Big Brother 15 POV Results “You had the fire in your eyes I could see it”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


Elissa wins the Veto
8:47pm bathroom Elissa, Andy and Helen

Helen tells Elissa she’s really proud of her she did an amazing job. Andy says the competitions where you have to run and find sh!t is where Elissa excels.
Andy: “You had the fire in your eyes I could see it”


8:53pm bathroom Helen and Elissa
Helen jumping up and down. Asks Elssia if she comes off the block will she have her vote. Elissa: ‘Ya”
Helen: “Amazing.. Amazing .. Amazing.. Don;’g gloat.. you can gloat in Diary and you can gloat to me.. Oh my god it;’s so amazing.. I love that comp”
Helen tells her that Aaryn hates that comp and Elissa won it..

Power of Veto competition was OTEV

9:00pm Helen and McCrae
Helen asks him how Amanda is doing. MC says she’s fine she’s happy.
Helen: “she going to vote Spencer out right”
MC: ‘Ya.. this is the best thing that could have happened”

Helen asks him if they are good.
McCrae: “Super good.. This is the best thing“
Helen reminds him if Spencer goes it means theres only GM Aaryn against them 4.

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Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

9:05pm HOH Amanda, Andy with Aaryn in the shower

Andy says he’s been doing a lot of big alliance talk in the DR about the 3am alliance. Amanda says the same for her. They agree they have a solid chance at the final 4 as long as nobody goes JUDD on them.

Andy says he will be heartbroken when Helen leaves because she honestly thinks she’s staying and Spencer will go home. Andy: “She thinks she has mine and McCrae’s vote “

Andy: “It needs to be Helen, Elissa and Spencer in that order”
Amanda: “I think you are right”

Amanda: “Oh Helen told McCrae today that i’m keeping you (Aaryn) here because I want you to get out McCrae.. she told McCrae that.”
Andy: “Did you hear Elissa told Spencer to throw it (POV).. Helen thinks for sure Spencer is the target”
Amnad: “Good let her think that.. I’m not talking any more game this week it’s done”
Andy: ‘She thinks she’s staying”
Aaryn: “How does she know that “
Amanda mentions the 3 person alliance; Andy, McCrae and Helen.
Aaryn: “how could you believe that the alliance is real”
Andy: “She was genuinely excited that Elissa had won”

Spencer rolls in. They tell Spencer he did awesome in the competition.
Aaryn tells him she is going to put him up but he’s staying. She explains that Amanda and Andy will vote Helen out and she can control Ginamarie’s vote. Andy and Amanda are in the room and confirm they will vote out Helen.
Andy:’ Honestly you are safer this week than last week”
Spencer: “I’m glad to go up as a pawn.. it’s absolutely totally understood”
Aaryn: “Amanda.. if Elissa wins HOH who is she putting up.. me and GM”
Amanda: “No you are too strong”
Aaryn: “So Gm and Spencer”
Amanda:” I dunno I haven’t talked to her”
Spencer: “She’s not going to win HOH.. f*** her she will be so rattled that helen left.. I am going to be rattling her.. I’ll tell her i’m going to Canada to eat her f*** children .. she’s not going to win it.. “

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For like 20 minutes until after she wins the competition to get back into the game.


As Much as I hate Helen, I hate Amanda and Aaryn even more. So as sad as it is, she would be the best to come back in the game and have a real chance of taking out Amanda or Aaryn. Especially since Aaryn wont be able to compete. Judd will crawl back in Mcrandas butt, Candace will never win an HOH, Jessie will fall victim to Andy. I just want the pleasure of Helen feeling like an idiot, getting evicted then she may come back and hopefully kick ass.


If Helen comes back in, she would cause chaos, because now she would know not to trust McCrea, Andy, and Aaryn and she will realize that McCrea and Andy were lying to her the whole time about their three person alliance and were in fact loyal to Amanda. Helen would know for sure to gun for Amanda and McCrea.

If Jessie comes back in, she would gun for Amanda and McCrea.

If Candice comes back in, she would rattle Aaryn and GinaMarie and would throw off their game, but would likely not stay in the house too long since she likely will not win any comps.

If Judd comes back in, who knows? He could try to be loyal to Amanda, McCrea, and Andy again thinking that Helen was the only one responsible for his eviction. Or he could go rogue and decide to just play the game for himself this time.

I have a feeling that the next HOH will be an endurance comp, in which case I think Jessie might be able to perform pretty well should she return. Whichever evicted houseguest returns should be pumped with adrenaline; since they will have a hard time trusting anyone, it would be stupid for them to drop for a deal for safety. Let’s hope these evicted houseguests have gained some brains after some time of reflection while in sequester…


Yes, BUT, the reason why aMANduh has been so successful at getting rid of who SHE wants out is because she goes to the people being evicted and lies straight to their faces, tells them what they want to hear, trying to get in their good graces prior to leaving by placing ALL of the blame on every HOH, that it was their decision and she (they) are only respecting it. She’s a lying, sneaky conniving b*tch. And whoever comes back in only looks at those who were HOH responsible for their demise.
I seriously am very happy of this twist because it will show aMANduh’s card soon by getting rid of Helen first and IF Helen happens to be the juror coming back, she will both guns blazing especially if this coming week or the next is double eviction.

Jessie Kowalski

Jessie knows Andy was against her.


NO NO NOOOOOO WAYYY do I want Helen to re-enter the house!!! So she plays a wretched game by selling out her “so-called” friends to appease onion-poon’d Amanda & people actually want her to have another chance at winning the big money?? Helll Noooo…Let her benidict arnold behind stay in the jury house and reflect on her own stupidity. Jesse would be the best bet to re-enter the house and possibly take out Amanda!! Go Jesse!!


So right. I kinda want Helen to come back as the looks on Amanda, Aaryn, McCrae and Andy’s face will be priceless. Elissa and Helen might be the underdogs against the house, but I guarantee one of them will win the next HOH and shake this house to the core finally as they’ll know they can’t trust anyone, but each other. Judd should not come back, he won’t do anything. So if Helen doesn’t make it back in, Candace or Jessie hopefully will. Candace should target Aaryn and Amanda, not Gina Marie; she’ll get what’s coming to her. Jessie will definitely go after Amanda and McCrae and maybe even Aaryn. All I know whoever comes back is fighting like hell for HOH so the other houseguests should be scared as ****. It only took 8 weeks, but the cam is indeed about to change FINALLY!

Roisin Dubh

Helen ain’t coming back, if they stick to the plan and keep their mouths shut, she’s gonna be so rattled from the blindside her focus is shot when that comp happens. It’s either Jesse or Judd.


Agreed and that would be hilarious to see Amandas facial
Expressions. I have a feeling she is coming back like a blazing
Tornado cause by then she would have realized how she was
mislead by saboteur Rat Andy all along.. This is the time to make a deal
with Aryan and Gm as Helen is good in comps since Aryan
cannot play HOH next week. It is still early things could changed.

I says

Ideally Helen leaves but comes back in to win HOH. Hopefully with the understanding of who got her out!


To Hell Helen!


What’s absolutely mind-blowing to me is that Helen thinks McCrae is willing to cut Amanda loose and instead work with Helen.

Poor girl has no clue what’s happening.

It’s pretty hilarious.

Say What

Helen knows that McCrae’s relationship isn’t real. Amanda just got finished saying that she is still in love with her ex. Amanda gets to the final two and she can honestly say that she never won a comp but was responsible for everyone going home. However, I am not seeing the votes for her to win. Candice is solid no vote for Amanda. Jessie is a solid no vote for Amanda. Helen after this surprised eviction is a no vote for Amanda. That’s 3 votes already that Amanda will never get to win BB. Depending on who is sitting next to her, …ie McCrae or Andy. Judd and Spencer would be a no vote for her. Nope Amanda can reach the final two, but I don’t see how she can win it.


As much as I HATE Helen, I’m kind of hoping she comes back on Thursday. She’ll know she was blindsided, Aaryn’s HOH was useless, and an all out Amanda vs Helen war will happen

i agree

that would actually add excitement to this show if it was amanda vs. helen! i want amanda gone so bad…


Why does everyone hate Helen so much? I don’t get it.


Simply put..because she is stupid.
>She had a chance and the votes to get Amanda…she didn’t(not the right time), she hasn’t been able to sniff out Andy’s bullshit, and she really/seriously thinks McCrae is going to keep her over Amanda…

Like I said…she’s stupid!!!!


Maybe you missed observing her methods over the last 3 weeks. I saw nothing wrong with her when I first watched (came in late), but her two-faced over-confident scheming was revealed quickly. I especially hated her jumping for joy and telling people to turn their frown into a smile (who says that?) and then in the DR she tears a streak into them. Fake, fake, fake.

She controlled everyone’s vote telling them who she wanted out by painting stories about that person as being “dangerous” which they weren’t. She would check on the voters over and over again to ensure they were doing what she told them. They all got the feeling if they voted how they wanted that they’d be the target of her verbal daggers the next entire week if she found out who they were. Whenever someone wanted to dissent, they were painted as a rebel. Yet this game is about playing your own game. Rebels are allowed!

She also has a problem with handling the truth when it’s discovered. She resorts to running to dis people, throwing them under the bus to the others without them being present. Also in the DR she’ll put on a sad face, vote and then get all giddy. That’s just vindictive.


A war takes two sides. Amanda has already fired her shot. However, if you ask Helen, is it time to vote out Amanda? She will say not this week. Plus the last three evictions have all hurt Helen and not Amanda. Its not that everyone is scared of Amanda, its the votes that she has backing her. Helen was also protected by the votes backing her, but instead of using those votes to challenge Amanda. Helen loss her support. Jessie, was a Helen supporter. Candice was a Helen supporter. Judd was a Helen supporter and a friend of McCrae, but he never was close to Amanda. Ah Helen, you were never part of the mean girls, so there is no one there you can reach out for help.

Helen doesn’t even realize that she is heading home. However, this is how they wanted to send Jessie home, until she overheard them. Ah! Helen it’s going to be priceless to see your face on Thursday.


I wish Helen could figure out a way to stay too. Then with someone else coming back into the game, it’s bye-bye pizzaboy, Amanda and that rat Andy.


Helen now needs to win that jury competition. Helen exiting and coming right back, then winning HOH, would literally bring the house down. I want to see Andy, Mc Crae and Amanda squirm with Helen back in power.

Elissa fan

Yay yesssss I’m so happy she won good girl Elissa bye bye Helen. To Elissa go


ALL of these people are constant HATERS!
You can tell that they are like this with their friends
and coworkers. They spew so much negative talk
CONSTANTLY and always say things behind the
others backs. Aaryn is the worst…she always has a
scowl on her face that makes her ugly. Demanda is a
very close second with GM. Spencer and McCrae are
not much better. Then you have lovely Elissa and
Andy. Howard is genuinely nice and maybe David
could have been too. And look, not at all surprised,
Demanda’s fat gamey ass, onion smelling puss, smelly
underarms(all her words) is on the HOH BED AGAIN!!!!!
I definitely do not like her the most. Now they have me
being a hater on them because they are terrible human beings!

Ted Marie

Lol NOSNHOJ! So glad somebody else noticed how Amanda is constantly smelling her arm pits and then makes a nasty face from the smell of her pits smelling so awful. Then she will announce to all the house guests that she needs to go put on deodorant. Here’s a concept stinky girl- how about you just take a shower once in awhile. She has been doing this all season, so it’s not just because she doesn’t want to take a cold shower due to her being a have not. She is just nasty and now we all know we can add smelly to her list of foulness.

give me a break

Helen: Candice don’t know the game and Jessie either.

Helen is so clueless she does not Understand that Candice and Jessie was a solid vote for her side……it’s a number game…Amanda does not win any comp but she has the number never to go home……I’m surprise Helen can’t see that…maybe her being blindsided is going to wake her up….but i doubt it…


Simon, Other Than Tonight, Has Amanda Refereed To Her Brother as Older Or Younger Than Her. I Ask Because Tonight She Said Her Brother Turns 32 Tomorrow


There have been some yearbook confirmations of her supposed age- 28, but if that’s true she has been doing a lot of hard partying b/c she looks a whole lot older than that.


OMG, Helen is such a stupid woman. Seriously, you idiot you think McCrae is going to turn on Amanda? Hope you go to jury and do not come back. You are pathetic and it will be priceless if the idiot ever figures out that Amanda was the one that sent your butt out the door. Cannot wait to see her face when it is 5 to 0 votes to boot her out and Elissa with her condescending sense of entitlement if it ever registers in her botox face that the whole house was against you and Helen even your supposed little lap dog Andy. Gag she makes me sick and oh I miss Candice when Helen and her where laughing at the comments about Candice and Helen even joined in. This season is so rigged it makes me gag!


Why is it year after year after year…..Big Brother gets girls with massive size silicone breast. Big tits/areolas/nipples all over the house



Aunt Nazeeba

So we can see them easier in the dark while being backdoored and giving handies!!

Amanda's Towel

Hope those things don’t pop during comps!! Naturals are so much better


Ummm…. ratings… Now go back to eating your $5 sub


CBS is discriminating. Being that less then 10% of girls have implants, to have implants on the show year after year just is plain discrimination. Either that or 1 in every 100,000 is as common as brushing your teeth.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Five dolla footlooonng!


why not


Jared, are you really Andy the Rat?

Urinal Dooky

Yeah, breasts are the worst.
Boo titties.


As long as we get a peak, I don’t mind. ;P


fist bump


As my good friend Al Bundy use to say, “Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl that’s dumb.”.


I’m so happy Elissa won, bye bye Helen.

Judd's granny

Amanda’s going to Canada and eat them children with a nice Fava Bean.


Helen’s fate is sealed


What does it mean that the Power of Veto Competition was OTEV?

Amanda's dog Woofy

Obliged to eat vegan.


Overtly Throw it to Elissa’s Vagina

Judd's granny

Slopballs . Are you the lowdown, goodfornothimg sidewinder that stole my chickens?


OTEV is the competition where a stone face (Otev is its name…also veto spelled backwards) asks a question and the answer is a HG’s name…players race down to find the name and then scramble back to Otev with the name. Last person back is kicked out unless someone else is wrong. Each round kicks a person (or more if the bring the wrong name) out and last person is the winner.

BB15 Bigots gotta go

Otev is veto spelled backwards. you can watch how its played on Wednesday night.

BB15 Bigots gotta go

Spenser need to be spoken to by not just production but by CBS excs. who threatens the lives of children on live feeds. this gut spenser has very disturbing comments . Does he not know that its against the law to utter death threats, It not a game anymore when a person state that he will rattle Ellisa right before HOH by telling her if she wins HOH he will kill her children see FB from feeds posted on Jokers Update 9:19 PM He says he will tell her that he will go to Canada and kill her kids. NT

This Season Blows

“who threatens the lives of children on live feeds.”

I’m pretty sure he was referencing Mike Tyson’s famous quote about eating Lennox Lewis’ children there. I strongly doubt Spencer would actually eat her kids over a game show competition, let’s be real.

Amanda's dog Woofy

And they better take it serious. Look what Spencer did to Clownie.

what the

This is the season where every off the wall comment made in jest is taken literally and blown way out of context.

CBS Sucks

CBS should remove Spencer from the game immediately and cancel this week’s eviction. Making death threats is illegal!!!! That pervert should never have been selected for this show!


Elissa won POV? Great!!!! I know Helen is probably going home, but Aaryn should put up Spencer and he should go home. A dream come true would be for Aaryn to put up Amanda and she would go home.


What is OTEV?


OTEV is the competition where a stone face (Otev is its name…also veto spelled backwards) asks a question and the answer is a HG’s name…players race down to find the name and then scramble back to Otev with the name. Last person back is kicked out unless someone else is wrong. Each round kicks a person (or more if the bring the wrong name) out and last person is the winner.


veto spelled backwards

A Man...Duh

It would be awesome if Amanda went on the block too, but i know everybody in this house is a spineless follower.


Aaryn would do well to restudy her BB history books to realize that breaking up the showmance at this point is really necessary. Helen can be got another week, too soon, too soon, but backdooring Amanda, would give Aaryn huge credit at the end of this game. Takes a little independent thinking, because right now Helen is the hugest threat in Amanda’ s PR speech. Oh, someone wake up and play this game! Pretty please with a big blue Aderrall on it!


Aaryn wouldn’t have the votes to get Amanda out, though it is early in the week, things could change. I wouldn’t count Helen out as far as competing to get back in the house. She won’t have a problem focusing, not at all. She will be shocked then furious. she’ll focus. Ether way, she’s NOT going home. She can do a lot of work in the jury house. They won’t know what happened this week. And if the people in jury blame their evictions on her, she’ll just redirect the blame.

Aaryn is fugly

Is Elissa throwing comps on purpose? Why does she only win the ones on the weeks she is on the block?


CBS wants it that way, got to keep their pet in the house !!!


True to form Elissa is shoving food in her botoxed piehole like she does ever night on BBAD. She’s so disgusting to watch. It’s funny watching dictator Helen plotting with each houseguest individually against Amanda, her supposed ally. 3 weeks in a row Helem you’ve tried and failed. It will be bittersweet watching Amanda sending your ass out the door. Elissa the phony can go next week.

Pinocchio Obama

Amanda had better pray that her or McCrae win this thing because with her mouth getting her fired from her job pizza boy McCrae is now the bread winner in this relationship.


Amanda has not been fired from her job…..just another bullshit story being spread by morons.

CBS Sucks

Read that Amanda works for her parents’ realty firm and is connected to Allison Grodner, the casting director for BB.


Pizza boy is probably out of a job as well. Who would want to have him deliver and touch their pizza? We know where his hands have been. Ew!


Why in the world would the delivery guy touch your pizza? Are you speaking figuratively?


I’m happy that Elissa won the POV but Helen is about to go home.


I never seen anyone so happy that their fate was sealed in losing a competition. Apparently she actually thinks she’s safe. Hahaha, once again showing no perception about what’s happening. You deserve to go.

helen is clueless

Helen seems to really believe in her f3 alliance. I’ve been critical of Elissa’s ability to win something so that was great, Congratulations. That was what I was hoping for, now Helen will feel a little safer before the blindside. I think her or Jessie are the ones more likely to go after Mcranda if they come back but really want this one to burn Helen so I hope she doesn’t get another chance.


I don’t care who comes back, as long as they win HOH. That’s the only thing that will keep this from being my least favorite season.


Stupid Hell-en got rid of all her alliances. Now she is off to the jury house if she cannot convince people to not vote her out.

give me a break

Helen being sent home by Amanda and Aaryn….she would probably still blame Elissa, Candice, and Jessie for her game…what a dummy


Looks like the “political mastermind” helen is finally going to realise she’s an idiot for getting rid of candice instead of amanda I hate her personality but I hope she comes right back in and wins hoh amanda mc and andy will piss themselves if they promise her she’s safe all week screw her over and then she gets power hopefully this is when the backstabbing finally begins.


I am hoping and praying that it is a true backdoor and we get to see Helen’s confused look of horror on Thursday night.

weighing in

It can’t be a true backdoor. She got to play for Veto.

Judd's granny

BoodaGal,look out. There’s a chicken thief on this board named SlopBalls. He got 6 of mine already. Keep an eye out.


No. True blindside, not backdoor.


Your post made me realize something. I DO NOT want Helen to win HOH after everyone in the game lies and evicts her. Do you remember her crying and trying to guilt-trip everyone on her last HOH? It was HORRIBLE!


It doesn’t make any sense for Andy and GM to get rid of Helen so maybe they will do what is best for their game instead of what is best for Amanda’s. THINK FOR YOURSELF FOR PETE SAKES!!!

Poor Helen LOL

Helen is totally clueless!


WELL DONE Alissa !!!!!!

Janelle pov queen

Pov queen yea Elissa bye Hellen


Oh my G*D…..Elissa “the great” finally won something!!!!! Now she IS the greatest player to ever play the game. All those who have loved her are now vindicated their hero has sprung like a coiled spring and now will be unstoppable. Watch out A-Man-Duh Nation and McPussy here come super Elissa.

Elissa fan

That’s right say one super Elissa fan. For all those who talk smack about her because she doesn’t want to socialize with idiots or pick on her because she’s Rachel’s sister or because she had her lips done can watch her rise in the game now all she needs is Candice back in the game and its on .


look I like Candice To but she is weak to me she never won Hoh or POV if Candace do come back she better get ready to kick some ass


when are these people going to make some big move In this game stop being So scared


Helen is a sucker! bye bye sucker!


I’m just glad Aaryn that racist bitch didn’t win POV I can not stand That girl




shut the hell up


Look at Helen jump around like an idiot, You know, Elissa winning,means you’re going home, OK.


ellisa you did great OK spencer is going up OK he is going home OK this is great OK you are gonna win this game OK you are better than rachel.


I have Lethal Weapon 2 on as I was reading your comment. Helen is Joe Pesci’s Leo Goetz character. “OK, OK, OK”…


you go up against Spencer, you’re out – fear the beard.




CBS really must wont her in that house bad, rigged another one I see, no matter see ya Hell-en !!!


really? OTEV isn’t that easy to rig. They would have to personally tell elissa where each answer was. I don’t think it was rigged.




I’d prefer Jessie to return to the house over Helen, but can you imagine all their faces if after they all tried to evict either Helen or Elissa this week and they both stayed in the house. LOL I’m picturing it right now!!

Got to go

I don’t mind Elissa even though she hasn’t done much in the game, she has won a couple POV’s when it mattered the most to keep her in the game, not to mention she had a target on her back the minute people found out she was Rachel’s sister. She’s kept it pretty low key and hasn’t been overly nasty to anyone who hasn’t deserved it. Anything she has said to Aaryn, GM & Amanda was some well deserved payback for all the unbelievably hateful things those 3 have said toamd about other people in the house most of all Candice. I don’t want Elissa to win the game by any means but I wish Aaryn would pull her head out of her ass and back door Amanda because that stupid whiny cow has GOT TO GO!


I’m not a fan of Elissa’s either, but I will say this. She isn’t fake. (I mean her personality, I know she has fake body parts.) If she doesn’t like you, she isn’t afraid to be honest about it. The other girls get mad when she doesn’t want to sit by them or if she says they look like a stripper, but they say HORRIBLE things behind her back. How they say such terrible things, then get upset over tiny little comments that see makes? At least she’s honest.


Just wondering is the backyard outside or is it enclosed?

Captain Spam

Both. There are 4 walls, pretty high from the looks of it, but there is no ceiling to it. In past years the house guests have been put on an indoor lockdown because there was a concert being played near by and they could hear the music when outdoors. Also there was a plane that flew over with a banner giving strategy tips to one of the players (in session 8 I think) that forced an indoor lockdown as well.




Something tells me that Helen isn’t going to be so thrilled about Elissa’s veto win, when she is evicted Thursday.


Bye Helen


Good for you Elissa! Now you need to win HOH so you can put up Amanda and Andy with McCrae as the replacement nominee…don’t let McManda bully you and please DO NOT let Andy manipulate you!!

Teri B

As much as I’d love to see her win HOH, it’s GM’s turn, isn’t it? GM…then Aaryn….then GM, then Aaryn…etc., etc.


So happy Elissa won POV. Ok Ok By a unanimous vote of 5 to 0 Helen you have evicted from The Big Brother House!! Welcome Back Candice


Simon or Dawg, that was my comment and I forgot to put my name in,sorry



Amanda's dog Woofy

that was my comment. Forgot to put my name on it.


If Helen actually thinks that she’s staying this week she is CLEARLY delusional…IS IT STILL TOO EARLY TO GET OUT AMANDA YOU DUMBASS??


hilarious how happy helen is. that won’t last much longer. does she really think spencer is leaving? that doesn’t even make sense. there was never any need to backdoor spencer. he’s no POV beast. cmon helen. think.

give me a break

Elissa needs to put up McPuss and Aryan Nation…. backdoor THE ONE THEY CALL ONION on the block….she can’t play it safe

Aunt Nazeeba

Not get Helen and that thing growing on her face the hell of out there.
Congrats, Elissa.


RIP Helen…

Say hi to Judd, Candice and Jessie…you know, OK, OK…

P.S. When says “Ya” to you in this game, you’re done. Elissa and McCrae both said it Helen….


so let’s see,
McManda is aligned
with Helen and Andy
with Helen and Elissa
with Arryn and Andy
with Spencer and Andy
with Arryn, GM and Andy
LMAO…I wish these people would get a clue and figure out that the are all puppets of Amanda (including McCrea) and her hand is up their bottoms and she is manipulating and controlling the show LMAO


Really happy to read that Elissa won the POV!

I hope that Amanda decides to guide her sheep to put Andy up as the replacement nom, and, vote Andy out.

Even better – Aaryn’s Adderall allows Aaryn to break free from Amanda’s spell – Aaryn puts Amanda up, and, Amanda is voted out this week.

Do not get me wrong – Helen, IMO, has done many wrong things – Helen had two weeks to vote out Amanda, Helen had support to vote out Amanda, Helen worked to get people that would help her in the game voted out (then is delusional about it).

Still – I would rather see Aaryn put Amanda up and Amanda is voted out this week! My second choice is Andy.


OTEV is a comp they do every year. It asks a question, you have to dig through some mess, find the answer and climb up a slippery slope. Last one up is eliminated. They go until its down to 2 people.


And OTEV is veto spelled backwards.


funny would be if helen comes back and her or elissa wins hoh and put up maccranda.

in that case the boring weeks would be over.


I’ve really lost all interest in this season. Like I only look at the thursday episode to see who wins the HOH because everything else is so predictable. Until somebody finally makes a move on Amanda there is no point in watching this show


Helen is still going home. Yay!!! for Eliisa. It is too late. Helen should have kept Howard then voted out Amanda for either one of those two weeks Amanda was on the block. At the very least, she should have kept Jessie. Helen was in group think mode though. Helen was even thinking for herself just what the house wants. I don’t see how Helen can say “she doesn’t know how to play game.” Helen didn’t know how to play which was to think about yourself inside of loyalty to one side.


The only gameplay left for Helen is house mom at jury.


Hey all u dummies saying bye bye Helen!!!!!!
Did u forget about the special tv show on thrus??????
U paying attention???????????????
Helen could come back into the house again….. Would luv to see there faces then;)
So please refrain from making stupid comments Untill someone is ” totally” dun!!

Thank you,



Helen is leaving on Thursday. Indeed, Helen may win the competition and enter the bb house again. If Helen does come back into the house, Amanda will be standing there with her finger pointed toward the door. Amanda will send her straight out the door once again. Do I want this to happen? No. I would love to see Amanda go but I don’t see anyone standing up to Amanda.



Teri B

VETO spelled backwards.


helen had two weeks in which she could have dropped amanda instead of weaker players (howard and candice)..but instead of making a move she played it safe because she was afraid of the “guys” ganging up on her


Goodness, I feel kind of bad for Helen. I don’t know why in the world she thought evicting everyone who would help her get out Amanda, or McCrae was a good idea. It really boggles the mind! I know she thought that getting Amanda out too early would put a target on her back, but she waited three weeks too long and now she is out anyways. She should have known that once Amanda was out there was a bunch of people in the house that hated each other. She could have used that hate to help take people out one by one and not have to worry about it. She could have been in the final 2 with Andy or Elisa and she could have won. She was playing checkers and not chess.

Master Splinter

Put up Andy as the replacement to seal Helen’s fate or just to get rid of him! #wishfulthinking