Big Brother Canada 2 LIVE FEEDS are BACK! Power Of Veto RESULTS!

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

BBCAN2 2014-03-10 00-35-29-673
3:35am The Big Brother Canada live feeds get turned back on after the Power of Veto Competition. We learn that KENNY WON THE Power of VETO!

Sabrina goes up to the HOH room to talk to Andrew, Arlie and Kenny. Sabrina says that Ika told her that the guys were annoyed with me. Andrew says we aren’t annoyed with you, we said that you are an emotional person and we need to be supportive of you. Sabrina says that the girls are mad at me because I accepted Kyle’s apology. The guys tell her that it was a good decision to accept his apology. Andrew talks about how he made the decision to make this place tolerable by making peace with Paul. Sarah and Rachelle join them. Kenny says I will be civil and nice if they walk out the same way. Sarah says that she is going to go to bed tonight. Andrew says but we’re supposed to get a reward tonight. Arlie says Adel insinuated that. They all laugh at how they can’t trust Adel. The feeds get blocked and when they return Andrew says that “she” (production) said no prizes tonight. Andrew and Kenny say that they want to stay up until the backyard is opened up so they can smoke.

BBCAN2 2014-03-10 00-38-39-521

3:50am – 4am In the storage room – Neda and Jon are talking about how they need to just both keep doing what they’re doing. They complain about how its stupid Sabrina is safe. Neda says I would rather keep Ika around because she’s a big threat. Neda says she doesn’t like Andrew. Jon says I don’t like him much either. Jon says if I win HOH next week I can’t make a move against Andrew. Neda asks why? Jon says because I don’t have the votes. Jon says eventually more will turn and then we can. Neda says that she’s scared about the twist, like someone being taken off the block. Ika comes in and the conversation turns to talking about how most people are sleeping in the HOH. Jon asks why are I? No one likes me! They leave the storage room. Neda tells Ika to go apologize to Sabrina. In the bathroom Ika apologizes to Sabrina. (Ika was annoyed that Sabrina accepted the apologies of Kyle and Adel.) Ika tells Sabrina that she doesn’t want to be associated with those guys. Sabrina tells them that Kyle got down on his knees and started crying. She says that Kyle apologized for not sticking up for Sabrina. Sabrina says that she told him it sucks that he only apologized when Adel was in the diary room and that he wouldn’t do it in front of Adel. Sabrina says so tomorrow we’re going to be filmed for the veto ceremony… who wants me to do their makeup?

BBCan2 2014-03-10 00-52-07-702

4:20am Kenny, Ika and Andrew are sitting on the living room couch chatting about random things. Andrew comments how he doesn’t think its worth it to stay up for the backyard to open.

4:35am – 5:30am Andrew and Kenny head up to the HOH room to go to bed. Sabrina and Ika continue to talk on the living room couch. Sabrina talks more about the apology from Kyle. She says that Kyle asked her if she wanted to workout with him tomorrow because he knows he is leaving. (Kenny will likely use the veto. Andrew will likely nominate Kyle to evict him while they have the chance.) Sabrina comments to Ika that she is easily able to turn on her. Ika asks what Sabrina means. Sabrina says that Ika talks bad about her to the other girls. Sabrina asks Ika to not talk bad about her to Adel and Neda. Ika asks Sabrina who told her that. Sabrina tells Ika that it was Heather. Sabrina asks did you tell Neda and Rachelle that you dont trust me and that you think I would vote you out of the guys. Ika says no I never said that. Sabrina makes Ika promise she won’t say anything. Ika says I won’t because I promised you I wouldn’t. Ika and Sabrina talk about all the reasons they dislike Heather. Ika promises Heather will never know that Sabrina told her things. Ika asks why would I tell rat face (Heather) that I don’t like you. I want you to go to Neda, Rachelle and Sarah and ask them. Sabrina says I not talking to anyone tomorrow.

BBCAN2 2014-03-10 01-49-24-790

5:40am Bros Andrew and Kenny lay awake in the HOH bed talking.. (No audio on these 2 cams)
bbcan2 2014-03-10 02-28-12-014

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Really worried that Scott is going to make it on the show. Slice barely showed the other two in last nights show.


Hopefully he doesnt use it and Paul goes home.

Johhny (the European one!)

Hopefully he finds a “Maple Syrup Power Of Veto” hidden in his Corn Flakes.

The Maple Syrup Power Of Veto is the one which allows him to designate 3 people for instant eviction.


Barring a miracle tomorrow(noms don’t change) rest assured Kyle is going up. Only interesting thing is will Andrew save Paul insuring no last minute deal to save Kyle. Kyle is done frankly but Paul could mess it up by being the 2nd option after POV is used. I’m guessing 1 vote against whoever(Adel) and the rest evict Kyle. On to next week already……………

Week 3 sees the new HG. Only issue do they get a weeks immunity or not. That knowledge and 1 week safe pretty strong early hand. For those who didn’t see BBAD the War Room won sound. Well kinda won I guess. They do get sound with the picture but production gave them correct info periodically. A lot easier when you ask and find out you have 4 correct; who they are and what description went with the names. Then try the remaining differently and again see what new guesses were correct, eliminate those ect. until they got 9 right… HURRAY!! Never got motivational speaker or model correct along with 2 others. My best guess is Kenny grew the beard for the show and Paul sure doesn’t act like a motivational speaker type. Don’t think they got inventor either but might be wrong.

I like many hope Allison is in Thursday. If the past is any indication the “live” eviction vote Thursday will actually be taped hours earlier and Allison may play HOH right away or they could delay HOH til Friday. Wondering if the Mensa 3 ever wake up before the girls vote out Andrew. Only hope the guys have is the girls are pretty caty especially with Heather. She’s a good candidate to be 1 half of the 1st double eviction. Could be as early as week 3 or perhaps no later than week4. 8 weeks and 13 guests time to start cutting the fat!…… Not that fat… I never said mooo! Brina is the closest thing to evil so far she has to stick around.

All over the place players…

Ika basically says what who ever is in the room wants to hear. A sh*t disturber for sure but Brina way better playing that game IMO. Neda has the dreaded nom week going but knows she is a very very safe pawn. What is this woman game plan to win 100K. She tends to be seen chatting it up with the second tier players. Other than the hope she must have Jon can get her far in the game I see almost zero understanding of even what a floater is or does. Sum impact so far ZERO! Heather is looking for a home but she is finding none! Rachelle likes to get in groups of 3 or 4 girl, talk a little but mostly listen. Of the 4, Ika, Neda, Heather and Rachelle I don’t think any have a viable option other than the “all girls” alliance.
Dead to me: Paul, Kyle and Adel
Andrew Kenny and apparently Arlie know where they are headed. That leaves Jon, poor poor Jon! In his mind he’s set. Little does he know his end likely comes from the girls cutting a deal once they get the numbers. Jon(ok player) destined to be fodder as the result of a deal.

Depending on Allison’s impact I see the girls having 1 leader after they get numbers. And surprisingly that’s going to be Brina. Sarah will take the back seat as number 2. Brina might be the sort of loose cannon that could make this season fun. If she runs the season it will get nasty… lets hope so!


I hope the next person who wins HoH nominates Kenny and Andrew so we can finally get the game started instead of continuing with this old, boring vendetta.


This is what happens for the first few weeks every season.

But realistically, what vendetta are you talking about? They’re targeting Kyle, not Paul… mind you, if Paul doesn’t STFU, he may get evicted for being a dick. Regardless, they’re doing what they want, and realistically, the target has nothing to do with Paul’s original nom of Andrew = hence, not a vendetta.


The reason Heather can’t be trusted is she goes and tell others conversations, she is very trustworthy.

Sabrina has listed a ton of things Ika and Heather discussed just the two of them, Heather has done with other houseguests she keeps nothing to herself but tells others.

Alright Alright

Ok so Andrew is awesome at competitions but he is kinda cocky to think he can win all the comps.
I like Andrew, he is actually my fav HG so far. I just don’t like some of his alliance members namely Sabrina queen of the drama, and Sarah.
Sabrina has a big mouth and is always playing the victim.


Personally, i like Jon – but he’s gotta get his head in the game.

It’s good that he stayed (for the most part) out of the trouble – but he shouldn’t be trying to coast. He needs to wake up a bit.

Ika is trouble. She just is.

I hope kyle gets backdoored though; he’s already annoying. Him or Adel, either is fine with me.


Who are POV players on week 2?


thus far i think sarah and kenny are playing a good game.


I’m not sold on Andrew being a competition powerhouse yet. He wasn’t impressive at all in the last HoH comp, it was basically handed to him. He had the least amount of potatoes to hold up, and then Arlie let him win in the final round. I think he’s a bit over-rated, albeit it was impressive in that superhero veto competition.