Big Brother 15 Spoilers – Power Of Veto Competition RESULTS!

POV Holder: AMANDA Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

10am – 1:pm The Big Brother Live Feeds switched to TRIVIA for the Power of Veto Competition. When the feeds return – we learn that AMANDA has won the VETO!


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1:15pm Amanda WON THE VETO! McCrae and Amanda are in the bedroom talking. Amanda says I was going to say no one comes between me and my man! I won something and it was a hard one to win. I am going to start winning things now. Amanda comments that Ginamarie was close to winning it. Was I the only one that never dropped? Could you tell that I was going to win. Spencer says Gina was at 242 when you won. McCrae says that he was doing piss poor in that one. Spencer says the best thing is that neither of you are going anywhere! Judd joins them and says that he thinks Elissa might put me up now thinking I didn’t try hard enough! Amanada tells him to push for Elissa to put up Gina. Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer and McCrae head into the rainbow room and talk about pushing for Gina to go up. McCrae says don’t push too hard. Whatever you push for she will do that opposite. Amanda says I hope she puts up Judd. Amanda says I jsut really hope Andy doesn’t go up as the replacement. Aaryn says I will be loyal to whoever is loyal to me. Who ever keeps me safe this week I will be loyal to. Amanda says I know. Aaryn says I am so f**king scared!


1:30pm Elissa talks to Ginamarie in the HOH bathroom. Elissa says that Andy is being so annoying. She says that she is going to put him up. Elissa says that Andy follows her everywhere and he is annoying.

1:35pm In the bedroom – McCrae says that he wants to win HOH next week so bad. I am going to put her (Elissa) up every week. McCrae says that he thinks Elissa’s going to put up Andy that would be her smartest move. In the bathroom – Amanda, Aaryn and Andy talk about who they think Elissa will put up. Aaryn says she thinks she will put up Spencer. Aaryn tells Amanda that she thinks Elissa will want to work with her now. Amanda says she can eat my a$$ hole with a silver spoon. I will murder her and eat her in her sleep! Andy says we just have to make sure she doesn’t put me up. Aaryn says she won’t put you up. Andy says that he isn’t so sure – When I went up there and Ginamarie was up there she told me to leave.

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1:35pm – 1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Judd and Elissa are talking. Elissa says this is the worst possible situation ever! I hate her she is the grossest person ever! Now I am going to go home next week. Elissa starts crying. Judd says I am going to win HOH next week to keep you safe. Aaryn joins them. Aaryn asks are you going to put up Ginamarie? Elissa says I want to trust you so bad, I want to work with you so bad but if you stay I am afraid you will target me next week. Aaryn says if you put me up with someone that I will stay over them then I will not put you up. I can’t say who I will target because I don’t want it to get back to them. Elissa says you are being nice to Amanda now. Aayrn says I have to be nice to them, they are both now voting. Aaryn asks are you going to put up someone that ensure that I will stay? Elissa says I am not sure what I am doing yet. Aaryn says if you target me I can’t keep you safe but if you keep me safe I will work with you. Aaryn asks Judd what he will do? Judd says I am not sure who they would vote out. Aaryn says so you are going to vote me out? Judd says no, I just don’t know who they would vote out over you except for me. Aaryn leaves and tells Amanda that Judd is even going to vote me out. Amanda says that she will make sure that doesn’t happen. Amanda says just don’t do weird sh*t. Aaryn asks like what. Amanda doesn’t answer. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Andy joins them. Amanda says that’s why I want her gone. Andy asks who? Amanda says Ginamarie. Amanda says I will make sure she goes or Judd goes over you. We just have to make sure Ginamarie goes up on the block.

Andy asks Amanda if he will go home. Amanda says you will not go home I will make sure of that but make her think that you will go home if she puts you up. Aaryn says if people are lying to me and telling me I am safe when I am not and I go – I WILL BE A BITTER JURY MEMBER! I will not vote for those people. Andy says same I do not want people to lie to me! Andy says that it pissed him off that Zingbot called me a floater because I am not a floater I have been loyal to people since the beginning. Amanda tells Andy here is the plan make a fake alliance and tell Elissa that you, Gina, Spencer and Judd with her will work together to flip the house on me and McCrae. Tell Judd and Spencer that its a fake alliance. Andy says I don’t think it will work she will still do what ever she wants to do. Amanda then goes and tells Judd, Spencer and McCrae about her plan. She says make sure Gina doesn’t know that is fake. That way you get Ginamarie up on the block because she is a vote for Aaryn. Then you have 1, 2, 3 to get ride of Aaryn. You have to make her think that whoever goes up beside Aaryn they will go home. Spencer isn’t so sure about the plan and says we only have one shot at it. Spencer says that there is a plan out there in the universe I am just not sure that is it.


2:10pm In the rainbow room – Andy and McCrae talk about wanting to keep Spencer over Aaryn if he was to go up on the block. McCrae says I have been working with him since the beginning. Andy says he has been building a relationship with him too. Andy says that he shook hands with Elissa and made a deal with her that she wouldn’t put me up as a nominee or as a replacement. Andy says even though I would put that b***h up in a second. I will go up there and ask her if she is still loyal to that deal. McCrae says Elissa will say she never made that deal. Andy says he will have a nervous break down if he goes out at the hands of Elissa. McCrae says there is no f**king way you will go home.


2:15pm – 2:25pm Up in the HOH – Ginamaire and Elissa are talking. Elissa tells Gina that people are already trying to get you to go up. Gina says she notices people stop talking when I come near them. Elissa says Aaryn was already up here throwing you under the bus wanting you to go up. Gina says no way really?! Elissa says this is so bad! I can’t believe this happened. Elissa tells Gina she has to win HOH next week. Elissa says that Aaryn thinks she is safe. Elissa says if I put you up they get rid of you, if I put up Spencer they get rid of Spencer. Elissa tells Gina 100% you are not going up as the replacement. Elissa says Amanda is so disgusting I want her gone. Gina says I will help get her out next week. Gina tells Elissa if you have my back I will have your back as long as I can carry you. Just like I had Aaryn’s back but since she no longer has my back I don’t have hers. I see what she is doing. Elissa says so I have your vote to evict Aaryn? Gina says yes. Gina says she doesn’t want Andy to go up. Elissa questions why? Are you working with them too?! Gina says no, just because he votes with the house. Elissa says didn’t you see how he followed you up here so we couldn’t talk. Gina says she saw that too she just thinks they can get him to vote how we want. Elissa says he is working with them. Gina says they are all hiding like cock roaches. Gina says that Aaryn want to talk to me. Elissa says don’t tell her anything. Gina says she won’t. Gina and Elissa head downstairs..


2:30pm – 2:35pm In the lounge – Spencer brings up how Elissa said that she wasn’t going to waste an HOH on me. Spencer says that Elissa already has her mind made up and no one is going to change her mind. Judd says I am in no position to threaten her. Spencer laughs about waking up and seeing Zingbot at the foot of his bed. Gina comes in and says who wants to see me explode? Gina has pop rocks and soda. They tell her to get a 2lt of soda. Gina says like a musician (magician lol) Gina comes back and tries it but nothing happens. Gina leaves. Andy comments the he will go up and pick Elissa’s brain to see who she will put up. Judd says that he is really worried she will put me up. They talk about the competition and how Amanda had the best strategy and was so steady. McCrae tells Judd about how last week Elissa said she would walk and not go to jury. McCrae says thats a big f**k you to everyone that loves this game, that kind of sh*t drives me nuts!

2:37pm – 3pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer talks to Elissa. He asks her if she has a big family. She says yeah. Spencer says so do I. Andy joins them and uses the bathroom. Spencer whispers to Elissa that she will talk to her when he (Andy) leaves. Andy leaves. Elissa asks what do you think of Amanda and McCrae. Spencer says they would cut my head off in a second. Elissa says so whoever I put up, do I have your vote 100% for evicting Aaryn? Spencer says yeah. Elissa says I have someone (Andy) in mind that I think they would keep over Aayrn. Spencer says no one wants to work with me because I have been so toxic the last few weeks. Elissa says if we don’t work together we will be picked off one by one. Spencer says they have never needed me, they have pooped on me. Elissa says they are trying to get me to put you up. You want to tell me who you will be putting up? Elissa says I’m not going to tell anyone. Who do you think I should put up? Spencer says I cant say anything because I am so expendable.


2:40pm Meanwhile in the havenot room – Amanda talks to Aayrn. Amanda tells Aaryn that you need to make sure Elissa thinks that Gina will vote to keep you. Aayrn says she knows Gina will vote to keep me. Amanda says reiterate it to her. Then tell Elissa that you have the numbers to stay. Go to Gina and get all the information from her about Elissa. Then go back to Elissa and say all the information you got from Gina to prove she is with you. Aayrn says okay. Amanda says this won’t work unless she puts Gina up next to you. Tell her that Gina hates her. Then let her try and get Spencer and Andy to vote against you which she won’t be able to get. Tell her that you have the votes and will stay over Andy, Spencer and Gina. Look at the past who has Gina been working with? Not you, me. Make her believe Gina is with you and not her. Let her work on Judd and Andy. Tell Gina how Elissa wont have power next week and everyone will go after her if she doesn’t separate from Elissa. You have to separate Gina from Elissa. Amanda says I think it will work. Aaryn says okay. They leave the havenot room.


3pm Amanda, Andy and McCrae head into the lounge and talk about the Zingbot zings. McCrae says that they had to memorize them last year for the HOH competition. Amanda says I dont trust Judd at all. McCrae says if Judd goes up that would be perfect. We have to make him think we trust him. McCrae says he doesn’t think there is anyway Spencer would work with Judd. Andy says if she puts me up I will have the biggest fire lit under me. She made a deal with me. McCrae says you have to throw that in her face if she puts you up. Andy says I don’t think I want to pull a Helen and call her a traitor. McCrae says you are probably going to go up if that is the way she is acting with you. Amanda says Gina needs to go this week. Andy asks why is Spencer still up there, she told me she was taking a nap. I wish I was a bigger a$$hole I would go up there and ask her why he is still up there I thought you were taking a nap. Aaryn joins them. Andy says she is going to put me up .. she asked me to leave twice now.



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This makes me happy that Amanda won POV because it messes up Elissa’s HOH. I really don’t like anyone in the house!


OK this is so rigged lol its quite hilarious. The one bitch who never wins shit won POV when she needed to the most… load of shit.


Unbelieveable! I am beginning to think this show is rigged myself. How did she win? I really need to see this episode?


don’t get confused andy’s going up and arryan is going home. Either, demanda or mcray will be gone by next week if spencer, judd, or gm wins hoh


If Andy goes up, I hope GM, Judd, and Spencer save Aaryn. At some point these people need to vote against Amanda n McCrae. Voting against them by voting Andy out could be the first step


There is no other choice but Andy as the replacement nominee. If anyone besides Andy is nominated, Aaryn stays. Elissa should tell Andy that he is the pawn, and that she is justified in nominating him because he voted Helen out. I want to see Andy squirm while his 3am alliance decides whether to keep him or Aaryn. By the way, the proposed fake alliance with Judd, Spencer, Andy and Elissa will never work. Judd will expose it, and Elissa is to smart to fall for that one. She doesn’t fully trust Andy or Spencer.


You are right! I hope she puts Andy up, and Elissa, Judd, GM, Aaryn and Spencer make a real alliance. Its time for Spencer to realize that Amanda and McCrae will take eachother as final two. Get Andy out this week then McCrae and Amanda the follwing weeks.


well if elissa wasn’t stupid it wouldn’t matter mccrae and Amanda should have been up only putting 1 up they had the votes for there core alliance to stay 3 hard to believe they count spencer being with them how do you think hes still here good lord

Blame it on Helen

Elissa originally wanted to put up Amanda and McCrae together. However, Helen talked her out of it. It was Helen’s lame brain scheme to backdoor Amanda. Now one has gotten the other off and it’s back to trust the gay guy. Elissa has a very good read on everyone. Gina telling Elissa to trust Andy is a disaster waiting to happen. So Gina doesn’t want Andy on the block. So who does that leave…..Spencer. They’ll vote out Spencer in a minute to save Aaryn. Elissa, trust your gut, its Andy that needs to go up. Then it doesn’t matter who goes home. Andy or Aaryn would be one less vote for Amanda.


Your couldn’t be more wrong. Helen said put up Mc and Amanda; Elissa said Mc and Aaryn. Helen told her not to say anything to GM then. Stop making things up.

Blame it On Helen

Yes if I was a Helen fan I wouldn’t want to be associated with that lame brain plan as well. However, the fact remains it was her plan….deal with it….don’t be a denier. Ask Helen the next time you see her, whether its time to vote out Amanda yet? That was another of one of her plans…..its called I won’t vote out Amanda plan.

GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

Helen utilized the words traitor + betrayal before doing an exit.
If Aaryn is in a position to cut deals, and Andy was the other betrayal
that Elissa is aware of, ANDY goes up. She has very few moves…


Elissa dumb to listen to Helen, but its Elissa soooooo…..
She should be pissed at herself and at Helen for running her mouth.


I hope there is a Pandoras Bix that can fix this crap


Uhhhhh Box

Twisted Sister

Oops, I forgot about that, but could you imagine the ‘it’s rigged’ discussion if that happens? Judd for HOH.


Yeh like a diamond power of veto! LOL No pandoras box to change anything this week. Pandoras and a double eviction both possibilities next week.

PS I said here the this was a bad day before POV. I knew Grodner would keep Amanda safe! Get use to this game being rigged 24/7 going forward. Whatever Ellisa was told by production we’ll see tomorrow before Mondays POV ceremony. Please lord let Andy go up! Other wise the pawn will go home. Arryn and Andy stay the game is virtually done ………………… F***ing again! “AHANDJOB does Dallas” and Grodner sucks so bad she needs new knee pads.


Alison Grodner should be fired!!!



So if amanda wins POV and takes mccrae off, cant she be his replacement? I dont see the problem here.

Confused Parent

A long as you have the POV you cannot be nominated, unless you are already nominated


At the begining of the season they said the POv would not be protected from going up they chose to use the veto to remove someone else.

Andy should be e replacement

Answer is…. No. If u win veto u cannot be used as a replacement. Also u have the power to remove someone from the block.


Whoever wins the POV is safe and the person that they decide to take off the block is safe also


No. If Amanda takes MC of (she will), she is also safe. So, we are stuck with both of them. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats not true, At the begning of the season they said the power fo veto would not keep the holder safe if they chose to use it. Now all of a sudden that has changed. This is truely a producer directed game. They have a prechosen winner. They are going to bring Amanda and Elissa to the fnals. A show down between the two will make for good ratings and Elissa will win. All the talk about Amanda being friends with a member of production is just a smoke screen to throw people off of what they are doing. They favored Rachael when she was on and theya are favoring Elissa but doing a much better job of not being so obvious about it.


@ ANG…… I think you are confusing the POV with the MVP. They never said the POV holder could still be nominated if they use it to take someone off the block but they did say that the MVP person can still be nominated. It has always been a rule, as long as I can remember, that the POV holder cannot be nominated. Just think about it…If the POV holder could be nominated then NO ONE would ever use it unless they were already on the block for fear of being the replacement nominee.


No, she remains safe.


No, Amanda can’t be the replacement because she won the POV. The POV holder can not be put on the block.


disgusting she wants to kill Elissa and eat her and that she shaves her pubic hair in front of people and that she does all the other despicable things she does. I don’t think there is much left for her mouth to vomit out. Judd was right she needs holy oil poured on her to exorcize out those demons.


Amanda is one disgusting bit¢h. I cant even repeat some of the gross sh¡t this bit¢h has said.

Wayward Irish

You sound classy.


can’t stand how cocky they are again. And they are so foul mouthed I can’t stand it.


I want to vomit in my mouth. I was hoping to enjoy the rest of the week watching Amanda squirm. Then it was going to be wonderful to not have to see her again after Thursday. Amanda has been the most vile BB player ever. Now, we have to deal with what everyone has been saying that Allison Grodner has rigged this game for Amanda to win. I think we should be able to get our money back from paying for the feeds since the game is rigged. We should make a petition on to ask for our money back as there has been clear evidence the game was rigged. This was not disclosed when we paid for the feeds. CBS will lose viewers

Elissa the Botox duck lips has no allies

Quit your belly aching. If the game is rigged, it’s rigged for the Botox duck lips. I can’t understand why all the asswipe haters don’t like Amanda. She’s AWESOME!!! And she and Aaryn are the only two left who have played the game. Spencer, Elissa, GM, McCrae, and Andy have floated the whole season, just going along with the program. Nobody has lived an exemplary life in the house and everyone has said vile and disgusting things. Amanda just does it to your face while all the other rats do it behind the subject’s back. Go all the way Amanda baby. And make the fake gold digging elitist asshole’s life a living hell the next two weeks. Recruit Aaryn and GM to help. and have Andy tell her to get the eff out if she walks in on his conversations. LUV LUV LUV IT!!!!


If the game was rigged for Elissa to win then Amanda would NOT have won her first ever competition of the season ensuring her and McCrea’s safety. I have never really bought into this whole “game being rigged” thing but if I started having the slightest thought that it is in fact rigged, common sense would tell me it is rigged for Amanda. She hadn’t won any competitions and then the first time someone wants to backdoor her she pulls out a win…yea that seems a little fishy to me.

Dan Fan

Yeah right. It was rigged when Elissa won HOH too right?…I think Amanda should go home but I’m not blind either…


Aaaahahaha!!! I LOVE IT!!! TOLD EVERYBODY THIS LAST NIGHT!!!! And as I promised, giving out th double “1-finger salute” to all the McCranda haters!! Ohh, I know it stings all of you!!! And fyi, aaryn will stay. Andy may go, but …oh well. Elissa will be out next week!!! WOOOP WOOOP!!! LMAO!!!!

Elissa the Botox duck lips has no allies

Quit your whining Canadia. Elissa hadn’t win shit all season either until she needed to at the most. And that was just last week. How convenient that you forgot. Elissa is the fake bitch. And since she was playing Helen’s game of trying to manipulate everyone and plant lies about what HGs are saying about each other this is all going to blow up in her face because now they are going to be able to compare notes as they plot her demise in 2 weeks. The gold digging skank’s attempt to get Amanda out failed just as Helen’s plan to do the same failed. And like Helen, Elissa will be going out at the hands of Aaryn and direction of Amanda. I LOVE IT!!!! (That is unless production and CBS rig it and give the elitist snob a power to save herself, which wouldn’t surprise me).


Does it not occur to anyone that maybe Amanda had not intention of winning an HOH because she had her front man winning them and making moves for her. Having Aaryn in HOH was just like being in HOH herself. She made all he decsions but didn’t have to put a target on her back. It worked in her favor for a long time but alas, people started catching on to what was going on.


It’s called rigged?


Its quite hilarious how CBS is being a complete FAIL at covering it.. I laughed my ass off when i knew she won! Just give her the money and stop wasting the other contestants time!! poor cast will get therapy from that DEMANDA

what the hell

i agree it has to be fixed because Amanda could not win anything. Hey CBS you are going to lose viewers if the bitch amanda wins. It will prove that this show is rigged!!!!

Dan Fan

It’s rigged because it didn’t turn out the way you want. Drunk driver complaining about the speed limit…


Elissa’s HOH is STILL GOOD!

Either Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae or Andy (as replacement) were all her targets for Helen going home last week. Every scenerio for who would win veto was carefully planned out.

Next week, when she is no longer HOH, everyone will be going after the McManda as long as neither of them are in power. Neither of them will be going after Elissa because the 3am alliance will be broken and now loyalties will be tested. Thus, its time for backstabbing and to take down the evil queen–Amanda ALONG with the rat (Andy), the puppet (Aaryn) and the follower (McCrae).


I agree!! 3 AM ALLIANCE WILL DIE!!!!!!


WRONG, NEXT WEEK ELISSA WILL GO HOME!!! The alliance will go on either without Aaryn, Andy, or Spencer, but they will still control the votes and Elissa will be evicted. I really was hoping Elissa had enough sense to put Amanda and McCrae on the block together so one of them would be sent packing. This week Aaryn or Andy, next week Elissa. Elissa has no one on her side and she doomed herself by her nominations. So once again the rigged television show goes on.


Depends on who the HOH is next week. This week’s HOH comp was a combination of endurance and agility. I seriously doubt that this week’s HOH will be another endurance comp. So its going to be questions and answers or a pure luck comp. Q&A comp and Gina has no shot at winning and it favors Amanda/McCrae. Pure luck comp and Gina and Judd have a chance of winning.

Even if Amanda/McCrae company wins HOH next week. They would put up Elissa and Judd. Elissa will have a chance of winning POV. All is not lost.

Shinning Star

It was really 2AM, only Aaryn thinks they are 3AM.


Plus Aaryn would be bitter and KNOW Amanda and MCrae played herher!


Everyone needs to spread this information about amanda being the predetermined winner. This shit needs to go viral and we need to oust this show for being so horibbly rigged


Support 4chan, they are planing something to out Alison. They supposedly have emails from Alison to Amanda. They are even planning to get rc helicopters over the house.

Dan Fan

Truth. Its rigged coz you didn’t want Amanda to win.

Disappointing Season

Shame on you CBS ‘BB’….

So you rigged it.. but choosing to rig it for the most vile disgusting representative of women..let alone mankind…

Shame on you!


you must have been sleeping or under a rock since June to have missed the derogatory and disgusting remarks that Amanda makes about EVERYONE on a regular basis…not to mention last week she was all over Elissa saying as many mean things as she could to anyone who’d listen. And wasn’t she repeatedly mocking Helen for crying to other house guests? What about the way she treated Jesse in her ridiculous moment of insecurity thinking that someone really wanted MCcrae’s nasty ass?? Personally, I LOVED it when Elissa laughed in that monster’s face, she gave her a dose of what she (Amanda) has been dishing all season long!! Go Elissa!!


BTW my comment was directed below to “Name”… sorry!


Amanda did not laugh in Helen’s face while Helen was crying. Even Amanda is not that mean. Elissa is!! Elissa is the meanest girl there. Elissa was actually laughing in Amanda’s face while Amanda was crying. Elissa is insane! She is so insecure and always putting others down. Elissa thinks she is the best looking also. Eww- she has the smashed in duck lip face.


No she didn’t laugh about it in Helen’s face, she just sat there shooting dirty looks around the room and smirking to Aaryn while they fake comforted her. Then she went in the DR to trash talk Helen telling her to save her tears etc etc. She is the meanest most putrid human in that house and people who support her show that they are just as horrible as she is because they are condoning her vile behavior. Elissa looks down on these people because she sees how asinine they truly are, as does anyone with access to the live feeds. They are truly a group to behold. If she didn’t know them personally she wouldn’t be saying anything about anyone, but after getting to know them all personally and on a game level, they all just suck and make themselves look bad on national television. She is on a show and basically has to say what she feels at one point or another, to not do so would be fake. She is the only one who keeps it real besides my girl Candice. Everyone else just follows along doing and saying whatever Amanda tells them to do and say. FINALLY someone had enough balls to come at the throne of McCranda sending the house into an uproar, and as soon as Amanda won Veto they are all right back sucking her toes and begging to be in her good graces. How does this chick have any say in anything when she has never been HOH?? She should have been running around campaigning and instead she stayed in bed talking sh!t all day and crying about her safety. What a loser. If Spencer, Judd and Gina Marie are smart they would abandon McCranda and Andy the Rat, joining Elissa to get them out next week.

Elissa the Botox duck lips has no allies

Blow it out your ass Disappointing Season. Amanda rocks! And you have no idea how much satisfaction I have right now that all the Amanda haters were pissing their pants with glee when the Botox princess’s plan was to back door Amanda and now are shitting themselves that Amanda and McCrae are safe and their fake hero is going home in 2 weeks… at Amanda’s and Aaryn’s hands. I so loooooovvvvvveeeee it!! Ha ha ha ha ha to all you Amanda haters. This is going to be a fun next 2 weeks!


I am so HAPPY! The way Elissa was treating Amanda was disgusting. Amanda was crying and Elissa just kept laughing in her face. Elissa is the meanest of the mean girls. I don’t care if Amanda goes home later, but this was just great to see after Elissa behaved in such a horrible, mocking manner.


Thank you! Elipssa talks about how everyone else is disgusting – when she is so mean.
She needs botox for her heart.


I watched it on the feeds and it was really funny…it wasn’t done in a mean and sarcastic way and Amanda and Elissa hugged it out in the end.
Still it was really great some of my favorite moments of the season so far.

If Amanda uses the veto on McCrae can Elissa put up Amanda? one of the commenters lead me to believe that.


Amanda is safe and cannot be nominated since she’s not on the block and won the veto. and can pull of Mc.

boo hoo



You are so stupid.


I loved when Elissa was laughing at Amanda. Amanda was just fake crying anyway to get her sympathy…nothing she does in the house is genuine. Elissa is the only one in the house with the guts to stand up to Amanda & not cower down to her.


Of COURSE this isn’t COMPLETELY RIGGED!! First time this chick wins anything in two months is the only time she actually NEEDS to. And Andy going up is nice just to see him sweat, but no way is he going home instead of Aryn–he’s got Amanda’s posse to keep him safe, where as Amanda was planning on getting Aryn out next anyway.
At least I’ve saved myself some time in not bothering to watch any more BB’s from the States. Here’s hoping BBCAN stays classy and virtually rig free!
Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your work, and looking forward to your coverage of the next BBCAN!!!


I wanted Aaryn, Andy, McCrae, and Amanda gone in that order so I’m happy as a bee!

Amanda last one because although she won a veto, she’s still worthless.

I would prefer Aaryn to go though.


It’s wrong because thousands of people have spent money to watch the feeds. So sad. I believe it is rigged. I received confirmation after seeing Helen pushed or tapped to jump off the box.

Amanda rocks!

There is a God. Thank God!!! Eff you, Elissa. You big Botox duck lips phony!!! I hope Amanda makes this and next week a living hell for you because you are going home you fake!

Amanda Pubes

Perhaps you like Amanda due to her pubic hair shaving on national TV?

Amanda Pubes

Perhaps you like Amanda due to her pubic hair shaving on national TV?


AMANDA just said she would murder Elissa ? On Big Brother Canada she would have been kicked off the show for that comment ?


Oh please.


I know…..eating her asshole with a silver spoon is worse than murder.


So funny! Yes I would choose murder over that torture any day!


Sombody needs to report Amanda to Cali pd. that’s a threat and the cops would have to act just like they did with spencer.




And everyone in the United States daily affirms…this is NOT Canada!


Okay, the worst has happened now onto plan B which should be putting up Andy and getting rid of Aaryn and not because of personal sh*t but because getting A out is good for Elissa’s game, Aaryn is good at competitions and she will never work with E. The racist has to finally get out of the BB house ’cause she was a major SHEEP during all 4 of her HOH’s!!!!


I am confused. Didn’t they say at the begning of the season that the POv holder was not safe from being put up if they use it? If Amanda uses the veto to remove McCrae then why wouldn’t Elissa puit her up in his place? I am not sure where everythng got so mixed up.


This is what I always thought as well. I am so confused!


No they never said that. They said the MVP was not safe.


Well this is not the worst thing that could happen to Elissa. McRae, if I win HOH I’m going to put her up,we’ll you’ll put her up last week and you’ll would have put her up(out) this week if she had not won HOH. If Spencer is serious about working with Elissa the 3am could be in trouble.Next week Judd,GM, and maybe Spencer will go against McRae,Andy, and Amanda. They will send Arryn home this week. They will keep Andy but Andy Amanda and Mcrae has won 25% each of the the HOH that Arrynwon that’s 75% of what Arryn won. It look like she couldn’t trust Arryn anyway and she could have influenced GM. It looks like Elissa will have done better than anyone-except Arryn. If Spencer goes with her she will have a 50/50 chance of her team winning HOH. Plus if they put her up she can play for POV, so that means Amanda and McRae have a 50/50 chance of going up also. Amanda is so dumb, she thinks she can con Elissa to put up her on allies. (That was dumb Helen that fell for that) Elissa has put up from 1st MVP who SHE wanted not who the house wanted ( Amanda) She tried to save Candace & jessie. She is not falling for Amanda’s childish tricks. And we get to see the little weasel on the block and he will cry like a little BITCH. I hope GM wins next week because it will be bye bye Mcranda. They will batshit because they will go up together next time with Andy as a replacement.


You are right,Maybe they should have rotated the pawns so Spencer wouldn’t feel dispensable. You all are talking about basically giving him Arryn’s slot but it may to little too late. He saw how you’ll treated him. Elissa didn’t put him up and she is the enemy(he knows he would have gone home like Arryn is)
McRae ======Judd
Andy. ====== GM
This is the breakdown of next HOH competition. It actually looks like Elissa’s team has a 55%.—45% edge to win the HOH at least
Next time Amanda & McRae will go up together with Elissa’s team deciding who goes home. Andy as a replacement.
I hope they send McRae to jury with Jessie next and then Andy. Let Amanda sit there while McRae is living it up in the jury house with Jessie & Candace.
Judd can tell her how much fun he had with them. Keep saying, I wonder what McRae and Jessie is doing right now. She will self evict because she will realize she’s gonna lose anyway. They can walk around for 7 days knowing that one of them is going home. If GM wins HOH you won’t see Amanda’s fat ass up in HOH bed again.


I agree 100%
Even though Elissa has no clue that Andy is working with 3am, I’m sure the DR pushed her towards Andy.
Her excuse of “he’s following me, I have to put him up” is pretty pathetic.
She’s already admitted that the DR tells her everything.
They even told her closest ally, Helen, that she was the target last week.


Aren’t big brothers ratings down?

You’d think they would appease the Internet fans if it is rigged.

I’m done with the show. For real. Amanda winning is bogus and you’d think something would be done about the rumor of her being predetermined to win that’s two months old.

Go Bitches!

Actually, BBs ratings are up, the highest in 3 years. And if the game is rigged for anyone, it’s rigged for Elissa to win. It’s so obvious that the DR feeds her info, blankets and instructions. The most recent example, she was going after Aaryn until she had a lengthy Diary Room session. Then she comes out of DR. grabs Judd and says Amanada’s the target. Wah, wah, wah Elissa. I suppose she’s going to go home now.


No even the post that stated it was rigged said that it would make it seem like it was rigged for Elissa. They treat her better to give attention to it so they could help Amanda out by telling her what is happening around the house.


Your making things up and it’s BS!!! The original post from a former employee on another site made it clear that Ellisa is there as a distraction to allow Amanda to get further in the game. Not as you lied and said that she is there to help Amanda. Stop making up garbage.


Get a life… bitch x3


Okay….Elissa’s ally was pushed…..Amanda wins POV….I’m pretty certain Elissa is the distraction…..Amanda is the predetermined winner. AG totally. How does misted you! HOW DOES IT FEEL BY BEING MISTED…….by AG!


I have heard numerous people (Amanda, Elissa, Helen & Andy) make comments about their “friends” in production. They all seem to have a relationship with production and they all discuss things going on behind the scenes and in the DR. Hence the reason why “Big Brother” reminds them over and over again that they are “not allowed to talk about production with other house guests”. I have heard them all remark about how Elissa gets special treatment because she is Rachel’s sister but Amanda is being called out for being close friends with the executive producer, Allison Grodner. I can imagine that if Elissa (someone who brings in massive ratings) threatens to leave the show they will kiss her ass and accommodate her every whim just to keep her there. But this is hardly rigging a show so that she wins. I want Elissa to win ( because anyone else winning is like giving money to a monkey, or should I say rat), but I doubt that she does. Maybe the person who hasn’t won anything until she needed to is the one being “helped” along and handed half a million for essentially nothing… but her superb “acting skills”. What a waste. I can’t wait for the show to end so that she can see how much America dislikes her. BB is a real social experiment that showcases exactly how mindless sheeple work….peer pressure and group-think has created a dictatroship in the BB house this season for sure.


Try reading her conversation with Helen Thurs. am. This was E.’s plan if she won HOH. It was Helen who convinced E. to backdoor Amanda and not put them up together!


They are creating an Amanda/Elissa showdown at the end of the season for ratings. It will come down to Elissa and Amanda in the finals and Elissa wll win.

BBfan from Florida

Does someone on here have connections to a TV or news program that would “investigate” and report any findings on rigging? Maybe TMZ or some other non CBS related show. This makes me really sad to think of all the time I have watched since season one. So disappointed.


Cbs could easily pay off anyone who would investigate something like that. It is so easy to do whatever you want with money. It is hard watching a reality game show because it could be rigged. Everything could be. The NBA could be and it is very possible it is. Anything where viewers and money is involved has that potential.

Dan Fan

Yup Ray Allen shooting desperation 3 in Game 6 – rigged. Using the NBA to explain why Amanda won the POV – that’s a stretch dude. Who are you? Rachel Reilly?


You Rachel / Elissa fans are truly pathetic. Like McDonalds, I’m loving it!


I know i am personalizing a little much but i agree i am done watching a show where people who i am constitutionally opposed to succeed. Outside o f elissa an judd, i do not like these people for who they are and i cant watch any of them be rewarded for their offensive, crass, juvenile, and utterly stupid behavior and ways of thinking. I love this game but the game is the players and i am not loving it right now. I am seriously done his season, cant even say i am glad for the weeks i did have bc they were disturbing and upsetting.


Astrid, I agree with you 500%. Not only was the racist comments disturbing, but the other conversations they have are gross and disgusting also. There conversations are over the top with TMI (especially disgusting Amanda, GM, and Spencer). At first I didnt like Elissa, but after hearing the conversations and observing the personalities of the other HG, Elissa and Helen became my favorites because they were decent and had class. The rest of these idiots are low life. Its hard to read the spoilers because of the disgusting conversations.




except we already saw her on camera explain to helen her plan the week prior, you are 100% correct…


Wow shocker NOT!!! Amanda is now for sure guaranteed to win the money! RIGGED BOOOOO


why do people keep saying that she could get 2nd but doesn’t have the votes from jury to win period sit down and analize each vote its like dan of last year I told everyone a month before the end he had no chance

Rio Seven

You know what? Almost everyone that leaves comments on this website are brainless hypocrites!

When Amanda wins something, you say the show is rigged. But when Elissa wins, the show is not rigged?

When Andy lies, you all judge him but it is okay for Elissa to lie.

You all suck except a few people who actually understand what is going on.

This websites comments have destroyed any faith I have in humanity.


Yes, it’s true. Can you imagine playing any kind of game with these people?
If their favorite wins, it was ‘great game-play’, if they lose it’s RIGGED!



“The websites”…? Guess there must be no crime in your area.


oh for goodness sakes rio are ya giving up on life too? little dramatic

Rio Seven

Lol – Chief, I am a little hormonal right now :-)




You’re an idiot if you can’t distinguish the differences you’ve listed, RIO SEVEN! The statement about the show being rigged for Amanda came out two months ago and it just seems a little too perfect that for the FIRST TIME since the show STARTED Amanda wins the POV when she needed it to keep her and MC in the game! Just a little too coincidental, don’t you think?
And if you can’t tell the difference between Andy lying and snitching out EVERYONE and EVERYTHING he sees and hears, and Elissa (or anyone in the house for that matter) lying for game play, then you are truly delusional!

Dan Fan

Are you 85 years old?


That’s because most of the people who leave vitriolic comments about Amanda are fat old cat ladies.

Dan Fan

Are you saying – Amanda haters = > 60 years old?


Indeed. Or at least they have the hearts of old ladies.

I have a theory about Elissa. One day on a visit to her Botox appointment, the doctor accidentally slipped and injected her heart with the poisonous paralytic . Since then her heart has been a stone cold nugget of coal.

Also, thumbs down are delicious. They sustain me. They represent the tears of old disgusting Elissa fans.

GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

Chuckles — Bosley Crowther wrote a brilliant review of the flic BONNIE AND CLYDE way back in the 60s that
got him fired from his critic’s job when he went into how much fake blood was up there in living “technicolor”…
this is before Quentin Tarantino made a name for himself. AMANDA is a sk@nk. A bYTCh~viXon. 100% Cra$$.
inside BB’s surrealness, ANDY THE SPY is so D@HHHMN close to retirement. Amanda the slut is why this must be.
She is so open and vulnerable. the JURY may end up plunking the big purse in McCrae’s lap. Folks are not stupid…
even if they THINK pizzaboy has a coke habit, he DESERVES the money over her. what he did to Nick is IAN level.


Cmon people, this show is as real as “The Hills” was, (I called that one early on too). Amanda is an actress, she works for the Dolce Group (Boogie, Dr. Will are investors). Nick and McCrae are actors. No one cares. It’s like years ago when that chick was on Maury, Springer, ect.. wearing wigs-hired hand. I see Judd winning this, he is really the least objectionable. But you have’nt seen the last of Amanda- there’s all stars, AR, Survivors. Look how far that idiot Hasselbeck got and she did’nt even win! I watch BB for what it is-a soap opera. I’m on the fence about Aaryn, her Mother hired a PR firm so they may divulge how much of it is scripted to take the heat off her. Casting should be evaluated b/c this group is so unlikable, that’ll be the real death of this show. Either that or someone will get seriously hurt by another HG

Dan Fan

Your source is wikileaks right?


I agree that there is a degree of hypocrisy involved with people who cry “rig” when their least favorite house guest wins or makes a huge move against their favorite. However, I disagree that everyone is motivated the same way when it comes to making comments about the show being rigged. For example, anyone who watches BB for any length of time should expect lying, backstabbing and sh!t talking because this is the name of the game. To expect anything different is absurd and these folks have either not watched the show long or they are too righteous and goodhearted for such a scheming and conniving program and they should move on to other programming more suitable for their tastes. In my opinion, the rigging is obvious for two reasons: 1. Aaryn was outed as the resident racist and reprimanded by Amanda who has said far worse comments…. but none of that was aired on CBS. Why??? If not for the Live Feeds and Blogs like this one, the world would never know what a disgusting human being Amanda is and they would be rooting for her hardcore while and shunning Aaryn til the cows come home. But now we know the truth about her and all of her disgusting habits….including hopping in bed with McCrae the first week because he was HOH. 2. Amanda has done NOTHING in this game to wield the power and authority she has. Everyone bows down to her and does her bidding without hesitation. For weeks people shuddered at mere mention of her name knowing that any thought of nominating her would end in their eviction. Why has she ruled the house like this if she never even won HOH? Aaryn should be the Queen after winning all the comps that she has but in the end she is just Amanda’s pawn like everyone else who hasn’t been evicted for daring to go against her (AKA the “HOUSE”). And til this day, she continues to be edited as this smart-mouthed, fiery vixen/mastermind who’s social game has her running the house, but in reality her social game SUCKS! All she does is bully people and bone McCrae. I’m over it, she has to go.

Dan Fan

Agree. same people who blame officiating when home team loses.


Here I am, the sole person actually doing a happy dance right now!


I’m with you!! I’m glad now Andy will go up and we get a real show!! I like Andy, but he needs to taste the block!


You are dancing because you love Amanda and her onions


You’re not the only one! Haters are going to hate! :)


ME TOO! McCranda lives on!


Trust me your not the only one! Amanda may not win this game but I hope she destroys Ellisa before she leaves!


I’d love to see Amanda guns blazing at Elipssa to the point that she walks off.
Can’t stand the CyberDyne robot!

you are pathetic

i’m not an elissa fan (do not care of bulk of cast actually, though can tolerate judd if he dont get back with goof troop) but i am tired of the mindless hate people like you throw her way. get over it.


Correction: It’s not mindless hate – it’s mindful dislike.


I am super happy too! I didn’t want Amanda or McCrae to go. Now I’m happy that Elipssa isn’t getting her way.
Let’s watch the CyberDyne robot malfuntion this week. LOL


I personally don’t like any of them, but this new snag will dial down the viewer’s boredom regarding this year’s cast.


What snag?


Bye bye aaryn


Time to nominate ANDY THE RAT make him sweat. Andy together with the MCCREA team has been sitting pretty and snitching to everyone except MCCREA alliance.

pinocchio Obama

That is why you should of put up McCrae and Amanda.


Yep. Should’ve just put them up together then replaced with Andy. Aaryn is already backstabbing Elissa. This all blew up in her face.


Well Aaryn is still a target and a damn good target to take out.

For Elissa’s game this is perfect for us all not so much. Without Andy or Aaryn that power couple is not as powerful and if their comp records are anything to go by they have little chance they have to rely on their social game. But it’s going to be extremely hard to sell f3,f4, deals with anyone,clearly no f2s except to Aaryn some dummy or Andy the rat ass #oLe.

Dan Fan

Production told helen to manipulate elissa not put up Amanda. The show is rigged. yeah right. LOL.


S***!!! We have to put up with DEMANDA for another week. If she uses POV, I hope Elissa puts up Andy or GM (I still don’t like her after what she’s said about Candice & Black people) as a replacement.

Rig Job?

Are you serious Anon? The only RIG JOB I see is the one that just happened. The douchebag that never wins ANYTHING just won VETO… Now that is a “RIG JOB”

Rig Job?

This above comment was for “this season blows” .

This Season Blows

I hate Demanda, but I love the fact that Duck Lips screwed up her HOH and production’s attempted rigjob was foiled.


To This Season Blows are you kidding me production’s rigging worked just the way it was suppose too. I mean come on why do you think the Feeds were down for over three hours so that Production could once again rig it for the predetermined winner who has family that works for CBS and if BFF with AG. I mean everything the insider posted earlier about having proof that it is rigged is going right according to what she claimed. IT is so rigged that it is pathetic!!!


Boy, do you ever have it ass-backwards! Production succeeded in rigging it to keep Amanda off the block!


Ivy League Wife can you not read. That is who production rigged it for and that is why feeds were down so long. IT has always been rigged for AMANDA!


Billie, obviously you’re the one who has problem reading, at least in chronological order. I was responding to a comment made by This Season Blows:

This Season Blows says:
August 24, 2013 at 1:35 pm
I hate Demanda, but I love the fact that Duck Lips screwed up her HOH and production’s attempted rigjob was foiled.

To me and others on this board, well except you, it reads that Amanda foiled the attempt to rig it for Elissa! Reading may be fundamental, but it’s nothing without comprehension.

GonzoMe seyz (((drumrolls)))) ANDYwuz TOLD THINGS

the whole D@MN game just went into QUEEN BEE mode… Helen right now in her woe &misery is not the “other” BB queen bee…

we all know CBS will dominate the Nielsons becuz this BYtchFe$t grudgeMatch is sorta rather like the way railroadman Spencer

the Larry Flint wannabe would set up a HoH competion! can we now say mud wresting? can we all think like yesteryear’s barflys?

QUEEN BEE ELISSA almost took out her rival QUEEN BEE AMANDA. Elissa is a sweet soccer mom but her rival is a stinky skank.


Well whoever the insider was that said it was rigged for Amanda and that it would look like Amanda was going home but she wouldn’t was EXACTLY RIGHT!! This show is so rigged it just makes you want to throw up. RIGGED, RIGGED, RIGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If anything solidifies the theories that this show is rigged for Amanda it would be this VETO competition. How convenient is it that she won a competition this week of all weeks? Ugh, this f***ing sucks. So livid right now that I’m all for jumping on the BBRigged train. This show is definitely RIGGED big time. First, this week with Helen’s foot thing during the HOH competition and now with the shedevil winning the VETO and saving her nasty ass boytoy who wears the same friggin shirt every single day. This week had so much hope and promise and now its ruined. I really don’t know why I keep watching. Next week, we’ll see her or McPussy win and then that will be another week we have to watch her in control. UGH!!


Rigged?…You mean like elissa winning pov last week so helen went home instead of her… or like her winning hoh this week of ALL weeks…when she needed it the most


Hey billie,

One more time –

IvyLeagueWife says:
August 24, 2013 at 2:16 pm
Boy, do you ever have it ass-backwards! Production succeeded in rigging it to keep Amanda off the block!

The fact I said it kept Amanda off the block implies it was rigged in Amanda’s favor, NOT Elissa’s. Rigged for Amanda, not Elissa. I’ve never said otherwise. Get it? Got it? Good!

Go Elissa

I hope Elissa puts up Andy


If she puts up Andy, I think they sacrifice him to unleash Aaryn on Ellisa. Awesome!


If she puts up Andy, I think they will sacrifice him to unleash Aaryn on Ellisa!


Aaryn is going home!!!!


The smart thing for all the HGs would be to take out the strongest player. There is only one left in the house and that’s Aaryn. Elisa screwed herself, she got lemons and made sauerkraut.

Lol of course

First comp win of the season … Lol .. Oh well .. Bye bye Arryan !!!


Put up Andy!


yep, Andy might go, he also can’t win anything. Aaryn can.

VA Vet

A little critical thinking suggests that production is not running Elissa’s HOH.

First, it doesn’t take two hours to tell Elissa to back door Amanda. That’s a five minute conversation.

Elissa holds all the aces when dealing with production. She was cast to gin up ratings—-If she refuses to comply, their only recourse is to throw her out which would not only be a disaster rating wise but how could they possibly explain throwing out the HOH since BB is not about to say she wouldn’t let them rig the show. Or, production can rig the veto comp for Amanda to win. We’ll have to wait and see how the veto plays out to put all the pieces together.

Elissa has demonstrated that she has a mind of her own and isn’t about to be persuaded to do anything she doesn’t want to do (except perhaps by her Husband).

I’d suggest that production tried for two hours to call the shots and Elissa finally said I’ve had enough. Watch me and if you don’t like it, do whatever you have to do.


I’m going to cryyyy, my worst fear came true :(


can’t believe she actually won it – I guess we can thank production for that one

Go Bitches!

Way to go Amanda, screwed up Elissa’s plan! Can’t wait to watch Elissa’s botox crumble.


Don’t bet on it, She putting up Andy!!!!!!


then spencer Amanda and mccrae vote out aaryn unless they do something stupid they cant get andy out anyway they got 3 votes to keep him


if they are smart, Amanda would get into a fight with Andy and plead with Elipssa to put him on the block.
Since Elipssa always does the opposite, Andy will be safe and whoever else she puts up will go home.


Aaryn is going home anyway. Bye bye 3am alliance.


Cannot wait for Demanda to take off Mccrea and then realize after that she just gave away her power of veto and now she has none and can be a replacement.
This is the reason why Elissa did not use POV on Helen because she woulld go up otherwise HOH has to nominate two people again?


What? Amanda can’t go up as a replacement. She has the veto and if she uses it on someone else she cannot be put up. Elissa didn’t use it on Helen because she had to pull herself off the block since both were on the block already.


If the HG that won the POV uses it they cannot go up as a replacement. If she really wanted to split them up she would’ve out them both up.


Of course the one week someone ACTUALLY wanted to backdoor her she won the veto… here’s to putting rat ass Andy up and getting him out!

Kelli Jo

Shut. The. F**k. UP!!


Calm down and take your Xanax.

Pinocchio Obama

Time to get nervous rat boy.


Yes, but I think if Amanda takes Mccrea off then Amanda is no longer safe and she can be nominated too as a replacement.


Nope, she still safe.


How is Amanda safe if she takes McCrae off the block? Are they forgetting that the POV holder is not safe if they use it to remove someone from the block? This is what they said at the begining of the season. What is going on?


I don’t care for andy but if I was andy I would say put me up im staying guess you cant add


Great, just great.


elissa’s master plan to put mccrae next to aaryn doesn’t seem to smart anymore. only everyone predicted this would happen. let’s hope andy is the replacement nom, my second choice would be spencer. mcmanda lives to see another week.

aaryn will have to choose to work with elissa, gm and judd, or go forward with mcmandy and 3am. until the replacement nom goes up next to aaryn, the rats will scurry, and it will be interesting to watch.


I had feeling this would happen…the best bet would have been to put Mcloser and Demanda on the block at the same time so one of the power couple would leave…I see what Elissa was trying to do now she has to get out Aaryn to break up 3AM…


The horror, the horror, the horror, the horror! Oh, this was the worst case scenario. The show might be rigged after all. Goodbye Aryan…or Andy then.


The situation is not ideal but at least one of 3AM has to go home pick your poison you keep rat boy or HOH queen…both can’t be trusted they run back to Amanda. Elissa +GM +Judd must stick together and pull in Spencer and after eviction this leaves Amanda Mcpizza + Aaryn/Andy if Aaryn leaves team Elissa has a higher chance of pulling HOHs…but the way everything is rigged I expect the worst lol…




I actually yelled out loud NOO!! when i read it…

I’m entirely too invested into this show….im done with this show…

until the POV ceremony…




Thank you production for saving her.


Aaryn is going home anyway!


I wish but I think she’s going to put Spencer up and he’ll be voted out. Production need Aaryn to win comps and they need Andy to continue to be the rat that he is


Nope!!!! Aaryn is going home!!!!


I really hope so. Aaryn was originally Elissa’s main target anyway until she went into the DR

Reality Check

I hope Aaryn is voted out, but Big Brother is protecting both Aaryn and Amanda by giving them the performance enhancing drug Adderall.


That sucks!!! Well at least Andy or Aryan will go. You have to get Aryan out as long as Amanda is in the house she will follower her commands.


This is BS. I’m done watching live feeds. Done with this season.

McBitch is back to making his empty threats and his big talking. Amanduh thinks shes Wonder Woman.

Thanks Production.


I stopped watching the live feeds weeds ago and the one time I popped in it was Helen crying, ugh!


Unreal….. This is why Elissa should have put up Amanda AND McCrae.

On another note, it’s highly suspicious that Amanda finally wins a competition just when she needs to. Rigged?


Why God,Why??????????


PAHAHA!!! Don’t cry, it’ll be ok. Try not to jump out of any open windows!!!! Go 3 a.m.!!!!!!

Jim 64

Elissa please put up that little weasel Andy
Lets get rat face out of this game.


Darn….Amanda won the veto….


And THAT is why you always put targets number 1 & 2 on the block TOGETHER

Twisted Sister

So true – not sure what Elissa’s best long-term move is. Is Aaryn going to listen to Amanda or Elissa? I think GM sees through Amanda/MC – it appears Andy’s time might be up – and while I like Elissa’s gameplay – this is almost a waste of HOH unless she can get GM and Aaryn on her side. Is BB rIgged? Who knows – some say the POV wins by Elissa were rigged – I think when your neck is on the line you fight… and since I’m here for the entertainment factor – I can only hope that Judd wins the next HOH.


Hate to say it but… It’s Rigged. So rigged.


Typical BB

Amanda's hairy bush

Beyond pissd!!!!!!


What a surprise! Just out of nowhere, & in the nick of time!




Out of all the times Amanda wins veto.! -_____________________________-………BUT atleast Andy the rat is the replacement nomination.


Yupp this show is deff rigged! There’s no point in watching it anymore its obvious that amanda is going to win I’m outt

Rio Seven

Yeah buzz off and stop your whining.




You’ve got to be F****** kidding me!!!!


No shocker there. Amanda is the predetermined winner of BB and Allison Grodner’s friend. This is a disgrace for CBS to rig BB like this
No sense in me watching next season. I will continue with this season but I’m disappointed in CBS

Rio Seven

If you hate it so much and think it is rigged, go away!!!


I just canceled my subscription and I’m SURE I’m not the only one, so I’m pretty sure most people are “going away.” People are entitled to voicing their opinions and what they think without people saying “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THEN GO!!!!!” We ARE going, thanks.


Preach it, Rio!!!!!


Rigged Brother. This show is so scripted and fixed. Amanda is going to win so it’s just a big fake waste of time show!!!

Amanda sux

How convenient that the only time she wins is when it saves her and pizza boy. UGH!!!

helen is clueless

This is why if she wanted one of Mcranda gone she should’ve put both up. Now if Elissa puts up Andy and doesn’t get the votes, she’s done.


One can hope. :-)

Boring season

Elissa should have put up mccrea and Amanda and now she has to get out arryn and Andy. Amanda needs to go I can’t stand her.


Let me guess, McMusty faked an injury.. SHOCKER!!!!

Did we not say the only way she could win is, if someone threw it??


UGH why does demanda have to win this competition?!?!?!

hopefully andy gets put up!!!


This is exactly why you put Amanda and mc up at same time.

Not like there’s 15 players in there and she has a chance not to play in pov. Not to mention wasn’t this a non random houseguest pov selection? Like production obvi knew mc would pick Amanda to play. How. Fucking. Convenient.

bunny in a magic box

Wait, so if Amanda uses the veto on McCrea, does that mean that BOTH Amanda and Mcrea are safe?? Can’t Elissa put up Amanda afterwards?


Amanda is safe and when she takes down McCrae, he is also safe. So both of them are safe. The only time when only one person is safe is when you are on the block and you win POV then you save yourself.


Nope. The fact that she won POV saves her from being the replacement nominee. She can also decide not to use it and leave Aaryn & McCrae up there and one of them (most likely Aaryn(YES!)) goes home.