Big Brother Spoilers Power of Veto Results ”She can flash her t!t!es to Julie Chen on Thursday Night “

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV July 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: JUDD Next HOH: July 25
MVP: ?
Original Nominations: Aaryn, Kaitlin, ELISSA (MVP – America)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy
Have Nots Jessie, Candice, Andy, Spencer


Elissa Wins the Power of Veto Competition The third choice in the MVP poll will be the replacment
JUDD is in solitary confinement
McCrae took 5000
Elissa took the punishment to not compete in the next POV competition.
Helen has to go to bed at 8:00pm curfew

CBS Interactive Inc.


Howard: “If ELissa doesn’t take herself off.. vote her out“
Candace: “Elissa is going to use it”
Sounds like they want to get Amanda out. Candace says that Spencer and herself are much closer to Andy they can talk to him to flip the vote. Candace mentions that Helen, Elissa, McCrea and Amanda are in a final 4 she’ll use that angle on them.

Sounds like they have no idea what is going on with the MVP. Candace says that Amanda is the ringleader she flashes her T!tties to McCrea and he’s under her spell.
Spencer: ”She can flash her ti!@ties to Julie Chen on Thursday night

Spencer: “I want to f*** them up so bad”
Candace agrees. Howard tells them they have to stay tight with GM and Kaitlin. Candace says that Kaitlin is in Amanda’s back pocket so they have to ease off the game with her. Candace says they have to pull Aaryn into their group and they already have GM. Howard thinks Spence and Candace should go talk to Andy soon. Candace disagrees she thinks they need to wait until after the POV Ceremony. Spencer is on board.

Howard says Candace and Spencer Worry about Andy and he’ll deal with Kaitlin. Candace again telling him not to care about Kaitlin this week she doesn’t have a vote the only people they need to F**** with are Jessie and Andy.

They start bashing Amanda. Candace: ‘She’s got horrible game” Spencer: “She thinks she’s so f***** slick”


4:19pm Bedroom Howard and GM Howard talking like Elissa has the MVP this week she’s going to put up Amanda so they can blame the MVP on Howard. GM isn’t sure if that is what Elissa had planned questions why would she backdoor herself. Howard explains that Elissa, Helen, McCrae and Amanda are in a final 4 alliance. They have been running the game thus far trying to keep certain groups int he house battling it out.



4:25pm HOH McCrea, Kaitlin, Amanda

McCrea is feeling bad for taking the 5000 dollars.

Amanda: ‘MVP is really annoying.. If someone is targeting Elissa then the next person to go up will be Helen” (LOl yeah sucks doesn’t it)

Elissa took the points to sit out of the next Veto. THey wonder if Elissa nominated herself to get a power.

Kaitlin asks them if Aaryn is the target this week. They all tell her YES. Amanda then asks if Howard goes on the block is he the target. Kaitlin: ‘Maybe”
Amanda says that McCrae is really worried he’s going to be put up because he took the money. She adds that McCrae is worried Amanda may go up.

They start to speculate who has the MVP. Seem that Kaitlin thinks Elissa has it .Amanda wonders if it’s Aaryn. Andy says there is no way America would have voted Aaryn the MVP. Kaitlin mentions if Aaryn was MVP her nomination would have been strategic not personal.

Gina rolls in. Amanda asks her if her, McCrae, Helen or Andy get out up can they count on GM’s vote. Amanda adds if GM is the 3rd nominee they will all vote to keep her. Gina says they can count on her.


Elissa walks in they all say congratz! Andy asks her if she has an

Amanda asks Elissa who she thinks has the MVP.
Elissa thinks it’s Spencer or Howard, “No way it was Kaitlin”
Amanda: ‘Who isn’t happy you won”
Elissa: “JUDD, Candace and Howard”
Amanda says they would know if JUDD got the MVP
Elissa points out that JUDD has been in the Diary room non stop today.
Andy starts saying that it really doesn’t matter what the MVP is because as long as them and their friends stick to the plan to get out Aaryn they have the votes. Amanda jumps in says the House wants Aaryn gone.


4:49pm HOH Kaitlin, Andy, McCrae, Amanda

Amanda points out that Elissa is dropping a lot of names when trying to figure out who is MVP. She mentions that Elissa thinks if Howard doesn’t go up they know he’s the MVP. GM thinks that is all BS they have no idea who MVP is. Amanda finds it odd how Elissa is acting.

Amanda: ‘I think Howard is going around trying to make alliance with people:”
Kaitlin and GM doesn’t think so they think Howard is just going around covering his bases.
Amanda asks Kaitlin: “When he was in the room with you and Aaryn.. he didn’t ask you for safety”
Kaitlin: “no”
Amanda: “Then what did he ask you”
Gm: “he says things metaphorically”
Kaitlin: “you never know what hes talking about “
GM: “he talks Spiritwise”
Kaitlin says that Howard told them after this week was done he wanted to work with them. Aaryn told Howard they’ll have to see how the votes go on Thursday. Kaitlin says she didn’t say anything back to Howard.
Kaitlin: “He came to me after the competition and told me someone is trying to frame him”
Kaitlin: “I asked him.. you swear you are not MVP.. he doesn’t seem worried at all”
Amanda thinks Elissa won the MVP because she was acting so weird last night.
Andy: “My gut tells me she has it.. which makes her a scary player because it means she’s lying to every”
Kaitlin: “She been doing that since the beginning”
Aaryn comes in tells them that Elissa is being super nice to her right now which is the very first time in weeks. She’s a bit nervous because Elissa was nice to Jeremy before he was evicted.
Amanda mentions how Elissa stares at Aryun in a really weird way

Kaitlin thinks that maybe Elissa has coup d’etat and it lasts for 2 weeks that is why she took the pass on veto next week.

Amanda says that once Elissa found out Aaryn had not won the POV she has the most devious smile on her face.. Kaitlin agrees. Amanda adds that Elissa has been walking around all day with that smile.

Seems like Aaryn is convinced that Elissa has the MVP and she nominated herself

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Will.I.Am, I Think

So production had to step in because Brenchel fans are so f**king stupid voting without reading 1st… Understandable.


If Production was rigging it, they wouldn’t of put up Elissa in the first place. You sound so dumb.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Can you read drone? Oh, that’s right your can’t… America by way if idiot Brenchel fans voted for Elissa to win MVP, without reading that THEY are the MVP this week. It was an accident, so production saved her, you should be happy…

Will.I.Am, I Think



You are dumber than I thought. If production was really rigging it for Elissa they would have ignored the vote and put up who they wanted. And I would like to see how you can say a punishment/reward comp was rigged for anyone,


Easy, if it’s been like past reward/punishment comps, the contestants are isolated from each other so that they can’t see who gets what (or who actually chimes in first). They also could have made the point values up as they went along depending upon how Elissa was doing. Not saying they did, but the reality is this was an easily rigged competition compared to others they could have done.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Gee, I don’t know, because the HGs are now complaining that she got all the higher numbers while they got the lower ones??

Yea, defend that one.


Jack you’re the dumb one. Judd talked to alot of people about back dooring Elissa then all of a sudden she is nominated by america(after america voted her 3 x mvp) so she can play in the veto comp (so Judd can’t back door her now genius) which poeple buzz in to take points or prizes & the viewer does nott get the see who actually buzzed in first so of course it’s another challenge in which production can choose the winner!


Will, please be kind enough to let the adults out here know approx. what time your mommy tucks you into bed for the night so we can have adult conversations about BB without being interrupted by your temper tantrums. Thanks in advance

Will.I.Am, I Think

Show me an “adult”? and what “adult conversations”, I haven’t seen a single one this season, or the last 5 I’ve watched.

Seems like you’re attempting and failing horribly at an insult. That’s OK, it happens to all the sheeple.


OMG, these people are so DUMB!!! How do you assume in the BB house that someone would nominate themselves especially when it was never mentioned in the beginning of the season that you can do that (BB would never leave out a detail like that) I also think Amanda is lying about the DR confirming to McCrae that the MVP can nominate themselves to start up shit like she’s been doing all the time and I think it’s going to backfire on her this week ’cause she damn well could end being the 3rd choice instead of GM (she’s a waste) Production can’t have McManda messing with their charms Howard and Elissa!


What if….and this is only a possibility since no one knows how the votes actually went….if Brenchel’s Army didn’t misread and she just happened to be the 2nd or 3rd choice and only got put up because the people “America” chose was Aaryn and possibly Kaitlin and was the next choice by default?


Of course Production had to once again rig a competition so that their lil “Princess” Duck Lips could win and take herself off. UGH, I hate this year.

Get With The Progam

Of course E won – now the ? is, who is second (3rd, 4th…) in America’s (BB) nomination vote… Who does BB want out of the house? Aaryn? (her PR firm is probably threatening a suit, since Aayrn is basically the only HG being shown on CBS acting like a racist) and is already in the hot seat. BB strikes again so, we’re left to wonder, what if, if only, and who is really in the driver seat – hint, not America at this point in the game….


Elssa won the veto.

Later Amanda.


Please Let The Replacement Nom Be Amanda& vote her out!!! Can Believe I’m Saying This But I’d Rather Keep Aaryn This Week Than Be Subjected To Another Week Of Amanda And Mccrae Making Out


Amanda Gone!….. Not so sure.

I am not so sure that Amanda is going home. Seems like Howard, against the advice of Spencer and Candice is hell bent on engaging Andy and Kaitlin before the POV is used. Kaitlin can’t even vote and he wants Spencer/Candice to share the plan with her. Howard your alliance with Kaitlin is not even a day old, and you want to share this move with her; thereby, risking Spencer and Candice’s game. Andy is with Amanda, McCrae and Helen. Howard won’t listen. He is going to tell the Andy the plan and that’s like telling Amanda. Amanda is very persuasive and can turn this around. Possible votes in support of Amanda: McCrae, Helen, Andy and Elissa. Possible votes against Amanda: Howard, Spencer, Candice, and Jessie (questionable). The toss up vote is really Gina, granted she is supposed to be in Howard’s alliance; however, she doesn’t like Howard and still holds it against him for Nick’s eviction. Gina could go either way with her vote.


Happy Dance!!!!!! Elissa win PoV

Will.I.Am, I Think

Now that Elissa is safe, let’s get Amanda put up so she feels the heat…


Amanda wants to knock out everyone else’s guys, it seems appropriate to take out hers as well. I hope she loses McRae. (Not likely, I know.)


I forgot to post a comment, but I was going to say “Elissa is obviously going to win the veto, or else Production wouldn’t have nominated her”


I swear, I have the worst luck with BB, THE WORST


It’s got to be Amanda going up as a replacement. Grenades Yo. This will be awesome.


Well well well..looks like Elissa does have some of her sister inside of her after all. *no sexual pun intended.*

I luv J-U-double-D!!!!

Poor Judd in solitary, only good is no one can drive him crazy for a while

Mr. Homer Simpson

Who is HOH? Judd or Amanda Amanda is always lying in the HOH Bed and barking orders.. Put her up America and get her out.


holy shit


Is anyone else having issues with the feeds? They are up but I can’t get any sound.

Ok America, lets see who is going up next! When will they do the veto ceremony?


Forget it, figured out the sound.




Howard ! Listen to Candice. She’s proven to know more than you.


Ikr, it’s like it doesn’t dawn on him not to approach different ones until after a nomination or doesn’t know how to read when it’s the right time to talk or not to talk about certain aspects of the game.

The Veto

Even after Candice told him not to talk to Kaitlin, he insists he should go and talk to Kaitlin. Maybe he just wants to talk to Kaitlin, not for game, but to pick up where Jermy left off. And what does Kaitlin do? She tells Everybody about Howard’s brilliant plan for them to work together.

I hope Howard’s the replacement nom and gets sent home. He’s hard to watch and even harder to listen to.

Zingbot Fan

I love how the house flips every day. You never know from day to day where the power lies.


Howard with his theories…he needs to shut it up until after the veto {replacement} ceremony.

I’ve got to admit that this is the second time I’ve gotten excited through the season. This MVP twist is turning out not to be a dud after all. I can’t wait for the fall out of having {hopefully} Amanda as the replacement nominee. It would be nice to see her brought down a notch!!


I’ll be a happy camper as long as Amanda or Aaryn leaves on Thursday ()


McCrae got $5000.00 everyone else but Ellisa got punishments.. Amanda / Howard are freaking out that they will be backdoored.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Seriously? 1 wins money, everyone else wins punishments and Elissa wins POV, yea, this TOTALLY don’t look at all suspicious…


Elissa’s punishment is sitting out on the next POV


People who give up their ability to play in a veto usually go home that week. The house is typically smart enough to seize that opportunity while they have the chance. Elissa survives this week, she goes home next week. Can’t wait.


Nope!!!!! Elissa is not going anywhere. The only next to go on next week is Howard!!!!!!!!!


Not so much a punishment as she can’t compete in the Veto next week from what I read so its a semi-punishment and an easy set up for getting her out next week.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Sounds good for the house… ESPECIALLY if Amanda gets put up this week, she’s going to be even more paranoid.


Elissa cannot play in veto next week.


No, but she can play HOH and be 100% safe.


After watching Amanda the past week, she is more dangerous than Aaryn. Hoping she is the replacement nom. Sounds like the votes might be there to evict her. Here’s hoping!


now we got to two more days to see who is going to put up next………
who will be next…….too bad America does not see the real spenser they miss out on all of the vulgar disgusting things he says – he gets a real good edit(i only know what I read on this site – thanks to the Simon and Dawg for their dedication and I am sure lots of coffee too – :)) – thanks Guys!

side note – saw The Conjuring – SCARY movie….



Will.I.Am, I Think

WTF HOH is in solitary? so that mean Amanda McCrae is going to be all up in the HOH bed staining up the sheets… LOCK THE HOH ROOM!!!

Wait a moment where can solitary be? certainly not the have nots room. could he be getting a Pandora’s Box that he’s locked in?


Too bad for Judd re solitary but really, I’ve never seen an HOH spend less time in the room before, he was never there…maybe ’cause Amancrae always were…I’m curious too where this solitary place might be.


Amanda is at least funny sometimes, I just don’t believe people will want to get rid of her over all these other sucky personalities. Good for Elissa though, maybe she’ll give people a legitimate reason to root for her.


i hate that howard, candace and spencer are now working with gina marie. :/ spencer has always been sooo shady. why can’t they stick to the plan and evict aaryn? if amanda is 3rd nominee, i doubt they could convince andy, helen, elissa and jessie do vote against amanda and obviously not mccrae.

Will.I.Am, I Think

Because they see the “big picture” and Amanda is the biggest threat in that house to win. The way she’s been acting go people thinking about her.

She’s a lil mastermind

Week one she started sexing HOH McCrae to get him under her thumb

Week 2 she convinced McCrae to flip and vote the way she wanted.

Week 3, she was running around the house getting info and putting doubts in people head, just in case someone might flip..

She has the greatest chance to win it all..


Howard, Candice, Spencer, Jessie, GinaMarie would vote out Amanda and Mccrae, Helen, Elissa, Andy would vote out Aaryn.




well Amanda definitely had to come in 3rd (behind aaryn and ellissa) in the americas mvp voting so she will be going up


It could be GM too if the TV viewing audience voted.


I’m assuming the veto meeting had something to do with yoga, facts about Rachel or “Name The Plastic Surgeon”

Will.I.Am, I Think

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something really easy. This this is the same person that thought “pot roasts” was one word.

A 9 year old would know that.

Shockerrrr 2.0

NAME: LMAO, goood one!! hahahah…im kinda rooting for elissa but i can take a good joke lol


Several could “name that plastic surgeon” so I doubt that one. Questions about Rachelles childhood for 200 Alex was likely the category.

On a serious note… nothing serious really! I’m like most here and figure Amanda the renom. This would be epic fun watching her try to figure out whose backstabbing her. Second does the house take this opportunity to vote her out rather than Arryn? Third does Amanda….. It could go on and on til Thursday if CBS doesn’t clue them in on America’s vote for MVP nom.

It’s a strange season so far. Hate the “lets be friends foolishness”. Love the changing dynamic constantly. Hate I can’t choose a favorite. Love that picking multiple villians to target each week is easy. Hate the racism! Love how few true floaters there are this season. Hate Jerm is gone. Love there is no single comp beast! Hate production. Love production it’s part of BB every year.

Thanks Dawg and Simon!


Elisa's Botox

Hope Amanda gets put up, much bigger target than Aaryn


Judd is in confinement for 24hrs!! and AMANDA has already taken his bed for TONIGHT!! as she laughs about it!! Please vote her OUT!!


Yep, Mccrae and Amanda sitting up in the HOH bed like the King and Queen. Sick of them two running shit, if anyone in that house has half a brain they will vote Amanda out this week.


If America put Amanda up as the third nominee, she could be in hot water


anybody else have a feeling kaitlin or gm might be 3rd in the vote and could go up?

You so Funny

Nope, not at all.


Who really knows though? If America was stupid enough to put up Elissa as MVP nom as a mistake, would it be so crazy if the other member of the mom squad (Helen) was put up as a mistake too?

Will.I.Am, I Think

You know, that makes a lot of sense.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

So people as much as we dislike Amanda at the moment you must realize the lets ay 6 Thousand people that read this only make up the millions that watch BB.
Not all of us vote for example I did not so the majority of the voters are the less extreme mainstream viewers who see Aryan as a huge racist (#1 in votes) Elissa whose fans probably made a mistake along with the ones that find her irritating (#2) then from the mainstream perspective GM probably came in third due to Nick obsession.

You cannot go off of the HG they do not know what is going on in the outside world!!

PS Amanda has not a great cut but it is so much better than GM !!

So there is still 5 days till eviction but in my opinion anyone but Aryan walking out that door would be a shock!


That’s the best read of the situation. Couldn’t agree more.


I am confused. In previous seasons, they told the HGs about the twist either before or during the time the twist was occurring. Are they waiting until Thursday to reveal what the new MVP twist is?

7 Seven 7

I hate to say it but Gina Marie will probably be the replacement


Yeyyy im happy elissa won!!! All the haters can STFU not cuz she won to save herself! but sucks she has to sit out for the next veto so that could leave her vulnerable. The house guests have no idea of whats going on with the MVP this week LOL, they’re still thinking its elissa putting herself up, how dumbbbb

You so Funny

This is horrible news, sooooo had my hopes up she was going home Thursday.


Elissa is going home next week.

She doesn’t want to be there, she has said so many times. To avoid jury, she has to leave very soon.

The events of today explain everything. Production and Elissa discussed her exit strategy for next week-and assured her safety this week. She knew to take the no-veto next week so that she goes out next week looking like a champ. All the Elissa/Rachel fans can delude themselves after her eviction, telling themselves, “If only she’d gotten to play! She’d have saved herself!” You know, because she proved herself such a champion after winning one competition-one that required no physical effort or mental energy.

Whatever, I don’t care. Let’s just fast forward to next week. I can’t wait to see her finally go.


i felt bad for howard elissa had to put spencer up too protect her self and not nominate howard so howard turns on elissa hopefully amreica voted for gina marie and sends aaryn home obb poll has no pull its america has america forgot what gina marie calls welfare some people need it thats why we are america its not called negro insurance go team elissa im still upset with amanda but howard can go too then when he gets home he can pray for his sins against elissa who didnt send his ass home


Ugh howard go home! He is so annoying! Always flipping! Cant stand him! And spencer too!

Will.I.Am, I Think

When Elissa takes herself off the next person America(allegedly) nominated will be picked, which from the way it looks, will be Amanda.

Will.I.Am, I Think

“Amanda jumps in says the House wants Aaryn gone.”

Wasn’t she just saying that about Howard? make up your mind fool

lol what

finally elissa won something


Bye Aaryn………….NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!


Hey Simon or Dawg, can you put up a poll asking who should be the replacement nominee, without Aaryn, Kaitlin, Elissa, or Judd’s name listed? (because they are either already on the block or safe)

Shockerrrr 2.0

what happened to my comment earlier?? all i said was “STFU” is that not allowed on here??

Dog Days

Your comment is up above, at least on my page.

You so Funny

It’s up above on my page also.


Shockerrr, STFU!

Shockerrrr 2.0

wooww wayy to strict on this site hmmm…but good job w/updates thus far!


I am not making a connection here.
How can all (most) of you think Amanda would be Americas 3rd choice in the MVP vote?
What would she have done ON THE CBS show to make people want to vote for her?
You all realize most of the voters do not get the feeds or read the spoilers, right?
Those of you here who hate Amanda for being bossy (the usual rhetoric btw, strong woman BAD…make her go away….)
have to see that on the CBS show she is a hero still, for standing up to Aryan.

If Amanda ends up being the next in line I will know for absolute sure that CBS disregards actual votes.
Actually, I know that already, lol. But I still believe they at least TRY to make it look legit.


I’m hoping that Helen was right behind Elissa on that poll. Guess we’ll find out. I guess BB is using the option that was given to the MVP to keep it anonymous…

I luv J-U-double-D!!!!

Judd can hide out in sol.conf. This is where he can use Jessie and say she gets his bed while he’s locked up, so Am.and Mcc can’t play filthy in the sheets. Yuck. I liked pizza boy before Am got her hooks in him. But I must sy her DR sessions are entertaining.


Jessie can’t sleep in Judd’s bed b/c she’s a have not.

Janelle pov queen

Not people being pressed about Elissa wining MVP (: stay pressed in mad Elissa not going anywhere she is the queen who run the word Elissa


You know, Janelle was a competition beast, and one of the best players to ever, EVER, play this game. She was screwed out of half a million dollars, twice. Both times to people far less deserving.

I find it impossible to believe that the real Janelle would root for someone who is playing the game nothing like the way she did. Elissa hides behind people, she doesn’t compete, she’s stated multiple times that she doesn’t even want to be there! Janelle had a passion for the game that Elissa doesn’t appreciate. Frankly, few players since Janelle have appreciated the game the way she did, and as a result we’ve endured some pretty crappy seasons recently compared to those in Janelle’s day.

We need more players like Janelle, and we need to stop pretending players like Elissa could ever measure up.


Say what now? Have you been taking lessons from HowMumbles?

You so Funny

Oh-Em-Ge this blows, I’m sure you all agree, we gotta get Elissa outta this house ASAP!

Will.I.Am, I Think

Aaryn is a weak target only a f**king idiot would vote her out, keeping her would be a guaranteed WIN for whoever takes her to final 2, she’s public enemy #1 in that house..

Greg 3.0

List of things that came out of veto game . . .

1. Elissa CANNOT take part in the POV game next week, so she’ll be a HUGE target for a nom next week.
2. McCrae won $5000
3. Judd in “solitary” for 24 hours.
4. Helen must be in bed by 8 p.m. (That’s one way to shut her up-LOL)
5. One of the gals must dye their hair pink (I think it was Aaryn, but not 100% sure)

I’m guessing that GM will be the replacement nom and that Aaryn is shown the door on Thursday. A smaller possibility is that Amanda or Helen gets put up and gets blindsided out. One question though: Is the replacement nom based upon past voting or is there a current second round of voting for this?

Janelle pov queen

@Will Iam I think.. Why do Elissa have you so pressed in mad at everything she do? Your life must suck

You so Funny

That’s part of being a spectator of any game, like most Americans I hate the Pittspuke Squealers, Baltimore Ratbirds and Cincinasty Bungholes.
In this game I hate Elissa and Aaryn, after they’re out I’ll find someone new to hate.
The only time I rooted for all the players where when my nieces and nephews were toddlers playing against each other.

Will.I.Am, I Think

I don’t live by the “sheeple code”, where I root for who I am told because someone is popular. I always root for the opposite.


@will, I’m sure you’ve been with far more sheep than people in your 14 years of life little fella… go to sleep little man..


There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about what one believes, whether it’s about religion, politics, or a reality television show.

What’s wrong-and what sucks about our society- is people spouting opinions and beliefs with little evidence or reasoning behind them.

Maybe Will.I.Am just sounds angry because he’d like to have a healthy debate about the game play this season, but Rachel/Elissa fans can’t come up with any legit reasons why they continue to support Elissa in this game. Frankly, it feels like trying to have a conversation with a six year old child with fingers in their ears screaming, “lalalalala!”


Brilliant. They have a chance to get Aaryn out of there, and they are obsessed with Amanda. Perhaps Aaryn’s days are already numbered, and she is a dead man walking.


gotta split up the showmance and get an influential player out while they have the chance if manda is the new nom


next time america plaese read the mvp words before vote that almost cost us now get amanda up there if we could vote third nom again my vote will be for candice she is turning on elssia for no reason elssia did not put up howard last week i hope elssia win hoh next in put her in howard on the block