POV Holder: McCRAE Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: McCrae and Ginamarie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL

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10:55am – 12:55pm The Big Brother 15 live feeds were blocked for the Power Of Veto competition. All of the 5 remaining house guests (Judd, Andy, Spencer, Ginamarie and McCrae) competed to win the Veto. When the Live Feeds return we learn that McCrae WON the POV!

1pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer and McCrae are up in the HOH room talking. Spencer tells McCrae that he doesn’t really want to get involved in it on who to keep. He says that they are probably going to try and campaign to you. McCrae says that Judd already started campaigning to me. Spencer says yeah that’s why I called you up here. I want you and Andy to come to a consensus. I will go with whatever you two decide. McCrae says final fucking 4! Spencer says that Ginamarie and Judd could blow up this week. Andy joins them. Spencer tells Andy that he wants McCrae and him to decide who goes home this week. Andy says that there are so many pros and cons to keeping both. Andy asks why was Judd so pissed when you won? McCrae says that he said he would so that it wouldn’t look suspicious. McCrae says I am going to tell them both I am keeping them. The can compare stories and it will be the same for each. Spencer says we could keep it all guys like we talked about or.. Andy says Ginamarie is all broken. Spencer says yeah but she doesn’t give up! Andy says which one could we beat easier. McCrae says it comes down to who could win the before/after HOH competition coming up because they would send one of us home.

Judd fingering the camera after losing the veto comp:



1:10pm Judd joins Andy, Spencer and McCrae in the HOH room. Just before Judd comes into the room Spencer asks so what are we talking about when Judd comes in. McCrae says the competition. They talk about the POV competition. IAN TERRY the winner of Big Brother 14 hosted the competition. Spencer and Judd comment how they could tell Ian liked McCrae. Judd says he didn’t like me much. When ever I talked to him he didn’t really care to talk to me. Andy and McCrae head down to comfort Ginamarie who is crying. Judd talks to Spencer and says he doesn’t want to go home. Spencer tells Judd that he doesn’t want him to go anywhere. You need to talk to Andy and McCrae and convince them they need to keep you. Judd asks so there is no way you would consider putting up Andy? Spencer says I would consider it. Judd says that Ginamarie and I wouldn’t vote out Andy. Judd says that he is really worried that if I go up they would scheme up a plan to get rid of me because Ginamarie is so beat up. Spencer says you have weaknesses to play up too how you get over heated in comps like today and the Zingbot one.

1:15pm – 1:20pm Andy and McCrae are in the bedroom talking. Andy says that Ginamarie has been in the dark most of the game. Andy says that he thinks Judd could win the game. McCrae says one of us needs to win HOH because if we don’t the other one will be going home if we don’t win the veto. Andy says I would much rather it was us in the end. I would rather go against a formidable opponent. McCrae agrees and says if you take Spencer people will think you are trying to take the easy way out. Andy asks so do we tell Judd or Gina ..or do we keep them in the dark? If we tell them, they could blow up. Andy says I really want to see how broken Ginamarie is. Andy and McCrae head to the kitchen where Judd and Spencer are. Andy comments that Ginamarie is going to need stitches. McCrae says I am still so excited about meeting Ian.

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: FREE 2 DAY TRIAL


1:20pm In the kitchen – Judd, Andy and Spencer are standing around. Spencer asks Andy why he doesn’t change out of the costume. Andy says because I look pretty. Judd says I don’t want to go home! Andy says you’re not Judd. McCrae comes back down from getting his water bottle from the HOH room. McCrae and Spencer comment on how Gina win need stiches. Spencer asks what if they tell her she can’t play any more? McCrae says they won’t, the next competitions aren’t physical.


CBS Interactive Inc.

1:30pm Up in the HOH room – Andy talks to Spencer. Andy says my gut is to keep Ginamarie over Judd. She is broken. Spencer says but she doesn’t give up! Andy says but I think Judd will get sneaky and cut one of us. Spencer says I think Judd does want to stay with the exterminators. Spencer says I just don’t want one of them to spill the beans about the exterminators. Andy says maybe once we figure out who to keep we sit McCrae down and tell him. Spencer says we would just need to down play it. Judd could be down there right now telling him. I don’t think Gina would spill it in a million years. Andy says he thinks Judd will beat us in the end. Spencer says Ginamarie could too. Andy says McCrae is such a good competitor I am scared to be in the final 4 with him now. Andy says that’s why if we are honest with him I think he would stay faithful to us. Spencer says that is why I think we need to cut Judd. Spencer says final four strategy is over, it’s down to who we can beat. Spencer comments it could be good to send Ginamarie to jury for Amanda. Andy says I am scared if we don’t tell McCrae about the exterminators, then someone else will. Spencer says I just think it would make our alliance look pu$$y. Spencer says Judd knows his dates better than Ginamaire. Andy says he does, Ginamarie has to count on her hands. Spencer says I don’t want it to be a situation next week with you and me on the block and Ginamarie to decide who goes. Andy says us telling McCrae first about the exterminators will make him trust us more. Spencer says how do we explain him being on the block. Andy says McCrae just can’t win the next HOH. Spencer says yeah in a perfect world I would want you to win HOH and Veto. Spencer asks what should I tell Judd. Andy says just tell him he is safe no matter what. Andy and Spencer head downstairs.
In the bathroom – McCrae and Judd are talking about past events of the season. McCrae tells Judd that he honestly thought it was the end of his game when he had to vote out Judd. McCrae heads to the bedroom to change. Spencer comes down and pulls Judd into the lounge room. Spencer tells Judd – Andy said he would vote to keep you if you went up.
1:50pm Ginamarie comes out of the diary room hobbling. Andy helps her up to the HOH room. Andy leaves her at the door and goes back down stairs. Andy goes down to the kitchen and tells them that he is so over Ginamaire – I know she is faking it! Ginamarie thinks he is still there and says thanks Andy, I didn’t know who else to call. She then looks around and says oh no ones here. Ginamarie goes out of the HOH room and asks for the saran wrap. Spencer brings it up and Ginamarie goes into the bathroom to saran her bandaged up leg so she can take a shower.

In the kitchen Spencer tells Judd that this is the perfect time to cut Ginamarie. Andy said he will keep you. Judd says I want McCrae gone though!! I want him gone!! Judd says I wanted to cuss Ian out before it started! Spencer says Ian just roots for the underdog. Andy talks to Judd in the kitchen. Judd says that he didn’t understand the puzzle and even tried to copy McCrae’s but still couldn’t get it.

1:55pm – 2:15pm In the rainbow room – Andy tells Judd that he is being 100% honest with him when he says he want to keep him. Andy says but I know that Gina will 100% take me to the final two. If we keep you and you will get rid of McCrae right? Judd says yes, that has been my mission. Judd says McCrae said he would keep me but I think he would definitely vote me out. Andy disagrees. Judd says I just have a feeling I am going home. Andy says I just need to know that you will vote him out. Judd says yes! I talked so much sh*t about him. I want revenge on him. When he sees this season he is going to hate me for all the sh*t I talked about him. Andy says I newly trust you but I’ve had trust in Gina for a long time. Judd says I will give you my bear shirt. Andy says you don’t need to do that. Judd says if we can’t beat McCrae next week, we don’t deserve to be here. Andy tells Judd that the exterminators secret can not get out. If Ginamarie knows she is going home I don’t want her to be pissed and say something. Judd agrees and says we have to keep her from saying anything.


2pm – 2:15pm Up in the HOH room – Gina is crying about ever since she lost Nick she’s had no one to fully trust. She tells Spencer that he is her new Nick. Spencer says we both have a good shot at this. Spencer says I love Andy and I like Judd. Gina comments that Judd was helping McCrae in the veto. She says Judd told McCrae one of his pieces was upside down. Spencer says he wants Judd to get called into the diary room so that I can tell him if Judd tells McCrae about the exterminators we will just deny it all. I think we should just tell Judd he is safe all week just so he doesn’t spill the beans. Then he will go out shocked and we can just deny anything if he says anything about it. Spencer tells Gina she is good at competitions which scares him if she isn’t with him. Spencer tells Gina that she could win this. Gina cries and says I just want to go home with something. Spencer says don’t worry I wont tell anyone about our conversation. Spencer tells Gina that he will tell Judd he wants McCrae and Andy to decide who goes. Spencer says I am not some bullsh*t deal maker, this is solid to the end. Gina and Spencer shake hands. Gina heads downstairs to rest.


2:20pm – 2:30pm In the rainbow room – Judd, Andy and Gina talk about the Veto. Gina says the exterminators really messed up today. Andy puts his costume and cape back on for a diary room session. Judd says I am not putting mine back on, over my dead body! I don’t care.


2:30pm – 2:40pm McCrae heads up to the HOH room to take a shower. McCrae says Judd is already campaigning to me. I don’t want to tell him anything because I know he will use it against me. Spencer says you know if Judd knows he is going him he will be making deals and lies. McCrae agrees. Spencer says our guy alliance (Spencer, McCrae and Andy) is the best final three. McCrae agrees. McCrae says Andy and I were talking and if its Judd going home we can’t tell him anything but if it’s Ginamarie we could tell her. Spencer and McCrae say they will talk more later. Spencer goes down and talks to Judd in the living room. He tells Judd if he goes up he needs to just stay calm and cool. Spencer says that GM is broken and messed up. The worst thing you can do is freak out. Judd says yeah. Spencer leaves. Spencer comes back and tells if McCrae doesnt want to keep you.. you’ve got to make sure Andy does. Judd complains again about not wanting to put the suit back on. (He’s being a big baby.) Judd says maybe I will get a penalty nom. I don’t care I am not putting it on. Spencer says I don’t think they would go that far. Spencer heads back up to the HOH room to listen to his cd.


2:50pm – 2:55pm Judd head up to the HOH room to talk with Spencer. They talk about Judd and Ginamarie’s injuries. Spencer complains that Gina has had a broken toe for a week and they haven’t done anything about it and now they say she needs stiches but they aren’t giving her them. He says I don’t understand why they can’t just bring in a doctor to give them to her. Big Brother switches the cameras to downstairs. Spencer tells Judd again to just be cool this week. Andy joins them. They talk about Judd and Gina’s injuries. Andy and Spencer ask how they even got hurt. Spencer says he couldn’t even touch his toes where Gina hit her knees. Judd leaves the room in a huff and says he is going to bed. Spencer and Andy talk about denying the exterminators alliance if Judd spills it to McCrae. Andy tells Spencer about his conversation with Judd how he told Judd he would keep him over Gina. Spencer says this is where I am at. I think I want to keep Gina. Andy says you know where I am at because Gina is a vote for me so I want to make sure you are okay with it because you are HOH.


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Amanda's Yeast Infection



Simon or Dawg, maybe one of you can explain this to me. Running the risk of sounding dumb, the situation this year is that the math doesn’t quite work for me. I know that it was announced that there would be 9 jurors this year… Okay, so, there were 4 when Judd came back because essentially he was swopped with Helen. Aaryn, Amanda, and Elissa have all been evicted now, so that is 7. 2 more will be going this week to get it to final 3, that will be 9…. So what is going to be done with the 3rd place finisher? Can’t be a juror if there are only 9!?!? You see what I’m getting at, or did I miss something?


Never mind, there were only 3 to begin with, for some reason, I was thinking that Howard was there!! Problem solved….DUH!!!!

Judd is such a loser

Judd is a pathetic dickhead. I swear if I have to listen to his incessant whining any more about how he thinks he deserves to win I’m going to puke. The asshole already lost. He was voted out fair and square. No way in a million years did he deserve a second chance. CBS was wrong to bring someone back. So unfair. That being said, he is a turd. He is a shady scum ball who is dumber than dirt, rude and cocky. His ass should have been so out of there the second he got the gift of coming back. It will be so sweet if it’s his ass booking out the door, and even sweeter if he is blind-sided, the arrogant piece of shit.

An Answer

There are six in jury now – two this week = 8 Leaving 3 in the house – the 9th jury member is one of the final 3.


You did your math wrong. Candice, Jessie, Helen, Arryn, Amanda, Elissa are only six. Three more from this group of five will join them.


4 including both Judd and Helen. The jury is currently Candice, Jessie, Helen, Aaryn, Amanda and Elissa


Candice and Jessie are also in the jury house. Special eviction this Wednesday and this Thursday. After Thursday will be the final 3 and the 9th juror will join Jury House on finale night, September 18


Candice, Jessie , Helen Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa that’s 6 this week will make 2 more make 8 and the third placer will be number 9


Thanks guys, but if you’d kept reading, you’d see that I had already answered myself before any comments were made..


Double Yeah!!!!!


McCrae’s gonna win the game. How distressing…


My man Ian Terry from BB14! It was like yesterday, when you stood up to Frank and gave him the famous birdy.

I prefer u, J U Double D. I wish I can come in the house and lay right next to u, dude…

Todd Crane

I’m so happy McCrae won! Now exterminate yourselves, exterminators!!! I guess GM is going to be evicted now.

Todd Crane

I forfgot to say that eventhough they’re going to probably evict GM, I would love for Spencer to put Andy up and evict him. That would be his biggest move.


I don’t see Spencer putting up Andy, but I hope GM and Judd both rat Andy out to McCrae!

One Hurt Puppy

GM is so banged up – toe, knee and probably a really deep cut – it would be wild to see her beat the boys and then leave the house in a wheelchair. She’s not my favorite, but seeing her win despite all her accidents would be entertaining.


gina kinda goes crazy if you mess with her but for a 33 year old women that bikini picture im sure no guy would btch about that in there bed just saying

GM is disgusting to look at

I would, RSW. I think GM is uglier than shit. Literally. Maybe with a lot of make-up she could pass for a pile of dog vomit. But most nights when she is not wearing make-up she is hideous. Like a human rat with that odd long nose. Then there’s her ass. Bigger than a football field. I mean her ass is so big that wherever she goes there should be a ‘wide load’ sign hanging up front. I won’t even talk about her shitty attitude, stupidity, or ignorant racist mind. So, sorry, RSW, I beg to differ with you. In my opinion if GM was the last woman on earth the population would cease to exist. Ugh. A total piece of shit to look at.

Suzi Q

But…..Spencer LOVES Andy….he said it himself!
yuck yuck yuck!!! AND Andy looks pretty in his costume!
OMG!! Plz! McPussy finally USE. ….. some B A L L S!!
Shake-up….this crazy fuc**n BORING game!

Roisin Dubh

You know it’s a shitty season when getting rid of Andy is a big move.


Andy Up And Out!!! Although, I’m Sure He’s Considered Dog Sht In Jury By Now.


And with all who are watching – well said 🙂


My guess is Judd goes up and goes home.

If MC is smart here he splits the vote and makes spencer send one of them go thus potentially losing a jury vote if he goes to final 2. MC def has some leverage here.


Spencer: Hey Andy, Have you ever been mistaken for a man?

Andy: Very funny. But I’ve always been the odd one. When my brothers and I played cowboys and Indians, I was always the Chinese railroad worker.

Kelli Jo




Henny Youngman

Boom! From the grave!


Lurker….. that has got to be one of the funniest comments I’ve read in a very long time. Was trying to read it to my wife and every time I came upon the ” I was always the Chinese railroad worker ” part I couldn’t read it. Just looking at it made me laugh. It took at least 5 times and a time out before I could read the punch line.

Excellent post !

50,000 comedians out of work...

Dumb joke. As usual, Lurker.


BB15 White Trash Edition


Ok it was funny the first time I read it — like seven boards ago. Can’t you come up with new material?

New Slogan Please

Thanks Opinion – someone needed to say it!


When the downs pass the ups the poll goes away.

Danity Kane

LOL @ how rigged it is.
They decided that it would be too obvious if Amanda won, so they decided they would rig it for McCrae to win the game instead.
I honestly am not watching the rest of the season it’s so stupid. The worst final 5 ever.


How exactly does that work? Amanda isn’t in need of any money sooo besides winning the game what exactly did she need from the show?

It’s WICKED obvious that the hoh and veto at the double eviction were set up to keep MC around… You know, with him not winning the veto and taking his sweet time finding two buried keys in a haystack that even GM could do had she been participating.

I like a good conspiracy theory as any but you’re reaching for the stars with this.


mccrae was the only one that had 2 bones or keys everyone else only had one under there so they would never find the second one that’s how you fix a comp were nobody knows and it didn’t look obvious I called it before they said go


I thought Elissa was the one who didn’t need the money. She is kicking ass in the Americas favorite poll. CRAZY!


It’s not called “big brother house guest that needs money the most”? I really don’t see why people worry about that so much. That’s not really the point of the game. And not the point of “America’s favorite”, the title is self explanatory.


So tired of people saying that this one and that one don’t need the money, have they forgotten that its a game???

Raid bug spray

BTW McCrae, if we can believe…what he does, for a job?

Suzi Q

WTF! So they rigged IT….. for Amanda, Elissa and now McPussy? Don’t think so!! McP has played his A** OFF!!!
THAT DAMN DEAD WEIGHT – AMANDA – HOLDING HIM BACK!! There is no future with her, he needs to win!

🙂 GOOOOooooo McPussy! U CAN WIN THE $$$!!!

BTW Raggedy Andy the ball-bag…..MUST GO!!


Shut your mouth Suzie Q! You are dumb, Amanda was his shield for the entire game, she aka they, controlled almost all evictions since day one!! And I trully believe that he is fighting his heart out for her right now.

Suzi Q

Excuse me….fuck face! You have your opinions!
I DO,TOO!! Don’t like it here … GO AWAY!
He used her – for a meat shield! WTF?
MR/MS …. ” NO NAME ” …. BACK – OFF!!
BTW? Are you also – the chicken sh!? …. LOSER ….
Buffalo Bill?


Lol like I said, you are so dumd! And just so you know I will take my “name“ any day before calling myself a fat slotty Asian person name. Lol

Suzi Q

Correction to “name”: 1) dumd correct spelling is DUMB
2) slotty is SLUTTY
ALSO, FOR YOUR INFORMATION!! “Suzi Q” is a nickname!
My dearly departed grandmother,whom died at the
age of 103, called me Suzi Q !!
NO! I am not Asian. BUT, WHAT IF I WAS? ASIAN?


Sorry I do not give a shit about my spelling on a cellular conversation with you or your grandmother for that matter! Your DUMB! LOL


O and for the “Asian thing”, you should really Google Suzi Q! LOL


LOL just Google Suzi Q!!


Remember the other day when Andy told spencer Elissa was tryin to flip the house but not to worry cause before sure wasnt changing his vote? Remember how he masterminded the idea that IF he was WILLING to do this for HIS allience that he had to act “shock” and pin his vote on Elissa so MC doesn’t come after him?

Remember Spencer’s short pause (not cause he figured it out but because he’s a rurally too slow) so Andy replies with “does that make sense?”

My response would been fuck no it don’t make sense. Unless your Andy and this keeps both sides of the house from coming at you. Like this white lie doesn’t benefit anyone but Andy and if I’m with him in an allience I wonder to my self why he can’t just commit to me and be done with it.

The reason is cause he CAN’T and WON’T commit cause he needs to flock to who has the power.


I NEVER understood that, either. The entire Exterminator alliance was in on that idea, too, and I kept thinking — shouldn’t they care that he wants to make it look like he’s with McCrae? Furthermore, wouldn’t McCrae also notice that nobody was up in arms about Andy’s alleged vote to KEEP Amanda, whom everyone else wanted out?

Hasn’t this whole season been about voting with the house?

How did NOBODY figure this out? I don’t want Andy to win, mostly because saying he’s the best player in this house isn’t really giving him a compliment, but geez. It’s hard to argue that there’s anyone else worth winning it. :-/


Why was GM okay with Andy making a show of pretending to apologize to her regarding the vote too? He was hoping that McCrae would overhear from the kitchen, but if his hard sell to the other three is just that he’s keeping McCrae in the dark about the Exterminators so that he doesn’t have to play as hard in the comps, that doesn’t really work. Just because he doesn’t know the name of their alliance, doesn’t mean he doesn’t know there’s alliances going on. It is Big Brother after all. Why would they so fully commit to Andy working both sides of the game? I dont see how Andy has any chance at winning when everyone knows how much he’s backstabbing everyone else.


I am glad I am not the only one to think since the whole rigging it for amanda thing came out that they were going to be sending her packing but making mccrea win so amanda can still get the money and since she had him whipped you all know all that money will go to her and her plastic surgery and next fe we see her on something she won’t even look human anymore

Roisin Dubh

Looks like Judd or GM is packing up and leaving. So much for the exterminators, bunch of weasels.


Happy McCrea won

the last word



At this point, never thought I’d say this, I’m rooting for McCrae. Even tho he almost never bathes, he’s the least revolting of the bunch. He says way fewer gross, vulgar things. All of these others are way too horrible in what they say. I would hate for any of the others getting rewarded for the stuff that they spew.

McCrae never even supported Amanda in her despicable rants. Never defended her in her ridiculous fights. Yes, he’s passive, but it got him laid, allowed him to sleep all summer and he’s still now in the final four. Good for him.

It is sad that it’s come down to rooting for the least vulgar, gross mouthed player, but that’s the way the season has gone.


I am glad McCrae won as well, even though he made a stupid move in voting out Elissa. Had he kept her he would still have her on his side 100% against Andy the Rat! He needs to win the next H.O.H. or Veto to survive to final “3”. I don’t like GM so I would rather see a final “3” of McCrae, Andy & Spencer . I think McCrae has a good shot against them “2” in final “3”. I doubt they will want this since they all know if McCrae make is to final “3” he will beat them & also they know he will more likely have more jury votes than them as well. IMO

Teri B

OF COURSE HE DID…..McPussy will probably win this effing thing now. HATE THIS SEASON. Simon and Dawg, thank you SO much for making it easy to not watch this debacle of a season.


It didn’t need to be rigged for McCrae to win veto this week. GM has her foot injury, Judd is beaten up by the drill sarge exercises, Spencer is useless and that only leaves Andy, who is not the best competitor. It was smart for the house to get out the strong competitors early in the game, and that is one of the reasons why there is such an odd crew remaining in the end this year.


Way to go McCrae! Spencer, what a wuss. Make your own damn mind up. step up and play for yourself.

Roisin Dubh

That’s why I don’t see Spencer or Andy winning it. they’ve hidden behind everyone for so long that they have no clue how to play up front.


I just really hope McCrae wakes up and realize Andy has been playing him. And I think Judd will tell him in order to keep himself safe if he goes on the block. I think it will come down to Spencer breaking the tie if Judd is on the block because Judd is not going to just lay down and die, and neither will GM. I think Andy is going to be ousted this week, which may force Spencer to choose sides to insure his own safety for next week.


Man, those three (Andy, Judd and Spencer) don’t seem to have one brain btw them. They give inbreeding a bad name!


What Mind? If he had one what good would it do him? He’s been allowing someone to think for him and speak for him since the Moving Company dismantled.

Spencer's grandad

Spencer is known back home as a slug!
We didn’t expect MUCH – out of him!
The boy has always been………SLOW……..A S…….MOLASSES


Spencer put up Andy please


Hoping Judd goes home!! I can’t see GM or MC putting up Andy and Spenser so it don’t matter. One of them needs to go home.


Crap. Hope Judd is eliminated.


I’d hoped McCrae would win – just wish Spencer would put Andy up, but since that won’t happen next best thing would to see GM walk out the door. If they want to be worried about who will win a before or after comp then they should vote out Andy.

In honor of McCrae’s POV win I was able to make a small donation. Wish it could be more, but I may be able to make another donation before the season is over. I really appreciate how much work ya’ll put in to this. Thanks!!

Stupid Move

Idiots! Why did they nominate McCrae? All they had to do was not put him on the block and then reassure him that he was safe. Then, he wouldn’t have tried so hard to win the veto and they could have backdoored him.



Spencer needs to make that decision himself. Ugh. I have zero respect for his game.


Completely agree with you! This was Spencer’s one and only chance to make a big move. “Spencer tells McCrae that he doesn’t really want to get involved in who to keep……Spencer says I want you and Andy to come to a consensus.” I’ve watched every season of Big Brother and never has a HOH been so pathetic. Hoping to win BB on the platform of “I was nominated more than anyone else” is a joke… about you get rid of Andy so that you can claim at least one strategic decision?


Absolutely agree! Luck got Spencer this far. The rest of the house needed a pansy and a pawn and he fit the bill perfectly. He has done nothing worthy of winning. I hope he doesn’t win this. I hope he goes next.

Spencer's grandad

Thank you! Thank you!
( Spencer never learned much in juvenile hall! )


Glad to hear, at least the House will be crazy this week……. Go McCrae….


Now that McCrae won, Judd should go to him and tell him about the Exterminators. Tell him that he should put Andy up since Andy could really win this game. Then Andy goes up, Judd votes to evict him, Spencer will vote to evict GM, and since we have a tie, McCrae will vote to evict Andy. ANd then the Rat will be out.


And of course Judd can tell McCrae that Andy was the one that made Amanda go home.

We'll See

Good point, but is Judd smart enough to figure it out? Will the DR help? Will Andy guess this move? So many questions, but at least people are talking game.


I agree, McCrae is so stupid he still is clueless that Andy is the Huge Rat this season. Judd would be well advised to let McCrae know the truth…


Wait, does McCrea get to choose his replacement nom or Spencer??

An Answer

Spencer aka Andy.


Sorry, I should have said Spencer gets to nominate Andy and gets to be the deciding vote to evict him.

Um what

I’m sorry not trying to be a smart A## but spencer can not vote he is Hoh

HOH Vote

He votes if it’s a tie and that’s a possibility.


Spencer is HOH so he would vote to break the tie, not MC…..what a Wuss Spencer is, he’s HOH but he wants Andy and MC to decide who goes up??? I hope GM or Judd tells MC that Andy voted Amanda out and they were all in on it.


you are confused mccrae won veto not hoh


McCrae does not choose who goes up Spencer does and Spencer will not put up Andy. That should be a red flag to the others.


EXCUSE Me BUT what are you talking about????McCrae won POV not HOH. He doesn’t get to put anyone up. He can only take himself off. Spencer has to pick the replacement! I do agree it would be awesome if Spencer backdoored Andy. It would be the best move of the season. If Spencer does it I would almost want him to win. Backstabbing the Backstabber is the best.


Well so at least this makes things slightly, slightly, slightly interesting this week.




Another great aspect of this is McCrae will probably finally hear about “The Exterminators” as either GM or the other one nominated will spill the beans to stay in the house……


Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.


I’m so sad about Elissa leaving……Judd is such a dick after all she did for him. Bye bye for my vote for america’s favorite – it goes to Elissa because she’ll use it for charity – so it’s like a doulbe whammy.

Raid bug spray

Amanda suspected Andy, and she said something to her
McPussy! HE would be a fool to TRUST the rat!
McP can come back, IF he can trust GM, who is desperately …. trying to hang in the game!! She has to KNOW that Andy and Spencer are dicks!! Judd is out – of – control!
She needs McPussy, to stay for the final 2!!


Most disappointing season contestants for the most part were b o r I n g. Not Amanda though,she s just crazy. I do not care who wins this one I hope more thought is put in to contestants next year


I think GM’s time is up. Spencer wants an all guys F4 and GM is so beat up they’ll probably think she’ll get sympathy votes from the women in the jury. We know that’s not true but these fools have no clue about women. And it seems McStinky is still McStupid when it comes to Rat Dog.


He may have a crap game strategy, but if he keeps winning games, McCrae may be able to win his way into the Final 2. I don’t think he could beat anyone besides Andy though…


He’d beat spencer as well. Spencer is a dirty, disgusting piece of crap. Most of the Jury hates him. He couldn’t beat Judd though. Even though Judds a moron.

Judd is sort of like Andy, but he just mumbles instead, whereas Andy actually talks.

Go Bitches!

MC can beat Judd…..he got to go back into the house after being voted out, so he will lose votes for that. MC will win if he gets to final 2. Yes!!!


I’d love if McCrae won and then ditched Amanda, but if he was up against Judd, I’m not sure the votes would be there. I think Judd would have formed bonds with Candice and Jessie in Jury House so they’ll vote for him. Helen will feel bad for backstabbing him so she’ll vote for him. Aaryn might still be salty from Amanda and McCrae turning their backs on her so she’ll vote for Judd. Obviously Amanda would vote for McCrae. Andy would be a toss up and would depend on who was responsible for his demise but he might stay loyal to McCrae. Spencer would probably vote for Judd. GM would vote for Judd. That’s 6-3 for Judd. A lot of sh!t talking would have to be going down in jury for them to sway votes to McCrae’s side. Judd and him are both pretty much floaters. Judd relied on a mumble mouth social game while McCrae admittedly used Amanda as his meat shield for 72 days while he slept. Neither is really worthy of the money other than the fact that they aren’t as vile as the other HGs. It’s down to a best of the worst situation this season

Roisin Dubh

Andy has no chance in winning, he burned everyone in that jury house. It’s all been personal this season, no way it stops on finale and people just start thinking gameplay.


I think anyone in the game can beat Spencer.


Dumbass will probably use the veto on GM.

The Trash

Nope, that would be a white trash move.

Go Bitches!

Good one The Trash!…..but your comment probably went right over C’s head……

I introduced myself as Stan and she said "hi Stu"

pleading to BB producers, adopt BBUK style daily tasks and other of their techniques to keep the show imteresting and difficult for floaters to hide.


It dosn’t matter.

GM is going and Andy is winning this game!!!


Yes, my main man Andy is safe!


Amanda is going to go absolutely nuts! Mcrae just said Jessie’s ass was insane. lol


Even though I don’t really like McCrae I’m happy that he won the veto, because then he can break up that group of floaters even though he was kind of one himself but I’m kind of rooting for him….. its weird lol

Get Andy Out of There

McCrae, buddy, your little voodoo doll has done its job. Now I don’t care how you do it, but get Andy out of there while you can.

#TeamExterminators #TeamSpandy

Way to go McCrae. You can deliver my pizza anytime.

the last word



If McCrae wins then Amanda wins as well. I hope they send him packing next week.


McCrae doesn’t care much about Amanda. He cried much more when Judd left than when Amanda left. He will not be going to Florida. Maybe their relationship will last one week outside the house. I don’t think he’ll share any money with her.

Todd Crane

Out of this terrible final 5, the order in which I want them to win

1) McPizza

2) Nick’s Nightmare

3) Dudd

4) Rat

5) Pervert

It’s really a toss up with Rat and Pervert, I don’t know who’s the most disgusting, probably Pervert.

Kelli Jo

Holy Cow! Way to go, McCrae!! I like how Spence and Andy are cozying up to him now, while Judd is cozying up to Spencer and Andy. Poor GM, she’s beating the crap out of herself in these comps!

Disappointing Season

GM or Judd…..Please tell Mcrae that RatBoy voted Amanda out! Backdoor his whining “I feel” ass!!!


It’s funny how the underdog always seems to pull it out and win the veto when they are about to be sent home. They need to send Andy home but I know that wont happen. Judd I think you need to pack your bags….Jessie is waiting……to kick your hillbilly ass Cya


I’d never actually thought i’d be happy for McSloth winning a Comp. Looks like the exterminators have to exterminate themselves 🙂
It’s funny seeing Andy going to McCrae saying he doesn’t want to take Spencer to the end. I hope this news gets back to Spencer and he sends the rat home! Honestly, out of the Final 5.. i REALLY don’t want Andy to make it. I do not respect his game play at all and these people should know that after Amanda called him out when she got evicted. McCrae though was stupid in the first place to nominate GM and Elissa, so that f*cked his game up BAD so his only hope is to pretty much win every single comp and maybe strike some deals.

My Final 3 Choice is GM,Spencer and McCrae.


So in the end Amanda the pitbull will still walk away with the money. Rigged! McCrae is an idiot.


Really? He got laid, slept all summer and still made the final 5. Not that stupid, maybe….


Oooops!!! There goes that plan. Now let’s see how you exterminate each other. Thank God that entire alliance didn’t make it to the final 4!! Have to root for McVeto…he’s fighting his Ass off out there lately with these do or die comps!! Too bad it doesn’t look like Rat face is going to be the replacement.

Roisin Dubh

I knew that alliance wouldn’t go past the first eviction. That alliance was made up of people who have no idea of loyalty unless it comes with fear


I can’t remember but when they do the eviction Wednesday is that live? && do they do the HOH and veto before The eviction Thursday?

For the life of me I cannot remember how they do it!!

Mid-Week Eviction

It’s not live -,the feed will be down for quite a bit – probably most of Tuesday and until after the Wed CBS show.


Thank you!! I didn’t think it was, but could not remember!

I appreciate the response (:

Mid-Week Eviction

Based on the down votes I might be wrong, but I don’t think I am.


Everything on Wednesday will probably be taped. If I remember correctly, they actually evict the 5th place houseguest on Tuesday, so they’ll block the feeds through the Wednesday episode?

Then on Thursday show, everything though the POV comp will be taped. The eviction part will be live, and they’ll begin the final Endurance Comp and leave us hanging. I just hope the last Sunday show is a real show, and not a montage because it probably isn’t possible to put a hour’s worth of funny/positive footage into a full episode.


Thank you (:

I know what you mean! Every time I try to watch the live feeds I can’t cause everything that comes out their mouths is horrible. Which is really putting a damper on any of them winning America’s favorite.

I’m still a Judd fan though, he has had his horrible moments but compared to the others his don’t seem as truthful, rather than just going along with all the others.


Agreed. I liked Judd for most of the game until he joined the Exterminators, but he needed an alliance, so good for him I guess.

GM, Ratboy, or Spencer winning would be a disaster.

If MC can navigate his way to the F2, he’ll be a worthy winner, even though being with Amanda puts a damper on how much I liked him for quite awhile.

Kelli Jo

I still think there’s a chance they’ll keep GM over Judd simply given the fact that she’s injured and won’t be at 100% in the comps.


Rat Dog and Perv are talking about telling McStinky about the exterminators. Andy is afraid Judd will tell him first. Doesn’t Rat Dog realize that once McStinky knows about the exterminators, he’ll know Rat Dog voted Demanda out.

The Jury House (Except for Amanda)

We vote to give the money to charity. Screw you guys, we’re going home.

Kelli Jo

McCrae = The Comeback Kid


I recently saw the post on TMZ about Aaryn, including pictures of Aaryn’s with prom date (trying to say she isn’t rasict):
Then I saw Regan Fox’s (BB12) twitter response: Ragan Fox ?@RaganFox 3 Sep
Aaryn’s mom claims she took an African American to prom. I took a WOMAN to prom. What’s her f’ing point? #PromDateDefense #IWasntStraight

I think Regan has a good point. Thumbs up if you agree…

Todd Crane

The point is she is not racist, otherwise she wouldn’t be caught dead with a black man. Aaryn has been the scapegoat for racism this season, while Demanda and probably GM got away with it, and they are 10 times worse than Aaryn.

Aaryn is much younger and ignorant than the other two and she wasn’t as bad. I’m not condoning what she did at all, but I don’t agree with CBS and say that she was the worst.

I bet if they put a video together with all the racist crap that these 3 said, Aaryn’s segment is going to be the shortest one.


I agree all of the house guests should have been treated equally and shown for who they really are in the house by CBS/BB. All the nasty comments that are racist, homophobic, derogatory, pedophilic, the threats of homicide and rape, the bullying…the people that ignore all of these things, out of fear it will hurt their game… Oh my gosh, I’ve lost track, it’s so bad- yes, Aaryn has been outed, and so should all the others. I can’t say who is worst, it is a truly horrid group of people. I have friends that only watch the TV show, and have a completely different perception of the people on the show.
I thought Regan’s comment was spot on, and made me laugh at a ridiculous defense (Aaryn’s prom date). Aaryn showed us who she really is, as did many of the other house guests. I did see a youtube video of Amanda’s worst highlights, and it was pretty bad. Both Aaryn and Spencer’s moms are trying to defend their children (understandably, it’s gotta be hard to be their family right now). I hope all of the house guests go through some self reflection after the show and try to make some changes for the better.

Pizza Girl!!!

OMG!! Woohoooo!! <3 McCrae <3

the last word


The Church Lady

I may go to church and light a candle.


I wish Andy would go home


can only hope would love to see andy cry so hard he couldn’t even talk to julie


If they had any “game” or BRAIN left n that house – Andy would be back doored!!! SERIOUSLY! GM is more dude than he is so if they want an all guys alliance – send the little rat bitch to the jury house w the rest of the girls & aMAN-duh Amanda!!!