Britney can’t believe she told the story about being caught having $*x last night, F my life!

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


10:10am – 10:30am Danielle and Britney are the only house guests awake and in the bathroom. Britney tells Danielle that we are locked out of the backyard by the way, it’s going to be endurance. Britney is worried if she said a bunch of curse words or something. Danielle tells her that she was even nice to Frank and that she has nothing to worry about last night. Britney says that she can’t believe how much of a douche Ian was being. She says that she feels bad and a bit guilty because she was wanting him to drink with her. Britney says that she is embarrassed with herself. Danielle keeps telling her she was fine she wasn’t cursing or slurring her words. Britney recounts how she got drunk and told the story about her and her husband doing it and getting caught be his dad. And how after his dad said he was a stud. Britney says that his family could have been watching that last night. F my life. Britney asks is it possible if I told that story after mid night. Danielle says no. Britney says F my life. Ryan wants to punch me in the face right now. Britney gets called to the diary room.

10:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

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10:50am – 11:10am Dan and Britney are talking in the bathroom about last night. Dan talks about how they were playing basketball in the backyard and how Ian was watching the whole time and that Ian got up, grabbed the basketball hoop, which he wasn’t a part of and chucked it into the pool. Frank joins them. Dan says that he, Joe and Frank all stood there stunned. Britney talks about how she can’t believe BB made an announcement to check on me to make sure I was okay. Dan says that they just wanted to make sure you were okay in the pool. Britney says that she can’t believe that she the negative Nancy was all positive last night. Dan says that she was making fun of Kathy in the pool. They comment on how Ian kept interrupting her last night. Dan says that Ian never mouths off to Big Brother and he was just mouthing off all over the place. Frank brings up how Ian brought up 9/11 and how he said he’s been wanting to play BB since before planes flew into the twin towers. Britney says oh my god that’s horrible. Frank brings up how Ian said he graduated high school at 16 years old. They wonder if is his already in his master’s degree. Dan says that it makes sense why he is more socially awkward. Frank also brings up how Ian told him his social game is s**t. Britney says that Ian said she deserves to be here and that she is leaving all because of that carrot! Dan talks about how Ian was pouring cereal and milk all over out side the bowl. Dan says that Danielle told him he was getting it all over the place and that Ian snapped back thanks I am aware of what’s going on. Frank says when Ian said he said he graduated high school at 16 he said wups I shouldn’t have admitted that.


11:20am – 11:35am Frank, Dan, Danielle and Britney talk about 9/11 and all the conspiracy theories. Dan and talk about lying in the game. Britney talks about how she doesn’t care if people lie in the game but that she does if they say how honest they are and that they never lie and then you find out they lied about everything. Dan says that he doesn’t like that as a viewer when he watches and sees someone talk about not lying and then you watch one more episode and they’ve told like 10 lies.


11:50am – 12:25pm Dan, Danielle and Frank talk about if it’s endurance this Thursday and strategies for winning the endurance competition. Frank says that it sucks that I can’t even compete in it. They talk about how there will be six of them competing and it will be everyone against Ian winning it. Danielle keeps humming and Big Brother tells her to stop singing. Danielle gets mad that BB always picks on her. Danielle and Dan head into the arcade room to talk. Dan tells Danielle that it seems like Shane is pretty infatuated with her now. Danielle says nods her head and asks you can tell? Frank joins them. They talk about past seasons of big brother and the jury questions. They start talking about Jojo. Danielle starts talking about how Jojo told her that guys probably cheat on her because she isn’t good in bed. Dan asks what Ian’s face was like when he was yelling for his beer back the other day. Frank says his eye’s were all bug eyed. They talk about how obsessed Ian is with Britney. Danielle says that he said he has a final two deal with Britney last night. Frank says that he would have been way better off with him.


12:40pm – 1pm Frank talks about how he was suspicious of Ian and how he would tell Mike about it, he says that he would always see Ian whispering to Britney and wonder what the hell they were whispering about. Dan says that Ian told him if he put voted out Britney he would rip his face off. Dan starts talking about how drunk people were last night. Frank tells says yeah but we aren’t supposed to talk about that. Dan asks what? Frank starts to say about Britney … Big Brother switches all four cams. The cams switch back, Britney joins Dan, Danielle, and Frank in the arcade room. Britney talks again about the story she told about being caught doing it. The conversation changes to talking about schools and drugs that students do in high school now a day.

1:15pm In the arcade room, Britney continues to talk about New York. Dan keeps asking her questions and she tells stories about he life in New York.

1:40pm Dan continues to try and get Britney to be a realtor. He tells her that if he saw a pretty girl on a bill board he would be more likely to go with her than someone else. The conversation turns to talking about football. Ian is up and sitting by himself on a bed in the stereo room. Danielle gets called to the diary room, so she goes to the bathroom to put on her makeup. Power House Joe is still sleeping..


1:45pm – 2pm Dan starts talking about Dr. Will and how he lied about how much he got paid to do BB All-stars. Dan whispers to Britney and says that Dr. Will wanted him to invest in Tattoff. Dan says that he looked into it and ran the numbers with a financial person and it just didn’t make sense. Frank and Ian join them. Britney continues to talk about her place in New York.


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Next week would be easier, which Frank can’t play 2 HOH’s (Outgoing & Double Eviction). He will manage to fight the survival & win 2 PoV’s in the row. That way, both Ian & Dan will be gone next week and looking forward at the Jury House of Ian & Dan. Bye Bye Dan & Ian. Have fun at the Jury House!

Dark Horse

Sooooo since Frank cannot play in the next 2 HOHs…he will somehow survive, then either win the following HOH and/or POV??!!

I just can’t with you today…

Ian for HOH!!!!!


@Dark Horse! I disagree with you! Ian will never win the HoH’s! The only way to get rid of Ian is have Shane put up Ian & Dan! Frank win the Veto! Keep the nomination a same. No More Ian & Dan! Beside Love him or Hate him! Frank is the underdog and he can do this on his own.

Dark Horse

YOU DISAGREE!!!! WHAT!!!! LOL < Scarcasm

Well I don't need to know a plan to get rid of Ian…since I want him to win the next HOH & POV for that fact.


@Dark Horse. Your Fact is does not make sense. I want Shane to win it and put up Ian & Dan on the Block so Frank will win his POV. Beside, Ian is going to the Jury House! And so is Dan! What you get your facts coming from? Frank will win 2 PoV’s, he is the underdog and Ian is Dangerous! He is going home! PERIOD!

Dark Horse

You are misunderstanding…as usual

I am not making FACTS, like you are…

I am only stating on what I would like to see…

No where did my comment state Ian WILL win HOH and POV…again, it is what would I like to see

What you always describe…is a boring show. Enjoy those Jeff & Frank shrines you have!


@Dark Horse
I understand what you said! You said that!
Dark Horse says:
…August 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm
You are misunderstanding…as usual

I am not making FACTS, like you are…

I am only stating on what I would like to see…

No where did my comment state Ian WILL not win HOH and POV…again, it is what would I like to see

What you always describe…is a boring show. Enjoy those Ian & Dan shrines you have!

You are absolutely right!

Dark Horse

You have either proven yourself CRAZY OR not able to form or read a complete sentence.

but I think I see what is confusing your Frank-Filled brain…was it the 3 little words ‘for that fact’

‘for that fact’ = that I want Ian to win HOH & POV < thats a fact.

**Don't take my comments and add words to them…another reason why I cannot wait until next season when we have disqus.


I’d love to jump in here and defend Ian, but I’m scared of captain wedgie replying and attacking everyone with his terrible grammar.


*like 🙂


@Dark Horse! I agree with you! Frank will never win the HoH’s! The only way to get rid of Frank is have Shane put up Frank & Danielle! Dan win the Veto! Keep the nomination a same. No More Frank & Danielle! Beside Love him or Hate him! Ian is the underdog and he can do this on his own.


Ian is really good at the endurance comps and that is probably going to be the next HOH comp….so I think you are kinda SOL !!! ;p


Unless they decide to backdoor frank which is a possiblity.


@Dark Horse! Beside, How you feel if Shane has 5 on 1 against Frank’s allies? Tell me!

Dark Horse

Well considering that Frank’s only ally was Boogie…until he left

I would feel no type of way.


@Dark Horse. That’s not my exact answer. How you feel if Shane is on Boogie team & He up against Frank’s allies? Tell me! You give me the wrong answer.


Stop browbeating DarkHorse. They don’t HAVE to answer anything. Just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean they gave you the WRONG answer. They just didn’t give you the answer you wanted. If you already know the answer you want to your question, why bother asking it? You just can’t STAND anyone disagreeing with you.

Plus, I think you need to look up the word “fact” in the dictionary. FACTS (in your world) are your OPINIONS (in the real world). If people don’t agree with you, it doesn’t mean they have the facts wrong. We all have the same FACTS. It’s your control-freak insistence that YOUR opinion is the ONLY opinion with any value that make people think you are a jerk.


Now I get why you’re an Ian fan. Like him you can’t see the time has arrived for the end game and the team game is over.

Who does almost everybody think they can beat (thanks in in no small part to Britney and Ian’s constant bashing) at the end?

The answer is Frank.

As long as Dan and Shane are distrustful of each other, Frank is the buffer. It’s about vote counting now. What does Dan gain by backdooring Frank now that he’s turned on his alliance. Much better to take the only person they hate more than you to the very end. Now if Ian is gone and Shane is gone, then Dan would feel differently…but that’s two HOH’s later and Frank is a player again.

Shane no longer has somebody to tell him what to do. Britney is gone and Dan can’t be trusted. While he likes Danielle and will try to protect her, he is not going to listen to her like he did Britney. Frank has always kept his word with Shane since after the nominations following the Willie debacle. This coupled with Shane’s cowardice, will have him want to keep Frank around as a buffer. Plus he has to think that at the end Frank only get’s Jenn and Ashley’s vote. That’s not to say the vote would go that way…but Shane’s too dumb to think otherwise.

Frank’s only real danger is Danielle as she wants both Dan and Shane in the game and for her Frank is the obstacle.

I think even if Ian wins HOH and veto and puts Frank vs Jenn, the only vote Jenn gets is Danielle’s. Jenn only helps Frank and Danielle to a lesser extent (but for Danielle other women are inherently considered rivals despite surface friendships) at this point and is just a pawn. Everybody would not mind facing Joe at the end, but he’s expendable as well.

Frank just needs to make sure he stays close to Dan and Shane and more importantly, keeps them apart. If Shane and Dan reconcile, Franks only hope is winning veto, veto, HOH, veto, then he depending on the other 2, he may have to win the final HOH as well.


I will not veto this one! The only reason Ian will never win HoH’s because everybody hates him. Sure, he is the kid but he is on everybody nerves. The only reason Ian going home is to throw it. That way, Shane will nominated Ian & Dan on the block so Frank will finish the PoV. Ian is going home! PERIOD!


And what exactly does everybody hating Ian have to do with his ability to win HOHs? are watching some sort of show where the hgs vote for their favorite to win HOH? Especially considering it is shaping up to be an endurance comp, Ian has a pretty decent chance of winning.

Also, my inability to understand anything you type is giving me headaches. please use logic in your reasoning, especially since you insert your opinion into everything. thank you 🙂


I think if the HOH is endurance tomorrow it will go to Dan, Ian or Danielle.

Dan knows Ian will put up Frank and Jenn so he might just throw it to Ian.


Suddenly Dan is going to trust Ian, the guy he just screwed over. The guy who’s best friend he just screwed, the one he’s currently going down in flames with?


Because Ian told him he was safe?

Because he forgot how Ian was all squishy on Frank just a few days ago and would not save him with the veto?

Dan will throw to Danielle or Jenn…that’s it. He didn’t bust his ass just to go out the next week. If he has a week as HOH, he gets another week to repair some relationships moving forward.


damn you read my mind!


Love it! I was going to say the same thing about Ian and the HOH. What does people liking him have to do with winning?

I like how CWAN thinks he can VETO things with his mind! Or that he has any Veto power at all on this board. I think he is delusional and believes he is actually PLAYING the game somehow. Fortunately, most of his opinions are wrong so, if we follow his predictions, we know exactly what WON’T happen.


i’m glad i’m not the only one that wants to evict CWAN! lolz


You said that already. Any new insight CaptainIKnowEverything?

Dark Horse

While there is much talk during the season on who would vote for who in the end…and their reasonings…

it always changes when you’re in jury.

I really do believe that if Frank makes it to final 2, no matter who he sits next to…he will win. He would deserve it at that point…

doesn’t mean they should make it easier for them.

I am not saying Ian should win because he’s Team Britney…I want Ian to win because it would continue to make the season interesting.


@Dark Horse, Are you kidding me? Ian deserve to go home! He screw Frank and now let’s see how does it feel in the hot seat. Frank is not going anywhere. Period. Ian is a scumbag! Everybody hates him. He worst than Cochran & Ronnie combine! So, you need to wake up and get your eyes Check! minds is totally fine! He going home! Period! End of Story. He not interesting. Frank is! He is interesting!


I disagree if frank is on the block and doesn’t get the veto there is no way they won’t vote him out because no one can beat him if he gets to the final 3


OK…but a final three means he has two people with him, one of whom he takes to the end. Keep in mind that all the Frank will win if he’s at the end is just politicking in the house. “If you’re not afraid Frank is going to target you then you better be afraid that you can’t beat him” is just a BB pitch.

So if Frank takes 1-2 people with him, why would you not want to be that person?

It all boils down to the fact that Shane and Dan ultimately think Frank is trustworthy (he’s not burned them) and if they can read him and think:

A) he wants to beat the best at the end as a competitor, which is how he has spoken to Shane since week 2, then Shane would be glad to roll with him, thinking he has the votes and just as good a Captain America resume.

B) he is smart and realizes the jury is stacked against him and his best path to victory is facing somebody more unpopular, which Dan would be banking on, still thinking the anti-Frank sentiment is still his best chance to win other than Joe/Jenn.

What better options do Shane and Dan have? Shane will never trust Dan again and Joe is just a sidekick, while Danielle is loyal, but it’s divided loyalty. Dan has to know that he burned the bridge to Shane when he went to Frank and Danielle will still want to protect Shane, which is not in his interest. Forget the Quack Pack. It’s a new game and Shane and Dan are at cross purposes.


@Hallie.I agree with you.There’s no way that all of the house guests with the exception of Jenn(unless Danielle convinces her to evict Frank.Jenn likes Danielle)won’t take the opportunity to back door Frank,if he doesn’t win the veto.I’m sure Dan will tell Ian not to put Frank straight up on the block,because it’s crucial to have Frank continuing to feel safe,when it’s time to compete in the veto competition.This is the perfect chance to finally evict Frank.Dan,Shane& Danielle have already said if they get the chance to back door Frank they will take it.Since we already know Ian will target Frank.It’s a good chance that Frank will be evicted next Thursday(as long as he doesn’t win the veto and production doesn’t save him again).The fact that Frank isn’t worried about being evicted next week is great news for everyone in the house,because Frank might not try that hard to win the veto.Everyone needs to continue making Frank feel safe .Then back door him.


OMG Finally an IAN fan. Hope he gets HOH too.


Frank is going to be backdoored next week….


I hope so.


The only backdooring being discussed is when Britney was getting backdoored in the bunghole and was peeped on by her father in law.


Your comment on backdoored. Is this grade six?


Dan will throw my greasy ass under the bus before he ever leaves.


captain, Frank might be leaving in the next two weeks.

Dan Fan

You have the absolute worst grasp of grammar. It’s embarrassing.

Nicky Brand

Yep, have fun at the jury house, Dan & Ian, where you will both be sure votes against Frank, along with Britney. Only 1 more to seal his fate.

I wouldn’t be sure of Dan’s demise. He’s not the comp king that Frank is, but no one has ever put him out the door in 2 seasons. And it looked nearly impossible for him to survive a few days ago.


I totally agree with you! You said that:
Nicky Brand says:
1.6August 29, 2012 at 12:08 pm
Yep, have fun at the jury house, Dan & Ian, where you will both be sure votes against Joe, along with Britney. Only 1 more to seal his fate.

I wouldn’t be sure of Ian’s demise. He’s not the comp king that Dan is, but no one has ever put him out the door in 2 seasons. And it looked nearly impossible for him to survive a few days ago.

Wow! That’s awesome! I totally support you on that!

Oh No You Didn't

I would self evict to get away from all these people.


Wait what, how do you know it’s a Double Eviction?

Dark Horse

Brit’s so funny…I’m gonna miss her.

It seems like this was the year to have the live feeds…even though they would cut the feeds during some convo’s I would have loved to hear…


I was thinking last night I may cancel my feeds before Sept. kicks in. I honestly don’t care to listen to anyone that is left at this point.
On the plus side for those who continue, once I cancel I am sure they will get way better, that is murphys law!

On another note, was anyone else creeped out last night when Danielle kept pushing Brit to drink?
She would not let her go 2 minutes without pushing her to pound down the wine. It was really uncomfy, she reminded me of some slime at a bar who roofies people …”Finish your drink sweetie…”. Felt like I was watching the beginnings of a bad Lifetime movie, was worried Dani had plans for a passed out Brit.


I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed that! It really was creepy; like she was waiting for Brit to self-implode. That girl is truly psycho!



Just Me

That was annoying me so much, both Dani and Frank kept pushing her to finish that bottle. Britt is a small girl and I was worried she might get really sick. People know their limit and others should respect that. Dani was really weird about it. Oh and then when Britt was getting her suit on Dani was talking to her like she was a child. Really very creepy.


Dear Quack Pack alliance! How sucked are you that your plan is fail many times and still you don’t get the Job done! How pathetic are you? Beside, you will fail every single plan and better yet, your the worst alliance ever. You guys don’t deserve in the Final 5! Sincerely, The Quack Pack killer!


Worst alliance ever? During their power, they got rid of Boogie and Janelle. I don’t even need that for evidence. Just go back to last year and The Regulators. 4 members, all who didn’t even make it to jury!!!


I second that… Regulators was THE worst alliance ever. Not including Evel Dick, who had to leave the house on his own, the ONLY Houseguests to NOT make jury were the members of the Regulators. That is a whole new kind of “suck” that has never before been achieved in Big Brother history.


I’m sure that little note would have been alot more threatening had there not been so many mistakes. It’s a very choppy read. Quack pack killer killed the english language!

The house always flips

OMG Wedgie…you have got to be the most annoying,Frank loving,whiney person on this blog. All you go on about is FRANK FRANK FRANK! I wished you were in the house with him so you could be spooning with the carrot top in the HOH bed instead of boring us DAILY with your jibber jabber. Too bad there isnt a way I can just block your blogs, how you butcher the english language makes me cringe and how you are so in love with Frank makes my skin crawl.


I totally agree with you more! You said that:
The house always flips says:
3.3August 29, 2012 at 12:19 pm
OMG Dark Horse…you have got to be the most annoying,Ian loving,whiney person on this blog. All you go on about is IAN IAN IAN! I wished you were in the house with him so you could be spooning with the dog suit in the backyard instead of boring us DAILY with your jibber jabber. Too bad there isnt a way I can just block your blogs, how you butcher the english language makes me cringe and how you are so in love with Ian makes my skin crawl.
Thanks I will tell Dark Horse!

MU Tigers

I totally agree with you more! You said that:
The house always flips says:
3.3August 29, 2012 at 12:19 pm
OMG CaptainWedgie…you have got to be the most annoying,Frank loving,whiney person on this blog. All you go on about is FRANK FRANK FRANK! I wished you were in the house with him so you could be spooning with the dog suit in the backyard instead of boring us DAILY with your jibber jabber. Too bad there isnt a way I can just block your blogs, how you butcher the english language makes me cringe and how you are so in love with Frank makes my skin crawl.

Perfectly said. Ian could use captainwedgie as a wingman.

Dark Horse

OMG Captain cannot even come up with his own words to form a sentence…bahahahahaha

he needs to take others comments and change names…bahahahahaha

Frank would think you are a LOSER!!!!!


you really do give all the rest of us that support frank a bad name,and the broken english posts are the worst dont they have bb in your country so you can go to their blogs and post in a language you understand

MU Tigers

Last season he was doing this about Jeff. He would go on and on about how he knows Jeff personally. And would attack anyone that said anything negative about his precious, his Jeffie poo. He develops a Danielle-like obsession for his fav players. this season is obsession is Frank. If he was to meet the Zingbot, he would be told that both Jeff and Frank have a gift for him. A restraining order. Zinggg

My plan is fail many times

As if the Quack Pack was ever meant to be a lasting alliance – it was for convenience sake only for all parties, except Ian, who apparently wants to throw himself on a sword to protect it.

Dark Horse

@the house alwasys flips

YOU are hysterical…he is the only one that cannot form a complete sentence and had the nerve to change it to my name

DH: Hello
LRU: This is LOSER’S R US…is captain there???

Miss Cleo

I actually am clairvoyant, so you can take this to the bank:

Dan wins HOH:

Nominates: Ian and Shane
POV winner: Frank
Evicted: Ian, 4-0 vote

Shane wins HOH:

Nominates: Jenn and Dan
POV winner: Danielle
Evicted: Jenn 2-1 vote

Frank wins HOH:

Nominates: Danielle and Joe
POV winner: Dan (saves Danielle)
Nominates: Shane and Joe
Evicted: Joe 1-1 vote, with Frank breaking the tie.

Shane wins HOH:
Nominates: Dan and Frank
POV winner: Frank
Evicted: Danielle 1-0 vote

Final HOH winner Shane
Evicted: Dan

Frank wins by 4 (Ashley, Jenn, Ian, Dan)- 3 (Danielle, Britney, Joe)


@Miss Cleo, I totally disagree with you!

Here is my prediction:
Shane wins HOH
Nominates: Dan & Ian
POV winner:Frank wins POV, Keep the nomination a same
Evicted Ian 4-2

Danielle wins HOH
Nominates:Frank & Jenn
POV Winner:Frank wins POV, Takes himself off Backdoor Dan!
Dan evicted 3-2

Frank wins HOH
Nominates:Jenn & Joe
POV winner:Frank wins POV, keep the nomination a same
Joe evicted 2-1

Shane wins HOH
Nominates:Frank & Jenn
POV winner:Frank wins POV, takes himself off & backdoor Danielle
Jenn evicted 1-0

Final 3:
HOH part 1: Frank wins HOH
HOH part 2: Shane wins HOH
HOH part 3: Frank wins HOH takes Shane
Evicted Danielle

Final Vote either Frank 4-3 (Ian Flipped) or Shane 4-3 (with the Quack Pack)!


Here is my prediction:

I will be taking a dump before the end of the day.

Ian's Small Balls

Miss Cleo, I like the way you think!

I hope Frank wins yo!


Ian has the POV for another week


@MikeIan. Did you check the rules? Ian has one golden Veto. It will never used. So, Ian is going home! Next week! Beside, your boy Ian is history! He is like Ronnie 2.0! Period!


Hope Frank’s nasty mouth self goes home this next week. Want him gone and production to stop saving his ugly butt!

The house always flips

But Frank has shown nothing but respect this season?? (shaking my head, wondering if we are watching the same show??)


Im wondering that myself how has he shown respect look at what him and boogie did went after shane and dan thats not respect that just being an ass and a jerk and how he threatens people by saying oh you vote me out you wont get my jury vote and ill taint the jury is that what you call respect


Yes, he is so arrogant that he thinks HE will control the jury. Just like he has controlled the house so far, right? He’s only still there by the grace of AG and production so he is obviously the only one drinking his cool aid. NO ONE, not ONE person, except Boogie, likes him at all. He is so dense that he can’t see that. (Don’t count on Jenn. She only likes him because he is in power. That little weasel will run to anyone who offers her anything once he is gone.) Then he gets all up in people’s faces if they say things he doesn’t like, as if HE should also control their thoughts and conversations. Can’t wait until Boogie #2 goes home.

Another Sharon

I totally agree – still want ANYONE but Frank to win! I’m not opposed to Joe winning over Frank even!

MU Tigers

Hello Julie, I vote to evict the annoying, always wrong Captainwedgiearchnemesis


So Captainwedgiearchnemesis is the Skip Bayless of the OBB message boards?


2nd that Vote

Dark Horse

Hi Julie,

I GLADLY vote to evict Captain!!!



captains is now being heavily moderated.. TOO many complaints about him all this year and last year..
Captain you are still free to comment but please keep in mind that we are going to be moderated your stuff with more scrutiny


, I didn’t do anything! I’m being more supportive! How come everyone come to my ip and you didn’t do anything? I just being more supportive!

quack-pack fan

Captain – you need to look up what supportative means and then look up obnoxious. You will not see your name as an example of supportative.

Everyone enjoys a good and light hearted commentary on this sight as opposed to someone who is like a dog with a bone!

Thank You Simon for monitoring this.


I know what supportative. It’s not my words. It’s someone else. Believe me. I have a heart of commentary.

Dark Horse

THANK YOU Simon!!!

I usually don’t entertain that stuff but this is getting out of hand.

I absolutely LOVE this site and 99% of the people here…I just have never seen this kind of thing before.

I can agree to disagree but geez…

thanks again!! LOVE OBB!!!


I’m a diehard Frank backer and I start many an argument…but what captain does is trolling. There’s no substance to many of his posts and he’s just baiting those who disagree.

It’s the difference between having a debate and just running attack ads.

I would only say in his defense that the are other fans who behave the same way in support of their favorites and I hate censorship.

It is much better to simply ignore the trolls, rather than silence them.


you guys only see 1/10th of the comments he fires into the site


OMG Simon! I am so sorry you have to read all of those posts. The ones we get are bad enough. Thank you so much for trying to keep the discourse civil. CWAN is just a crazy troll with a one track mind. It’s one thing to be a fan or to have your favorites. It’s completely another thing to attack other posters for their opinions as if he is God and has complete control of the board and the show. Serious mental issues is the only explanation I can come up with or just a big bully baby who is used to getting their own way and will stomp and scream until he gets it, right or wrong. I think someone was a spoiled brat as a child. Funny thing is, when his predictions don’t happen, he completely ignores the outcome and gets on a new tangent to cover his completely inaccurate a**.


Sorry, I didn’t even realize…

Censor away…


1/10th was probably a overestimate but it’s still a lot.. You have to do a lot to get censored on this site.

As a side note people using profanity will find their comments being filtered into spam.. use @#$!#@ to mask the words.


Do you Really think Ian would vote for Frank in the end, I think it is more likely he would vote for Shane.

Miss Cleo

So Ian goes out on Dan’s nomination and he will blame Frank for getting him out though and this is the key.

Once in jury, his inflated ego will demand that the person who beat him (Frank) is elevated to great status. After all a great player like Ian could only be beat by another great player. Then he will start to see Shane as a coward for abandoning him and Britney. He will recall that his throwing Britney under the bus ultimately proved to be the fracture that led to the Quack Pack’s demise. Then Dan will enter jury and make the case that the best player deserves to win, laying out a logical, impartial case for Frank. This will appeal to Ian’s intellect. The thought will also creep into his head that he wants to be BB alumni with Dr. Will, Evil Dick…and Boogie. Wanting to mend fences with Boogie will factor in as well.

At the end Britney’s influence will wane. The game is over, they have little in common outside the pressures of the house, and she is condescending. He will also see her vote for Shane as purely emotional…and he will vote for Frank.


That makes sense, though I expect Frank will be evicted before the finale, he is too big of a threat to take to the end, even Dan knows this, and if Dan can escape eviction from Frank, he can escape eviction from Shane, who is much less intelligent.

Miss Cleo

But it is because I give Dan so much credit that I think he is more afraid of Shane that Frank. Frank engages in discussion and can be persuaded with logic. Shane simply shuts down, tells you want you want to hear, and then does whatever he wants. Without the Britney buffer, Shane is a wildcard. Shane still has Joe and is a rival for Danielle. Frank just has Jenn. I think despite what he tells Danielle and others, he has thrown their lot with Frank. That’s why his move this week was a Hail Mary and a game changer.

Also Dan successfully shifted the blame for the Silent Six betrayal to Ian and Britney, but it was a betrayal of Shane too..He has to know he can’t turn back the clock with Shane and that other than Danielle, Frank is his best shot for an ally that can help him (did I say Memphis).

I just don’t think he gets rid of Frank until Shane and Ian are gone, but by then it’s getting late in the game. I really think that unless Ian goes this week and Shane next, it’s 50/50 that he even gets the opportunity to get rid of Frank.


I like hope it does go down that way,but the show must suck for you already knowing what happens and all

Miss Cleo

My only problem is I can’t find a bookie that takes Big Brother bets…

Danielle's Pathetic

Ya Baby!!! I like the way you clairvoyant!!!



IAN will never vote for Frank, Dan will win it allllllllllllllll


When people get to jury, they mellow out with all the “I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ____” B.S. While in the game, they gotta be a hardass. When they go to jury and just get to hang out and relax, they tend to accept what happened and chill out.


Nope, Dan has his time of winning Big Brother! Let other people have a chance. Dan is really going to the Jury House!


Sorry miss Cleo but your clairvoyance is wrong, Ian would use his POV before going home next week


@Miss Cleo:

Very curious to see how close you come 🙂


I would be happy if the votes swing and something happens even before tomorrow so Britney survives.
Holding out hope but I’d love for Britney to throw some jabs in, find out about Danielle and Dan’s plan that occurred.

That would help her win over Shane, Ian, and Joe. I think.

Not sure if Britney wants to put in a last fight. Would of liked to see her go further. 🙁


What Britney should do is, tell Shane and Joe that Danielle is with Dan all the way. The next comp is endurance. it would be Shane, Brit, Ian, Joe vs Dan and Jenn. If Danielle stays, she will win and will not put up Dan. Case closed.


I so agree with you. Britney has played an amazing social game this season. Hopefully, all the time Britney has been spending in the DR means that they are throwing her a lifeline. If not, maybe Production can throw a little “libation” Danielle’s way, so she slips up in front of Britney tonight. I would love to see Dan’s tactics to save himself blow up in his face by Danielle being evicted instead of Britney. Danielle’s whiny voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard….no entertainment there. Britney has been the only real entertainment this whole season. Would love to see Britney and Frank as final two. I’m sure Frank would win, as he’s been the underdog all season, but at least Britney would win something. She deserves it….she’s played a great game this time around!
Hint, hint Production…….how about a bottle of wine for Danielle tonight????


PS Production – It has to be white wine, as Danielle can’t drink red wine. Thanks Production!

Just Me


I says, I

Short of Danielle admitting she agreed to the plan after the fact, Britney’s got nothing.

The brilliance of Dan’s plan was knowing he could mind fuck Danielle and get a genuine reaction, yet she would come running back.

It is because Danielle is a candidate for spousal abuse that Dan could pull it off and, ultimately, why her softening towards Dan is so easily explained to Britney and the house.

To quote the great Burgess Meredith: “You can wish (hope) in one hand and crap in the other. See which one gets filled first.”

Britney is toast.


Check out Brits face compared to mine. That’s the difference between white pizza and pepperoni.


I can’t stand looking at Danielle’s eyebrows!!!! They are so jacked up by Botox. She’s in a constant stage of surprise.


Thats not Botox , it’s Buttocks.
Her face looks literally looks like Buttocks.

Dan is THE MAN

Okay – that made me laugh coke out my nose!


Hahahaha so true.


I think one of the twists will be that because Ian didn’t use the GPOV this week, he will get a chance to use it next week, which will come in handy being that everyone is gunning for him.

I’m about 99% positive that will happen.

Sucks but that’s what I’m thinking.


Thats funny cause im 99% positive it wont happen


Wait a second, so it’s not a given that he gets to keep it til next week??? I swear I read someone say that here! Well damn. Lol.


Anuone else think Ian’s making an effort to play a “wannabe Evil Dick” card to get other floaters to see him as a good option to be sitting next to at the end. Brit’s playing along…”can’t believe what a douche Ian was last night”. Not convince’d it will work but you never know.


I was also thinking that, I hope there is something more to his behavior last night because he sure wasnt acting himself. He did say he was going to make them all pay for sending his beloved Brit home so maybe he is putting his plan in motion


I remember just 2 weeks ago, when every third post was about Daniele and how completely insane she was, and now that she truly displayed her insanity, by risking her game for Dan. Everyone now thinks she’s a gamer and a great actress. It’s so laughable. I actually respected her game until that point, but if Britney were any good at this game Daniele would be going home. Daniele is playing a mentally deranged game.


Im not deranged!
I just lie all the time and have a greasy face that looks like it’s straining from severe chronic constipation.

Dark Horse

I still think Danielle is insane…no gamer.

First week of BB14 I called [here] Danielle being in the final 2 if she didn’t get evicted week 1…I do still believe she will make it to final 2…she probably will sit next to Frank…

reguardless of what I would like to happen.


Danielle is a full fledged loon – I dislike her more than any other houseguest in the history of BB. She’s makes EVERYTHING about her and will be disliked by the entire house when they find out she and Dan were working together after his so called funeral. She’s still going on and on about how Dan broke her heart. She doesn’t seem to understand that Dan was acting…. the girl needs help, desperately.


She thinks her heart’s broken now wait til she finds out Shane “just NOT into her”. Any wagers on who she stalks after the show the hardest, Shane or Dan?


If Frank somehow survives the next two weeks, I agree with just giving him the win.


I suspect Ian has Asperger Syndrome.


I’ve been thinking the same since the beginning of the show…not that that’s a bad thing. I kinda figured production made a concious decision to be far more inclusive this season from a diversity perspecitve. They pretty much had the entire spectrum covered this season.


i wish britney wasn’t giving up already….do any of you think there is any possible way she will stay??

Dark Horse

I had hope but not at this point…Shane decided to roll with Stank Frank.


Everybody, Just keep hating Frank! Frank will keep on winning! Like him or Hate him! He deserve to be respect! He fights hard & never gives up. He is the Underdog!

The house always flips

Frank doesn’t deserve respect. All he a competition beast. His social game blows to high heaven, and in my book, social game is just as important as winning comps.


He was fighting since the beginning so how could he possibly have a great social game?

He’s been busting his ass winning competition after competition.

He couldn’t form a social game because he was too busy tryin to figure out how to get himself off of the block week after week.

It’s hard to have one especially since Janelle had her Anti-Boogie/Frank campaign, making the entire house view him as a target when he hasn’t won anything.

It’s nearly impossibly to be likable when the other players dont trust you to begin with and detest everything you do for the simple fact that Jani put it in their minds that they shouldn’t.

Frank had absolutely no shot to have a social game and that’s just the truth.


No one was hating on Frank on this post, so just spare us all with your bad grammar and stop posting comments.


It looks like it will be endurance tomorrow night,and while everyone thinks ian is a lock to win that may not be the case.There have been endurance comps that favor the physically stronger players in the past (season 11)also in season 10 dan showed twice that he can win endurance comps when he needs to.Finally danielle has already proven she can win,and her confidence will be high for such competition.Who knows joe or ? might get lucky and win one.I just happen to think ians days in the house are numbered


So mad about Brit rolling over like a dog it kills me. Brit do so
Something. Why can’t she figure out Danielle is a blubbering mess all the time except for now. Ring ring answer the phone Brit its janelle calling to tell u Dan and Danielle are together…. Ha ha ha ha


I think it’s interesting that two of the best players ever (according to themselves) can’t see that disgusting, deranged Danielle is in the best position. She’s Jenn’s girlfriend, Shane’s dermatologist/stalker/cuddle buddy, and Dan’s protege. Instead they’re afraid of little Britney & Ian’s alliance! Please someone fly a banner over – can’t stand to listen to Danielle one more minute. Everyone will have to be comforting HER when Brit gets evicted…


Yeah…and that’s 3 votes that make total sense going to Danielle giving her what she needs to survive.

Given that Danielle is severely emotionally damaged if not outright mentally ill, her social game has proven to be superior to Britney’s and that’s why she’s not going to jury yet.


That’s my point exactly, but Frank & Dan both thinking they’re 2 of the best EVER can’t seem to see that. Really Brit only has Ian so that seems the more logical one to keep. Not sure how the entire house hasn’t grown weary of “it’s all about me” but they haven’t. Like Brit, but don’t like how she’s just given up – again.


Meant to say that she’s in the best position to make it to final two & then get the votes from jury*


But Dan had no choice but sacrifice Britney. Ian was safe, so he needed to get Ian’s ally for Frank to bite. Dan also knows that Jenn is a girl, so Danielle will turn on her at the drop of a hat. Prying her from Shane will require work, but she’s malleable in a way Britney isn’t.

As for Frank, he needed Jenn to make the deal happen, Jenn trusts Danielle. Frank wants Ian and after that he knows he’s still in survival mode in veto. Sure he’s hoping his deals hold up, but he’s going to be full blast come veto. It did not matter who went out this week Dan or Britney, but Dan knows how to sell and Britney doesn’t.

Britney should not have bossed Shane around, nor gotten mad about the Boogie deal. She needed Shane way more than Ian. Plus going around last night saying Ian is her favorite is likely not a brilliant idea.

Joe is the moron as it is in his interest to continue floating with Ian, Shane, Britney, Frank, and Dan all killing each other…but he thinks he’s a powerhouse and is oblivious to 90% of what is going on.


Seems Shane would’ve been the best one to throw under the bus since he is tight with Danielle & Britney, and is pretty threatening depending on the comp. They seemed threatened by Britney’s mental game, but while at times she was so in tune with people’s actions other times she was completely in left field. Don’t want to see Dan win again but he truly is awesome at this game and I’m sure he thoroughly thought out his plan before placing it in motion! I think Britney completely trusts Danielle & can’t see past that. While Britney acts strong I think she may be too “soft” for this game. Soooo hard to keep listening to Danielle!

I says, I

Next year needs to be All Stars.

My dream cast:

Dr. Will
Evil Dick
Dani D.


i hope that james is meant to be james rhines? who is nick? (thats a serious question)


its dani d from season eight’s showmance.I would be alright with that cast except if i never see jeff ,jordan,rachael,or brendon again it would be to soon.Ashley is the only one thats been on bb that is dumber than jordan.Id say take those four out and insert danielle reyes,matt hoffman,any other female besides rachael or jordan and you gotta have the token gay guy so marcellas maybe


Saying “I think” would make your posts sound better, we don’t know if anyone will win anything or who’s going home , we can only assume and wish


“Britney recounts how she got drunk and told the story about her and her husband doing it and getting caught be his dad. And how after his dad said he was a stud. Britney says that his family could have been watching that last night. F my life.”

Ha, this is what all dads say when their boy is “laying the pipe” Makes them feel better that they made a son that an get women…. Unfortunately Mothers don’t feel this way when they hear their daughters yellin to their man “do it harder big daddy”, they freak out LOL


Did you eat lead paint chips as a child or something?




Simon/Dawg…Brit had a solo act going last night (before she started drinking) where she was loud talking Frank’s genius game play…took carrot suit, chum baths, and gave up HOH comp to keep Dan from winning the POV only to turn around and use it on him….Can’t find your summary anywhere or did I miss it? What I caught was, IMO , hilarious and scathing Brit at her best…If you didn’t transcribe for your audience really believe anyone without feeds or BBAD would LOVE IT…and I’d love to read through a line by line…PLEASE????

Danielle's Cankles

I’m really surprised at Britney’s attitude about her eviction. Talk about giving up and surrendering… Never imagined she’d make the same mistake as in her previous season. And as she mentioned, all because she’s on the block with her “best friend” and the sweetest person in the house, Danielle… WOW! I want to see her reaction when she finds out that Danielle has been anything but sweet to her and her alliance. When Dan brought up the final plan, that eventually got him off the block, Danielle could’ve said no, let’s put up Joe or even Shane in order to save her BFF Britney. She asked Dan, “so you’re asking me to betray Britney and Shane?” Dan nods, and she says “yeah, I can do that.” WOW!
I can’t remember a season where the house guests were so ready and willing to betray their so called “best friends” in the house. I understand gameplay and all that… What Dan was able to do was remarkable, but it’s the deceit between Danielle and Britney that I don’t understand. Why not just be straightforward with her about it? Danielle feels it’s necessary to cry and carry on about how Dan broke her heart, she can’t go on, and all the other situations she’s facing in the house that make her a victim…. All the while Britney is her shoulder to cry on, her supporter and the only person to tell her that she can go on and win this… This is one aspect of the game that I don’t understand and is getting harder and harder to watch…


You may watch but clearly you don’t pay attention.

When Dan laid out his plan for Frank it required him to rat everybody out, knowing Ian would be Frank’s new nemesis. But Ian had the veto, so Britney had to be the sacrificial lamb. Frank would have never gone for Joe and Shane would have required a whole lotta bullshit. The best lies require 90% of the truth and had Britney known this she could have protected herself from Dan’s bomb. She would have had to put Ian on front street. But with Frank sitting out the next two HOH’s, Britney should have taken the risk. Britney never learned that you can’t win if you’re afraid to lose.

Besides, Dan knew it’s easy to get Danielle to throw other women under the bus, but her “boyfriend” would be a harder sell and require more time to make the case. Remember with Dan’s plan, time was of the essence.

So when Dan went to Danielle with the plan, the choice for her was clear, did she want to save Dan or Britney? She made the smart choice keeping Dan. I don’t doubt that Britney is the 2nd to last person she would want to see leave, but unfortunately for Britney, Dan is the last person she wants to see evicted.

Britney’s girl alliance was likely a big part of her undoing as well. Danielle saw she had multiple parachutes, while Dan was with her 100%.


Dan yelling at Danielle was playing right into her ‘victim’ game. Even when he apologized over and over, all she could say was, “You broke my heart.” It gives her a “poor, pitiful me” line for the rest of the game. She is only interested in looking like a victim of everyone’s cruelty. Even when BB told her to stop humming, we get, “Why are they picking on me!?” Stupid girl. You KNOW you aren’t supposed to sing, yet you do it anyway. And continue to do it after they tell you to stop. She is such a pathetic person she is purposely manipulating BB to yell at her so she can continue to be a victim of “them”, whoever “they” are. Maybe the voices in her head?

She & Frank are both classic narcissists. Danielle gets attention by being pitiful, Frank by being an egomaniac.


I think Frank will win. That being said I think dani will be 2nd. I personally like danielle. Mainly because of how hated she is. Someone needs to be on her side. As for the others I actually like all of them. It doesn’t matter to me who wins. The best part of this site is watching everyone fight like they are actually in the alliences with the hg’s.

Dan made a big move. Everyone talks about how bad they hate him. It’s funny because truth be told when 500,000 is up for grabs every man is up for themselves anyway. No matter what player it is. They have all lied, talked about each other, and threw each other under the bus. It’s a game and that’s how its played. Dani and Dan are still allied. Ok those two have been together since day one. Everyone wants brit to spill her guts but she has said on the feeds she isn’t going to campaign against her. I say good luck to them all.

I’ll just be glad when its over. I will go back to my life no richer or broker than I did when I started watching this show. It’s just a game!

britney is a barbie doll

Britt you need to stab Dani in the back… its the only wat…please tell everyone shes a NURSE.. and Shane about her boyfriend.


If you all want to see a collossal meltdown in these forums from one person. It would be for Ian to win HOH next week and someone besides Frank wins the POV and Ian sends Frank home.


Oh, how I would love to see that. I suspect CWAN will either disappear or whine like a stuck pig. Either way, it would be most entertaining on both the show and this board.

Dan is THE MAN

I agree. I’d love to see that. Bring on the anarchy!

britney is a barbie doll

PLEASE production next time bring single vets especially girls… marriage seems to make them not want to be there…they seem to misss thier hubbys too much…especialy a frekin newly wed.. Dani Donato would hav been a much better choice


NO!! never bring back Daniele Donato ever again


Dani Donato – yuck. Didn’t like her in her floater season and didn’t like her last year either. Mean girl extraordinaire! If I never see her again, it will be too soon.

Team Ian Big Dog

Heres hoping Ian’s plan is that he wants to loose the HOH comp so he has the chance at the POV. He wins the veto, takes himself off the block and then all the alliances will crack because they will have to vote out there own. Then the in next HOH Frank and this weeks HOH cannot play so that means he would have a better shot at the next HOH.

britney is a barbie doll

Britt may want to see her hubby…who knows maybe she gets to in the jury house i bet she can talk to him some how.. thats why production its a bad idea to bring married people…. they get home sick


I wish we get a season where America get to Decide their fate again


I would love to see Ian face when he leaves next week! Bye Bye Ian!


Joe has a clear lock on the finals. Who wouldn’t take him? Write him a check for 50K for his chef duties. He hasn’t won anything, hasn’t done anything strategic to make the house do one thing or another, he gets on everyone’s nerves, and no matter who is in the final two no house guest with any respect for the game would vote him in as the winner.


I am disappointed that Brit isn’t trying harder to stay. I know her and Fani Dani are friends but I think she could have a shot if she tried.

All I know is I want Frank, Joe and Jenn FTL, for the loss!

Frank’s behavior with the Boogs made it impossible for me to like him

What’s scary is I loved Jeff/Jordan. Cap’n wedgie liked Jeff and the thought that I have something in common with that person kills me.

English 1101/1301? – give it a try for the rest of us please!!!!!


This is going to be a very boring show if Britney is voted out. Not so much because she is so great, but because there is an opportunity to rock the house by everyone finding out about Danielle….who has milked this to max! I am at a point that I cannot stand to watch Danielle anymore and am bored with the new alliances. It seems that a lot people I know have already stopped watching the show because the guests are so uninteresting. If Britney goes, than the rest is going to be pretty predictable. Seems many people are right: BB does favor Frank, Dan, and Shane. Otherwise, it would not being going down like this.


Going to send a banner over BB house “DAN DANI JEN & FRANNK N A ALLIANCE ” we love to see Dani face and Jen it would be classic they could put frank & $an on block if someone wins pov put Jen up


Okay, we get it Britney, you love New York, now stfu about it already, Carrie Bradshaw! I like Brit, she was my fave for both her seasons, but I just can’t back someone who just quits so easily.

Who am I gonna throw my support behind? JennShitty, who has to announce to the world that she washed her ass, like it’s a major event. Damn, she must be all up in there with a brillo pad and clorox. I don’t think so.

Frank? No!
Danielle? Hell freaking no!

Dan is so boring and quite frankly, he’s behind my Brit leaving, but she could fight more, so…And Shane freaking voting Danielle over Brit, so F him too.

I think I’m going with Ian. Everyone in the house and on this forum seems to hate him. oops almost forgot about Jerkin Joe Arvin, that line in the sand will be drawn when hell freezes over.

VA Vet

You’re not alone! I hope Ian takes out Frank next week and rolls over the rest of those losers to the final two.

Taking out both Boogie and Frank alone is worth the four votes he would need to win.

Just Me

Nice post, I agree.


I so wish Britt would figure it out with Dani and expose the new alliance. the show will be so boring and predictable if she leaves. Not worth watching.


I am with you totally!!!!!


tonight should be good, i need to see how dan got himself off the block. no clue how he got frank on board with that

VA Vet

Frank had nothing to lose and plenty to gain by going along with Dan’s suggestion. If it doesn’t pan out, Frank is none the worse for making the deal so long as he doesn’t actually trust Dan.


@Kirbymania. Lol.I can’t wait for tonight’s show too.I’ve been rooting for Dan since day1.But after Jenn won the veto,I didn’t read the blogs anymore because I thought it was a wrap for Dan.But,for some reason,on monday I checked this site and read almost all the comments say how Dan is offically one of the best players that’s played the game.I can’t wait until 8pm,to see with my own eyes why the majority of blogs,that does spoilers have all said what Dan pulled off,proves why he is one of the best that’s played.It’s not only the blogers opinion.The comments on other sites say the same thing.So,it’s clear that not just anyone would be able to pull off a move like this.Especailly when he has to hope his skills at this game will work on a guy(Frank) that everyone knows hated Dan.If the move that Dan pulled off was not a big deal,then why would the majority of BB sites make such a big deal about how Dan’s move proved he’s one of the best that’s played.So,yeah.I can’t wait to see the mastermind(Dan).


I didn’t watch Dan’s season. Is he good at endurance challenges? I feel like he might throw this one? All the heat seems to be on Frank and Ian.

Sigh. I know she has haters but I will miss Britney. I usually fast forward to her parts on BBAD. She makes me laugh and I like the way she talks about the game (she’s generally pretty smart except how hard she got played here and in the end of her season). Last night I was howling when she talked about lighting Ted on fire.


Well, at least you’ll still have Joan.

Roisin Dubh

Hey dude, can you do a powerhouse tribute since it’s gonna be retired?


Why would the Powerhouse alliance be over? Joe has different members in it every week. It’s the greatest alliance ever.


Haven’t we all had enough of Dan’s BS by now? He can manipulate one person – Danielle. Awesome play. I can’t wait until his church votes him “most likely to be excommunicated” which they won’t. But the Vatican is aware of his shenanigans and, in light of their current difficulties, don’t think they’ll give him a pass. So, I hope Mr. Catholic wasn’t really a Catholic because if he was, he’s done. Nice play–get kicked out of the house and your church. Best of all time–ha, ha, ha!


Whatever Dan does now, he is up for eviction from his faith with no chance to save himself. Well played.


Why isnt Joe, Shane and Ian voting to keep Brit? I dont get it.


Does anyone know what happened to Brit and the fiancée she had in BB12? Lol just curious


danielle will not win another comp…unless its a lucky bouncy ball game like her pov win….that pirate ship endurance was kinda easy, im hopin ian wins and puts danielle up…when he finds out she campaigned against britt….danielle is disgusting in every way imaginable


I cant stand frank i never thought id see someone make jeff look like a saint because jeff has got nuttin on frank in the cocky and arrogant department know befor people start calling me a hater stop!! because i will admit hes good in comps and he gets himself out of heat BUT he is still massively cocky and arrogant and a bully ian was right his social game sucks ass and thats what i cant stand the most about this guy is his cockyness and how he just thinks he’s all that on that note however i wll say this IF he manages to survive the nextt two weeks in BB then I will be the first “hater” to admit he deserves the win!! ps it would have been absolutely epic if he had gotten on BB lastt year just to see three MASSIVE cocky egos going at it head to head Ie Jeff Brandon and frank that would have been funny as hell


We’re on the same page re: Frank. He talks like he is god’s gift to women and that he KNOWS that he is so well-liked that he will be America’s Player. Quite frankly, he is delusional and will totally FREAK when he finds out how much he is hated. Unfortunately, someone with an ego the size of his will probably just dismiss it all in his mind. Then he and CWAN can get together and BOTH talk about how awesome Frank is.


Joe will win BB 14. Why? He is off everyone’s radar and will float all the way to the final.


We’ll float to the final 3 no doubt about it