Britney says Danielle won’t even come to you for the votes, when I am here trying to get your vote.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations: Danielle And Britney
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for a week
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


1:10pm Britney and Dan are in the arcade room talking. They talk about how they both haven’t won anything yet. Britney says that she knows Frank wants me gone for a reason. He knows I am coming after him. She says that she has burned Frank but that Danielle hasn’t. Dan says that one thing he forgot about this game is that its hard for people to forget hurt feelings. Britney says you could either spend the next three week rebuilding the relationship with her or you could spend the next three week winning this game. She will never prefer you over Shane in this game. I was mad at you for the first few hours but what were you going to do lay down and die. It encourages me to fight. You are expendable to Danielle and she makes emotional decisions. I think she is a great girl but no matter what you and I have a better shot at working together. Dan says yeah.

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Ian joins them. Britney explains that she is trying to get Dan to work to keep me. Ian says that he will stick with the people he has been with since day 29. I will die on the sword. Dan says that he has to even struggle to talk to Danielle. Britney says if Danielle left, then Shane would be workable and he wouldn’t be reminded of what happened. Dan asks Ian what he thinks. Ian says that Britney is a very valuable person to be here and she doesn’t hold a grudge from the funeral. She will make sure Frank goes the next two weeks. Ian says that when he put his hand in the center he thought that meant that we would work together till the end of the game. She is strong for what we need right now. Why give Frank what he wants, we have a chance to get Frank gone in the next two weeks. Britney says that Danielle won’t even come to you for the votes, when I am here trying to get your vote. Britney says if Danielle stays, then Shane won’t work with you. Not after he had to console her. Britney says if I am gone, Frank will go after you next. If I am still here he will be coming after me. Ian says that Frank and Jenn have to go. Britney leaves the room.


1:45pm Ian starts asking Dan if he will put up Frank and Jenn if he wins HOH tonight. Dan won’t answer. Ian says look you got me to go against mathematical reasoning and statistics to put him up but I did it for the group. Ian says that back dooring at this point doesn’t make mathematical sense right now because we are pretty much all playing in the veto. Dan asks what Ian’s order is. Ian says Frank, Jenn, Joe. Ian leaves the room. In the bathroom, Britney tells Danielle that she hasn’t campaigned against her and wont. She says that if she leaves Danielle needs to play really smart. Ian joins them and tells them that Frank just tried to get to him asking him not to go after him tonight. Ian says that Frank said that Ian is all alone and will need to work with someone.


1:50pm – 2pm Frank and Dan talk in the arcade room. Dan tells Frank that he thinks Joe thinks we are working together. Frank says that Joe hasn’t said anything about it to him. Dan asks what Joe’s game plan is, is it like Jerry? Frank says that Joe is just a number to us. Frank says that Joe said that Britney told him that Evel Dick told her to wait until the last moment to go for votes. Dan asks she talked to Evel Dick? Frank says I don’t know, that’s just what Joe said. Dan says that he hasn’t told Britney that he isn’t voting for her yet. Frank says that he might just throw the HOH to Shane, so that you can play for the next one. Dan wonders if Shane would put me up though. Frank says yeah maybe, but you will have the votes. Frank says if you win this one then the next one you can’t play and there are less targets them. Dan says that he wants to win to see photos of Chelsea and get a letter. Dan says that Ian thinks we are working together. Dan says that maybe he needs to tell Ian that I will put you (Frank) up. Frank says yeah tell him that, as long as you do it, I am fine with it. Dan says Joe is going to get far in this game, he hasn’t done anything or pissed anyone off. Frank says yeah, but he has survived the block three times. He wont do well in the end comps though. They say best case is that Danielle wins this HOH.
Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!

Shane and Britney are talking in the storage room. Britney explains that it will be a lot less awkward if Danielle is gone for you and Dan. You are a lot less of a target with Danielle gone too. You know I have your back too, right. Shane says yeah. Shane says that Ian mentioned that you had a final two deal with him. Britney says that she doesn’t and that Ian didn’t even know about our final 4 deal. Shane says that his mind isn’t made up but that he will let her know. Britney tells him thank you for talking to me.


2:20pm – 2:35pm Meanwhile Dan and Danielle are in the arcade room talking. Dan tells Danielle that Britney is campaigning against her, she said that you are smart, and are going to win a lot of competitions. All reasons to vote you out. Danielle says I can’t believe she just lied to me. Danielle tells Dan that Shane isn’t coming after him. Dan tells Danielle that she is getting good at this game. Dan asks what he should say to Shane. Danielle tells him to make a final 3 deal with him. Danielle says that Shane won’t let me leave, he protects me. Dan says that he will tell Shane that he made up with Danielle and apologized to her. Dan asks why does Shane want Frank out now? Danielle says because Frank has been hitting on me. He kissed me on the forehead and Shane was fuming! Shane comes into the room. Danielle leaves. Shane tells Dan that if he can guarantee he and Danielle are save, he will throw the HOH to him. Dan tells Shane that the deal he made with Frank is that I would go after Ian. Shane says that he is willing to put it all in the past and work together. Shane says I trust your word, I will throw it to you or Danielle. Dan tells Shane to float a final three deal to Danielle and see what she thinks. Shane tells Dan he wants to get past what happened at the funeral and move on but still make people think we aren’t working together. Shane leaves..


2:45pm Shane and Joe are in the kicks room talking. Shane says that if we go against Frank and keep Britney then we put bigger targets on our back. Joe says that Frank can’t even play HOH next week. Shane says that we made that deal with Frank up in the HOH so if we keep Britney he is going to be mad. Joe says we would need to separate the house. Shane tells Joe that Dan tried to ask me to throw the competition to him. Joe laughs. Shane says that he also talked to Britney and confronted her about the final two deal that her and Ian have. She lied right to my face. Joe says that sticking with Frank is solid and he wont break that deal. My only reservation is that Danielle might go back with Dan. Joe says that he won’t work with Dan, I don’t trust him. I trust you and Danielle but not him. Shane says that he told Danielle that he would try and get her as far as he could in this game but I have done all I can do after this week. Joe says that he still thinks its best to stick with Frank. Ian joins them. Shane says that they were just talking about being able to trust Dan. Ian talks about the reasons why they should keep Britney.


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4:31pm Cam 1-4 TRIVIA

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It will be easier that Ian & Dan are going to Join Britney at the Jury House. I would love to see Ian dive at the pool and better yet. Get alone time with Ashley so Frank will be pissed. Frank don’t care. He will be laughing at you that the Three amiagos just screw all of you.


ahhh i want britney to stay so bad! does anyone think there is any chance dan will vote for her to stay?? i don’t have the feeds so can’t really tell what dan is thinking from just reading this…


I’m so scared right now, I hope Dani isn’t going home! Who do you think is going, and by what vote?


I think britney will go home, 3-2.


pathetic obviously you wont go for brintey your a fan of beyonce! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahais that what only beyonce got? not wondering shes fading into thin air now. look at the fake you are talking about . shes got the whole world attention. not needing to show her ass off . see the difference and put your maturity. they both excel in their own ways. not the only one your talking.

Head of Household

I think Dani will be evicted, 3-2.


I will enjoy Britney funniness but It would be easier that Ian & Dan will be joining her as well.
That will be competitions.


Britney is a dumbass for even thinking she can get Dan’s vote! I can’t wait for her to leave, she’s such an annoyance! Always talking bad about people like she’s some funny person but all she is, is a bitch!


Me too!! Please go home Britney!!

production rigged it

so britney talks bad about people in the house it’s not like she’s the only one, also i would just like to point that with you saying that and then calling her names is the same thing kinda makes you a hyprocrite, oh and for the name calling it takes one to know one.

billy bob

if britney was a bitch she would tell shane about trey,but shes not,i want her too but she not, damn it,i tell you brits a diva, reconize game britney haters

Hammock Boy

brits game is to hide behind anyone she can, it will burn her for the 2nd time


Everyone keeps saying Brit should narc out Dani about Trey, and the nurse thing.
What I think many are failing to realize is no one really gives a sh*t about these things.

Shane doesn’t care about her fake boyfriend back home, he doesn’t want Dani in that way.
He only let’s her be all over him because it is another vote in the end (and what the hell, she does anything he asks).

And the nurse thing….that is one of the stupidest lies ever told on this show.
I don’t know why she thinks being a nurse as opposed to a kindergarten teacher would be considered some kind of advantage in the game.
Both take a moderate amount of equal schooling (I would think), it is not like either is something that requires a PHD or a genius IQ.
Not knocking either profession, but to me neither would be needed to be “kept secret” to protect oneself in this game.

She is just an F’ing nut who thinks she can make herself more attractive by being “mysterious”.

quack-pack fan

Something tells me you would think Brit was a dumb*** if she didn’t ask Dan for a vote. Face it – you don’t like Brit – it’s very clear.

I enjoy Britney and would love for her to stay but sadly it doesn’t look good. If she could only piece together that Dan & Dani are still working together then I think that would be enough to get Shane to reconsider. Joe is ready to change his vote so it is possible to make this happen.

Dan is amazing to have thought of having Dani in distress because that is working so well at keeping Shane by her side and sympathy from everyone else.

Very sad tonight if Brit goes home!!!


I watch the show with about ten other friends and none of us want Britney to go. None. It is because she brings some fun to the show! We don’t think she deserves to win, not yet, but….what is the show going to be without her? We are talking about not watching the show if she leaves and just reading who the winner ends up being. The personalities in the show this years are really boring. With Janelle gone and now Britney? Really? Don’t take the fun out of the show….Stay Btitney!!!!! Find out Danielle is in on it. That she is a fake, fake, fake. If Britney leaves and finds out after she leaves, it won’t be as dramatic, actually, I don’t think I will care. If she finds out before the votes, it will blow up! Could there be a twist coming or something???

Ians virginity

are you and your 10 friends TEenage – early 20’s females? I can see BRitney’s appeal and screaming fakey DR sessions as appealing to that type.


Actually, I a 26 year old almost finished with my Masters degree. I am actually using the BB show to write a paper on human behavior, but a bunch of us got caught up in the game! So, no we r not teenagers. 🙂 Sometimes I wish I still was. Britney is a smart ass with quick wit, I am entertained by that.

Head of Household

Oh, like that even holds a candle of annoyance to Danielle’s creepy stalkerish ways, bad gameplay and insecureness. Britney has to stay to keep this season enetertaining.

Hammock Boy

u want her to stay so u can watch her pick at her face all day long??

Ians virginity

Danielle is just a very non street smart girl from the backwoods. I can’t believe she is still googly eyed over shane. I guess she has just never seen a guy with all his teeth before like that coming from the south. SHe’s so incredibly sheltered it’s scary. “I MEAN I WAS KINDA SCARED WITH JENN I MEAN I’VE NEVER MET A LESBEEEN BEFORE I DIDN’T KNOW IF SHE WOULD LIKE HIT ON ME OR WHAT” How freaking numb can you be


You should have asked are you mean girls too?

Angry Teenage Girls

We are MAD. We hate DAN. We love BRIT!!! We will go shopping if Brit leaves. CBS, we can find other shows to watch while we text, gossip and do our nails. Like OMG, this show will so totally suck if Britney goes. Can you say boring people. It’s not like this house can have drama without her, hello. Willie, ok, well not Brit’s doing. Janelle and Boogie leaving, oh not her either. Well this season will still suck if she leaves, she’s FUNNY!!! CBS we are MAD!!!


Iknow i love britt too… I dont want to see her go…its bull how production would keep an annoying brat who stalks Shane around the house over Americas Fav player season 12.. Idont care if britt wins.. but I just want Dani gone… shes too delusional..

go frank

Brit only won americas fav. cause they felt sorry for her because she was played by the guys. I didn’t like her than and I don’t like her now but I too felt sorry for her in season 12.


She won America’s fav bc she made fun of Rachel

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

That was the only thing I did like about Brit in her last season!!! Rachel is the worst BB cast member EVER.


Don’t like her never have never will, hope she goes home and I never have to hear her voice again, she is NOT!! funny at all just plain annoying and she is a lousy actress, pretending like she was drunk with the little mouse Ian, what a joke! I still can’t believe people like this annoying dumb ass blonde bimbo, talking shit about Ashley saying she needs to have at least one intelligent conversation a day, she is an idiot, her name is no longer Britney it’s Diarrhea mouth!! bye! bye! Britney!! can’t wait to see her cry!!!!


Now relax, breathe, and live your own life.


I totally agree w/you Cathy. I never liked Bratney. She is immature, catty, not funny at tall & she cannot keep her dirty fingers out of her mouth like my little 2 year old.


I think the stalking creepy eyed freak Dani needs to go…she talks shit about people too…look she stabing shane soon…watch Dan will make her put him on the block…haha


I couldn’t agree with you more DS. Britney is a riot and Danielle is fake, boring, and a big liar. I dont fault her for the lying she does to stay in the game. It’s the lying about personal stuff, including being a nurse. Just think it’s rather stupid. I would love to see her face is she was voted out 3-2.

go frank

Brit needs to go who wants to watch her pick her face and scratch her head like she has lice all the time. She’ s playing and picking and scratching the same as she did the first time around. Lets hope she goes today and never returns again. After her lets see rocking Ian go, what is with his rocking? Bad habits like these two have should not be seen on TV…


joe ian and dan/shane need to vote out danielle!!


i know there aren’t very many people left! So I think Joe, Shane , Ian take Britney and Save her.

Then since Frank has got 2 non – hoh’s ; let’s see how production deals with that . Shane

said yesterday he heard production is involved so that should be Why he should keep britney!

I mean if britney stays then her and dan could work together with shane and joe an Ian to get

out Frank. Nut production will see if they want Frank out or not !


I could make prediction of how production will “handle” frank’s predicament, whoever win’s HOH in the next 2 weeks will have a Pandora’s Box which punishment would save Frank somehow.


dan too, could bring the coach twist back for a week protecting him


think its too late for brit to save herself….becuse everyone still thinks danielle is mad at dan. Why? they were hanging out like 2 days after dans funeral. if i were brit…i would have got ian, joe and shane in one room, talk out the positives of her staying over danielle. are they also blind about frank and dan? he came off the block…they should know dan is with frank!

too much flip flopping…my heads spinning


At least Brittney is trying too bad it’s for naught say Hi to Ashley


Thanks Simon and Dawg for the updates. I’ve been on vacation past couple of weeks and three hours behind the house (used to being three hours ahead).. It’s been wild coming back in the evening and trying to catch up on alll the craziness going on. So your efforts are much appreciated. Oh, did I miss Shane the Beast getting evicted?


Ian…Your freaky Moron! I want you to go Home! Go to the Jury House with Britney! Stay there and don’t come back!

Eric CA

Dude, hat freaky moron is the biggest man in that house. The rest have no balls or brains.


If someone calls you a crazy freak, thank them. Nothing throws people off more than a proud, polite, crazy freak

MU Tigers

We get it, you love Frank and hate all other players. We actually GOT IT the first 1000 times you said it in here.

Simon/Dawg, we need a filter or block functionality in here. Badly. I am not trying to be mean, but every 4 or 5 posts its him regurgitating the same nonsense. And I don’t expect you to have to filter everytime he repeats himself. The work you do is daunting enough and I don’t know how you guys do it, but I love it that you do.


is Dan just playing Frank (lying to him?) or are they a real alliance?


I think (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that Dan has talked to the camera on multiple occasions and stated that 1) he plans on being loyal to Frank, and 2) that he will backdoor Frank if he thinks it’s safe. Which is more recent, and which is his current plan would only be a guess on my part.
Probably if he feels he can get the others back on his side then he will backdoor Frank.


They are in a real alliance, for now. It benefits Dan greatly to keep his alliance with Frank until at least Brittney, Ian and possibly Shane are gone. Dan is super sneaky, but I think he sees that Frank is loyal and will have his back until the Final 4.

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

Uh, what in the world makes you think Frank will stay loyal to him? Frank had a huge man crush on Boogie so was loyal to HIM. But, Frank has said REPEATEDLY that he is going to get Dan out as soon as possible. That’s not loyalty. They made a final 2 agreement (in fact Frank has a final 2 deal with everyone in the house I think). There is no real loyalty in the Big Brother house. It’s a game worth $500,000!!!

Magic Dan is ALIVE!!

Shoot, shoot, shoot…bitchy Britney is out and whiny Danielle stays.

Eric CA

It is a big lie, huge lie, does Frank think they are working together?of course he does. Is he getting back stabbed? absolutely.


Gotta love Dan’s play!


thanks for the replies. 🙂 i can’t keep up on this all day long when i have to.. work. i think after reading all this it seems that Dan is out for just Dan and will do whatever it takes at the time to increase his chances of winning. i do find Britney more entertaining than Danielle (cry and sleep, cry and sleep) so hoping she gets three votes. and Joe.. he sure blows whichever way the wind takes him..


Your an idiot


So are you.


First Britney is gone and Now Ian & Dan will be joining her next week. That way, both of them would be gone as long as Ian will be out of the House.


captain shanelle final two

BB King

Britney just doesn’t get it. Dan can emotionally manipulate Danielle to be his little pawn, but he cannot do the same with Britney too easily. Only Lane and the Brigade could. So Dan is going to keep Danielle over someone he can’t control.


Are you kidding me! Britney needs to go, her and Ian make a great lying,backstabbing duo. Ian is only with her because she’s a pretty girl who has shown him some attention. We all know this has probably never happened to him in the real world. Isn’t it funny that he got rid of Ashley when she shown more interest in Frank? He’s delusional if he thought he had a chance with her. Britney is the reason he’s in the position he’s in. She’s playing him like a piano. I hope Ian realizes he isn’t even in Dr. Will or Evil Dicks league. He’s just started the most pathetic Big Brother league. I can’t wait for him to see how it feels to be alone in the house like he did to Frank. I am also tired of Britney’s why me look. I don’t deserve to go home speeches. She shouldn’t have been a coach! I’m telling you every other player had to have said no for her to be on. How is it funny when she just talks about how bad other people are. Its easy in the DR. She’s a loser with a way too high opinion of herself. Please send her to the jury. She’s had her chance. Dan shouldn’t win either.

Eric CA

They all lie, back stab and talk mad sh*t… this is Big Brother, not Moral Ethical House, where people are evicted for poor etiquette.


I agree. It’s what the game is all about. Nobody calls into question the character of a person that plays poker and wins by bluffing. It’s part of the game. BB is no different. Dan made a masterful move in the game. Unfortunately for Brit, she is the person on the losing end of his move. I wish it could be Danielle, who is by far the biggest liar in the house, but I respect a great move in the game. Danielle messed everything up by ratting out Ian to Jenn. If she hadn’t done that, I don’t think Jenn would have used the veto. I wish Shane knew that Dani told Jenn and Frank that she is willing to turn on Shane. Frank made the only move he could make, but I think he will regret it, and Joe and Shane will certainly regret not keeping Brit, probably as early as tonight, unless Ian wins HOH.

go frank

Very well said, get out face picker Brit and rocking Ian who thinks he’s the best player ever what a laugh…


And that’s not even mentioning that Danielle has proven she is with Dan from day 1 while Britney is much closer with other people before Dan and she is 100% protected if she stays past this week. It’s a no brainer for Dan’s game to toss Brit out the door and keep Danielle.


Britney needs to talk to Shane. I feel so bad for her.


Aw, poor Britney, she’s NEVER been nominated before this and she’s HIDDEN behind everyone, making them do all the dirty work. She’s a lying, two-faced bitch who has alliances with EVERYONE. I”m glad Dan and Frank caught on to her and I hope she’s finally GONE tonight.

production rigged it

yeah and first frank was boogie’s bitch and now he’s dan’s bitch, see look i can call the houseguest that i can’t stand names too.

Ian's brain

And Frank isn’t a bitch? Like his new owner Dan said, the moron took a list of punishments to get out a guy that he ended up saving. For this delusional #$%! to even consider himself on Dan’s level and hoping to ‘surpass it’ has me literally laughing my a$$ off. Britt is being a dumb@$$ not to pick away at Danielle and unravel her alliance with Dan, Frank and Jenn and now Dan and Shane-I’ll miss Brit’s wit and humor-there’s still time left but doubt she’ll put it to good use. You single out Britney-How cute


jesus simon…dan just pitched a final three deal with shane and danielle!!!

these people are effing idiots!!! dan…has a deal with frank, danielle and jenn….he has a final two deal with danielle…he will have a final three deal with danielle and shane.

frank has a final four deal with dan, danielle and jenn…has a final three deal with joe and shane…has a final two deal with danielle…talked to ian a half hour ago…he was planting seeds about a deal with him….

am i missing anything with those two? wow….

MU Tigers

It’s a wicked web we weave…

This whole season has been this way. We’ve had in this one season as many alliances as it would take 3-4 seasons to make. And I am glad it’s been this way, after what I consider the worst season of BB that I have seen last year, the fans needed this. But let me add to that comment, I have only seen seasons 6 through present season. I can’t comment on 1-5, though I have heard there is no reason to watch the first season. BB14 has been a rollercoaster ride so far, and I love it.

The Real TMZ

Did you mention the final two deal he has with Frank? Like that will last….NOT!

Wheres Danielles dress??

Im so confused!!! Are they voting for brit? wheres franks loytalty!?!?


Frank’s loyalty is with his dream, and they’re shittin on it…. pissin on it too, his dream is soiled

Brit's Giant Mug O' Coffee

LOL..that actually made me do a spit take with my coffee!!


just get on danielle’s body…just in case!!!

Danielle's Dress

Hey there!!! Nice of you to ask about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I’m right here………….in Britneys packed bag and will soon be on my way to Tulsa with my new owner…..I just know she’s going to sit around all day drinking 64 ounce glasses of coffee and eating Bon Bons for the next 6 weeks and pout…..Britney will be able to fit into me in no time

Roll Tide y’all

Voices Inside Britney's Husbands Head

For the love of all that is holy, keep Britney in the house. So many think she’s so funny, well its not as funny when her venom is directed at you. If she comes home without the money, the mental abuse againist me will start all over again. I will become a broken shell of a man again, please lord, let her stay in the house and win the money.

Britney's Queef Box

You better not be banging those skanks…..I just know you are

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Hmmh, Britney needs to tell the voices in her husbands head to STFU. He can be next right after the Zingbot. (evil laughter) Shane better vote for me. Don’t call me fat y’all, k?

PS Hugs and kisses Trey


i don’t understand why everyone is kissing franks ass even if hes mad you vote brit to stay he can’t win hoh to do anything about it. Then if they put him up and he wins veto he still can’t win hoh and come after them.


I kind of hope that Danielle wins HOH just for the conversation with Dan afterwards.

“OK, so we put up Ian and Joe, then hope we can backdoor Frank, right?” Danielle asks.
“Yeah about that…”
“Oh God, what?”
“Well if we backdoor Frank, he’s going to tell the house that my deal with him to evict Britney was predicated on you agreeing to betray her, Shane, and Ian. They might target you next week if they think you turned on them and Jenn will be furious that you turned on her and Frank. It could be us against the rest of the house”
“I hadn’t even thought of that, Lieutenant Dan…uh..I mean Dan. Life really is like a box of chocolates, isn’t it?” Danielle says.

Then if Dan wins HOH next week and tells her they’re targeting Shane instead of Frank will be fun. This is when Fragile Danielle is revealed as Evil Danielle even more. She will cry and cry and make it all about her…then vote Shane out…


I think Dan still thinks to some degree of Danielle as his “player” so the farther she goes in the game the better it reflects on him. If he and Danielle were final 2, he’d not only have the best record in BB history, he would have been the most successful coach in the game.


So much game talk and the feeds are going to cut soon.


i always love shane but my gosh he voted for jojo why cant he vote for britney …. i dont love shane anymore i change that love to like i just like him now when danille choose dan over him i will love it …. shane claims he needs the money why would he keep danille over britney only because she can win competitions …..

ian is a next fool talking bout he will throw the hoh to danille who is she going to put up the same people who voted to keep her… ian needs to stay in this endurance comp until he cant take the pain any longer


Don’t care which one leaves but definitely want Dan to win. He deserves it for all the crap he has had to endure being blamed for everything and for Boogie and Frank and Britney being so hateful to him and saying such awful things like sexually assaulting Dan’s wife and how horrible a person he is. Those big ole babies sold Dan out and got mad because he figured out a way to save himself. Dan deserves to be the first BB player to win this game twice. Frank is just such a disgusting individual and hope he goes home next!!!


During the season he is “taking the BLAME for everything” that went on. During the finale he will be “taking CREDIT for everything” that went on.


Thus,allowing Dan to become the first person to ever win the game twice.Lol.Go Dan!


Oh ok you want Bigbrother to give Dan one million dollars…when britt could ould use some of that… remember he already won before.. thats kinda greedy..


WE have just informed the houseguests that some players should not play to win the $500K. We feel that it may interfere with Frank, Shane and Danielle reaching the Final 3 and it is just plain greedy.

Are you nuts

Greedy? Why do people say Dan shouldn’t win because he won before? That’s stupid. So you are saying He should be penalized because he was good enough to win before? Again. Stupid.

I would love to see Dan win it. Getting himself removed from the block this week was genius.

And if he manages to make it to the final two I think he deserves to win more than anyone. After all, the house guests have insight into Dan’s game play. If he wins in spite of them having this knowledge he certainly deserves the money.


@BBstar. I want which ever house guets that played the best game to be crowned the winner of this season.Dan won this game already with all 7 jury members voting for him to win.But if Dan plays the best game this season(as of now me and tons of other people on the BB sites think after what Dan pulled off this week.He has a huge chance to win this season.If he’s in the final 2)he should win the game again.I don’t hold the opinion of some people,who actually think that a player that’s played or won this game shouldn’t be able to win again.The jury should give the win to the person with the inferior game.All because that person has never won before.That’s like saying just because Meryl Streep gave the best performance.She shouldn’t get the Oscar,because she already won one before.Lol.That’s foolish.Who does the best job should be made the winner.It’s that simple.


Ugh Britney just needs to sit down with Shane alone and explain to him that Danielle has and will always pick Dan over Shane or anyone else and that Brit has had Shane’s back from day 1 so she deserves his vote….. And if he truly wants Dani to stay and Brit knows this then she should just ask for his vote for respect and then secretly tell Joe without Shane knowing lol


Britney has done nothing but make sure Shane keeps her riddin his coattails, same with Boogie with Frank, their plan was to ride their coattails til they have a chance to cut them loose and win the 500k… Shane realized this, not sure baout Frank, but still , britney can’t help shane’s game she never has, he had to keep winning to stay safe


It looks like they’re trying to decide of whether to stay with the house or go to trivia. There’s a lot of game talk still going on.


“Shane says that we made that deal with Frank up in the HOH so if we keep Britney he is going to be mad”

Fuck Frank, why these dudes scared of Frank? if he don’t win he’s gone nobody likes him, his social game been shit since day 1


Amen, bruthah.


Joe needs to listen to his gut and convince clueless Shane to keep Brit. I can’t believe the amount of stupid in thise house. Guess I should give Shane a break since he’s never watched the show before, but still.


So Danielle is working with Frank?


Frank can be stopped, just WIN before he does, simple he knows he can’t win forever, EVERYONE slips up at some point in this game, and that’s usually their demise..


LMAO at Danielles reasoning for Shane not liking Frank!! I wish they gave her that edit on the real show, to show people what a creepy delusional she is, instead they’re making her out to be this sweet young girl being taken care of by her love Shane and bff Dan. Ugh.


Haha I am glad someone caught that… Forget game play Danielle is cray… SHANE DOESNT LIKE YOU!!!


I think if anything Shane was trying to hold in his excitement to jump for joy that maybe someone else would be the one needing the restraining order against Danielle once the show is over


This will be the day that Shane will regret when the show’s over. Dan’s whole plan hinged on the fact that Shane is a moron. Luckily for Dan….he is. I thought this would blow up in Danielle’s face, and I really wanted it to. But Brittany took too long to start getting votes. It’s a bummer. Go Ian!!


Who is Shane being truthful with? Was he sincere with Dan about forming a final three with him/Dan/Dani? Or would he want to stick with Joe and take someone else to the final three? It would be smarter for Shane to work with Joe to get to the final three but Shane plays with his heart at times so its plausiblehw wants to work with Dan/Dani still? Which side is Shane truly on? Dawg, you got any idea?


” Frank says yeah tell him that, as long as you do it, I am fine with it. ”

Did this fool just say, he’s fine with being put up? *face palm*


@IllWILL. Lol.Yes,that fool(Frank)did say that.This is why I think next week will be the perfect oppourtunity to evict Frank.He actually feels safe with everyone,but Ian.A few people have been saying that Dan&Danielle can’t target Frank,because he will tell everyone how they played the house.But,all Dan&Danielle have to do is tell everyone why they did what they did,before Frank gets the chance to do it.Nothing Frank says will change the fact that he’s a threat to everyone’s game.There’s no way,if those players were given a chance to finally get rid of Frank,they will turn it down.But I guess Frank fans are trying to think of anything so they aren’t worried about Frank being evicted next Thursday.They’re even trying to act like what Dan pulled off this week was no big deal and it was in Frank’s best interest to do what Dan wanted.Lol.I’m happy the majority of the bloggers&comments on the BB sites aren’t in denial.They’ve made it clear,what Dan pulled off was the best move of the season.Dan is a mastermind.


It was more in the context of Frank saying he’s OK with what Dan’s saying about him to ian and telling Ian what he wants to hear so Ian is more at ease, not Frank actually going up.


seems like Dan is using Boogie and Will’s method of making many little side alliances. Gotta give it to him he pulled a rabbit outta his hat this week.


Just looked at my tv guide and saw that BB won’t be on tonight because of football. I am soooo upset!!!! Anyone know how I can watch it on the computer? Please help!!


Just seen that on my tv. Not happy at all!!!


They might put tonight’s show on a sister channel if they have one in your area. That’s what they are doing here on the east coast (US).


production rigged it

i swear watching joe and shane trying to talk game is like watching dumb and dumber, shane says but if we keep britney frank will be mad at us, joe says but he can’t play in hoh, shane says dan tried to get him to throw the hoh, joe says we can trust frank but i don’t trust dan and i’m afraid danielle will go back to dan, ok if all of this is the case then why not vote danielle out then you stupid morons if you don’t know if you can trust them or not, also shane said britney lied to his face about a final 2 with ian, has he forgot about all the deals he has made not to mention does he really think frank has forgot about the 2 times he put him on the block, it’s amazing these two can walk and talk at the same time just amazing!!

production rigged it

danielle has alot of nerve complaining to dan that britney just lied to her face about not campaigning against her and she’s be lying to britney all week what a delusional piece of work, i feel sorry for whoever ends up with her what a catch she is.(insert saracasm here)

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

(Stares at you like the Zingbot) I wouldn’t say such things if I were you…


insertion here,do you need me??hahahahahahah


The difference of making the pitch that Dan knows how to appeal to every single person (funeral- resurrection style, as not only a motive but a time, a span of time-correct). Brit knows how to deliver the facts out of context to benefit the listener, but she doesn’t read obvious signs of her demise as “her hands in all the cookie jars”. She has to make it clear how she stands to every single person first, and come up with a workable plan, and not whishy-whashy as she does as how she go after Frank, who is in somewhat agreement with Dan – she doesn’t need to be bright to realize it). And Ian call out to a moral obligation (in priority of his list, but disregards the point that QP gave up on Dan, even more they made it difficult for him to survive, and now he should feel obligated to them? lol.


I think that Ian,Dan, & Joe doesn’t know that Frank,Shane & Danielle will go to the Final 3! Beside, Frank is not going no where. The only Ian is going to is the Jury House. Ian is not a underdog. Frank is! Frank all the way.


No ones a under dog theres 4floaters including Dan and the other people actually make moves to get people out and if Frank was really smart he would make Make an alliance with Ian


We just let the rest of the houseguests know that Frank, Shane & Danielle will be in the final 3. We felt that it wasn’t fair that they did not know that. NOw they can adjust their strategies so that they will be evicted in proper sequence.

Captain, please stop touching yourself.

Eric CA

This has got to be the biggest group of morons ever. Outside of Dan, Who no one can trust now, but seems to have all of their ears.

Shane has to be blind, if he can not see Dan and Danielle are still working together.
Frank just needs some sunshine thrown up his butt and be told he is the greatest player in the house and he is anybody’s
Brittney is about to be treated like Janelle, oh yeah, we will keep you in the house.
Everybody seems to be afraid of the wrath of a guy who can not compete in two HoH’s

Come on wake the hell up it is 500k, that is supposed to be yours to take and not give.
By the way with this post I have lost all respect for Shane. It is strange when the little geek guy has the biggest balls in the house.


I hope Joe doesn’t win all he does is float and jump on the band wagon to anyone who’s in power they need to grow a pair keep Brit and go after Frank


Britney Must go and next, Joe needs to Go! … Joe just walks around getting into people’s business to see where he might Tag along!

The Real TMZ

Dude,Joe has needed to go since his first DR sesh aired


Wake up Britney!

If Danielle is dead to Dan, then why is he letting her stay in the game?? Think!


I know – why can’t ANYBODY figure that one out? It’s so frustrating as a viewer to watch these “dumb as rocks” players make stupid decisions. It’s not rocket science… geez!

Danielle is going to end up winning this game!


Are you watching this game at alllllll


Britney is done now no matter what she does.I hope no one is going to be sitting in suspense tonight while the votes are cast because its obvious its going to be a 4-1 eviction of Britney


Awwww Brit! Too bad Shane is too dumb to see that Dani is the weak link. Danielle was the first to out Ian and the QP last week to Jenn. If you vote out Brit, I don’t see how you can win the game. I wanted to pull for you, but this is just stupid! Keep Brit in the game and you have Ian and Brit gunning for Frank. Take her out, and you will be next out unless you win HOH and or POV’s from now on. Even Joe sees that if Brit stays, she forms a voting block of 4 ( Joe, Shane, Brit and Ian) against Dan, Jenn and Frank, who can’t play for HOH for 2 weeks! Shane, you still have a few hours to figure out that Dani and Dan are playing you! I am gonna miss Brit. She was never going to win the game, but damn she is cute and one of the only fun things on the feeds. I would much rather see Brit than that self centred psycho Danielle! The only good outcome at this point would be if Ian wins HOH tonight. Luv ya, Brit! You may not be the best player ever, but you made your season watchable and I enjoyed you this time around too!


Exactly! Shane is the dumbest guy ever. He doesn’t even want a relationship with Danielle, yet he’s going to keep crazy stalker???? Doesn’t anyone wonder “Oh, if Dan and Danielle hate each other so much WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS IN THE ARCADE ROOM TOGETHER??????”
If Brit goes tonight, I am team FRANK all the way! He deserves to win, since Shane is a moron, Danielle is a psycho, Dan is an ass.




I am a little surprised that everyone finds Britney so humorous.Besides her goodbye speech to boogie i haven’t found her entertaining at all this season or in season 12,but maybe i just have a different since of humor because boogie had me rollin on a reg


Tosh.0 fan? Yeah, I thought so. He’s about as funny as a puppy getting hit by a car. Have a nice day.


I guess so tosh.0 is hilarious

Cajun Lady

I hope Dan and Frank make it to the final two. Both are great players, each in their own way. Frank has had to fight just to stay in this game the whole way through so he is the underdog, and Dan’s game play was masterful during his funeral and the deal he struck with Frank to keep himself in the house. I hope Brit goes home tonight followed by Ian.


I tend to think this is Dan’s plan (he’s in a bit of a corner until Ian and Shane follow Britney to the jury, so the alliance with Frank is still a necessity) and once he gets Ian and Shane evicted it will become Franks plan as well. Once Frank trusts him, the loyalty he showed Boogie will go to Dan.

And most importantly, I think they will both come to see each other as the ideal candidate to face at the end.

Frank can argue that he was targeted from Day 1 and survived it all to make it to the end, losing his closest ally and aligning with his biggest enemy, all to make it to the very end.

Dan can say he formed an alliance that ran the house for the first half of the season and unfortunately had to turn on them to survive (since he got off the block he’s been working Britney for her vote, so he knows how to work the apology aspect), then he turned the guy who wanted him out at all cost into his biggest ally. I suspect Dan will make a nice run here in the competitions to bolster his resume as well.

I think how it shakes out is dependent on how much the jury continues to hate Frank once they’re removed from the house and if they can appreciate his perseverance versus does the jury hate Dan for tossing them under the bus, after they did so much heavy lifting for him, or can the see the brilliance of sitting back, striking out when he had no options and working hard to get to the end.

Although maybe it’s all wishful thinking on my part since in my mind they are far and away the most deserving of victory.

Roisin Dubh

I knew she was gonna wait till thelast day to try and get votes. The tears didn’t work so now she’s going full throttle, just a couple of problems though, everyone knows you lied and Ian is your albatross


Why is joe even trying right now? Why is he even floating back and forth. He’s not in any trouble of going home. He knows mostl likely most of the people are going to take him to the final 3 and probably final 2 as well. Why risk that by getting caught in a lie. All he needs to do is sit back. Throw the comps and enjoy the next 3 weeks. He can literally sit there and not say another word and he will make it to the final 3. It makes me sick that this guy may get 2nd place. This is why I’m kind of rooting for frank to go home. Then jenn. Then hopefully it works out where joe is on the block and Ian is not and they vote joe out. Then Dan gets Ian out and the Dan goes to the finals with Danielle. Dan wants to go with joe I think because it’s a definetly win. I just hope that doesn’t happen.