Amanda says she looks like a slave and GM losses the cone “KILL THE CONE”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

3:03pm Backyard Helen, Amanda, Aaryn, Andy

Hating on Candice, Jessie and a bit of Howard
Amanda and Andy leave and Candice joins them.
Aaryn says McCrae is saying he’s moving to Florida to be with Amanda.

Andy, Candice and Helen
Andy: “I haven’t been in the Diary room for 4 days”
Helen: “I’m telling you Andy you are not on the show”
Helen: “I’m not very funny.. they have to feed me lines.. Helen how about say this.. I’m just not clever”
Helen gets in trouble for talking about production.

Andy says he’s trying to be like Reagan (BB12) in the Diary room and use Big Words.

Andy leaves
Candice doesn’t want to participate in the bachelorette party tonight. “I just want to get my wine and leave”
Helen says she can hang out with Helen and Jessie at the party. Helen: “I think it’s going to be the Amanda and GM show.. GM I really like I know you can’t stand her”

Elissa joins. she’s pissed they haven;t given her a yoga mat. Helen mentions that Jillian from Big Brother Canada was given a yoga mat after she won HOH. They ask Elissa what her favorite Yoga mat is. She gives a shout out to a brand but the feeds go to fish. When they come back Elissa is joking around saying she will Self evict if they don’t get her a mat.
(Random chit chat)


3:25pm HOH GM and Aaryn
GM says she likes McCrae and Amanda is just there with him. GM says it’s the same as Jeremy and Kaitlin, She liked Jeremy and Kaitlin was just there with him. Aaryn says Amanda is using GM and her to do the dirty work.

Aaryn explains why Amanda wants her and GM in the game. She wants to make it to the end with no blood on her hands. She will keep Aaryn and GM around because they will win the HOH competitions and Amanda will control the nominations. This way when they get to the end everyone is gunning for Aaryn and GM because they were doing all the evicting. Amanda mentions it will be like caring Amanda to the finale and serving her the win on a silver platter.
Aaryn: ‘I’m not doing it”
Aaryn stresses that once Amanda doesn’t need them she will cut them loose.

Aaryn says it’s going to be Candice then Jessie after that people will try and take out the big dogs. GM wonders if it will be Spener or JUDD. Aaryn doesn’t think so it’ll be one of the big players.


3:55pm Amanda gets called into the Spray tanner. After it’s done she catches Andy around with the plan to rub the orange paint on him. She chases him around the house but never catches him. The dance music starts again singling Amanda to go into the Spray tanner again. (This is the first time she’s been called twice in a row)
Andy is laughing up a storm.
Spencer: “You look like a dirty child like a orphan”
JUDD: ‘You look like a dirty potatoes ”

Amanda is crazy tanned now. She says people are going to think she’s wearing “Black face”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


4:24pm Backyard Amanda, Aaryn, JUDD, Andy and Spencer
They are amazed at how dark Amanda is now after the back to back spray tans. JUDD jokes that the night is young there will be a couple more tans before they’re done.
Amanda: “I look like a migrant worker”
Aaryn: “You look like a immigrant”
Amanda: “I look like a slave”
Aaryn: ‘Ok that was racist”
Some groans are heard


4:36pm GM gets her cone removed She askss everyone in the house to grab the cone and at the count of ten rip it off.


4:50pm HOH Andy and Elissa
Elissa working out with GM’s elastic bands.
Elissa: “Do you think I look hot with glasses “
Andy: “ya “
Elissa: “You think I look hot with anything.. “
Gm joins them and tells them all about her dream last night that included Nick.. It involves Nick being in bed with her friend from dance school and some other blonde.

Elissa points out that GM’s exercise bands where not taken away but Elissa’s Yoga mats were taken. Elissa thinks it’s because Production is giving her a hard time in the game.


5:15pm BAck in the spray tanner (They are calling her in a lot now)

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Here come all the comments bitching about Amanda being a racist. Blah blah stfu stupid fans!


You seem really smart.

Hey Now

Amanda is not a racist. She’s a peacekeeper. I think she would be perfect person to bridge relations between Palestinians and Jews. I think in 48 hours she would successfully have the entire middle east region united against Israel. That Amanda, what a success story in the making.


This is amazing. I laughed.
Thank you.


That is hee-sterical. My favorite comment of the day.


Is this Amanda family??? She’s a bozo!!


I guess you would also call Paula Dean and Ry Cooper (eagles WR) NFL not a racist either. As well as John McCain and so on and so on
You probably thought that Trevon Martin was wrong and George Zimmerman was right. And that Chris Harrison from Bachelorette is not a racist either
My guess is that either you’re too blind or too young to know when someone is being racist. Amazing…slimply Amazing 2013 and I got to explain this
Just because a person does not say the N word, it’s his or hers action that shows whether or not if one is a racist person
So you think that, It wasn’t wrong for Amanda to get so upset with Candace about the headband incident that she made it a point to say “That bitch has my headband on her nappy as hair”?? If so then you have no idea what racism is. Unless you yourself is racist
A lot of Jews have thick curly and sometime a little nappy hair themselves. I know, I went to a high School full of Jews. BHHS. And as a black kid going to a high School in Beverly Hills in the 70’s…Believe me I know all about racism from Jewish people. And Gina , Amanda and Aryan (I know that’s not how it’s spelled..but it should be) are the most racist triple threat, that BB has ever scene


You do understand sarcasm right?




I’m not sure but I can’t remember hearing the word “Red Neck” spoken on the show this season. And with the fact that there is 2 people from the area in this country where RN’s would reside, The RN’s word still has not be spoken unless either Judd or Spencer themselves said it.


@ B.Mcdowell : Candice used the word redneck in reference to Aaryn. It was in the diary room I believe.


At least until the tan wears off she’ll look like the people whom she makes comments about therefore she’ll be speaking of herself when she makes those racial comments. I bet she hates herself right now for the way she looks, maybe the next time she makes a comment about someone she’ll remember the tan.


Amanda (likely tipped off by production) was the one who spoke to Aaryn about her racist comments when the public was becoming outraged. Yet now she seems to be openly making racist/ bigoted remarks.

Amanda is not a stupid, sheltered girl so why would she continue the racial slurs when she knows there will be a backlash when she gets out? Is this a shit joke to gauge where the public stands? There have been a lot of stories in the media lately about racism. smh

Old Yeller

Best Season Ever!

CBS did a great job this season. They didn’t bring in coaches or previous players. They kept it real. They found a group of racists and said have at it. That’s what America wanted to see. They said lets also throw in the gay guy as well. For some reason they always want the audience to know this is the gay guy. Its always the feminine side of the gay coin. Most people work with gays, and don’t even know it. Nor is it any of their business what someone does in their private lives. But not all gays are feminine. However, that’s how CBS always cast gays. Then they went out and got their good old boy in Spencer. I know Spencer has said some demeaning words towards women. However, Spencer is the one person I could see having a beer with. He’s very blunt in an honest way and being honest in public will get you fired. Spencer the sexist is great entertainment. He’s got the female activists hating him and they want his head. Spencer, says he loves women then leaves them. That seems harsh; but you really think these women don’t know what the deal is. Ah! You think a guy they just met is in some relationship with them. These females that deal with Spencer choose to deal with Spencer. So whatever the relationship with two consenting adults, is he hurting anyone?

Judd, is casted as the simple country boy. Judd has a real vicious streak in him. Judd is one of the many house guests on drugs. He must of gotten his meds under control again. Because he was giving us some great entertainment and comedy. I especially enjoyed the joke he told where he said every time he saw Howard, he wanted to smash Howard face in. Ah Judd, so brave behind close doors. I took off from work for the next days after hearing that threat. Wishing and hoping that you would carry out your foolish threat. That would of been great TV. This season rocks!

CBS went out and got their male and female bullies in Jeremy and Amanda. CBS sponsors must love Amanda. Because BB is the Amanda show. Each week CBS shows the sensitive and gentle side of Amanda. How she comforts the sick house guests and is so humorous. Amanda always wants to strap on something or put something in her mouth or someone else’s mouth. There is a real chance that Amanda may be canonize after this season by the Pope. We could have our next Saint in Amanda. I understand CBS fully supports this process. Amanda is great entertainment.

For every yin there must be a yang. So they cast Howard and threw him in there, and said try to win in the mist of a group of racists. Ah Howard didn’t fill his part. The angry Black man didn’t give us our entertainment. He didn’t lose it. Ah! We were so close to seeing it. That night Howard cried after the bed flipping incident and went all Hulk in the Have Not room. Why couldn’t Judd been off his meds at that time and went into the Have Not Room and said Howard I want to smash in your face. That would of been great TV. The ratings for BB would of soared. Its very rare you get to see a fight, while enjoying a great racist show.

Yep this season has been great for CBS. America can’t get enough of it. Hope will they top this next season. I wonder what will be the twist. Maybe they will have a black and white guy chained together 24/7. Which one will kill the other first…stay tune.


LOL! All jokes aside the ratings from BB have gone up the last few weeks last Thursday was an all time high for the season but compared to past seasons these ratings suck. CBS knows what they are doing the drama is bringing in the viewers so they could care less about the racial issue.


this BB15 season is like watching the Jerry Springer show.


Nah!! Jerry’s show is classier.


This has been the season of people losing their jobs, and family member having to lock their twitter and Facebook account and shut down websites. CBS need to increase their stipends, because their houseguests are going to need that money from all the backlash they’ve gotten from this seasons houseguest. CBS may have the most boring season ever in Big Brother, but they have sat back and allowed their houseguests to lose their lively hood by allowing them to rant the way they do. They’re all crying about making it to jury, if they only knew what we know, at least three of them need to be fighting to win. I’m wondering who America’s player is going to be. It wouldn’t surprise me any if BB didn’t put their names in a hat and draw form it, because no one is worthy of that this season.


now,that was funny.however,amanda is a even jokingly say she may be canonized by the catholic church,which is christian number one and according to history at the very least aware of the holocaust,would turn her stomach.truthfully,that is my biggest beef with amanda.her family,like every other jewish family,was impacted by the she can be so intolerant and hateful of another race makes her twice as bad as the average racist. if anybody knows the evils of racism,its amanda.shame on her.


Yes, the person/persons casting this year should be unemployed, I wonder why they didn’t just go to a KKK meeting grab a few, throw in some Black Panthers, a few Nazi’s, and how about some pedophiles…. gee, must watch t.v. If production has to feed Helen lines for her DR sessions why can’t they quietly request that this crew refrain from derogatory comments towards minorities, religions, disabled people, and whoever else comes up on a daily basis.


This will escalate rather quickly ….

Keep The Faith

I hope it does, please ..please. Candice comes out for her share of the wine during the Bachelorette Party and for entertainment value Gina jumps in Candice’s face. Yep, a drunk Gina wants to get it on tonight. Candice I wouldn’t even defend myself. The BB HOH winner gets $500,000 dollars. CBS lets Gina hurt you, knowing how she feels towards you. I think after this fight, its safe to say you will be moving on up just like the Jeffersons. You could even afford to buy something in Julie Chen’s neighborhood.


Worst season ever so predictable


Amanda said she looks like a slave wow


I think nick is going to have it worse than anybody outside tha house with the stalker he acquired…poor guy

Love Story

Nick doesn’t have a stalker. This is a love story in the making. The usual boy meets girl stuff. Gina meets Nick, and falls in love at first sight. Boy tells girl to go away, but Gina knew that Nick didn’t mean it. Gina stakes out her claim with any possible female rivals and explain she has something special with Nick. Nick then explains that he wants no part of a showmance. Gina interprets that to mean he’s playing hard to get. Yep this is a love story that every woman can identify with.

Chilltown bb7

Gm said nicks d*ck was gonna be in her ass so yeah I agree that she is staking her claim.

Chilltown bb7

Poor nick, crabs from gm are a shitty eviction giftP


If I was Aaryn or Amanda’s parents, I would be researching private security right now. I wish BB would tell them they are getting death threats outside the house and too stop making stupid racial comments. Just saying if one of theses idiots gets hurt I would think BB would be partly to blame.


BB isn’t putting those dirty filthy words in those two mouths. I hope when they get out the next year will be a living h e l l for them both .. lets also include GM .. those are the three nastiest human beings I have ever had the misfortune to hear… they are discusting no other word could describe them that doesn’t me look as bad as them .. Its their OWN fault …


Your are one stupid person because trust me most Americans say these things about blacks and other minorities it just so happens that these three are doing it in public.

Come Again?

Not just in public but on national television and taped to boot! Awesome, there was nothing awesome about your comment – in fact, it was really rather stupid.


As an American I would appreciate you not including me in such an ignorant and incorrect statement. I’m not sure what part of America you are from but around here MOST Americans do NOT say derogatory things about blacks and minorities. What these people are saying is not okay, national television or not.


this is for you AWESOME; first off stupid is what stupid says .. (meaning you are STUPID) second; you just admitted you are a racist ( how dare you say that all American are just like you ) third ; I am Canadian and have many American friends and not one of them have ever acted or made comments like you just did .. bottom line here.. you are one heck of a low life human. your mom must be proud …

pot calling kettle

I will agree I the comments GM, Kaitlin and Amanda made are racist and horrid, but do say the comments that Aaryn has made friends may of not made those exact but comments close to it and they were not racist and some of my black friends used to joke around too and did not scream racist. It is the intent sometimes and not just the comments, but the exception to that rule I think is and always will be the N word. Just because someone throws comments out that are ignorant or hurtful does not in any way make them racist unless the intent was to hurt, but just my opinion, and using the N word the intent is always to hurt.


Actually “awesome”, you mouth-breathing jackass, most people do NOT speak like this. Where are you from Roosterpoot Arkansas?
I don’t know what’s more offensive/ignorant – the fact that you think everyone is as low minded and disgusting as you are, or the fact that, apparently, you seem to think it’s perfectly okay.
Sit down, shut up, and enjoy your Cheetos & Mountain Dew, you waste of sperm and egg.


I did not grow up to tolerate hateful garbage coming from anyone’s mouth…you are wrong about most of America! I confront ignorance like this and shut it down immediately. That is the most astounding thing to me is that nobody stands up and says your language and viewpoints disgust me. I would go to production and say” them or me” . Would not be tied to this crew for even a few hrs.

ashamed to be watching

But they should not be rewarded for it !


The only thing that gives me hope is that that majority of people on this site are disgusted by Amanda, Aryan and GM.


If you remember, Elissa said Rachel’s life was a living hell for about a year. Imagine what it’s going to be like for these pea brains.


Aaryn has said NOTHING remotely close to what Amanda has said or GM. Go back and read on that Facebook page and read if you doubt it. Aaryn has made stupid comments, but WOW Amanda I am just flabbergasted and GM with the N comments back and forth. Aaryn’s comments are no way close to Racist, but they are mean, hurtful and just so stupid Aaryn just needs education on what is and what is not acceptable, Amanda and GM need an exorcism!!!


if aaryn, gina or amanda got physically hurt they only have themselves to blame

i could see them needing around the clock security and disguises or simply having to stay at home the rest of their lives

they are now unemployable, and have pretty much ruined their lives and reputations and brought shame on their family and friends

serves them right really

but they better watch their back in public – they may be sick in the head with their attitudes and behaviour, but there are people out there who are genuinely dangerous who would look to inflict physical harm on them if they are recognized…im not saying i want to see them beaten up, but that there are people that would try to hurt them if given the chance…its a very realistic scenario that could potentially happen at any point in future

they need to realize there are millions watching and everything they do and say has consequences, and its incredibly dumb to be offending so many people


what is up with aaryn flirting so much with judd lately? Is she using it as a game strategy or is she desperate


A little from column A, a lot from column B…


She’s bored and desperate.


She told Amanda that she is doing it for stragedy but I also think she’s horny & wants a release..u can tell on the feeds


A little bit game strategy I think, but mainly to make Jessie go crazy.


Competitive with Jessie, agreed! Aaryn is the kind of girl who tries on another girls guy just to see if she can. Judd’s being a little disrespectful towards Jessie and he’s not coming off too well.


I can’t even watch anymore.
These people make my blood boil and raise my blood pressure to levels….
I can’t wait to never see these people in my universe again.

Here we go again

So since your skin is dark you are a slave Amanda?? Add that to her long list of racist comments


according to Aryan, yes Aryan not Aaryn but Aryan. tanish complexion makes u an immigrant.


Oh stop, she’s Jewish and her people have been enslaved over the course of history much longer than any others. Ya’ll need to get off your high horses..


I agree….. so much hand wringing from people who are apparently perfect…. Give it a rest. I’d like to get a camera and follow some of you nonstop. I’m sure you wouldn’t come off that good either. I sure as hell know I wouldn’t


are you f-ckin serious dude?

she is tanned and called herself an immigrant slave

get her the f-ck off my tv screen

every time i see her on tv i want to smash my tv with a baseball bat


But she wasn’t a slave before the tanning and she was Jewish then.


I am appalled that you are suggesting that her comments were acceptable because the Jews were enslaved longer than the Blacks were? What kind of distorted and f’ed up logic is that?

I am assuming you are okay with the treatment of the Palestinians today? As a result of being enslaved, imprisoned, tortured, and massacred they have every right to do that to the Palestinians.

Please, DO NOT procreate. Use condoms at all times, we do not need anymore idiots living in this god forsaken society.


I know this season has been real bad but if my girl Candice makes it through double eviction week, maybe I might consider watching this ch!t after cuz right now this season has been so predictable. I must admit Amanda is one smart player even tho I hate her. Shout out to Spencer man u was real loyal to Howard. Judd is a boss. I love Candi. Helen has no clothes…always wearing those short shorts. F U Aryan or Aaryn.


I would think Amanda, being a Jewish person, wouldn’t make a comment about slaves. She needs a history lesson.

Say Again

What does Jewish have to do with anything. A hateful person is a hateful person. Amanda wanted to blend in with her peer group, and obviously her peer group were very spiteful. Amanda said she hit the gay for entertainment value in high school. You think Amanda came up with that game herself? She joined in with the others so they might forget that she’s Jewish. I wonder how fun that game might of been if instead of hitting the gay guy, it was hit the Jewish girl. I wonder if Amanda would of still thought it was so funny.

Stop it

Amanda did also say I always knew I was a strong black woman on the inside and now I’m one on the outside too. The is a compliment in my eyes


She IS a Slave………. to the DICK!!!!! McCrae and her were trying to switch it up with Judd last night offering Amanda for Jessie! Or, was that Amanda’s idea? Pretty sad that they’re bored with each other already.


CBS is baiting them right now with this spray tan shit. They want more racism to boost their ratings. It’s all gonna get really disgusting soon.


Woah very interesting! I mean that. Theres a lot of stuff that’s going to come out of her. (more than already)’


I initially like Amanda but she’s just a mean girl racist big sister to Aaryen. I’m still team MC.

Hey Now

You say its going to start to get disgusting. I think that ship has already passed. Like after week 1 of this season. The tone was set by the girls. Who do you like, no who do you like, no who do you like!. Within 24 hours they had the guys marked and were ready to hook up. I thought at some points I was watching an episode of the Bachelorette vice BB. I kept waiting for Nick to give a rose to either Gina or Jessie. Then there is Jeremy, The Champion as he likes to refer to himself, just went Tarzan on everybody. I drank all the wine and I liked it. POW! Houston we have lift off. The tone of this season was now set. We were going to see showmances, druggies, racists, and sexists. CBS knew they had a winner.

She Said What

I said this earlier – but it’s worth repeating. What was CBS thinking with the spray tan – what if Candice was stuck with it? Can you imagine those comments?


I think you are right but, damn! How much more disgusting can it get?! They are being baited. No one has told them to cool it. CBS is loving it. Fortunately for me there’s been a divine intervention which prohibits me from watching the show due to the greed feud between CBS and Time Warner.


Carl, you have a lucky horseshoe somewhere on you to get that kind of luck. Enjoy your season of no BB! You aren’t missing a thing!!!


Yeah, when I saw the spray tan on her, I thought “she is about to say something racist”


Yeah, when I saw the spray tan, I thought “She is about to say something racist”


….can this season get any worse?

Pinnocchio Obama

Every week Amanda survives it gets worse.




If only Amanda had to lay in a tanning bed, production could bake her alive. >:D


She’d be a Kosher meal


To be Kosher it has to be blessed by a Rabbi… aint no Rabbi in this whole world gonna bless that big,mean orange carrot!


i like elssia she is breatiful funny this the time i want her to win hoh so aryan or gm could be gone she could get justice for howard an candice im roting for her to get hoh this week on double evctions in aryan going home second my predictions

Count Me In

Count me in as an Amanda hater. You say “f” the Amanda haters. I think Amanda has pretty much accomplished that with most of the guys in Long Island. I am not saying she gets around, I am just saying she never says no.

Who's coming to dinner?

The faux marriage will be over in a week, then aMANda will seek custody of h/she’s wife McCrea’s 1995 Hyundai and h/she’s stash of bra’s!

AND for the one who is calling others aMANda haters?…….. h/she made it’s bed, now it must lay in it!……not like that’s not literally happening!

Team Amanda



Hopefully, if she wins she will be giving you a cut since you seem to be taking it just as personal and serious.

Aaryn's sharpened teeth

whaaaaat!?! The only idiot here is your stupid ass, you crazy Amanda loving fcuktard.
Now you get off this site, b!tc#!!!


Team Amanda…you are probably racist yourselves..Anyone who will back up a slutty Jewish Whore and screws on National TV puts downs other races (saying that Candice had her hand band on her “nappy ass hair” does not deserve $500,000. Excuse me but most Jews I know out here in LA have thick nappy curly hair. Both she and Aryan have been an embarrassment to their parents. Hell Aryan’s mom has already hiring a public relations person so her dear wholesome minority hater daughter, won’t stick her foot deeper down her throat than she already has.
I’ve read that all Aryan and Amanda’s parents have been receiving death threats. So don’t tell me this BS that Amanda is a good player. I would be embarrassed if she was a relative of mine. And hell no I would not buy a house from that slut. She probably would screw to sell a house
Lord forgive me for saying this..I will be so glad to see that Jewish slut get off the air


Well.. Don’t be so high and mighty.. All people say things.. Candice for one attacked Spencer for not reason.. she is a cry baby that deserves to go home.. she hasn’t played the game.. AND SHE USED THE WORD REDNECK AND OTHER DEROGATORY WORD.. but I guess because she is black.. she is allowed.. bullshit.. Blacks can tell joke but white people cannot.. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS DOUBLE STANDARDS.. Candice is cutting down most of the players behind their backs.. she used Howard.. keep talking about how innocent she is.. really.. DON’T BELIEVE HER.. SHE IS A WIERDO.. AND CRYBABY.. MANIPULATOR. SO IF THE JEW HAS TO GO HOME SO DOES THE BLACK CRY BABY…


shut up


Exactly. CBS is taking these race things too far. They only sprayed Amanda that often to get the race conversation going again. I don’t feel bad for her it serves her right, such a pity GM and Aaryn couldn’t get tanned as often along with her. Maybe if they were to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes they would not make the comments they make and consider them to be funny.


YOU DIDN’T JUST SAY THAT??? YOU RACIST TIT.. People have been getting tanned for years.. not to walk in other shoes.. People of all races walk in their own shoes .. wether they be poor, indifferent, or rich.. these people comes in all races.. the Blacks did not have it worst than anyone else.. Some times the Italians, Irish, Cajuns, Jews.. were all attacked at one time or another in their history.. but in America.. the fools only concentrate on one race.. the black races (because of Slavery) WELL READ YOU HISTORY.. WE IN AMERICA HAD WHITES SLAVES BEFORE ANY AFRICANS EVER LANDED IN AMERICA.. BROUGHT HERE ON SLAVES SHIP AT THE COURTESY OF THE ENGLISH.. BROUGHT ALL THEIR CONQUERED IRISH, SCOTTISH PEOPLE.. THEN THE AFRICAN CAME AND THE MADE THE TWO (PEOPLES) BREED.. THAT IS WHY BLACKS HAVE IRISH BLOOD.. SO SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT RACISM… IT IS PRACTICED EVERYDAY AGAINST WHITES AS WELL AS BLACKS.


Well Dianna you made me go to Wikipedia……this is what I found

THE FIRST 19 or so blacks arrived ashore near Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, brought by Dutch traders who had seized them from a captured Spanish slave ship. The Spanish usually baptized slaves in Africa before embarking them and English law considered baptized Christians exempt from slavery, so these Blacks joined about 1,000 English indentured servants already in the colony. Some achieved freedom and owned land. Anthony Johnson, a free black, later owned the American Colonies’ first true slave.[6]

Following the Irish uprising in 1641 and subsequent Cromwellian invasion, the English Parliament passed the Act for the Settlement of Ireland in 1652 which classified the Irish population into one of several categories according to their degree of involvement in the uprising and subsequent war. Those who had participated in the uprising or assisted the rebels in any way were sentenced to be hanged and to have their property confiscated. Other categories of the Irish population were sentenced to banishment with whole or partial confiscation of their estates. Whilst the majority of the resettlement took place within Ireland to the province of Connaught, Dr William Petty, Physician-General to Cromwell’s Army, estimated that as many as 100,000 Irish men, women and children were transported to the colonies in the West Indies and in North America as slaves

SO DIANNA: You got your facts right but your dates wrong
Your not BLACK!!!! Don ‘t try to think you know about the past

. THE REASON YOU HAVE HI YELLA BLACKS IS BECAUSE THE SLAVE OWNERS (WHITES) RAPED THEM AND KEPT MAKING BABIES…I should know ..I’m 20% Irish 80% Black…Want to guess where I got my Irish Blood from..It wasn’t from no damn Irish slave…My Great Great Grand Father was a Slave owner

Don’t try to talk down or erase what this country did to us years ago and what is still happening today,
Be careful about voicing what’s in your narrow minded brain . If you were to say what you just did about Slavery History to the wrong black Person , you may have to activate your medical insurance
The Show will be much smoother once Amanda , Aryan and GM are gone..Trust Me


Poor Nick, hope he is watching this because the memory table is really scary!! Any guys would be so scared of any girl doing that and she does it in front of a million cameras! LOL


How does this work. So Amanda and McCrae are going to get married with a real justice of the peace in the Big Brother house? I give this fake marriage less time then Kim Kardasian last marriage.


Thank you Amanda!!!!

-Aaryn’s PR rep

Hater #3

I am not saying Amanda is a big girl. Its just that she could lose a few lbs.

Not me

I don’t hate Amanda. I think he’s a fine gentleman. When I see him with his female girlfriend McCrae. I say there goes a fine couple.


Now that’s funny…a fine gentleman…I was thinking more like younger version of Mob Wives’ BIG ANG!!!


amanda zuckerman shes a fat whale


Worst season ever with all the racist stuff! CBS should just end the stupid game. Howard and Candace have been bullied by racist. They never had a fair chance to play the game.


Although I agree that the game is stupid this season due to the racism, I do not thing it had much of an impact on Howard’s or Candice’s game play. Both individuals don’t know how to play the game. Candice trusts Helen and Andy way too much despite the numerous signs and hunches that their loyalty lies with people who want her gone.

With regard to Howard, I think he sealed his fate when he lied to Helen (that he wasn’t apart of the MC) even though she revealed the name of the alliance and the members of it. He should have made amends right there as opposed to saying it aloud in the HOH room. His credibility, loyalty, and honestly was compromised when he lied. Helen went on an all out smear campaign when he did that.

So, therefore, it is clear that both suck at the game.

Janelle pov queen

I hope Jessie wins HOH and pulls a janelle and say give me that key bitch to Gm then put Aaryn and Amanda on the block and say Bye Bye bitches!!!!


Please………………..NO ONE in the house has enough balls to pull a Janelle, put Helen on the block, and eliminate Helen and Amanda in a double eviction. Yawn…………….ZZZZZ…………….ALL the house guests are wearing dresses, including Judd and McCrae,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


As fun as that would be, if Jess puts Aaryn and Amanda up, then Aaryn leaves and not much changes. She needs to focus on the big fish Amanda and put her boy McCrae up by her side. Of course, Jess needs to actually win the HOH first – something she hasn’t yet been able to accomplish this season. The shitty reality of the situation is that Candice will probably be followed out the door by Jess on Thursday.


If this were to happen, the upside to a pathetic, boring summer of BB15 is that we would be spared a week of endless campaigning by McCranda & Pitiful Andy, their pet dog, to smear, disparage, and bad mouth Jessie using every vile disgusting means. These weeks are ennnnnnnnnndless. By Friday morning the whole week is over.


Wait, Candice doesn’t wanna participate in the bachelorette party tonight ?? I was thinking she should be making balloon animals while in her clown costume!!


Of Course, the “ladies” in the house expect Candice to grin and smile while she attends a party with “ladies” and one man “Amanda” who are trying to put her out! What fun, Candice, girl!






Get a grip dude….


Let’s burn Les Moonves and all the other CBS executives at the stake!!!!! Who’s with me?

Rio Seven

I don’t think CBS is doing this to encourage racist remarks. It has been used before on BB UK, you can watch it on YouTube. If anything it encourages T&A.


Well the ducks are starting to line up for next week after the double on Thursday. Arryn is the latest to talk about not handing Amanda 500K. The other day it was Jessie suggesting it to Judd. Once we get down to nine these folks may actually start thinking… Amanda is going to need a heavy dose of Grodner after Thursday to stay out of the jury. She is about a zero comp threat at the moment. Arryn is encouraging in that she has come so far in the house from on the block and going home to on only Helen’s lips as going home. She has Judd and GM to start with and both appear trustworthy to a point. Helen will have only Ellisa and she’ll backstab her too. Andy may yet pick the wrong side. Amanda may not be untouchable in the house but Grodner saves her and not Andy for sure.

I’m still putting Amanda F2 thanks to a heavy dose of production and twists. It will likely be completely sickening to watch. I had Arryn sitting F2 might have to rethink that if she doesn’t get Amanda out on her 1 try. I see getting Amanda evicted as simply you have one bullet to fire if you wound her it won’t be good. Helen may never actually take a shot before she goes. Lastly it looks like Jessie may pay the price for having some backbone! Judd has completely ratted her out and she is the natural 2nd eviction if she is not HOH Thursday.


” if she doesn’t get her with the first shot, ..” you have a big orange wounded, emotionally unstable, Orangutan coming at you.


…okay seriously. I need some input from you guys….don’t you think its weird how Amanda keeps going back to the ‘black’ comments. its always something about black people, and its never positive. its almost like she’s going out of her way to offend. and she always makes the comments with a group of people around which is usually the time most people are more selective with their derisory remarks on race, religion sexual orientation. it just seems…odd!


I think she seems to know that what she says isn’t fitting in the edited story line to be aired on the regular program. Or she thinks she’s a female version of Andrew Dice Clay. Either way,these people have her thinking the BB House is her stage and world, and they are just living in it. She knows nothing is going to happen to her this week.


ok i am with you on everything you said.its seems like she is making these comments just forthe sake of making them. the other thing i noticed is that no one is making jokes about asians or gays anymore.either cbs is telling her to make these comments or she knows she is not going to win this season and she may as well go out fighting,saying anything she wants.


Amanda has the tell tale signs of a girl who has been rejected repeatedly by some fine African American men and cannot handle it! Girl has the fever and can’t hang… she is desperate!


Isn’t she suppose to be a realtor??? So how in the world does this racist Jewish slut thinks that she is going to be able to sell a house in Florida?
Oh …i just answer my question. she would sell the houses to people JUST LIKE HER!!! OF COURSE. No class , no culture, no morals. none nada
Just fake tits and a big flat fat ass .and a big racist dumb brain. Yeah McRae will be happy married to this slut


Everybody come down this is America where racism will always exist. Don’t act like your surprised dipshits.

Mississippi Girl

Awesome, you say everyone needs to come down. In the south we tend to spell words as we pronounce them, me included. I grew up a white girl Iin an all white town and I knew racism was wrong. Don’t say we all know it exist. Believe me I learned when I left this place at 19 everyone in the country isn’t backward!~and stupid. Don’t make excuses for youth. I took time to get to know people, not races. My children are growing up in this same town don’t even know what racism is (or at least until this season of Big Brother. My 8 year old is smart enough to know Manda and Ayrn suck. These women are insulting Candice and Howard based on stereo type. You defend them and I would bet you would be the ring leader if you were in the house. And, hey Awesome, HOWARD WAS HOT!!!

Mississippi Girl

It is calm down, not come down. See, these drinking games made me forget why I even started the comment to awesome.


I do believe that the problem lies with CBS. they are after ratings and are getting off on all the hate that this season is causing.
Plus, has everyone failed to notice the average are of this season crew??? It’s around 25 or 26 years of age. not 1 person was over 40. This is what happens when you put 16 kids in a house with no supervision. Especially when 3 of them were raised wrong. I bet all 3 was “time out kids” not me…My Ass has been introduce to my Daddy’s belt…many a times back when I was young. Hell I’m black and the first time I used the N word, my mother washed my mouth out with a bar of Ivory soap. This is what happens when raised by Christian parents. You get a lot of belt and twine whippings’ and a lot of soap your mouth.


AWESOME, you need a new name! How about adding a WISH I WAS to your name? Or, NOT SO….? Are you a relative of GinaMarie Zimmerman or George?


I know this season has been real bad but if my girl Candice makes it through double eviction week, maybe I might consider watching this ch!t after cuz right now this season has been so predictable. I must admit Amanda is one smart player even tho I hate her. Shout out to Spencer man u was real loyal to Howard. Judd is a boss. I love Candi. Helen has no clothes…always wearing those short shorts. F U Aryan or Aaryn.


wow, just wow… so if you are darker skinned, it means you are either a migrant worker, immigrant or slave???? WTF????? The racist BS continues! They better show Amanda saying this racist crap on the main show…


She’s not a migrant worker. If she were, she would pick Jessies peaches.

name two

Well I am not racist but as dark as Amanda is right now she does look like she has been outside a really, really, really long time. I mean she is not orange anymore at all. Geez, CBS can you get anymore racist. I blame CBS!


Oh wowl! If she wasn’t already in hot water before she sure is now lol!!! Daayyyummm!


She even says I would look like candice’s Mom if I sit beside her. Yeah Amanda yeah if only Candice’s Mum looks like a man, you bitch!


Maybe she meant Candice’s Father?

The Royal Baby, Prince George

Nick better go into hiding because if GM doesn’t get her way she will go all Jodi Arias on him.


After the double elimination,they might introduce a new player. I would like to see Pam or vampire Bill, or Russell Edgerington, that would put these zombies on alert.


*dies laughing*
oh my god …this…so much this.
I would pay good money to see Pam in that house smacking them around ….every single one of them. Her or Russell – Vampire Bill not so much. You know…in a world of crossovers where vampires exist *laughs*


Russell is my fave.


That awkward moment when Aaryn calls someones comment racist..and that awkward moment when CBS uses Aaryn as the scapegoat for all the racism in the house when their golden girl Amanda is has been just as bad or even worst of an offender than Aaryn. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way creating excuses for Aaryn’s comments/behaviours, but if CBS was going to use the racism and bigotry to drive story on the show they should show EVERYONES comments.

Out of all the seasons of BB, I hated the cast of BB9, but good Lord, this cast is by far the worst. I really hope the crazy cat ladies that went after Shelly stay off the internets when Amanda, Aaryn & GinaMarie come out of the house because they will need it.

Also if anyone from Aaryn’s PR team is trolling this board to defend her, ya’ll need to be a bit more discrete on youtube and twitter, it’s kinda obvious you’re being paid to defend her racism.


I agree with Aaryn as that comment was extremely RACIST! That comment was not from ignorance or stupidity it was RACIST PURE and SIMPLE, but gotta say CBS is the one to blame although Amanda is horrid.

Pinnocchio Obama

I’m starting to feel like Charley Brown when Sally keeps pulling the football away. How many times can the house pass on voting Amanda out? My only hope now is that these people are stupid enough tha tthey might evict Amanda by accident.


Amanda: “I look like a migrant worker”
Aaryn: “You look like a immigrant”
Amanda: “I look like a slave”
Aaryn: ‘Ok that was racist”
Some groans are heard

Amanda, only migrant workers (i.e., Mexicans) are that tanned?
Aaryn, would that be an Russian, Irish, Italian, Asian immigrant? Or are you just referring to Mexicans, because that is the only people you immigrants?
Amanda, would that be Jewish slaves in Egypt? Or ate you referring to blacks who were enslaved in America?

This shit is not remotely entertaining nor funny. These people are totally f**k in the head both socially and mentally!!!

I have never been so disgusted following a TV show, since Roots aired way back when. But at least Roots was based on historical fact. BB15 is based on drug-addled brains and their wannabee followers.


Now that Hell-en has given up her tell , ok, I wonder if all the folks in politics that she works around are counting up the lies, ok ok but ok ok, yes they all lie but she cant take that show on the road any more !!! ok


Amanda is a TWAT!!

The Royal Baby, Prince George

Tanning Mom thinks Amanda is still too pale.


I see the humor in making the racist Amanda “black”, nice touch production, this surly makes up for the editing of the main show in protection of Amanda’s image, but she better wash that shit off before she’s de-friended by Aaryn and GM, broke and on that “insurance” GM was ranting about a month ago.

This would be even more EPIC if they don’t let her wash it off until AFTER the live show Thursday.




Amanda wearing those glasses is giving her a raccoon like face.

Just wondering?

No guts in this house. No one wants to make the big move. I can not believe that no one in the house can see that the biggest floater in the house , Andy, is playing both sides. He has done nothing in the game. Helen is stupid for not trying to take out Amanda. Do something, anything. Racist idiots.


jess has guts and wants to make a big move

the rest are dumb sheep


Does anyone else see the irony Amanda is being tanned darker as a punishment.




I want TWATZILLA to keep talking, all the things she says makes me wonder if mentally handicapped. But the handicapped are kinder then her. Or what if she is over medicated? Let her continue to entertain us. I love when TWATZILLA Roars!


Helen is ruling the house. She needs to go same with Alyssa.


GM: We all have had tough lives but I never complain

Andy shows up

Judd: I’ve had a hard life, and I’ll tell you why — four years ago to this very date, I decided to take my own life. And I said, ‘Judd, do it in front of your co-workers and your manager at work. End the misery.’ I don’t know how many of you have tried to jump off a Pizza Hut, but you really just get a sprained ankle out of the deal. And then you have to go back inside and serve Crazy Bread.

Jessie: I’ll take care of you Judd but let’s get rid of Amanda first

Andy leaves

Delilah Jones

LOL at Jessie telling Judd she will take care of him, but they need to get rid of Amanda first!


just a heads up

judd aint funny dude so why bother with judd jokes?

its more like

judd: jguygggiuouhp

someone else: what?


There is nothing else Amanda could do to make me hate her more except for telling the producers of CBS “Thank You”

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Where are the critics who dis on the women for being chunky? Why not slam sluggo Spencer laying on the bed with his left hand down the front of his shorts while picking his nose with his right? (Andy, Amanda and MC were in the room at the time)


Production wants Amanda to feel what it’s like to be black, Experiment and a Lesson is in store for her. ROLMFAO

I hope Candice sees it and laugh in her face.


I really cant believe that Amanda thinks the pizza boy is any kind of good looking…. huh ….what…. the best looking in the house. Maybe its the weird rag he keeps his straggly hair back with or idk maybe ugly is the new handsome, Its beyond me, Cant wait until Thursday for the 7 to 0 vote goes down or how ever many votes there are now….Baaaaa Baaaaa says the sheep as their lead off to the slaughter or should I say jury house