Ian tells Brit to look after Ash if Frank goes into jury next. She says she can’t stop them from having $*x.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for a week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


12:20am Britney and Ian are talking. Ian asks Britney to look after Ashley if Frank goes into jury next. Britney tells Ian that she can’t stop them from having $*x. Britney tells him that stuff happened during their date. After Britney tells him, Ian says that he now knows he made the right choice in getting her out. They joke about how Shane is stupid even though they love him. Britney says that he is empty. They both think that Dan is smart. Britney says that she thinks Danielle is smart but doesn’t like to talk about intelligent stuff. They both think Ashley is dumb. Ian says that Dan is intelligent but that I don’t think you will get to talk to him any time soon in the jury house. Britney says that Joe isn’t intelligent. Ian says that Joe is actually stupid. They both laugh. Britney says that she doesn’t think she can survive a week in the Jury house with just Ashley and says that that she has to have an intelligent conversation at least once a day. Britney says that she can’t have a conversation with her. Britney says that she thinks it all went wrong is when they got Janelle out. She says that we should have gotten Frank out when we had the chance. Ian says that Frank tries his hardest to make me feel like s**t. Britney says that she is so sick of Frank’s bullying; he thinks everyone in the house is there to further his game. Danielle joins them and they continue to talk about how unintelligent Ashley is. Ian tells them that he wanted to say to Ashley look Ashley you are a beautiful girl but intellectually you don’t stimulate me at all. Britney and Danielle wrestle.


12:50am Britney and Ian are alone again talking. Britney tells Ian that Boogie was really nice to her before he left; he told her it was nice to meet her and they had a lot of fun. Ian tells Britney that Boogie called her a b***h. Britney says that she made fun of his botox even though he specifically asked her not to. She says that he did have bad botox, his eyebrows only moved sideways, that’s problematic! Britney says that he thought he was the better half of Chilltown. Ian says that he made Boogie angry by saying he figured BB probably asked Will first but since he turned them down, Boogie got the spot to come back and coach. Britney says that she wants to talk to Shane and tell him to vote out his girlfriend and keep me.

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1:30am Shane and Danielle are in the bathroom whispering. Danielle says that she is still angry about Dan’s funeral stunt. Shane says that the only two people he would throw the HOH to would be her or Ian. Shane says that he doesn’t trust throwing the competition to Dan. Shane talks about Jeff and Jordan and says that we should do what they did and try to strike a deal that keeps them safe as a couple if it’s an endurance competition. Shane tells Danielle that we can’t let Jenn or Joe win the HOH. Danielle says oh hell no! Dan comes in and joins them. Dan and Shane both talk about they would like to work with the quack pack again but they need to talk tomorrow. They talk about how they think it will be endurance tomorrow.


1:45am Frank, Jenn and Joe are in the living room talking about the Power of Veto competition. Frank comments and says man Ian’s following Britney around like a f***ing puppy dog tonight. They wonder if Danielle will voting Ian out next. Frank and Joe both think she is on board and say that they think Danielle could win HOH tomorrow. They all agree that Ian has to go home next. Jenn leaves. Joe tells Frank that he is surprised that Britney just gave up. Frank says that it’s disappointing. Joe says you have got to try all the way to the end. Frank says that he would have been working his a** off. Joe tells Frank that he can have the big check he just wants the $50 G’s. Frank laughs and tells him he likes that plan. Frank says let’s just say we get Ian out and you win the next HOH, you put Dan and Danielle up. Frank says that Danielle going home before Dan might not be the worst thing. Joe agrees. Frank says that these motherf***ers don’t know how to work! Joe says pack a lunch were going to work! Frank says three weeks can you believe it?! They wonder how they will get rid of enough house guests for the finale at this rate. Frank says that he thinks there could be two weeks of fast Forwards coming. They talk about words they would use if it’s a spelling competition. Joe says Tenderloin and Thermodynamics. (Joe thinks “Thermodynamics” is an 18 letter word, so I don’t think he would spell it right if he tried as it is only 14 letters.) Frank says that his word is demonstration and comments that there are a lot of things he could do with it. Frank and Joe laugh about beating Ian in the spelling Veto with his own word. They talk about giving each other letters to win. Frank and Joe end their conversation and Frank heads up to the HOH room.

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2:20am Danielle and Jenn are whispering in the stereo room bed. Jenn says that Frank wants to take her all the way and says that she is the only one who hasn’t lied to him. Jenn says that she told Frank she wanted to bring Danielle with them and that Frank was cool with that. Jenn says that she is worried about Dan. Jenn says that she is also worried that Ian will win HOH this week. Jenn says she is Ian’s target and says that he pretty much admitted that to her this morning. They both agree to get out Ian this week. Danielle asks Jenn who she would put up. Jenn says Ian and Joe. They talk about how they need to win this HOH and how they think it will be endurance. Danielle heads into the kitchen.


2:35am – 3am Shane and Danielle whisper in the kitchen. Danielle tells Shane that she doesn’t trust Joe. Shane agrees. They head into the bathroom. Shane says that he thinks they should throw the HOH to Ian so he can put up Frank and Joe and one of them will go home. Shane says that way we won’t get blood on our hands. Shane asks Danielle if she has thought about getting rid of Ian this week. Danielle says no. Shane says that he thinks Joe would put up Ian and Dan if he wins HOH. Shane says that he doesn’t know what Dan would do. Shane says that he thinks it might be best to put up Ian and Joe, if Ian wins POV they could back door Frank. Shane says that the final four could be you, me, Jenn and Joe. Shane says that he thinks they should get rid of Ian before Dan. Shane says that wants to confront Britney tomorrow about a final two deal he heard she had with Ian. Danielle tells him not to because Britney is going to Jury. Shane says that he just wants to know the truth. Danielle tells him to let it go! Shane says that it’s bulls**t, she hasn’t done anything to save me, and she expects me to vote for her? Shane asks Danielle why she doesn’t trust Joe? Danielle says because he always floats, he constantly floats. Shane believes Joe is doing whatever is in Frank’s best interest. Danielle says Frank is in trouble. Shane says that he thinks Frank would have Jenn and Joe’s vote but they could still send him home. They talk about talking to Dan separately tomorrow before the HOH to assure their safety. They both head to bed.

5:50am All the house guests are still sleeping..
9am – 9:25am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. They turn on the lights and go back to sleep..


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cant believe AG would be that stupid to keep a harraser in the house against americas favorite player season12… wow your rating wont be the same…. you saved Jordan..


Production did their best to rig it. They threw in a second veto for the Quack Pack knowing one of them would have won it over ??/Joe. It was just unfortunate that Ian won it, since out of the QP he is the most confused. He actually tries to get the power and always seems excited for doing so but then never wants to do anything with it because it will “rock the boat”. And in this case it did not benefit him from having it because he was never a target of Frank’s until Dan worked his magic.

Also production couldn’t do anything with the QP falling apart during the veto comp as they all shared points allowing Jenn to win with the “this last question is all that matters since it’s worth the game winning amount”. Danielle just wasted a couple points for the heck of it, and Britney didn’t trust Ian to save her so wasted some more. Dan probably only started playing because it looked like Frank was going to steamroll Brit and Shane and he could not take that risk. Instead of panicing the rest of the QP should ahve thrown it and trusted in their team to come together.

Dark Horse

thats cause they already have the check made out in his name…

MU Tigers

They (production) have let Janelle and Boogie leave, whom are both arguably just as good for ratings as Britney is. This show has to be more about the sum of its parts, not the otherway around. Otherwise it’s not a true social competition, it’s pre-determined entertainment which would put it on par with Wrestling. I get why people worry about ratings, but what would happen to ratings if it wasn’t a conspiracy but rather a known fact that BB was rigged? I think that would hurt BB far worse than a particular HG being evicted.

Nicky Brand

Then they should be worried that so many people think it’s fixed this year. There’s a section about Producton influencing the game in the Big Brother 14 Wikipedia page, including how they told Shane not to put up Frank & Boogie and instructed Ian not to use the veto ball to save other QP members.

I agree with you that the perception of it being fixed is not good for the game. Britney is my favorite player, but I don’t think it should be fixed in her favor. I think it has been fixed for somebody, though. And by coincidence, his father was a wrestler.

MU Tigers

You do understand that anybody can add whatever they want to a Wiki right? I refuse to believe everything I read in a wiki. It’s just not conclusive evidence. If it was truly rigged, like that suggests, why aren’t the other HG’s walking off the show? Or staging a protest? I appreciate your opinion, but wiki’s aren’t always the most accurate resources. Just stating, not hating…

Nicky Brand

I’m not saying it proves anything, other than that there is a controversy about it and some circumstancial evidence. But my opinion is that Production influence to such an extent that many people are suspicious has the potential to do permanent damage to the game that surely would outweigh any temporary benefit they are getting from it.


I miss Britney already. Shane and Joe, CHANGE YOUR MIND!

Nicky Brand

I think what’s killing Britney is she’s married. If she wasn’t, she could have spent the last 3 days making out with Shane (since she’s hotter than Danielle and has a better personality, too), but she’s married and can’t. If she were liplocking with Shane, he and Joe (who will vote with him until Frank can play for HOH again) would be saving her, no doubt.


Britchney doesn’t know it yet but her husband is shacking up with the babysitter.

Nicky Brand

I don’t think Ian has much to worry about, since AG will never allow Frank to be sent to jury.


This crap its called a second veto and i feel productiion .. riggged it so ian will go first… that makes no sense… pandoras box is usually made to help out the people on the chopping block.. im still puzzled why Ian went first when its a second veto….why didnt they call the ball just a veto ball…thre has to be more to this.


Yeah, if brit or shane would have won the veto comp the Pack would have been safe. Production likes to meddle, but they just don’t outright give things.


The way they explained it on the show last night was that since Ian won his veto first, he went first.


Ian won the first veto. After the Pandora’s Box they had the regular veto competion. Jenn won the second veto. That is why Ian went first because he won first.

Capt. Obvious

I understand you want your favorites to win, but you’re reading way WAY too much into this:

If BB has a HOH and Veto every week, then any other HOH or Veto in a given week would unthinkingly be referred to as a SECOND HOH or Veto. If Julie told the HG’s that the winner of PB would win a FIRST veto, nobody would know what she was talking about.

Ian had a veto that kept him safe this week. He won his before Jenn so it made logical sense his would be played before hers. It’s simple chronology. Had Jenn won veto and THEN Frank opened PB, then I would have assumed Ian would go after Jenn unless BB specified otherwise. There’s no conspiracy here in my opinion.

If there was more power, the Julie would have teased it last night…she didn’t.


Production told Ian not to use the Veto he said so on live feeds, He told them he had not made up his mind so they PRODUCTION decided to have Ian’s veto first so that he could not use it on Britney they knew what was going on this game is so rigged they should be sued for calling it reality TV. I used to love this show but it is rigged so bad that I hate watching it. I canceled the live feeds there is going to be nothing to watch after this week.

The Real TMZ

I totally agree,anon.Last nights show was SO bad.It really revealed how much control production has.It was hard to watch,but what seems weird to me is that it’s almost as if they WAnt the viewers to know that they do have some,or all,of the control..Turning into a fake,not reality,show… best…….joho…just our honest opinion

Jen W

According to the feeds, Ian was saying that Production was asking him “how does using this benefit your game” before the POV competition was even played. This was clear back when the QP was planning to have Shane or Britney win POV to take Dan or Danielle down & asking Ian if that happened would he use his Veto to take the other one down. Then if S/B was put up, they had the votes to save them.


You are absolutely right. He stood in the bathroom with Brit and told her that the powers that be didn’t want him using it – BEFORE the veto comp. There are enough other things that Production has interfered with – this was not one of them.

Team Ian Big Dog

They probably did it to save Dan. Remember before he gave his funeral farwell, he went to the diary room right after he played sick. Maybe the show is really rigged for Dan to win.

Nicky Brand

Possible, but more likely it was done because that’s the way that benefited Frank the most.


So then why go through all the BS and instead just make PB a diamond veto for Frank and give the house a punishment?

Production can lead any player any way they want…but the player still calls the shot.

I’m not saying production does not want certain players to stay in the game, but a lot of what you’re hearing are questions meant to prompt DR responses.

So when they say to Ian “How does using this benefit your game?” They’re just trying to get him talking about scenarios…which is what we see in DR’s on every show.

Do you guys not notice that from the live feeds we know player X is 100% voting one way, but on CBS in the DR player X is weighing voting either way and how that hurts or helps them?

I think you’re grasping at a conspiracy where none exists.


100% correct … while BB is rigged to go a certain way , the person still has to WIN the competition catered to them, DR sessions are no different production may want the HGs to do what they say, but it’s still up to them to go with it… like last season Shelly wanted Rachel out, and then she got called to DR, and came out and attempted to turn the house around to save Rachel, that was her decision

production is like politicians , they can attempt to make the people go one way, but they can’t force them to


If that is the case, which I don’t believe, then Dan could have said that it was a real interesting idea, but I’m not going to do it. The HGs control what they do and what they don’t do.

DR questions are meant to prompt responses. If in doing so it triggers a thought process that leads to something, well that’s just how it works.

I think many of you are reading into the paranoia of HG’s who by and large are delusional, hypocritical, and not exactly self-aware or accountable for their behavior.

It’s easy to treat Big Brother like an adversary for HG’s. They get certain food and alcohol periodically, like their kids. They get yelled at to wear their mic or stop singing or don’t talk about production. It’s only natural for them to see production as the enemy.

I just don’t put much stock into it.

don't mix words...

It wasn’t a “second” veto it was an additional or extra or additional veto…
and yes the order was explained…


can’t I comment?


Even though I think Dan pulled off one of the greatest moves in BB history and it was smart to get rid of Brit because the QP obviously saw Dan as the #5 in the group I would have liked it if he tried to save the entire QP and got frank to put joe up. My pitch to frank would have been basically the same thing only I would have said the QP had 6 members with joe. I also would have said that joe and Ian are tighter then any Duo. I would have said that them constantly saying they want each other out is all an act to throw people off. I also would have lied and said joe has a final 2 with everyone in the house and is playing a good game behind the scenes. I would have brought up how Jordan did nothing on her season but still won. I also would have told frank that joe is constantly giving them info that you tell him and if he makes it to the final 2 he can say he was a spy and got that info and that’s why he should win. If frank fell for it then my pitch to jenn would be if she uses the veto to get frank out then she still had the 3 girl alliance to fall back on if things fell apart. But the biggest sell would have been telling her that everyone in the house wants to take her or joe to the end but everyone is leaning towards taking joe. So if jenn gets joe out now then she will be guaranteed to be in the final 2. Then that would have kept the QP together to get frank out and get Floatin Joe out. Then the QP members would all loved Dan and he definetly would have won if he reached the final 2. Now he has to hope they all let go of there grudges. One thing I will say. It seems Dan is safe next week unless joe wins HOH some how.


Dan didn’t say it was Joe because he was already going for a Hail Mary pass and it increased the risk by not being truthful/sincere. Plus everybody has such a low opinion of Joe he would never believe he was capable of even something small like that. It was only a big deal to Frank because he really trusted Ian.


Britney could have sold the idea of the “Fractured Four” Her, the social player, Ian the quizmaster, Shane the beast, and Joe the pawn ( but tell him that he’s the strategist) . They might have gone pretty far.


Thank you! I have been saying the same thing. Britney is on the block against Danielle and not campaigning. Its only Danielle, come on and fight! WTH?!?!

To me this proves that Brit really has NO GAME, beyond playing behind some boys. For a 1 in 7 chance at 500K, Brit can’t do some leg work? All she has to do is point out to Shane and Joe that Danielle may or may not go to the other side of the house. Dani is really close to Jenn and who knows what is going on with Dan. Brit needs to hammer home the point to Shane & Joe that she is 100% with them. Even if Shane and Joe don’t buy it, she should have be selling it for the last 3 days. However, Brit is going to cry, get drunk, make fun of other players and have a pity party. She deserves to be thrown out.


Ibelieve she wanted to fight for votes but idk why Ian told her dont waste you time….that weird


Although I love your idea, Frank would never have believed it. He believed Dan when he said that Ian and Britney were close, because of how Britney and Ian act towards each other in the house.


a “couple”? i didn’t know anything was going on between shane and danielle. they are the strangest showmance ever

Big Brother Fan

I am really confused about who is loyal to who!Although Danielle,Jenn,Frank and Dan are in a Alliance they don’t seem to talk much as a group.Frank seems to talk more with Jenn and Joe.I know Dani is loyal to Dan.Do you guys think she would put up Shane if she got the chance…..Frank,Joe and Shane are in an Alliance but I am pretty sure its not legit.What are your guys thoughts?


so many people believe production rigging it for Frank to win I think its rigged for stalker and shane


hmmmm could be


Am I the only one that thinks Shane’s hair looks like a toupee?

They should just evict Joe right now for being so freakin’ GROSS!

Trashy Entertainment

Not a toupee, but a comb over for sure. The boy has hair from his neck combed forward towards his forehead.

Dan is THE MAN

Shane’s hair looks like anime character Tristan Taylor from Yu-Gi-oh.


This is getting dumb I don’t even know who is really working with who like Eagle Eye would say “draw a line in the sand” it’s getting so out of hand at this point. I have no clue why Ian is EVERYONE’S target when Frank is not even playing in 2 HOH comps and Dan is obviously going to throw the HOH comp. Hell someone get Dan out of the game. None of these remaining players have a sack (excluding Frank and Ian). Shane is becoming Dani’s bitch. Joe follows whoever is in power. Dan hides behind people and allows them to get the blood on their hands *cough cough Dani cough*. Jenn has this false bravado as if she is tough as nails and so does Danielle but in reality they are not, not even close. Its ridiculous. Dani most likely will win HOH (praying to God she does not) due to Ian trusting her and that will be his downfall. None of the remaining players will put Frank straight up (except Ian) because they are so SCARED. It’s ridiculous. Ian pull this one out Thursday you got this!

Capt. Obvious

I really think you need to look closer at Dan’s situation. Look at the DRs shown last night. The Hail Mary saved him and Danielle…but for better or worse he is in a bit of a bind with Frank, with whom his relationship is tenuous. He betrayed Ian and Shane so he knows they can’t be trusted and are telling him what he wants to hear. And the shake-up gave Frank ammunition. So if Dan throws HOH or tries to betray Frank, Frank can go to Ian or Shane and lay out exactly what happened when Dan went up to HOH after his funeral.

Now I’m not saying Frank could shift the target, but once in a position of power, how would Ian or Shane respond, knowing that Dan sold everybody out to have a final 2 deal with Frank…but even more importantly, that Danielle, who was 1000% safe went right along with knifing Britney and her alliance right in the back all to save her beloved rat, Dan. I don’t know that Danielle realized the game changer she agreed to that night and Dan won’t let on until after Britney is all but out the door, but she is tied to Frank more than she realizes.

Dan might tell her just before evictions tonight when they strategize about HOH that look “you are the sympathetic figure, on nobodies radar, but if we cross Frank or Jenn in any way, he can make you public enemy number 1, so we need this HOH and we can’ let Ian win. Once he is gone, Shane is the only option Frank will have to sell you out to…but he’s soooo in love with you it won’t be a problem. Then we can get Frank”

That last part is a total work, but he has to throw Danielle a bone. Dan can’t be truly safe from Frank’s betrayal until Ian and Shane are gone.


Excellent analysis… One of the best I’ve seen on this site.

Hammock Boy

so glad brit the twit is going today, she is annoying with her self absorbed stories and picking at her face, all she does is mock people when things dont go her way, too bad, you played this game twice and you sucked at it both times.


Im hoping Shane doesnt try to keep Danielle around… he is stupid if he thinks his gme play is like Jeff and Jordan… hes dejusional…theres only one jeff and jordan … besides Jordan didnt have a final two with someone else… she needs to be evicted after britt…


I love Dan.


Can any one tell me if frank and jenn said they would only use the veto if they were going 2nd. Or where they going to use it no matter what?? Or did frank and jenn have a plan to put up Shane or joe if Ian went 2nd and took brittbey down. If anyone heard frank and jenn talk about this please let me know. Thank you


I have been a true Brit fan, mostly because of her entertainment value, but the way she has given up, I am just over it. Dang….have to find someone else to cheer for I guess

Dark Horse

Shane’s mind is a box of rocks…I think Brit realized this…

I do hope she asks him again to vote for her over his stalker [didn’t want anything to do with] girlfriend Danielle…

but then again Danielle pops the blackheads on his back, so….


hy do you guys know why some of our omments are awaiting moderation…i said nothing bad why does this happen?

MU Tigers

All comments get that. And be glad that they do or there would be all sorts of garbage being said and spammers in here making any thread hard to follow.


Brit. Needs to get up and fight . She could do this if she wanted too!!! Danielle and her stories are killing Brit.


Do you guys know if we are gonna be able to watch bb Canada here… or if showtime will have BBAD Canada for us to all watch..


The reason Ian went first is because he won the first veto… I don’t know why people are complaining that he went first when he won the veto BEFORE Jenn.

Capt. Obvious

I’d just like to make one observation.

The live feeds are great and BBAD is a cool deal, but the reality is that right now aside from Britney and Ian, everybody is telling everybody else what they want to hear and selective information. Without access to the diary room it’s extremely hard to try and reach any conclusions as to who is really with who. But from last night’s DR’s on CBS:

I do think Dan an Frank is legit…although neither side will work to evict the other until 2-3 more HG’s are gone, neither will they work to hard to save the other. Frank knows Dan’s pitch made sense, something nobody in the house since Boogie has done and Dan knows he’s a rat to everybody except Frank, no matter what Ian and Shane say to his face, they would cut him right after Frank.

I think Danielle is with Dan 100% and will do whatever he says, especially since she’s achieved her goal of eliminating all the pretty girls. Shane, you should have been nicer to the crazy broad.

Shane is lost strategically without Britney, who was a horrible guide to begin with. He’s not going to listen to the emotional Danielle or the rats, Ian and Dan. He’s afraid of Frank because of Britney/Janelle’s brainwashing and knows Jenn and Joe cant help him. He will not be throwing any competitions after the trauma of Dan’s big move which surely blew his mind. Winning comps is his security blanket or pacifier. He will try to win HOH and if he does Ian and Jenn will go up. Shane is a coward at heart.

Jenn impressed me by actually making a stand in veto. I get that she has no fan base, but she stopped being a floater the second that happened. Sure she picked Frank, who many here hate, but at least she did what Joe only talks about. She picked a side. She’s with Frank and Danielle…and Danielle will betray her just as she has every female in the house.

Joe lives in his own world of power and intrigue…

Ian is like a chicken with his head cut off, running around, thrashing violently, but still in his death throes. I suspect his best shot for HOH is questions or endurance with all signs pointing to endurance on Thursday. When Britney leaves and the HG’s are waiting for HOH, Ian will be rocking and pacing and expending precious energy. He cannot manage his emotions, which will drain him before the comp. Frank should start talking in his ear immediately, raising the stress level, and ensuring Ian’s collapse. Frank can’t go too far or be too mean, in fact he should do it in a completely joking manner, but he should be the only person Ian hears going into HOH.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

well that was more than one observation but pretty spot on in my opinion. 🙂

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Does anybody tell the truth in this house….anybody…ever?
It looks like Shane is about to screw Frank over…again.
Too bad…the carrot patch kids seemed like a good alliance.

What are the actual alliances right now? Are there any?

This is the worst year for long term strategy.


My thoughts are this, the power of Veto allows you to veto one of any nomination as long as you are in possession of it. Ian was asked if he wanted to veto one of the current nominations, he was never asked if he wanted to veto the replacement nominee. This has never been a problem before for obvious reasons, but if things go like I think they might ( crosses fingers) then he might get a chance tonight to veto the replacement nominee. Epic!

You see, the problem with all the other powers has always been that we always knew if and when they would use them, for the first time this would be a total blindside! Come on production! Make it happen!


People it was made clear to Ian awhile ago how the veto works by production before Jenn even won the second veto. Ian and Jenn only had the power to change Frank’s original nominations. So even if Jenn went first and saved Dan, Ian then would have to decide to save Dani. THEN Frank would have to replace two nominations and he most likely would have put up Brit / Shane. This is why Shane or Brit had to win Veto, because it would have protected 4 members and left one quake packer on the block with Joe.


To be a bit more clear, neither veto had the power to save a replacement nomination. Ian was telling this to people since Friday.

Team Ian Big Dog

That would mean that he would not be able to save Britt but he could have saved Dani if he was the second power of veto and then Frank would have had to made a replacement. He would have had to put up Shane, Joe or Jenn. Then it would have been Joe since Frank wants to keep his options open with Jenn and Shane. The house would then have to vote between Joe and Britt. Jenn would vote to keep Joe, the qp could then vote to keep Britt. The issue was getting whoever won the power of veto to use their first so that the second could then save the remaining qpack member.

Team Ian Big Dog

Dan decided to jump ship on the qpack and bring Dani in with him. For some reason, he wants to take her along more than likely a vote. I think he decided that the only way for him to win is to hook up with bully Frank. The qpack of 5 had a few chances to beat Frank and failed. Dan wants to be a winner so he broke with his alliance. He want to get rid of Britt and Ian because he knows that they are the only ones who understand the game. Dani just follows his orders and has no real strategy of her own. If Dan pisses her off though, she is a loose cannon and will betray his trust. Hoping this happens if he screwed Ian out of his power with production.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Weeeee!!! It looks like I have the votes 4-1 to vote out Britney, so y’all, it looks like I’ll be around a while longer. I would feel bad for Brit, but she took up alot of Shane’s attention, and y’all know that I can be having that. Plus, when we wrestle Brit refers to herself as the light weight champion and me the heavy weight champion. So yeah, she thinks I’m fat. Y’all know my struggles with anorexia. Hey, are y’all listening to me. I used to starve myself cause of people calling me fat. Britney choose me to be chained up to me because she wants to be near me. I wonder if Brit is bi-curious. It’s tough on a girl to have so many people in love with me. There’s Shane, Trey, Hayden, Jenn and now Britney. Ian and Frank probably want me too, but are playing hard to get. I’m such a catch. And if not for that freaking Zingbot, I would be America’s newest sweetheart. Zingbot your days are numbered.

PS Trey, I love you, wait for me baby. Momma’s bringing back 500K.


OK…so I think its safe to say Shane is a bit of a douche,lol…just a lil. “She hasn’t done a thing to save me and she wants me to vote for her?” Ha! She certainly helped u along the way (cuz he is definitely lost in the game quite a bit, despite his comp wins) and always thought of u the whole game..but that’s nothing. And why would he be “confronting” Britney about a F2 deal she had with Ian? Doesn’t he have a F2 deal with Danielle? And has made other final alliances along the way…. pot…kettle….yea. Just some observations.


wil da thrill… are so right!!

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I think Shane has a F2 with everyone in the house except Ian and Jenn.


God the more and more this season goes on the more and more I keep thinking Danielle will win this game. If Danielle wins Big Brother this year the world really is ending in 2012.


too funny!


Just realized I could NEVER be on BB. I have no game… while I’m watching I just pick out who I like and don’t and give a ruling as to what was a stupid move and what was a good move. Other people post about “what if’s” that never enter my mind… oh, hell, could it be I’m a floater??? Naaa! I know who I like, I pick them at the beginning and “stay loyal”.

Now, on a completely different note… has anyone noticed how Danielle’s butt is expanding at an inordinate rate… ? She wasn’t fat when she kept whining about being fat… now she’s “spreadin’ out” and hasn’t mentioned it, to my knowledge, lately.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Harsh Gigi, that’s just harsh. Don’t you know that the camera adds 10 pounds? What ya want from me? Shall I become anorexic again? What’d I do to y’all? Besides, I don’t hear Shane complaining about my badonkadonk. I suspect you are jealous of the love me and Shane feel for one another.


As an emotionally fractured, manipulative, selfish and evil person, I can say that I am built to thrive in BB, so the fact that you’re not…yeah it’s actually a badge of honor.


Correct me if I am wrong, but Frank does not have immunity for two weeks, since he cannot play in the HOH for 2 weeks. Why wouldn’t anyone take this opportunity to get him out? He is a fantastic competitor and would be my first choice over Ian and Joe. I would find a way to use him as a replacement nominee and vote him out. Logic seems to have gone out the window.


I think everyones plan well except Jenn of course (but im sure she will be easily talked into it) is to backdoor frank if he doesnt win or get to play in POV. Atleast Ive heard pretty much everyone say it a time or two in between making final 2 deals with frank.


I hope so b/c that opportunity is golden!

MU Tigers

The only thing better than watching Britney getting evicted once, is getting to see it again 2 years later. It feels like de ja vu and I am LOVING IT!!! It took over a month and a half for her to finally have a really good DR message, her goodbye message to Boogie. But that is truly all she brings to this game and having to tolerate her annoying ways for one laugh just isn’t a good trade off for me. Out of the 4 coaches, she’s the only one that didn’t belong back in the game. She sucked at this game on BB12 and played the game the same way this time. So with that said, it’s goodbye Britney, enjoy your time in the JH. I am sure Boogie and Janelle will enjoy seeing her walk out tonight.


its boring already and Brit isnt even gone yet… I dont think I will be as obsessed with it if it is bully frank, boring joe, useless jenn, psycho daniele, stupid shane, ian and dan…. too bad… this really was a good season for the first half!

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Hands raymond a kleenex. There ya go big boy, let it all out, it’ll be alright. There is a bright side, I’m still in the house. Besides wouldn’t y’all rather see someone new and fresh still here than some re-tread HG that got played by her alliance for a second time? I know, right?

PS BTW raymond, you spelled psychic wrong. And I am flattered, but I can’t read minds.


BB was off the hook last night. One of the best game plays ever. Dan talked HOH into using his alliance to take him off the block, and hot damn it was done. Dan deserve to be nominated for an Oscar! I would love to know what Janelle and Boogie think about Dans move.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Um, I think you are about a week behind.
Dan is already talking about screwing Frank after that play.
In retrospect, Frank could have just taken all that information from Dan, kept him on the block and sent him packing.

Not sure what the better move would have been. Perhaps it is better that they get rid of Britney because she has more influence on the core of the whack pack than Dan does now that he pulled that stunt.

The perfect move would have been to threaten Ian and force him to use his POV on Dan under the guise that Frank wanted to put Joe up and if Ian didn’t use it, Frank would get Jenn to use hers to put Britney up….and then when Ian used his veto on Dan, Frank should have gone ahead and put Britney up in Dan’s place (with of course a “pop a squat” or “get steppin” insult) and then get Jenn to use her POV on Danielle (sympathy excuse for what Dan did to her) and put Shane in Danielle’s place. Let Shane and Britney throw each other under the bus for the week and either one gone would be good for Frank’s game.


Hey Simon how is Dawg doing on getting on BB Canada?


Good Luck!

cant get rid of Frank

we will finally get to see what Dwag looks like, hopefully.
BTW who will be running the site with Simon when (fingers crossed) your gone?


If anyone on production is reading this please go back to the days before season 8 and stop rigging it, t would be much appreiciated


Next Week it would be tougher but Frank can’t play 2 HoH’s. He will manage to survive of winning 2 PoV’s! It over for Ian & Dan. I would love to see both of them leaving. No more rocking Hammack! Don’t worry Britney. Ian will Join you as well. Along with Dan.


Ian is the only one who hasn’t been nominated yet

just wanted to share that (:

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

I have to give the little punk props for his strategy of taking all those have not weeks earlier in the game. In the beginning, you can just hide under the radar, but HOH’s become infinitely more important towards the end. When a guest has to pick who goes on slop, and if all other things are equal, they generally put up players who haven’t been on it or have been on it less than others.

By taking all of those slop weeks early, he is in a good position not to get it now.

I really dislike the punk he has turned into, but credit where credit is due.


Because he isn;t a threat. Ian is exactly like Adam and Shelly, he severely overestimates himself.


This is only my second season attempting to watch. I watched last year, and the blatant favoritism on behalf of production ruined the show for me and I quit watching. Now I try again and yet again production is blatantly favoring a guy that I abhore. He is a classic bully.As americans, we spend millions educating our kids about bullying and yet here on National TV we have a classic bully who is being rewarded for it. That is sickening. Shane will not vote to evict Frank, he is scared of him. Danielle is scared of him. All of them know that if he gets put on the block they are in for swearing, threats, yelling, manipulation, public belittling etc. I am so done with this show. Why not let the players play the game. Why would they allow Frank to treat people that way? Sickening

Zingbot Fan

Quack on! I’m still hoping that Frank hits the road.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Hey, just between you and me, your precious Zingbot will be scrap pieces when I get out of this house. Not gonna let that freaking Zingbot get away with making America think I am a stalker. That walking talking garbage can could have costed me Americas Favorite. I don’t know why BB let the bot do that on BB14: Summer of Shanielle.

Zingbot Fan

@voices inside danielle’s head If Frank wants to come after the Zingbot he will be able to since Zingbot loves 7-Eleven and Frank will be running the Slurpee machine there. Do you think Freaky Frank will wear the carrot costume while he is talking to his shrink? Get to stepping. Zing!


Bullying should NEVER be a factor in life or this game. Even Joe on the live feeds , when he talked to Shane about there options said if we go against Frank it will be one hell of a week. He knew that if he went against Frank his life would be a living hell and Shanes. The screaming, yelling, name calling, threats, put downs, belitling etc How can production support this behavior. When houseguests have to factor in bullying in making decisions, I find that wrong and Disgusting!!!!!!


@QuackQuack.I agree with your comment about production favoring Frank.Your right about Shane&Joe being afraid of Frank bullying them.But I think there’s no way that Dan,Danielle,Shane,Ian&joe won’t take the opportunity to back door Frank next week.If Frank doesn’t win the veto,he will be evicted next week.Although Dan said in the DR that he plan on keeping his word with Frank about taking him to final 2.I don’t believe him.Unless Dan hit his head and now he’s a dumb player.There’s no way if Dan is given the chance to back door Frank he wouldn’t take it.So,hopefully Frank doesn’t get the veto,then he will be evicted next Thursday.


I wish Brit would wake up and smell all the cups of coffee she left around the house!!! Idea: Brit wakes up this morning and tells Dan she didn’t sleep so well with the giant knife in her back he stabbed her with… Get the guilt trips going at least!!! Play the sympathy card– Danielle needs a big boot up her butt out of there!!! Then Brit should convince Dan to do a DR w her… (picture s12) Brit takes the noose off her neck, puts it on Dan while he’s talking, and strangles him!!!! I’m all for Dan staying, but Brit should be there over Danielle. All she does is cry, do what others tell her, float, and (like Brit said) pops Shane’s back zits. (ewww– so gross!)


big broth·er
A person or organization exercising total control over people’s lives.



of or like the society portrayed by Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eighty-four, in which a totalitarian state exercises almost total control over the public and private activities of the citizens


Exactly!!! I had always viewed “big brother” as “someone’s always watching” but after seeing post I looked it up and saw these definitions. That clears a lot up and is pretty much in your face that Big Brother is clearly about them controlling.

I guess I will quit worrying about “production rigged” comments that I see AND have previously written as now I have a better understanding Big Brother. I have become angry several times when “production” obviously has a favorite. I guess I will chill about it now

I’m glad someone posted definition.


Hey AlwayslovedJanellenotnow – great to know you have seen the light – now sit back and enjoy the show…


Yes, I always wondered why everyone was so upset about “production” doing things to effect the outcome. They are literally “Big Brother!” It’s their job.

The Real TMZ

True Dat!


Ashley is into S&M she might be into a 3-way with Ian and Frank…ewww I KNOW, but just sayin


sorry but production does know by rigging this they are losing more viewers than gaining, personally i liked the game when everybody had a fair shot but season 6&7 didn’t go their way so now they have to rig it please everybody voice opinions to cbs i know it won’t help but i’m sick of this


ian and britney are so annoying…every conversation they have is about frank and frank thinking that he’s such a great player, when ian who hasn’t done jackshit in this game constantly talks about being a strategic player and only wanting to vote for a strategic player to win, well of course you would say that ian when you have no athletic ability whatsoever and he has real nerve to talk about someone else’s strategy when his strategy has been to hide behind other players the entire game…maybe that’s why he and britney get along so well.and danielle is such a crazy freak that every chance she gets, she brings up dan’s funeral speech “hurting her feelings/breaking her heart” and of course she’s just loving all the attention being on her.


Am I the only one that thinks Brit really missed on a smart move when she chose to be shackled to Dani? Would’ve been smart to shackle herself to Frank (the HoH) so there’d be zero chance of him making a deal to put her up without her knowing about it.


Did anyone notice on yesterday’s show when Frank was laying in bed w/Jenn, they showed his left hand and he had fresh scabs on all four knuckles? Has Frank been punching the walls?


Note to Ian: Buddy, you can’t let Frank go to the jury w/o you there, he’ll romance Ashley. You’ll have to go and keep watch over her. Self evict yourself and save the house guests the trouble of doing it for you.


It’s 1:44 PM EST! What’s going on? I’m dying here! Maybe by the time I get back from the vet with my Chessie I’ll know more. Dying to find out who wins HOH today. Could be a major game changer! Thanks Dawg & Simon for all of your hard work. This is the best BB site!


I think it is HILARIOUS how every year ppl want to scream and cry about BB being rigged.. why can they not accept the fact that there are really good competitors in the house.. yes Frank has won every other HOH and what, 3 or 4 vetos.. who the heck cares.. he is a STRONG player.. (and I don’t particularly care for the guy, so I am not just defending him).. but, just because he wins.. and perhaps tells the other HGs to send YOUR favorite player home.. DOES NOT mean that it is rigged in his favor.. get a grip.. and just enjoy the show


It would be smart for Dan to tell Britney right before eviction that Danielle back-stabbed her- this is the only way he can ensure that he gets her jury vote if he goes up with Danielle. Julie won’t let on will she? Ratting out Dan would seriously damage his chance for jury votes, but I’d love for someone to tell Britney how Danielle played her .

Team Ian Big Dog

She will find out when others are sent to the jury house. Dan does not have to say anything.


Why is Ian acting as if Ashley was the one that was all over him, wanting him and stuff?

He was the one that was obsessed over her. Wtheck.

Either Britney is rubbing off on him or he truly is a douchebag.

Carolina Girl

From what I saw last night, the last picture they drew Brit buzzed in and Frank tryed to cheat. That was suppose to have been the last picture. Frank got thrown out. So Dan should have won it. So why did they throw another picture up there? Because they knew Dan had it and he would have took hisself off the block. And Brit would have went up and then Ian would have saved her. This shit sucks really bad/. Oh well, AG does what she wants to do . I know it’s a game, but AG and Production should stay out of it and let the best man/women win. If they want Frank to win why don’t they just give him the check? I am just gonna sit and wait for SURVIVOR. No more watching BB– Have to go back to my HSN and Qvc cHANNELS.