Jeff 3 Big BRother 13

POV WINNER is Brenchel, Brendon: “At least if we get rid of Keith this week us guys can feel better about our abs”

8:20pm HOH Jeff, Brendon and Rachel Brendon and Rachel win POV. They briefly talk about the competition having to do with spelling/puzzle to spell the words VETO. Jeff comments that Brenchel completely blew the other teams away with it, “Dude you killed it Dude we didn’t even get one thing…dude”. Rachel and Brendon are talking about whether or not they should they should use the POV and seem pretty convinced that they won’t use it. They start talking about the comps they need to study for, Brenchel goes to town calculating volumes and converting oz to litres etc etc.. Jeff gazes into space. Brendon says that his head is hot jeff: “you gotta do twice the work as me”….

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