Frank confronts Ian about his drunken shenanigans last night. Ian says it was worth it.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power


2pm – 2:10pm Jenn and Danielle talk about Ian last night. Jenn says yeah I heard he was still doing it after I went to bed. She says she almost did something that would make her leave the game. Danielle says yeah he threw the basketball hoop in the pool and flipped Frank off. Jenn talks about how Ian apologized to her. She says that she was there at 9/11 so it was really personal for her. Jenn says that she knows he is wanting to put her up and says we need to win this HOH. She says that she wanted to kill him last night. Jenn says that she saw his horns come out last night.


Back in the arcade room, Ian says that he enjoyed the beer last night and that it was worth it. Frank says I don’t know about that, you said some pretty offensive things that even people at home won’t like. Ian says that he already apologized for that and that was not how that was supposed to be meant. He says that a lot worse things have been said in this house, this season too. Frank comments on how Ian said he graduated high school at 16. Ian says yeah. Frank says so you are in your masters now. Ian says no I took time off, gaps in the years. Frank asks to do what? Ian says for fun. …Uh.. just kidding I graduated when I was 18. Frank says I don’t know what to believe now. Ian says that’s not the point of last night, I apologized for what I said last night. Frank says well you also threw the basketball hoop in the pool in the middle of our game too. Ian says I was drunk as s**t. Frank says that Britney says she loved you drunk. Ian says she is a very nice lady, very nice.


2:25pm Britney and Dan continue to tell personal stories in the arcade room. Meanwhile, power house Joe continues to sleep.


2:30pm – 2:50pm Dan talks about how in BB10 he when he won and got out of the house the first person he saw was his ex-girlfriend and he pushed her aside because he knew it was over. Ian says that if it was him and he had a girlfriend outside the house the first thing he would do is run up to her and kiss her and tell her he did it. Dan says that even when he came into the house he knew it was over between them. Britney asks Dan if he flirted a lot in the house. Dan says no not a lot. All four cams switch to the kitchen where Frank and Jenn cooking lunch. JOE FINALLY WAKES UP AND MAKES AN APPEARANCE! Back in the arcade room Britney talks about how she is upset she left her husband and quit her job to come back just to be evicted.

2:55pm Shane, Joe and Jenn talk at the kitchen table about how they are going to be locked inside for two days. Shane comments on how Ian is cut off from drinking beer.


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4:26pm HOH Cam 1-4 **updated part starts Sleeping yo

4:36pm Cam 1-2 Arcade everyone but Frank

Joe is saying he was the last one picked. Britney points out that he lasted longer than everyone on his team.. Coach included.

Jenn mentions she knew her age would come in as a factor. Dan: “I had no Idea you were 37.. you have not one wrinkle” Shane: “You have good genes”

Jenn is getting excited about the Djing equipment that was in Dan’s solitary confinement. dan says he couldn’t use it at all it was all for show. Jenn starts to explain how she DJ’s the vinyl is used for time coding the actual music is played off her laptop. When she does a gig she’ll bring her laptop, turntable needles and a stack of emergency CD incase something goes wrong. She explains that sometimes equipment fails so she uses the mix CD’s.

Talk drifts to Lady Gaga videos…
somehow Judas is brought up in regards to a song title
Britney says “You will always be Judas”.. everyone laughs Britney: “Maybe I’ll use that tomorrow”

(Lots of random talk… )

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5:14pm Cam 1-4 Player formally known as powerhouse sleeping 🙁

6:14pm Cam 1-4 Player formally known as powerhouse sleeping 🙁
i’m serious

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Can wait till Thursday! Britney Gone! Next week! Ian will be gone and so with Dan! Frank & Shane Final 2 Deal!


I don’t understand how you know all of this.
You always comment stuff such as “Frank can’t compete in next HoH & the double eviction”, but how do you know that it’s a double eviction?
You must work for production, am I right?


You know that production people are reading these blogs to “feel out” what should be done to up the ante & get more people watching/upset. The show is SO rigged, yet we keep watching. That’s REALITY (?!?!?!?) tv for you. Still would like it rigged so Britney could stay & send Dani packing!


People are just assuming that there will be another double eviction. Doubt its this week though since Julie always tells us a week in advance. With the numbers though I would not be shocked if next Thursday is a double eviction.


Team Britney! Production needs to find a way to keep her, since the show is rigged and all… She is much better TV that Danielle. No one likes boring, whiney, desperate, attention seekers (otherwise known as Danielle). BOOT DANIELLE!!!! Somehow, someone needs to let the house know that Danielle was in on the whole thing with Jenn using the veto on Dan before it all went down. Danielle has been lying and lying and denying and denying. Perhaps if caught, everything would unravel for her. Just my opinion. HINT HINT PRODUCTION! Drop the seed with Ian or Frank or best yet, Shane. Vote Danielle OUT!


Lol all those things you said about Danielle are exactly how Britney is. She is a liar, whiny, attention-seeking, and selfish. She deserves to go, because she hasn’t done anything to save herself. After she was nominated, she spent her time crying, drinking, and throwing things around the house. And now she’s acting like she was the only one in the house to leave something/someone behind. How classy. D:


Yea dani cries but really brit deserves to stay over dani , whatever I recall Brittany as well crying quiet a bit this season as well I personally don’t care which one leaves but saying someone cries and seeks attention while the other is doing exactlythe same is calling the kettle black . Go team shane and frank or Dan and frank as long as it is frank .


BEST EPISODE EVER ON BB TONIGHT!!!!! Dan was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Dan gets himself taken off the block after Frank and Jenn have taken punishments to get the nominations to stay the same and then Jenn after having to be on slop the rest of this season uses the VETO on him, and Dan’s funeral was so great and that he gets Danielle the sympathy vote so that she does not go home was well the only word for it is brilliant. This man is a freaking GENIUS and only downside is that once again Frank is caught cheating in the game. Frank has cheated his entire way through the game and even though he convinced Jenn to save Dan production should not allow Frank to cheat or production to cheat for him to keep him in the game. Tonight’s episode sealed the deal that Dan is the GREATEST PLAYER IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY!!! LOVE THIS MAN!!!!


I agree, I like Dan & have a lot of respect for how he pulled this off. Although I really had the feeling that Frank & Dan’s convo on the show tonight (in the HOH room) was scripted. Their facial expressions gave it away – just like on the Bachelor/ette sometimes. Makes for good TV. If they REALLY want to make the show exciting, let Shane, Ian & Joe vote Dani off tomorrow night & keep Britney!! Please, please, PLEASE? I’ll even watch ‘The Talk’ if CBS would do this!


Jenn took slop for the rest of the season so that Dan did not win POV. How dumb does she look now LOL


If Dan won POV himself and took himself off the block, there would have been no reason to tell Frank about Ian and that little rat with Shitney would of continued undetected. This man the rat / weasel has been exposed, revenge for Boogie on sending Britney home, Frank learns the truth, and Jenn actually proves herself to Frank and Dan what a good player she can be and has upped her game. So really the joke is on you !!

Shane p

What’s your deal? Why do you suck franks t!ts with every post? I’m ready to see the only m•thafu*ker with balls in this house, win hoh next week, and finally finally take out that oversized carrotop shithead.–Dr. Ian terry


Gawd, give the kid a break, so he acts like an idiot when he’s boozing, who doesn’t? I once slapped my butt in the face of my bosses wife while I was dancing on a speaker at a xmas party, it wasn’t until the next day that I remembered doing that and was horrified. They’re going to try and make him feel bad about how he acted when he was drunk??? Like they’re all saints?? Ugh I’m hating these people today.


I agree, give the kid a break, He didn’t say anything offensive about 9-11, he just mentioned it as a historical reference- . And it’s true, Frank’s social game does suck.


Ian’s social game sucks as well if hes making statements and not trying to seem apologetic, the boy is turning into an alcoholic. hes really creepy and the only ppl that have his back 100% right now is Brit and shes leaving, so hes one to talk

Hammock Boy

ians game is worse, what did he do so far???? NOTHING!!!!!! big deal he was 1 of 5 people that voted boggie out, he didnt personally kick him out, he is a lil jerk. when he won the veto ball he gave everyone the middle finger and called them bitches, this comes from a kid who says he hates swearing, but thats all he does now, his game is dead, soon he can go to the jury house and beat off to ashley and britt…..


exactly but ian is somehow convinced that he personally masterminded boogie’s eviction & that his “moves” (not too sure of what those moves are but whatever) will lead to him being pegged in the bb history books as not only a villian but also a master of the game when in reality he’s just some kid who memorized a bunch of useless/random bb facts and somehow thinks that makes him more worthy of playing/winning the game.


no doubt. I just wish I could have watched it all. That is part of the entertainment. Give them more booze, BB! Even his comment about 9/11 wasn’t so far out of line. How was he to know Jenn was there? He wasn’t making fun of anything….he was just giving a reference to a point in time, and that was a landmark event that everyone could understand. Now certainly, after it was brought up that it bothered someone, some diplomacy was warranted, but COME ON!!! At this point in the game though, people are making a big deal out of everything out of fear….get the attention on Ian, and it is off of me….kind of thinking……of course that is not bad game play…ya gotta use what you can get.


I’m not the biggest fan of Ian anymore, but I agree with the above statements. When people get drunk. they get stupid. Very Stupid. He didn’t do anything that was illegal, cross the line YES, but nothing that he should be hated for the rest of his life. Although honestly, the rate he is going, he can forget being invited back for future Big Brother games.


I agree, its like they are ostracizing Ian in the manner to which they should have done to Stank an Booger for all they bullying and over the line statements. No one said they wanted to “kill” Booger when he said he was going to “F” Dan’s wife when he got out of the house, or ever shunned Stank when he was yelling hateful things at the other house-guests…instead Stank puts Ian’s feet to the fire, and he acts self righteous.

What Ian said about 9/11 was a reference poit, and if anyone read more into it when Ian was drinking, then they are the one that has a problem not Ian. Understandable that Jenn was in NY when the twin towers were hit, but if just the mere mention of 9/11 is enough for her to get enraged to kill shows she lacks a whole lot of maturity and common sense.

At least Ian was drinking when he said the things he did last night, the rest of you guys have been sober and have been saying some really stupid stuff so come on…I like Ian’s attitude on it today…his…..and what of it attitude, made him stand a little taller in my eyes.

Go Ian!!




Thats because boogie never said those things out loud to anyone.He only said them jokingly out of anger to his only friend in the house frank.Ian is 4 ft nothin 100 lb’s soaking wet and should know his limit im 6 ft 240 and six beers gets me feelin no pain.He should at the very least take responsibility for his actions while not illegal he did cross some lines or really jumped way over them.His 9/11 comment was not just a historical reference it also seemed to me and obviously others to have also been made in way where it was made light of in drunken joke of some kind.There are some things that will never be tasteful to make light of and that is one of them.As for his throwing of the basketball in the pool in the middle of their game that was just as childish as when he said im taking my beers back.I for one like this kid in the beginning but now i cant stand him he has shown his true personality in the last two weeks and i find it disgusting.I though id never dislike anyone on this show more than rachael but now i have


The Frank/Boogie haters though will never see or admit that though.


Thank you…He is giving BB a bad name!!! I can’t see him go soon enough….


Dude…that’s the game.

Everybody gets pissed and does dumb shit…but in the context of the game it will be used against you.

No different than how Frank’s blow ups are used against him. Who hasn’t lost their temper or snapped at somebody in the moment? Or Powerhouse’s meat pounding sessions. Who hasn’t rubbed one out late at night surrounded by sleeping girls half your age?

But in the game, weaknesses and screw ups are exploited and blown up. And if Ian is the BB expert, then he already knows this.

So either he’s lost his shit or he’s trying to take the most hated player mantle from Dan and Frank, Evil Dick style.


Ya i get it but Ian is playing a game and he keeps doing stuff that makes the target on him grow this is why people like dan, boogie and dr. will win this game because there is always someone who acts like this and they can suddenly move the target off them and on to someone else without trying. On another note i am guessing dan and daneille won’t want to win this hoh because they know the whole house is now after ian frank has a deal to get him out with everyone so if shane wins and does franks dirty work then he can’t play next hoh and it will be dan, danielle, jen and joe and i would bet money that if dan or danielle win they are going after frank.


It’s too late for him to do the Evil Dick thing though. Had he kept his cool and just gave Frank the finger, then went to Jenn and said he betrayed Boogie and Frank because they treated him like a mascot and Britney made him feel like he mattered, then he’d be sitting there targeted by a guy who can’t play for two weeks. Instead he chose to go crazy and be unpredictable in a game (this house especially) that fears the unpredictable. Ian is now in Franks spot of having to win everything.

As for Dan throwing anything. He just blew up the house with everybody hating him (he has to feel them treat him differently) and he’s going to take the chance that Ian can’t win veto and everybody forgets his attack on Danielle and his becoming a rat like Ian? I absolutely don’t see it. In fact it would be incredibly stupid. He needs to win HOH, which gives him a week of safety to maybe repair things (everybody kissing his ass) and to be uncontroversial and do the houses bidding by evicting Ian. Unless Shane can convince him that he forgives being betrayed AND being put in jeopardy just to serve Dan’s interest AND forgives him for killing Britney AND is willing to roll with Dan again AND Danielle convinces him she will turn on Shane just like she did Britney, I don’t see him making a move on Frank. It just doesn’t make sense, at least not until Ian and Shane are gone.

He obviously can’t tell Danielle this until Britney is out the door, but he knows that Shane and him are done and Shane has influence on Danielle (did you hear Dan pumping her up that she has him wrapped around your finger? Dan’s already planting the sinister seed in Dani’s tiny head). I think too many people are missing the big picture of what happened when Dan made his deal with Frank. The team game is dead and over with. It’s end game. Who do you want with you in final 2-3? Who can help you get there? Who can you beat? As it stands, Shane and Dan are competing for the same constituency…and Shane didn’t betray them. Anyway you cut it, going with Frank over Shane makes more sense if Dan can control the variables (If Shane wins HOH and Dan feels threatened Frank goes under the bus, but otherwise it doesn’t make sense.)

Shane has won plenty and has no enemies. Why would Dan want him closer to the finals than Frank?


Knowing Dan he will throw this HOH so he won’t be reponsible for evicting Frank or Ian whichever one goes next week. Not many people(if any) are targeting Dan before Frank and Ian. Dan has Dani/Jenn in “an alliance”neither will break quickly, Frank cant play, Ian is 100% after Frank AND says he is committed to QP AND says Dan did what he had to do. That just leaves Shane and Joe as wildcards and knowing Dan the gambler he will probably risk it, throw the HOH and MIST those 2 if/when needed.


You are so right!


Stop calling Ian a kid.

He is a grown man.

21 = adult.

BB Monitor

Ian is a brat, drinking makes his true colors show. BB should let Frank spank him since he’s a kid. He’s in love with Britney. Maybe Britney will adopt him after the show..


I agree with everything except the kid comment.

People constantly make excuses for Ian and they’re reasoning is “because he’s a kid.”

He’s grown and he should held accountable for the stuff he says just like how people attempt to scrutinize Frank for the stuff he says.

Ian is a douche and that’s just the way it is.


For the Record, 18 = adult

For the record

No it doesn’t 18 = teenager…. Adult is when you physically stop growing different for everyone…
The number? That is your age!
Legal stuff? All made up bs…
Just sayin

Production has a hard on for Frank

At 18 you can DIE for your country.. I should know lost a few friends in Iraq. Tey qualified as adults in my book!

Rob C

Your right. Ian is not a little kid. He’s a little boy. His behavior is obvious that he’s a kid. He throws temper tantrums and flips people off behind their back when he gets duped and doesn’t get his way. Sounds like a kid to me.


Mike and Frank said a lot worst things then Ian. Some how you all have forgotten that. Just face it he help get Mike out and you all are still crying about. Get over it. I hope he wins now. REMEMBER this is just a game.


I agree bbfan


I completely agree with what you wrote. I couldn’t have said it better.


And Dan squealed like a piglet the first time he went on the block. He “got excited” and exposed the plan to evict Frank, at reset. Then he exposed Ian, “I’ll rat you out” so Joe could hear. I’d hate to depend on Dan in a firefight , he’s all in to see how many of his own alliance he can turn on and still win.


sounds like Frank


But he looks like a hairy 12yo LOL

I remember when I was 9 I knew a girl the same age, she had a full 18 yo body, ugly as hell, but an adult body


LMAO. I know but the excuses people make for him are so dumb.

They always say “Leave the kid alone” or “he’s just a kid.”

He may look like a kid but he’s 21 and old enough to know right fom wrong so he should act accordingly.

The things he’s been doing are annoying and I know that if it was frank, people here would be pissed about it but because it’s Ian, we need to “cut him some slack because he’s only a kid.”


Actually your brain doesn’t reach complete mental maturity until your mid 20s so Ian can still be referred to as a kid


yeah try telling that to a judge 🙂

just a random fam

Sorry, but this is not a scientific fact. There are many adults who act immature for their age and what excuse do they have for that reason if one reaches the “age of maturity in their late 20’s?”
What about those who never fully mature although they’re in their late 30-40’s?
There is no excuse for his actions besides IAN WAS DRUNK, plain and simple. Many people have said worst sh*t while sober.


everyone calls him a kid cause he acts like hes 12


You’re right 21 does = adult but to be called an adult (and not a kid) you need to act like one…hence Ian is a kid!!!


I really really wish Brit would piece this together and figure out Danielle is in on this and she has a deal with Frank….so want Danielle out tomorrow. Maybe Dan will flip the house again – I really don’t think he wants anything to do with Frank and boy this would really get Frank boiling if he did.


That’s not going to happen. Brit is out; however this betrayal of trust is going to harder on Brit then Ian’s betrayal of Boogie. Boogie and Ian were not friends. Boogie saw Ian as a kid that didn’t know how to play the game. Ian also gave him a heads up as he left the game. Brit is going out totally blindsided by Dani. Brit thought she and Dani had developed a true friendship. So Brit will be devastated. Brit, I like your personality, you have a great social game, but you don’t have the physical and emotional stamina for this game. You never was able to win a HOH or POV to directly influence the game. You also gave Ian bad advice by putting up Frank during the double elimination.


Being stabbed in the back by Danielle is a total blessing for Britney. She needs to distance herself from crazy nurse when she’s back to reality.


I don’t care for Ian but the constant excuses being made are ridiculous.

Just think, if Frank said and did the same things that Ian did, everyone here would be on an anti-frank rant talking about how rude he is, how he needs to etc. etc.

Because it’s Ian, we have to cut him some slack?

Ian gets away with so much and it’s stupid to be honest.


how he needs to go *


someone please explain to me what social game is



HOH Comp


Brit's Giant Mug O' Coffee

Geesh..these muffin heads in this house make me miss Enzo…Grenades!!!


YES! lol good reply.


Meow meow



Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

social game is what powerhouse Joe is doing……….taking a power nap. Hopefully he can tell us how HIS family found America before Columbus did…..


I agree. They are try n to make to much out of what he said. Don’t think they should go there. Then it would b like no can say
911. He used it a a referance. Nothing more. Move on.

production rigged it

it”s not the first time frank has blown something out of proportion remember when he blew the whole willie making fun of wil way out of proportion it wasn’t nowhere near as bad as frank made it out to be, look at some of the things he has said or the way he has acted, at least ian was drunk and i don’t think he really did anything that bad.


Ian really needs to go! He to boring and he got everyone nerves!


Frank really needs to go! He to boring and he got on everyone’s nerves!


I totally agreed with you!
sisemenhcraeigdewnaitpac says:
8.1August 29, 2012 at 3:12 pm
Ian really needs to go! He to boring and he got on everyone’s nerves!
Yes we know!


Captain you know what you are doing right?

are coming from 2 different IP’s from the same geographic location….


LOL what the heck? Does that mean he is replying to his own comments? A lot of his comments don’t even make sense anyway, but if he’s replying to his own comments, then he’s an idiot.

La La


Carol & Steve

very funny!! it’s bad enough when you talk to yourself but to answer yourself is totally crazy – LOL!!

hotbutton topic

I wish Brit knew about Dani and her fake bull….*insert crying face* I’m so sad….YOU DID IT!


Ian is pathetic. He’s 21 and acts like he’s 12 . To even have that 9 11 thought in his head is bizarre. He swings on that hammock like a child. Kid has no self respect 4 himself. On one hand he wants tob treated and coddled like a child but then he tries to act like some tough guy. Kid has no clue who he is and more importantly has no clue how he is viewed by other people. In other words he’s clueless.


Is dani a RN


The guy drank like what, 8 beers? And he’s so drunk he can’t restraint himself in the slightest matter other than acting like a complete jackass all night? Please, if you say he’s an adult, he should know how to conduct himself after 8 beers, considering his behaviour started way before he drank all of them. So hell no, I won’t cut him some slack. He’s been acting this way for a while now and liquid courage just made him go full blown dumbass in a span of a couple of hours. I do consider him a kid because he did childish things, like throwing the B-ball net away for no apparent reason other than being a jackass once again.

Ian needs to grow some family jewels, man up and take accountability for his actions even if he was piss drunk. The excuse of “well, I was sh*tfaced, not my fault” is older than Joe himself.

Grow up kid, you’re in a house full of adults.


No he is in a house full of fools

Just Me

Hahaha! So true.


LOL – so true!


I would be happy if they could just get him to stop cursing. It sounds unnatural and forced. It reminds me of junior high school kids trying to sound cool. I don’t care if people curse, it’s just weird when Ian does it.


Simon, What you makes you give me another chance of uncensored me?


Your comments are being filtered into a special folder where either Dawg or myself will clear them before they go live on the site.

you can still comment.


Please ban him from this site. Lots of people say that Dani is a psychopath, but to reply to your own comments is frigging crazy… His comments are stupid as well.

BTW I agree, Cooper. (LMAO)


Welcome back Cooper. Hope you make it on the show in 5 years!

So glad CWAN has been exposed. I thought there was some weird correlation between the comments but it was confusing. But, WOW! To argue with yourself online as 2 different people? I remember when he first reported that the reverse of his name was NOT him but someone using his name. What lengths will he go to to get attention, even negative attention?

Bravo, Simon & Dawg


In case no one remembers but Britney left her husband, job etc to be on big brother….. ( how many times is she going to whine and reference this statement)


Producers need to give the contestant more BOOZE, HARD LIQUOR not the soft stuff, and let the entertainment begin


I think the men are scared to death that Ian will beat them. They have huge egos. Maybe Ian would not get so drunk if they were not encouraging it. Danielle was all but pouring the wine down Brit. That showed Danielles character. I can stand anon winning but Danielle. I also think Jenn is strange. Ian was only 11 yrs old when it happened and I truly do not think he meant anything bad about it. SHe was bad mouthing Brit and Ian last night before it happened.

Production has a hard on for Frank

As much as i like Brit and wish she was staying, She did cut the deal with frank and also ibelieve she campaigned a little against Dani with Dan. I know if Frank had wanted her to cut Dani off she would have. She also was in Ians ear to not use the veto on Dan sooo Karma is biting her in the butt!! This might have been avoided maybe.

Zingbot Fan

Good points. I’m going to miss Brit’s swim suits.


Captain Wedgie:

OWS says censorship is a bad thing, you aren’t the only one.

Oops, did I just ruin my rep by talkin’ to you?


I’ve said this before using the word C—U—N—T will get your comments removed. We are already in hot water for the profanity on this site from advertisers.

We have filters in place for these words


Simon I have to agree with you on that. There is no need for that word on here. People get a life and stop acting like idiots.

VA Vet

It’s about time you did something about the language on this site. If posters can’t express themselves without using the F bomb, let them go somewhere else.

I’m no saint but even I get amazed by the lack of civility here.


Hey Simon
Is everyone’s comments monitored on here because of advertising concerns or just certain people? I noticed the other day mime was waiting approval and I never noticed that in previous seasons. I don’t remember doing anything offensive, but who knows with me haha!


It’s always been that way all comments that make it thru the spam filter gets skimmed over by Simon or Dawg. When comments are heavy we scan them for swear words and spam.. when things are light we read them.


Ian was asked to go first at that veto…he said no… but his veto is called the SECOND golden ball veto.. to me it sounds like he has another chance to get britt off the block…remembr bb is full of twists and surprises…


It really shows what a good act Dani is putting on, Brit can’t even concede that Dani known anything about being a part of her eviction. If she would stop being so emotion about Dan she could put it together. Dani is putting on the same act she was doing with Dan. Play dum dum. Lol


dani didnt set out hurt Brit. it was Dan’s plan. what was she suppose to do, say no Dan dont save us.


You go, Ian! Regret nothing! People say stupid shit all the time and some of them don’t have the excuse that they were even drunk! Britney (pazuzu) is leaving, maybe we should change Ian’s avatar and put devil horns on him. lol!


C******* Wedgie,

Did you you use the C word?

I sure didn’t, that’s why I used asterisks for your first name.


Give them alcojol




This is the way I see it:

You have the …………………………CARROT………………as the HOH, who can’t vote

On the block are……CRAZY…………&………….COOTER

You know that……………………………………..COCKY will vote for cunt cause he’ll fall on his sword

………………..CUESTION MARK…………………………will vote for crazy, cause of the man-crush

………………………..CRAFTY…………………………………will vote for crazy cause that’s his plan

………………….CHARMER………………………………….will vote for crazy cause that’s his plaything

…………………..COOK……………………………………….will vote for crazy cause he’s just following charmer

COOTER will be evicted from the BB house on Thurs unless something major happens to reverse
everything. COOTER will be voted out 4 to 1.


Simon you might want to check to see if your filters are working right


You just want to keep pushing things to see how far you can go. You were just warned and you go ahead and disrespect this site and the moderators. Grow up and think of someone besides yourself. Don’t ruin something good for all of us that do follow the rules.

Dan is THE MAN

Simon and Dawg:
Please read DrWill:BBKing/TattooGuru’s post #25 (used the c-word).
Thanks for the great site!


ian says he wanted to be on BB since 2 planes hit the towers? thats it? and the ghost and everyone else are taking offense to that? guess its a good thing then they cant watch diary room sessions. i heard alot worse things out of frank and his butt buddy mike (raping dans wife) their all hypocrites.

the ghost thinks she’s got game now since taking slop for the whole summer and winning POV…she is going to be a casualtie soon. if she wins HOH…danielle can get her to do anything she wants.

sick of frank…was a long time ago. someone’s gonna drive a stake through his heart next week…cant wait. by then…im sure dan has worked his “mist” and has assembled the QP2 to target joe and jenn.

if its endurance…feeds should rock tomorrow night…GO IAN!!! rooting for the super nerd


I still find it kind of funny and kind of sad that people are still saying Boogie said he was going to rape Dan’s wife.

He said he was going to tell Dan that he was going to go to Michigan to have sex with her. He didn’t say rape, he didn’t state he was going to use force; the context was that Boogie said he was going to tell Dan that he’d go to Michigan and have sex with her just to piss him off. The implication was that his wife was going to willingly cheat on Dan with Boogie (which is laughable in of itself).

It was the comment board that twisted it to the rape level and it’s people like you that continue to run with it and believe it. And stuff like that proves Ian’s point, directly or indirectly, that there are creepier people watching the feeds than there are in the house.


righ…like mike would be able to have sex with her any other way.

im sorry mr. perfect…guess were not all holier than thou


Like I said, Dan’s wife (who’s pretty hot) and Boogie hooking up is pretty laughable.

It’s not that I’m holier than thou (maybe a little) but this board is almost as much fun of a social experiment as the house itself. We’re all, to some extent or another, guilty of exaggerating, misinterpreting, or outright lying about things the HGs do or say (sounds familiar…). Most of the time, I just laugh at it but the Boogie raping Dan’s wife thing was taken way too far. Boogie has enough problems and character flaws, no need to add attempted rapist to that list.


when was that?


When did that happened?


You are the most rational person on this board. Thank you, CJ!


Thanks CJ for clearing that up, there sure are a lot of creep self righteous people around here!


Thats the reason it is offensive he could of just said since i was however old.So he went out of his way to make light of 9/11 and anyone who doesnt see that must not see the tragedy in those events

billy bob

watching ian and brit is like that movie love dont cost a thing,thats there alliance name yo why not have another alliace for a day,lol



Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with your sponsors,

I used lots of C words, but not C_U_N_T !


You used it in your post at 3:35 maybe it was a typo I don’t know but it’s there


Enough already


You just lied… you clearly said that word.


Maybe you should post a list of words not allowable so that people don’t use them and know why their posts don’t show up ;}

VA Vet

Stick with being articulate and avoid the garbage mouth and you will be just fine.

Dan is THE MAN

That might be asking too much for some (trollers) around here… Just saying….


VA Vet, well said!


I so would love it if Britt figured out what Dani is doing. The drama in the house after would be well worth the season. I would love to see how that would play out and what the others would do and who they would align with after.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

…and Ian enters the ostracized stage of his high school cliquedom.

As I predicted before…

nerd joins popular crowd
nerd abandons previous friends
nerd get a big ego
nerd’s ego gets out of control
nerd crosses the line
nerd gets ostracized by everyone.

Only stages left are nerd implodes and nerd cries.
I’m looking very forward to those.

I love that when Frank was calling him out on his a*hole behavior, Ian said “that’s not the point of last night”.
Um, yes it is nerd…you pissed off the entire house and insulted more than one person. Rather than apologize, you say “that’s not the point of last night?”

news flash…the result of last night is now that everyone in the house wants you out.

You are the new Island. 🙂

Carol & Steve

totally agree! he’s being all big man on campus since Boogie & his getting drunk makes it even worse & is certainly not an excuse to be a jerk. LOL!!

Joseph L Harrison Sr

Don’t you people know ,,,CBS is running this show,,,,They all will do whatever CBS wants…and how CBS wants it to turn out ,,,,,,There just trying to make a better show so you will keep watching,,,,, This is number 14 and they WILL have a 15th,,,


Rigged or not. I’m hooked!! Go frank and Dan!!!


So Ian says he wanted to be on BB since 2 planes hit the towers? What is the big deal about that. He is just using 9/11 as a historical reference. The ? girl and many on this board are blowing it waaaay out of proportion. She was uttering death threats for God’s sake which in most places is a crime!!! So the kid got drunk and beaked off a bit so what…he’s pissed that his only friend in the house is going home. I really hope Ian wins HOH and takes Frank’s ass out once and for all. Frank is even more arrogant than Jeff and I didn’t think that was possible. Dani is annoying as hell, Shane has no balls, Joe is a loudmouth blowhard that kisses whoever is in power’s ass, Jenn, who is she anyway and is even playing the game. That leaves Brit Ian and Dan…while I really didn’t like Britney in her first season since she has a terrible mean streak, she can be funny and good entertainment. This is the first time I have watched Dan play and I must admit I am impressed although he comes across as a bit of a hypocrite. That leaves Ian who I really am rooting for. People have been saying Frank is the underdog but I beg to differ I think Ian is. I hope he surprises everyone and dominates the rest of the game. Brit leaving might drastically change his game play….Ian FTW!!!

production rigged it

exactly who the hell does ? think she is she wins a pov and now she’s this big bada** player please and she was saying last night oh i almost did something that would have got me kicked out of this game, most people don’t even know you’re still in it, the only reason that some do is frank told you what to do with your pov, great move by the way keeping a former winner in the house, apparently she thinks she can beat frank or dan in the final 2 what a joke.


As a student of the game, Ian should have known that getting drunk is a game killer. What made it worse was no one else was drinking. He is another player this year that has been a disappointment, strategically speaking.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I think Ian’s biggest mistake was the “get to steppin'” comment he made to Boogie.
That gave Boogie information that Ian was a rat and Boogie relayed that to Frank.
Had Dan gone to Frank with the “Ian is a rat” story and Frank didn’t have the “get to steppin” piece to put two and two together, it would have been less believable and Frank may have dismissed it as a hail mary from Dan.

Ian screwed his own game because his ego couldn’t resist rubbing Boogie’s nose in it.
The fact that he has turned into a know-it-all hitler youth Dbag, just cemented his fate.
Even his “whack pack” can’t stand him anymore.

…waiting patiently for his upcoming meltdown. It will be Ronnie-esque epic.


Remember also, that he told Joe to “pop a squat” that is very insulting, especially coming from someone less than half of Joe’s age!!!


I agree that the board and the HGs blew it out of proportion. But there are a couple of things along with it where I understand where the venom stems from:
1. The flippancy in which he said it. It wouldn’t bother me but I can see how it could be perceived as something he just brushed off as no big deal.
2. The historical point of reference was unnecessary to his point. By now, most of the HGs would know that BB2 was in 2001. I think Ian meant to relate it to the fact that the attack happened during the season but he wasn’t sober enough to verbalize it well.


Ian does show characteristics of aspergers. The HGs should not be shocked at his behavior at this point. He was drunk. In him MIND it was a reference to an event. The aspergers (if that is his diagnosis) caused it to come out all wrong. Frank is making a POINT of exaggerating anythingIan does that can get the target off hin and on to Ian. Jenn was unfortunately reminded of the sadness, hurt, and anger 9/11 caused. Frank picked up on that and used it for his own agenda.
Dani can not be blamed for what Dan did. She didn’t even know about it. He SAVED them both. She just can’t tell Brit. I think that was all Frank for Brit being nominated.. Someone earlier pointed out that even though it’s a lot of people, it’s coming to an end and everyone’s jockying for position. As of right now I can’t see a true F2 with any of them.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

My nephew has Asperger’s.
Being a completely egotistical Dbag is not one of the symptoms of Asperger’s.

I really wish people would stop making excuses for this punk.
He is a geek who was accepted by the house guests for what he originally was, a nice, quirky awkward kid.
It went to his head and now he is just a Dbag who thinks he runs the joint – Asperger’s or not.


Never called Ian a dbag! Just that the way in which he made the comment was not the way he intended. But, asperger’s doesn’t make one exempt from being a dbag either! You can be both!


The 9/11 reference wasn’t meant to be hurtful. If he is like I am, I see pictures before I can put words to them sometimes. The date of 9/11 isn’t what he remembers most, it’s the images. He didn’t say anything crass or disrespectful about anything to do with the event itself. He was describing a day that made an impact on him in reference to when he first decided he wanted to be on BB.

I am no Ian fan and he did act like a jerk last night, booze or not. Throwing the basketball hoop was just childish and ridiculous. No one forced him to drink anything. I just believe that Frank and Jenn blew it way out of proportion. Jenn was just primed with annoyance with his behavior already and was looking for something to fight about.

Reid Harris Cooper

This is a random question, to the random first post, but I have no clue where else to ask it.

Does anyone other Boogie know about Frank’s dad?

I’d kind of thought if either Shane or Ian did, they’d constantly be on his ass about it. Both of them seem like they were into wrestling and comics. If not them, Joe… Joe totally would’ve been a Sid fan.


It’s only been shown where Frank told Boogie one on one about his dad. Don’t think that anyone else knows in the house.

Reid Harris Cooper

Thanks Dr. Will…

Especially after this conversation about video games and nerddom taking place now (August 30, 1:30-now), there is NO doubt in my mind someone would totally freak out in this group to find out that Frank’s dad was Sycho Sid Vicious (the wrestler).

I’ve also noticed that Frank mentions a brother named Bryan… but his brother is Gunnar.

production rigged it

brit’s only shot now would be to get danielle alone tonight and start talking about people lying in the house and how she’s ok with it because it’s part of the game but then say if my best friend in the house lied to me and stabbed me in the back then i would never be able to forgive them, the only reason i forgave lane even thought he didn’t tell me about the brigade was he had my best interests at heart because he said in his dr sessions that he was gonna take me to final 2 and then say i know you would never stab me in the back because you’re my best friend in this house and you’re like my sister and i would be devastated if you did that to me and i would never be able to forgive you and i would never want to see or talk to you ever again because you know how hurt i was in season 12 and we’re alot closer than lane and i was because we’re both girls so we can talk about things with each other that we can’t with anybody else and i know that dan,frank and jenn have a deal together and if you’re part of it then use the same words that dan did tell her you have betrayed me and you will be dead to me, who knows as crazy as danielle is she may have an emotional breakdown on the spot and admit to everything, obviously she probably wouldn’t because then she would be the one leaving but it is crazy danielle that we’re talking about here, hey if nothing else it’s worth a shot wouldn’t you agree.


Hey Simon, I don’t comment on this site very often but I’m a huge fan of this website. The only issue I have is when you update spoiler can you please put a time that it was done. Thank you for all that you do, best spoiler website there is.


sure thing great idea

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

awesome. thanks from me as well.


Ian wants sooo bad to thought of as the cool nerd, as in the, Big Bang Theory. He gives me the creeps.


8 beers? ppftt he wanted to act silly LOL

Britney should’ve stripped for us… now she’s goin to jury because she didn’t show off her tatas

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I think the camera guy was focusing on the bottom of the shower in hopes that she would slip and fall while she was changing.
I have to admit…I was hoping as well :).

production rigged it

frank has alot of nerve calling ian out on what he said last night saying he pissed alot of people off, what a joke just frank blowing stuff way out of proportion again and what’s u with ? getting pissed about it apparently she’s not smart enough to know he didn’t mean anyting by it he was just using 911 as a historical reference to s specific date that’s all, amazing how cocky she has become, i bet alot of people especially dan would be pissed off if they knew boogie said that he was gonna go have sex with dan’s wife and him and frank had a big laught about it and they weren’t even drunk, just shows what a big hypocrite he is, oh and by the way how many final 2 deals does he have now, he has one with jenn, one with shane, with joe and doesn’t he have one with dan too, of course i don’t think it matters because i don’t think he’s gonna make it that far anyway, everybody is against ian so hopefully he wins hoh tomorrow night so we can see everybody that was talking bad about him coming up and trying to kiss his a** and hopefully he asks them did you bring your chapstick and they say what and he says well you were all against me so it’s obvious you came up here to kiss my a** so i don’t want your lips to get chapped.


I find it really hard to believe that grown people would s**t on anyone on big brother. You try being locked up like prison with a bunch of douce bags and see how YOU would react. Take age, temperament and just total ability of reason and you have at least 5 people in the house who aren’t mature enough to deal with the pressures that production and the situation have put on them.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you see what production wants you to see, and NOT necessarily what is the real TRUTH.

Being critical and saying you hate so and so – is EXACTLY why production makes CBS millions.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

On the live shows, yes. On the live feeds…you see their real (somewhat) unedited personalities.


It looks like it could be Jen & Joe final 2.
That would be HILLARIOUS!!!



Whats the website where I can watch the show as it airs. I’m without television due to hurricane Isaac but I do have internet.


Thanks so much Simon!!!

kelly in louisiana

Simon is there anywhere to watch tonight’s episode online? Due to hurricane Isaac we have weather interupting our episodes


you can try here..

kelly in louisiana

Thanks!! and sorry I didn’t see that you had posted it already. 🙂

Carol & Steve

starting early with the where can I watch online. LOL!! Not making light of those dealing with the hurricane, cause it easily could be us dealing with it here in FL. However, it made me laugh b/c while we watched the show tonight & I saw them scroll on the bottom that it’s getting pre-empted for the Jag game tomorrow I told Steve you’re going to start being asked about the link. Perhaps you should just put the link at the top of the posts. 🙂


Well, here on the West coast, the Republican Convention went long and I missed the who ceremony. Hopefully, I can catch it online.

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

Stupid football…BB is not on here because Tampa Bay is playing. Normally I’m a huge football fan, but NOT RIGHT NOW, come on!!


Looks like we’ll need to find our own way to make tonight exciting since the houseguests are pretty lame right now..

any ideas? Perhaps a couple lucky’s will make things roll tonight….

BTW new Joe tag coming up.. it’s powerhouse based

OH and there’s been a lot of fighting on here between the various teams.. lets focus on a common enemy who has the least fans….
? or the player formally known as powerhouse (Just call him Joe for short)

Carol & Steve

I was figuring it had to be pretty lame in the house today. Our only hope is if they give them a case of beer & a couple of bottles of wine! Last night was pretty funny..

Has Joe ever woken up from his PowerHouse nap?

Guess we’ll see what happens! When it’s so boring – I really feel bad for you & Dawg! Thanks for enduring it all for us!


still power-napping theres a bit of things going on now.. still slow though

Thinking man

Instead of watching BB I am watching advanced coverage of hurricane isaac. Who gives a *****?

Thinking man

To be clear hurricane isaac is important but I’m in a area not even getting affected by it and they have been showing this ALL DAY!

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Power house is PowerSNOOZE today.


Jenn won by default, anjd she acts like she did somethin… oh that right make what was a non existent target on her back appear triple the size HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I wonder how she will react when she goes on the block and is in real danger.. Last time she was a ubber pawn and completely freaked out.


in her words…. BOOM


That was hilarious. She tried really hard to save Boogie.

I do have to give her a modicum of credit for her performance in the veto. She made a statement that she wanted to play and was with Frank. She could have thrown it and stuck with Danielle, but she put herself out there and actually drew a line in the sand…rather than just talk about it.

As for big Joe, I’m hoping BB spikes his food with Viagra so we get some “fireworks” tonight. Anybody wanna bet where he “pops off” next?


I totally agree, Simon. She goes from whiny and angry to the terminator in one week! haha She is a jerk, drunk or sober and then she has the nerve to criticize Britney for talking about being evicted. Britney is MUCH calmer than she was and she is going home. ? was in no danger.


Watching Dan’s plan play out is amazing – getting the sympathy vote up for Danielle by attacking her – just brilliant


@Zoufan. I just finish watching the show,and I completely agree.Now,I understand why so many Big Brother bloggers and comment on the majority of sites,kept saying how what Dan pulled off proves he’s the best that’s played the game.Oh,and I’ve been rooting for Dan since day 1.Although I’ve always considered Dan as one of the best players that’s played the game.I never thought he would be able to convince a guy(Frank)that hated him(Frank took so many punishments,just to make sure Dan gets evicted)to take him off the block.Dan really is a mastermind.Go Dan!Lol.


Dan is crazy good at this game.. I will be surprised if he isn’t in the top 2


No kidding. That 24 hours in solitary really did him some good. But, he is playing the game, which is why we love it so much. I don’t think Frank can make it through because everyone sees him as a big threat and everyone except Jenn could be compelled to put him up.

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

Totally AGREE!!


Brilliant but repulsive.

Danielle might just go home: Until the season that Sharon (?? – slim midwestern blonde w. Marine dad and a serious sense of honor) went on the block as the decoy about five times, it was axiomatic that the decoy always went home, so I have hope that Danielle will somehow wind up as a blindsided decoy.

She doesn’t bring much to the table and is beyond boring. Britney is so bright and thoughtful that she’s always interesting.

Possibly, in a fit of feeling guilty, confused, and sorry for herself, Dani will suffer an attack of conscience and spill the beans to Britney about “what Dan did to her [Dani],” and Britney will turn that into gold.