“If I wasn’t married and 20 years younger.. would we go out you think” – Kevin

Big Brother Spoilers 10:38am Jason and Kevin (Jessica laying in the sun)
Prior to this Kevin was talking about Jessica and how it’s almost like there was this funny girl hiding in there all along.
Kevin – where was she
Jason – Riding ZORO (cody)
Kevin says Jessica would have made a great girlfriend for a week anything longer and he would’ve killed her.

Jason talks about how everyone falls in line with the HOH.
Jason – it’s almost like it’s their idea.. Everyone is waiting for someone to say it..

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Dominique – “I was betrayed by my very own”

Big Brother Spoilers 8:56pm Dom, Paul, Mark and Elena
Dom – I was betrayed by my very own
Paul – are you positive
Dom – Positive, It’s all good in real life.. I understand this is a game but that was a personal attack
Dom – there’s not way I can receive it any other way because I’ve given no one any reason to feel a certain way
Dom – Certain things were highlighted to support the decision that was made.
Dom – so .. we’ll just see how it all works out
paul – you’re positive
Paul – is that a concern among the group
Dom – It’s hard for me to believe that no one knew

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Nomination Results “You’re a bad mother f*er.. she’s a bad mother f*er “

Big Brother Spoilers 7:23pm HOH Kevin, Alex and Jason
talking about Dom being the target this week.
Kevin – why did they turn on Dom
Alex explains Cody outed them it was Mark and Dom that knew about Cody backdooring Paul.

Kevin – you want to put Mark up
Alex – yes
Kevin – You’re a bad mother f*er.. she’s a bad mother f*er I’m afraid to leave her side.
Alex says Mark was Cody’s ride or die. Mark had lied.

Kevin – I’ll work on Christmas.. i’ll let her smell my cologne
Alex – right now everyone is onboard
Kevin – we’ll find out at the vote

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“It’ll take about a year to recover… I’m retired from athletics now.” – Christmas

Big Brother Spoilers 3:28pm Christmas and Jason hug

Hard to hear but she doesn’t want him to feel back she was the one that jumped on his back.

Christmas – this was god’s plan..
Xmas – do not lose sleep over this do not carry any guilt..
Xmas – I’ve been through so much sh1t you can’t imagine..

Jason – your toes look really good.. They’re colourfull.. Will there be some big ol’ ugly scar.
Xmas – who cares.. I was riding a cowboy in the big brother house

Christmas – if you cross that line I make a honey badger look like a hamster

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“Calling it now this week is going to be a shit show.. shit is going to hit the f*ing fan buddy”

Big Brother Spoilers Mark and Paul
Paul and mark complaining about Christmas.
Mark – best case scenario Christmas goes home this week
Mark she’s with us.. but her mouth man
Paul – true..
Paul – do we waste it on Christmas who can’t compete.. yes her mouth works but we know what she’s doing or Ramses who has this backwards weird agenda.
Paul – Jason is guaranteed tied into that (Ramses)
Mark thought the 3rd vote was Jason.
Paul – we don’t need to find out who the third vote is..

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“She’s going to do whatever she’s going to do and it’s going to be good” -Jason

Big Brother Spoilers 10:28am Alex alone HOH
“I wanted to give everyone a chance to talk to me and be fair give them options to talk to me before nominations but everyone is asleep and I feel like they don’t care. ”
“So if you don’t care enough to defend yourself so be it ”
“I will take the shot for ya ”
“I’ve watched Big Brother before and I’ve seen a lot of seasons the thing about this cast, it seems like everyone is afraid of taking shots by themselves and pulling the trigger. ”
“These people seem really timid.. but I’m not timid at all .. so if you like I’ll be HOH and take those shots. ”
“I only have 2 friends in this game, Paul and Jason. “

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“These people are smart, we need to step it up and take a shot at Matt or Mark.. “

Big Brother Spoilers 1:51am Josh and Jason
Josh wants him to know that regardless of what Alex does he has their back. Wants them to know just 2 more weeks till Jury then they should take the shot.
Jason – we have to take out those mother f***rs right now
Josh – I don’t trust Mark, Raven, Elena or Matt.. they’re all sneaky
Jason and Josh agree Paul talks to everyone.
Jason – he’s up there right now chumming it up.. he’s been talking to everyone..
Josh – I want to work with you guys.. moving forward..
Jason says everyone on the other side want to get Josh’s a$$ out..
Josh – they were trying backdoor me

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Jason – If you go out there and you don’t follow their plan they will sh1t their pants

Big Brother Spoilers 10:40pm Josh, Jason and Alex
Alex tells them they have to get the POV this week.
Jason – you better get your mind under control (When Alex said this to Josh I haven’t laughed that hard since BB12)
Jason says that competition today was as much mental as physical. Points out that Josh was saying he wouldn’t be the first one off. Adds that Josh voted out Jillian when he told them all he wouldn’t.
Jason tells him what makes a man an man are the decisions that move him forwards.. if you say I’m not going to be the first one off You don’t be the first one off..
Jason explains every time he doesn’t do something he says he’ll do it doesn’t affect anybody else but himself.
Jason – every time you b1tch out of something you said.. You lose respect for yourself. Then it makes it easier the next time.. you’re hollow..

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Alex – “we’ll move into their collective and we’ll annihilate them”

Big Brother Spoilers 9:23pm Alex and Jason
Alex – we can’t do Matt.. he trusts us..
Jason – Christmas and Dominique
Ramses comes joins them says Dominique and Jessica.
Jason tells her putting up Jessica would not be smart.
Ramses leaves Kevin joins them.. .

They start telling Alex don’t waste her nomination with Jessica. She can’t win competitions.
Kevin tells her he will never vote against Alex, Jason and Paul.

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