“If I wasn’t married and 20 years younger.. would we go out you think” – Kevin

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10:20pm Kevin, Matt, Jason and Christmas are up..

Chit chat and food prep.

10:38am Jason and Kevin (Jessica laying in the sun)
Prior to this Kevin was talking about Jessica and how it’s almost like there was this funny girl hiding in there all along.
Kevin – where was she
Jason – Riding ZORO (cody)
Kevin says Jessica would have made a great girlfriend for a week anything longer and he would’ve killed her.

Jason talks about how everyone falls in line with the HOH.
Jason – it’s almost like it’s their idea.. Everyone is waiting for someone to say it..

Jason is amazed at how fast people fall in line to the HOH

Kevin asked Dom how it’s going and she said not good “it’s devastating”
Kevin – Go back to sleep dom

Kevin says Dom’s fall was fast. One day she was eating dinner with them doing her talk show and now they don’t even say hi to her.
Kevin is shocked at how fast it all happened.

Kevin talks about packing a weapon at 14, “Just to get home”
He use to have a hairbrush that everyone would make fun of him for having.
Says in the hairbrush he had a ice pick thing for protection he only had to pull it out a couple times.. Says he had to carry it to just get to the store.

Kevin says some guys could fight real good so they didn’t need to back a weapon.
Kevin – I was fast.. Good at running

Jason talks about working agricultural jobs at 12, In Iowa you could drive a vehicle for work and jason used to mow lawns.

Kevin – I have never seen people waste so much food.. Don’t show this in the third world those mother f*ers will protest this show
Kevin explains If one person is hungry in the middle of the night they’ll pull out a whole chicken, cook it up and eat 1 slice.
Jason – then they throw it out..
Kevin – see all the food they leave laying around..

Kevin – you’re not falling in love with anyone..
Jason – f* that..

Kevin – let me ask Jess a question.. Jess..
Kevin – If I wasn’t married and 20 years younger.. would we go out you think
Jessica – if you super glued your lips shut yes ..

Kevin does some movement his his hands. “2 become 1”
Jess – that’s scissoring..
Kevin – What the he;; does that mean.. Scissoring .. Is that trending.. is that a Thing… is that good or bad..
Kevin – what does that mean..
Jess – it means you bump uglies
Over the speakers Production tells Elena to get up and change her batteries..
Kevin – Elena won’t be up until tomorrow.. Monday she’ll be up

11:11am Christmas’ foot…

11:46am HOH Alex Paul and Jason
Talking about Dom going Rogue and how goofy Josh is

11:58am Dom and Mark
Dom asks him if he tells Elena anything they talk about.
Mark – Hell no
Dom – So you understand why I know it’s Paul
Dom – you still don’t understand that part.. OK, you’ll see..

Dom – I will take shots but only from the standpoint of being christian.. they’re going to know I’m coming after them and I’m going to do it the right way.
Dom – I am shocked your girlfriend would associate with someone like Paul
Dom – the one thing that was shocking is he (Paul) disrespected god..

Dom- Power of Veto Ceremony will likely be today.. and people won’t like what I say..
Dom – I’m going to say you all can believe what you want to believe but Paul’s a snake.
Dom – and the fact he mentioned an alliance with Elena should be a red flag for everyone in this room.
Dom – that’s going to come up..
Mark – I don’t know what to do
Dom – protect your game
Mark says there’s a chance he’ll be on the block with her today

12:12pm Jessica, Raven and Xmas..

Chit chat.. (Jessica is reintegrating well)

12:40pm Xmas and Mark
Xmas tells him she doesn’t care but Cody did tell her that Dom and him campaigned to him to get Christmas nominated.
Xmas – I only want to be put up/voted out for Games or personal reasons.
Xmas points at her cast and says she doesn’t want that to be the reason.
Xmas – helps everybody have a better chance at HOH..
Mark – not once did I campaign against you
Mark says he was with Cody but after that talk he had with her he changed what he thought about her.

Xmas says Cody told her Mark was his Ride or Die
Mark – he told everyone that
xmas – He did say you told him you were voting for me, you Matt and Cody the three of you had an alliance..
Xmas – you guys had committed to protect the girls you are with.. so the showmances..
Mark says the reason Cody told him he made that deal with Jason and Alex was to keep them around to take out Jessica.
Mark – it doesn’t make sense.

Mark – me and Cody were close I wouldn’t say ride or die.

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This is really the Kevin show. Best part of the season. #Kevinforthewin


Kevin makes me laugh…


Yeah, Kevin is still my favorite, lol.


Me too.

Jess Vivette

Is that Xmas’s giant foot bandage on the countertop? Her presence aggravates me. If you can’t partake in the competitions of the game, then you shouldn’t be there.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Yes, Jess, that’s Xmas’ giant foot! Lol!

And did anyone notice the big ole bag of drugs she’s holding? Being in the house on pain meds is an advantage that the other HG’s don’t share. That alone should be a reason for production to send her home. IMO…


om gosh .. first off they are not all pain meds…. not to bright you saying they are .. second why should she leave the show … because she got hurt .. many have got hurt and not leave .. she blames no one .. all she ask was to stay till jury .. and if she is no good to anyone then send her packing .. BTW she can still win HOH .. she is still a vote for a side … and as for some of the other comments about suing WOW … are you that fly on the wall….

sunny dee

it’s not the fact that people need her to win, why would they want her to win, shouldn’t they be keeping people who are easy to beat? it makes no sense to me that anyone would prefer a tough competitor to someone who may not be able to play in half the comps, as in EASY to BEAT.


wasn’t everyone mad that Amanda from bb15 (?) was taking psych meds for something? lol
now no one seems to mind that Christmas can only compete in a few comps and has been prescribed a bunch of drugs

The Presents Of Christmas!!!

Hi, just dropped by to give you some Christmas cheer, looks like Debbie downer has got to you if my mere presents aggravates you! Some Christmas Joy in your life would help with that aggravation!!!!!! 🙂

Caren in Canada

This is just my opinion, but I believe the only reason that BB allows xmas to stay in the game is to avoid one huge lawsuit! It was partially Jasons fault so technically she could very well have threatened them to sue! After all being injured will subsequentially (sp) effect her career! Or maybe BB just likes her! Either way I personally will be happy to see her go, as injured she does not make for good feeds! Nor do I believe it to be fair to the other HGs!


Maybe they recruited her and because of this, they are promising her Jury stipend?


The stipend isn’t that much,


I think


I think they are keeping her in because the fans love her. She is still at the top of the ranking and has been since day one. I hate that she got hurt.


i could be wrong but i would think they make them sign some type of waiver… plus it was her choice to ride Jason. I really liked Christmas in the beginning but I’m really starting to dislike her. I don’t think its fair she is still in it when she can’t compete in any physical competitions.


Lol. Lawsuit?


The contract they sign is pretty tight. There’s no way CBS will be liable for the actions of two people goofing off. It wasn’t a comp or any part of the game. Mark has a better lawsuit on his hand and that won’t go anywhere. Christmas being there is in no way a reflection of fear of a lawsuit.

Just some info

She wouldn’t get anywhere with a lawsuit. While Jason and CBS owe her a “duty or care,” that’s all they owe her. Because she chose to participate in the activity that caused this, it’s totally on her. I’m pre-law and her participating, laughing and enjoying herself right before would sink her lawsuit.




Quite honestly, i dont get all the christmas hate. I mean, if you dont like her, you dont like her, that is fine. But what is all the complaining about her foot? So she cant play in some comps. There are plenty of people who have gone pretty far in this game without winning anything. Didnt Derek do it (maybe he won a POV), but he pretty much through everything else.

Part of this game is social, and if she can make people keep her around, why should she leave? I mean, its not like Kevin has won anything (I dont have anything against Kevin, just by the logic that being used, he should be voted out).

If it wasnt going to get any worse, I would stay too. Who knows if you ever get another chance to play big brother again.


Derrick won a few hohs (though no povs if I remember), but your point is still valid. Will, the best of all time, never won a major comp, and Dan, the second best, threw almost everything. The thing is, that was strategy by both of them, this isn’t strategy, Christmas is just useless in general, besides being a vote. The reason I want her to leave is because I think it would be hilarious that we had two weird evictions so early, and watch production shit themselves trying to stretch the season out. But I agree that besides that there is no reason she should leave.


How late did they all stay up last night?
Kevin is growing on me with all these funnies!


Does anyone know if Jason used the POV?


Agreed. Kevin is hilarious. “Why do people press the elevator button ten times. Once is enough and pressing ten times doesn’t get it there faster”


Yay, a post all about Kevin and Jason! And Jessica, but only as a background character. 🙂


I wish they’d make one of the feeds a dedicated “Kevin Cam”. lol.


I am going to need Christmas to keep that nasty cast off the furniture (especially in the kitchen) or go the h*ll home.
For real.

Christmas' Cast

Hey Robin Hood, can you come over here so I can shove this cast in your face and tickle you with my toes. You know you want some tickles


yaaaassssssss!!! That’s what my response woulda been to Kevin! <3

Kevin FTW!


I don’t know if anybody else knows this but I heard Paul has played this game before and knows everything there is to know about playing BB.


Watch season 18

Pauls Ego

If I was in that house hearing Paul say, I know everything there is to know…..I would simply say but Paul that goes against “expect the unexpected”….there is always something new happening in Big Bro….so how can you know everything??

It is very easy to slice through big egos with straight forward questions.


No Shut the front door!!! There is no way Paul has played this game before!! (Lol)


lol Christmas and her bag of drugs…she’s starting to look a bit haggered.


Christmas with her dirty foot on the counter, holding a big bag of meds…She needs to go. She brings nothing to the game. If you can’t play, you shouldn’t be there.

Leslie Thomas

I don’t understand why they keep Josh around? Or how the doctors or production are letting Christmas stay in the game with her foot since part of the game is to compete in competitions? Last season seemed so different without all these crazy fights. Paul needs to chill he is overly controlling like a leader in the mean girl group. I think people are afraid to speak up. Cody I think would have spoken up had the house realized that putting Christmas on the block was just a fast thought reaction since Paul kept his safety away from everyone. Cody is a very intuitive person from his time in the military. Am I wrong for thinking all of this?


It was hilarious last when Kevin was talking about Josh constantly going to the DR with all his complaints(constipation headache etc)..running to DR since his mommy isn’t there. He’s a giant man child.

T-Town Chic

I LOVE Kevin! This just made my day.


I know Jessica did not score any brownie points the first few weeks she was there but now that she’s out there working it and smiling she radiates something special. I am actually rooting for her to team up with Jason, Kevin and Alex to take out the LAME SQUAD of Elena, Raven, Mark and Matt and of course PAUL! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this season becomes truly unpredictable and there won’t be anything more sweeter then seeing Paul’s fall from grace.


She’s great by herself, but with the buyback and likely Dom leaving, means Cody has the best chance to get back in. So, a repeat of week 2 will be what we see for several weeks once he’s back in. The 2 are not going far in the game together.


Depends of the type of comp. They’ve done them where it was basically just a random shot in the dark.


I do think Jessica got a bad rap. Mostly because she went on the defensive when Cody did “the unthinkable” . The other girls in the house certainly don’t behave any better than Jessica did. Let’s see how they feel when they get shunned. At least she’s trying to ease her way back.

Alex & Christmas fan

“seeing Paul’s fall from grace” lol. I wish I could that a million thumbs up..!!


Jess is a radiant beauty, isn’t she? She’s not only gorgeous, but she also is very intelligent, well-spoken and confident (not to mention loyal). I love her!!! That’s the woman I want to marry!!! I think she will prosper if Cody comes back in. However, there would need to be a TOTAL shift in their game relationship. She needs to be the head coach and Cody needs to be the player. She needs to make the strategy and dictate the moves. Sorta like the Nicole-dumb jock from last year.

Capt. Obvious

You must take into consideration that 75-80% of the people reading the comments are feminist fatties. You CANNOT point out how hot Jess is on these boards without being thumbed down into oblivion.. CANNOT!!!


Kevin and Jason are funny together. I could listen to them all day. Keep it going guys. We need your humor in the house.

Scammer Raven!

Raven is becoming unwatchable! This morning she said she couldn’t afford to bring enough of her medicine to make it through the summer. Spend some of that gofundme money on your medicine & not a new import car.
Her pity party is getting old. Not one preshow interview or article said what she has is terminal. Now all of a sudden she can die any day & her pacemaker only goes to 15 & it is at 9 already & once it runs out she will die. Her mom is on her 8th one, so maybe you can try what she has.
Scammer for money!

Ravens Game Play

Um, big brother is about winning 500K…once you step foot into that house anything goes. Raven can LIE all she wants about her illness, but if the other house guests are that gullible and can’t witness for themselves then Ravens game play wins.

If someone told me they had a terminal illness, threw up all the time and could die at any moments notice….I would ask Raven why she is in the house, why I haven’t seen her ill or sick in any manner. You don’t have to be mean or interrogate people….but if someone tells me they are terminally ill and have absolutely no signs of it…..I going to guess it may just be “game play”.

Scam artist Raven

You are right about deceiving & lying in the house but not when you try to turn it into a scam for money on the outside. Her & her family are a lifelong scam for money.
They is not a part of the game!


You are right about deceiving & lying in the house but not when you try to turn it into a scam for money on the outside. Her & her family are a lifelong scam for money.
They is not a part of the game!


The funny thing is that I don’t think she’s lying for gameplay. I think she actually believe her lies and is living in a delusional fantasy she has created. She needs help. It’s called histrionic behavior. It’s partly attention seeking behavior through creating a fantasy world. She needs serious help. She’s sick with a psych disorder more than anything else.


It’s shameful what Raven and her mother are doing. I just hope more people learn the truth and she’s exposed. People that have known them for years figured out the scam before she went in the house. Hummmm no money for her medication but money for breast implants, dance lessons and a dance studio hair extensions the list goes on. Boy she risks her life support for those things. Oh and what about her vacations she told Matt about…Horrible




I saw her mom’s interview explaining the condition and then I read a page that debunks everything her mom and Raven are saying. I guess mom and Raven have had numerous go fund me pages and even a TV interview asking for help financially. Then Raven bought a $40,000 car and opened a new studio.
I personally do believe she has the condition, but it is quite manageable. it is not a terminal illness. Does it suck, yes it probably does and has to be maintained. I am unsure what the 2nd illness is. I have heard Raven’s condition was an unknown illness because they are unable to find out what is wrong. I am not sure if that is correct. The HG will catch on when there are less players. This I wants Raven to win will come to a halt when there are less players. I am enjoying her at all. The sooner the better for me if she leaves.
Remember the guy that played years back and said he was super sick, then the HG found out he was lying. he was unable to come back from that.

Smitten Kitten

Now they’re NOT going to use the POV??

Jason said that he’s not using it because Jessica is a massive liar, he said she lied to him about Raven hiding Alex’s ears & dumping out her coke & Alex AGREES saying that Jessica told her that too, but she doesn’t believe her either & she’s a total psychopath.
This is the frustrating part of BB.

Raven DID pour out the coke & DID put Alex’s ears under the couch!
They think Raven is so innocent, so between that & everyone wanting Raven to win because she’s only got 2 years to live, she’s going to win this game completely unscathed, like the female version of Derrick (the difference is, Derrick actually played the game – unlike Raven).

If you haven’t done so yet, take a look at the blog calling out Raven (and her mother) for being con artists & using her disease to scam & swindle people out of money, by playing on their sympathies.

The evidence is shocking to say the least & it totally changed my entire perception of Raven (apparently there are also MANY people who know her in real life, who are making it their mission to get this proof out to the masses).

The site is:


https://youtu.be/CBwrqsYzRkw Here’s a Youtube clip…And Guess who has a pic on IG with Raven….PAUL!!! March 6th is the date of that pic!!!!


Yuck. Kevin is a dirty old man.
He’s not funny either. Just a fast talking rube. Ugh. Grosssss
Alex is a complete idiot. I don’t get the hype.

Bunny Flop

Kevin, how do I love thee, let me count the ways…


Vote for Kevin to get the Hex Temptation!

Ravens Vagina

Everyone says Kevin is their favorite. Mine is Jason. He’s so crazy and unpredictable. And funny. And willing to make big moves.


Hold you horses on the “well-spoken” bit. The rest I’ll go along with, but the girl talks some trashy-trash. Intelligent yes, a sassy humour, yes. I like her resiliency lately too; let’s see how she keeps going. I do agree with many who have suggested a 4-team with Kevin, Alex, and Jason. Alex is the sticking point there, so maybe K & J can work on her. I think the house would go along with Dom out over Jess, but there IS that potential Cody buy-back, which most will likely not want and keeping Jess would be an advantage for Cody.


I dont understand why Jason etc aren’t backdooring someone like Mark or Matt. They could easily pull in Dom as a number as her whole group has turned against her. You only need to use her for a couple more votes and then cut her too!
People need to stop doing Pauls dirty work


That would make life way more interesting than watching Paul plant his seeds and eventually dominate the whole season.

sunny dee

not sure if you noticed, but those two are hardly comp or social beasts. Dom’s little talk show made herself a target, plus really is too soon for alex to rock the boat. Dom is a side bet versus jessica, who was an easy target, dom just shot herself in the foot that day and made herself an easier target and the big group isnt smart enough to figure out that it takes out their own number, which jessica leaving wouldn’t do. and this way alex/jason get to imply to jessica they saved her by putting up a bigger target instead of raven, so even if she is sketchy, she may be their sketchy, not the big groups sketcher


If Kevin is the one who shanks Paul, he will become a top 3 all time HG.


I don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s so unfair Christmas is still in the game. Who cares if she can’t compete. In my opinion that would be an advantage to the other players. Also all the comps aren’t physical. There are lots of mental comps and some of the physical ones she could still do just like she did the candy one. Some people are useless in comps. IMO that’s basically the same as what Christmas can do. They should want to keep her around cause that’s one more vote for their side.


I simply don’t like her; I don’t have a real reason of why. I have no problem with gimpy people, early on BB had a guy with no leg I think.

Simply Like

George, I simply don’t like you either! You must be quite the miserable human not to like someone just because.


Just trying to be honest Simply. I visit a comment section about a reality television show, of course I’m a miserable human being.

Same Ol Same Ol



Sorry you hate people with disabilities George! You are an awful person


his name was Eddie and he won


Personally, I think Christmas was gone too long from the house. If you can’t be away from the outside world for the duration, you shouldn’t be there.


If for no other reason then she left the house…
The rest I think is sour grapes but I do get the she left so should be out…

Christmas Candy

Oh how I love the pic of Christmas with her bag of goodies! Now she will bribe them all, don’t vote for me and I will share! This season is just beyond any other all right, half are injured from falls, and the other half are just naturally handicapped! At this point I would place my bet on Andrew to win as well, as none of the others as they proclaim, are there to win anyways~ SMH


Will u fools ever stop bitching about how “Xmas” should not be in the house? She got injured they offered her to leave. She declined.

If anything she is helping other ppls games not being able to compete in some comps. Yes she is a annoying ego maniac and her laugh and personality leave a lot to be desired. But stop being jealous she there and not you. You all make me like her more with your bickering


Jealous of what? Her muscles lol

The game

Kevin needs to stfu just like Jess said Kevin is annoying can’t wait till he gets evicted

No fave yet

I think xmas should be a have not and nominated. Watch her sit out of a physical veto comp and get voted out. Everyone is waiting on her and she just complains. Tired of her opinionated ass.


Christmas probably can’t be a have not due to doctor’s orders with the meds she’s on. You can’t take such strong meds without a full stomach.


Why are they asking why Dom didnt do her show last night? Are these people that dumb.

Just Being Petty

No the other house guests are just being petty and ignorant. I get it that Dom brought on part of this herself but it is just pettiness for a house guest to go up and say that to her. I can’t believe the herd mentality in this house but then again some people isolate themselves and cause it. But at the end of the day the other house guests should show some respect and just not ask.


Guaranteed win for anyone who can manage to get Christmas to the final 2 with them … good reason to keep her around

Your killing me Simon!

Are we going to find out if Jason used the POV before tonight show? I’m checking for updates constantly and it’s been four hours!!

You're killing me Simon

Appreciate all you’ve been posting ?


Why don’t Julia chen let homeless people get on the show,lottery winner,gangster,pimp,stripper,former wash up star get on the show plus army guy.
why don’t she have big brother usa all star and big brother usa celebs…uk have many big brother shows the uk one and celeb one and few others..russel brand Katie perry ex husband was a big brother uk host-had a radio show in the old days


Asian girl look like tila tequila


Cody’s going to come back and work with Paul.


Good that Jessica gave her head a shake and is displaying her personality. You think she’d be smart enough to not fall for some psycho meathead


Good that Jessica gave her head a shake and is displaying her personality. You think she’d be smart enough to not fall for some psycho meathead.


Episode edit: trying to decipher who they are trying to promote and who they are trying to protect. So, Christmas didn’t appear to be in any danger and members of her alliance weren’t kvetching about her no longer having any real ability to help them in the game, the vote lie is not a factor in any way shape or form until nominations. Elena and Paul aren’t thick as thieves. Jessica wasn’t well aware she’d be on the block but not be the target. The entire house wasn’t already aware of the Dom and Mark possibility? What’s this Kevin and Ramses are best buddies stuff? oh. The narnia edit. got it.
So they are making Jessica look more pitiable and less pitiful. They are making Elena look better and more betrayed by the nominations (that she was well aware of and endorsed). And they are continuing the telethon duel between Raven and Christmas for America’s favorite public sympathy vote.


When have nots were decided based on who fell off of the hoh comp first, why was Raven not made a have not? She was the third to fall. If this was asked and answered already, sorry for the inconvenience.


My guess is they ignored Raven because she could like literally explode if she had to eat slop. Ravenitis is an extremely complicated and terminal disease. It requires sympathy and donations to keep from causing the victim to turn into an artichoke eating zombie slowly dissolving into non-waterproof mascara.


Oh, is that why she had to run and take off her sock when Christmas returned? Her own foot injury wasn’t noticeable enough? Sympathy levels dropped and she began to feel a resurgence of her symptoms?

The reflection of Matt's blue shirt off his metal bowl.

Raven got a never not pass in the first veto competition.


Hmmm… Christmas has a broken foot, so she’s not fit to be in the house, but Raven is terminally I’ll and should stay???
The usual criteria for whether a sick or injured houseguest is permitted to stay has historically depended upon the medical team’s assessment of whether or not allowing a player to remain is life-threatening, poses a health risk to other houseguests and/ or otherwise poses UNACCEPTABLE RISK to CBS or any of the parties involved.

Raven had to be medically cleared in order to be on the show. If she is now claiming she could die at any moment, how is that different from anyone else in the house, or in the world for that matter? It can be argued that the pace-maker significantly increases her chances for survival.

RE: Christmas and her pain meds- She is not taking them for recreational purposes. They were prescribed in order to “manage” her legitimate pain. The other houseguests are fit and in no extraordinary pain. THEY ARE NOT at a disadvantage because she has pills and they don’t. They have NO NEED for pain meds. You don’t distribute pain-killers, or any kind of medication, to everyone in the house based upon the needs of one person. There have always been people in the house, every season, who were given whatever meds they would normally be taking. (Ex: Someone suffers from migraines and has a prescription.) THERE IS NO ADVANTAGE in having an injury that requires pain management.
In addition to being medically (and psychologically) cleared to be on the show, these people have to sign all kinds of waivers to the effect that they both UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT that there are health risks associated with being on the show. They have to agree to accept the associated risks.
Sidebar: Josh got cleared by the shrink? Really? LOL. But I digress…:-)
Bottom Line:
Raven cannot have it both ways. She is either too sick to be there or she’s fit as a fiddle and ready for love.
Christmas has a broken foot. In season 1, there was an amputee with one leg and a crutch. Also, Christmas was not the only one crawling around on all fours during the Candy Crush challenge.


Auto-correct changed “ill ” to “I’ll.”


Can someone break down alliances for me. I know the groups but wondered how many final two deals have been made.


current pairs: mattraven, alexjason, jasonmark, markelena, elenaramses, elenapaul, paulkevin, paulalex, paulchristmas. Not that these are final two deals, more like working pairs and info sharing. strangely enough raven hasn’t made a working pair deal with paul, she just blindly laughs at anything he says and takes his side in any conversation.