Joe tells Britney he is willing to keep her, but that she needs to get the third vote.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for a week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


9:35am – 10:30am Joe and Frank are now awake. Frank collects his things in the HOH room and brings them down. Britney is awake and laying on the bathroom couch. Britney and Dan are talking about how close Dan and Frank are now. Joe says that my commitment is with you, and I don’t see why his isn’t. Britney says that he did say that I would vote him out. I have to clear that up with him, I drives me crazy to think that he thinks I said that. It sucks to be up on the block with your friend. Britney says don’t forget if you don’t vote me out, he (Frank) won’t forget it …Whooa.. He can’t play for two HOH’s. Britney says here comes Frank to oversee our conversation. Frank joins them in the bathroom. Frank leaves. Britney says that she will talk to Dan today. She says he even said that she was dead to him, why would he keep her. Joe tells her to open up the conversation with you said she was dead to you, why would you keep her. Britney talks about how Danielle’s head isn’t in the game, she is too emotional. Joe tells Britney he is willing to keep her, but that she needs to get the third vote. Britney says getting Shane from her will be hard because her allegiance is with Shane. Britney says that she is close to Ian but that she doesn’t have a deal with him. Britney tells Joe that all we need to tell Shane is that we have Dans vote to keep me. Joe and Britney head into the kitchen. All the other house guests are still sleeping.

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10:35am – 10:40am Britney goes into the have-not room to ask Dan if they can talk some time later. Dan says yeah. Britney tells him to pull her aside some time later. Dan says okay. Britney heads back to the kitchen where Joe is cleaning up. Britney says that she thinks Shane is a lost cause and that it will be better to go after Dan’s vote. Joe tells her to try for both. Britney says that she will try for both and that she won’t leave without trying. If I don’t try, I leave. If I try, I might not leave. Joe says exactly.

11:10am Britney and Joe share personal stories in the kitchen. Big Brother calls for an HOH lockdown. All the house guests head up to the HOH room. Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA..


12:30pm – 1pm The HOH lockdown ends. Britney is vacuuming. Joe and Frank are sitting in the living room talking. Joe tells Frank to come into the storage room with him for a second. Joe tells Frank that he will take her (Britney) out, I will vote her out, no doubt. I will take out that entire side of the house. I will get you there. I will take out this other entire side of the house to get you to past the next couple week. You have got my undying loyalty right now, alright. Mike Boogie style, alright. Frank says same here. Joe and Frank leave the storage room. Britney joins them.

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Come on Brit, I know that you want to stay. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!! just like the hogs will do on Saturday

Dark Horse

I just cannot believe Shane…I really can’t

hotbutton topic

agreed…Shane disappoints me daily


NO Britney, GO HOME!!! Can’t stand the brat!!!


See ya Brit…Don’t let the door hit in your boney ass on the way out.


Britney finally admitted it was a mistake to get rid of Janelle, all of the people who voted her out are gone or is going. Wil, Ashley, Boogie and now BRITNEY. Both Ian and BRITNEY wants to know why thye were thrown under the bus, well how about looking at throwing Dan to the wolves, take some owership

MU Tigers

She’s got more possum in here than Razorback. She gets touched and rolls over and plays dead. I would have thought that she would have fought to stay, since she didn’t she truly doesn’t deserve to be in the house any longer. It was questionable whether she deserved to be brought back in the first place. I would say that the lack of a fight to stay shows that she shouldn’t have been brought back. She didn’t play any smarter this time either.


Thanks for the update!!


Try, Britney, try!


FIGHT, Britney, FIGHT! Don’t go out without a fight!


YES Britney it was killing me seeing her not try these last few day TEAMBRIT!!


Post “funeral”, Danielle had the house’s sympathy.
But now, Britney may have diffused that factor some.
If she works it, she may have a shot at staying.
If she talks to Frank, the cost of Jenn’s vote will be Ian.
Is she willing to do that?
She really could say anything she wants, (she has before).
The power shifts tonight.
What will it look like?
I would rather see Brit stay than Danielle.
(Tired of her acting like a chimpanzee grooming Shane.)

hotbutton topic

laughed so hard i almost fell out my chair


It’s looks like Britney will be leaving tonight. Next Week! Ian & Dan will be joining them at the Jury House!


You mean next week Frank will be joining her at jury


No, hopefully that lying toad Ian will be next right after Bratney’s butt!


Ian b*tch ass needs a reality check.

Oh and Ian, Ashley does not want to have sex with you.


I want to have sex with me.


I agreed on that one!


Chances are great that Brit will be leaving, but I’m hoping, hoping, HOPING there’s a chance she’ll still be around, as well as Dan & Ian, for another few weeks!


i agree. Britney’s one of the funniest. Ian is cute. Dan is smart. Shane is a little ditzy but likeable. Do we really want the last few weeks focused on loudmouth Joe and the Frank creature? I think not.


I don’t think Ian will be staying that long. Shane will definitely win it so Frank can win the POV twice!


Good job, Brit – go down fighting! I’d LOVE to see Brit stay over Dani & get back to the possibility of Brit, Shane, Dan, and Ian in a final four. GO BRIT!!!


For some reason i think Shane should keep Brit. Than it could be shane, Brit, Ian, and joe. They would have the votes. It would be Frank, Dan, and (?). Lol
Frank can’t play for 2 weeks, so its 4 to 2 in HOH. am i the only one thinking like this?

Dark Horse

No you’re not…

Too bad Shane can’t think that way…or think at all for that matter.

But I want what I want!

I know! I am hoping against hope that Britney stays and that the Quack Pack lives on to fight another day, even if they must do it without Dan. Shane…his head is just so very empty…He needs to get on board with keeping Brit.

production rigged it

yeah shane is definitely in the top five all time dumbest players since i’ve been watching, everybody else thinks dan is working with frank so why not get rid of delusional danielle and keep brit and make it 4 on 2 in the next hoh, if you rattled his head around all you would hear is rocks, what an idiot.


Anyone else thinks this is too little too late for Brit?

I’d rather keep her in the game than Dani, but Brit should have been going hard after votes the last few days, not just today. Basically Joe is saying he won’t stick his neck out for Britney, but he wants to keep her. Though methinks if Frank talks to Joe before the eviction he can shake that notion out of him…


The way this house flops around I’m thinking just laying low and pushing hard on the last day might not be a bad method. Danielle thinks it’s a lock so won’t be actively campaigning and we’ve seen time and again that sometimes it’s the last voice in the ear that people go with.


For Britney to stay:

1) She has to be willing to protect herself over Ian and make him a far 2nd to her own game.

2) She has to understand that she can’t save herself, she has to evict Danielle.

3) She has to know Dan is a floater and Shane is cowardly and dumb, which means words will not flip their vote, only action.

4) The action she must take is to align with Frank. Shane and Joe will do what he wants, it’s just how they work, HOH calls the shot.

She asks to talk to Frank alone:

“Frank, I just want to say some things to you and if it’s OK I’d like to say everything before you respond. First, I think you and Dan made a pact of some kind. I know he told you I was the ringleader and maybe I was, but Dan was not a voice on Boogie or your behalf. We were doing what he wanted. He didn’t need to say a word. He’d already planted the seed. Who was the last person we had to convince to evict Janelle and form the Silent Six? It wasn’t me? It was Dan?

So now he has shown that he can’t be trusted by tuning on his friends, while my sin was staying loyal to mine, and for that you’re sending me home. I should also mention to you that despite being dead to him, Danielle seems to have forgiven him. I don’t know if she factors into your deal or not, but you should know that both of them are telling me and Ian that you are still their target next week. Maybe that’s part of the plan, I don’t know. But I can say that the look in their eyes and the tone in their voice, I do believe them.

So my loyalty has been my sin, but what if I give my loyalty to you? What if I said that I would be your mole with Ian and fight to protect you from the inside should he end up with HOH. Do you think Danielle will fight for you, especially with Dan and Shane still around? Do you think she can? Who would have Ian’s ear and confidence more than me?

In return for helping you with Ian and ultimately sending him to jury, I want to make a deal for final 4 with you. Jenn, and Shane. Shane is lost without me and if I say we’re all together, he will be faithful. But without me, he will listen to Danielle and Danielle will always be with Dan. Either way you go is a risk. But I think I can help you more than Dan and unlike Dan, I can’t compete with you in a single comp. Hell, my ineptitude got you DQ’s for trying to help me.

Now if you decide that Shane and I are better allies than Dan and Danielle, I need your help to get Shane’s vote. He thinks I’m finished and is scrambling for safety, but if we are together, I see us rolling through this house. We can be an open alliance or secret, that is your call and I will do what you say, but as a non-rat, Joe trusts me implicitly and Dan will just think that I convinced Joe and Shane that I could help them better than Danielle, which means he will come to me too. I really think this works for us. Anyway, give it some thought.”

I think this is her only play…but she won’t sacrifice Ian or Danielle, so the fat lady is warming up in the dressing room.


sorry…Joe, not Dan, is the floater.


I think its alot more simplier than that, Britney has Ians vote, Joe would probably vote for her if she had one more vote, all she needs is Shane to vote for her. I would think they would have enough sense to realize if Britney stays, they have Britney, Shane, Joe, and Ian together against Frank, Dan, and Jenn and Frank cant play HOH for 2 weeks. They have the advantage, if they keep Danielle she is going to be with Dan, I cant believe Shane cant see that, it would be in Shanes best interest to keep Britney cause Dan and Frank will get Shane out, he is the next best player and Danielle will do whatever Dan says.


One major point everyone is forgetting….

Frank wants brittney gone because he feels he can get shane on his side with her out of the way.

As for him knowing about he being the next target. Of course they believe it. No one knows there are 4 of them. Noone knows Dan and Frank have a final 2 deal. I fear brit is on her way to jury. It’s sad because I like her:(


frank wants brittany out mostly because he knows that he can’t manipulate her.

He thinks he can manipulate Shane, Joe, Danielle. And to a degree he does…
they are afraid of him…for that reason alone they should not win the game.

He thinks he is in a higher position than Jenn and she should listen to him.

He’s angry because he really thinks he deserves to manipulate Ian and Ian wont let him….
I haven’t been an Ian fan…didn’t care much one way or another…but I have to say Ian gets
some respect from me because he stands up to Frank.

And Dan…well…that’s just weird that he convinced Jenn to take him off the block…I watched it on
the feeds and he did it so quickly…didn’t even think about it.

But mostly he “hates” Brittany because he can’t “have” her in any way! When he picked her up
in the kitchen on her birthday…I was just grossed out….that was the closest he can get to that
attractive of a woman.


You are also working off information that only we know. They all think that Dan and Danielle are not together anymore. That is the beauty of Dan’s funeral speech! It saved his butt and made it look like Danielle and Dan are NOT working together. This is the only information Shane has. Obviously, if Shane had the live feeds or Showtime he would know that Dan’s speech was an act and he would keep Britney. But, without that information it is a little tougher.


Ian has become unhinged the last 48 hours and has actively antagonized people. Shane does not get strategy and his ideas about the game are simplistic. Lets also not forget Captain America has never been close to Ian, thinks Britney might favor him, and thinks he has the physique of a 12 year old. For Shane, Ian was fine as a rat and fifth wheel, but anything more, I don’t think so.

Joe is a floater and goes to power, shunning risk. Why on earth would Shane or anybody rely on him? Shane already thinks Joe is following him, has a deal with Frank, Ian says he’s still Quack Pack, Danielle is his girl, and Dan is likely after Frank or Ian. Why rock the boat for Britney?

Britney getting drunk and calling Ian her favorite…that did not help.

Shane has treated Danielle poorly at times, but she always comes back. She pops blackheads on his back for crying out loud. Britney treats him like her stupid little brother and rather than back him up against Boogie and Frank, she yelled at him too. Which would you prefer?

The numbers argument has been tried. It didn’t work for Boogie and it hasn’t worked for Britney.

If Britney doesn’t do something big it’s over. There on lockdown now, so she can’t campaign. Time is running out. It’s go big or go home

But I want what I want!

I would love, love, love that too happen! But Shane is so slowwwwww in the thinking/reasoning department. There is no way on this earth that Shane will be able to figure this out! Brit HAS to sit down with Shane & have Joe & Ian help her to explain the numbers to Shane…and they need to go very slowly.

Dark Horse

Geez that was good…now only if Brit could think of that…

oh and don’t forget the bible…that was Dan’s wingman.


The bible was a big part of the deal…big oversight on my part : )


Methinks BOBSKY should be on BB-awesome strategy!


Hangingonbyathread: I’m a hack…but like Danielle, I will never refuse a compliment.


Dan already told the truth first, so anything she says will be seen as a desperate ploy to stay in the game. He won’t take her seriously at all.


We are talking about Frank! He took multiple punishments to get Dan out and flipped last minute-HIS NUMBER 1 TARGET ALL SEASON!!! Please!


If Brit goes the entertainment is over-the rest are either too intense or a little”dull”-as in witted.


This would be great IF she had all the information we do. Unfortunately for her she does not have the live feeds so she has no clue about half of this.


Everything laid out in my plan is all info she has and has expressed. Note that Britney keeps telling Danielle “don’t go back to Dan”. She already suspects Dan will get away with burying her. So use it. Everything else is right there in front of her. Frank did not want to believe Dan….he wanted Britney and Shane. She needs to try and pick that up. Dan being a rat does not appeal to Frank who was loyal till the end to Boogie. She should play on this. It’s like marrying somebody who was cheating on their spouse with you. A part of you knows they’re capable of cheating and that is always in the back of your mind. She needs to hit that nerve. Frank wants Ian, so she has to give him up, and show what she can do to help that Dan can’t.

I’m not saying it works, just that it’s her only shot, so before you dismiss, at least give me something better. And the “numbers game, Frank can’t play” argument has been what done. Hasn’t budged anybody.


D&@$m BOBSKY-there’s no point me being on this board! Just keep it up and I’ll rest my little digits.


Sorry about that, I’ll back off and let you jump in.

I’m too damn opinionated, but sometimes when something seems so obvious to me I go overboard and try to pound it in everybody’s head…and I’m a Frank and Dan supporter, but more than that I love seeing the game played at a high level. Britney is the running back on 3rd and 10, who has the ball and a seem to run through up the gut, but instead of hitting the whole, she bounces to the outside and tries to find another route with less contact. She needs to be willing to take a hit (lose Ian), get dirty (bury Danielle), and risk injury (work with Frank).

Dark Horse

I knew I should have flew that banner over the house yesterday LOL

Red Lampshade

I’m glad Britney’s at least trying. She’s got a shot, she just needs to make the right arguments. I’m rooting for her!

Hammock Boy

she is annoying, just go already and pick and scratch at your face in the jury house, all you do is mock people when things dont go your way……….


So easy to be a hater sitting on your couch-I suppose you have no annoying habits when under stress. By the way,while I am on the subject-there is a good chance Ian has Asperger’s so lay off !


Asberger’s…..THAT is what I was trying to think of. Now I see it. I was thinking some kind of ADHD or ADD or ASD or something. Now it all makes sense. Thanks, Hangingonbyathread!

I says, I

Joe is pretty cruel and cowardly to give her false hope like that.

Imagine if he had just said, “Britney it is a testament to your game that more people are afraid of you than not. I really wish this had worked out differently and Dan was leaving tonight, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I tried to rally the vote for you, but I just couldn’t make it happen.”

Not Powerhouse, his go to move is passing the buck.


Cowardly, but that’s been Joe’s game all along. But we shouldn’t be so hard on Joe, he’s had two things on his mind everyday. Playing the game and planning tonight’s dinner menu.



Dark Horse

Come on Brit!!!!!

Remind Shane to come to his senses!!!!

I says, I

“If I don’t try, I leave. If I try, I might not leave.”- Britney

If she had reached this conclusion 48 hours ago, things might be different. As it stands, campaigning can’t save her. She needs a nuclear option of her own to counteract Dan and it has to be directed at Danielle…a target she won’t take down and will soon regret.


I like Britney but she can be very annoying with her double standards. She craps on people’s strategies and looks down on them when they do stuff but she has no problem doing them in turn and defending her actions eg. “frank overseeing their conversation” when she is always the first to state “I see them talking I need to go break that up immediately”.

I’m glad to see her go. i really think only Dan, Frank and Ian are real deserving of winning this season. I wouldn’t mind Shane, Britney or Danielle but while Brit is the stronger of those 3 she is just doesn’t seem cut out for the long haul.


CAN’T STAND DAN, HE IS THE SCUM BENEATH MY SHOES !!!!!! If he coached my child in real life I would have to remove my child. I would NEVER want my child around that man EVER !!!!


Other than that, is it anything else that bothers you about Dan?


I wouldn’t want any reality “star” around my kids just to be potential “slefish attention desiring” personality to rub off, but other than that Dan is fine. He is one of the few who come to this show recognizing that this is a game and he can detach from his personal life.

I mean honestly, it’s not any different from playing a board game. Only one person/team can win, you do what has to be done and no hard feelings after it since it’s just a game. You should feel more disgust for people who act immature/childish when things don’t go their way (Britney) or who are stupid to believe the most ridiculous things like “he’s got my back, he doesn’t really mind coming in 2nd”.


U mad bro? LMAO

Seriously folks…if you’re getting worked up and pissed off over the way people play this GAME, maybe BB isn’t your thing. Try Jersey Shore, or Real World, or something where you can get all the drama without anyone competing for $500,000. Hating someone over gameplay is just ridiculous.


100% agreed!!! Ridiculous, its just a game. Life goes on in 3 weeks after BB is over. Ppl fight as if they themselves are in the alliences with t
he players.

billy bob

i’am in the quack pack ,i got a duck on my head right now,and if brit wins i’m jumping over the bb wall and winning hoh,but maybe i’ll throw it to ian quack quack,lol

billy bob

i mean if brit goeas home,lol see i’m stupid like shane


that’s funny. people DO get worked up because a player.. gasp.. LIED. LOL. It’s Big Brother dummies. You too would do anything to win half a million dollars.

MU Tigers

Says the angry Britney fan. So now he’s a bad coach because your fav is going home, due to him saving himself. It was perfectly acceptable for Britney to let Dan take the fall for the rest of the QP. Including telling ian not to use the veto on Dan if she didn’t win the other veto. She also ran and cut a deal with Frank as soon as he won HOH. She sold Dan out and then got outplayed by Dan. HAHAHAHAHAHA Brit fans, get the kleenex’s handy, you are saying goodbye to her tonight.

Nicky Brand

I am a very big Britney fan, but I do not blame Dan for what he did. It was a great game move. I’ll bet Dan is a very good and honest man in his real life, but in life your success doesn’t have to come at the expense of others’ defeat. In BB, it does, because only 1 can win the $500,000. Just because a person is devious in the game doesn’t make them a bad person. I would play to win, too.

MU Tigers

Yep, some well alot of fans of this show forget that only one person can win and they are competing for half a million dollars. So players as well. They can’t seperate gameplay from how you behave outside of the house. People get bent complaining about other players lying. To be brutally honest, if my fav was on the block and didn’t lie or do anything they could to save themself, I would be pissed at that player. Dan is one of my all time favorites because he can seperate game from personal. Another great, Dr Will, he’d do the same thing, without a doubt. The great ones remember its a game and check their feelings at the door.


excuse me please!! DAN offered to take the heat for that. She didn’t put the blame on Dan for the QP. Dan did nothing but push Ian to do his dirty work, so he could stand back and look like the innocent bystander. He threw comps as well. Now everything is on Britney for the results that he got.

MU Tigers

Wear blinders if you like, but Britney was ready to make Dan collateral damage and move on, just like she did with Janelle. She talked about needing to stay loyal to the QP, and was comfortable with letting Dan take the heat for her boy, Ian. But Frank wins HOH and she bee lines up to that HOH room and tries to cut a deal for her and Shane’s safety, knowing Ian is protected due to Dan taking the heat. So she basically offered up Dan and Danielle to Frank without any hesitation. If she leaves tonight it is the direct result of Karma. Mad props to Dan for offering Frank a better deal, he gave him Boogie’s backstabber. So Frank chops Ian off at the knees. Britney just isn’t very good at this game, and Dan is one of the best.


Dan took the heat for Ian but Ian and Britney were so quick to prepare to cut him loose when the noms went up. Britney also cut a side deal with Frank. It’s not like she’s void of any wrongdoing to Dan. She was willing to cut Dan in silence. Dan was willing to cut Brit in public and that’s a lot more effective in this case.


he really is a jerk….some of my feelings about him subsided in the last couple days and then I saw him this morning with Brittany acting like a total a$$ when he didnt need to….something wrong with this guy. I do wonder from time to time what these peoples families are thinking….like Danielles parents….how
embarrassed are they?!


If SHANE doesn’t keep Brit he needs to be sent home! He is dumber than a box of rocks! Their going to be picked off one by one. And why hasn’t Ian though of this yet! They all know Dan is up to something, he’s all over Frank now! Wake up Brit get off your a$$ and get back in the game!!!

But I want what I want!

Exactly!!! Come on Ian & Brit! Time is running out!


Bye Britney.. Thanks for playing!!!


I hate all these people. These is the most NON LOYAL group I have even seen in 14 season. I understand a little paranoia, but sheeesh, everyday they turn on each other.

Brit's Giant Mug O' Coffee

She’s gotta at least give it a shot…good luck Brit!!


I adore Brit, but this is too little too late, and if she survives tonight’s eviction, I will chew off my own foot just for the hell of it.


Brit is a mean nasty girl with insane double standards. God help her husband.


if she gets to shane and shane says why were u planning to have someone else take me out, and brittney says what the hell r u talkin about…..shane may vote for britt…because danielle made up the lie that brittany wanted shane out….cmon britt lets get the dumb broad out…she doesnt want 500 k she wants a boyfriende

Team Ian Big Dog

No Shane is an easy pushover. He has no clue and will not until after he in is the jury house and Dan and Dani are the final 2. Dan is going to pack the jury house with all the people that Dani betrayed.—-Britt, Shane, Ian, Jenn and he will walk away a winner. He has her do all the lying and he just sits back and watches.

Team GB

Brit please fight hard even if it doesn’t work. Try and unravel Dan’s plot. You have played this game before. I hope that Dani or Jenn will slip. Shane is being used by Dani but he doesn’t know. Drum that into his head. Dani is determined to have final 2 with Dan and not Shane.

The Real TMZ

We have been saying for a while that Brit needs to be in front of the camera somewhere after this.She can be very entertaining and is liked by all of production


shes an annoying redneck that needs to never be seen or heard from again

production rigged it

the same could be said about you too moron.


Well, if Britney does head out the door tonight – I think many of us must admit – Love her or Hate her – she is hilarious – and to that end – I suggest this site and its followers start a petition to get Britney to host SNL – she’s a natural… and what fun… who would have the last laugh then…

Dark Horse

OMG and if she did a Big Brother spoof on SNL…LOL

SNL will need to do something…since Kristin Wigg, Andy Samberg & possibly Jason Sudeikis won’t be back.


My point exactly – are you listening Big Bro – I know – different network – but hey, a lot publicity for you…


Wow brit what a way to wait until the day of eviction to fight


Joe’s growing on me a little bit here.

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Joe …. still in the house. And you all doubted him! THE DUDES THE REAL DEAL!




BRIT., she’s so dumb and doesn’t even realize that JOE is lying to her. He trying to create more targets other than himself. He’s a cook stiring the pot.


if they save brit, and get rid of danielle, when they got rid of boogie, and had jenn sitting there, then they have no logic.

brit needs to go. now.

send her crying useless self out the door. the girl FINALLY faces heat in the house, and cries, immediately. embarrasing.


Hope Britt can get the votes to stay .


If anyone wants a shot at winning this game they all need to stick together and get Frank out while he can’t play for HOH..they are so dumb to keep him! I’m really hoping Ian wins HOH tonight..that would be hilarious!


It will never happen! Frank will be just fine! He just keep on winning!


Are you Kalyn? You do like replying to yourself.


No, I’m Kalyn..that guy is obsessed with Frank.


For crying out loud Joe, lol… Thank god for the lockdown.


If i was shane and joe i would vote for brit to stay.I think their third wheel with everyone else.It could also benefit frank if she stays not that he has a choice in the matter anymore.Britney is probally the only one that would for sure be going after dan,and could probally convince shane to do the same as it stands if she goes im sure frank will get backdoored and be leaving unless he wins the veto

Aqua Bernie

Come on Brit!! Hopefully she opens a can of worms and everyone can find out what a liar Dani is. Danielle is a pitiful girl. I don’t think she knows what a friend is. Oh, by the way Ashley made it on “The Soup” last night, with her stupid speach it was so funny!


Hey Britney! I guess Ian & Dan will be joining you next week! Better yet, Ian wants to see Ashley again.


I don’t know why she hasn’t pushed the idea that Dan’s whole funeral was part of his plan and fake so why wouldn’t his attack on Danielle also be fake. Jenn would never use the veto on Dan and place Dani at risk unless Dani was cool with it because she loves Dani.

It really isn’t that big of a stretch to connect those dots and it will be Britney’s own fault that she is leaving because she couldn’t think it through and out them all to Shane.


Britt even at one point in a convo with Dan suspected there was more to his Funeral flip and suggested that she would solve the missing piece…
To bad she spent all her time with Dani these past two days instead of figuring it out with Ian.

Good point about Jenn using her Vito to side with Dani .


no clue who is working with who at this point. everyone is scumbagging everyone with no real alliances


Frank & Shane! Better pace yourself of winning it!


I thought it was strange that Shane wasn’t voting to keep Britney, too. Just shows how DUMB he is. “Uh, Joe, uhh, what do I do?” Total tool.


I like Brit, but she did turn her back on Dan when she thought he was going home. She felt bad but was willing to vote him out. She has a good social game but doesn’t win competitions. She was mad because Dan was trying to win the veto, she and Shane were not even close to winning. Dan had no choice but to fight for himself. Brit was not coming through. Danielle is a much better pick to stay because she will at least try and win a competition. Dan, Shane , and Ian have a better shot at staying with Danielle in the house. Joe and Jenn are useless. Frank needs to go. I find him a bit too full of himself.


Never thought id say this but im gonna be rooting for ? to win the hoh tonight or the player formally known as powerhouse


I like brittney but trying to get Dan’s vote is useless….of course she doesn’t kno that. She doesn’t realize they are still allied with each other. I feel sorry for her. She won’t campaign against dani but dani is no longer on her side, and I say this as a fan of dani. The quack pack is dead and its amusing that Ian and shame still thine think it can be put back together. I seriously doubt shane will turn on dani seeing as how he doesn’t think she has helped him. Dani is loyal to him but I think brit was somewhat loyal…aside from the f2 deal with Ian. Shane and dani have a f2 deal also. Interested to see how it goes tonight. Sorry to see u go brittney! I actually really like her


I don’t think Britney is actually looking to flip Dan’s vote. She might just be saying that to trick either Shane or Joe into giving her their vote to stay.

But I want what I want!

Britney, you are my absolute favorite! Please, pretty please fight to stay! Shane should want to get Danielle out of the house while he can since she seems to ignore the fact that he doesn’t want a relationship with her. Now it’s time to sever the cord, Shane. Now sever it! Plus, Danielle would be so thrown for a loop…I would love to see that interview with Julie.


Come on Brit stir the pot a bit and expose Danielle and Dan. Just talk to Shane, he will be dumb enough to say what Danielle said about Brit wanting to take him out. Either of those plans might work. If not, I at least want Ian to win head of household, just to see everyone squirm, especially Frank…


Everyone has acted either the same or worse than Britney but people seem to forget that.
I like that there is a little fight in her left. She gave up before even though the votes were against her.

She needs to at least try. It’s a game but you gave up your time and time with your kid and family
so why waste the time you already put into BB.

I really have seen some big swings in this house even after only a few hours so I hope something happens
where the house flips again and Britney stays. No ones’ an angel in this house but
she is easy on the eyes, funny, love the DR’s, and well hella cute! lol

There is a dim light. Not sure where Joe’s head is at. Maybe he is trying to get a Jury vote and is lying.
But I like Britney is fighting – even with the circumstances and time left.
FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ! 🙂 Hint Hint *production!!*
And IAN don’t be stupid!! Shane wake the f up. Go Brit! 😉


Want to top dans move brit? Try having joe goto dan right before the show tonight and tell him shane is unsure and needs some reassurance or he might vote out danielle. Then goto shane right after and tell him dan(and the house) flipped and we have the votes to save brittany. Its better for your game because frank knows you and danielle are tight. So he will target you 2 if she stays. Shane would sit on the couch and give dan a look… dan would nod to “reassure him” and bam. You blindsided dan and kept brit. Maybe have someone talk to danielle and get her all emotional and upset for the next day so shes annoying(like she needs help with this). This isnt what i want to happen but it would be good to watch. The timing on it would have to be perfect tho, no time for dan and shane to speak before the show.


and why haven’t you tried out for this game?


Dan won’t cross Frank (at least not this week when they made a pact), and he will not vote Dani out.
Shane’s make up his mind and will keep his playmate around, plus it’s a sympathy voe, Brit has nothing to offer him.

Sorry Britchney you’re going home.

Boogie’s sitting at home enjoying this!!!


So,you seriously think if Frank doesn’t win the veto,that Dan will refuse to take this rare opportunity(Dan,Shane,Britney,Joe,Danielle&Ian have all been trying to get Frank out)to finally evict Frank from the game,all because Dan made a deal with Frank?Lol.Well,I think if Frank doesn’t win the veto,he will be back doored next Thursday.The only way Frank would stay despite him not getting the veto.Is if production saved him again.Or if everyone in the house decides they rather waste their summer to make sure Frank wins the game.Lol.Ignore my response if you meant that Dan wouldn’t betray Frank by evicting Danielle over Britney.But If you meant that,wouldn’t it be obvious that Dan wouldn’t evict Danielle over Britney.It has nothing to do with screwing Frank.Dan is the one that wanted her(Britney) evicted.That’s why he decided to mastermind a plan to not only save hisself but his loyal alliance member(Danielle)from being evicted.


So Dan tries to backdoor Frank and Frank reveals Danielle’s role in Britney’s eviction. How Danielle jumped at the opportunity to knife Britney, Shane, and Ian in the back all to save her beloved Dan, making a final four deal with Frank and Jenn.

Why would Dan risk that with Ian and Shane still in the house?

I just think the Frank hatred had blinded many to the reality of Dan’s big move.

It was a game changer. Dan said in his DR on last nights show (the one time you know somebody is being honest) that his final deal with Frank is legit. I think Dan is OK going to final 3 with Frank and Danielle should that be the case. I would expect that if he can take Joe instead (maybe Jenn since he’s been working her hard), then he will knife Frank…but not before. He gave Frank ammo against him in order to save his life, forfeiting the trust of Ian and Shane. Maybe Dan is dumber than I’m thinking, but it makes zero sense to try and re-shift the house again, unless his back is against the wall.


Boogie is not enjoying the fact that frank got dan off the block and now looks like a fool.

Team Ian Big Dog

Does anyone notice that after Ian gets close to someone they end up evicted? First is was either Frank or Boogie, then its was either Dan or Dani, now after the switch it is Britt and Dani.


Britney makes her final giant coffee in the bb house…WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO