“She’s going to do whatever she’s going to do and it’s going to be good” -Jason

9:35am Jason and Kevin
Kevin says Jess is going
Jason – NO NO the target is DOM
Jason explains they need 5 votes to get her out and they believe they have them.
Jason – they’ve been up her a$$ like a razor blade.. All of them..
Jason – she swears she has our back..

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9:38am Raven and Matt
Raven – I found out things about Jessica last night that pissed be off
Raven says Jessica told Jason she hid Alex’s cat ears.

Raven – I went to bed at 4:30 last night
Matt – that was a late one (I know.. )
Matt – how if go with Alex and Elena
Raven says Alex told Elena today she’ll make her decision and Elena will be the only one that knows out of respect so she wouldn’t be shocked.
Raven says Alex told her she trust me, Paul and Matt.

Matt says he’ll be upset if Christmas comes back acting like a fool.

9:58am Matt and Raven
Matt – I’m going to do everything I can to help Mark but.. This is going to be really bad when becomes a have not. There will be a lot of sh1t floating around about him on that end.
Matt – I don’t know what to do about that
Raven whispering sounds like she’s saying Chill out about Mark.
Matt – it’s like the perfect storm for him

10:13am HOH Matt and Alex
Alex says Elena is “kinda” on board with the plan.
Alex – cause I promised you Jessica is probably going up, I’m not allowed to say for sure because of the rules.. it’s the second one we have a problem with.

Alex says she’s trying to figure out who voted for Ramses. By order of elimination she figures out “there’s some concerning parties on our side”
Alex says she needs to know that they are 100% on board.
Alex – it sucks because it’s someone on our side.. but I wanted to make sure we annihilated them now
Matt – absolutely
Alex says the second nominee will be a person who’s name came up often.
Alex – even if they aren’t the third nomination they are stiring the part
Matt – ok cool..
Alex – to be fair the other person would be a backdoor because they can’t defend themselves.. (xmas)

Alex warns him that Jessica is dangerous. She is trying to throw Raven under the bus by telling her that Raven hid her cat ears and dumping out coke to spite her.
Alex – I don’t believe her.

Alex says she doesn’t want to have a Cody situation where everyone is in the dark.

10:10am Alex and Raven
Alex – I told Matt about the Jessica situation and how we have to keep her at arms length.
Alex says she doesn’t want to put Christmas on the block because Alex did have a chance to talk to her and she doesn’t think it would be fair.
Alex says if Christmas was here and was able to defend herself she would be “the next best option”
Alex is trying to figure out who voted out Ramses in their group. She’s building up how dangerous this third vote is to their “group”
Raven – whoever you choose I respect.
Raven says she watched Season 16 and everyone voted the same.

Alex – I don’t like Ramses either (game wise).. he’s nice to talk to and hang out outside the game.. same with Jessica..
Raven going on about how she feels bad for Paul because he had a plan as the HOH and someone in their group turned on that plan.
Alex – I’m doing this to help the group

10:28am Alex alone HOH
“I wanted to give everyone a chance to talk to me and be fair give them options to talk to me before nominations but everyone is asleep and I feel like they don’t care. ”
“So if you don’t care enough to defend yourself so be it ”
“I will take the shot for ya ”
“I’ve watched Big Brother before and I’ve seen a lot of seasons the thing about this cast, it seems like everyone is afraid of taking shots by themselves and pulling the trigger. ”
“These people seem really timid.. but I’m not timid at all .. so if you like I’ll be HOH and take those shots. ”
“I only have 2 friends in this game, Paul and Jason. ”
“Jason is my ride and die, i’ll try and keep him safe as far and long as I can. ”
“I want to create a little bit of excitement and not be a total dude and float through ”

10:37am Matt and Raven Kitchen

Raven – who do yo think it’s going to be
Matt says Dom or Mark.
They both prefer Dom goes up over Mark.
Matt – I trust Mark more than Dom.
Matt says Dom is being really strange since the show up to the HOH.

Matt – I think me and you can easily not win HOH for the next 2 or 3 weeks and still be fine
Matt – we have to make sure Paul and Elena are good too

10:52am Jason, Josh and Ramses (Alex’s mini army)
Jason – she’s protecting us
Jason – she can’t tell you exactly what she’s going to do .. she doesn’t want it out..
Jason – She really took the reigns, yo can tell how she was acting last night
Jason – She’s f*ing in control
Josh – she’s not letting people control her
Josh – she’s a strong minded women.
Jason – when I saw the way she was handling it I was like She can handle it
Jason -She’s going to do whatever she’s going to do and it’s going to be good.. She;s thought about it..
Jason – she’s finding the rats. whatever she’s doing she’s doing..

10:57am Josh and Jason
Josh – who do yo think she’s putting up… Matt’s gunning for you Matt’s gunning for me
Jason – he’s not gunning too hard he last too long on that wall
Josh – next week we have to win that f*ing HOH
Josh – I’m worried about Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven.. those 4
Josh – you me, Alex and Kevin vs Paul, Christmas and Dom..
Josh says getting rid of Jessica is a waste of an HOH because Jessica is by herself. they need to take out a number on the other side.
Jason agree.
Jason – I’m not worried at all whatever she (Alex) does will be perfect..
Jason – you flipped 30 minutes before the f*ing vote
Josh – I can do nothing about the past but if don’t move forward.. I know they are not letting nobody in..
Josh – I’m not going to win at the wall but at a Mental comp…. (LOL ohh man Big BRother is good today)
Josh – they are gunning for me, you and her.. they don’t want you to win..

11:07am Ramses and Jason
Ramses saying the other side will not flip if Jessica is on the block she’ll leave.
Ramses – Jessica leaving this week is giving them something they want.

Ramses says the otherside still has the majority they aren’t going to flip and take out one of their own.
Jason says Paul is always up her a$$
Ramses – he’s super good at this game
Jason – I’m going up there right now..
Jason leaves.

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Does anyone know why Christmas voted ot Ramsey?


she missed hours of gameplay discussion (which should be grounds for cbs expelling her from the game, but that seems a moot argument at this point) and either thought the house was shifting that way or paul maybe told her to to stir the pot


I believe Paul told both Christmas and Kevin to vote Ramsey …. cause confusion and start having targets placed on people besides himself since he will not be safe starting next week


Who’s Ramsey?


not real sure about Christmas, but Paul told Kevin there are more than enough votes to evict Cody so he told Kevin to vote Ramses … think he may have told Christmas as well and said it was to scare Ramses for his veto comp performance. Send a message to Ramses to let him know he better watch out or he can easily become the next target. It also stirs up the house for Paul so the more confusion going on, the less of a target he is.


She’s on serious drugs


All that other stuff and people still believe Ramses voted to evict Christmas.


ughhhhhhhhh Paul is not your friend Alex – and listen to your ‘army” – even Josh seems to have a better read of the house than you at this point.


ugh, please realize putting jess on the block just plays into the other side of the house’s hands and sends jess home. noms should be raven and matt, but any two of raven, matt, mark, elena, dom are acceptable. if by some miracle dom goes home it’s bad, but i guess it’s not a total waste. meanwhile jess should not even be in the conversation of potential noms.

Team Andrew

Josh winning a mental comp?? Lmfao!!!!!!!!!


I honestly wouldn’t mind if he was backdoored. I know its a wasted HOH, but Josh is way annoying.


I hope Alex wins this season.

Uncle Teddy

I’m fine with Alex going after Dom. It takes a number away from that “side” of the house and no one will miss her. No one would gun for Alex next week. Exciting? Of course not. But not a bad move for Alex


Yeah, dom’s not terrible to get out but Alex has no reason not to aim higher. Plus dom only goes home if she’s sitting next to someone in a showmance and I don’t think Alex realizes this

sunny dee

alex would be nuts to not put jessica on the block, and if jess goes out, seriously why wouldn’t viewers want to see her show up in the battle back when cody is there waiting to see who else he’ll be battling. putting jessica and xmas on the block makes sense for alex going forward if she wants to avoid being a target by anyone else for any reason.

and if she gets out xmas, that isn’t a bad thing and also there are enough on both sides who will be ok with that and no fall out for alex in the coming week.

i still can’t believe anyone would continue to carry on questioning why people want to keeps someone in the game who either can’t compete in some comps or whose injury pretty much guarantees they won;t win a comp. why would you want to keep people who you may not be able to beat as easily as most can beat xmas.

does anyone know what the heck happened to the ears?


Christmas and Paul and Kevin are together. It’s all part of Paul’s smoke screen to cause doubt. He is playing so many sides. He is the master manipulator. Alex fell into his trap. I’m disappointed Alex Aligned with him. Unless they wake up Paul will win. The only hope is if Cody comes back.


Boyz2Men is all about coasting. Raven too. I would love to see Mark go and Cody come back next week. I would say Boyz should be embarrassed by his game but he had no shame.


As much as I believe kicking Jessica out this week would really be a waste of an HOH. And I would love to see Alex make some big moves, and break up one of the showmances. I really do not want to watch Cody and Jess’ make out fest all summer if he wins the battle back. But I do want to see Cody win it… because if he doesn’t this house is going to be very boring with Paul using his minions to take each other out.

Heavy Petting

I’ll be back in a weeks time……

BB lover

Cody without Jess will play a good game. He had more personality in his interview with Julie. Jess is blinding his game.


I don’t think so, Cody seems like the very focused, tunnel-vision sort. It’s why he made a good call in targeting Paul, the house should agree on that point, but completely botched the foundation he needed to lay with his cohorts. He should have after nominating Christmas put some explanation out there to his closest buds. I don’t think he has enough currency in the game to build a base to operate from. It’s similar to Donny, he knew Derrick was the man with the plan but no one would work with him.


I don’t know why HG didn’t want to work with Donny. I put it down to them being idiots.

Cody's Blank Stare

I agree! Need to get Jess out and Cody back in for him to stay focused. Keeping Jess and Cody coming back (good chance at least) then it is a waste. And then voting Jess for the Den of Temptation is also stupid because then it’s just another week when one goes on the block. Split the 2 up and let Cody come back and actually play and make moves. Once he’s back, Paul is free game for the 2 to battle it out. I can’t take Jess and her fake hair, lashes, boobs and horrible attitude.

Native Texan

I was totally over the constant Cody/Jess make out sessions. Play BB or get out! Not a huge fan of Cody but if anyone was to make the come back I would hope it would be him. Seeing Paul’s face when Cody comes back in priceless!

Wade Suede

Whomever gets evicted next week also gets to participate in the “buyback challenge”with Cameron,Jillian and Cody. Cody whispered to Jessica”you are my girlfriend” upon leaving the house.Now,would Cody sacrifice his game when he is playing against his “girlfriend”,or would he sacrifice Jessica for the common good for the both of them. A conundrum for sure.(cue the soap opera music here)

Houka Inumuta

I just hate Paul. The way he treats my fav Ramses is disgusting. It’s also makes me mad how safe he is and that he’s guarantied at least jury. I hope Cameron or Cody comes back and targets him as soon as his protection goes away because most of these people clearly wont do it.


Not a Cody fan, but I detest Paul even more. I’d like to see Cody win the battle back,but he’d still have a huge task ahead of him. The whole house has fallen under the Paul spell. When he (Cody) kept his nom plans private, he did huge damage to his credibility/team play. Since the lemmings follow the power, he would have to win a couple of HOHs before he could put together another alliance.


Weak Move by Alex. nothing to say

Resist the Twist

Josh – I’m not going to win at the wall but at a Mental comp….

Bwahahahahahahahaha. Josh has the brains of a Dominos pizza box but he is going to win a mental comp..THAT was hilarious


Kevin is going to win it.

Nonon Jakuzure

Recently I have seen many people becoming fans of Cody. I want to know what happened that Cody won people over cause last time I check he was hated by pretty much everyone.


Cody is the only person really seeing through Paul’s bs … need Cody in the game to keep it exciting and keep Paul on his toes … otherwise, it could end up as a cake walk for Paul … the people in the house for the most part are lemmings. I think Jason is wise to Paul’s game to a degree as well. Kevin is working with Paul as well and not sure if Kevin is using Paul or vice versa.


I don’t know….For me, his exit interview with Julie show a slightly different side to him. But before that I wanted him to stay because everyone wanted him to go. My husband, who can’t stand Cody, even said his opinion of Cody changed a little after his interview with Julie.


Cody saying Paul’s safety was a cheat made me LOL. I almost thought he was going to blame production and they would cut to commercial real quick!


“And he’s a good lookin’ guy with good teeth.”


Cody’s interview with Julie was planned, just like his interview prior to the game. The real Cody is the person in the game. I can’t believe everyone fell for his fake surprised look when Julie announced the battleback. He and Jess has been talking about the whole week.


cody’s the only person who understands what a threat paul is and people hate watching people doing paul’s bidding instead of thinking for themselves. i hate cody, but if he’s what it takes to get out paul, i want him back and i think many viewers feel the same.

Cody's Eyes

I hated Cody’s game because he came out blazing the first week. He never should have said he hated Meghan when he put her up. He could have just said I don’t know you, but to come out like that was wrong. And then to throw your game away for Jess was the exact opposite of the game he was playing. He needs to work on his facial expressions…those eyes!!! Get Jess out and let Cody back in…then we have a good BB season!

Peeping Tom

Alex, taking out Dom is passive aggressive. Take out Raven or Matt make a power move. Dom DOES NOT have an influence on her side. She is just a “YES” women.


Simon & Dawg!!

Thank you guys so much for the updates.

Donation incoming!!!


I know getting Jess out is a “waste of an HOH”, but I hope gets the boot this week and Cody comes back so we can see some real game play out of him (and someone will at least take a shot at “yer boy” once his safety is up)– could Cody have more of a social game without Jess there??
Did I miss something with Ramses or does the majority of the house only hate him and think he’s a snake because of the rumors that were spread about him (taking the $25K, flipping his vote, etc)?


It seems like the shady moves that Kevin makes are getting blamed on Ramses….


As far as I can tell that is the only reason they hate him.

Impractical Joker

I’ve seen more game play from Andrew then Dom this year
Dom wont be missed


Could it be that Dom is the new Veronica? Say it ain’t so! It’s the only thing we remember about Veronica!


On Tv Buddy blog, they said the battle back would probably be unleashed on the house if the third and final den of temptation is accepted. So now I’m confused, is the den of temptation ending or are they confused just because 4th (next) temptation wasn’t leaked?
I actually don’t want the den of temptation to close because I want people like Alex and Jason to get a temptation/extra power!


I don’t think the curse will be the battle back not happening. Julie wouldn’t have assured Cody he will have that chance… if he may not be able to. She would’ve worded it differently. Plus they lost 2 players in one week, and could potentially lose 2 this week if Christmas doesn’t get cleared to go back. They need to have people back in the house or this season will end early. I’m wondering if this last temptation, which is stopping a live eviction, was thought of because they have space to fill, and they’re hoping it gets used.


Alex says…
“I’ve watched Big Brother before and I’ve seen a lot of seasons the thing about this cast, it seems like everyone is afraid of taking shots by themselves and pulling the trigger. ”
“These people seem really timid.. but I’m not timid at all .. so if you like I’ll be HOH and take those shots. ”

Umm ……are you kidding me? Jessica is your big move? WTF!! Alex is really starting to really get on my nerves. I think she is all talk and she talks about the “other” side like she’s not part of that group too. Time to put your big girl panties on Alex, and be the player you keep saying you are.


I think Jess going and both she and Cody in the Battle Back would be fun to watch.
And I would not be shocked if Cody teams up with Alex and Paul


I don’t get why some people are saying that Jess screwed up Cody’s game…..Cody screwed up his OWN game and took Jessica down with him. Other than being completely annoying, Jess had really not don’t anything wrong, game wise, has she?


I don’t blame her for screwing up his game but think they would both be better players if they weren’t attached. She should have detached more from him when the house turned on him instead of secluding herself with him. They only hurt each other’s game by hiding out and reinforcing to each other that “the house is wrong and we are right”, when they needed to be independently repairing their social relationships.


Ugh ……..Paul is not your friend in this game the only friend Paul had in this game was Victor Other than that he has no friends in this game he’ll cut you as soon as he sees you’re not Valuable more . Targeting Dom and Jessica is useless because they both won’t win competitions anytime soon Alex should target Matt/Raven or Elena/Mark it doesn’t matter which two you put up it guarantees one of them is going home and they lose a number and when Cody (it could possibly be him ) won’t be mad at you for taking his girl out of the game and y’all can work together because if you take jessica out and cody does come back he’ll most likely side with the enemy and work with paul which would be something else because they are strong (debatable with Paul) and not afraid to take shots. Choose Wisely Alex


People aren’t becoming fans of Cody they just don’t want like Paul ..no one wants to see the groupies take turns worshipping “ya boy”


I personally think voting out Christmas right at this point is a waste of an HOH. She can’t do anything for at least 6 weeks, so just let her drag herself around the house. Alex should concentrate on “the couples” and seeing as she all of a sudden trusts Matt and Raven so much, go for Dom. and Mark. She is an observant girl, so she must see the amount of time those two spend together, and Dominique’s holier-than-thou attitude would grind on my nerves. Besides, Paul knows that Christmas is loyal to him alone, and won’t want her out. He is laying groundwork right now to get the eyes on Dominique and Mark. If Cody should come back in the house, for sure those two will be up on the block. She knows that Kevin has been throwing some hinky votes out there, so if I was Paul, I would get to Christmas fast when she returns and tell her to deny, deny, deny. Whether she is believed or not, it will blow over just like Kevin’s last hinky vote. Christmas just has to convince everyone why would she keep Cody when he tried to get her out. Raven, Matt and Elena WANT to believe her, so she is half way there if she says she didn’t do it. Paul will be the only one to know what she did and why. I would just tell them all what Cody said, and state that she didn’t believe his last ditch effort to stir the pot.


I’m torn oh what Alex should really do. I always say going after big players is the best idea…. but when they do that a floater floats their way to the finals and always ends up winning. Then I’m sitting there on finale night like wth!! I’m thinking getting rid of Dome or Jess (preferably Jess) wouldn’t be a huge hit to Alex’s game. Mostly because neither of them do anything. If Cody re-enters the game (very likely) then he may team up with Alex. And at the moment Alex isn’t exactly the highest person for evictions on the other sides totem pole. Getting rid of Jess or Dom won’t make her become enemy #1. It’s prob best for her to continue laying low for now until someone comes back in, and she has to show her cards. Either way I hope she gets the last temptation…. because I just don’t care for anyone else in the house having it.


So I saw the images of the blanketed person and wondered when Audrey sneaked in the house.


I know, hey? It was my very first thought – I didn’t even recognize it was Raven at first!

Spartacus Jackson

Guys please don’t have faith in Alex she’s going to nominate Jessica and Jessica is going to go home Thursday. POINT BREAK PERIOD! This will be a useless HOH. Kevin will vote to send her packing come next Thursday. All that’s needed is 5 VOTES. Alex is so blinded with pride and ego that it’s ridiculous. Jessica isn’t even thinking about you sweetheart, you’re no threat to her game. I am interested to see if Dominique has any fight in her though, you can see a persons competitive nature or the lack there of ONCE they are nominated with their backs against the wall in Big Brother., but it won’t matter if Jessica is sitting beside her though. WEAK SAUCE!!!! Ladies & Gentlemen. WEAK SAUCE!


I absolutely hated watching the Cody and Jessica pity party all last week and could not wait to see him go. But I could not help starting to actually like him while he was being interviewed by Julie. He really showed so much personality and I would love to see a showdown between him and Paul. seems like it would be epic! Best case scenario, Jessica gets voted out, Cody wins the battle back and we have a great game of big brother!!!

Ramses Rocks

Ramses laying the smack down on Dom is hilarious in their HOH talk. What is Dom doing going at Ramses…she is kicking her own butt out of the game. Ramses is becoming new favourite because he won’t be pushed around in the game and won’t listen with the “herd”…..I don’t call the house going along together the group, rather herd for following.

I just love Ramses giving it right back to Dom…..rock on Ramses.


What is alex thinking with Paul!?!? He will ruin her whole game!!!!


Alex and the vote…….

She can nom any 2 HG’s but she does not have 5 votes for her target unless it is Jess. Alex is stuck because Jess is a reliable vote for her target versus anyone. 13 left 10 vote 5:5 allows Alex to decide. Lets say Jason and Ramses are votes and I think Paul can influence Josh but not sure. So maybe Josh is 3. Perhaps Alex can get Kevin(sneaky sh*t). That’s 4 and I do not see Paul knocking out 1 from the couples plus group. In fact if Xmas become the target Paul will fight to keep her.
The house expects Jess up so really it’s a backdoor to take Jess off after POV if that works out. I think at this point I think it’s thin Alex can get her “target” Paul,Matt, Mark, Dom, Elaina and Raven plus little Xmas have a lock as long as they vote 6 strong. That presumes 1 on the block plus Jess leaving those 6 votes.
Logically Jess goes up she goes home barring POV win. Even if Cody wins the buy back he has to play the numbers and put up 2 of the Paul 7 group. Oh he would have to win next HOH as well as the buy back.

Watching CBS last night did Julie say the Hex winner Temptation count block the buy back winners re-entry or am I mistaken?

Native Texan

Was sick of the Cody/Jess make out sessions. Glad he left but have to say would be cool if he got back in as would really stir the pot. Paul’s expression over seeing Cody re-enter the house would be priceless! I really like the game play of Kevin. Think he is playing a good game thus far. The showmances need separated though. Think Alex should put up Dom & Jess. Then she really won’t get much blood on her hands going fwd in weeks to come.


This is the first picture I’ve seen of Jason lying down. LOL, that guy must be exhausted! Jason makes me laugh like crazy; he picked the perfect career for himself. Kevin, Alex and Jason for F3.


Shame on Alex – Paul is not your friend.

Kevin is this season’s Shelly. It’s amazing how almost nobody the in house sees through him.

Julie mentioned something about the house having the option of NOT letting the Battle Back winner in the house. So say if Jess goes this week, Cody wins, and the house doesn’t let him in, then Alex would really be short on numbers. That’s why I don’t think it’s good for her targeting Jess right now. She needs numbers. I’m okay with Dom as a target. But seeing as Dom’s people don’t mind seeing her leave, Alex could’ve used that to her advantage for targeting the couples. Otherwise, I can see this season ending up like last season where final 5 was the couples + Paul.