Andy says Gina kissed Nick’s photo. Judd says she said Nick should be scared when I get out..

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


10am – 10:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return Judd and Helen are in the bathroom. Judd heads out into the backyard where Andy is sitting on the couch. Judd asks Andy if Candice thinks she is safe. Andy says he doesn’t think so. Judd comments that she only offered that she could cook for me. I would think about it if she at least offered me something good like being loyal to me or something. Andy says that Candice said she was not going to campaign because she isn’t that type of person. Judd says look at who your up against it wouldn’t be hard to campaign. Andy agrees. Judd comments at how bad it would have been if Ginamarie really had nominated us. Andy says oh yeah. Judd says we can’t let Ginamarie win another HOH. I told you it would be a fiasco. She is loyal as sh*t though. Andy says Ginamarie can’t be promising everyone safety though we’re running out of people. Helen comes out into the backyard and starts running. Judd wonders why Ginamarie didn’t automatically think I wouldn’t vote out Candice. People don’t think we are close do they? Andy says no. Andy says from a personal stand point I like her but from a game point she has the worst game. Judd laughs at how he thinks its weird Gina got photos of herself. I don’t want photos of myself, why would I want that?! Andy says yesterday I saw Ginamarie kissing Nick’s photo. Judd says Ginamarie said he (Nick) should be scared when I get out of here.. Andy comments on how Ginamarie said to Jeremy and Kaitlin so you are in love. Judd laughs. Judd and Andy discuss past seasons of Big Brother and who’s won America’s Favourite. Andy comments that he thinks he will go back to sleep.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.


CBS Interactive Inc.

11am – 11:30am Aaryn is now awake and in the kitchen. She heads outside and Helen asks her if she can talk to her. Aaryn says yeah. Judd starts to come out and Helen tell Aaryn she will talk to her later. Aaryn heads inside and Judd and Helen talk on the backyard couch. Judd asks if there is anything new game wise. Helen says no just feels she doesn’t want to vote out Candice because she likes her but I don’t want the house against me. Some times you just have to do what the HOH wants. Helen talks about she wants Spencer to go to jury and says that when Candice called him out she felt awful – it was a public lynching. Aaryn joins them. Helen talks about how well Spencer handled it. She says that she loves Spencer. Aaryn comments that Candice said she is going to give one more “keeping it real with Candi” speech. Judd thinks she will do it the night before. Helen thinks it will be during the live show. Aayrn says that she is scared and thinks she will be doing some under the bus throwing. Helen says that she is going to bring up how me, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae are working together. Judd says she wouldn’t do that would she, she’s your friend. Aaryn asks do you think she knows she is going home? Helen says yes. Helen tells Judd and Aaryn that Elissa pulled her aside last night and told her that Jessie and Candice are crazy. Helen says it’s good that she has finally come around.

11:45am – 12:10pm Aaryn says that Ginamarie is really scaring her. She says that she had a full on panic attack and cried in the cockpit room about what Ginamarie was doing. Aaryn says that when Ginamarie called Judd into the HOH room before nominations it scared her. Helen heads inside and Judd asks Aaryn what Helen was talking to her about. Aaryn says that it was just her apologizing to me about what she had said in the diary room sessions in the beginning and how now that she has gotten to know me she likes me. Helen comes back out and Judd heads inside. Helen talks to Aaryn about how she wants to work with her and how its the only way they will be able to get some of these people out and go further in the game. Judd joins them again. They talk about how worried they are about Ginamarie being in power again. Aaryn says that if Ginamarie got in power again she could really ruin a lot of the things we have worked so hard for. They discuss how showmances ruin your chances of winning the game. Judd says that he and Jessie were a never-mance. The conversation turns to talking about whale hunters and the Sea Sheppard’s that try to stop them.


12:15pm – 12:50pm Jessie joins them outside on the couch. They talk about random things. Judd gets called to the diary room. Jessie asks Helen if she feels good about voting out Candice. Helen says we will still be friends after the game. I will miss her. Do you think she knows she is going to be going? Jessie says for sure she knows she’s going. Jessie says if I don’t win HOH next week I will be going home after this week. Helen disagrees and says Elissa, Amanda, Ginamarie, Judd could all go home. Jessie says but some people have the votes to stay and others don’t. Helen thinks she could win this week HOH. You won the veto. You won the veto based on your relationship with Judd. That’s still winning if you know what I mean. They talk about how if the HOH is a knock outs competition it will really show whos working with who. Helen asks how do you think Spencer is doing? Jessie says I’m not really concerned about him. He is doing a great job of laying low though. Helen and Jessie continue to talk about random things about their outside lives.


1:10pm Candice is in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Meanwhile out in the backyard Judd joins Helen and Jessie on the couch again. Aaryn is working out. They talk about how they want to drink before Friday when they think they will definitely have a havenot competition.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Jessie or Helen needs to win HoH in double eviction and put up Amanda & Spencer. I hope Amanda or Spencer get evicted this week.

the showoff

In a perfect world, Jessie would win and put Amanda and Aaryn up, with McCrea as the replacement if the veto were used.


So Aaryn goes home and nothing changes? If somebody wants to go after Amanda, they put her up against McCrea to prevent him winning veto and saving both of them and uses Andy as the replacement nominee, with a nice little speech that Andy is beloved by everybody (hopefully cuing people to see his game) that he guarantees whoever he sits next to can’t win.


exactly. but you forgot one thing. america would probably nominate aaryn. but at least there might be some eyes opening up…or further proof these people are all dumb sheep.

the showoff

Well I was actually counting on no MVP this week since it’s a double eviction, which may not be correct. If there will be an MVP nominee Aaryn/Amanda with McCrea would be best because the other one (Aaryn/Amanda) would be the MVP nominee.


How can there be a MVP this week if Julie has not yet asked America to vote for one?


Hopeful thinking I know but do you think Helen is going to talk to Aaryn about keeping Candice and maybe them all working together? That would be epic and get out Amanda!


Aaryn really wants Amanda out, but her game play is blinded by her predjudice


We are almost at the exhale point! After the double eviction Thursday they all make the jury. We may actually see people thinking about 500K versus 13K. Think you sheeple think don’t be 1 of the minions anymore! I doubt the results will be substantially different. I had Jessie as the 2nd to go Thursday. Maybe we leave GM in the mix with Spencer as possible evictees before jury.

Best situated at the moment is Andy and Amanda as a tie. I like Andy’s social and King Rat games combined. He seems to have the widest sphere of soft influence. Amanda just scares folks into getting what she wants. Until McCrae goes on the block versus Amanda he’s sitting in the cat bird seat. Huge target in front of him. On the bad side these 2 have won no comps between them and that should worry McCrae. Best trio situation going into jury.

Helen and Ellisa are in more trouble than they know. If Helen were more delusional she’d be in an insane asylum. Perhaps the worst BB player ever. Voting out 1 person after another that strengthen Amanda and weaken herself. Ellisa tied herself to the absolute wrong person! Jessie may go F10 so to have any chance she’d need Arryn, GM, Spencer and Judd and the must hold HOH for 2 of the next 3 weeks after F9. I’m guessing Amanda won’t fool around and take a shot at Helen ASAP.

So what of Arryn, GM and Spencer? Assuming Judd goes to which side butters his bread(Amanda) these 3 become key shortterm. With the black HG’s disposed of I’m guessing the nasty racial slurs will turn to Helen. The racist douchebag is going to get a big dose of her own medicine.

F9- Judd HOH noms Arryn and GM with the renom Spencer. GM 1st into the jury.
F8- I’m pulling a crazy here and Ellisa HOH noms are Arryn and Spencer. Spencer to the jury.

I want to mention that Ellisa will be talked out of putting up McManda by Helen. Timing is not right! This cements Helen as the worst strategist in BB history.

F7 Arryn is HOH. Noms will depend on who saved her the last 2 weeks. I’m betting it’s McManda who kept her in the game. Helen and Ellisa go up. Helen is shocked that the vote was unanimous to evict her.
F6- Judd HOH again and noms are Ellisa and Arryn. Judds game ends for all puposes here with these nominations. Ellisa goes here.
F5- Judd goes on the block no matter who is HOH. He now realizes Goof Troop is dead. Arryn second nom unless she is HOH. Andy enjoys the ride and has no end game to get F2. He still has yet to win anything. Amanda decides who goes F4 of these 2. I think she’ll fear Andy/Judd more than Arryn/Andy and Judd gone here.
F4- Arryn would be most likely HOH here. It matters not who goes on the block only POV winner. I like McCrae or Arryn winning. This is super rats resting place at F4. No ends game, no comp game no freaking money with this group. What’s basically happened is Amanda has just gotten F2. Either takes her to the final. She lets Mcrae get voted out throwing the comp to Arryn in part 2. Arryn beats McCrae in 7 questions. Demanda wins 500K without much help from Grodner.


In the perfect world if Candice goes home, the nominees would be Andy the Rat and McPizza. You would see where each house guests loyalties lie.


so they (helen, aaryn, judd) all talk, but not about the elephant in the room, which is demanda needing to go. if they all laid it all out, they’d know evicting demanda would be the best move.

but i forgot, they are all dumb as dirt.


it’s too soon, because they risk turning mccrae against them and losing two votes, no matter how “ok” mccrae claims it would be. her time is not far away, though.


MC is only good for endurance comps so get her out and take him out next. Then they can screw all day in the jury house.


God, you people are relentless!!! The hate for Amanda drives your every thought process!!! All day everyday. Its sooo annoying that this is all you read about on this board!! After a while, you all just sound pathetic. How many times does it need to be explained to you??? CBS IS NOT GOING TO ALLOW AMANDA AND MCCRAE TO LEAVE BEFORE JURY!!!!! THEY ARE GOING TO BE IN THE SHOW’S STORYLINE ALL THE WAY TO THE END!! INSIDE THE HOUSE OR INSIDE THE JURY HOUSE!!!!

Get that through your heads….please. ftlog



more like using common sense. if helen and aaryn told judd what they know demanda talks about concerning him, he’d maybe open his eyes. if aaryn and judd told helen what demanda talks about concerning her, she’d maybe open her eyes. if helen and judd told aaryn how demanda is using her, she’d put 2 and 2 together too since she already has an idea about that. demanda recently telling mcpussy to no longer trust aaryn will hopefully light that fire.

and why can’t we be relentless even if we want. you want to root for her for whatever reasons you want. you have that freedom. by that same token, we can root against her as much as we want due to all the hateful things she says. youtube amanda zuckerman social justice warrior if you need to see why we think that way.

For real

help for your annoyance….stop reading the boards!


You need some Adderall. You don’t have to read or even come on this board, do you even know that? Besides, everyone has the right to vent about something/someone they can’t stand just like you did so quit having a fit for things you have no control over.

Hate Is All You Have

Moving-Club-Jeremy-Can’t-Get-Over-It-Zombies = Amanda Haters….simple

Roisin Dubh

How long did it take these morons to realize Elissa is Rachel’s sister? Going by that perspective, the stupidity isn’t surprising.


stop acting like a bunch of sheep and start using your own mind to make moves best for your game. they need to stop it with all the ‘what the house/HOH wants’. it’s getting old.


Sorry but just read something on the other feed and just hope it isn’t true. Did GM really say about Candice that she was so awful that her own mother did not want her or something to that? OMG, I did not think that biotch could be anymore hateful but if she said that she is just the meanest and most hateful person in the world. I am adopted so I do take particular offense at that comment. I mean I knew she was awful after she used the N word but what type of person would say something like that, and cause so much pain. WOW, Chen is offended about a dumb rice comment but that does not offend her? That comment was beyond cruel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie Chen was only offended because the comment was made about an Asian. To me, she really didn’t care about the other racial remarks even though she pretends to care. On The Talk, Julie said she was first offended by the Asian remark. Sarah said something like she was first offended when they said the “N” word. GinaMarie is nothing but foul mouth uneducated trash. I call her The Staten Island Dump(Angelina’s name from Jersey Shore).


Seriously Chen gets offended by someone saying go make rice, or I had asian eyes once when I got drunk. Geez, that is not racist or mean; infantile yes. Chen is such a phoney!


Who wants to be a fly on the wall in THIS big brother house!?


Only to see the ladies naked in the showers, then I’ll fly outta that sheep infested house.


if we’re gonna play that game…

i’d rather be a bulldozer plowing over the house making cbs end the season early

Good Riddance

Candy is going to Candy Land. Bye Bye and don’t let the door hit you on your way out. She is an ugly mongrel.


Aaryn’s mom, is that you? Candace will always be more beautiful than people like you. I feel sick, I’m allergic to disgusting, hateful ***holes.


Amanda is a ball buster McCrae is a whuss


My Theory::::: Andy is a goddamn lapdog for McHandjob, not even trying to win the game , just wants to please McPizza and Amandaihateblackpeople… So why would that be. Because Andy is in love with Amanda. She’s a woman but a very manly aggressive woman. She’s the Biggest alpha male in the house, she has big feet, broad shoulders and a manly face (she’s not ugly except on the inside), so if Andy could be a woman that’s who he’d be…he’d do anything to please her.


I like Candice but she has terrible gameplay. For ex, last week when Howard was being evicted, instead of making alliances, she made another enemy by calling out Spencer. And now she keeps telling Elissa and Helen exactly what they don’t want to hear. If she played her moves right, she would not be going home Thursday. But instead, she keeps making more and more enemies, so she’ll be leaving.


Yes, I agree. telling Helen and Elissa that they are the other strong couple in the house and saying we need to break up the not too bright if you want their votes to stay. She’s got horrible game. Just keepin it real yo!


“Under the bus throwing”. I like that. i hope all hell breaks loose during round 2 thursday– it would be great to see Helen and Amanda both on the block somehow. Maybe if Spencer wins HOH (some kind of perv comp). But if nothing else happens,at least let them send the toxic princess, Candice home in round 1. I’m tired of watching her poison everyone who tries to work with her’. The level of gameplay will go up, as soon as she leaves. Maybe we will get to watch some good old-fashioned “under the bus throwing.”


shades of Evil Dick


amanda is waiting after she gets power this week to put up elissa or hellen ,jessie because she heard rumors they were trying to flipp the votes on her … amanda is not going to approach hellen or elissa about that yet she waiting after the hoh to see if her or macrea wins … then they will pull a jessie again and go crazy like she did when she found out jessie was trying to flipp the house last week …




That’s the best one yet! Thanks for the laugh. Even Evel Dick has mentioned this is the worst BB ever – albeit, he didn’t elaborate as to why….

lil ole me

he doesn’t have to… BB15 is painful!!!


I am still waiting to “Expect the Unexpected”. Anyone else waiting?

Is it Thursday yet

Nope, not until Candice goes and the double eviction starts… and with this bunch, even that may be lackluster.

lil ole me


If water is water is the sky the sky

Sigh once again people you are getting the unexpected because you expected the unexpected and got the expected.By thinking you were going to get the unexpected and by getting the expected you were really unexpecting it.I know I know such great advice,might start charging for advice next time though


The expect the unexpected is that we expected a good long summer of fun from Big Brother. We got and unexpected cast of racists and wussies who are afraid to make big moves in the house and do everything the HOH wants them to do


If Amanda and Helen both go home on the same night, I will be very happy.


I don’t think Helen won’t go home in same night as Amanda or Candice. I think Candice & Spencer is going home in same night.


If Helen won HOH, she still wouldn’t put up any power players because she is a wimp.


Helen would put up the easy ones and then Backdoored stronger ones like Aaryn or Amanda


Because she’s a wimp, only wimps put up what’s “easy”.


If Helen put up the stronger ones, they are going after her. So, the best chance is to put up the easy ones and then Backdoored the stronger ones. That’s how Helen put up Jeremy!


I’m very disappointed in Helen. I really thought that she would be a great ally for Elissa and Candice.


BB should bring Evil Dick into the house to whip these guys into shape. This cast needs some serious help getting into the game.


Would love to see EvelDick bang those pots and pans and maybe pour tea on Amanda, Aaryn. and GinaMarie.


Yes, I agree. Just lke Dan was brought into BBCanada and got to talk to them to see where they were at. Andrew and Talla didn’t have a clue, Jillian ( I thought) should have gotten Emmett out (but was loyal), Emmett and Gary were the only one’s thinking straight….

EvelDick would have to be there more than 24hours to straighten them all out…..He would have to get out the pots and pans again and scream “WAKE UP MOTHER F-ER’s”….That would be great to see!! LOL


It might happen one Thursday night….but not this Thursday


my last commet was deleted by simon and dawg,lets see if this one gets posted.check out a website called and then the youtube link with a VERY disturbing video about is beyond disgusting and i am truly speechless. i would rather give 500,00o dollars to mickey mouse and donald duck before anyone in this bb house.the police and fbi need to a very thorough investigation asap.

He Said What

This has been out there since yesterday…. not much chatter about it.


I have no clue how someone could even joke about that sh*t. He’s a disturbed person.


He says he was just joking. When a person says they are joking, they are lying They are speaking how they really feel

The Basement

That he mentioned me is what I found creepy….


OK. I went to website, watched video. I realize he thought he was making a joke but come on…. that’s disgusting. I can’t believe he even thought that was funny. Makes you worried that “THAT” was the first thing to pop into his head when asked to test his mike…. ewww!!!

BTW, did you see the attached article that Amanda was fired from her realtor job? And her website has been taken down…..


Why do you fools think they are stupid to keep Amanda? How many people do you think Amanda could beat in the final 2, really? If anything they should get rid of McCrae. Personally I’d like McCrae to win the whole thing.

evict Amanda

this cast doesn’t realize how boring and predictable they look right now

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I’m having a hard time figuring out if Judd has genuine feelings for Jessie or not… I mean… I am pretty sure he is faking it (go her) but what about him?? He seems to try real hard to make the house think otherwise but he is so sweet to her. hmmm.


the boring continues…..


Something I don’t understand is that all of you who are saying “yawn” or “I’m bored “, “so predictable” etc with he show are still reading the spoilers! If you want unpredictable you should just watch the show. Obviously nothing is going to be a surprise if you are reading this.

I love reading the spoilers and comments on here but the boredom comments and the Amanda bashing is getting old.

My two cents.


So is the Amanda defending from the Cat People, so you STFU too.

Everyone is allowed to voice their opinions, you bitching about people bitching does nothing, so give it a rest.


Such a hypocrite. You are now bitching about people bitching as well. For the record I am not an Amanda fan. I just feel like these people who hate on Amanda and the show never stop. Let it go. We get it. America doesn’t like Amanda and neither do I.


So let me get this straight if we wanted “unpredictable”, we’d have to watch the CBS butchering of the live feeds for the edit/protection of certain HGs for the main show? You cat people never made sense, go eat your meow mix.


Wtf? Cat people?


GM: I need to win HOH again soon so I can get more Nick things

Judd: If you vote my way all the time from now on..I will ask them for more Nick things if I win HOH.

Andy shows up

GM: DEAL!!! I knew you were going to make that deal in a dream I had last night. I was attacked by the ancestors of blades of grass I stepped on when I was a little kid. They were seeking revenge but Nick came to my rescue and told me to make deals for him.

Judd: Ohhhh

GM: I wonder which is better, to be eaten by a koala or to be loved by an infectious disease. I mean my love for Nick is so strong even if he had a inflectious…..contagiousable disease it would still be better than being with someone who wasnt sick.

Judd: ok…..I guess So Gm, you told me that you needed money for your teeth but every time I look at you all I see is good teeth. You hiding some cavities.

GM: Judd told me that each individual tooth of mine needs to have your name etched on it, and you tell him it’s for security reasons. I asked him why and he told me that he has his reasons.

Judd: Did he tell you that in a dream?

Gm: No, he told me that when he was here before he left after he asked me to marry him

Judd: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Helen wants to talk to Judd??? Looks like she about tell him that Amanda wants to put him up. Judd may take the bait. He may not. Helen overplaying yet again

New World Order

I’m trying out for Big Brother next year. I want to spend the Summer inside of the house and play a game where I purposely decide to give someone else half a million. Is that possible?


I think we’re more entertaining than the house!

lil ole me

i agree! i think we make Simon and Dawg’s day, especially on days like today!

Board Moderator

Trust me, you’re not even close !!


What would be entertaining would be a lesbian vampire movie starring Nina Dobrev and Blake Lively, with Ana Faris and Tina Fey as their innocent victims. Quentin Tarantino as director. What we have here is too borjng to be called entertaining.


It must be so difficult for Simon & Dawg to get any interesting headlines.
OMG I am sooooo bored watching these people.


As much as I don’t respect Andy’s game strategy of tattling all the information he hears, his cat shirt does make me laugh.


Andy’s clothes reminds me of Calliou!! LOL He kind of talks like him too except Andy has hair. It’s the primary colours he is wearing all the time. Andy is getting caught about him playing both sides but nobody is doing anything about it. If I found out he was doing this and I got HOH, I would put him up against Helen or McCrae. That way one of his sides would go home or he would and he would be exposed by the rest of the house….

Helen Plants Poison Pellets

Conversation on 8-5-2103 (or was is 1963???) about 4:30 in the afternoon

Andy saying that Candice is not going to sleep tonight, she’s been napping all day.
One of the guys (McCrae, Spencer, or Judd) says something like “go lay down with Candice.” (It was probably Judd, because it was a total mumble.)
Amanda mumbling something about Candice to Judd referencing “big” or “black” mambo Judd. One of the guys, I think Judd or McCrae tells her “that’s racist.”
She argues that is not racist
Amanda : It’s not racist, if it’s true.
Aaryn: That’s really funny; I’m going to start using that.
Amanda: It’s not sexual harassment if they’re good looking.
Amanda: It’s not rape if your good looking
Aaryn: That’s true too. It’s not sexual harassment if you want it.
Amanda: You can’t rape the willing.
Aaryn: That’ll be my answer

HOLY CRAP! Since this won’t make the CBS cut on Thursday, you can hear the exchange by by going to youtube and in the search box, type in:
BB15 – Amanda: “It isn’t racist if it’s true.” — (Cam 2) 8/5 4:27:30 PM

I thought Amanda was game-playing for F2 second place prize and maybe she still is, but it seems to me she’s really jumped the shark too many times for even that and clueless Aaryn….well, Aaryn’s too clueless to even mention. This did not seem like a game-play conversation, but a conversation in which really stupid 20-something wannabe actresses forgot that they were in a production in which everything they were saying was being recorded. I don’t think the BB Production scripted or directed this particular scene. Also, I don’t believe either of these two woman have ever experienced or have loved someone who’s been raped. So sad CBS and BB Productions.


They really said that?

Amanda and Aaryn condoning “bigotry” “rape” and “sexual harassment”? No surprise there.

Sooooo, what she claims Howard said to her was perfectly fine then, because she was the main one talking about his “Big Black Dick” all season.


Seriously, listen to it and if you do you get that Aaryn is saying she is going to use Amanda’s stupid excuses for her since Amanda does not get called out on them or berated like she does. She was in no way was condoning it like Amanda was. Geez sometimes you need to get off the racist train interpretation, and see what is in front of your face and not just the hate you choose to see.

Helen Plants Poison Pellets

Just found a post describing more accurately (maybe?) what Amanda said that caused either Judd or McCrae to tell her she was being racist (conversation took place in the back yard on 8-5-13 at about 4:30 in the afternoon) –

Andy said that Candice wasn’t going to sleep tonight because she’s been napping all day.
Judd, looking at Amanda (who’s skin has been turned very dark by the tanning/bronzing sprays she’s been exposed to) says – “go lay in bed with Candice”

Amanda, imitating Candice’s voice says Candice will be like (or say) “Mom!”

It’s then that one of the guys tell her “That’s racist” and the rest of the conversation ensues regarding what’s racist, sexual harassment, and rape according to the Amanda Zuckerman and Aaryn Gries brain-trust

Check the video out on youtube by typing in the following terms in the search box on their site:

BB15 – Amanda: “It isn’t racist if it’s true.” — (Cam 2) 8/5 4:27:30 PM


It’s bad when you have a speech planned that just about everyone is the house anticipates it. Candace doesn’t have to campaign to everyone or come at people begging. But just have one-on-one conversations with the people who may possibly flip than really it’s stupid to put any thought and energy into a speech. Bad thinking and misdirection of energy. She should go home she’s clearly not thinking right and can’t sort out her emotions and alter parts of her personality to adapt to at least go forward with game play and make the most of it.Too much going from hot to cold.

And Helen- what’s the difference between a public lynching and the private one that you did that on Howard that you feel so sorry for Spencer for? He didn’t even come out looking bad, Candace did because she looked overly emotional and paranoid over something Helen went and told her “as a friend”. Flighty weirdo.


WTF is up with the black framed glasses? Does BB take their personal prescription glasses away or something when they enter the house?


Don’t you watch the show? they can change glasses if they want to! : P


I can’t wait until this season is over, so these awful people can leave the BB house to find out what America REALLY thinks if them. Too bad, it won’t be on camera. It would probably be more interesting than this season of BB.


Amanda needs to stay – whoever is up against her at the end will win!


Candice could have stayed this week. I blame all the Amanda haters out there. If they didn’t act like children and flip their hate from Aaryn to Amanda, Aaryn would have been on the block and most likely going home. Everyone was on board with Aaryn needing to go and then suddenly its like they all forgot about her and decided to gang up on Amanda. Go ahead and whine about why no one will evict Amanda, if you had stayed with voting Aaryn MVP she would be heading out the door on Thursday. Making jokes about race doesnt make you a racist. If you actually believe that Amanda thinks her race is superior to other and she genuinely hates other people simply by the color of their skin then you are ignorant. She makes jokes, thats it. They might not be appropriate, but shes not a racist.


They still wouldn’t have evicted Aaryn anyways, Amanda’s pet now, and Andy ,Judd,Helen,McCrae,GM would’ve voted the way she wanted, STILL evicting Candice,Jessie or Spencer. Best time to get rid of her would’ve been 2 weeks ago, but Judd screwed it up by lying to Helen about Kaitlin coming after her, Aaryn was on her way out. Not our fault, Judd did it. ;P


You need to look up the word racist and you will see Amanda’s picture there. The woman hates Jews, African Americans, gays and probably Asians also. There is a big difference between the two and if anyone would bother reading the Facebook comments about what Aaryn has actually said they are more about being totally insensitie and PC incorrect instead of her being an actual racist. Aaryn liked Howard and did not want to put him on the block that was all Amanda and Helen, and as for her and Candice. Hey two girls in a house and surrounded by a lie, Spencer to blame for that, it is not unusual that they might not like one another. That is called hormones and not racism and women being what they are and sometimes they are bitches to each other. A racist HATES the entire race and that is AMANDA.


I can’t wait to see Amanda’s face when she learns that America voted for her to be on the block twice.


I have read this board for years. The people posting this year are sad. Stop watching if you are bored. You obviously are still interested if posting on here. Many of you whine about the hate of the cast, then in the next sentence, you say something vile. Drama queens.


Getting rid if Jessie is such a waste.


Simon, since when did winning veto mean 2 people can be safe? the veto winner takes someone off then that person can go up in their place is how it used to be, When did they change it? I remember in seasons past someone telling HOH if they won they will take whoever off & being told if they did then they (HOH) would put that person up…I mean if the winner takes someone off the block then the veto has been used, so how does that keep that person (winner) safe too? I remember in EDs season someone (can’t remember who) won veto & told him they were taking whoever it was off the block & he told em if they did then they would go up in their place…


You do watch the show right? BB changes the rules often. Especially if it;s a favorite/entertaining HG ;P


Yeah, I watch the show you duma$$ & are you Simon????????????????????? I didn’t ask you did I

la la la

I am really sad and mad that Candice is leaving this week. She is so pretty! Fat ass Spencer and Amanda should go home!!!!!!


What happened to the smoking Patch that McMan was wearing?


Same thing that happened with her cigarettes, she ran out.

Jeremy's Boat

simon, have you ever seen so many people content with 13K in a season?


lot of people playing for jury this year


Ever notice that Amanda gets far more air time than any other house guest? They must shoe her DR interviews at least 6-10 times per episode. It is annoying.


Amanda and AG are like this *twists fingers*…


Calm your horses, folks. … The house initially picked off many of the strong guys who formed the first alliance. That was NOT a dumb thing for them to do.

Currently, they house is picking off the weakest players. Again, that is not a dumb thing to do. I mean, think about it: Aaryn and GM won the last two competitions and yet the people in the house who appear to be the strongest NEVER went on the block. (Sure, Amanda was voted on the block by America, but that’s another story.)

If the strong people decided to start going after the other strong people a couple weeks ago, the weakest would have been able to sit back and coast to the final four or five. Would that scenario have made this season “smarter” or “more brilliant”? I don’t think so.

Now, I understand if you people like the players who have recently been evicted, and are indignant, but that doesn’t mean this season is some kind of colossal joke.

In a couple weeks, the strongest players will surely be targeted. The players who win HOH or POV will rise to the top, the other will eventually be sent packing.

I guess it would have been nice if Aaryn had nominated McCrae and Amanda, but she was in such a weak position at the time, she had to try to use her HOH to gain trust with people who could help her go further. … Players like Candice and Spencer and Andy and GM did not appear to be strong enough to carry her further along in the game. Therefore, she really could not align with them. Not to mention the huge fact that several of these folks did not get along particularly well with eachother.

If Amanda and McCrae win a couple HOHs and POVs and carry themselves to the final two, more power to them. IF Helen and Elissa do the same, more power to them.

Helen Plants Poison Pellets

Hey Flaneur,

Nice job of explaining how the game is being played by the remaining competitors.

Quoting you –
“The house initially picked off many of the strong guys who formed the first alliance. That was NOT a dumb thing for them to do.
Currently, the house is picking off the weakest players. Again, that is not a dumb thing to do.”

Exactly right. That’s exactly how the game is played.

Regarding Amanda, if you were a strong competitor in the house today (one who plans to make it to F2), and you’re not McCrae (it seems he’s already hitched his F2 pony to her wagon), you’d have to decide which strategy would be the wiser – (a) boot Amanda out now before jury members are chosen, or (b) try to keep her in the house to the end with you until you reach F2.


SIMON, why are my recent comments not showing. I took the time to call Spenser’s employer re his sickening remarks and have offered other suggestions. Did I say something offensive or libellous?