“It’ll take about a year to recover… I’m retired from athletics now.” – Christmas

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1:48pm Ramses and Alex
Ramses said he’s learnt that someone is saying that he’s throwing Dom’s name around.
Alex says Dom is doing that herself to put the target on Ramses.

Ramses says ever since yesterday Dom has been shitting bricks.
Ramses – Raven is kinda nervous too.. Which I love cause they need to feel the heat for a week or 2

Ramses says Dom called him out about the banner plane. He didn’t talk about the banner plane because production told him not to.

Ramses says the banner plane clearly said Mark.. the rest was obscured from smoke but he thought it said DOM. They have no idea if it was game related or not or what the whole banner said.

Alex says he’s safe this week, you’re not my target there’s other people that need to be taken down.
Alex says her agenda is to find out the 2 people that voted Ramses to “Stir the pot” She thinks she knows one.
Alex says as long as they stick to their plan and nobody flips they can turn things around.

Ramses – do you trust Josh ..
Alex says Josh is more angry against other people like Jessica.
Ramses – I was the target to go home this week.. On their side..

2:07pm Jessica and Alex
Jessica says the only way to get the numbers is to backdoor one of them and make sure two of them are up .
Jessica – Kevin, Josh, Ramses, and who would be the other two
Alex doesn’t want to name names.
Alex says she has 5, it’s like what they had with Cody. Alex highlights the only difference is the people this time are solid.

2:14pm Matt and Raven
Raven says after nominations things are going to be bad. They will have people running up to them asking them if they knew.
Matt – Nope
Raven – Nope

Mat says protecting her is his number 1 priority.
Raven says Mark needs to control his emotions. Says he’s been moping around all day.
Raven – chill the hell out eat some chicken.

Matt says he never knows what the situation is with Cowboy so he’s not going to try.
Matt says he would prefer Paul start focusing more on his own game than that of the group. Matt really appreciates what Paul did. Making the big move to get out Cody.
Raven – he was like look.. I don’t want to win this game
Matt – neither do I
Matt – If you, Paul and Elena, get kicked out of this game yes I want to win.. Sure… that’s not what I’m here for . (You’re pathetic)
Matt – the chances of that happening are very slim
Matt – as long as the 3 of you are in I’m good

3:09pm Christmas is back.

Christmas – I feel like I’ve been gone forever.. I need updates..

3:29pm Christmas talking about how much pain she’s in.

Christmas – ths has to be elevated as long as possible.. Minimum 6 weeks in a cast with an additional 3 weeks if needed.
She says she had a donor bone put in.

Christmas starts to cry… “it’ll take about a year to recover.. Arthritis will set in in 3-5 years.. And i’ll have to have another surgery to fuse everything.. “

Christmas – I’m retired from athletics now..
Christmas – don’t feel sorry for me just help me out..

Paul comforting Jason.. Who’s upset as well..

Dom approaches her and says they know God.. several stories that exist that show you if you stay strong and you challenge to beleive different… (Good god this season..)

3:28pm Christmas and jason hug

Hard to hear but she doesn’t want him to feel back she was the one that jumped on his back.

Christmas – this was god’s plan..
Xmas – do not lose sleep over this do not carry any guilt..
Xmas – I’ve been through so much sh1t you can’t imagine..

Jason – your toes look really good.. They’re colourfull.. Will there be some big ol’ ugly scar.
Xmas – who cares.. I was riding a cowboy in the big brother house

Christmas – if you cross that line I make a honey badger look like a hamster

3:53pm Alex and Elena
Talking about bringing Jessica in on their side for a couple weeks. Alex says if Dom gets pulled off the block Christmas is going up.

Marks saying he wants to work with Jason. He wants to get HOh next week so he get prove it.

Elena grabs Christmas’ walker..

Elena is thrilled to help Christmas ..

4:11pm Paul and Alex
Paul says she can count on his vote this week. Alex says they have 5 solid.
Paul thinks they can get Raven and Matt.

Alex mentions the only reason why they all threw the HOH to Paul is because they are too pu$$y to take the shot.
Alex – what do yo think or Raven
Paul – I trust her..
Paul – Jessica is a liar..
Matt comes in .. says he’s really concerned about Christmas. She’s done irreparable damage to her foot does she really want to be here..
Paul warns him not o say that to Christmas when he did she gave him the look of death.
THey start talking about why Christmas is doing this.. She doesn’t need the money or the exposure and her foot is f*ed. Feeds cut before we hear the end of it..

Boys2men – I’m shocked production is giving her a choice right now..

4:20pm Christmas and Alex
Alex wants to know about the conversation she had with Cody before she left..
Christmas says she feels that Alex is closer to her “nucleus”
Alex asks her if she stays off the block Alex needs her to not vote against the obvious target but vote against the person that has been stiring the pot
Christmas – done, Nominations are tonight right
Alex – yes.. they wanted them earlier but they wanted to wait for you..

Xmas asks how Jessica did on the wall.
Alex – she’s a good competitor.
Xmas bring sup what Cody told her. How during one of Dom’s shows Xmas asked mark if his relationship with Elena was a showmance or a romance.
This really triggered Dom and Mark. Apparently they went up to the HOH and told Cody they didn’t trust her anymore.

Alex says she’s putting up someone beside Jessica that is a girl and she wants that person gone.

xmas – what can I do for you
Alex – nothing, eat cake.

4:45pm Matt and Raven listening to every word Paul says.

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I think this leaving the house BS to see a Dr and/ or having surgery then being allowed back in the house is complete nonsense. Shit happens and if you hurt yourself just like in Survivor and have to leave the actual game, then too bad you can’t come back. We know production has jumped the shark already this season but this is ludicrous. I like watching a good game but the production fiddling with the pawns is getting out of control.

Victim Noises

Get Christmas out of the hse

Uncle Teddy

“Good God this season”

Absolutely hysterical


My favorite to win preseason was Dom. But after hearing she’s just there for exposure I want evicted this week. If you aren’t there to play the game, get out!


Uh you can say that about the vast majority of them. Listen to the conversations. It’s all about social media followers, gigs after the show,being famous,etc. At a bare minimum making it to jury seems to be the biggest goal for most of them in the game.


All I want for Christmas is that she go home and heal.


As interesting as the den of temptation is and has potential to be, I’d rather them hold have/have not competitions and maybe throw in one Pandora’s box or diamond power of veto.

Any season with a weekly popularity contest (denn of temptation) should NOT have a comp where an evicted house guest gets back in the game.

With that said, I really hope Cameron wins to inject a fresh face into the mix.


I agree about Cameron. Cody’s rudeness and Paul’s domination got old quick. Cameron didn’t even get a chance to play. What a wonderful blow to Cody’s ego it would be for Cameron to beat him. I’d love to see Cameron be sneaky enough to get Paul evicted.


Where can I find a live feed schedule for ceremonies and comps?


And of course Raven brings up her illness while consoling Christmas.. come on!!!!


Raven is so immature. Wants attention to self, sympathy. Feel very very bad for Christmas


Matt is useless..


You’re right! Boyz2Men might be the worst player I’ve seen in awhile. We’ve seen some players float but I don’t ever remember one who talked about not wanting to win this much. Idiot


Why is Matt there ?

Smitten Kitten





I’m mystified too. What IS his reason for being there? Has he said?


Tiered of Matt and Raven saying stuff about Xmas they haven’t won nothing either and they have 2 good legs.

Poop on my chest

Kevin is playing the best game right now.


Christmas should be evicted. I’m sick of her playing the victim card and crying about her foot all the time and using that as a crutch to help her in the game. No pun intended.


Her foot broke…


Seriously? Her foot is broken and she just had a major surgery. It was career ending and life changing injury for her. I think she is handling it pretty well. Though I do find it odd that she has the opportunity to stay in the house. Seems like something that requires multiple surgeries and a short hospital stay would be a game over.


Hey simon or dawg…its actually “Boyz2Men” not “Boys2Men”. How do I know this you may ask? Because I have the last verse tattooed on my left arm. 🙂 Keep up the good work guys!


I figured you changed the spelling to avoid B2M lawyerz.

Team Andrew

I don’t understand why production is giving her Christmas a choice. Doesn’t she need to heal in a clean and sterile environment to avoid infection? That house seems like a breeding ground for an infection.

Cindy Withanesse

So true, there’s jizz everywhere.


Are they ( production) really going to rig it so Cody comes back?
If so, that’s so messed up.
Why bother having a battle back?
For show?


I’m wondering if it’ll be a comp like the swinging one where the HG’s and the evicted Hg’s compete at the same time for the HoH and the lasted evicted HG still in stays in the house or if they do an elimination comp where the winner then competes for HoH with the rest of the house. The returning player either has to have a chance at HoH or some type of safety or the odds are good they walk right out the door again just like Victor all 26 times he came back.


Although I would’ve loved to see Christmas’s “athletic” abilities in endurance competitions she’s useless in the game other then social, event her so she can go home & heal. Horsing around with Jason ended her career as an athlete.


Xmas needs to go!


Raven so comforting, so supportive, so empathetic towards Xmas. In the previous post, she was complaining about the unfair advantage Xmas has. I cant with Raven.


Yes, women can be quite the puzzle.


I want Dominique out but i don’t want her out just for the sake that there’s other fish out there like idk Elena,Mark,Raven,and Matt left in the game that you could possibly put up and taking Dominque out is a waste of a HOH . Xmas at this point is basically a vote now how she’s still in this game i have no idea she is not a comp beast no more but a mental beast is a whole different story. Matt is getting annoying with this raven win ordeal and now he doesn’t care if paul and elena won also if they’re gone i will want to win now i want him to leave before jury .

Smitten Kitten

This girl.

I was just watching a clip on the CBS site which asked the houseguest their biggest pet peeve.

Get this… Christmas said her was
“the constant “woah is me” attitude or the “victim attitude”.

Pot, please meet kettle.


paul knows Kevin took the $25k. Paul knows Kevin changed his vote to kick out Jillian and voted for Ramses to leave to stir the pot. I really think Kevin and Paul have a final 2.


Paul told Kevin to vote for Ramses to stir the pot.


I think that’s Paul’s thing, he’ll use that to try to trash Kevin later. hopefully Kevin gets a shot to boot Paul first.


Alex knows Kevin was one of the votes for Ramses… Alex and Kevin were up in the HOH room around 2 or 3 hours ago, and Alex asked Kevin point blank who he voted for and Kevin said something like ‘c’mon, you know I hate that little f**ker!’

Smitten Kitten

He also said something like “I don’t want to have to keep saying it”.

I took that as he didn’t want to have to keep lying to her everytime she asked.




Matt is Useless and the fact he talks about raven winning everyday should say something and Wow Raven way to cheer someone up by talking about your illness they have to be the most useless players in the house right now and being carried by paul at this point.


Having a hard time getting into this bunch.I like Alex and Kevin , maybe. The rest ???

Be Alternative

Regarding Christmas’ foot I would say…..don’t believe the doctors (if she isn’t already overplaying it?) I’ve been part of and witness many that heal far faster/better/stronger after breaking bones all over the body. Here is the key, having strong will and belief in oneself. I would tell Christmas to look into metaphysical aspects of her own being and she will heal so much quicker. Going by what doctors say is the biggest hurled one can face in some incidences…not saying the medical profession doesn’t help, it obviously does…but sometimes one has to believe in themselves rather then medical opinions.


positve attitude truly makes a difference

Happy to be alive

Hang in there Simon, you’re doing Awesome!!!!!


Just remember to breathe…and just get ready to push. Keep those feet in the stirrups!


You need one of those recorder units that types it out as it hears it!


Hmm… So, just to be clear: Paul’s immunity has the potential to work against him this week. He has no chance of being evicted and therefore no chance to compete against Cody, Jillian and Cameron for the privilege of returning to the house. If those three evictees, plus whomever gets the boot this week are the only ones eligible to return, it follows that, if the rest of his minions ever wise up enough to get rid of Paul, Paul will be gone for good. If Cody manages to re-enter the house, I think we might see a new and improved social version of him. Paul would still have the edge and Cody would have an uphill climb trying to win people over. But we saw a much warmer and self-deprecating Cody, once he got evicted. He was able to laugh at his own lousy game-play. …just thinkin’ out loud…


Not if Jess is still in the house.


I know nothing about Crossfit. Why is that Xmas has to retire? Is rehab not possible? She would still be able to lift weights wouldn’t she? Or bodybuild? Is this a real tragedy or more histrionics?


This is gonna sound mean, but someone has to say it. We do not know if what Xmas is saying s true… after all it is Big Brother! She may be exaggerating for the sympathy vote, especially since it seems to be working for Raven.

And this part is just plain mean: throw them both up and get one of those whiners out. Big Brother ain’t about sympathy.


I’m no expert, but if you can imagine lifting even as little as 100 lbs while balancing on one leg, that would perhaps simulate her situation. You need both legs and both feet fully operational. You can’t really favor your good foot and you wouldn’t want to risk re-injuring the broken foot.


I meant after the rehab and final surgery. I don’t see how this injury will necessarily end her career – pro athletes have come back from far worse.


No one can fully appreciate what it takes to heal from a broken bone or how it feels to lose the use of a body part, however temporarily, until it happens to you. Quadruple that doubt and anxiety for someone who makes a living as an athlete. Of course, it is possible to bounce back. For now, though, Christmas is looking at more surgery, followed by rehab, and likely one to two years before all is said and done. Most of us can’t afford to be out of work for that long. Even if she has the money for that much time off, there is a psychological toll, particularly for someone accustomed to her level of physical activity. Even if you think she is being dramatic, there are very legitimate reasons for her to be concerned.


Pro athletes also tend to have the money to get the best surgeons and rehab folks. Plus they can take the time to really coddle that injury. Christmas doesn’t have the income to warrant that level of care. She’s also in her mid 30’s so even if she could recover her athletic income earning years are already behind her. Maybe she can do one of those Jane Fonda type work out videos with the leg warmers and big hair!

Fruit Loop Dingus

Soldiers from Combat go thru this and most of them are without an arm or leg. I agree that it may not be as bad as she says since it is big brother. Cause as we all are pointing out it does not make sense. What doctor would release her. She must really be pushing her “Badass” brand by sticking it out and possibly a book deal after. Somebody else mentioned how she and Paul seem to get a lot of air time during prime time shows it might be in their contracts and they take less pay per a day. Xmas does not seem like a super fan so her reason to stick around has to be solely for exposure or she is not that hurt.
Otherwise Andrew has thislocked up!


So Alex puts Jessica and Dom up and basically the showmances/Paul control the vote and will flip on Alex in a heartbeat like Cody and Alex trust them. How in the world does Alex not see this!


I’m surprised Alex is so pro-Paul. If any of them had any sense they’d all come to a temporary detente,unite and get Paul a la backdoor (since that’s the favorite coward’s way of doing things in the house) the moment his silly protection expires.

There’s plenty of time and plenty of other targets for later.


Are you kidding me……. Dom and Jess?? What the heck is Alex thinking. I think that maybe Paul and his side of the house are playing Alex. She thinks that they are going to vote out Dom but maybe they are trying to protect her by having her sit by Jess. They still have the numbers, right?

Give Us Something

Are we sure Christmas really broke her foot or could this be a set up by production?

Peeping Tom

Can we please forward to Thursday “battle back”?
Dom – u suck it has nothing to do with being black(ctfu)
Alex – Great job letting Paul and the Couples run your HOH
Final Two – Paul & one of these Jackasses


I was fine with Dom until she talked about how “god is on her side” & she is getting her intuition from god (paraphrasing). Um no. God doesn’t give a shit about someone on a TV show. Obnoxious. And then she plays the race card! “The black person gets voted out early every season.” Seriously!? First the god card. Then the race card. Bye Dom!


Get Dom out of the house. She’s too preachy and on her high horse for someone who doesn’t read the Bible.
(Jason mentioned her carrying the bible and not reading it!)

Matt and Raven are fkn useless. Flush Matt down the toilet and Raven is truly exploiting her sickness.


I honestly cannot believe the lack of compassion for Christmas. This girl shatters her foot and for an athlete that is crushing to the soul! Imagine if your passion in life was just taken away in an instant. And on the CBS side, this happened in the house so I’m sure it’s much safer legally for them to leave the decision up to her. It sounds like she has had to overcome some serious issues in her life and it’s pretty clear she’s the self motivated type (it takes serious determination to keep a body like that). I don’t think she has complained or whined half as bad as most ppl would. As for why she wants to stay in the game.. she’s no quitter and her career is gone as it use to be so being there and even competing a little is probably better for her mentality. So maybe she lasts a week or maybe she makes it far but it is messed up to say she shouldn’t be there. Would anyone say that to someone else that came on with some type of disability.. No.


She broke her foot horseplaying in the backyard. Sure it’ll have an impact on her professional life but worse things have happened.


How can Alex be so dumb to not put up Mark and Matt…..I thought she wanted to take out the strong boys? She made a pus*** move! I believe the couples will have no problem taking out Alex and Jason given the chance. Alex just f*kd herself next week and made it personal by putting up Jessica, who is a non-threat. Alex should’ve made amends w/Jessica to take a shot at the showmance, but of Alex is still holding a girl grudge. Get over it, you will only strengthen the couples if u leave them in the house. And Dom has no one. Dumb move Alex, all that talk and u have NO balls! I was going for Alex but she made a bad move. At least Cody had balls to take out Paul.