Big Brother 14 Live Eviction and HOH Results Britney Vs. Danielle

Speculated Vote results
Britney goes home

Tonight on the live feeds
Not sure what is going to happen tonight. If the right person wins HOH we are in for one hell of a weekend. Also keep in mind there are too many people in the house for the amount of time remaining in the season. I believe there is still one double eviction type scenario planned and probably soon.
Endurance on the live feeds?
It has been speculated that tonight’s Head of Household competition will be an endurance. If that is the case expect it to play out tonight on the internet Live Feeds.

Actual Votes

Joe Votes to Evict Britney
Dan Votes to Evict Britney
Ian Votes to Evict Danielle
Jenn Votes to Evict Britney
Shane Votes to Evict Britney

Britney is evicted from the Big Brother House

HOH winner is IAN

Joe is the first one out

Jenn Out
Double eviction next Thursday

7:06pm Cam 1-4 Feeds on Trivia
They should be back in the next 15 minutes.

7:10pm Cam 1-4 HOH
Still in it

7:27pm Cam 1-4
Danielle out “I’m about to puke”

Dan: “I’m sorry Chelsea”

(POP a squat Frank)

7:35pm HOH
Ian and Shane left in the comp

7:46pm HOH Comp
Shane and Ian are still in it..
Shane: “You going to put me up?”
Ian: “I’m thinking”
Shane laughs: “You THINKING about it?”
7:53pm HOH
Joe says he lasted for 21 seconds.. He’s guessing they will last 3 hours 21 minutes..

8:05pm Shane and Ian still in it

8:22pm HOH Comp still going

8:38pm They are still in it.. hard to say who is doing better. Shane looks a little fatigued but Ian smashing into the meteor is taking it’s toll.

8:47pm Deal Time

Ian and Shane alone on the HOH Competition

Shane: “You want this”
Ian: “Ya you and dani are not going up No Nomination no backdooring… “
Shane: “QP DUDE”
Ian: “You and Dani are Safe NO BACKDOORS”


Ian: “GOOD I get to use that Nomination Speech I worked out”

9:00pm Kitchen Carrot Top Alliance Jenn is freaking out she thinks she’ll go on the block with Frank. Joe tells her that it will OK Dan is going up and they have the votes to keep her. Frank is confident tells her to hold tight the can get the POV they have the numbers.

*Joe’s punishment is lame.. he has to hoola hoop when he hears music play..

9:12pm Cam 3-4 Bathroom Shane shower and Danielle in the bathroom

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It will be some good tv if Ian wins HOH!


That would be epic. I have no clue how the house would fall if Ian wins HOH

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

There was a rumor going around the house that I was going to be bottom dog this week.

But it looks like the BB Dog is sicking here a little bit longer.

I took out Boogie, can I yake out Frank?


That’s what I’m thinking will happen. Everyone seems to be against him that it makes sense that he’ll pull out an HOH and shake things up a lot. Either that, or Dan/Danielle will win and try to get out Frank.


I so hope Ian wins hoh tonight too….I also hope that if britt is evicted that Julie tells her about Danielle and how she has been lying to her all that Brittany can alt least have the truth.

good luck britt.


I am sure that Britney realized something was up when Danielle showed up for the live eviction in those short shorts instead of dressing up like Janelle, Boogie & Britney did…

What Britney did not realize is that there were 2 Judas’ in the BB House….lying & working together….Dan/Danielle….

Danielle is such a fake and so patheic….and yes…she has gained a lot of weight during BB & she really could not afford to do that!!!!

I am sure that Shane will be so glad when this is all over & he can get that restrainting order!!!!

Frank is a loud mouth bully just like his father…..

Will miss you Brit!!! Probably won’t be watching much anymore this season….and probably not other seasons….BB Production sucks!!!!


Bye Bye then!! Britney’s GONE, get over it, LOL!!


Britney is an immature loser. WHINE WHINE WHINE WHINE COMMENT WHINE WHINE. Good riddance.


I thought she went out with class. I am going to miss her. The feeds are just not the same with her. As Brit said a few weeks ago, “This is the only place where my negativity is appreciated”. She looked so cute in her pink dress. Now it’s time for the revenge of the nerd! Open season on carrots!


Julie won’t be able to tell her what Danielle did because she will be going to the jury


No she won’t cos Britney goes to jury. It’ll be hush hush. And let’s just be clear, everyone lies and everyone backstabs. Britney is no different. Shane and Danielle owe her nothing. Britney just got outwitted and outplayed by better players. She’s not smart or good at this game. She was back cos others said no. She’s an alternate. All she’s good for is funny scripted multiple take DRs and little bikinis. Now she can go tan and bitch in the jury house.


Brit had no one to blame but herself. I like her but she is an average social player and a weak comp player.


That would be by far the best TV. Therefore, it probably will happen.


Ian won!!! Woo hoo!!!


Did he really?


Oh my God. The worst. Just. Happened.
Frank’s done.


Did they take out the PoV competition or something? Correct me if I’m wrong but I think Frank may have one a couple of those?


Well, Frank will need to win just about everything right to the end. If he does, he deserves the 1/2 mil. I don’t believe anyone left thinks they will win next to Frank.


He will be choked! Why are you obsess with Ian. He ain’t the underdog!


Simon do you have any idea if we are going to be able to watch bb Canada here? or if showtime will show a canada bbad?


Is there anyway to watch the show live somewhere online? Looks like I will be stuck watching Preseason Football instead on my CBS channel :(


There was a notice yesterday about it showing on a different station but I was too into the show to pay attention.

This sucks :/


I’ll be watching it here tonight.

Stupid football!

Carol & Steve

it will be probably be shown around 130am on your local CBS channel – check your guide. Just beware that it may start late so if you record it allow for about anothe 15-20 min to make sure you don’t miss the end.


Simon has shared with us that you can watch it at

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

in my area of NY it is being broadcast on channel WLNYH. It is channel 10 on my Tv.


On my tv, i have dish network, football was on of course, but Big Brother comes on at 1:30am if you want to stay up that late or tape it.

Smell My Pitts

You need east coast and west coast channels, maybe even dallas channels. Direct tv has that option, thats what we have :)


I’m gonna miss brit, but maybe she’ll have a restful vacation by the pool with ash…


I hope Brit goes and Danielle wins HOH.

Head of Household

Gonna be the other way around.


Hate football cant watch tonight show because of dumb football will have to find out what happens on this spoiler page

BB Pathetic season

Watch live show 6pm est @
on computer


I’m in NY and football is going to be on tonight.

Does anyone know where I can watch the show when it comes on?

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

Channel 10 WLNYH,


Powerhouse all the way


Joe, I want him to be the surprise of the season.
Shane definitely not, I’ve never heard him talk game plus he will put up my man Frank, so no
Jenn, she’s my number one pick for HOH
IAN, bottom of the list
Danielle, meh

Drama wise for me I’d say Joe but seeing as it’s impossible let Jenn win this


i think the drama will center around frank this next three days. please tell me whoever wins tonight will nominate frank!!! frank will be stuck like glue to the lucky person.

personally…i hope ian wins. one reason is we all know when he gets a little power…it goes straight to his head!!! after wathing shane the last week on the feeds…i dont think he has a clue, less he’s playing stoopid. danielle will just do whatever dan wants. joe? god help us all if he wins!!! and then their is the ghost…if she wins i could possibly see danielle up in hoh giving back rubs to keep dan off the block. i can just hear dan yelling at her now…”i need you to go upstairs danielle…do whatever it takes to keep me safe” cut to danielle crying as she assends the stairs…then knocking on ghost’s hoh door. orange dress and high heels!!!


Hoping Dan wins. After the awesome stunt he pulled this week; I would love to see what else he would do to shake up the house. Go Dan!!!!


IF Joe wins tonight, can we restore his POWERHOUSE privileges?


LOL. What exactly IS best for Joe’s game? Does he even know what his strategy is? At this point, he’s playing for second place no matter what he does.


I think Joe is sitting good if he can get on Ian’s good side this week. Dan wants him to be his Jerry. Danielle barely knows he’s there, except at dinner time, Frank thinks he’s the perfect goat to take to the end, Jenn likes him, they talk a lot, and Shane + Joe = Powerhouse. The only way Joe goes up is if one of Ian’s nominees wins POV. My guess is that Dan and Frank will go up.


I’d say Ian would bring the most drama. Dan and Shane would probably both just put up Joe and Ian with the intent to backdoor Frank. That’s my guess.


well, looking at the pic above me…im voting for brit to stay!!! woaw chick a wow wow

Eagle Eye Play Toy

Joe will take tonight HOH …. mark my words. You will allllllll look like idiots when joe wins BB14


It would be nice to see what power moves Joe will make if he ever gets HOH.


I want Danielle to get to the end of this game. If all fails, then I want Dan to win.. if that fails I hope Jenn and Joe make the final 2.


With so many alliances, hidden alliances, and fake alliances, I think there will be lots of drama no matter who wins. Hope we don’t get a recycled endurance comp. We haven’t seen merry-go-round, or hang and bang into stuff yet, and I hope it stays that way. Bring back the BB6 Pressure Cooker!!!!

Bye Bye Bitter Britney

I’m kind of hoping someone wins HOH who has not won before.

Dan, Jenn, or Powerhouse Joe…that would be interesting.

Everyone always acts differently once that power is in their hands. In any case, it should be good.

Adios to Face Picker Britney! Get to that jury house!


Dan not going to put up Frank or backdoor him. Frank is the only person he can beat in the end since the house jury HATES Frank.


I don”t think so. Dan told Danielle that they are going to roll with Frank until they can get rid of him. Dan has no intention of taking Frank that far, which is why I think Frank’s HOH was wasted on Britney. His REAL enemy is still in the house.


After witnessing the miracle that Dan pulled on Wed. episode, If Dan makes it to the end and wins, he has to go down as the greatest player to ever play this game. I’m not a big Dan fan but i gotta give respect where its due. Stil pulling for my boy Frank repping the University of Memphis with the t-shirts. Its just unfortunate that you are in the position of having to win every challenge in order to move on. History shows that eventually your luck will run out.


I don’t know, I mean I keep hearing that Dan is the greatest player and I gotta agree this week he was fantastic and gave us some good TV, but when I was watching him in his season I was like ‘meh’, though I loved it when he refudes to be Ollie’s puppet after he struck an HOH deal with him. I never really felt he was this genius. Am I alone in this?

Now when I watched Danielle (bb3) and the infamous Dr Will, I was like damn they’re good.

Count Boogula

Completely agree with you.


Dans social game was amazing his season thats why hes the only player to ever win 7-0 and hes a strategic mastermind matt hoffman even tweeted dont feel bad brit you got taken out by the greatest player ever or something like that


Completely, 100% agree with you! Dan is overrated and was only able to pull that “genius” move off because he’s playing with a bunch of stupid people. Dr. Will is the real genius!!!

Danielle's Ex-Husband

shane and danielle need to throw hoh to ian if they are in a position to do so. Somehow they’ve managed to get off people’s radar mostly and they need to keep it that way by keeping ian in the house to do their dirty work.

R 9

Here in Northern Jersey, you can watch BB on WLNY which is CBS’s sister station at 9pm.

R 9

I think WLNY is also known as TV55 even though the channel it comes on my TV here in Northern Jersey is #85.

MU Tigers

Regardless of who goes home tonight, it still amazes me how much Frank and Jenn put themselves through to get Dan out, only to end up saving him and getting out either Britney or Danielle. Dan misted the HOH and put himself in a good position for the end game. Great week for Dan.


Does anyone know what time the feed come back on. Is it after the west coast airing?


I hope Dan or Ian win’s HOH also, the only chance the drama will be good…..


I really wish they would both go home. They both get under my skin equally. Brittany with her fake acting (ifyou didn’t make it as an actress after the first BB you were on I don’t really think it’s going to happen) and Danielle with her I’m going to lie about being a nurse but comment on EVERY conversation that has to do with medication.

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Britney in the pink bikini–wowzers!!!


in the Pittsburgh area BB is on the WPCW station which is a sister channel just search your local listing’s I think it is the CW station

Amy N

I would love for Dan to win HoH. Personally very few people get on my nerves on this show but I am kind of tired of people boo hooing about how he lied to me blah blah blah, okay once is enough, move on, get a clue or get voted out! I’m kind of hoping for a final three of Dan, Frank and Ashley. Sorry Ian’s ego is way too big for his big boy pants.


My thoughts are that the next pandora’s box will bring back the coach twist and any coach left in the game will only be a coach not able to win the 500,000. So even if dan is in it he will not win. Just a guess!


dan better win this hoh, or danielle, or else frank be going home

Mike Boogie's Ghost

Wow, Ian, just lost it lol…


Got my fingers, toes and testes crossed hoping that Britchney gets voted out tonight!

Jen W

What did Julie just say? I don’t have a DVR & I missed it!!!!!


I honestly don’t understand how Dan’s move is considered one of the best moves ever- only if Jenn thought Dan might have lied to get off the block and still chose to take him off would it be considered that good. Am I missing something? :-\

Also, I’m sure America will choose the Punishment for the poll, and since it’s endurance it doesn’t look good for Joe or ?.


Simon, you have “Joe votes to evict” listed twice.


everybody if you want the entertainment vote #bbpunish


like voting actually matters. please, this decision is already made up by production.


already voted, can’t wait to see which remaining hg gets the punishment, maybe jenn or joe…


If you have Directv in New York it is on channel 55.


Biggest Idiot is definitely Frank

Britney is a two time Idiot …BRAGADE YO

Jen W

Julie just said “pressure cooker”…is that a hint????


I hope!!!!!

Jen W

Hope that Julie doesn’t tell them before the comp!!


If Britney stays things will get real boring, Quack Pack will be back and dominate the house. Britchney will go back to playing an obscure role and influencing Shane and Ian behind the scenes by riding their coattails. If Britcheny doesn’t get evicted tonight i will stop watching BB and visiting this website.


Oh, the first evicted and sent for jury will be Brit or Danielle and they want to punish those girls, come on America we are idiots if they get punished, they have had to smell Frank all summer and eat Joe’s food.

Ian's squeeky hammock

Did production tell Brit she is going? She’s all dressed up and Danielle is dressed casual, like for a comp?

Jen W

OMG can you believe they just showed what Meow Meow said about Danielle???? Grenades! Yo!


Hayden looks so much different, he’s the one who has changed the most! Maybe Danielle won’t like him when she gets out.

Jen W

Not after she hears what Matt & Enzo said while Hayden laughed!!! LOL


Did anybody find out why all of Frank’s knuckles on his left hand have fresh scabs?


LMFAO @ Amy Fisher ….. That’s the other person I was thinkin of for an Image , but fatal attraction was better for Dani


That was horrible Britney


britney=2 to 1 to go


Shanes an F-ing moron! WRITE THE CHECK FOR FRANK!


Fricken yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BYE BYE BRITNEY!!! The bitch is gone, YES!!!!!


YES!!!! No more Britney, thank God!!!