Britney says Jenn buzzed for Slop Punishment and Veto instead of letting Dan have it “you took slop for no reason”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian did NOT use his veto power

6:54pm Cam 1-2 Everyone but Ian and Joe

They are talking about the Jodi, She recently got married , has 5 kids between her and her husband. None of them can figure out what her last name is. Frank wonders if the Diary Room will tell him. Dan doesn’t think so because it’s isn’t relevant.. Frank: ‘What if the final question is What is Jodi’s last name.. and the person with the most letter correct wins” (LOL)

Dan brings up how much it sucks seeing her on press day. (Press day was the day after the first comp where Jodi got evicted by Dan) Dan: “I’ll never forget seeing jump on that mattress and land face first”

7:07pm Cam 1-2 Bathroom Britney and Danielle

Britney points out that they cannot hear the competition being built make her question what is going on tomorrow. Danielle says that this morning there was heavy duty construction.
Britney: “I’m sort of in a bad mood.. just because of the situation”
Britney: “Who are you going to put up next week.. “
Daniele: “Who do you think”
Britney: ‘You disagreed with me this morning… so who are you putting up”
Danielle: “F and D”
Britney: ‘you sure.. cause you are sure getting close to him”
Danielle: “I hate Frank i’m just playing it safe”

Danielle tells her not to get bummed out because she’ll probably win America’s favorite.
Britney highly doubts it, “could be frank”
Danielle: “Over my dead body”

Britney: “Danielle… do you have any spare morphine”
Danielle: “I don’t have any morphine otherwise I would have taken some long ago”
Danielle: “Take a Xanax”
**Feeds cut***
Danielle says Ian was a terror last night
Britney knows.. she feels bad for him.. Ian was crying to her today saying that he’s worried people are going to think of him differently he didn’t mean for things to come out that way.
Danielle: “I know he made people cry but I also know he was drunk.. I won’t hold anything against him”

britney tells her that she’s scared to death that Danielle will go back to Dan because he’s so good. Danielle tells her she won’t guys have screwed her over so much in this game and in live she won’t trust them.

Britney: “I liked it better earlier in the week when Frank knew he didn’t have friends and he hung out upstairs in his lair”

Danielle: “He’s so cocky”
Britney: “But look he’s friends with everyone”
Danielle tells her people are just being nice they don’t want to make any enemies right now. Britney:”you know who should feel like a mega idiot right now”
Danielle: “Who me..”
Britney: “Jenn.. She should have not even buzzed in because Dan would have then just won it at that point and had taken the slop”
Dan comes in.. Britney tells him about what Jenn did in the Veto Competition.
Britney: “She should have not buzzed for Slop in and you would have taken the punishment and the Veto”
Britney impersonates Jenn “I didn’t go on slop for no reason.”.. .
Britney: “well ya.. actually you did.. I’m going to take the slop and use it on the person that I didn’t want to win it”
Dan laughs pretty hard.. “That showed aired tonight”
Feeds cut in an out…
Danielle: “I know how much y’all were making”
Britney: “Ya.. Janelle told you before she left.. Mike boogie got 36G’s and he’s at home with Brady.. guess who’s the jokes on”

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7:40pm cam 1-2 Bathroom Danielle and Britney

Britney: “What’s your plan… what are you gonna do next.. You going to try and win HOH?”
Dan: “ya.. I have to try it’s my only way otherwise it’ll be me out next week.. I think I pissed Shane off.. and Danielle is obviously pissed”
Britney tells Dan that Ian wants to work with Dan.. Dan does as well but dan doesn’t think the rest of the quack pack will.

7:50pm Kitchen
Rocking back and forth

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8:13pm cam 1-2 Bathroom Ian, Dan and Britney **Update Starts

They talk about who had the most cheers when they were evicted and they all agree it was Janelle. Britney says that really bothered Boogie to see Janelle go out with so much Fan support.
Shane wonders if Janelle will come back on the show. Britney says Janelle told her she wouldn’t come on the show if her baby was older than 18 months old because she had talked to some doctors and they said leaving it after that can be damaging.

They start chatting about babies and they agree that Britney is going to be a good mom. Britney can’t wait to have a baby.
Dan: “You going to pass on the stink eye”
Britney: “No”

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Jenn didn’t take the Veto for nothing, bitch! I’m sure she wanted a win too, unlike you loser Britney! And she wouldn’t have gotten a deal with your former alliance members that abandoned your dumbass if she didn’t win that Veto! She got a big alliance by winning the Veto and you’re getting the boot so STFU!!!!


it may or may not bite her in the ass. The way dan turned on his former alliance he can do it to her. He’s ruthless. And in my opinion she kinda did. no matter what i would have kept dan on the block because i would be pissed that i took slop for the rest of the summer just so Dan can save his own ass and frank could not completely feel alone. Jenn is not a threat. she doesn’t have much to worry about and she’s more likable than joe so with or without the alliance she was in a good position.


Dan did what he had to do to get off the block. Let’s face it, the alliance was BS. Dan took all the heat for Ian and Britney’s shenanigans. And they didn’t appreciate it at all. They were trying to cover their own asses. So why the heck should Dan care about them. He has ONE alliance member. That’s Danielle. Everyone else is secondary. His main and only aim is to get to final 2 with Danielle. Everyone else…alliance members, friends, other HGs, enemies etc. are all collateral.


She will find out on finale night bye bye Brittney

Bye Bye Bitter Britney

You are right on target!

If Jenn wouldn’t have had anything to offer Dan and Frank, then she wouldn’t have been able to help shift the power in the house.

Of course, all of the diehard fans know that power shifts happen very frequently. However, got to give Jenn a little credit for jumping in there and trying. Maybe it was a little late in the game but she is giving it a shot AND she isn’t the one going home yo!


TONIGHT!!!!! Dan was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!! Seriously, Dan gets himself
taken off the block after Frank and Jenn have taken punishments to get
the nominations to stay the same and then Jenn after having to be on
slop the rest of this season uses the VETO on him, and Dan’s funeral was
so great and that he gets Danielle the sympathy vote so that she does
not go home was well the only word for it is brilliant. This man is a
freaking GENIUS and only downside is that once again Frank is caught cheating
in the game. Frank has cheated his entire way through the game and even
though he convinced Jenn to save Dan production should not allow Frank
to cheat or production to cheat for him to keep him in the game. Tonight’s episode sealed the deal that Dan is the GREATEST PLAYER IN BIG BROTHER HISTORY!!! LOVE THIS MAN!!!!

Big Sister

As I watched this unfold on BBAD, I was screaming with laughter and amazement at Dan’s finesse! Considering I am on the East Coast, it made for a late night. I absolutely couldn’t go to sleep at 3 am when BBAD went off. Seeing all of the facial expressions tonight during the funeral speech and POV was priceless!


@Sharon.I agree with everything you said.Go Dan!


You have got to be kidding. The cheater and liar in this game is Ian. Frank has always been honest and played a good game. He’s still here isn’t he. Britney is a whining 2 faced pathetic loser. She plays it sweet to their faces but she is ruthless. Wonder if you would trust her if you knew her in real life. Doubt if she would even be nice to you unless she needed something from you. Danielle’s whining is disgustingly irritating. The two best players in this game are Frank and Dan. You can see why Dan won BB before. He will do or say anything to get ahead in this game, no matter who her hurts. I hope Frank wins BB14. I doubt that he will though. Everyone is against him but Jenn.


angry and bitter much? What ever happened to some manners?


She took the veto so noms would stay the same and Dan would be walking out the door on Thursday. If she walked away Dan wins the veto and we have the same situation. It was a waste to punish yourself and hurt you game when it comes to physical comps to be on slop. It was a dumb move by a player who thought she needed to make her mark on the game. Once Frank or Dan go and the rest start picking off the likes of Jenn, Joe, and Ian she will be regretting even using the veto let alone forcing the slop diet.


Ya, she did do it for nothing!!! what an idiot!!!!


Simon, sorry I posted this on a previous post not knowing your posted a new one…

Why is Power House being retired? He is still lying and F2ing with everyone with no real alliance? Are you disappointed in him or is this an upgrade?


Apparently it’s not only men that can play Britney in the BB house, it’s stupid, desperate girls like Danielle too. Danielle is playing her so bad, she knows everything and Britney has no clue! Poor girl, maybe she shouldn’t have left her husband and job for this game like she likes to point out ’cause she SUCKS at it!

quack-pack fan

Don’t feel sorry for Brit. She held her own in this game after coming in as the underdog coach. Dani may be fooling her but Dani has pretty much been told what to do by Dan all the way. He told her to cozy up to Jenn – he made the deal with Frank which included her…so on.

Britney played a tight social game and she is going out this week because Ian had the gold veto. She was getting a bit messy when Dan was nominated because she was making deals on both sides so that she was covered but that did not pan out.

Brit is very funny and the house will surely miss her. Ian is so upset about this and it’s sad to watch his sad puppy eyes.


Oh, you misunderstood, I don’t feel sorry for Britney, not now and not when she got brigaded! As a matter of fact I’ve disliked Britney since BB 12 and now even more! I’m glad she’s leaving and BTW, she played a shitty game and that’s why she’s going home, hiding behind guys in this game won’t cut it and she’s dumb because this is the second time she did it not the first! Danielle can make mistakes ’cause she had no freaking clue what BB was before she landed there and Dan can sway anyone as we can see tonight especially Danielle since she so freaking naive. Still though Britney is a dumbass!

production rigged it

i’m sure if she knew you she would be saying all of those kind words to you too.


britney is such a butthurt little crybaby i wish she would just self-evict already. i find it to be hilarious that she was cracking jokes, laughing, and celebrating when boogie was evicted, but now that she’s getting a taste of it, she can’t handle it. she’s so pathetic, on the feeds she was throwing things around the kitchen, following dan around/staring at him/calling him names, and now she upgraded to bashing frank/jenn. she needs to get over it already, just own up to the fact that for your second season in a row, you were duped. she got outplayed yet again and she can’t handle it. all future bb houseguests take this as a caveat, if you’re going to quit your job and leave your family/life behind just to play like britney stay at home, don’t waste our time or yours. bye bitchney, it was fun while it lasted.

Bye Bye Bitter Britney

Fo sho!

What these houseguests seem to forget is that at some point they will have to go home. If they curse, get drunk and act like total idiots then it is going to be a lot harder to assimilate back into their regular lives. It is possible to play the game with class but this season’s cast isn’t doing a very good job.

Which employer would want people like this working for their company??? I would never hire these crybabies.


That would only be true if employers cared about the opinions of crazy cat-ladies.


I hope BB shows some of Britney’s tantrums on Thursday’s show. I especially hope they show where Brit said If she was playing she’d make Ian throw her HOH & Danielle told her it was a mean thing to say.

Dr. J

Doesn’t Britney realize that her laughing at Jenn for taking the slop to win veto is stupid. Just give it to Dan eh? Okay and he’ll be off of the block and she’d be wishing Jenn had taken it to give her a chance to stay off of the block. Can’t have it both ways Brittney. I think she is funny and very pretty but she is not a gamer like she think she is. As for Frank cheating in that veto he was actually helping Brittany who would have screwed him over with the veto so he had nothing to gain by giving her the answer. I think he was just anxious like Dan was when he told Boogie, “Your boys going home.” And if the rule is NO TALKING why wasn’t Dan and Brittney eliminated for the same thing? Hmmmm double standards and BB didn’t want anyone but Dan to win it from the looks of it. Frank would have won yet another comp if he would have stayed silent. Others were talking before he did mocking him. He is the greatest in this game. Again,without Frank talking to Jenn and okaying Dan’s idea, Dan was going home. So give Frank credit he is making plays and being a beast at comps.

Carol & Steve

When Dan was talking – it was in between rounds. When Frank spoke it was during a round when Britney rang in too fast & didn”t know the answer – she was talking & Frank mumbled under his breath which sounded like the answer – summer. So he waas dq’d. If I’m not mistaken the feeds were down for much longer than it took to play the game so I’m sure the game was stopped while it was reviewed, prior to the last round.


Your right frank deserves some credit for being one of the biggest fools to ever play the game, he got played by Dan so bad this week! Guess Frank is not as good as he thinks!


Why are you saying did this for nothing. If yo can remember when the veto was being payed. Jenn was with Frank, they were not working with Dan until after Dan’s 24 hour solitary Techno Dance party.

BB King

If anyone wins America’s Favorite it will Dan or Frank. Both are hard to evict in BB and America loves a fighter. Frank lacks a social game but ends up compensating for it by winning comps. Dan cannot win comps (or throws them) but ends up compensating for it through his social game. He can talk himself out of any situation, whereas Frank can win and pull himself off the block.

Ultimately I see Dan backstabbing and helping to get Frank out of the house and taking either Jenn or Joe with him to final 2. He will probably become the first BB player to win the game twice!


DAN is the only player on the show this season that actually does deserve to win and who cares if he wins it twice. HE EARNED IT!!!

BB King

I am rooting for Dan to win twice!

Dan is THE MAN

Me too. Dan is brilliant. I really want him to win!


He’s going to backstab Frank after swearing on the Bible? What a great guy. The only reason that this move worked was because Dani is nuts. No other player would go along with that plan, including Dan. He’s not the best ever, just really lucky to have Dani.

CBfan says

I don’t get the live feeds, but in tonight’s episode I heard Dan swear on the Bible that everything he told Frank was true. I never heard him swear that he would never backstabb Frank.

production rigged it

i agree dan isn’t the greatest player ever and everybody talks about what a genius move he made, not really the fact is he’s just be really lucky to play with really naive and stupid people at least this year anyway, i mean look at all the punishments frank took to get him out and then he turns around and saves him, danielle even told him she would have went home for him i mean come on how stupid is that he’s already won before and she was willing to give up her chance to win for him what an idiot and don’t even get me started on ? she takes slop for the rest of the summer and then saves dan just so she can probably be within the next 2 people out or so, yeah frank all your great moves will make you one of the best players ever NOT!!

Roisin Dubh

When are these people gonna learn that thier obssession with Frank will destroy you? Britt is one bitter little girl. Maybe if you spent a couple of weeks telling your attack dogs to pick off the floaters you might be in a better position. forget about Ian, that kid pissed everyone off last night.I find it funny that they’re going with dani because the reasoning is she’s stronger at comps. She won HOH after Britt threw it for safety. You did it to yourself Britt, take a look in the mirror and own it.

VA Vet

Jenn and Joe in final two???????? What are you smoking, Simon?


who’s this jenn person you’re talking about?

Hammock Boy

**** ring, ring**** hello britt? this is mike boogie, i just wanted to call to see how it feels to be a twice in bb and lose? hahahahahahaha

BB King

Janelle has an even worse record. Three times on BB and she lost all three times.


Boogie already knows what it feels like to lose big brother twice.


Boogie has played three times and has never entered the Jury House (okay so there was no Jury house in 2001…)

Carol & Steve

Just thinking about how funny it would’ve been if Britney had chosen to be shackled to Dan for 24hrs – then she’d have had to join Dan for his solitayr dance party! that would’ve been funny!


I am hoping that Ian is the one that gets evicted next week (unless they can backdoor Frank). I think that it is time for him to start getting back to real life, chill out, etc. Plus, it would be a blessing to the HGs to not have to hear the constant squeak of the hammock. Hey, that’s one good thing about being on an indoor lockdown!

Carol & Steve

they should let America to vote out a houseguest – Ian for that darn squeakiing hammock! sooo annoying!!


or for us feeders to have to watch him rock back and forth in the kitchen like a psyche patient or listen to him praise his “game/moves” 24/7. i swear that little twerp needs a serious reality check.

billy bob

brit still made 20 gs for 3 months of doing shit,ya she’s a real loser,6 g’s a month sucks balls,what a stupid bitch brit is,she still gets to laugh to the bank suckers

Dr. J

Simon I read somewhere there is video of Jeff Schroder interviewing Ashley. Have you seen it or do you know where I can find it?


Poor brit if she only knew that danielle didn’t need to go back to dan she never left 🙂


I adore Brit! I was so happy to see her come back! Most of the people I know that don’t like her are ugly girls who are jealous or men who struggle with girl power!


Just thought I’d let everyone know, in case that they haven’t heard, or in case it’s slipped their mind that Britney quit her job and left her husband to be on BB14.


She was also shitting on Franks dream yo


I have not wanted Dan to win a second time until this move. His skills impress me. A well thought out and perfectly executed plan. Craziness!!!!!! Love it!!

I’ve hated Frank all season but I had to smirk when he quoted Ian the not so wise man and told Britney to “pop a squat”.

I still love Brit though. I am leaning towards voting for her for America’s Fav for her DR entertainment. I could flip and flop before the shows end, though. LOL


Dan move was brilliant loved it, was waiting for him to do something like this, I mean the guy put his secret alliance member on the block during his season to hide their alliance the man is genius, and if he can win this season he will no doubt be the greatest of all time!


Britt has a high score for fav player so does Frank.. i dont see her going just yet… maybe Ians Second veto will have something to do with it…tune in and see


Ian’s veto is no more. He placed it in the Veto Box unused, never to return in BB14 ever again.

Dirty hands

You keep bringing up Ian’s second veto having anything to do with the show tomorrow. Do you not realize it is over and done with? Do you not think that they would tease a twist during and after the show during commercials?


Ian already chose not to use the veto and put it in the box during the veto meeting

Dr. J

Thanks Simon that’s one place I haven’t looked for the video.


Ian went first during veto ceremny…the veto ball is called SECOND veto ball.. there were two ? in that machine…Britt is one of americas fav player she won her season fv player …so shes obviusely brings in ratings.. maybe we will still be seing her in the house… remeber Jordan got saved.. bb is full of twiststhat leave us shocked…


they get morphine in the house? DAMN they got every drug except WEED, they need to get some

BB King

Britney may not pass down the stink eye, but she may indeed pass down the wonky eye she has. It’s just genetics, so I hope I was not too mean.

Dr. J

I live about 1/2 hour from where Brittney lives and know who her husband works for. He is well paid working for a major electrical company pulling in some righteous bucks. She up and quits her job making $100.000 a year as a drug rep. So who’s the stupidest one here her or Frank? How many young people start their marriage making that kind of money. She took her seed money for being americas favorite last time she played and they bought a brand new home. I’m sorry but bye Britt I don’t feel sorry for your whiney negativity anymore. I will say hello should I see you in a store sometime but won’t be telling you what a great game you played.

production rigged it

like she would care what you thought anyway.


Britney is correct, jenn took slop when it turned out she did not need to. Britney also came into the house for no prize money as well…


actually she’s not correct, Jenn won that POV for Frank, the “save Dan plan” wasn’t in effect til after


I hope Ian wins hoh this Thursday and flips the script on them all


britney cant play…all she has to do is fight and she may have a chance…..but she is a quitter…she is letting danielle…the most craziest person in history of reality tv…beat her …..casey anthony, i mean danielle has done nothing but lied gto britnay the last week

Ian's squeeky hammock

Hey Simon, can the new drinking game be for when Brittney says she quit her job and left her husband to play BB? :o)


Pretty easy for Britt to talk, when she doesn’t know what went down, but by this time tomorrow she will realize lol.


Frank is a good sport, he wore a humiitard for a whole week w/o getting all Britchney and whining.
And now he is wearing a carrot suit and being a good sport about it. Frank will make some lucky
lady a good husband.

production rigged it

sounds like somebody has a stinky mancrush. on ole stanky franky

I says, I

Watching Britney go from cocky and confident, thinking the Quack Pack could be saved and Frank would be toast, to bawling her eyes out, crying “Why me?” was worth every bit the cost of the live feeds.

Watching Britney go from confiding in and advising Danielle and talking smack about everybody except her and Ian, only to find out Thursday night that Danielle, Dan, Frank, and Jenn got her out and will soon send her puppy dog out to join her in jury will be priceless.


Dan for the win!!!!


karma is such a bitch to britney right now she talked shit about frank, She made fun of and talked shit about jen and now she may go home because of them both. Britney played scared and that is what cost her the game she wanted dan, ian, shane and danielle to do all the dirty work. Even now she is mad at frank but not at dan who was the one who betrayed their alliance it’s crazy dan is the one to confront but she won’t


all i kniw is, at this point i don’t care who wind the game, the look on britney and ians faces was priceless, watch it 3 times,it was great, and don’t say dan is the only player to win this gme he is not, frank should win it, but because he did what he did he will not, he really had played a great game, but when ian said now i am rweally coming after him, i about feel off my chair, ian is a mouse and he just got played! so glad britney is going! so happy and if frank goes at lest he got her out, really want to see dan go, he is very annoying!


This is the best episode ever. I can’t wait for next week Ian will be taken out & follow by Dan. That way, no more coaches tell you what to do.


Wonder why Dan has stopped reading the bible. He hasn’t touched it since he used it to swear the deal with Frank.