Big Brother Power of Veto Results “We got to make it Happen”

<trass=”row-3 odd”>Last Evicted HouseguestDavid, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin

POV Holder: Spencer Next POV July 27th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 29
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 1
Original Nominations: Spencer, Howard, AMANDA (MVP = America)
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Judd, Amanda, Candice, GinaMarie



Spencer wins the POV

He’s telling Candice and Howard that he just told McCrea off. He says they need to try and get Aaryn to no put Cadnice up. Specner says they have the numbers. Helen doesn’t want Howard to go.

CBS Interactive Inc.


7:29pm HOH Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn

McCrea: “This couldn’t have gone better.. Ohh unless you had won (Hugs Amanda)
MC says that spencer is pissed at him right now because McCrae told him he better win POV.
Amanda: ‘He was our main target this couldn’t have been better” (Howard)
Aaryn says that Candice is going to go off on her once she goes up and say that Aaryn put up the two black players she’s going to say she’s racists.

Helen joins them
MC: “what do you think “
Helen: “Candice is going up”
Aaryn says that Candice has said she was racist many times and has created an unsafe environment for her. “I didn’t say one racist thing and if they think that way then whatever”
MC: “I have never heard you say anything and even if I did would say you never said that”
Aaryn says that Candice is ruining her reputation she’s never said anything racist. She adds that Candice has been the start of all the bullsh!t in this house she has no problems putting her up. Andy mentions how Aaryn needs to really sugar coat the reason she’s nominating Candice.

Helen: ‘as long as Howard goes home I really don’t care how he goes because nobody will care next week”
Aaryn says the Diary room LOVES Howard. Amanda and MC agree say all their questions are about Spencer and Howard.
Aaryn: ‘This would happen to me having Both Candice and Howard up on the block””
MC: ‘It’s funny”
Aaryn: “It’s not funny”
Andy : ‘It’s funny”
GM rolls in “Howard sucks again”


7:45pm JUDD and Spencer
JUDD saying he thought the girls would be really good at puzzles. JUDD couldn’t see Spencer but noticed Candice was doing well he thought she was going to win. He turned around saw Spencer and he was almost done. Spencer says that Amanda still needed two pieces “She would have to go back to get them”

Spencer tells JUDD that Elissa isn’t being nominated. JUDD doesn’t know who Aaryn will put up, “It’s one of us three”
Spencer: “What the fuck happen to GinamArie and Aaryn “ after Kaitlin left. JUDD doesn’t know .
JUDD: “Aaryn is HOH she’s not going to put up Ginamarie”
JUDD is saying how he doesn’t want GM in the jury because she’ll be bitter.
Spencer: ‘Dude I got to win HOH or i’m not safe.. or I gotta win Veto”



7:54pm Bathroom Jessie and Candice
Jessie more or less tells her she’s voting with the house. Jessie recommends she talks to Helen


7:58pm Jessie and JUDD
Jessie says she just talked to Candice. Candice brought up that a couple weeks ago Jessie, Helen and Candice were talking about getting out Amanda if they had the chance, “She threw that in my face”. Jessie is worried she’ll go to Amanda with this information. JUDD: “Just says she’s making things up


8:01pm Cockpit JUDD, Amanda and McCrae

JUDD saying after Howard and Candice go they need to take out a couple people before Spencer. JUDD says Helen and Elissa need to go, Helen first.
MC agrees, “I want to see Candice up there grovelling on her knees”
They tell JUDD Aaryn is putting up Candice and they are all going to vote out Howard

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Bye Howard or Amanda. Aaryn, put up Candace as a replacement nominee not Elissa.


Happy for Spencer…Now Aaryn has to nominate Candice…And Candice or Howard have to go…preferably annoying Candice….and it will be the best for Aaryn game..she is her biggest enemy with Elissa


If they are stupid enough to keep Amanda over Howard, they all deserve to have a shitty time in that house until the end. This could be their only real chance to get her out and if they don’t take it, they can eat shit for being dumb asses.


Amanda needs to go Howard should stay 🙁


Aaren needs to put up MC … then watch the feathers fly …lol see how the both of them like it .. seems fine with them to do it to others…


they let this fat shit spencer win the veto holy shit


Spencer won POV? was the POV a pocket ball contest?


I know exactly what you mean, when I found out spencer had win it, my first questions in the live feed chats were ‘are you sure?’ ‘What type of competition was it?’ Idk, but spencer to me does nothing else but sit and be perverted and down right rude at times, with some scheming in the mix as well. Anyways, I think Howard is done for, unless the house is smart enough to cut Amanda. One can hope right?

eli rules

Spencer may have done nothing until this point, but he stepped up when his back was against the wall. That’s more than can be said for Amanda. Or Andy. Or Howard. Or Candice. Etc…


Spencer won POV! Disappointing :/


I think it’s good he won pov now they need to talk to Helen and get her on their side to make an power alliance of Howard, Helen, Andy, spencer and Candice. Ok let me stop dreaming they are all under the Amanda’s and MCpuppy spell


It is time for CBS to let Aaryn in on what has happened to her reputation in the outside world. If Aaryn is allowed to put Candice up against Howard, I foresee serious repercussions. She needs to put GM up. Additionally, it is obvious by the MVP vote this week that American wants Amanda gone.

Oh My

Oh hush! Don’t start changing the rules because Candice might go on the block. Both Howard and Candice had a chance to win POV and they blew it again. For her to be an ex Saint’s Cheerleader, she doesn’t exhibit any athletic ability, and don’t tell me she didn’t experience any racism as a Saint’s Cheerleader. So why couldn’t she stay focus. I know…I know….she was being put under stress with all the racial hatred, and all her supporters will say: I am blaming the victim. I am not blaming the victim. What I am saying is that CBS went out their way to get this cast of bigots. You either deal with it or get evicted. She kept playing the victim, and in the real world there would be a Human Resources Dept or a lawyer she could reach out to. However, this was BB, they let the racial stuff continue and Howard chose not to confront it. So sorry, Aaryn is going to outlast both Howard and Candice. They couldn’t win a comp, that’s the bottom line.

Now if you want to pursue the racial angle after you leave the house. I have a great lawyer, because you just might have a claim, but telling Aaryn what’s happening in the real world while she is still playing, that’s not one of them.

She said what

Nope, a case had been made that Aaryn has been the only HG (so far) given a poor edit – attorneys are all over this – CBS made a big mistake in portraying Aaryn as the house racist idiot.


You are correct!
Aryan NEVER said anything negative about Blacks, Asians or Gays.
She was just joking around (like she does with family & friends).
It’s America who can’t understand her ignorance 😉



Candice has no claim for a lawyer. Get serious. Aaryn made racially insensitiue comments, but not like you do not hear the exact same crap all the time. Guarantee, Candice has heard more than her share during her pageant career an being a cheerleader. This is not a work situation; it is no different than you hear each day on a college campus.


There is Aaryn the racist who has Howard one of her victims on the block. If she puts Candice next to Howard, it will look really shady. It will look even worse if one of them goes home. America wanted Aaryn to go home last week but their efforts were thwarted when Amanda’s puppets (the house) kept her.

This week they would have voted for her to go but she won HOH. So America happily voted for Amanda to leave. If Howard leaves instead of Amanda the current villain, and at the hands of Aaryn, the reigning queen, it will look like CBS is perpetuating this whole thing. Wow! Given that remark by Amanda about Jessie’s throat being slit … we can rightfully assume CBS is all for this BS. Unless of course they get some sort of fix in.

More than ever before, Amanda really needs to meet Julie Chen on Thursday and Jeff Schroeder soon after! They should let America vote to evict Amanda! I vote to evict Amanda!


if we all step back a second and realize that it was BULLY Amanda that wanted Howard up… and as she did with the other HOH`s she ruled , ordered and bullied everyones decision .. why ( because the whole house is nothing but a bunch of followers and don’t want the wrath of the BULLY) the only person to go against that mean excuse of a person was Elissa. Now if a few of them think back and stop bowing down and licking the BULLIES feet … then maybe and just maybe we can see some game play … enough already with the bulling and the racist remarks.. and who is at the bottom of it ALL now .. BULLY AMANDA .. she is the one that has to go ..


Why don’t you step back a minute and recall what a LIAR Howard is. Remember, he and Spencer flat out lied the first 3weeks. Amanda might be pushy about getting the house to vote her way, but isn’t that a strength in this game?


Aaryn did not put HOWARD on the block because of her choice; she was following HELEN’s ORDERS. So if you want to call someone a racist in this case you best point the finger at HELEN. She is the one that is calling all of the shots during this HOH. So if Candice goes up, it will be by Helen’s ORDERS, not Aaryn’s.


Do you not think it is JUST as F’d up that Aryan has to decide a nom based on race?
This is a game, how her picks for noms are decided should not be because of race.

This is really pissing me off. Everyone is on a damn crusade for equality, it is ruining
the actual GAME that is supposed to be going on here.

For the record- I think Aryan is a nasty girl for the things she said, as is GM, and Spencer.
(Amanda did not say half the things being attributed to her on this site and others, so I will leave her
out of the equation. I am not going to hate on her for playing the game hard, I am not scared
of a strong woman.)

Howard can’t win shit, and his game is weak. Why does he deserve a pass?
CBS needs to stop trying to be crusaders and let the damn game play out.


OMG who are you kidding and what show are you watching … Amanda has mad just as many if not more racial remarks .. her lastest being pissed that Candice put her hair band on and as Amanda said got her nappy hair on it .. what would you call that .. plus I lost count of the slurs she made then said kidding .. excuse me saying kidding afterwards does not knock out what she (Amanda ) said prior .. Amanda is two things … 1) a BULLY 2) a racist bigot.
I will give her a hard and good game play but after seeing and hearing her comments ect… I think she is discusting .


I am not kidding anyone.
And I am not watching a show, I am watching the feeds, for WAY too long every day.
Are you watching the feeds?

Again people, this is “Big Brother”, not “The Biggest Racist”.
Sorry for wanting to watch the game be played,


Not to mention AMANDA has admitted that she is a RACIST, and then I just read that she and Alison Grodner are close friends for many years so now we know why she is getting such a good edit. A shame TMZ does not show Amanda for the true person she really is and not the edit AG shows.


Why? Candice and Howard are two contestants. I would hope Aaryn placed them both up if she can and it has nothing to do with their skin color, but because Candice is annoying as hell and Howard is a sneaky bastard who won’t give you a straight answer or look in your eyes when talking to you.

Howard has been on the wrong side of the whole since the beginning of the game.

Candice now made the same mistake as Kaitlin did: chose to follow a penis around the house instead of playing the damn game.

Both want Aaryn gone anyway, so of course she should eliminate one of them. It should be Howard and not a day too soon.

Hopefully Candice and her annoying voice will follow next.

I’m tired of all this racist talk. She said some insensitive things earlier, along with other contestants, but I really really don’t think many people understand what true racism is. Her jokes may have been tasteless, but I will leave them as that. Amanda did the right thing telling her to watch her mouth, but to be fair to Aaryn, she has been cool the last 2 weeks. Maybe she learned her lesson to think a little before speaking. I’m not going to write a person off completely after some jokes that happen to step over the line a little.

Timmy J

100% agree. I think people forget this is just a stupid game, not life and death. It’s entertainment, no one is getting sent to death they are just going home


it is sad and disappointing to hear how people are talking to say that the things aaryn said were even remotely ok and to just write them off. That is the problem with society today… what is right goes out the door for money/ entertainment. Also… believe me.. if it were the other way around where aaryn was black saying white racial things then you guys would want her head on a silver platter no matter what. Anyone that says otherwise is just plain lying…. but if you’ve never experienced racial stereotyping of any form, you can’t start to understand or speak for those who have. Just because she is quiet about ti now does not mean she has learned a thing.. heck.. she continues to deny she ever said anything and blames others. She has not learned.. she is just covering her ass. It is sad to hear people remotely condone it by saying it’s just a game…it goes deeper than a game.. just sad!


Wow, she lied to cover her ass, that’s never happened in big brother before.


Look up the true meaning of the word RACIST. Aaryn said racially unkind comments, but in no way does what she say make you a racist if you bother to look up the word. It means she is a stupid ignorant young person who needs to learn that words hurt, but true racist no. Amanda on other hand has admitted she is RACIST.


It’s funny how even when Aaryn gets fired from her job, when she becomes aggresive by flipping over beds as an act of intimidation and provocation, when she starts snapping her neck and trying to talk “ghetto” while arguing with the only black woman in the house, or talking about nasty things about asians purposefully when the only Asian person in the house isn’t present, you can still say what she has done and said is just “a joke.” Either you are as delusional as Aaryn or you are such a bs-er. The other house guests were condemning Aaryn for her actions before this week (Amanda even confronted her multiple times), but now that Aaryn is HOH they are stooping to a low level by feeding into her delusion that it is all made up (especially the snake, Amanda).


‘america’ could want any or all of aaryn, howard and spencer out before amanda.


Yes!! I was hoping Spencer would win so Candice would go up on the block. LOL!! This will be a fun week!


High Five!


What’s the saying, “Every dog has their day”.

STFU Donnie

That sucks. Howard is cooked…and I’m done. Adios muchachos!


Bye, Spencer. See ya on the feeds, at least for the time being.

eli rules

Now let’s see if they have the balls to evict Amanda. I think it’s 50/50, but it’s going to be fun if they take advantage of this opportunity!!!!!!


Who the hell or why the hell would any of the big group take out Amanda? Are you even watching the feeds?

It’s Helen and Amanda’s group vs Howard/Spencer and whoever is aligned with them at the moment.

eli rules

Are you watching the feeds? Elissa and Helen have been getting tired of Amanda pushing her agenda on each week’s HOH. They recognize that she’s dangerous and has to go at some point. The question is whether they want to do it this week. So don’t act shocked, they are definitely going to consider it:)


At some point they’re all going to have to go after each other’s throats, but they’re not at that point yet. Right now, the collective goal is to break up Howard and Spencer.


Candice needs to win next week then put up Amanda and Mc Crae, then the MVP will surely go to Arryn. By that setting Amanda will go as Jessie, Helen, Spencer and Elissa could team up. As of the moment people will not go against Amanda just to protect Howard or Candice. If it’s just Candice, there’s a possibility that Helen and Elissa will flip but based on the history of what Howard has done to them (continuously targeting them and throwing their names under the bus) Howard deserves to go home.


Maybe some of the superfriends want to move higher on the food chain.


Buh Bye, Howieeee. Byeeeeeeee!


Don’t want to see Howard out the door. Maybe they will steal from Survivor and give him a hidden immunity idol to play against the other 2 nominees. That’s wishful thinking.


howard is leaving this week!


F*!% Howard.

He played the most idiotic game. On the wrong side of the house the entire time and never able to develop meaningful allies, other than his secret lover Spencer who is going down in flames along with him pretty soon now. Even Candice has never been in his alliance as he’s never included her in anything.

He’s going out because he’s a bad player.


I agree. Sadly, I wanted Howard to win this veto and have them scattering around like scared rats, but he just hasn’t won a thing and his social game is terrible. He aligned with Spencer of all people-Big mistake. And isolating himself with Candice didn’t help either. He has no game and while I really want Amanda to go so we can see Mccrae’s nervous breakdown, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Sir Peanut

Reply to goofy, I agree Howie hasn’t been a great player or even a good one, I just object to the reasoning for him to leave. I don’t know why no one questions Amanda on her stupid reasoning. He uses religion against people, he uses race. What does that mean? Now if she says he is a threat, he lied (like who hasn’t), he is going to start winning comps, and he is part of the moving co. I am Ok with all of these reasons. None of that BS about him being a bad lying race baiter using religion against others, I don’t like.


WOW, I didn’t see Spencer winning…


Hmmmm…..don’t really know what to make of this one. Anything could happen still. No matter what, if they had any ounce of common sense, they’d vote Amanda out for the sake of their game.


SNAP!…… We now have a great BB week ahead.

So it’s Candy or a long shot McCrae going up. Helen decides IMHO but it will be a fun weekend.


Spencer won the POV? Was it a eating contest?


I’m thinking it was a contest for how many times one can say the word C%*! in 3 minutes. Spencer beat everyone else by 400.


Judd would be a close second with his rants earlier

Oh My

Darn! Come on…Candice and Howard can’t win a comp to save their lives. Now Amanda will be threatening the house and reminding everyone that Howard is the true racist in order to save herself. Spencer saying Helen wants Howard to stay means nothing. She was telling Kait the same thing as she arranged her demise.

Oh Amanda, the look on your face was priceless when you went up on the block! Judd still wants to confront Howard. Oh please, Judd, please confront Howard. Judd, forget about your personal safety, Howard may turn the other cheek, but I bet if you outright challenge him. He will give you the beating you or McCrae richly deserve. Its one thing to talk about a man behind his back, its another thing to say those same hurtful words to someone’s face. Howard just might take exception. Judd, please make my day, my week, my year….challenge Howard, and then it will be show time. Especially, if Howard thinks he has nothing to lose. Yep Judd, please whatever meds you are taking, take less. Because if you think you can directly challenge Howard, I just hope you have a .real good health care plan.


advocating violence now; how nice.


Greatest.. Post…Ever

Thank you


Jud should get the bejesus knocked out of him. He apparently admitted that he went through Howard’s personal stuff and looked under his mattress. Howard had something locked, with a code, but Judd said he didn’t think he had time to open it because he didn’t know where Candice was! What a sneaky, underhanded b******! I used to like Judd, but in the last week, he’s shown his true colors and I hope he gets hit by the BB15 bus!


Agreed, he needs to chill on Helen as I have noticed three
people that went home Nick. jeremy, and Kaitlin were calling
for Helen to be evicted.


doesn’t anyone see HELEN pulling the strings?????????????????

jordan martin

HELEN needs to go, she thinks she’s running EVERYTHING


HOWARD is gone have NO idea how SPENCER won! CANDICE is going up with him. TOO bad the HOUSEGUESTS don’t have the BALLS to switch the game around and vote AMANDA out! Unless PRODUCTION adds Pandora Box into next week game to save Howard! HOWARD and CANDICE will be going against one another!! and of all people to evict one of them will be AARYN!! lol


Judd better watch out. Judd is calling who goes next. Love to see.him as the replacement instead of Candice. Two
people who has never been in the block Goof Troop alliasnce
now that should be another Kaboom.


It is unbelievable that Aaryn blames Candice for calling her a racist and ruining her reputation and all these followers are agreeing with her. AG better have something up her sleeve this week. How can they allow the racist put the 2 black people on the block? This is wrong on so many levels.


If they let Aaryn get away with putting Candice on the block opposite Howard, they should just go ahead and put her in a white robe and hood when she does it. You think the outrage has been huge so far? The s*** will hit the fan with this!


You want production to step in and mess with the game?
It is cool with you as long as it is for people you like?

I thought this was a BB forum….wtf am I lost?

Not hatin'

Not that I like her, but isn’t Aaryn putting up whoever they tell her too? Amanda wants Howard out badly, but she’s not racist? Don’t get me wrong, I think Aaryn is racist from things she said, but I don’t think she would be targeting Candice or Howard if she didn’t make that deal. She’d be 150% after Elissa.


Now, Aaryn is my least favorite houseguest, but just because she puts Howard and Candace up does not mean she is doing it because of race, lets not forget that Candace and Howard are gunning for Aaryn, and are a very powerful showmance. It’s not racism it is just strategy.


How could this happen?

Aaryn won the HoH, beating approximately 10 other contestants.

Howard couldn’t win an HoH all season

Candice couldn’t win an HoH all season.

Howard couldn’t win a PoV while on the block.

Candice … Well she probably didn’t play in the PoV.

Aaryn puts players on the block who are her biggest threats.

I mean, if either Howard or Candice made the jury, would s/he vote for Aaryn to win the $500,000? Of course NOT.

Would Howard or Candice put Aaryn on the block, if s/he won HoH? Of course.

Aaryn is doing what is smart, logical, and efficacious.


How can there be so many people lacking intelligence in one house? Its like a clusterfuck of idiocy.


this is the chance to get amanda out she is the bigger threat then howard or candice she is telling everyone what to do when she hasnt even won an hoh or pov if they dont get her out she may make it to the end and win this will probably be their only chance unless america is mvp again


If these house guests don’t take this opportunity to send Amanda home, she will likely go on to win this and they will all deserve to loose to her. And Aaryn will be runners up for the 50k.


“Aaryn said that Candice has called her racist a lot in the house and she’s making it an unsafe environment for her.

Aaryn: “Everyone in here has said comments that aren’t meant to be derogatory.””

Aaryn is more delusional than Rachel, and that’s saying A LOT


It’s true though. Just about everyone in their has said something rude against another race, gender, or sexuality….

Big Sister

I challenge you to give one example of Howard doing this.


you know you could of said that without putting Rachel in the mix.. what does she have to do with the game … geeesh


Because Rachel was very delusional in both her seasons? Damn Brenchel Drone get a grip..

Uri Dequad


Forget About It!

Good! I was cheering for Howard but I am glad that Amanda did not win! Let her stew for a whole week and get paranoid about the votes! I am wishing for this house to flip on her and vote to kick her out! Please Helen I know you want her out! LET THE GAMES BEGIN! YIPPEE!


Expect the unexpected. Goof Troop alliance is sitting pretty however as Julie said Expext the unexpected.


Aaryn is talkin’ mad shit right now on the feeds about placing Candice on the block. Aaryn is also saying that she has never made any racist remarks in the BB house. Aaryn is one delusional lying racist bitch. it’s time for Candice to go straight to the HOH, and flip Aaryn’s HOH bed, and open a can of whoop ass on Aaryn.

No Name

Well, Howard’s gone, I’m done with this POS excuse for a season

It's a GAME!



lets see how long it takes for Spencer to inducted into the Superfriends alliance. Where there is power, theres a Superfriend offering to let them join.


They’re drawing up his paperwork now, he’s just as vile as most of them are, so he’ll fit right in.

The Klan will be complete.


anything howard can do yall…. simon?


I would be very surprised if production did not step in this week and change this situation up.


Ridiculous! Spencer was in the DR for too long before the comp and now we find out that he wins the Veto?!?! Looking forward to seeing the comp but I have a hard time believing that he was able to win it on his own.


Aaryn’s veto meeting speech when she nominates Candice. ” There’s one black person on the block, so you might as well have 2″.

Teri B

Someone send in Dan Gheesling stat! I just watched him on BB Canada and his visit really did seem to make a difference in the housemates. This group needs help, and the first step is get rid of the bitch that always lays in that HOH bed no matter who it belongs to with her lap dog MC. UGH


so good bye howie!

sad, that these weak players did not see that amanda is the person who should go. they deserve to get evicted after this week.


awesome that amanda stays on the block, and that aaryn or jess now cant use it to save her(i hope they threw it – smart girls if they did!)

if candace goes up: spencer, judd, helen, jess, elissa, gina vote out amanda

if gina goes up: spencer, judd, helen, jess, elissa, candace vote out amanda

if elissa goes up: spencer, judd, helen, jess, gina, candace vote out amanda

even if they got 4 of those votes, aaryn could send her home

or 6-2 and mccrae and andy would be powerless to stop it

they have to realize everything went perfectly to make this move and it may be theur only chance to split the couple crucially before jury


I’m pretty sure Candace is going up.


What game are you watching, put the crack pipe down, put it down now.


are you mad?

ha ha


They are not that smart to make that move. They don’t realize that if they vote her out then she won’t be there and there is no reason to be SCARED of her. I’m tired of these idiots!!! I cannot believe that this is happening.


I’m sure this has already been covered and I missed it but why didn’t CBS acknowledge the mcmanda “engagement” on tv?


Seriously, people I know Aaryn is a racist but her putting Candice up has nothing to do with her race! They’ve had issues from day one and everyone knows when you’re targeting someone on BB it’s always best to put up their closest friends and alliance member it happened to Elissa and Helen when Aaryn was HOH week 2. Candice going is because she’s up Howard’s ass all the time and defending him way too much when she should be worried about her OWN game!


CBS needs to be thinking about THEIR rep as well with this. Aaryn needs to be told how this will be perceived to the viewing audience (and those that don’t even watch the show) and they need to discourage her from nominating Candice. It does not matter if she has had issues with Candice or not – it will be perceived as a racist move. If shw does this, I hope that she has the money to pay for bodyguards when she gets out, because she is going to need them.


oh, just stop. stop seeing howard and candice as separate, as us vs. them, as helpless and in need of protective intervention. you sound like the narrow-minded one, frankly.


Just like making Candace a Have Not had nothing to do with her race even though she didn’t vote David out. It does have something to do with race albeit maybe indirectly if she’s saying that Candace said she was racist ,ruining her reputation and career, etc. I don’t even remember her directly asking Candace if she said that an d maybe she’s just going on the fact the the other people in the house who don’t happen to be Black said Candace said it so she instantly believes it.


thank you.

the people introducing race into aaryn’s nominations do a disservice to the ongoing conversation about black and white in this country. shame. aaryn is a silly, ignorant little twit and she very much needs her mind opened when she leaves the house (gina too, if not moreso, by the way). but putting candice up is strategy for removing howard. plain and simple.


Come on House Guest use your brain…get rid of Amanda when you have the chance……..I thought Aaryn said she was going to use Gina Marie as a pawn…..


Yes I’m so glad Howard or Candice didn’t win…bye bye Howard


This is what I don’t like about this season no one wants to make big moves and everyone loves to talk a lot of noise behind each others backs I mean they get rid of Howard then what that really didn’t accomplish anything at all big moves=ratings


please. ratings are going gangbusters this season. cbs has no complaints.


WOW!! Damn!!! What the hell was the veto? How did Spencer win it? I can’t believe Howard or Candace could not put it out. They keep saying that he is a pwerhouse… where. They why do they hate him so much?? Howard & Cnadace should be use to this by now, but …………. this is real life for some peopleof us; being accused of suff, not trusted, feared and followed all withour provacation. If Aaryn lets them push her into putting Candace up after all that she has said and done. She is dumber than I thought. SHe has got to know that this will NOT look good for her.

Girl, interrupted

Actually, I think many people would like to see Specer walk the plank – Aaryn will put up Candice and she will probably go – too bad for us – too bad for the game because BB production misused its edits to paint only one of many as the racist BB player – when many were/are just as nasty. Production has no way out now – at least no way that will convince most viewers that ‘rigged’ isn’t what BB is all about.


GM, Jessie, Judd, Helen, and even Elissa need to see the great opportunity they have to get rid of Amanda. She does nothing but expects everyone to do the dirty work and when they don’t, she is vile toward them. Aaryn better wake up and see she is being played by Amanda and MC. Let the fun begin!!!


Judd seems to really hate Howard with a passion so I don’t think he will vote to keep him unless it is a unanimous vote. I see some hope for GM, Jessie, Helen and Elissa coming around and realizing this is a great opportunity to get out someone who has as much sway as Amanda


if Aaryn places Candice on the block, CBS will promote this as “TWO AFRICAN AMERICANS, A JEW AND A RACIST”. Julie Chen will probably have Paula Deen and Don Imus as special guests for the next eviction show. this scenario is CBS/BB PRODUCTION worst nightmare.

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Why Doesn’t Howard get off his high horse/ass and start playing and try to stay. He has Candace do all his bidding while he hides in the HN room. I hope he goes for his lack of play.


Cause I think at this point…there is nothing he can politick on. I like the guy and want him to stay…but he has been targeted for weeks and every time hes tried to set up a side alliance everyone runs back to Amanduh. If he gotta go out, least he aint going out groveling and sniveling like some simp @$$ dude.

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So let me get this right…McCrae says he never heard Aaryn say racist shit, knowing damn well she has and has sat with his master saying how all the racist stuff she says makes him sick. Way to kiss ass McPussy and sell out your morals. Why didn’t you say something like the hardass you think, and would like to be. This dude is the biggest bitch in the house.


Well, Mcrae was almost going to say something. He was thinking about saying something…


The fact Aaryn thinks she has said nothing racist and is now blaming Candice that people think she is, is absolutely sickening. Yeah none of the other house guests are that great, but I for one am praying Aaryn goes home next week. She doesn’t deserve to make it to jury and get any money, and I personally cannot wait until she leaves the house to see what a racist, ignorant B***H America thinks she is.


Wow! Everyone should calm down! This house flips so much, it could change big time in a matter of a day.

Anyway, in my honest opinion, I couldn’t care less if Howard goes home. He’s not the greatest. Only sucky thing is if that happens, we’d need someone else with balls enough to break up Amanda/MC.

This racist shit is pissing me off. Yeah Aaryn made some dumb ass remarks in the beginning, but the worst thing is to keep bringing it back up over and over. If she’s racist or isn’t, stop talking about it! And even better, stop making stupid remarks about people! Now, even if she wanted Candice/Howard on the block in the future for game reasons, nobody will believe her. She’s her own worst enemy and I don’t blame all the karma that happens to her for it. But enough is enough! Stop talking about race and stop making remarks! It’s really that simple.


Ignorance isn’t an excuse for the comments she comment she made. Saying that let’s her off the hook and let’s her further make those comments. Maybe people would stop with the racist remarks if she showed some type of onus to her comments. Instead she denies it and blames others. Can’t let some be if they refuse to see the fault in their actions when dealing with something as harsh as racist remarks. She needs to show sympathy to get it. And she hasn’t and so she gets none.


some people don’t know their insensitivities are racist, and once the R-word has been busted out you can’t unring that bell. i’m glad she’s upset about the accusation. it gives me hope that she’ll see herself on the show and talk to calm, intelligent people about race awareness, and actually grow as a person. the world will be a better place.

i worry more about some of the knee-jerk agenda-pushing illiterates around here.


Yeah I know. Not excusing her. I’m just sick of the whole racism thing interfering with the game. It’s a huge bummer it has to be like this. They should have released her from the house when it first happened.


Plus I think you guys got my original comment all wrong. I was ranting about the houseguests to stop talking about it. I don’t understand why they are STILL referring to it and STILL making racist comments? How stupid! It just doesn’t stop! I was in no way talking about the viewers to stop talking and forget about it. Aaryn has no idea what’s in store for her when she gets out of the house. The race issue should have been dealt with when it first happened by production. And not just to Aaryn. Others were in it, too. Instead, it got way out of hand and had interfered so much. Oh well, nothing we can do I guess. I just hope that Vicki is right. I agree with her on that one.

Girl, interrupted

“stupid is as stupid does” – maybe you should float on the bottom – ride the back of the bus – buy n…g insurance – hit your head so your eyes open up – cook rice.. keep in mind – production made these remarks as issue – yes, we can always forgive but for you suggest we forget makes me question how far we’ve actually progressed as human beings. Are you listening AG?


the worst of the comments you’ve listed belong to ginamarie.

She said what

I know – that’s the real point!


i cant imagine how hard the DR is gonna push them to turn on amanda. i bet its going to happen.


what if Spencer used veto on Howard lol


The replacement nomination is huge this week.

If Candice goes up, bye bye Howard, if its GM it’s a toss up with an edge for Amanda staying.