Big Brother Spoilers POV Results “When I saw her 7 I was like holy sh!t.. Please use it”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots ? Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda ?


6:12pm Cam 1-2 bedroom
Random conversations going around.. Spencer and Helen saying “they will give us the artwork after the show is over”
6:16pm Storage room helen and Candace
Helen: ‘I thought you got it”
Helen: “My was 8:46”
Candace: “I fell I shouldn’t have fallen.. it took me awhile to get up from the fall”
Helen: ‘Kaitlin’s time was very good”
Candace: “I wouldn’t have beat her even without the fall”
Helen: “I didn’t do that well”
Helen: “when I saw her 7 I was like holy sh!t”
Candace: “Kaitlin’s time was 7:09….” Candace add that Kaitlin was “Super out of breath.. I knew that meant she went really really fast ”
Helen wonder is KAitlin will use the POV. Candace thinks she will.
Candace: “100% sure.. he wasn’t worried about her last week and she would be a dumb girl if she didn’t.. he kept telling her play for yourself play for yourself.. ”
Candace: “KAitlin was 7:09”Candace: “She’s going to take her selfe off”
Helen: ‘I hope so because if she doesn’t it will be disastrous”
Candace: ‘We’ll just have to scare her be like you are going home dude// we’re voting you out .. you pick .. I don’t think she’s stupid enough to want to go home”

6:25pm Helen in the HOH pacing around saying “Please use it please use it… ” “Being HOH is exhausting.. seriously.. could it be any more exhausting than it already is.. how did i lose that I didn’t even come close.. I sucked really bad.. hopefully she saves herself.. Please use it””


6pm – 6:25pm In the havenot room – Howard talks Amanda and McCrae. McCrae asks Howard if he wants to pull Candice in with them. Howard says um no not really, I am in here alone. I would rather not. McCrae and Amanda say okay. Howard leaves. Amanda and McCrae question whether or not Kaitlin will even use the veto. (Kaitlin won the Power of Veto). The cameras switch to the other bedroom – Judd and Aaryn congratulate Kaitlin on winning the POV. Spencer talks about how they were up in the room for 4 and a half hours. Jeremy tells Kaitlin that he is proud of her. Kaitlin says thanks. Judd says that he bid on her to win. Jeremy asks if Kaitlin wants him to talk to them for her. Kaitlin says that she wants to talk to Helen alone. Kaitlin asks okay did he vote for David to go or stay? Jeremy says he voted for him to go. Kaitlin says okay he swore on the bible and said he didn’t. That means he’s word means nothing. He is untrustworthy. Kaitlin says that anyone that swears on the bible and goes back on it means his religion means nothing. Kaitlin brings up how Howard is now lying with Candice when he talked sh*t about her the first 2 weeks. Jeremy says that he will win the next HOH and let Helen have a strong hand in who goes up. Kaitlin says that Howard betrayed Helen. Kaitlin says that she can’t believe she won! I smoked everyone! Kaitlin says that Aaryn is pretty upset. You should go comfort her. Jeremy says I want to have $ex with her right now!

6:26pm Bedroom Aaryn and Gina

They are talking about KAitlin’s win. Aaryn thinks it’s because she weighed it out first. Aaryn says she broke one of the pegs and had to wait for them to fix it, “I hope it didn’t f*** up my time.. i had to wait for them to come fix it” Feeds are cut*****
Andy is in the room with them. Gina complaining about how crappy she did in the Power of Veto competition. Andy thinks she did great she came in third.


6:37pm bedroom Kaitlin saying that while she didn the POV competition “Three dudes were laughing at her”
*** Feeds cut***
Jeremy: ‘I’m so happy for your.. not only are you drop dead gorgeous you are a fighter and it’s turning me on”

Kaitlin: ‘I hope she takes into what I say into consideration.. I think she has a deal with Howard”

Jeremy says he talked to Helen and she told him she doesn’t accept 2 strikes and Jeremy thinks Howard has more strikes than him.

Kaitlin says she has so many good points to go over with Helen. Jeremy says be confident go in there and look her in the eye.. be confident and honest.

They start talking about the showmances this year
Amanda/McCrea, Judd/Jessie, David/Aaryn, Howard/Candace

Jeremy doesn’t call what they have is a showmance he calls it a romance. *-


6:30pm – 6:40pm Howard and Spencer are in the storage room talking. Spencer asks Howard if he is with Candice. Howard says no, we are just kicking it. Howard says that is what I just told them (Amanda, McCrae). Howard says its trouble if Aaryn and Jeremy stay. Spencer says if Kaitlin pulls herself off then Jeremy will go up and he will go home. Spencer tells Howard I did the right thing, if I go home then I am okay with that. Howard tells Spencer that he is always good with him. Howard says that he wants to make it clear that I am not associated with Candice from a game stand point at all. Spencer says I need 6 votes this week. Howard says it is going to be unanimous for Jeremy or Aaryn to go. Spencer says because moving company got split up it is like starting over week 1. Spencer says that he thinks he is good but that with everything that happened he is worried that they might not tell him. Spencer says that he would like to make it to at least Jury House. Spencer says if he is going home this week he just wants some notice so that he can do some shout outs to his girlfriend on national tv and to his employment for letting him take a leave to come out here. He says that if it’s his time he has no problem with it as long as they tell him ahead of time. Spencer asks Howard to just keep an eye out if he hears anything going down. Howard says that he will but since everyone pretty much knows we are together they probably wont let me in on it either. Howard and Spencer break up their conversation and leave the room.

6:40pm Gina and Howard are up outside the HOH room at the chess board. They talk about the fight the other night. Howard says that he appreciate her and Kaitlin apologizing but says that Aaryn never apologized. Gina talks about how she feels like she has to defend everyone but says she needs to let people fight their own battles.
6:45pm The camera switches to the lounge room where Andy, McCrae and Amanda are talking. Andy worries that he could be thrown up if Kaitlin uses the veto. He says that he doesn’t think it would happen but isn’t sure. Elissa joins them. McCrae says that someone needs to tell Kaitlin that she needs to use it. McCrae, Jeremy and Elissa all think she will use it but Amanda says she thinks she won’t because she knows Aaryn is a bigger target. Amanda says that is why I wanted Howard up so that if she didn’t use it we could send home the next biggest problem in here. Andy says that he wants Jeremy out of here! Andy says that he thinks Kaitlin is smarter than people give her credit for. Amanda says I don’t care if she doesn’t use it I will vote her a$$ out. McCrae, Amanda, Elissa says that they will too. Amanda says if she doesn’t use it and tries to protect Jeremy then she will always protect him. Judd joins them. He asks them what they are talking about. They all say him. They tell him that they wonder if Kaitlin will use the veto. Judd says that Kaitlin already said that she will use it.


6:49pm Bathroom Kaitlin and Aaryn
Kaitlin is going over her talking points to Helen, “I’m sorry for talking to you about this right now while you are in the shower”
“If Jeremy makes it to jury he will vote Helen final 2 she doesn’t know what Howard will do”
“howard beats around the bush doesn’t make full points”
“Howard was talking mad Sh!t about candace for 3 weeks but now is in a showmance because he needs the her”
Howard was conspiring to get Candace out and at one point pulled Kaitlin aside and got mad at her for getting close to Candace.
“howard swears on the bible”
She has 5 talking points to try save Jeremy.

Kaitlin knows that if anybody won POV and used it they would have taken spencer off the block and let Elissa get the blood on her hands.
kaitlin: ‘The fact now that it’s Helen (Who has to make the replacement choice) we have a better chance of her putting Howard up”

Kaitlin “Heres the thing I almost won HOH and I won’t the veto sending Jeremy home will put the fire under my ass if they are not scared of me before I’m sure they are now.. I have to back a deal with her now.. “


6:55pm bedroom KAitlin and Andy
Kaitlin is going over her 5 points. Andy is agreeing with them all but say Jeremy has been public enemy number one it’ll be hard to say Helen away from that. Kaitlin mentions that Jeremy can be trusted but it’s obvious that Howard cannot be. Andy think she needs to talk to Amanda and McCrea first to get their support then go up to speak to Helen. Kaitlin brings up Howard and how he sore on the Bible. Andy says out of everything Howard and his bible scares him the most because there are people in the house that are easily manipulated when religion is involved (Jessie and Elissa)
Andy: “He’s using his religion to manipulate people”
Andy adds that Helen putting anybody else other than Jeremy up would mean the house would target her.
Kaitlin wants to know if she has Andy’s back when she goes up to HOH. Andy says for sure.

Andy: ‘I think Howard is the most dangerous person in this game he is a rat and liar”
Kaitlin agrees
Andy: “He’s using religion against Elissa and Elissa is so religious we all wanted Howard up as MVP and Elissa would not put him up.. Elissa is so moldable”
Andy is worried that Helen made a deal with Helen and Elissa.

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Zingbot Fan

Last week I thought for sure Elissa was going to get voted out and the the entire house turned upside down in a week. I can’t wait to see what happens this week. I’m not sure what is going to happen this week. Amanda and McCrae may defect from Helen and start a new alliance.


Honestly Kaitlin and Jeremy are sorta impressing me right now, I hope they stay just to keep the game interesting. Plus I would much rather see Spencer or Howard go I’ve had about enough of them.


Jeremy’s been acting like a human being these last few days, true, but he really is a dufus at heart; I’d like him gone. I think I could warm to Kaitlyn maybe. And Helen is going to give herself a stroke if she doesn’t ease up on herself, good Lord, girl.


Im happy for Kaitlin.


Andy’s form of game play is rather intriguing he’s not quite floating and he’s not quite strictly strategically playing he’s doing an aggregation of the two. Somehow he’s been able to smooth it over with almost everyone in house his for the short term by gather information from one side and just regurgitating to another almost immediately and doing it discretely. He’s in with the girls simply because he’s like an extra “girlfriend” and guys aren’t intimidated by him because of mostly his stature. Andy almost seems to have chronicled the strong points and weak points of all the players in the house with his sly “walkthroughs” throughout the house and his conversations. And that’s why I was so perplexed as to why Andy was gunning for Howard so hard… it didn’t seem to me like he was gunning for him in fact the two have rarely talked towards one another. And that’s when I finally understood, I’d never read Howard or Andy literally address one another speaking… I mean not once.. Even last night on BBAD Howard only didn’t address Andy by name when going through his transgression in the HOH room.. The only thing i don’t understand is why? Does anyone know why the two don’t talk?


Also correct if I’m wrong but didn’t Howard swear on the bible that he voted with the house? not that he voted for David?


he said: I voted with the house


Howard said he swore on his religion, not his Bible and that is how it he is able to live with it. I disagree with his thinking and believe they are both the same!!!!


Think about it. Howard=bible and Andy is…….


Go Jeremy,
U go bonk that bimbo “a”,,

Jeremy's (Eddie Munster Widow's Peak)

Amanda will never try to get HOH or POV, as long as she has her biatch, Mcrae and can dictate to Elissa how to vote. Amanda tries to fly under the radar, just like her racist remarks are said under the radar.


Would’ve been sweet if Candice won, then when Jeremy went up, 4 bigots..


Helen don’t mess this up just put up Jeremy and all is well


After Thursday it will be 3 men down, 4 to go. Girl Power! :P LOL


Woo Kaitlin!! Way better than Aaryn winning and hopefully this gets either Aaryn/Spencer/Howard out.


Agreed, so sick of the anti jeremy/kaitlin/aaryn c!rclejerk that goes on around here, I’m rooting for all of them to stay now just so the people on this site(and others) continue to freak out, makes for interesting reading.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Hey Simon thanks for sticking with it for 5 hours for the update !!! I really appreciate it !!!

BTW if Kaitlyn doesnt use it would they actually vote her out or vote out Aryan?

I am not in favor of Jeremy staying or Kaitlyn for that matter too long but I truly believe if Kaitlyn plays her cards right she and Jeremy could stay and maybe work a deal with McCray and Amanda cause those two have been paranoid for the past 48 hours.

Yo What you think Simon?


5 hours for a comp when we know that the average time for the houseguests was under 10 minutes each? That’s craziness! Because they were mentioning Kaitlin’s winning time of 7.09, it made me think of the face morphing comp.


Kaitlin reminds me of Porsche from BB13. Does pretty good in competition, but terrible at strategy.


candice is suggesting threatening kaitlin will get helen anywhere? hope helen is smarter than that.

maybe elissa putting spencer up wasn’t so bad after all. helen can suggest howard will be the replacement nom, then backdoor jeremy instead. boy, would kaitlin and jeremy be pissed – can’t wait for helen and kaitlin to talk!


Kaitlin is the one to watch she almost won HOH and now she’s got POV. She’s becoming a threat in this game. It would be good for someone from the other side side to align with her because it’s just a matter of time before she has power.


Not if she doesn’t use the veto. If she doesn’t they should vote her out, then she won’t be a threat.


If she doesn’t use it hell yeah she deserves to be voted off but I have a feeling she’s smarter than that.
If she’s a BB fan then surely she knows about Marcellas, and even if she didn’t it’s pretty much common sense she has to save herself since it’s her own head on the chopping block.


She’s on the block so she is most definitely using it!


Verdict Reached in Zimmerman trial!!!


Kaitlin reminds me of Porsche, she does good I’m competition but bad in strategy


I would like to see a super alliance of Kaitlin, Helen, Amanda, Elissa and Candace. Kaitlin because she’s good at competitions, Helen is smart and strategic, Amanda also very intelligent and really playing the game (yes I know, people don’t like her but I do), Elissa because , well, she’ll be the MVP on their side; and Candace because she also seems to have a good handle on the game, I mean she guessed right that there was an all boy alliance in the house.


You might be right but I see it as a lose lose alliance that you are proposing. Elissa is America’s sweetheart and gets the MVP, but she is a weak player and weak at comps. Amanda is a bully and it will start turning off people, plus she is weak at comps. Candice is a strategic thinker but no one listens to her. She was telling everyone since week one that there was an all boy alliance, but it was ignored. Plus Candice has not won any comps. Helen is pretty smart but overbearing. She is a strong player but she is trying to play an honest game with dishonest people. Your last choice, Kaitlin, I don’t see that works. Candice and Elissa do not like Kaitlin. So I don’t see how those two would ever trust Kaitlin. Nope I don’t see how that would work. Sounds like you want Girl Power, but that’s not the right mix of girls and I am not sure there is a right mix of only girls in BB.


Me too, Queen Bee. I think Helen and Amanda’s combined brainpower would be formidable. But two things stop it: Amanda is the “100% Solo Queen Bee” type, and she neither wants nor needs Helen’s (or anyone’s) perspective. Amanda also plays a far more personal, emotional game than Helen. Helen plays better with the other kids in the sandbox than Amanda. In truth, she doesn’t need Amanda’s opinion, either. Helen hasn’t missed a trick yet. Has any BB HG ever been better at “smoking out the truth?” It’s like she gives the other HGs truth serum, or something! And Helen smartly keeps throwing out the, “Wow, I was so naive about things” to the other HGs, to keep selling her “Golly gee whiz, I’m just a superfan, just happy to be here, wife and mother” angle. But Helen hasn’t missed a trick yet. Regrettably, I see Helen and Amanda as two supernovas, heading right for one another…..

George Zimmerman

FREE, FREE AT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

If you truly mean that then you are a sick person and no better than Aryan because not to bring politics into it but he got off because of a corrupt Republican law so I truly hope you have a sick sense of humor rather than meaning that.


Because every innocent “child” beats a man’s head into the concrete sidewalk. Race shouldn’t have anything to do with it. George Zimmerman should’ve stayed in his car, but by law Trayvon was commiting a felony by attacking Zimmerman in such a way that could kill him. Legally having a concealed carry permit, Zimmerman is protected by the law. It’s tragic that a teen had to die over this, but its also ignorant to think any side was completely innocent.

Now can we keep this website about Big Brother?


I will never go to Florida because apparently you can carry a gun, stalk a child (yes 17 is still a child) and kill this child and be found not guilty in a court of law. Unbelievable!!!!


Damn, might not want to walk in the wrong neighborhood with some skittles and a arizona in Florida while “black”, might get murdered.. If the same situation where a black person shot an innocent white kid, they would be doing life in prison…. No Justice, Just US.


Don’t wan’t yall in Florida


It’s a travesty. I’m Canadian; we have our own social troubles, but I doubt he’d have gotten off up here. I just don’t get the racial intensity in the States, this BB stuff alone is somewhat shocking.


He most definitely would not have gotten off in Canada, No way!


There are truly some sick people behind these screens on the Internet. Why are you on a Big Brother website that?


I wonder what Helen’s next move is going to be and if she’s going to put up Howard or attempt to get Jeremy out. The recaps are great but for some reason I’m not really getting where Helen stands on some of it and whether she wants to check Jeremy out or Howard??? Maybe I’ll check out After Dark tonight.


Enjoy your freedom George. Congrats


Will Kaitlin and Jeremy and McManda be able to convince Helen and Elissa that Howard should go this week over Jeremy? That’s the big question.

If anything crazy happens, it will happen before or during the veto ceremony. Kaitlin takes herself off and Howard goes up. From that point on, if that happens, not saying it will, Howard for sure is going home. Amanda would bully people into voting him out. The only person who’s game that would really hurt is Candice’s and Spencer’s.


I have to disagree because…….. Amanda won’t like the name McManda. You see since she doesn’t believe that woman was made from man’s rib and she likes to be in control I’m sure she would like Amancrae, AmMc, Amanrae, or a variation involving her name in the forefront. In fact she would probably prefer the use of just Amanda when referring to her showmance as McCrae has no real power…


Aryan will be celebrating tonight……….Zimmerman walks.


Man……..PLEASE HELEN, DO NOT FU¢K THIS UP!!!!!! Put up Jeremy & send his nasty a$$ packin! I don’t know why, but I have this sneaking suspicion that someone(McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Kaitlin or Jeremy) will get in Helen’s ear & she’ll end up putting up Howard. Who is not even a threat to her. Bc for some crazy reason, that “side” likes to panic & freakout(even when they have the power). It’s ridiculous. Just get out the ppl you originally wanted to take out(Jeremy or Aaryn). U know, the ppl that are coming after u. And plz don’t give yourself unnecessary targets by trying to take out your own. PLAY SMART!

***Sidenote: if Kaitlin’s dumb enough to not use the veto, then she absolutely needs to go home. Just for being that stupid. Although if I were in there voting & she didn’t use it, I’d still vote out Aaryn just bc I dislike her more. Lol. But I’d like to c them vote her out for not using it:)


I hope so…..I would love to see Jeremy gone or Aaryn


Why are they tripping on kaitlyn not using POV. She is on the block, of course she’ll use it!


hellen is going to tell katlin she’s putting up howard and she will put up JEREMY watch this … hellen will talk about howard how he is the target but she will say he’s a liar but i love hellen because there no doubt jeremy goes up … the house will be spilt between which one is the lesser evil jeremy or AARYN lol evil is evil


I think Helen will be honest about it. It will put her in a better position with Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GM. Helen could tell Kaitlin that if Jeremy goes up, it really could be either Aaryn or Jeremy going home. It would be up to the house to decide.


Aaryn, is not the threat. Aaryn may be a lot things but she’s a weak player. The Good Girl Alliance is in panic mode. They are giving Kaitlin way to much power with this POV win. So Kaitlin says she can’t do that to Jeremy and let him get backdoored. So vote out Kaitlin, unlike Aaryn, she can win comps and is loyal to Jeremy. If Kaitlin uses the POV then vote out Jeremy. However, all this panic if Kaitlin will use the POV or not gives way to much power to Kaitlin.


The best thing for Helen to do will be to put up Jeremy. Anything else and she will cause a stir in the house. Even if the “mean girls” win HOH and nominate her, her side still has the numbers. That is as long as her side sticks together…which I’m afraid it may not.


helen is vindictive, manipulative and absolutely ruthless


I bet Kaitlyn is stupid enough to takes herself and replacing Jeremy as a nominee. I would love see her face stunned. Bye bye Jeremy or Aaryn.


oh god. helen musr be one of the weakest players ever. she says: i cant go against the houes. jeremy is the target. but i want to work with you kaitlen. how stupid is that. at that point kaitleen should have said: ok we can work together. thx. i will not use it.


I think Helen is sticking with the Jeremy scenario but telling everyone what they want to hear, esp Kaitlin, Aaryn and Germ to get them all comfy. Helen is not a fool, I think she is methodical.


Howards got to go. Jeremy is more trustworthy than him.


I’m sorry but Hellen is making too many promises to save people it’s ridiculas like Hellen your only hoh for a week
And stop the crying its annoying


LOL. and now helen tells her aaryn is target no 2. insane. so kaitleen is save anyway.


Does Amanda remind anyone else of “Howard’s” mother from “Big Bang”?


Quote from Vince McMahon: Aaryn screw Aaryn or Jeremy screw Jeremy


George Zimmerman found not guilty and now Howard maybe leaving the house. Tabolids are gonna grow even more now…

Charlie Hustle

Kaitlyn will not risk herself for her showmance. That would be bold and would probably work, but it is more gutsy and very rare in BB. Nobody likes it on the block and Everyone protects themselves.


tender and touching moment by jeremy consoling Kaitlin… ok.. now go home sir.


“Andy is worried that Helen made a deal with Helen and Elissa.”

I assume you meant she made a deal with Howard here, Simon?


Ok…Aryan, oops I mean Aaryn…claims that she has never made in racial, anti-gay & anti-Asian comments. This is very sad, it is quite obvious that her behavior has been ingrained in her through her parents. She is only 22, and has not had enough time to become this way by herself. Her friends, family and community know they are at the top of the food chain. Aaryn has been conditioned to believe it is ok to say anything to anyone, doesn’t matter how hurtful her comments may be. It’s just really sad to see such a young beautiful woman be so delusional and to unaware that she is behaving horribly. Just really, really sad…but whether its this week or in the coming weeks, reality is going to sucker punch her really hard once she is evicted. Before jury, we hope.


Does Amanda remind anyone else of Howard’s mother from Big Bang Theory?

Here's an Idea

Kaitlin uses to POV to take herself off the block.
Helen replaces her with Gina M.
BB15 TWIST (Double Elimination)
Bye, Bye Aaryn and Gina M.

I truly believe that Howard is playing a good game. Yes, he should have never lied on the Bible and he will have to deal with his conscience on that one. Everyone else in that house has lied and swears at some point or another.


It’s a pet peeve of mine when HG constantly misuse words. They keep calling Howard a rat. Howard is not a rat. McCrea is a rat. 5 guy got together and work the game, then one of them went to his girlfriend and ratted out the group. That wasn’t Howard. That wasn’t Spencer. That wasn’t Jeremy. The only rat in the house is McCrea.

And I’m neither defending Howard, nor castigating McCrea…but if you’re going to keep calling somebody a name, make sure it fits. Howard was MC from day 1 and 2…then Spencer conned him and McCrea to dump Nick and then McCrea turned rat. Those are just the facts.


As soon as Jeremy is sent home, Helen will be the biggest target in the house and the way this season has been going the final 4 will be Jessie, Candice, Elissa & Gina Marie.


Simon, I enjoy reading this site but please delete those that try to politicize it-ie response to George Zimmerman verdict, and thank your lucky stars that you’re Canadiens.