Andy says what if Gina got a Pandora’s Box with a new power and she had no idea how to use it.

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


1:20pm – 1:35pm Jessie and Judd are out on the backyard couch. Jessie tells Judd that he is worried. Judd tells her not to be. Jessie asks don’t you want me to tell you when I’m worried. Judd says yeah. Jessie says if I don’t win HOH I will be going up. Judd says he won’t put her up if he wins. Jessie asks who he would put up then. Judd says I don’t know there are 9 other people that could go up. Judd asks you would put up Ginamarie because she put you up right? Didn’t you say that last night? Jessie says yeah. Jessie says that that is an in balance of power in the house with Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa. Jessie says that she thinks the order of eviction will be Spencer, her, Aaryn, Ginamarie, Judd, Andy. She says until it’s just McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Elissa. Jessie tells Judd that she thinks he is in a great spot right now but it’s only a matter of time until he goes too. Judd asks Jessie who she is working closely with. Jessie says just you and Helen/Elissa. Judd says that he trusts Helen. Jessie says that she doesn’t like how Helen is only looking out for her own back. Judd says yeah everyone is. Jessie says that she doesn’t like how Elissa is able to so easily drop Candice. Jessie says she understands not getting out a big target in the short term but it’s better for the long term to get a big target out. Judd asks if that means she will nominate Ginamarie and Helen. Jessie says no. Judd tells Jessie that he thinks we are looking out for each other but we aren’t in an alliance. Elissa and Andy join them. Andy says I knew I slept in late today when Clownie was up before me.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:40pm – 2pm Andy and Judd joke about Helen threatening people and being a dictator. They discuss how Gina as HOH and how she promised so many people they wouldn’t go up and how she ripped both nominees a new a$$hole. Andy laughs and says what if Gina got a Pandora’s Box with a new kind of power and she had no idea how to use it. Judd laughs about Gina trying to ask us about a power we’ve never heard of. Andy says even after she would be told not to tell anyone she would come running out of the diary room screaming look what I got BIT*HES! Elissa and Judd talk on the backyard couch about places they’ve been and jobs they’ve had. Meanwhile Candice, Jessie, Helen and Andy are in the kitchen eating and cooking.


2:05pm Spencer comes out into the backyard and Judd asks him where he’s been? Spencer says I had a meeting with the CBS executives about trying to get Andy out. Elissa laughs and says thank you. Spencer says there is going to be a twist that is so humiliating he will quit. I am trying to get him to lose his teaching job too. Spencer heads back inside to shower. Amanda and McCrae finally wake up. Amanda goes to the kitchen and asks poopy (Aaryn) if she will make her breakfast too. Aaryn says she doesn’t know who good it will be but sure.


2:15pm – 2:30pm McCrae heads to the backyard couch to smoke and talks to Jessie about the BBQ. Jessie wonders if we will win the BBQ to be able to use it. McCrae says we’ve already got it, we already won it. McCrae says I am going to cook on that son of a bit*h tonight. I don’t care what anyone says. Judd and Andy come out to get ready to run. Judd says lets do the Judd stretchersize. Judd does a few stretches and then says we might not even have to run after this. Elissa, Andy and Judd start running laps around the backyard. Spencer says Andy looks like the grand marshal at the gay pride parade. Judd runs for about 5 minutes and then quits.

2:40pm Spencer, Judd, McCrae and Amanda are sitting on the backyard couch talking about music.


2:45pm Judd, McCrae and Spencer compare beer bellies. Spencer wins. Judd says today is the anniversary of the keeping it real with Candi. Spencer asks what? Judd says just one week ago today Candi took you to candy land. Spencer says oh yeah. Judd says it was entertaining but nauseous at the same time. Judd says she didn’t need to do that in front of everyone. Spencer, Judd and McCrae head inside to eat. Candice and Amanda come outside to eat. Judd and McCrae bring their food outside. Amanda says its a funny thing to think about Ginamarie blogging. Judd and McCrae comment that Ginamarie just came out and is upset.


2:57pm Meanwhile in the kitchen Ginamarie comes through and is upset and crying she puts the camera on the kitchen bar and tells them they can use it. She then goes into the lounge room and curls up under the pillows.


CBS Interactive Inc.

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Don’t give up Jessie…. Throw that muff in Judd’s face and get him to flip … Only you can save BB15 from falling into reality TV anonymity.


Hope, hope, hope!!! Aaryn is now sick of Amanda and Helen made proposal to Aaryn to work with her and GM together. Aaryn pretty much on board but GM bucking the deal. Let us all hope that Aaryn can get GM to work with Helen and Elissa and get Amanda out on Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


I would imagine if GinaMarie open the pandora box and spend time with nick while Elissa has a special power.

weighing in

GM would get time with Nick, but Amanda would get the special power.


No way, Amanda will never get special power. Elissa will get special power.


If her and AG are at tight as people claim., she’ll get 2 powers.


If Amanda and AG are such great friends like the claims on this site are…..then why is AG letting her get nominated by the “people”? I don’t like AG for how she’s ruined the game the last several seasons but I can’t see why she would chance it if they were friends.


How AG & Amanda are tied? Every Rachel fan will vote 4 Elissa for special or 2. I’m sure Amanda will not get special power. She may get evicted.


Amanda, that is.


No, Amanda will not get special power. Elissa will get special power because of Rachel fan.


For these people to be so smart at figuring out the game, they are all dumb as hell for setting themselves up for failure. If they do not take this opportunity to get Amanda out, they all deserve to lose.

Roisin Dubh

Look at how long it took them to figure out that Elissa is Rachel’s sister. Going from that perspective, the stupidity shouldn’t be that shocking.


all of them deserve to lose anyway. only 2 that might apply to is if jessie can make her plan work, or if judd catches on to try the same thing

That's the wrong thing to do

If Gina did get a Pandora’s box, I hope it would be where America gets to vote to evict!

New World Order

They wouldn’t allow that. It would be too much like Season 1. Instead, allow America to decide who’s nominated. This way we can get Helen, Amanda and McCrae on the block at the same time. McCrae won’t get any votes so one of the “leaders” will surely be voted out.


Judd: Anyone see my bear shirt? I can’t find it

Andy shows up

GM: I got up this morning, couldn’t find my socks, so I looked at my Nick Picture. I said, “Hello ,Nick.” I said, “I can’t find my socks.” Nick said,
“They’re behind the couch.” And they were!

Judd: oooooohhhh

Aaryn: GM you lose everything. I have to tell you 21 times a day where things are.

GM: If you don’t want to help me fine. My husband Nick will help me. Do you hear that? Never mind, it’s gone now

Judd: ohhhhhhhhh

GM: I need to go the DR. I want some Melba toast. That’s Nicks favorite.

Judd: Gm, I have concluded that your not suffering from insanity. Your enjoying every minute of it.



The Bark Bark

I really don’t get what you are trying to do with these fake conversations. You add a new one to every update, and they just get more and more lame. I’m betting you truly are a lurker in your real life. The kind of person who lurks around telling lame jokes and stares at everyone until they awkwardly laugh at your jokes so you will go away. Get some new material or an original thought at least. The horse you have been beating is officially dead. I would rather watch Amanda, Helen and Andy in the final 3 than read another one of your fake conversational/lame attempt a at humor. Unfortunately I’m sure I’ll be subjected to both nightmares.


Most of the punchlines he uses are from actual, successful comedians, and he usually fucks them up. Glad someone else isn’t buying it, too. :)


That dog is rabid, somebody put Bark Bark down… I like your fake conversations Lurker.


I find them funny!!!!


Lurker, keep ’em coming… I think you are the funniest poster here. Love me some Judd-ism’s.

As for the dog foaming at the mouth, a true sign of intelligence is a sense of humor, one you are sorely lacking. You don’t have to read the posts, not a mandatory requirement.
Peace and Love to the nice people!

Amanda's Duck Feet

Love the JUDD Chronicles! We need the comic relief.


Gina gets a Pandora Box. There is an instruction note written in Chinese. She asks Helen what it says. Helen lies .Gina winds up handcuffed to Amanda’s ankle. Helen gets the power to change 2 nominees. She decides it is too soon, and changes NOTHING.


It’s scary how true that is. Helen is that much of a sheep.


1 problem, Helen is Korean….But, the rest seems highly plausible..


Helen is multi-lingual. She is even fluent in Juddese.


but she “loves everyone”


It’s got to be boring to type what these dummies or
Or talking about. I feel for you.
Thanks for all the updates. And keep us up to date.

PS: Site suggestion, you could just type:
Jessie: blah blah blah.
Judd: Blah
Amanda: Blah blah blaaaaah $$$blah
Mcrack: blah de blah.
Andy: drink.
Elissa : blah blah blah
Helen: blah ok blab ok ok I love you. Blah
Candice : blah zzzzz Blah
Gina : blah blah Nick blah
Spencer: blah
Aaryn: I’m a racist blah blah . Blah $$ da da
De blah. Hmm.

You could just paste it over and over. Hope this helps.


hahaha wow the first and third comments about Amanda! I freaking love it! You People are OBSSESSED! This update thread could have been all about spencer coming out of the diary room and chopping off Andy’s head and you would still blame it on Amanda!! hahaha too funny!! #cathavinfreaks


BB Haters – Constantly talking shit about HGs, whether true or not.

BB Cat People – Constantly defends said HGs no matter what.

If you’re going to talk about us, get the term right ;P

Now, let’s come together as Huge BB fans and sing “Kum ba yah”


Kum boy ah!!!


The only thing about the petition I question is why Aaryn
Not included on the list. So I did not sign. I’ll wait for
Another one with her name added in highlight.


Aaryn was already shown on the weekly show. This petition is to have CBS show the hate of the others including Spencer. That way people who don’t watch BBAD or get the feeds can see the truth about these people.


I tried to post a link of this early today but I don’t think it posted. I’m new to this site so maybe that is against policy? If so, I apologize. Anyway, I won’t post the link but I thought it was interesting that there is now a petition going around to force CBS to air the verbal violence by Amanda and Gina Marie and stop editing it out. You can find it by going to Google or Yahoo and searching “petition Big Brother Amanda Zuckerman”, etc. I signed. Not too many signatures yet, and I actually came upon it by accident but think it just came out. Thank you whoever you are for trying to wake people up!!


I found your previous post with the link the comment was in the spam folder. It should appear on the site now


Thanks, Simon! Man you guys stun me with how on top of it you are.


Might I ask, is Candice on this list of offenders because she said Spencer’s white ass, and calls her moms my white mom and my black mom? I think it’s only fair. Oh, and the story she shared last night about how scary it was for her in Africa because the men are so aggressive? Not a very good stereotype IMO.


LOL!!! Are you serious? Does she not have a white mom and a black mom? Does she not have a white family and a black family? Is that some how a sterotype? By her saying that is it degrading in anyway? IS it a slur? Do they know her mothers by name? What if their race is germain to the story. I can understand the white a$$ a little bit more although I don’t see how that is a sterotype or degrading either, but i will take that. But if i can identfy my father by saying my “biological father” and my “step father” there is nothing wrong with her saying her white mom and her black mom. She DOES have a white mom and a black mom and many times it is germain to the story. I.E. “My black mom has probably stop watching the show already because of the racism”. Everytime someone mentions race does not make it racist. There ARE white people, black people, latino people and asian people etc. its ok to say that and to identfiy as such. That question is on almost all important papers. As long as you don’t say, H*nkey, Redneck, W*tba*ck, N*gger, gook and/or ch*nk! There IS a difference. Get it?


What is verbal violence and what color is the sky that you live in please?


I hope spencer can some how find a way to win this season.He is the only person left in the game that i like.I know it is a long shot but the rest of them seem like blind sheep just following ever thing that amanda or helen is saying.I wish a twist would be that america gets to vote out a person or they bring back a former big brother winner like evil dick.Because there is no way that helen or amanda would push him around and tell him what to do.


Put Amanda & McRae up at the same time (no MVP) and watch love flourish.


Damn too bad Pandora’s Box has instructions, can you imagine Gm getting one and NOT know what to do? She’ll be in there for days looking at the door with the question mark.


First GM said Nick was her boyfriend, then her fiance, now her husband.

At this rate those two will be divorced before the week is up.


Hey Simon… is there a online website that will be showing Thursday’s Live show? For those of us that have our local CBS station showing preseason football… ….thank you!

Jody H.

Thanks for posting the link. I have Time Warner, so no CBS.


Ginamarie has a very low self esteem I almost feel sorry for her when she goes home and watches the show. She looks weak and pathetic yikes!!!


Ginamarie has a lot of endearing qualities.
I understand what it is like to be illiterate someone close to me graduated High School that way but he can fix anything that has an engine.
Ginamarie completed the cinnamon challenge twice and that makes her worthy of the big money in my opinion.
I really feel bad for her right now and I hope CBS helps clean up her Blog.
I also cut her slack for some of her comments, she lives in New York and you have to have a certain amount of toughness to get by, unless you are entitled rich and overprotected.


Damn if soap and water can’t get spray tan off, that’s a STRONG paint.


Someone posted elsewhere that they emailed one of Amanda’s YouTube videos to all her real estate competitors in Delray. It’s sad that her actions could potentially harm what I understand is a family business started by her grandmother. Surprise pizza boy. life with sugar momma after BB15 may not end up being so sweet.


getting rid of nick was a good move but imagine the schemes he would have come up to get rid of helen and amanda. he wouldnt be hesitating to put the smack down on amanda when the opportunity presents itself especially twice in a row.


If Nick were still in the house Amanda would probably be gone by now. But that’s why it was a good game move by Amanda to strike first. The reason why nobody’s making any moves now is because the big players are already gone. I think the key mistake of the moving company was not getting Elissa out in week 1. If she would’ve been gone there this whole game would be different right now.

Roisin Dubh

Looks like the next season of BB if there is one, is gonna for sure be an all-star season. This year is so weak that it’s forcing CBS into that decision. The only reason I say this season is weak is because the game these people are playing is 100% personal fueled by medication enhanced paranoia, mob mentality tactics and cheap shots. No strategic play whatsoever except on the part of Keychain and his game is super weak.


The things Spencer say are almost as bad as Amanda. He’s disgusting and vile and has not respect for woman. I’m 19 an have more respect than he does. Personally Amanda is my favorite player, maybe not favorite person but favorite player. It fathoms me how everyone is afraid to get her out. It’s fasinating. She must be doing something right.

Kelli Jo

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Roisin Dubh

The worst part is that Aaryn’s doll has had more impact on the game than 99% of the HGs.


SIMON or DAWG, If someone besides a nom wins veto & pulls someone off the block ( meaning it is used ) can’t that person be put on the block as a replacement? I remember that’s the way it used to be. I keep hearing about if so&so wins they can take so&so off the block like that person (pov winner) if safe from being put up too. I remember keeping noms the same cause 1-they didn’t want to pi$$ off the HOH & 2- they were scared if they took that person down then they could go up in their place…I missed 2 seasons due to work but I’ve looked back ( off & on for weeks now ) & read a lot of past season stuff before I came on here to ask & I can’t find where/if it was changed. I asked this question in the last post & got nothing but a smarta$$ reply from ILL WILL, who can be funny once in a while but real stupid other times cause he didn’t even have an answer, he just wanted to say something dumb. So,,,is the POV winner safe (non-nom) AND the person they take down? Is that how it works now?


If you win the veto you are safe unless you are already on the block and don’t use it


So if you’re not on the block & you use it to take someone down, then you are still safe?, you can’t go up in their place anymore?


HOH and POV Holder has immunity


If you are on the block and win veto you can save yourself, if you are not on the block and win veto, you can choose to save someone and not worry about be put up as a replacement nom, essentially if you have the power of veto you are safe that week


ok, so it has been changed then. I know it used to be that if you were not on the block & won pov & took someone down then you stood a chance of going up as a replacement nom & that’s one reason they would keep noms the same. I’ve seen it happen, in season 2 i think, a guy that wasn’t on the block won pov & took the woman off the block & he went up as the replacement & he also got voted out. It was the woman that made it to F2 with Dr.Will that was on the block to begin with & she talked this guy into taking her down & he went up in her place…Do y’all remember that? anyway, I didn’t know it had been changed.


season 2 didn’t have power of veto they didn’t start doing that into season 3 that’s why will’s victory was so phenomenal and why he is widely considered to be the best big brother player of all time.


And thank you so much for answering me,,, : )


Why is gm upset? What functions of the phone so they have? No calls, duh, but what?


Did someone tell GM that Nick divirced her already? Now she’s gonna pout about it!


M having a meltdown because she could not spell the words eviction, nomination and Chicago …

Hello -

BAMMM says:

August 6, 2013 at 6:30 am

She knows that she for sure might be leaving the WHY NOT GIVE A EPIC SPEECH!!


Candice deserves to go off in her eviction speech,
She hinted that she wants to make history with it,
I dont kno how that will go lol ..BUT im sure she will let it out..

At this point her speech can either SAVE her at the last minute or PISS EVERYONE THE FCK OFF lol
Either way im happy because her voice needs to be herd seriously.

And I have a question! ! I kno that they do “AMERICA VOTE” for a returning player every season
But i have a feelin that it may be a 9 person jury ..either way.


BECAUSE im sure America would vote Candice or Jeremy

I just love it when someone posts something so angrily (all caps) and demonstratively that proclaims that some player is going to go out like one of the ‘greats’. There are only enough to count on less than one hand IMHO, and it was not Chima HBIC as you called it. You’ve been watching too much Bad Girls Club. This my dear, is Big Brother.
As for Candice having anything greater to say that she hasn’t already spouted from her helium-induced voice, I hardly doubt that’s going to happen. If it does she leaves still being a really lousy contestant. Her voice will be ‘herd’ as you put it, but most people want to leave the room when she speaks.
She is going to make some kind of history, but not the kind you’re aspirations for her are predicting Sort of like Topaz made history.
I’m sure we’ll see Canday appear on Dr. Phil or some such nonsense. I have bets placed on it. Either that or she will be heading for the Sperm Bank because her uterus is ‘screaming for babies’, as she put it.



I clicked on your link for Thurs. live show to see what that was all about, the feed shows no signal, so I spent the next 10 min trying to figure out what I had just done!


From what I found ot. Lol. Gina cry because of this. Ready guys lol

GM crying says I can’t write good

Helen tells her that she had a hard time too, that she writes all the time for her job and she feels like she’s a good writer and it was hard for her too.

GM crying saying that everyone is going to think she’s stupid

Lol lol. All she had to write was:

Blah blah blah. Blah Nik. Nik Niek Nkkk. I loev yuo Nik nak patty wack
Oh blaaaaaaah ah ah.


Illiterate? write to me for free advice


Maybe thats why she doesn’t have a car. she never passed her driving test because she can’t read signs


Thats the problem with young people today. They can’t read or write. The public schools in this country have given up on teaching and are more a baby sitting service. And then you have the liberal do gooders like Helen telling GM that its ok.


I’m having a kumbaya moment. We all know GM is a couple sandwiches short of a picnic. And she knows it. She’s so jealous of Candice she can’t see straight and when she gets out she has nothing to go back to. Not only has she lost her job but she’s not equipped to do much of anything. Any employer would be putting themselves at risk of a lawsuit if she went off on another employee or customer. I really don’t know what she will do.

I know she has brought this all on herself but if I take joy in it then aren’t that as bad as she is?

Dawn Boone

So I saw on another website that Amanda was fired from her job! Can anyone confirm this?


Not the job with CBS.


GM says that Nick will think she’s stupid, and she really likeded him ( yes likeded )

They tells her that if any guy breaks up with her because he thinks she’s stupid, they aren’t worth having anyway …

GM – Guys always think I’m stupid, but Nick didn’t. He likeded me

Helen – I would give my right arm and half my brain to have your personality .

Omg Helen brain gone, that’s why game off. Why swamp did Gina come out of she talking like
A true gator.

I mush make some changes for Gina:
Blaheded blaheded.


elissa in that yoga position tho……


So Spencer thinks it would be funny if Andy lost his job. Ha Ha Ha. Boy are these people going to get a wake up call when they get out.


GM crying about her inability to spell words….WOW…wait til she finds out that her pitiful little life is over and that Nick has a restraining order in place when she returns to SI. Suicide watch, next stop Bellevue Hospital…What a nuttbag!!!

Nameless 33

Ohh Candy, when keepn it real, goes wrong!


Nick and GinaMarie sittin’ in a tree
K – I – S – S – I – N – G
First comes Love then comes Marriage
Then comes Nick with a baby carriage
How many babies did he have?


My dream twist for the 2nd half of the season would go like this:
Day/Time: Thursday before the HOH
Setting: In the living room with Julie on the TV

Houseguests, a show of hands. How many of you watched the very 1st season of Big Brother?
* A couple of hands go up*
if you did watch then you know that the 1st season was a very different game then it is today. Back in the day, America decided who got evicted, so houseguests, this week we go Back to Basics. That’s right for the 1st time since the original Big Brother America decides who goes home!

OMG that would be amazing! It should only be for one week though because it gets boring if it is any longer.


Jessie, should try to get Spencer to assist with helping to convince Judd to voting out Amanda. She should tell Spencer that her, Spencer and Judd are the low players on the totem pole. I think Judd would be more receptive in listening to Spencer. Plus Spencer has already fiqured out who is running the house; while only having won HOH once between them. But they seem to control all the nominations for eviction.

They could then have their own 4 person alliance with Candice, who would be indebted to them. While also having Elissa and Helen as potential allies.

But it is imperative that none of them to allow Andy (drink) to get wind of this plan; are you listening Helen….


Judd came into the house quite and acting like the nice guy. now hes making homophobic remarks about andy and hooking up with all the biggist raceist in the house. and spencer is a perve. hellen is embraceing the racist as her friends. and worst of all if anyone but jessie wins, its a lose lose for everyone. Get yourselves togeather BB & CBS. what a crapy season. Oh and i will be even more disapointed if julie chen takes it easy when she interviews aaryn spencer gm judd and amanda about about how america and the fans feel about them. and i realy want her to let aaryn, and Gm know how she feels about them.