“Calling it now this week is going to be a shit show.. shit is going to hit the f*ing fan buddy”

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11:20am Alex and Jason HOH
Alex more or less tells him Dom and Jessica are going up, Dom is the target Christmas is potential backdoor if Dom win veto.
Alex says they have 5 solid votes; “Me, you, Ramses, Josh, Paul”
Jason – What about Kevin
Alex – I’m going to talk to him

Alex – I know who’s loyal to us from the beginning.. Josh is a little b1tch , he’s a good person.. Do I like what he did NO..
Alex says even if Jessica goes they’ve done enough damage to Dom and have built enough trust that the house might go after her the following week.

Dom comes in to shower..

Kevin comes in gives Alex a hug.
Alex – I was up till six. (ugh I know)
Dom leaves..
Kevin – so whats up
Alex – I need you to stand by my nominations
Kevin – are they dictating things
Alex – Nope
Kevin – Ok that’s all I need to know..
Kevin – I’m telling you I will never go against you.. I have a relationship with Paul
Alex – I trust Paul..

Kevin – Some people they just irk me man..
Kevin is talking about how some people in the house worship . Says Paul will tell a joke that’s not funny and they’re certain people that will just laugh. (Raven, Matt, Mark, Elena)

Kevin brings up the Houdini death argument he had with Paul last week.Says Raven was acting like everything Paul was saying was right. Kevin swears he knows the correct way Houdini died. Just last year his son did a project on it and they read a book on it. (this is funny he brings it up because it was a perfect example of Paul worship. 5.38pm)

Paul joins them. They chit chat.. Paul heads to the bathroom.
Kevin – I tell you I trust Paul.. He plays like her (Alex)
Alex – do not tell Josh we trust Paul
Paul – I’m going back to bed.
Kevin – can I say a quick joke.. It looks like I’ll have my own show soon..
Jason says Kevin’s buddies back home are probably “They’re laughing their d1ckhole’s shut” at all the things Kevin is getting into on the show.

11:42am Paul and Elena
Paul – Mark is good.. D not so much
Elena says Dom thinks the lord spoke to her about being nominated.
Paul – God is not helping you in Big Brother. That’s a little bit silly
Paul – he’s got more important sh1t to worry about than Big Brother
Elena explains it’s more like Dom will feel like reading a verse and within that verse she figured out she’ll be nominated.

Paul – I’m pretty sure she’s (Dom) going on the block and that entire side of the house wants her out.
Paul says once Dom goes on the block they’ll see how she handles it.
Paul thinks something is up with Dom.
Paul says there’s 5 votes that want Dom out. IF they decide to battle the other side to keep Dom they might be risking too much.
Paul says they can saw next week they’ll win the HOH but they can never assume anything.
Paul says during their season they all thought Corey was dumb like a pumpkin but he won a mental competition and shocked them all. (we all thought he was gay as a pumpkin) Stresses that anything can happen.

11:50am HOH Dom and Alex
Dom is saying she never voted Ramses..
Dom asks if anyone has planted that seed that it was her who voted out Ramses.
Alex says no.

Alex starts hinting that she wasn’t Christmas up but can’t put her up when she never got a chance to defend herself.

Alex says Ramses throw her name out a lot
Dom says she saw the kind of person he is and said it. “I called him out”

Dom says she wanted to look her in the face and let her know she voted out Cody he threw her name under the bus twice she had no reason to vote Ramses.
Dom started getting a feeling that her group would target her.

Dom says she’s pissed at her group for what they said about the show. THey all told her they loved it to her face then she finds out with the exception or Paul they all had a issue with it.
Dom – I take criticism and respect criticism..

12:03pm Raven, Elena and Paul
Raven is complaining about Xmas being gone for so long is unfair.. Says that Alex was even saying she won’t put Christmas up because she doesn’t have a chance to talk to her.
Paul – If she’s not here how do you nominate her..
Paul points out Xmas might not come back until tomorrow.
Raven – screwed no vaseline..
Elena chimes in that it screws them.
Paul says if Christmas comes back they have to make this point to “somebody” how unfair it is.
(Sounds like they don’t like what’s going on with Christmas)

12:06pm Alex and Josh
Tells him they are taking a power shot but she needs him to back her up this time.
Josh is worried they can’t get this person out if they are on the block with Jess.
Alex says she can get the votes
Josh – I trust you
Josh goes on about screwing them with the week 1 vote and how he can’t change th past but he can move forward with them.
Josh – I’m giving you my word as a man.. From here moving forward I want to work with you and Jason..
Josh – they have us in a pecking order.. That’s how silly.
Josh – how do you feel about Paul.. he doesn’t lie..
Alex – keep him at arm distance..

Alex – I’m trusting you right now I’m telling you
Josh – I’m working with you
Alex – you have to be nice with Ramses.. He’s snake..
Josh says they have to make a game move..
Josh is swearing up and down his loyalty to Alex and Jason.

Josh – as soon as I get power I’m putting up two of the biggest targets up..

12:19am Dom and Paul
Dom says she has a hunch that someone in their group is targeting her. She’s going to win HOH find out who it is and take that person out.

Paul starts complaining about Christmas being able to leave the show fro so many days. Calls it bullshit.

Mark and Paul
Paul and mark complaining about Christmas.
Mark – best case scenario Christmas goes home this week
Mark she’s with us.. but her mouth man
Paul – true..
Paul – do we waste it on Christmas who can’t compete.. yes her mouth works but we know what she’s doing or Ramses who has this backwards weird agenda.
Paul – Jason is guaranteed tied into that (Ramses)
Mark thought the 3rd vote was Jason.
Paul – we don’t need to find out who the third vote is..

Paul – Calling it now this week is going to be a shit show.. shit is going to hit the f*ing fans buddy
Tells him if he doesn’t keep quiet Mark might get pulled in
Paul – this week is going to be a pressure cooker

Mark – As long as Jessica is on the block we can handle it.

Mark – I’m going to keep my distance with Christmas..

12:46pm No more toads.

1:00pm Jason and Kevin
Jason says Jess and Dom are most likely going up. They have to make sure they vote out Dom because Jess leaving is a waste.

1:05pm Paul and Alex
Paul says Dom thinks someone on the inside is after her she has no idea it’s him,. ewn

1:13pm Jessica and Alex
Jessica says if she wins the HOH she’s putting two of the other side in the block..
Alex – why the f* do they want to keep Christmas
Jessica says Elena and her had a deal for the end game and Elan turned on her over Christmas.
Jessica says Raven hid her Alex’s cat ears and was dumping out Alex’s coke.

Alex tells her she’s going to try and do Jessica a solid and flip the house. Jessica has to be quiet.

Alex – someone is going to be super salty and theirs going to be spray.
Alex says she can act mad at her and surprsied.

Ramses says the banner looked like Mark and Dom. That is what he thought he saw.

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Vivacious Victor

If Jessica goes on the block and doesn’t win the veto, she is going home. I do not understand why Alex doesn’t see this. Alex talked about making a “Big move”, but Jessica leaving only hurts her. I do not understand why the outsiders (Josh, Kevin, Jason, Alex) don’t just bring Jessica in. She’s alone in this game and provides an extra number for voting and competitions.


In their group they won’t have a vote from Alex or Jessica. She may not get out her choice of who goes home.


Alex is my favorite but she’s leading a bunch of morons. If she had a confidant that could speak intelligently they could probably help her see the fault with this plan. Instead she’s got Josh who’s immature and Jason who probably has Velcro straps for shoes. Maybe Kevin can step up and win the HOV.

Team Andrew

LOL @ velcro straps.

Jason probably has a brain the size of a pea, but I can’t help but pull for him.


Me too

Serendipity Sue

If Jessica gets evicted,she will not go home. She will be included in the buyback challenge with Cameron,Jillian, and Cody. So,Cody and Jessica would playing against each other. “Oh what a tangled web we weave’!


If I use the Amazon home link, will you be able to see what I purchased?


“Paul – do we waste it on Christmas who can’t compete.. or Ramses who has this backwards weird agenda.”

Sheesh! Everyone’s agenda should be winning the game they signed up for.
*granny rolls her eyes like a 13 year old being told to empty the dishwasher

Mega thanks, Simon, for bringing the Paul worship to light (providing examples) for those who do not have the feeds! It’s entirely disgusting… so much so that even Paul can’t believe it! I loved it when Cody pointed it out with Julie, too!


I’m sorry but getting Dom out is not a big move. One of the showmances needs to go. Please don’t waste the HOH on Dom!


right! Alex is dumb

The Grand Mal Move May Wait

Early on in the game, which we still are…a lot of the house guest talk themselves into believing they are making a big move, but really are just thinning out the herd to please said herd. A big move would be taking out a “couple” as we all know 2 is not better then 1 in the big bro house. Dom is what like 7th on the pecking order of her being with the showmances.

I’m kind of leaning towards wanting Dom gone though as her whole intimidation plan against Ramses was a complete and utter joke of a game move. Dom called out Ramses for what….playing Big Brother? Why couldn’t Dom speak to Ramses one on one….she needs Mark in there to be the muscle? So happy to watch Ramses give it right back to Dom and call her on her own accusing Bull crap.


I can’t believe josh is the one making sense trying to argue not putting Jessica on the block.
If she goes up, she goes home!!!
Alex use your head, Paul isn’t with you!

Marlon 23

What is Jason’s obsession of getting rid of Dom?


I dunno! It’s very bizarre how bad he wants her out. And Alex is proving that she is not as smart as I thought by trying to get Dom out when she should be targeting a showmance. God people can be so ignorant! And Jason has got to be the dumbest player in the damn house!

Juliana Alves from New York

I honestly think Jason is a racist, and that’s the reason why. He doesn’t want to be in the house with a black person. Because honestly hes so amped up on getting her out. Its very weird.


Yeah, he’s from Iowa where all the racists are. There aren’t any minorities in Iowa.



Paul is in a good spot and I can’t be mad!!


I’ve been having trouble deciding who Alex should put up and I finally figured out why it’s so hard. I want her to get rid of a “big threat” and the only one I really see that way is Paul…who she won’t put up. The rest – at this moment – I see as a “wasted vote” (meaning easy pickings whenever, i.e., Jess). My preference would be either Xmas or Raven out next week.

Raven to see what Matt will do (if anything) and because I don’t see any game in her at all. I’d also like to remove the “I want to see Raven win” thinking from several HG, and Xmas for the same reasons as many have already posted. Cody getting back in via buyback would be a cake walk and I’ve grown on the idea of him coming back to see how it impacts Paul’s game – hopefully poorly 🙂


She can’t put up Paul even if she wanted to. He is safe for one more week. That is why his name isn’t even coming up.

Smitten Kitten

“Dom says she’s pissed at her group for what they said about the show. THey all told her they loved it to her face then she finds out with the exception or Paul they all had a issue with it.”
Paul is TRULY untouchable!
What is wrong with these people???

NEWS FLASH DOM: Paul was the one who STARTED the criticism of your show & got everyone else on board, yet he gets NONE of the blame.

Maybe we should steal the nickname “Mist” away from Dan & give that to Paul… geeez

ChillTown 2.0

This whole season is ruined because nothing and I mean NOTHING can beat that Cody comment by Simon. I actually LOLLED hahahahahha

oh btw Alex is a moron if she cannot see what freakin Jason and Josh see !!! (plus kevin and ramses). Jess better win the POV or its another week for Paul and his worship-laden goats. Even if you get rid of Dom what does that accomplish? Break up one of the f$cking showmances!!!!


uh oh — what was the comment???? do tell

the show always has 1or 2 guys who truly understand how the game is played and they usually make it to the end but the other 14 are usually meat heads or airhead bimbos. which shows u why the top 1percent run the country and the other 99percent are working class or unemployed. and u can totally tell all those meat heads voted for trump. and all the air heads didnt vote cause they too stupid too. and why do they always have to pick on the black people. and its always 1 token black guy or girl. they usually get voted out fast too. its almost like its uncomfortable having colored people around all them white folks. like last year. davone. omfg shes so black. dont be talking about my daughter. is this who u lay with. omfg your a mother and acting all ratchet like a hood rat. if ur acting like this and ur an adult then younger cats must be just trash in ur community


lol..? why are you making this a race issue? LOL, you’re definitely an incompetent, ‘I WANT MORE PAY FOR MY DUMB JOB!!’ liberal.

Buying Into Conspiracy Theories....Is What Causes Dumb People

Ah yes that old 1% and 99% argument…the true irony is that only 1% of people really believe in conspiracy theories believing that 99% are affected by them. Open your vision up and see that what you see in the world is just a reflection of yourself…then you just may become awake and aware~~


Lol funny u got so many dislikes. Hmm wonder why?


Why are they not thinking about the fact that someone is coming back into the game and it’s probably going to be Cody!?! They need to get Jessica out or else that’s another showmance to deal with and the fact that Cody is good at competitions.
Jessica needs to go this week.


If Jessica gets evicted,she will come right back for the buyback challenge.To quote Julie” the buy back challenge will be comprised of the previous three evictees(Cameron,Jillian and Cody) AND next weeks evictee. Jessica’s eviction would really be interesting,Cody vs. Jessica!


Maybe they are. Hi f Cody comes back with Jess in the house, they’ll just go after she gen again since Cody gave up his game to have a girlfriend. He’s weak with her, he would be strong without her.


IF Christmas wasn’t so muscular she would be really hot.
if ELENAwasnt so fat and lost 40 pounds she would be really hot.
if JESSICA wasnt such a skank she would be as hot as she thinks she is but her attitude makes her so ugly. she uses sex to get what she wants in life and is just a total c^m dumpster.
ALEX is just a pair of boobs and a fugly face
Raven looks like a raver that does too much mdma
Dom is just too wesley snipes

Mark is just a gorilla that prolly has no testicles bc of all the roids
kevin u look stupid around all these young guys. ur old. go play bingo
Ramsey is totally in the closet
Paul is too smart for all of these clowns. hes gonna win. the rest of the house is too dumb
Josh is cool but kind of a bitch.
CODY is a prick. fuking hate him. hes racist for sure. dumb ass jar head broke ass loser. hope he doesnt get to bang that slut jessica
jason looks like miley cyrus’s dad


..? stop spamming your comments. you’re definitely mad jessica won’t bang you or something, even if you had lots of money (which you don’t/never will)

And you?


Impractical Joker

so they will send dom out this coming thursday she will compete aganst cody and lose cody comes back into the house wins HOH puts paul and Josh on the block wins veto keeps the noms the same house votes out Josh

Ooops sorry production I just revealed the email you sent me


I’m giving it to RHAP because I first heard this on there (I think from Taran?)
Alex’s best move is to put up one person from each showmance. At the very least even if they start to trust her after this move they’ll go after Jason after that which hurts Alex.
Putting up one person from each showmance will cause that alliance to take break up…including the flipper Paul thus, ruining his playing all sides of the house game. But ofc Alex wants to take Paul to final 4 (wtf?) so obviously we can’t trust her judgment.
Imo it should be Raven and Mark. Dom, Elena will take Mark’s side. Obviously Matt will be with Raven. Paul will choose Raven’s side I think because he had no problem throwing Mark under the bus in the HOH with Alex last night. Xmas will probably just go with Paul but who knows if she’s high as a kite during evictions again.
If Mark leaves I think Dom and Elena will still be comfortable working with the other side of the votes + Paul so Raven should go to help Alex’s game. Mark will be pissed at Paul and convince Elena and Dom he is obviously not on there sides of things. Plus you’re getting rid of the girl who has the final 500k written out to her so far.
Jason, Ramses, Josh, Elena, Dom, and Jessica would be enough votes to evict Raven. They actually only need 5 so Alex can tie the vote though so even if 1 is in the air they’ll be good. I’m not including Kevin because who the fuck knows with him.


I’ll never question the sexuality of a pumpkin. If sexuality is a sliding scale, Cory’s is well lubricated. Just saying.


This comment violates both the civil and s@xual clauses of this comment box.

Embarrassed for you

People on this board are like the showmances toward Paul.

Oh god I have never heard anything so funny in my life than everything Simon or Dawg say. Oh god I just love them so much they are gods in my eyes. Just love love love it! Oh Simon can order a pair of your skid marked fruit of the looms. Oh god love love love you and Dawg are my idols

Spartacus Jackson

Kevin and Josh are not voting out Christmas dummy. Lol! This is amateur hour. WASTED HOH!!!


Lol @ the picture of Paul.
And lmao at this:
Paul says during their season they all thought Corey was dumb like a pumpkin but he won a mental competition and shocked them all. (we all thought he was gay as a pumpkin) Stresses that anything can happen.