!!!


This is the most exciting season of big brother ever! Lots of fights and going against the normal! A lot of people who are willing to make big moves this year for sure! And I’m so glad all the racist and homophobic comments have finally stopped! (Sarcasm included)

Uri Dequad

I took a drink every time Helen said You Know…NOW I AM WASTED!!!!!!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Honestly, all the fights happen right here lol. Reading these comments is more entertaining than the current house drama, there is always some fool going TEAM AMANDA WHOOOOO HOOOOO! and everyone else must slap then down with the mighty hand of Simon and Dawg lol


you know helen you know you are such an annoying person. stop trying to make everything about you, you know? get a grip on your fricken feelings..


Helen is a sellout, she lacks integrity, she’s full of herself and she’s self centred. Oh well I hope she gets voted out during this weeks double eviction by Demanda, that would be poetic justice. And then Jessie votes out Demanda and hooks up with McCrae! Check out “Amanda Zuckerman Social Justice Warior” on you tube, I must say this video has truly captured the essence of Demanda. Check out this You tube link about Demanda: http://youtu.be/LcmnVw-RQM0


somebody in the house please turn on the BBQ grill on and throw Helen’s denim shorts in it.

Roar watching big brother makes me angry

Wtf Helen you are a liar you don’t make any since AHHHH!! lol did she really try to lie and say she tried to save howard haha.The most hilarious moment is she says she feels like Candice runs the house What??


That’s it. If they don’t vote out Amanda this week, if they still have America MVP, my votes are going to Helen this time.


jessie doesnt know it yet, but she’s been making an awesome case to be america’s favorite player

vote Jess as americas favourite player


i hope jess gets the 25k because these assholes will probably vote her out before jury, but hopefully she wins veto then hoh both on thursday so she gets a full week as hoh

jess is saying and doing what the majority of us are saying we want done

she is americas player without even knowing it

the others are mindless sheep

jess doesnt like amanda due to how amanda has treated her and others, but she also wants her out as she realizes how incredibly stupid it is to leave this couple in the game, especially with the chance to split them crucially right before jury staring them in the face

could you imagine what jess, helen, elissa and candice would say to amanda if they heard amandas comments about wanting to rape and kill jess?

i have been supporting jess since day 1 and i have respected her more and more every day

just a quality nice young girl with a good heart

she is doing her best, and more than anyone else, to attempt to make the season more entertaining and less predictable for us and for that i applaud her

for standing up to and calling out amanda alone im really hoping people will vote for her as americas player


could you imagine what jess, helen, elissa and candice would say to amanda if they heard amandas comments about wanting to rape and kill jess?……….. Candice would hold a CandyLand meeting calling Amanda out,,,Jessie would be screaming mad at Amanda,,,Elissa would stand there saying, “like, yeah, mmmmmm hmmmmm, like, mmm, hmmm, Helen would say it was all Jessies fault, Amanda was just saying what the house wanted!


oops! That reply ^^^ wasn’t from “Name” . I forgot to put MY name in there…Pearl


the subject of raping and killing people is not one you should be joking about

in my opinion for those comments alone from amanda it should have been game over for her instantly, but thats me


my understanding is she has been talked to a couple times about violent statements?


no idea but she should not be still in the game, on tv, and still in with the chance of winning a large amount of money

cbs are not only allowing her to behave in this way, but they are actually paying her to stay there each week and continue to disrespect many groups of people as well as disrespecting, bullying and making graphic threatening statements about fellow house guests


I cannot BELIEVE nothing has been done about the comments Amanda made about killing and raping Jessie. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since they didn’t do anything about the racist remarks anyone made. That’s bad enough, for certain, but talking about specific details of killing and raping a person is cause for serious alarm and she should have been booted immediately.

I am literally sick to my stomach. I need to see these people get their comeuppance, but after this season, I’m done with BB forever. They can say all day how they don’t condone the behavior, but when they do nothing about it (and air it for better ratings on some HGs, but it ignore it for good edits on another HG) they ARE condoning it.


very well said Karen

very alarming and menacing listening to amanda talking about knocking jessies teeth out, stringing her up to a wall, slitting her throat so her body goes limp, then sodomizing her, using her blood and tears as lube

she was saying it with real measured intent, and almost in a way where she was getting excited about the prospect of actually carrying it out

there is no way she should still be there after making such a vicious statement in my opinion

cbs should be ashamed of themselves for protecting amandas behaviour and not bringing it to the publics attention

i cannot believe she hasnt been kicked out of the game


google Amanda Zuckerman talks about killing Jessie to see the clip

attention cbs: please kick amanda out of the game to show the public you dont condone all of her disgusting behaviour…the majority of fans want her gone


I’m really liking this fighting spirit in Jessie. It’s refreshing in a season full of Amanda minions . On another note, I’ve been obsessed with BBUK and BBAU. Anyone else watch?


yeah i am currently watching the australia, uk and usa big brother…i like the differences of each

by the way amanda would have been kicked out for even one of the offensive comments she has made if she was in the australian or uk big brother…they do not tolerate that kind of disrespect


Agreed! BBUK had been great about not tolerating that type of behavior in the past few seasons. I really enjoy the differences in each BB as well, especially the nomination process in the UK one. The fallout from the family and friend nominations this week was great!


I’m still voting for Howard because everyone treated him so badly for no reason. I guess the same could be said for Jessie, but she was more vocal.


each to their own but for me jess has won my respect big time, and she gets my vote for the 25k


Here’s the thing about Jessie. She was fine being the wallflower who simply did whatever “the house” wanted…until suddenly Aaryn won HOH and then Helen and Amanda were paying attention to her and Judd started distancing himself from Jessie. Then GM won HOH and Helen didn’t invite her to the BBQ and she realized she had slid down “the house” totem pole. She sees the game like we do, from the outside looking in. Andy thinks he’s friend’s with those running the house and eventually they will turn on each other and he can slide right to the end…of course he fails to see his “popular/useful rat” game means nobody will take him to the end. Judd thinks he can surround himself with pawns (Aaryn, Spencer, GM, Andy) then let Helen/Elissa and Amanda/McCrea take each other out. Spencer thinks he can be a non-threat and get close to Amanda/McCrea/Andy/Judd, hopefully get to the final 5 and then start playing again. Aaryn is trying to play all sides in order to slide into the most advantageous positions. And GM can’t spell Chicago. They all have their own paths to get to the end from what they see from the inside. Jessie is an outsider who started playing 5 days ago. She’s not been working, she’s not been in conversations, she’s not tried to and convinced herself she’s manipulated people. She hates Amanda and is selling voting Amanda out based on her needs. She needs Amanda out and McCrea going after Helen and Elissa and Candice and Elissa going after Aaryn and GM. She’s not selling it on other people’s needs other than the generic “break up the showmances” pitch and insulting people and their egos by saying Amanda is controlling them and the game.

People are excited for Jessie because she sees the game from the standpoint of somebody who hasn’t been thinking and playing the game from the start. Proof to me is her saying she’s regretting having saved Elissa to vote out Nick. If she couldn’t foresee that Elissa was unreliable, unpredictable, and wielding an undeserved special power was problematic and that a player like Nick was a threat to others, but not her, then America’s player she is not. The fact remains that Jessie was so excited to be a superfriend, until Aaryn was looking to take her spot.

But I will tell how Jessie can win my vote over Howard (who never had a chance to play because of the racism). Now that Helen has exposed herself, she needs to go to Amanda and McCrea. She then needs to say that Helen and Elissa planted the seed with her last week when Amanda went up on the block that they needed to get her out. She then sent her out to talk to everybody else to try and get the votes. Jessie needs to say Helen and Elissa did the same thing this week and Elissa even told her to hook up with Judd to get his vote to evict Amanda. Jessie has to say that Helen told her the reason she was not invited to the barbecue was because Amanda wanted Aaryn invited. She has to say Helen told her that Amanda said all sorts of nasty things about her. Jessie has to say that she knows Helen was setting her up to be a fall guy or to do Helen’s dirty work and evict Amanda. She tells Amanda that Helen’s double talk and lies are obvious and her eyes are open. If she wins HOH, Helen and Elissa will go up. Jessie has to hug Amanda and promise her that from now on whenever somebody tries to fill her with lies, she will come directly to Amanda (and not Judd) with the information and she needs to out-rat the rats.

If Jessie sees the house as it is and realizes that Helen and Elissa are subservient to Amanda and there’s no way to evict Amanda yet, then she has to know her days are numbered. If she wins HOH, then it’s a new game…but if she doesn’t then she needs to poison the well against the allies who have abandoned her. Jessie needs to use her image as the emotional, naive, young girl to her advantage and show Amanda that the 37 year old mom manipulated her. She needs to create targets and personal threats from Helen and Elissa and use everything they have said against them.

If she’s smart, then she gets my vote.


forget all that jess has my vote locked for americas favourite already

i dont want to give it to any of these other people who are all assholes

howard is a good guy but i think jess is more worthy of it

for being the only one willing to go against amanda 2 weeks running and for standing up to amandas bullying and for simply being the most genuinely nice person there i want to see jess get the 25k


” Proof to me is her saying she’s regretting having saved Elissa to vote out Nick. If she couldn’t foresee that Elissa was unreliable, unpredictable, and wielding an undeserved special power was problematic and that a player like Nick was a threat to others, but not her, then America’s player she is not. ”

This is pure stupidity. Apparently you weren’t watching the game and still aren’t. Nick went home week 2. That’s week 2 you idiot! Ellisa was true to the house, Helen and the plan to save herself week 2. She and Helen were on the block. Apparently you remember NOTHING about how the week actually played out. Nick went home by ONE vote idiot! What Jessie is implying is VERY simple. Nick would not be 1 of the sheeple and the house would not be the Helen love fest. The reason so many see Jess as Americas player are well stated in the thread.

Generally she is likeable and she is actually playing the FREAKING game with some actual logical strategy. She floated most of the season up til now. That is a viable strategy. You clearly DO NOT understand BB idiot! PS Jess has Helen’s read down cold as to the douchebag this trash really is. Might be the worst player in BB history. I have said repeatedly that Marcilous has the vote locked up. But this season Helen is working on getting evicted every week by getting rid of everyone who she could work with. As long as Helen is a GOP strategist America may elect a fish running on the Democratic ticket rather than anyone Helen supports. Vote CARP in 2016 for president.

While Helen the douchebag racist makes one moronic decision after another! With votes leaving the house she has Candy going this week and Jess the next target. This idiot has no concept of how to play BB. The idea is to keep folks who will vote and work with you MORON!


jess is americas player

i will be very happy to see her get the 25k


Helen is the biggest sheep in that house. She claims she tried but she’s not saying anything to the potential voters, but “baaah , you know, you know, baaah, this isn’t the week to make a move, baaah”

She’ll be saying that shit in the final 2 Her vs Amanda

You know You Know

Excuse like you know like did you know I did it you know hand me my water because I drink it You know . You know not really ok you know you know.

Roisin Dubh

Helen is pissed at Jessie for the same reason that she’s pissed at Candice. They both cold busted her for being Amanda’s stooge and it burns her up to the point where she runs and tells Aaryn or Amanda half the story to make her look like an innocent bystander in all of this. She screwed Jessie, Elissa, and Candice. Wait till Elissa comes around and starts saying the same thing, what do you think Judas will do next? She’s nice to the people that have talked trash about her, sells out the people who’ve had her back. Helen has no integrity whatsoever. She’s my biggest disappointment this season. Howard through his bad gameplay and esoteric rambling saw Helen and Amanda as the bad eggs.


I don’t blame her, she’s playing for 13K as a member in the jury. :)))))


I have no idea why your comment keeps getting voted down; I got it instantly and laughed out loud! Thanks for the chuckle. :)


I thought Helen was going to be one of my favorites. Until I got to see how Helen is whether it’s game play or not I don’t care for it or for her. And she has already had moments of throwing Elissa underneath the bus. People talk about Amanda a lot but I personally can not stand Helen’s form of game or overly fake hypocritical righteous personality. Those are normally the ones with the biggest skeletons. I don’t condone anything about Amandas’ comments or personality . But at least Amanda has her own sense of loyalty and protection of she and McCrae and anything outside of that she is relentless albeit vicious about it. Helen is just a straight up scum bag to people who don’t play the game or do what she wants.


You are so right. Helen is a dumba$$!!! She had the most loyal players in the game on her side. Candace, Elissa, & yes, she could have had Howard after he came clean. They all have and would have remained loyal to her.They didnt win a lot of comps but she would have a guaranteed 4 votes every time. She should have been focused on getting them to jury. With them and plus 1 “Kaitlin” she would have guaranteed herself a win. She is too dumb to see that she really has only Elissa after Candace is gone. She doesn’t get that no one else is loyal to her. They want her out. What is her plan to win? She could flip the house, make a deal with Spencer and they focus on removing the rest. I need to play her hand for her. She so arrogant that she can’t see that she helping to evict the people that could help her win.

Roisin Dubh

She could’ve had Jeremy on her side, but like you said, it’s because of her arrogance that she not only ruined her game, but the people who actually had her back. Pray for Jessie to win HOH and put both Helen and Amanda up.


I concur and will add that Helen is a coward. If it came to Amanda and Helen on the block, I’d rather see Amanda staying in the house because she has cojones. Helen saying that she likes Aaryn and GM more than Candice now? Hello, Stockholm syndrome that much? Wow!

La la la

Omg can i punch helen in the face! Please! Ok! You know! Cannot stand her!


Helen freaking “you know” Helen is a punk !!! Thanks for giving Amanda the $500k!! Jessie is the only one with common sense as of this week!


hey helen…

you know…

you suck, you know!!


Call me Candice and give me a clown suit!

She might be crazy at times but she is no GM (‘Stups’ for short) or Aryan.


veil, not vale…sorry, had to…


lol…oops…sorry, i will shut up now…


Ha, no problem…wasn’t trying to be obnoxious! I just get obsessed with words that are misspelled…I think it’s a disorder of some kind…thanks for all you do! :)


Helen is another version of Amanda, sans the crassness (although her comment about the black vote was uncalled for). Once you call her out she gets offended and then goes and trash your name to the other HGs. She is also a female version of Andy, telling everyone’s conversation to all the others. Her family should be so proud of her aligning herself with all the people in the house that have made derogatory statements in reference to Asians.

And why the F**K does Andy have to be on board with evicting Amanda; if you only need four votes. Focus on Judd or Aaryn (just pick one). It is not rocket science.

I believe that Candice and Jessie are the only ones with a clue, however, they tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves and speak out to forcibly when they should be more cunning.

But I guess if your only aspiration is to reach jury then this morons only came to win $13K any hopefully any other trinkets that BB throws at them.


“Her comment about the black vote was uncalled for?” Helen said that the “black vote and minority vote is supporting Howard” and that “the minority vote in elections is huge.” What on earth is wrong with that? There have been some really shitty things said by the players this season, but EVERY comment on race, religion, or sexual orientation is not inappropriate. Helen’s game play is really pissing me off, but the woman was just stating an opinion based on the fact that mathematically speaking, voters tend to support candidates of the same race when given the opportunity. Anyone who gets bent out of shape about those comments must walk around with his/her panties in a wad 24/7.


I don’t get what was wrong with the black vote being strong.

I did a stint at South Shore Hospital (ghetto Chicago). About 80% black, 10% Asian, 10% white. Guess what? So much Howard/Candice love; big brother is huge there. You can’t get away with racism talk there. My assignment was supposed to be ongoing but had to leave after six weeks. It was the scarriest place I’ve ever had to work in.


She’s a political strategist for the gotp, ain’t it obvious?


Helen told Elissa that she is a lobbyist, and she made the other up.


Seriously make rice is not derogatory, but being called a gook is. Making rice is just stereotype, but then again Helen did and it was really good according to the other house guests.

Aj Holler

I think we should play a new drinking game lol every time Helen says “:you know” or “Okay” you drink or take a shot.
P.S. awesome job Simon and Dawg I wish I knew about this sight for the other seasons it shows more of what goes on.

Aj Holler

lol “you know” it will be


Simon can you please leave Helen out of the posts until after Thursday’s live show lol. I switch anytime she comes into my screen. Her annoying voice and weak teachers pet game play has driven me insane. If only she had the courage to make the obvious game changing move.


No, how about this. When Helen says “you know”…start drinking. When she says “you know” again stop drinking. I’d have a beer in each hand and two on standby.


There would be more than 10000 “You Know, You Know, OK, OK”, we’ll all be dead.


*every time Helen says “:you know” or “Okay” you drink or take a shot.*<—yikes! simon & dawg would be way too drunk to type ok ok?!?!


I agree, Helen disses people because she realizes they’re right. She has to be right. It’s her ego. When she and Amanda have to go after each other she’ll wish she’d gotten Amanda out now. Two faced doesn’t begin to describe her.


I’ve come to the conclusion that since it’s not time to send Amanda home, if America is still MVP my ten votes will go to Helen. Maybe it’s her time. She’s absolutely blind to the facts.


Well GM knows how it feels to be picked on. It seems like it would have made her more sympathetic towards Candace. Nope, because Candace is smart and won the Miss Louisiana pageant and actually was in the Miss USA pageant. Gina Marie’s claim to fame is winning the Grand Supreme overall pageant.( I’m sure all of you have heard of that pageant : right) It took her six years of trying, to win it? That’s why GM wants Candace out, not because she’s black. I have a mentally challenged stepdaughter that acts exactly like GM. If a guy smiles or talks nice to her she is in love. Maybe if you were more sympathetic to other people then not so many people would think your stupid. Nick, you’d better work on that restraining ( just remember GM, beauty fades dumb is forever)

GameGives Me a Headache

Jessie’s the only one getting it!


I spent 3 hours watching Big Brother Today, thinking all that fat lazy wanker has done is lay on the sofa scratching his balls and moaning.
Then I realised the TV wasn’t even on… and it was just the reflection off the screen.


That’s smart, give alcohol to Adderall addicts like Amanderall. Wanna bet her and Ayran will blame Adderall for their obnoxious aggressive behavior and paranoia, both being side effects of this drug when addicted. They’ll become poster people for prescription drug abuse, be forgiven or forgotten, then sue the drug manufacturers, CBS, and their doctors on the grounds of deformation of character, loss of revenue from job loss and declining home sales, as well as emotional distress.


no offense bc spelling and grammar errors are constant but u cracked me up with “deformation of character!”


I’m ready for Helen to go. She needs to go before Amanda. There are several people who will be gunning for Amanda & McLay. If the house guests get the chance they need to vote out Helen this week. She’s so two faced. Does she not realize that everyone will be able to watch the tapes and read the boards when they get out of the house and see that she has been stabbing them all in the back? She’s acting like they all will still be friends after this. i don’t think that’s going to happen once they all see who she really is.


McLay, Ha! That’s funny!


Helen is liking GM now more so she’s not going to go through with their plan even if they get the votes.

FINALLY she’s honest about it. she never intended to try to get the votes.


Helen is going to be really embarrassed when she gets out of the house and she sees that she sided with a person who is so disliked by the public. It is ok to know that GM and Aaryn said those things about Candice and still side with them. But would she be so willing to like them if she knew what they said about Asians?

GameGives Me a Headache

I agree, Helen disses people because she realizes they’re right. She HAS to be right–It’s her ego. When she and Amanda have to go after each other she’ll wish she’d gotten Amanda out now. Two faced doesn’t begin to describe her. I can see Andy’s face already when they vote him out. Eyes open wide face redder than Amanda’s tan.

Candace needs to make a fricken deal. Keep me and I’ll do whatever for you….


Helen: ‘If she wins HOH I will self evict”

That would be her greatest move of the season… Now I REALLY want Jessie to win HOH.



Mike B

If Helen says YOU KNOW one more time I’m going to scream.


Lmao…..WOW Hellen is so delusional “you know”. She is also such a coward…well most of these houseguest are. Jesse and Candice are Layin it out there to Helen and she is still backin down to Amanda. I like how Jesse is thinking right now…probably will do little good but it’s nice to see somebody thinking sensible “hers comes in spurts” lol. Then Hellen runs back to everyone and starts her lies and story telling. The only part of this season ill enjoy is when Hellen gets side busted and voted out. I think it’s hilarious how these houseguest believe they are playing a wonderful game and America is loving them…if they only knew!!! This is a drug induced season that I will soon forget. I will admit it has had a little bit of everything except entertainment. My 10 yr old daughter could out think these morons…..he’ll my dog would have had Hellen and Amanda out by now…lol. My favorite part if this season is how everyone is scared to go against her cuz her lapdog “McUseless” will come after them….OH NO not the guy who has been hiding in Amanda’s hoo hoo all season…he is super scary and very intimidating…..or oh no maybe Andy would be mad also….yup better just go along with the house and wait your turn to be booted. I kinda feel like I lost brain cells just watching these fools….maybe I’m the real fool for watching……nah it’s them


isn’t there a double eviction this week, wonder if it will be he mvp


isn’t there a double eviction this week


now that’s real funny. I like Mcuesless that name fits hahaha.


Andy shows up

Amanda: I’m working on a reality TV show that combines Property Development with Anger Management. It’s called “F*ck off, I’m moving!”

Mc: I want to do another reality show. It’s based on The Mole. It’s about sexually transmitted diseases. It’s called “God, I Hope That’s a Mole.”

Aaryn: I’d like to do a reality show with four white people…who are dropped off in a really bad black neighborhood. And the show would be called…Cracker Hunt.

Judd: Ive had it with reality tv. I’m going to be writing a book about Siamese Twins that are attached at the nose. It’s called: Stop Staring at Me!


ROLMFAO funniest one yet lurker.


Freaking A lololol your posts kill me so much…..I literally laugh out loud every single time!


That was hilarious! :) Hahahahahahaha!

Confused Parent

I seriously really hate Helen. She’s the one that’s two faced. She is such a wimp. I am so disappointed in her, I really thought she out of all people would stand up to Amanda. Through out this season I have really started to respect Jessie. She seems like the only genuinely nice person there left (although there weren’t that many anyways) left and is the only one with balls to stand up to Amanda’s ratchet a$$ behavior.


This whole wedding thing makes me want to puke–this showmance isn’t cute–nobody cares


I almost rather have another season of Jeff and Jordan…. Almost LOL


Yeah, this showmance is starting to feel really forced. If any couple from this season ends up on the Amazing race it shold either be Howard and Spencer, because they really seem like friends, or Andy and Judd because they would be hilarious.


Aaryn and Gina deserved to get used like mules. Candice does not deserve what flack she has gotten. Jessie may be the only shot of bringing down Amanda.


I wanted Amanda out more then anyone but now i can’t wait to see her and mccrae screw her over


I know this bb season has been really hectic for a lot of these players especial my girl Candi, but I know she’ll make it though double eviction. To be honest I’d rather see her leave with all the ch!t happening in the house but I truly believe she can make atleast top 6.


I would love to see Jessie win HOH and put up Amanda & McRae. Then the game would really get interesting.(I think all of their allies would want to keep McRae, but I bet you they would be throwing each other under the bus,especially with no MVP) the weddings off, that would probably be the best scenario for McRae al around. Do you really want to marry a nasty controlling bitch like her & spend the rest of you life with THAT ??? I bet you her father is not tweeting anymore trying to to get friends and relatives to watch her anymore. Dad, you must be so proud !!!


Better still, if Jessie won and put up Amanda and Helen. Then Helen would see where the loyalty really was. She would cry the whole time. That would be worth it just to see here realize she is in the same position as Candice with no one willing to go to bat for her.


I can say you know that you know it is telling OK that I’m you know getting nervous OK because Jessie you know is cramping my, you know, style. I’m you know, trying to be OK with everyone in this house, so you know they will be OK with me OK OK? But you know Jessie wants to you know win $500K and you know, I’ve shed enough you know crocodile tears, but you know its not working on Jessie, like my children, OK? Its not OK to vote you know Amanda out this week, you know, because OK I don’t want you know this target on my back. Its not OK next week, OK. Because me and Elissa you know already have this business plan you know of starting a website OK? So I’m OK with not voting out Amanda you know?


Is Helen bi-polar or really good at being 2 faced? She goes from one extreme to the other. She’s like yeah I’m with you, you know you know and turns her back and run to HOH and says I want her to go, you know you know


I don’t like to talk bad about the players, but when Helen speaks I want to take two knives and jab them through my ears. Not only in the game, I’d feel that way if she was in the cubicle next to me too…you know?


Can we get some thumbs up for Simon and Dawg!! The play by play updates are awesome!! I don’t even care if I miss a boring episode on CBS because I already know what the f*$k is going to happen with these predicable robots in the house! This site is the best! Keep it up!

Roisin Dubh

Simon and Dawg rule. I don’t even watch the CBS show and have tapered off on the live feeds this time around. It’s because of this site and the people that comment that keep me interested in this debacle called BB15.


*fork in eyes*
1) Can they drop old grudges already?
2) ack Helen!! It is called a spine…a backbone?!! Grow it!
4) They rather be lambs to a slaughter. (Sorry lambs..no racism intended)
5) what happened to the game already?!$!@! Someone play the game and make a move

Bloody fork in the eye situation…AGAIN


Ok new drinking game…..every time Helen says ya know or ok ….you drink…..lolol you would be wasted 15 mins into any convo involving her. Course that may not be a problem this season since it is prolly one of the hardest seasons to actually make it through with this cast…..


Ha ha lolol I typed that out before I read the other posts…..oooooopsie……glad to see I am not the only one trying to liven things up some.


Candice is still going home this week and she is grasping at straws (which she should and she should do anything she can to stay), and Jessie is next in line. Jessie has proven she will flip on a dime and I think it has hurt her game. And in 2 weeks BB will become more interesting. I do not like Helen or Amanda, but they are the only one playing the game. Not any different than others in the past. There are sheep, and there sheep herders.


Fear of being kicked out, exposed, intimidation, mental and physical warfare is what BB has always been about. Hello, it has every year. And think about the past BB cast/winners that people remember. The ones who took control, that got others to pick the other ones off, or they just did it themselves. This Bulling crap is getting old fast. You can also say well stand up to them then. No, they talk a big talk in whispers and where no one can her them. And if their found out, they go into denial, its chick Sh&%. Amanda, who is not my favored, will at least stand up to them and she says what’s on her mind. You know where she stands. The other are scared and continues to hide, then they’ll come out pumping the chest and say I got so and so out.




Poor McUseless had to go and get his first piece of a$$ from a man duh….I think he believes she is the best his pizza delivering a$$ will ever get. You know it’s one thing to have a girl like Amanda that you can at least hide from everyone….but he still wants to marry her after America has seen him with her….if he is that dumb then this is a match made in heaven. Wow that guy is gonna be miserable for the whole six months this marriage is gonna last.

love this site forever, hate the forum

Everybody…this is a game. They are not privy to all the conversations going on. Mcuseless?? Fuck that. He has amanda constantly taking all heat off of him, which is brilliant (granted, it may bite him) He has almost won multiple comps, and won the first two. Almost had judds hoh…jessie had to just shut her goddamn mouth and bide her time. “I gotta make a game move” ..????? Fuck that people. She had to wait. Being in final 6, then making that big move. …Getting Judd and Andy during that time. Telling those two THEN about handing McCrea and Amanda the $ would have done something. But now? Shit. This cast is pretty petty and pathetic….by the way, how many times does McCrea yawn and aaryn look in the mirror pruning and primping her face???


shut it down


1)how would she make it to F6? I dont think she wouldve, and thats why she didnt care she knew it too.

2)in this case, the way amanda controls things, i would want her out before jury because otherwise she is controlling the jury vote…and you just never leave a showmance in a game that long…you just dont, sure amanda isnt good at comps…but mcrae is…i watched a clip of matt hoffman/ragan in bb12 and matt made a valid point…he said he didnt want to align with a couple because he would never be a priority and always disposible…and its true. you cant align with a couple and expect to ride there coattails straight to the end unless you know you can forsure beat both of them in comps…which is a dangerous betting game


They nick (OH MY GOD, Nick you can so f*ck me in the ass, if it’s still their after I throw up my dinner)name me GM so I can pronounce and spell it. I hate Candiland bekaus she’s 1 beauty pageants and Miss Looeezianna. F**k I dint no u cood be black in Looeezianna and be allowed in dem things. Aniwayz I am looking ford 2 ceeing Nick after I am let out of sikeeatric ward— (BB stops GM to edit her HOH blog).


You got her dialog down pat.

Roisin Dubh

Dats pretee dam funee.


I loved it when Lawon was the minister at Rachel and Neandertal’s wedding. I liked when he(Lawon) said Rachel(in a screaming singing voice) Rachel


America made a mistake voting Amanda twice…it should have been Helen this week!


its gotta be amanda as 3rd nom every week

we need to be relentless

seeing amanda cry is worth the price of admission

have patience – the more times she is on the block the more likely it is she doesnt win money


I bet McCrae would be for getting Amanda out if she got MVPed again cause he thinks she might be talking sh** about him in the DR… He has been acting different toward her in very subtle ways since she got this last MVP nom… idk, one can only hope…i’m going to bed, i can’t stomach this wedding party crap & Helen is making my head hurt…


I can’t wait til Amanda screws helen and Eliss,a and then Howard,Jessie and Candice can say to her ” OK, OK, Don’t say that we didn’t tell you so, You Know, You Know”.

I don’t like Amanda one bit, but fuck it, I’m ready to see the sheep get chopped up and serves as lamb chops “Gordon Ramsay” style.