Big Brother Spoilers – Ian’s Hoffoween Wish List and the True Carrot Top Alliance

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

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8:25pm Bathroom Cam 1-2 Britney, Dan, Ian, Danielle, Shane
They start talking about going to Hoffoween. Ian is pretty excited about it.

Ian’s wish list for Hoffoween

Kristen Big Brother 12
Angie Big BRother 10
Rachel and Brendon
Britney and Dan
Ian wonders if Enzo will go.. Britney doesn’t think so..
James Rhine

Britney says there is one definite that will be at Hoffoween come hell or High water.. “Keith from Big Brother 13.. He lives in Chicago. “
Ian says that the entire cast of Big Brother 14 will be on his wishlist for Hoffoween
Britney: “I’m going to be Jodi for Halloween”
Ian: “Matt won’t let Jodi in he’ll say You don’t have a Key”
Ian: “Does ragan go to that thing”
Britney: “Ya”
Ian: “Cool.. oh and Jeff and Jordan”
Britney: “Who are you kidding Ian you would go to Hoffoween if it was only the 3rd boot from Season 3”
Dan jokes about Ian’s man crush on matt.
Ian: “I declare I have a man crush on Matt Hoffman”
Dan: “Is Ian a cross between Matt Hoffman and Ronnie”
Ian: ‘I hope I played a better game than Ronnie though”
Shane: “you did.. but he got a lot of CT time (camera time)”

Britney says people on Big Brother don’t usually hold grudges for too long. Dan says that Renny from his season won’t talk to him. He tried to contact her but she never replied so he got ahold of her son to get her number but she never replied.

Britney tells them in 3 weeks they will all be a big happy Big Brother Family. “Except for people I hate” Ian: “Who” Britney: “I’ll tell you later”

(If I was American and I made it on Big Brother I would totally go to Hoffoween)

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9:03pm Kitchen Jenn, Frank and Joe chatting while Joe cooks dinner.
Joe points out that after Britney leaves they will be down to one coach and this coach has won before by a vote of 7-0. Frank doubts it will matter. Frank says that so much of the house is targeting Dan right now he won’t last long. Frank says Dan will muddy his name too much if he makes it to the end people won’t vote for him.

Frank: “I just want that little fu***er out so I can sleep easy for awhile.. “
JOe: “Ya”
Frank: “After that it’s wrap city”
Joe: “Yup wrap city”
Frank says they need to get Ian and Dan out after that they only need to worry about POV.
Joe says between the three of them (Shane, Joe and Frank) they can easily pull through.
They stand and marvel at the Memory wall..
Joe: “It’s perfect.. I can beat Jenn you can Beat Jenn”
Joe: “She’s my second favorite in the house.. I mean it I love Jenn”
They both agree that danielle is going to be dangerous.

The picture show who I think is the true carrot top alliance.. (This may be what the powerhouse alliance has evolved into .. 3 deep unstoppable)
(They need to cast a chef every season on Big Brother Joe’s cooking some mean food tonight)

9:23pm Bathroom Ian, Britney, Shane, Danielle, Dan Ian talking about Shelly being pretty much the only person out of the Big Brother 13 newbie cast that brought it and came to play. Britney says that the Pandora’s Box twist screwed
Danielle: “If the Pandora’s box wasn’t opened then Rachel would not have won the game”
Dan and Britney head to kitchen.
They go to explain what happened
Shane had no idea they did shit like that..
Shane looks worried… he keeps asking questions about it (Shane just learnt that production messes with the game)

Ian goes on to explain what Shelly did in the game and why she was one of the best of that season. San completely disagrees.. they start to discuss what warrants a good player. ian would vote for the strategic player over the “comp beast” everyday. Ian points out if it’s every week that you have to win A competition to stay in the game you are doing something wrong.

(I’m partially agreeing with Ian I personally thought that out of the newbies last year Shelly had the tightest game)

9:59pm Dinner all Cams **New Updates begin here**
They are chatting about offensive terms used by some people in the house
Joe’s talking about all the “Politically Correct” terms he has to remember and it’s killing him.
Joe: “I’m a Indian call me a f******* Indian I don’t give a Sh!t”
Joe: “You hear they want to chance the Cleveland Indians name.. cause it’s offensive”
Joe: “every day there is a new word that is offensive… ”

10:13pm is that a sheet or is it Danielle’s booty shorts? (Image Link)

10:29pm talk about horse racing.. Britney wonders why the horses are not staggered like they do in human races. Joe explains..
Britney: “I always wanted to be a jockey.. now I thin it would just be scary”

10:44pm Kitchen They start talking about video games. Ian brings up liking the PC game Roller Coaster Tycoon. Dan jokes that Ian looks like a young Larry Laffer from leisure suit Larry

11:00pm Kitchen Danielle says that Jodi assumed that Danielle was going to be leaveing because of the colour of her skin. Ian remembers his first Diary Room session it was all about how HOT Kara was.

Ian mentions that if The first HOH competition was just a HOH Comp and Dan didn’t’ have to eliminate one of his player Jodi would have most likely gone up. Ian: “Willie and Jodi would have butt heads”
Danielle brings up during their introductions Jodi got up and told them all “I aint doing anyone’s dishes I’m not anyone’s momma”

11:18pm Cam 1-2 Britney and Danielle Bedroom
(Danielle packing her bags)
Danielle asks her about her Diary Room session. Britney says they didn’t need any sound bites they just wanted to talk about other things with her. Danielle: “Like how you are feeling?” Britney: “No… something else.. you realize that it’s Day 55”

Danielle wonders what her family and Friends are doing.. she sometimes tries to figure out how she is being portrayed. Britney tells her not to worry about it there is now way for her to figure that out until she gets out.

Britney tells them she will be wearing a dress on eviction night and maybe keep something in her bag.. just in case, “It seems like a waste”

11:40pm Cam 3-4 Bedroom Britney, Ian and Danielle
Ian joins them says there are 21 days remaining. He’s pretty sure he won’t make it now.. but he’s honest when he says he wants a Quackpacker to win. Ian asks Danielle if Shane or himself is going up.

Danielle: “I promise you and Shane are safe if I win HOH”
Ian: “If I win HOH you are safe.. I think you know who is the target”
Danielle: “We all know who the target is”
Britney: “Dan and Frank have made a deal Dan will keep Frank safe”

Ian thinks that Dan will keep Frank around for one more week then cut him. Ian proposes that they take Frank out this week so Dan will roll with them and they can guarantee that a QuackPacker wins.
Britney leaves..
Ian says that he’ll hang in the endurance comp up until Jenn and Dan drop.. he just wants to make sure Danielle doesn’t put him up. Ian is worried that Dan or Jenn would put him up.

Danielle: “I’ve never gone back on my word and I’m not going to start now.. You know who I’m putting up.. it’s obvious at this point”
Ian: “I say we drag Joe for a while then.. he’s growing on me.. hopefully Frank and Jenn go these next 2 weeks”

Ian says that he had a conversation with Dan in the Bathroom and he told him that his first word is always good..

Ian and Danielle agree that Frank brags all the time about himself. Ian points out all the flaws in Franks game, says his social game stinks because ever week he needs to win either HOh or POV or someone will put him up.

Danielle: “Frank says he would vote 7-0”
Ian: “Frank is delusional.. if you were up against Frank you would win. ” Ian is convinced that Frank will not win this game unless he’s up against someone completely useless.

Ian says that before things fell through with Frank he would talk mad sh!t about Danielle and Shane.. saying they were pathetic in the game. Danielle says she starting to get a bit tried of Frank thinking he deserves to win because he applied to Big Brother 3 times. Ian agrees says that everyone in the house went through the same casting process they all deserve to be here.

Ian tells her that if it’s the 2 of them still hanging in the HOH Endurance competition he’ll throw the HOH to her. Danielle promises him he’s save and so is the quackpack.
Britney joins them..
Danielle asks them what the HOH comp will be
Ian thinks it will be hanging on shit and getting spun around..
Ian: “I can handle it .. I’ll puke on Frank”

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Power of Veto Corleone

I haven’t been following the past 24 hours.
How is Jen eating fried chicken? I thought she was on slop for the rest of the season.


Hey, when it comes to Jenn and chicken, she prefers dark meat, those are Dani’s thunder thighs she was eating.

Friend of Jenn

Dude, how old are you? Grow the f up. Jen probably gets more women than you in a week than you’ve had in your life.


Jenn and Dan were both eating Arvin’s Famous Slopburgers. The rest of the house had fried greasy chicken.


i saw jenn make 4 patties and put them in the oven…they were slop burgers.

that fried chicken looked good…the mashed potatoes looked good…and with the white gravy over the top? mmmmm…comfort food


Dan: “Is Ian a cross between Matt Hoffman and Ronnie”

LMFAO spot on Matt’s brain’s and Ronnie the Rat traits


joe made different flavoured burgers out of the slop . that is what jenn is eating … its a mixture to make patties … ie mexican . mustard ect.. remember earlier frank saying how much he liked them .. he kept having slop burgers..


Good bye, Britney! I hope Ian joins you and Ashley in jury next week! I’m sure he’ll be happy to be with his two crushes. You got, got, bitch! Loved you’re expression on the show tonight, it was amazing to see you get knocked of your high horse, phony!


I couldn’t agree more! I can’t stand her and her always whining about leaving hubby and quitting her job. OMG STFU already!


Did Britchney actually quit her job and leave her husband to be on the show?
Give her an increased stipend, a year’s supply of “Trojans” so she doesn’t procreate!


how long would Ian last in a 3some with Brit and Ash? 10 seconds?


He wouldn’t even get his fasteners undone….

Britney's Queef Box



Nicky Brand

About as long as Jason Biggs lasted with Nadia.


This sentiment that Britney is a great player is absurd. If Shane does not win veto after the Willie debacle, her and Jojo would have been gone before Janelle. Shane’s competition prowess made her a player, not her social game. The whole time she bossed him around, condescended to him, and generally took for granted his allegiance. His stupidity kept her safe. Then she hitches her wagon to Ian, an immature, possibly autistic 21 year old, rather than groom and work Shane or anybody else for that matter. But the topper to her horrible “social game” was the last 2 weeks.

The Silent Six had agreed to be silent. They were supposed to look like adversaries to the rest of the house. Boogie and Frank were supposed to tell everybody to target their silent allies…including Ian. Yet despite all of this, when Ian comes to her confirming what was supposed to be the plan, she panics. Rather than playing nice and trying to backdoor Mike or Frank or quelling the furor with a plan to let Mike/Frank/Shane/Dan destroy each other while she, Ian, and Danielle coast to the end, she convinces Shane to attack them head on and when they go after Shane as should have been expected and he panics and uses her name, what does she do? Does she calmly respond to them that she heard the were targeting the two of them right before nominations by more than one source so she and Shane panicked? Did she say it’s not personal and I want to work with you guys, so let’s play the veto and we can talk and see if an accommodation can be worked out? No, instead she panics and indicates it was Dan’s doing.

Despite all these mistakes, imagine if this week after Dan and Danielle were nominated, She took Shane up to HOH to talk to Frank. The same Frank who was convinced that Dan was the mastermind and decided to level with him. “Frank, I feel just so horrible about everything that happened. I really want to come clean to you, but I need your assurances that what I say stay between us for the time being. Dan just had all of us so wrapped up in his web, I think myself, Shane, Danielle, and Ian really messed up bad. Ian was the one that told Dan what you and Mike said. I know you will be angry, but Ian is a good kid. He just got taken in by Dan’s vicious manipulation. Please don’t take it out on him. I’m the vet and if anybody should have seen what Dan was doing, it is me. I’m the one to blame. But Frank, I want to make it right. I want to fulfill my promise to you and Mike. I know we can’t do a final 6, but we can still do a final 5. Do you think we can try to rebuild our trust, but do me this small favor and keep Danielle in the dark. She still in Dan’s web, but once he’s gone, we can bring her back. And if we can’t then she’ll have to go. If you confront Dan with this information now, we might not be able to bring her back? She’s been so brainwashed by him that she might try to self-evict, so just wait until Thursday night before you say anything or even better, do it in your goodbye message”

Had she done this, Britney would be safe today and her 3 allies would be in good standing. The worst part is Frank gave her opening after opening to be worked. He wanted Dan to be the villain and he wanted to trust Britney and each time she froze up, letting doubt creep into Frank’s mind. What did she do instead? She covered herself with Joe and Jenn….JOE and JENN!!! One of the reasons that she did not know Frank and that he would have bought her story is that she wrote him off as an enemy from the very beginning (maybe his hair reminded her of Hayden) and never gave him the time of day. A good social player would learn their enemies and learn to work them. But not snowflake her social game was reserved for people she liked…that is not game.

Had she done this, Frank would have suspected that Dan’s funeral was just another ploy and when he gave his confession it would have been the same information Frank would have already had. Dan’s deal offer would have fallen on deaf ears.

But Britney assumed Dan would be a martyr and not fight to stay. In essence she thought Dan would react like she has, which is to quit. Even if Somehow Dan survived and Danielle left, she could tell Frank to just play nice in case Dan is HOH then convince Dan to do the same. Pick off the floaters then eventually Dan would still need to go.

She still could have gotten Frank later or she could have used him to get Jenn and Joe. Hell, she could have gotten Frank and Shane to carry her to the end, then fight each other to see who would take her to the final. But instead she decided to protect Ian…that’s it. She had no master plan or grand strategy. How she could be cast as a Big Brother coach is beyond me.


You make some good points, Bobsky. But the “very hot chick factor” is absolutely huge, for both BB production and its male viewers, let’s face it. Both Janelle and Britney have won “America’s Favorite.” Why? Their Gameplay/Comps ability? Heck no. Janelle won some in earlier seasons, but none in BB14, and it may have cost her. Look at Simon/Dawg’s current “BB Favorites” poll. Britney has consistently been at or near the top of it, all season. Think her daily bikini shots have anything to do with that? I do. A LOT to do with it. While there have been other mega-hotties on BB, history shows most tend to be evicted quite early. JoJo spoke the “real world truth”, when she said early on to a houseguest, “I can basically get any guy to do whatever I want!” I believe her. Despite that awful personality of hers! I think she said one guy actually pays her rent, just for the odd “favor” or two! But inside the BB house, looks don’t have that same power. JoJo also admitted that she’s not very good in bed, thinking it’s cost her some guys. Notice how JoJo didn’t seem to be too worried about it, though? Because there are lots of other guys out there who’ll think she’s hot, so she’ll just keep using her “I’m Hot, E-Z Pass” through life instead. To quote Ian, hotties are “BB Ratings Gold”. Did you notice which two players were being sequestered, in case all 4 coaches voted not to enter the game? You got it. The gorgeous Kara and JoJo were coming back. Why? PhD’s in gameplay? I think not. Hot babes don’t become BB champs, however (a-hottie-to-some Rachel’s BB13 Pandora’s Box good fortune excepted.) Yeah, a pretty, Porsche-type floater will get far on occasion, but AG has no long-term use/return invites ready for that kind of player. Bobsky, here’s an example of BB vs real life. How many times would a former Playmate Of The Year (Kara) would be voluntarily evicted by a group of people, to keep a guy like Frank around instead? 2%, maybe? And Kara was possibly the most pleasant, kind and popular girl in the BB14 house! But it still wasn’t enough to keep her around. While on the block, Kara just looked 100% scared and confused all the time, like she didn’t have a clue as to how to even begin to try to save herself. B-Bye. Also can’t forget that half the BB house is other chicks. Some get along. Some don’t. Catfight, anyone? In public? In private? No matter. Ask Danielle how happy she was to see Kara go home early, giving her a better stalk/shot with Shane (in her own mind, at least!) There are exceptions to this, of course, but in general, I think these young mega-hotties have a little less life experience with adversity/being in tight spots than Joe or Jane Average do, at the same age. And yeah, while babes like Britney and Janelle aren’t razor-sharp strategists, I believe they’re among the sharpest, least intimidated, funny/entertaining HG’s ever, among the hotties. Finding others like those two has obviously proven to be quite difficult for AG. Otherwise, why would she bring them back? For their stellar mentoring? No way. They are the very best within their BB category: Boosting Male Testosterone Levels/ratings. Which usually means a 2+ rating, winning their 3 weekly CBS time slots, and getting BB renewed. Logic? Who needs it!

billy bob

britneys a diva,enough said, all her haters just dont understand her divaness,to much for you all to comprehend,lol

I says, I

That’s fine.

Be a fan, love her to death, laugh at her jokes…but don’t tell me she’s a great player.

Britney's Queef Box

This is quite possibley the douchiest thing you could have said


Oh, we can’t??????? GROW UP!!

Britney's Queef Box

I’m tickled pink that scab is going home finally. I think this trash quitting her job to be on BB is the irresponsible thing of her to do if you really logically think about it. She might as well take her months paycheck and throw it on a roulette number at whatever hick casino is near her house and hope that it pays 36:1 every month. STFU Britney you POS clown shoe.

In my best Artie Lange voice….whaaaaaaaaaaa

Her face was priceless tonight….and Ian…..OMG i swear during the veto ceremony I saw the exact point at which he had a bowel movement in his Batman underoos when he realized that his lil snowflake crush was being nominated. I F-ing died hit rewind and watched it about 6 times….classic tard facial expression…Tulane Terry messed his shorts something aweful…I gotta go watch that again….LMMFAO


I agree, can’t stand Bratney and I hope the lyinig, two-faced punk Ian’s next!


I like Joe’s strategy. Sleep all day today. Pull an all nighter, stay up all day tomorrow heading into a crucial endurance comp. The man is going to be the 8th Wonder of the World!


I was really hoping for a POWER NAP image of Joe.


BB All-Stars 2 Alliance: TEAM POWERNAP

Joe, Gnatalie & Jessie, and Porsche!

Brits Sexy

Wow your educated Bobby, “Joe is going to be the eigth wonder of the world” ?????? There is already eight wonders of the world you idiot, and it depends on the time period you are looking at which defines those wonders. You mean he would be the ninth wonder.

But OHHHHHHH the things I would do to Brit !!!!!!!!!! she would walk funny for a week. To hell with all the drama or the game, blah, blah, blah, I just want to see Brit naked.


There are only 7 wonders so the expression 8th wonder is absolutely correct. Dumbass.

I says, I

He was counting Andre the Giant as the eighth…


Shelly Is like Ian, in that they’re both too quirky and odd for people to be comfortable to believe in. Dans strategy is to stay invisible till he’s in trouble then squeal like a piglet. Might be a better move but not nearly as fun to watch. I can’t believe production isn’t going to start really messing around with this group. Not as much as they did with Racheal and Jordan, but something, I don’t know if they like any of the housemates enough to sway it too much. They may be losing interest in Frank and think they’ve done enough to help carrot top- they have.Production started messing with the game too early. I read that the vetran staff from BB got hired by Glass House so this years crew is new. Ian has gotten annoying, he should have stayed the man-child and they might have tossed it to him. jenn is a lump in the back room. Danielle is a despicable person and a whiny nag, I’m over Frank-he’s wearing a carrot suit to get Dan out? Idiot. Shane belongs on the bachelor, it’s too painful to watch his brain trying to compute the most basic strategy. Joe? Claim to fame is that you never wash your hands when you leave the toilet,Joe. So I guess Dan wins another $500k. They’re all idiots.


I raise my glass to you, Franksfarts. I totally agree with everything you say. One pivotal point that has seemed to escape Bobsky’s notice…No one likes Frank.
That is why he has been on the block nearly every week since the show started. And you are right when you say that production has helped him enough. He should have gone home weeks ago. I can’t wait to see him go. I’d also like to point out that there are quite a few things that Bobsky has wrong. Britney never suggested that it was Dan that told her that Frankenbooger was coming after them. She never gave anyone a clue who it really was. They made the classic ass-out-of-u-and-me mistake by their hateful assumptions all on their own. Oh, and I love how you blame her for Frank not being smart enough to figure out Dan’s Funeral ploy. Sorry Frankfarts, I should be directly replying to Bobsky (and I will) but I just got caught up in my rant. Gotta love BB !!

big bro midnight

brittney complained that dan was wanting the veto all to himself when britt and shane weren’t doing jack sh!t. later she says jenn threw away her veto by taking slop when dan would get off if he won.
i see what she’s doing there… that means dan wouldn’t have had his funeral and maybe britt wouldn’t have gone on the block.
regardless, it would be awesome if dan voted with ian, shane & joe to evict danielle.


omg, that would be the best thing ever. Production made a total ass out of Jenn, she was so fake trying to be so tough .


she is such a phony!


Ian points out if it’s every week that you have to win A competition to stay in the game you are doing something wrong.

That tells me right there that while Ian may know BB facts, he doesn’t know gameplay. It’s easy for him to make that statement since he’s never been on the block and the only comp he won is one he couldn’t throw properly. No one sees him as a threat. The Dan’s and Dr. Will’s of the game have their place but neither one of them has been in the position Frank is in. He’s literally been on the block every week he hasn’t been HOH. His game has turned into needing to win comps because people in the house (Janelle specifically) kept saying how dangerous Frank was over and over again when he only won one comp.

I remember laughing at how ridiculous it was that Frank was considered such a huge comp threat and how everyone else was agreeing while Shane was pretty much killing everything the first few weeks. It’s kind of funny how the HGs created this big image of Frank as a comp threat before he actually became one. And once he became one by necessity, he’s pretty much put down for it. This house, these people…

big bro midnight

he was somewhat a problem when he started a ruckus with willie, but he was full on when he won the next hoh and thereafter .
boogie and his behavior after dark was despicable.


I agree CJ. Also, all this talk about how bad Frank’s social game is, is nonsense. The reason he was made out to be such a threat early in the game was cause he had the potential to be a beast at comps, and everyone liked him.


Janelle kept telling everyone, early in the game, that Frank and Boogie had to go because they were so dangerous
and would win. She kept saying, you can write the check right now if you do not get them out. Funny Boogie got her out before she got him out.

big bro midnight

ugh! who mentioned glass house? i liked that show A LOT!
maybe, because it was the first time that i rooted for someone that won.

BB King

Who is Britney talking about when she says “except for people I hate?” I am curious.


I’m disappointed in Britney’s campaigning. It wasn’t really a clear vote until she started talking about herself in the jury house and saying that it was okay if people kept Danielle. You’re not exactly known as a nice person! And it’s not like she hasn’t picked up on the Dan deal. She saw Danielle acting all happy with Frank and Dan and she has asked Danielle about her still working with Dan. Not so many brains in the Big Brother house…………….


Agreed. I thought she would have more fight in her. She just gave up. Really frustrating because she could have definitely worked some magic to stay, it would not have been that hard. Still hoping she gets her shit together, but I know it’s a huge stretch at this point.


I love that even though the QP turned on each other they are still hanging out mostly just the 5 of them. Wish they could have kept it together and gotten the others out.


I hope to hear someone next week say, “Ian, pop a squat” and while you’re at it, “get to steppin'”!


The correct phrase is “…cop a squat”.


I’m actually starting to think Dani is playing Shane this whole time and will end up screwing him over in the end. They way she didn’t really react when Dan said Shane seems really infatuated with her makes it seem like this is a setup. If she was a psycho as we all thought about him, wouldn’t she have been all over that statement?

Roisin Dubh

Remember Allison?




What happened to “Insecure Teenagers” posting on here, I liked them.
Did they take offense at Dan yelling at Dani?

Insecure Teenagers

We are still here. Thank you for posting that comment, It has stopped 15 of our members from jumping of a bridge, 4 from drowning them selves and 714,126,974 of our members from cutting their wrists. We were just busy being Insecure and all.


what happened to frank and dans final 2???????????


It still exists in theory. Every so often they’ll reconvene, say “I told so and so this about you, just a head’s up” and then walk on. I think they’re both half playing each other, half sticking with each other.



FRANK: Hello, who’s this?

BOOGIE: It’s me, Boogs, where’s Britchney?

FRANK: She’s not here, she got backdoored out the house.

BOOGIE: Well, Sweet Karma!

BOOGIE: That job she quit, they’re not taking her back & that husband she left, he’s not taking her back, he’s now living with the babysitter.



Britney didn’t get backdoored.


Excuse me, the backdoor wasn’t pre planned, but it was still a backdoor!!!


I think some people have forgotten the actual meaning of the term “backdooring.”

BB King

A genuine backdoor is premeditated before hand. You have to actually premeditate the backdooring of a player and then see it through. It’s still a backdoor it’s just not a genuine backdoor compared to other great backdoors in BB history.

Nicky Brand

She was a replacement nominee and she will be voted out. How is that not a backdoor?


Britney played in the Veto comp. She didn’t get backdoored.

Eagle Eye Play Toy

as ive stated numerous times… Eagle will win big brother and shock everyone. i was his first fan and ill stick to my statement. a underdog who cant even get out of his own way will win bb14



I think that the cast of BB16 should all be former contestants of “America’s Next Top Model”. Not only would there be a lot of eye candy and cat fights. But it would be the only way that a model could win this thing. They seem to always get voted out first.


Do they cut to the fish when the HGs start talking about stuff they’re not supposed to or sing? Production had to continually tell them to stop singing today, to the point of asking them if they know what stop meant. To they should only be given a certain amount of chances and the punishments like slop or something if the continue. I didnt pay for live feeds to watch a fish tank.


You gotta love the move Dan made. The emotions of the houseguests at his funeral were hilarious. I hope Brit goes home, but I still love her. She is just a little too selfish and woe is me for my tastes.

Simon, do you think Frank and Dan will stick with each other, or is next week open season for ducks (and carrots)?

production rigged it

all he has to do is throw the hoh to ian and tell danielle to do the same thing and frank goes up or they could try and backdoor his ass which he would be used too by now since him and boogie were butt buddies.


Dan’s diary room tonight proved he wants to stay true to the deal with Frank. Doesn’t mean he won’t go out of his way to mastermind Frank’s demise via the blood of someone else’s hands… I’d have to think if it came down to this scenario, Dan would choose to take Danielle over Frank if he won the F3 HoH over those two.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Did anyone alse notice that Ian’s reading of the no helping rule sounded dubbed in and he wasnt shown saying it? I wonder if they just came up with that on the fly to dq Frank.


Simon your not American?

Where ya from?


Sweet me to

From Edmonton now Toronto.

Was cool watching tonight one of the drawings from the POV comp was from Edmonton lol

I says, I

I’m a few years younger than Jenn, but we’re of the same generation. I know a few people who think they’re rock & roll types who are all tatted up. I have nothing against tattoos, but like almost everything in life, moderation is a good rule of thumb.

What I’m really looking forward to is when I’m sixty and a grandfather and seeing my contemporaries walking around with sleeves, neck tattoos, and all the other permanent shit that looked real cool when they were 30…but now that there hitting the early bird special at Denny’s, looks absolutely ridiculous.


thats how i have always seen jenn….she THINKS shes rock and roll….sad really….just be who you are authentically…..its crazy when people try so hard to BE someone!!

Friend of Jenn

Sorry to burst your bubble but Jenn is authentic, I’m a friend of hers, and guess what I have tattoos as well, wow, you probably have never been to the East Village but you need to be quiet about things you don’t understand. If you said that to her face she would probably bitch slap you.


Brit has walked around with her head so far up her ass the whole time she has been in the house . She did that last time she played and that why everyone in the house wanted to throw her over the wall . Its always the same thing ooh Im a big time sales rep who knows some big names of drugs and I am above you all but that goes double for Frank a Hick from Ark that she keeps saying we’ve met before and I’ll tell you later about it . If Frank was smart he’d say hey It didn’t matter then it doesn’t now ,k so lets just leave in the past , . to shut her gossip trash mouth .All I can say is it thrusday yet or do we have to her cry in the DR room again ,oh poor Brit Oh poor Brit my ass played the game twice and still can’t learn to keep her holer than tho attitude in check . And she says she hates someone ,grow up baby ..her and Ian . She was after all the one who said this just a game .

lil' B

simon, what does dan get to eat this week as a have-not? we never got the results of americas vote


Mozzarella and Matzah

Carol & Steve

that’s true – they didn’t announce it, but I think it was mozzarella & matzo/matzah. I remember somebody saying that they could make mozzarella sticks & bread them with the slop & matzah. Then last night I believe somebody told dan his cheese sticks were getting cold.


The cheeses of sum sort.
Bri and some form of other chesse.

Joel's Powernap

Mozzarella and matzo

Jen W

I think it was Matzah & Mozzarella

production rigged it

danielle to ian i have never went back on my word in this game and i’m not going to start now, that’s a lie, pretty sure her and britney made a final 2 deal after the reset when britney was telling her that no girl has ever beat a guy in final 2 and then she tells jenn she’s down 100% to save dan and put britney up, i would say that’s going back on your word, oh what it must be like to live in the world of delusional danielle.


Exactly – I honestly think she believes her own lies. The woman is seriously deranged and would scare the hell out of me if I were Shane or Dan.


Just a few random vents/rants/observations:

1. WHAT is up with these houseguests walking all over the house and backyard barefoot but when they climp up on a bed someone has to SLEEP in, they keep their shoes on?? Seriously?

2. The VETO…..please explain to me how Dan was supposed to throw the comp to Britney and/or Shane when Brit knew NO answers save one and Shane…was he even there? I used to really like Shane but seriously…he has NO social game and his one saving grace (winning comps) is down the toilet. The man is empty….upstairs and downstairs. And he isn’t even that cute.

3. Dan’s Eulogy: I swear, Danielle’s delusions are alive and well and being fed by Shane. Seriously, she wants to lay down with Shane after Dan ripped her to shreds? Not really faulting her, the crazy chicks have to grab opportunities when they come along but for Shane to continuously send her (and us viewers) mixed signals?

4. Danielle asking Ian if she is whiny? Ian may have lied (or maybe not…he has his own set of issues, delusion and denial going on) but YES, Danielle….you are whiny, delusional, conniving and manipulative. Of course Dan plays on her emotions (and if she says one more time how someone broke her heart….) and with good reason. Danielle plays on her emotions all the time, and frankly, she let him do it the first time with no consequences and there were none this time either. I almost wonder if she wants to lay with Dan also.

Now just curious to see who is really going to be true to their alliances…better yet, WHO is in WHAT alliance.


Danielle is an idiot how production can let a human being control another human in that house the way she does shane is really going to far…holy shit he cant even say Danielle donatos name without her frekin out.. Shane you dont need someone even as a friend to control you or your thoughts this girl is not even your gf.. watch out she really could stalk you after the show… please production keep britt…let Shane have peace


Simon, after his latest move where do u rank Dan on the all time BB player list?


I agree, Simon. He’s not very entertaining … plus his comments to Julie Chen (“Mrs. Chen” as he erroneously calls her) remind me of Eddie Haskell from “Leave It To Beaver.” (don’t know if that show aired in Canada..?)

I remember his conversations with Renny in his previous season being entertaining and wondered if they kept in touch. Apparently she won’t have anything to do with him now. Can someone refresh my memory as to what happened that may have caused the riff?


I cannot stand Ian, I have had it with that creepy pos. He thinks he is one of the best players in this game. Really? Ugh, Now I know why him and Brittney are so close, Ian is the male version of Brittney. They both talk shit about everyone and float through the game on everyone else’s ass. Ian has some nerve bashing Franks game. Frank has to win competitions to stay in the game, he says. Well, Yeah Ian, isn’t that the whole idea of the game. He talks about Franks social game, Ian’s social game is pitiful. He makes me ill watching how he bashes everyone in that house. You can’t trust that rat face at all. I can’t believe Danielle is listening to his BS. She is another one. They bash Jenn, but as I recall, Jenn won as many competitions as Ian and Danielle. What a bunch of idiots. I really hope Frank and Jenn make it to the end. Frank, like him or not, is a fierce competitor and deserves to win. It is absolutely ridiculous that he has been on the block 5 times. Brittney goes up 1x and cries like a little bitch. Unbelievable, Time to clean house Frank, take out the garbage.


wasn’t its matzo and mozzarella, joe made him cheese sticks the other day, and saw him eating cracker things

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Go get’em, Frank


Does anyone know the link to Matt Hoffman’s blog that Britney keeps talking about?

Nicky Brand

My favorite quote:

“Shane looks worried. He just learned that Production messes with the game.”

Man, this guy IS dumb.

When DR told him not to put up Boogie & Frank and then told Ian not to use the veto ball…when the reset happened BEFORE Frank’s inevitable evicition, etc. etc., the fact that Pandora’s Box exists at all? None of that gave him a clue?


Does anyone know if we re gonna get to watch bb Canada here..or if showtime will have bbad for Canada?


Ian, your delusional. I can’t wait till next week. Ian, pop the squat and better get in steppin. Bye Bye Ian. Your Rat days are over. Your going to the jury along with Dan.


.I agree with you about Shelly’s game.The only problem I had with her is the fact that all her manipulating and ease dropping she was doing,had nothing to do with her getting herself further in the game.Shelly admitted in the DR that she was playing this game to help Jeff&Jordan win.Huh?The week that Danielle was on the block,is when Shellly finally noticed it’s time to play the game for herself.Which meant it was time to evict Jeff.Boy,was I happy when she did that.I also agree with Ian’s comment about If you have to win HoH’s&Veto’s every week to stay.Then your doing something wrong.I hope Frank doesn’t win the veto,because anyone who doesn’t ride the short yellow bus knows if Frank doesn’t get the veto,he will be back doored next Thursday.So,hopefully Frank doesn’t get the veto.Lol.


There are some seriously bitter ppl on this website yo. Of course there are ppl who are just passionate about the game and so forth and get a lil agitate d when things dnt happen like we want them to, (I include myself in that as well) but that’s different from being completely negative and bitter. Not trying to be on a soapbox or anything, but I’m just saying….


, I post two comments & one is there and the other disappeared! How come my other post with The Aftermath of Big Brother!

Power of Veto Corleone

Glass House…….people who watched that show probably would agree that BB would have been much better this season if those contestants were on BB rather than the weak players they placed on the show.

I can’t help but think BB placed these dumbos on the show with an intent to let the coaches come back into the game and wreck havoc on them.
That also would explain why they gave the coaches 4 weeks of immunity in order to protect them.
If that’s true it blew up in their faces because ratings are down.

The hope of BB fans is that they leaned from their mistake and give us a season without bringing back past veterans for a ratings boost.
It changes the game for the HG’s and sets up an artificial “us versus them” almost immediately which doesn’t allow for alliences to build up slowly.
I think that’s the reason for the flip-flopping that goes on in this house on an hourly basis.
The introduction of veteran players sucks.

Give the viewers players like this season’s Glass House and the ratings will return.

Please bring back strong players. We know they’re out there.


I’m so ticked at Dan!!! Lying the way he does and danille lol about it after wards… Now Britney is leaving:( I hope joe or Ian wins!!! Frank is rude I don’t like his attitude

Go Ian!

When Ian won his veto power I thought he could USE IT ANYTIME? To me that means he could use it tonight to save Britney.
I think he should clarify with production.

Power of Veto Corleone

IMHO Dan is a psychopath. He has no balls and hides behind his bible acting like he plays a clean game.
He might fool those dullard houseguests but watching him on a daily basis he shows off his true colors.

Playing an evil game is a strategy that some players use to perfection and it’s part of the game.

Boogy, Dr Will and Evil Dick come to mind.

But what separates them from Dickhead Dan is that they will admit right out front that they will lie and play with people’s emotions.

Pussy Dan makes no such admissions. In fact he’ll tell them to their face that his claim to fame is that he will play a clea game.

What he really means is that he will cut a players throat in a second and hide behind others while reading his bible with that sick grin of his.

Wish I knew why that bum rubs me the wrong way, and I do apologize to his fans.
I consider myself a good judge of character and from day one he has done nothing to disprove my initial thought that this dude is whacked.

I remember when he was first on the show and early on he was having a beer on BBAD. He was drinking it out of a glass and someone asked him if it was beer he was drinking. He got a little upset and said no. Then another player said Dan was a teacher and didn’t want his students to see him drinking a beer.

I thought he was being a hypocrit making a big deal out of having a beer late at night.
What a douche. Then he goes to show what a good example he is to follow by lying his ass off in the game.

Linebacker #53

Danielle isn’t fat she’s thick. There is a difference. Basically she got a fat booty. ^__^