Big Brother Spoilers “Nick never made me feel stupid.. EVER.. that’s why I really Likeded him”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


3:00pm Cockpit Helen, Andy, Andy, Ginamarie
Ginamarie is power crying because she struggled writing her HOH blog. She thinks people are going to think she is stupid. .
GM: “People are going to make fun because I can’t spell or right”

Helen is very vocal trying to calm her down and pour praise on Ginamarie. “you have something so special I have never seen it before in my life “
Helen tries to tell her the fans don’t want to read about How plato’s theories relate to the game they want to year from Gina MArie YO YO YO staten island”
Helen: “No on likes perfect.. missed spelled words and sentences that are grammatically imperfect.. no one likes perfect OK.. They want to se the Ginamarie you are”
Andy: “Everyone loves who you are”
Helen: “you are so special it’s going to come through the page.. it’s going to come through the page.. Your are not going to be writing the same type of blog I would write, JUDD would write or
McCrae..OK.. You have to realize.. i’m not kidding you have a thing about you that is very unique”
Helen: “I’m not kidding I have never met someone like you there’s millions of people that are book smart there is only one Ginamarie.. you are so special.. I wish I was more like you.. out of my 37 years I have never met someone like you .. ok ”
GM: “Thanks”

GM sobbing saying guys always made her look stupid. GM: “ Nick never made me feel stupid ever that’s why I really Likeded him … “ (never heard Likeded before had to google it )
Helen: “I would give my right arm and a quarter of my brain to have 1/2 your personality.. so what you can’t write a blog you aren’t good at writing I can’t write GInamarie. … You are a show among yourself.. if you weren’t on the show this cast wouldn’t be worth watching”
Amanda: “Don’t let guys tell you you’re not smart”
Andy: “you are one of the emotionally brilliant people I have ever met”
Amanda tells her to stop putting herself down she’s so smart. It upset them to see her to it.
Amanda wants her to know she is on this show because of who she is, “how she speaks, how she writes .. so when people read that they are going to be like YEAH”
Helen: “you are smart in what you want to be smart in”

GM thanks them for supporting her and apologizes for being such a sobbing mess. They comfort her some more and leave. Helen and GM end up going to the HOH where they talk about how difficult the HOH blog is to write.


3:20pm HOH Pictures


4:35pm Elissa and Helen Hammock

Elissa is getting sick of the mess around the house. SHe’s disgusted by it. Helen tells her not to let these things get to her because it will damage her game.
Elissa: “”I hate doing stupid things I am annoyed with myself”
Helen: ‘You haven’t done anything stupid.. GM is your biggest fan now after the hair”
They talk about GM crying and how it broke their hearts, “Helen the guys use to tell her how stupid she is”
Elisas: “Look at how much she has accomplished”
Helen brings up that Gina couldn’t spell chicago and she’s upset but she was trying to tell her they will correct the spelling for them. They both really like GM and think she has a good heart.
Elissa says Jessie and GM are easily influenced but they both agree they would rather keep GM over Jessie. Helen says GM has no credit and even 5K means a lot to her. Helen is convinced GM will get America’s favorite.


4:53pm HOH Bathroom Aayrn and GM
Aaryn tells her they have to be mindful of how their actions affect the other.
GM: ‘They already called me a bone head so they know I’m stupid.. “
Aaryn tells her she has no reason to think that.
Aaryn: ‘When I do things I don’t want it to reflect badly on you.. and what you do reflects onto me”

Aaryn says that McCrae is being bothered at how Amanda is playing her game.
Aaryn says Amanda is stressed by how she is being portrayed she’s trying to frame Aaryn as the B1tch.

Aaryn: “This is what Helen said to me today she asked me if the two of us want to work with her and Elissa.. . Helen is worried once Candice is gone it will be 7 vs there 3.. Helen, Jessie and Elissa.. “

Aaryn says Amanda’s ugliness is starting to get to people and they are targeting her. GM wants Candice gone before Amanda. Aaryn agrees but says she only has one vote. She has a really bad feeling today about Amanda.

They agree there is no point in talking about the votes tonight as thing change so fast in the house.. they will deal with it tomorrow.

GM: ‘To be honest with you I wouldn’t mind working with Helen and Elissa.. “

Aaryn says what freaked her out was after thinking about who went up and where the votes went and who the replacement nominations were. She thinks that Helen, Amanda, Elissa, and McCrae have been working together since week one.

GM agrees thinks they are working together.
Aaryn: ‘I’m starting to think Amanda is trying to play me.. she’s trying to get me to do her dirty work
Aaryn adds that her biggest fear with Helen and Elissa is they have a good chance to win the game if they get to final 4. Working with them is dangerous for their long game.

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GinaMarie has the mental stability and intelligence of a 4th grader who was held back ….twice!

Love Doctor

Now we understand why Gina has so much trouble dating guys. Once a guy knows Gina, he quickly realize that she’s a handful and wants out of the relationship. Now we understand how she is so fixated on Nick. All you have to do is be nice to Gina and she’s yours, but Gina, just because a guy is nice to you…..doesn’t mean he wants to date you.

I think Nick when he see’s Gina on these BB episodes. He is getting real scared. How does he tell Gina that he’s not interested, again.


Nick doesn’t he moves out of state with no forwarding address. And Nick don’t forget she’ll be unemployed so lots of time on her hands. On second thoughts forget the money and don’t show at the after party unless you just got married!

Ya I said it

Thumbs up if you think Hell-en is a dumb C U N T


Who in the world is gonna get America fav player money?! This cast is awful!


Howard the only person foe America’s vote…everybody else -UGH, but America will vote for Elissa


Howard is from dirt poor MISSISSIPPI i am voting for him in America favorite because he was trying to get Amanda and Helen voted out he knew they were the ones everyone should be going after instead they put the target on his back .


jess is americas player

the only one who has stood up to amanda the racist bully

jess is the nicest person there and is trying to shake up the game to make it more entertaining for us to watch


Hate that word. Hear enough of it on the feeds, sorry to have to see it here.


I’m voting for Howard for America’s choice…The week he begged Helen not to send him home because he has nothing to go home to, broke my heart…Was he a good game player, no…but at least he is a decent human being.

Big Sister

Sounds like dyslexia to me. Hard to feel sorry for her after the way she has acted. I literally want to shake Helen. Aaryn, put your big girl panties on and do the right thing! And don’t tell Judd or Andy!


kind of uncool.


is it thursday yet?

Love Doctor

Its always Thursday somewhere. Why the rush? Candice is enjoying herself in the clown suit and she gets to keep it. I wonder if Candice will take a fake hug from Aaryn and Gina on Thursday? Julie is going to ask Candice about the racism, but if I was her, I wouldn’t bite. It is what it is and this is what CBS wanted. Why should Candice keep playing the role of being victimized for BB entertainment? If Julie and company wants to know about the racism in the house, then watch the episodes online. However, on Thursday, BB will be in Candice’s rear view mirror and its time to look forward.

Good Question

Does it matter with this group?

Judd is living it up

Meanwhile Judd is enjoying his self having the 2 best looking girls in the house fight over him Aaryn and Jessie.


**** Helen: “I’m not kidding I have never met someone like you there’s millions of people that are book smart there is only one Ginamarie.. you are so special.. I wish I was more like you.. out of my 37 years I have never met someone like you .. ok ”
GM: “Thanks” ****

Helen is so fu**in’ lame and phoney with the shit she says in the house.


She may be phoney bit she was really sweet to Gina Marie. Hate seeing anyone cry and hate that word STUPID. One of the cruelest words anyone can use. It is demeaning and Helen went up the scale being so sweet to GM. No a GM fan but hate anyone being that upset.

Roisin Dubh

Notice how Candice hasn’t piled on GM? She could do it a be justified. Just shows who the bigger person really is. But these fools won’t think about that when the bash Candice tour 2013 continues in a few hours.


Actually when Nick was evicted Candice went and comforted GM even after she got in her face about the mattress flipping incident. SO yes, Candice IS the bigger person. And excuse me GM needs to be comforted because she can’t spell or write?


Here’s the problem. When you’re an adult being stupid is a choice. If you don’t try to better yourself, educate yourself, then you deserve to be called stupid. If Helen wasn’t such a phony (and in her defense, this whole country is filled with phonies who tell people what they want to hear, not what they need to hear) and really wanted to do GM a favor, she wouldn’t lie to her, she would tell her if she feels stupid not being able to write a blog, then she needs to set aside time each day and read the bible (with all that down time, the fact that she doesn’t is proof that she’s stupid), then when she gets out of the house, she needs to keep reading. Newspapers, magazines, books, whatever.

I can appreciate Helen wanting to cheer her up, but she did her no favor and only excused her ignorance…if you are 30 years old and can’t spell “Chicago” then you are stupid, period.


NO ONE and I mean no one should be called STUPID!!!!!!!!! I do not care if you are 4 or 400 you do not call someone STUPID. NO ONE is stupid, they may be uneducated yes, but STUPID NO!!!!!


Sorry, but you live in a child-like fantasy land. GM, like many other people in the world, is stupid and if she doesn’t like it, then she should do something other than cry about it like a child. If somebody calling you stupid bothers you that much, then you should consult a therapist, and then do the work to not be stupid.


Therapist know that is a poisonous word, and that does not come from a childlike fantasy land but from education. Ignorance you can correct, but being HEARTLESS is something that no one can help you with unfortunately. You need serious help to be so hate filled. You are starting to sound like Amanda, and perhaps you are the one that needs education. Google empathy and compassion since you appear to know how to use a computer, and stop being an embittered human being.


and you should google ‘assumption’, because you basically just assumed to know what this commenter was all about by a sentence or two? So what… he/she thinks GM is stupid, that’s a reason to call them heartless and ignorant? By the way… if you look it up actual IQ testing, at a certain point of getting the answers wrong you are labeled ‘retarded’….If GM was from Chicago she would have failed the test signing up for it.


Are you serious, Lola? Empathy and compassion for somebody (GM) unable to show it to someone else (Candice)? You sound like you’re talking from a known place i.e. it’s like you’re projecting. I would never dare to call you “stupid”, I don’t know you but from what we saw on the feeds, GM is stupid. She looks, acts, behave like a stupid person: she is and she knows it. It isn’t something that plagues you for life, you an actually do something about and she does absolutely NOTHING to redeem herself. Feel free to agree to disagree but the adjectives she used towards Candice are way meaner than stupid. Her crocodile tears change nothing to the fact that she’s a stupid person who chooses to bash other people to feel good herself and hope people would ignore her moronic ways, but she just looks more and more stupid.


Absolutely Anna, Gina Marie is a stupid and ignorant individual, and often times the most ignorant peple are the most racist, as she clearly is. Gina Marie’s visceral hatred for Candice is an attempt to demean and humiliate Candice, in order to make Gina Marie feel better about herself. Candice is a college educated Speech Therapist, a former Miss Louisiana, and has won multiple pageants. Gina Marie on the other hand, is an uneducated part-time pageant co-ordinator who can’t spell Chicago. Candice is doing the right thing by not reacting to Gina Marie’s racist comments. Continue to take the high road, as Howard did, while Gina Marie continues to embarass herself in front of America and reveal to us all what a truly ignorant, stupid and racist person she really is.




sorry agreed lolo says!


I have NO problem with GM being label STUPID! Let me tell you why I have NO compassion …let me repeat NO compassion for GM. She has done NOTHING but say mean, vile and evil things to and about Candace for NO REASON!

She is one racist who has lost her job; and it was well-deserved! Now once she returns to the Real Word she will realize how STUPID her comments about Candace were!!! Can’t wait!

So, if GM want to have a pity party on her OWN STUPIDITY then by all means let her! Glad my invitation was lost in the mail!


Wounds from a friend can be trusted but an enemy multiplies kisses.

Being around yes people never helps it only enables the negative choices to grow.
Saying you don’t like the word stupid being thrown out there just makes you look like a yes person lolo. Stupid can be harsh but if the person isn’t able to do simple tasks they’re either ignorant, lazy or plain dumb.
Stupid is as stupid does.
You truly wouldn’t want her to feel, or worse, look stupid when she starts handing out her resume after she leaves the BB house, do you? You would want her to feel confident in what she writes and feel confident that she can spell and not look stupid to her possible future boss, correct? Seriously at her age it is shocking how she is. Do you feel comfortable with her mentoring younger kids with the level of intelligence she’s been exhibiting? No, you would want her to get help, honesty is the best policy for her and all who are in her path.
I was there myself and decided to actually do something about it. Now if I am ever called stupid I have to honestly look inward to see if there is any truth to it. Before I get all defensive and up in arms I want to be honest. If I just made a mistake, ok, try next time to not repeat said mistake. If I made a decision, say, to allow a child who cannot swim in the water without the life jacket, then I am stupid.
Lolo just relax and don’t get so defensive. Criticism can be and is healthy to hear if it will make you a better person all around. You just need to humble yourself enough to accept it.


Are you freaking kidding? Racism is a hateful word. If your grammers poor take night classes to better yourself! Don’t cry like a self absorbed little baby! All the nasty vile things this douchebag has said about others in the house. Get a life and how about some morals as well.


No I am not kidding and you are as bad as they are calling names. They are both ugly words but that does not mean you use one and then dam others for using the others. You need to get a HEART as bad as they need to get education. You are spewing HATE JUST LIKE ANYONE on the show. Look up a word COMPASSION in the dictionary!!!!!!!!!!! It makes you a much better person when you start using it.


Sorry, but I know lots of compassionate people that are STUPID !!


Again, I don’t know if you’re just really young or if you haven’t lived in the real world, but adults CHOOSE to be stupid and given their CHOICE, they do not deserve to be protected from the reality which is that they are stupid. They CHOOSE not to educate and better themselves. You don’t get to cry foul for something you choose to be. This is like Aaryn comparing her racism to blonde jokes. You can see by her roots that she CHOOSES to be blonde. Besides this being a ridiculous analogy on so many levels, the fact that she dyes her hair blonde means she doesn’t even have the right to make the STUPID analogy If you can’t write or spell and you’re 30 years old, you have CHOSEN to be stupid and therefore forfeit the right to cry and play victim.

Explain to me why she deserves compassion? She’s not a child and has had her entire adulthood to rectify any shortcomings in her education from childhood. But instead of bettering herself, she talks really loud and nasty, calls everybody names, makes sure she looks pretty by any means necessary, and you think her laziness makes her deserving of compassion? I’m sorry, but I’m a bleeding heart, filled with compassion…but STUPID adults aren’t on my list.


WOW!!! OMG!!


Wow, the way you’re overreacting, you’re taking it very personally. TBH, you may wanna consult! You’re about to have a cow because of the word “stupid”? Do you want it to be banned from the dictionary and every spoken languages? BTW, who do you are to decide what word people can or cannot use? And stop bringing up compassion! Stupidity is not an incurable disease! Maybe you should have been cast with GM; I’m sure you’d have helped her ego, sorry I mean, her self-esteem, with your definition of compassion or having a heart. What a stupid reasoning!


A mother of a mentally challenged child that has often been called stupid by people that are ignorant and uneducated so yes the word offends me greatly as it should, and compassionate yes because you need to be when dealing with ignorance.


exactly! As soon as GM got petted she went straight upstairs & started laughing & talking about how stupid & ugly Candice looks in the clown outfit! IF GM wants sympathy she should look in dictionary between shit & suicide & she can find it there!!! I’m not a Candice fan but GMs so called personality sucks! Every other word out of her mouth is f***. Her way of dealing with her low self esteem is to make fun of other people! She’s disgusting.


& before anyone points it out, yes I know the y don’t come before u, that’s the point, she can’t spell……..her self worth is that crown & fake hair…ugh…someone in that house needs to make a move, i’m getting hateful myself,,,I need someone to like in there to help JUDD…


Helen’s a Democrat. What else would you expect? She listens to all these racists comment and personal attacks and just nods if it doesn’t serve her. That’s why Howard was voted out. At least Howard and Candice have integrity.


hahahaha McCrae is starting to realize he made a HUGE mistake by getting into relationship with she who must not be named (otherwise she’ll throw a temper tantrum and scream rape)

If water is water is the sky the sky?

The person who wins the final HoH will be in the final 2 this year.Woah where does this guy get his info from? why thank you very much,You are far too kind.


Not a GinaMarie fan at all, but this is very sad. Imagine going through life with an inability to articulate yourself in writing. Did she graduate from a school?…if so, how? I am so confused about feeling sad for her after all her nastiness towards Candice. Now I think the root of all of her hatred is because Candice went through University and got a degree. : /


I felt sorry for her for about five seconds before remembering that she said Candice was such a dengerate that her own mom didn’t want her.


I felt sorry for her for about five seconds before remembering all those racial insults that came out of her mouth before


I was about to reply to your comment by saying that you are wrong about her hating on Candice because of her education because Helen has one (university degree) and ……..

I could not back it up with no other female in the house. Elissa maybe?

Finally your comment makes sense, it really does. :)


So I can’t for sure say but I went to UNC and i beleive that Elissa did as well. A girl from my sorority posted a status about Elissa wearing Carolina gear and defending it. My friend said she had a couple classes with her and apparantly she went to UNC but didn’t finish.


Candice has a degree and a career as a pediatric speech therapist. She is a professional woman who also was Miss Louisiana and a NFL cheerleader. Everything GM is not and will never be. Every time GM looks at Candice she sees what she craves and can never achieve. Add that to a natural mean spiritness and in your face attitude and GM is a Hot Mess.

I am NOT a GM fan. I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle myself with the grace Candice has but GM has lost everything and she doesn’t even know it yet. We know she is unstable and when she gets out she will be hit with a barrage of the same ugly that she has spewed. I don’t see her having the ability to cope. And I don’t think she’ll have the money for therapy. She brought this on herself but the total destruction of another human being is not something to rejoice.


Since you know – what degree does Candice have?


Very interesting that people think that Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa are still working together — they are, but they know they’re going to have to make some power moves. Helen is possibly trusting this “alliance” too much and treating too many people like expendable pawns — she’s cutting people that would benefit her and that could also vote for her in jury. Her choices are benefitting Amanda way too much.

Also, they have to get out Amanda before jury because if she has the ability to poison & bully the house, she has the ability to poison and bully the jury house. She will not be a happy camper to be in jury. Cut her now.


Helen is being strategic because she does have Andy spying on Amanda/McCrae — but I still think he’s a number 2 or 3 alliance for her depending on her loyalty. Really tho, Helen doesn’t have long to live, nor does Amanda. Their 2nds are about to come into power.


Andy’s what you call a double agent, working all sides of the aliiances.


He’s working all sides, but I think he’s more with Amanda and McCrae.


I was thinking along these lines a couple of weeks ago too – you do NOT want Amanda in the jury, I don’t get it, but she’s persuasive all right,

Yeah Gina

Get Candice out first. Candice has won no comps. Candice has no power in the house and Amanda and Helen pull all the strings. Amanda/ Helen decide who leaves and who stays. Oh Gina, you think Spencer or Jessie is going home next after Candice. Everyone hated your reign of terror as HOH. Gina you are going on the block this week. Whether you go home is a different story, because Jessie really wants to take out a big player. However, you are so tempting…….because you make it personal.


Seriously? Like Jessie is gonna have any power to take out a big player. You talk like Jessie has actual pull in the house when she has none. If someone takes out a big player it will be led by either Helen or Amanda.

Nameless 33

NOW I have to feel soory for GM?!


WORK WITH THEM, GET AMANDA OUT. Get Jessie, Elissa, Candice, Helen up to the HOH with Aaryn and GinaMarrie and cement this deal. GinaMarrie and Aaryn can F4 with Elissa and Helen while Candice and Jessie F2 and fight it out whenever, but just get Amanda out.


That is what I keep saying. That would be an alliance worth watching. Girls mend your fences and talk things out and Candice and Aaryn and GM talk it out forgiue and go forward. They remind me of sorority girls in college, so grow up mend fences and get that work together PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roisin Dubh

Helen could’ve done that last week when Aaryn was HOH. It’s grade school in that house.


As a sorority girl I’m a little offended by that statement…none of my sisters were ever this petty and ridiculous. AND there were 30 of us living in one house for a year! Personally they all seem like middle schoolers to me…

But you’re so right they should totally band together and get this house flipped.


GM doesn’t have a vote (unless it’s a tie, which is impossible because there are 7 people voting) and Candice doesn’t have a vote because she’s on the block. They need to get Andy or Judd.


Tie not possible? What if the votes are 3 3 &1. I think that would be classified a tie.


The Realtors Code of Ethics:

REALTORS? shall not deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation.
REALTORS? shall not be parties to any plan or agreement to discriminate against a person or persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation.
REALTORS?, in their real estate employment practices, shall not discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation

I’m not sure if a suspended account means she is fired. Facebook pages are usually suspended as well when people are on the show. Doesn’t mean it CAN’T happen. If she’s an independent contractor, she can’t technically be fired.


These ethics apply to selling real estate… unless she’s trying to sell someone in the BB House real property she’s broken no code of ethics relating to her career. Kinda hard to believe you’d go to all the trouble to dig this up yet don’t comprehend your discovery


I’m stating only facts. Please try to comprehend that.


Gigi…are you as stupid as the one on BB?


Gigi…Did you fully comprehend what Name was saying, before going to all the trouble of typing your snark? It isn’t hard at all (well maybe for you it would be) to copy and paste a code of ethics. You don’t leave your ethics at the door once its quitting time. Maybe you do.


Gigi…I’m not sure why you feel the need to be so snarky about this. The Realtors can’t fire her for something she does on her personal time…but if you don’t check yourself at the door, it carries over into your work.


She can absolutely be fired for something she does in her personal life that becomes public. Every independent services contract contains very vague language often called a “morals clause” which basically allows the employer to fire without cause should the employee do ANYTHING that would bring the firm into disrepute. Amanda is a TV producer, not a realtor…but if she was, her behavior on BB could absolutely bring about her firing.


Independent contractors can absolutely be fired. The only reason real estate agents are independent contractors is so the can do business between firms, while all their commission is cleared through the firm who employs them.

As for her being fired, I don’t believe she ever really worked there to begin with. I think it was a front created by her mom to hide the fact that she’s a TV producer…which is what is on all of her resumes online. But real estate is about trust and image and if you break either of these your value as a broker is nil. So even if she’s not been fired and really has stopped producing TV, then I don’t see her having too much value in sales of any type.


Independent contractors can’t be fired if they work for themselves…in the sense of your employer firing you. If a client fires you, you move on to another one.


If you check any of their LindedIn profiles, which may also be a fake profile, but using for the sake of argument. Amanda wasn’t a realtor for very long. Her pic looks suspiciously like a glam shoot compared to the other realtors on the site, who have the traditional head shot.


If you’re so obsessed with the players that you’re posting honor codes from their real-world occupations, I would advise you to stop watching the show for your own mental health.


amanda zuckerman the racist bully will be either fired from her family business or forced out – she has brought way too much negative attention to the business and nobody will want to be associated with the business if she is involved

Roisin Dubh

GM’s got some serious problems. Wait till you leave the house girl, let the good times roll.

Candice is an idiot.

You got your pitchfork and torch ready?

Roisin Dubh

Not at all, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that she sabotaged herself and that she doesn’t have the stability to deal with the trouble she’s gonna face for a few months when she leaves the house.

Roisin Dubh

Helens too far up Ahandjob’s butt. She got a hero complex towards her. Any plan to get rid of her will be thwarted by Andy and Helen. Keychain doesn’t even have to make a move at this point.


Helen to Ginamarie: you have something so special I have never seen it before in my whole life.
Omg she’s killing me. I can’t wipe the tears away fast enough I’m laughing so hard.

“Candice is a f—–g rat c–t, I f—–g hate her.”

Something so special my butt.

Candice is an idiot.

So you h8 her because she sees Candice accurately?


No, my friend

we hate her because she is dragging Candice through the mudd for being who she is: an accomplish young Black woman (university degree holder, ex Miss Louisiana, ex cheerleader for an NFL team, respectable profession).

Sad that Candice don’t know how to play that game though because she had a lot of good attributes, she kind of reminds me of Danielle (last year)….


What speach therapist do you know that says ask “ax”. I highly doubt she is an educated black woman.


Ok, now come on, pleeeeaaasssee… Having an accent doesn’t mean that you are not educated, amigo.

I am Canadian, French-Canadian to be exact and trust me when I talk english with my Québécois accent, some of the words I say come out sounding funny.

As a matter of fact, even when I am talking french I have my French-Canadian accent when I say things… Does it mean that I am not educated and that my bachelor degree counts for nothing….

Give me a break, s’il vous plait, ok? Merci!


Mets-En, mon ami! :)


Mon amiE. Hahahahahaha! :)

Second Thoughts

I don’t even like Gina. She always want to say the most awful things about people. However, I feel sorry for her. Its obvious she is not very bright, I wouldn’t mind seeing Gina have her pageant job back. I think beauty contests are something she knows and comfortable with. I don’t know what Gina can do if she doesn’t do that. Yep Gina you get a reprieve, please give Gina’s job back to her.


I am granting them to both because just think on both their parts it is ignorance and jealousy and cattiness, but AMANDA ON THE OTHER HAND HECK NO!!!!! Amanda is one mean biotch and just imagine what AG and BB didn’t bother to show on the feeds when they cut to commercial. GET AMANDA OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!


You are the biggest hypocrite. Oh no don’t call anyone stupid, no no that’s just horrible. But boy you have every right to call someone a b****? Yep,exactly.


Apparently, Lola identifies herself with Aaryn and GM that’s why she gets so uppity and throws the word “compassion” here and there just to deflect people from the truth: she had been called “stupid” in her life and it scarred her. On the other hand, she’s absolutely fine with “bitch” (never mind the cool euphemism she used) because she doesn’t think she’s one and she’s probably right. My point is if she had ever been called a “bitch” by someone, Lola would have wanted the word eradicated from the surface of earth. A self-centered hypocrite, I’d say!


the beauty pageant place that fired GM released the statement about how beauty pageant is about “self confidence”, “celebrate diversity”, “beauty from within”, etc. several qualities clearly lacking in GM. I wouldn’t want her anywhere near girls.


Gina can’t get her job back. She worked kiddie pageants and they can’t have her working around children after everything she’s said and done. Would you want your child to be mentored by GM?


No she dont need her job back. Wonder what she say about the young girls of a different ethnicity. I shutter o think about it. Or maybe they never make
It. They are evicted from the pageant. If not evicted maybe she just laugh and make racist comments. Maybe there were some questionable things she I’d on
The job that are now in the light because of Big Brother.


Really? You want GM to form an army of classless mini-HER? People who are full of themselves, think that they’re the salt of the earth because they’ve won ONE pageant and know nothing about being gracious towards another human being? GM made her bed, now she has to lie in it. This is the best that could happen to her: a major fall from the pedestal she put herself on THEN she’ll hopefully be able to pick up her life and start it over in a healthy and humble way.


So now I see where all the anger she have towards Candice is coming from. She has been so mean and nasty to Candice on a personal level, but yet look at her. People in glass houses should not throw stones. I don’t feel sorry for her, she is a disgusting human being. So I thank her racist ass for a good laugh.


I honestly believe Candice told the house about her accomplishments in pageants and GM and Aaryn been jealous of her ever-since.

It’s more than her being annoying.


Well GM, now you know how millions of African Americans feel when people get humiliated and degraded.


GM: My body hurts everywhere I touch it.

Aaryn: Impossible! Show me.

GM: Ok. Im going to touch my left breast with my finger. Awwwwwww that hurts. Now watch this I’m going to touch my elbow. Dammmm that hurts. Thats not all watch me touch my knee. Its so painful. Everywhere i touch is so painful. Maybe I have bone cancer.

Aaryn: I’m surprised your not really a blonde Your finger is broken.


Lurker your describing GM “rubbing one out”! hehehe

Keep the convos coming! :)


Gina! Wake up. It’s my voodoo doll of you. Elbow! Pin stick-it. Breast! Pin stick- it. Knee! Pin stick- it

I already did her mouth. I think I stuck it in to deep. But I see it workeded. .


If you’re stupid and you know it, then you should at least be smart enough to not be racist, mean & crass. GM is in for a rude awakening when she gets out the BB house. She better start practicing, “Welcome to McDonald’s. May I take your order?”


Nah, she just need to use part of her stipend to buy a good pair of knee-pads, and she’s good.




Gina the gutter mouth couldn’t work at McDonalds!
She would say, ‘CAN I take your ODOR!’
Would she know the difference between burger and booger?


Everything about Alex Forrest, I mean “GM”‘s insecurities scream “potential stalker”, Nick better get a head-start now, he’ll need it when he let’s her know that he just wanna be “friends”.

“Aaryn says what freaked her out was after thinking about who went up and where the votes went and who the replacement nominations were. She thinks that Helen, Amanda, Elissa, and McCrae have been working together since week one. ”

BINGO, another of the sheep finally gets it, now what will she do with this revelation?


Unfortunately nothing, absolutely nothing.


There are pics of Nic and a gal floating around the internet now. I feel for that gal and hopefully Nick can protect her when the GM is released. I wish they would showcase the blondes family during a show!


“Helen brings up that Gina couldn’t spell chicago”

Do you think if I pretend to have a 3rd grade education that BB will cast me for next season…


GM got on there, so it’s definitely possible.

Not surprised AG cast more idiots this season than in the past, maybe Amanda is a friends of hers?

Would make a lot of sense.

Candice is an idiot.

No! You are too ugly.


I’m a gorgeous man…my mom tells me so all the time…

Hello -

Maybe next time I won’t subscribe to live feed – watching every thing, habit, etc. is not that entertaining but gives a lot of insight into personalities.
Candice eats fried something for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
GM eats anything not nailed down.
Amanda – well Amanda now officially looks like a young Jerry Lewis.
Helen – OK OK – her body looks like a prepubescent girl.


Laughlaughlaugh, she TOTALLY DOES!! Amanda, I mean, looking like a young Jerry Lewis. Classic!


‘They agree there is no point in talking about the votes tonight as thing change so fast in the house.. they will deal with it tomorrow. ”

What freaking house are these 2 geniuses a part of? Because the BB house I’m watching is BB15 and it’s more entertaining watching paint dry from Monday to Thursday after nick went the writing has been on the wall. Even Kaitlyn going was known to us days ahead of time. ATTENTION geniuses Candy is going Thursday morons. How’s that for “changing fast” complete donkies these 2 are!!

Seems a little mid game talk but very little “double eviction” strategy. I’m not sure they have even settled on who goes after Candy. Jessie, GM and Spencer seem the choices but a HOH surprise could change that.

Basically 48 hours till the double eviction show. Get rid of GM and keep Jessie for at least a little game play. Knowing Helen she’d nominate Jessie herself so she just has Ellisa left. Oh wait the great genius herself would put Ellisa up against Jessie. ok ok I’ll do what any good sheeple does… OK!!!


Seriously. Everyone from GM’s hometown better hide all the bunnies. She is one psycho . She still goes on and on about Nick. He better hope he doesn’t find a pot of boiling water on the stove. – Fatal Attraction –


I think they’ve already started, whoever was controller her twitter attempted and failed horribly at defending her racist comments, then they stopped posting.


Helen wants Aaryn and Gina to do the dirty work., so she can come out smelling like a rose.


Now that Aaryn (like Jessie) is on the anti-Amanda train, I think Judd’s penis is gonna prove to be Amanda’s biggest enemy in the house……. and I don’t think Judd’s other head even realizes it yet.


Now I completely understand where all her racists remarks stem from, her own personal insecurities. People who feel really shitty about themselves tend to lash out on other people about their looks, weight, ethnicity, etc. She obviously has major issues and needs some self-help therapy. Actually most of these house guests desperately needs therapy.

Elissa's Botox

looks like Aaryn is starting to think with an open mind instead of being catty when making decisions, voting Amanda out is removing the bigger threat…the best manipulator while Candice is smart but will never have the same pull in the house and is bad at the competitions


Forget Amanda. She isn’t much of a threat. Aaryn and GM would be better off targeting Helen- she represents a much bigger threat in the comps. Take out Helen and Elissa while telling Amanda/McCrae they are working with them. Then take out McCrae.

I think Aaryn has a pretty good shot at winning it all, and I wouldn’t mind seeing that. After Jeremy and Kaitlin left she was left for dead, so it would be quite the turnaround. (Andy enters.)


Take out Amanda so she’s not in the jury and McCrea will have to get his hands dirty. Let’s see what game he has when he’s not hiding behind his pit bull.

Jack Daniels

I think Aaryn is smart. I do not like the comments she made, and how she took out her anger on Candice because the entire house was against her but she has gotten much better as the season has progressed. I like the way she plays the game because it’s a mix of personal and strategic which is the most entertaining. In the short term voting out Amanda would be best for her game but long term it would be difficult for her to beat Elissa or Helen in the finals. On the flipside I feel like Amanda is completely over Aaryn. When Amanda is over you, your days in that house are numbered. If she doesn’t get Amanda out now she is the target right after Judd. It’s a risky decision in my opinion. I really want Amanda out. I think she is a great player but if she survives this week, I think Mc Crae will win the game. McCrae winning is upsetting to me because the entire time he has rode Amanda’s back and used her as a shield. If the house does not flip this week, the next couple weeks will be predictable. The CBS only viewers seem to think Helen is running the game which completely annoys me. Yes Helen is a player, but she no longer has any power. Voting out Howard was a huge mistake on her part. If Helen goes during the DE, the game is over. The rest are completely under McManda.


I don’t see why Helen backed off at getting Amanda out Amanda already doesn’t trust her thanks to the REAL Rat Andy. Make a big move get her out if I was them I would convince them to get Judd on their side

VA Vet

Because Helen is suffering from cranial-rectal fusion. She voted out Kaitlin and Howard, will vote out Candice this week and Spencer next week. All the people who are potential allies for getting out the queen and her playmate. When Helen finally gets around to going after A&MC, (assuming Helen doesn’t get booted beforehand), Helen won’t have anyone left to work with her.


Helen looks too cute in the “cone skirt”


Pi$$ on GM! As soon as she got petted enough she went straight to HOH & starting talking about how stupid & ugly Candice looked in the clown outfit! That’s her way of dealing with past bad feelings she has about herself when she was a fat kid with braces, she talks nasty about someone else. She thinks that makes her look good. She is sickening! All her self worth is in that crown & fake hair. She really is jealous of Candice cause she has won major beauty pageants & has a lot more hair than her & Candice is taller whereas GM & Aaryn has to enter short women contests, HA!……. Listening to Aaryn talk game, if she could get over her personal feelings for Jessie & get someone other than GM to listen to her ideas she could cause some damage in there. Can she not remember Jessie is the one that gave her the plan she took to Helen that saved her from being evicted? If she would quit this stupid shit she’s doing with JUDD just to impress Amanda & actually talk straight up with him & Spencer & Jessie they could team up & take control. She’s starting to not like the idea “it’s all about keeping Amanda & McCrae safe”. Trying to talk to GM is pointless, GM only wants to talk about 2 things, herself & Nick. It’s in the front of Aaryns brain how easy GM turned on her when her & Katlin & GM were on the block together…I hope Aaryn wins HOH, She won’t “owe” anyone any rights to it & she is “selfish” enough to put Amanda & McCrae or Amanda & somebody on the block. —>selfish=anyone thinking/looking out for themselves & not putting Amanda/McCrae,Andy/Helens well being ahead of their own…She could even gain some respect from McCrae if she took out Amanda! jmho….


I bet Nick is reading that HoH blog and he felt touch.


He’s probably going to get even more freaked out than he already is after seeing the shrine she made to him, how much the blog is about him, besides the HOH blog doesn’t get uploaded til tomorrow night, so how could he read it?


Not tomorrow, Thursday


I would say GM can stay dumb, and marry a “smart” person, like many dumb but highly attractive women have done in the past, but she’s a potential “bunny boiler” so that may be a risk. She might just have to go back to school, it’s never too late.


“Helen is convinced GM will get America’s favorite.” <<< That is the funniest thing ever! ^_^


Aaryn’s little wheels are turning. Jessie is ready. Set it up and knock aMANda off her high horse. Forget helen! Aaryn set up that meeting with judd jessie elisa. Just make sure andy has nothing in the room he has to get.


Has anybody actually realized if not for Helen the votes are there to evict Amanda. Ellisa, Jessie, Arryn and Helen. The racist douchebag is to stupid to get the fact there is an opportunity on Thursday. I don’t think it will happen but I’m thinking Arryn may be off the Amanda express and Goofy II. Looks like Judd might get back in or more likely Helen becomes 4 and backstabs Ellisa like all her alliance mates!

If there were 2 comp beasts left they could steamroll these morons!

Delilah Jones

I am not a fan of Gina Marie, but I truly believe something traumatic must have happened to her when she was a teenager. She seems to be emotionally stunted around the age of 15 or 16. When Nick left, she kept saying all she needed was “one more week” with him, and they would have been together. I do not know any adult who would say that. Her HOH room is reminiscent of a teenager, right down to her music, as Andy pointed out on Sunday. Again, I am not a fan, but I kinda feel badly for her right now.

Flowers for....

People – this is production’s at it’s best. There will be a wedding (CBS edit). That’s the point of the game. We, have no more power than the HG – ask Moonves – it’s a social experiment and we’re all rats – I miss Harvey!


this is the first time in mcrae’s life where….he is the one sitting there, with a better looking girlfriend, thinking “wow….I actually want out of this relationship”

I swear, this could change the way he plays the rest of the game if he gets out of the relationship, its a life changing moment for a guy like that who probably thought he stood no chance with an Amanda as pizza boy mcrae out of the bb house


GM will have more to cry about when she sees she has no job, no nick, same racist family and friends.


If Helen successfully pulls off a plan to evict Amanda, I will start liking Helen.


Maybe GM is dyslexic. Could explain her problem with spelling

mimi paulo

When children have learning disabilities often strike out at others in response for the fear of people thinking there is something wrong with them. ADHD and other Autism spectrum disabilities often go without being properly diagnosed and this children grow up under the radar. Thus being adults with the inability to relate and have confidence to be with people they feel are smarter than themselves. With all the meds these HG are on, I think they may have more in common than they think.


Really depressing seeing the comments here about how Aaryn and GM aren’t so bad after all.

Producers have obviously ordered them to watch what they say, hence why GM was tongue-tied during her nomination ceremony. The two of them are terrible people with evil hearts and the rest of the house are disgusting enablers.

I keep following hoping to see them get what they deserve but it seems less and less likely.


I’m not generally one to make fun of others, but wouldn’t it be great if Big Brother posted the blog without making spelling and grammatical changes? I would love to read the unedited version of her blog.


Production is filling in the HG on everything. How do they know people have lost their jobs? How does Aaryan know about ‘not’ to make racist comments (the cameras are watching)? She didnt care about that sh*t before.

CBS is working on Aaryan’s character right now so the backlash when she leaves is not so intense.
I believe Production is controlling more than WE think. Who ever wins the HOH will b the one to shake things up in the house, my guess Spencer, Jessie, Elissa maybe even Andy.


Gina Marie, is the prototypical stereotypical staten island girl….

Staten Island

Very segregated. Very few from the North will venture out to the South and vice versa. The mall acts an an epicenter for the two. The South is mostly White and the North is all the other ethnicity with a few in the middle.

Out of all the places in NY, I feel this is the most racist area I’ve ever been. Unbearable rude, spoiled, narrow minded, stuck up people. Everyone I’ve met has the same attitude and manners as Jersey Shore, slightly calmer.

It is a very closed off area, you only see residents on staten island. No one from other boroughs of NY.

Everyone that wants to fit in wear North Face, the black puffy ugly jacket. Parking is good but if you park in front of someone’s house they will curse you out. Even though they have a corner house and a double driveway.

South Shore is deserted you will not meet people walking around. If you do, you don’t want to be associated with them.

Public transportation is HORRIBLE. A commute to midtown, ny can be almost 2hrs one way!!!

Staten Island:

“I wear North Face, so I’m going to act conceded”

“Don’t you dare park your car in front of my house, even though that spot is considered public and I do not own it. Even though it is common elsewhere in NY.”

“I’m going to make racist comments to the minorities because they are clearly out numbered by living here.”

“How did the bottom of your car get so scratched up?!?”
“That’s normal, a pothole is the same size as the tire.”