Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Ian’s Nominations

6:25pm Kitchen Cam 1-4 Everyone

They’re talking about running out of food because Jessie/production took all the “Junk Food” There seems to be a bit of panic that their favorite foods are all gone. Ian says that he hopes the food isn’t thrown out because that is a waste of food and that’s not cool.

On the kitchen table is a bunch of health food that was left behind. everyone is trying different types of these health foods. A new player I have never seen before is eating slop with Ketchup and mustard. They appear to be nominated.

Ian keeps going up to his HOH room to get some food from his Baskey. (Jessie never touched the HOH basket food.. Ian’s doritos, pop etc are not gone)

Frank: “They took my F***** oatmeal”
Ian: “Maybe this is there way to curb the ant issue”
Danielle: “Or tell us we’re FAT”

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers – Nomination Results

6:37pm Kitchen.. BRitney, Shane, Joe, Dan, Danielle and Jenn

They are screaming in their microphones “We can hear the DR.. PEOPLE we can hear the DR”
Danielle: “Oh my god that 4 times this year”
Shane: “As least we can’t hear the responses”
Jenn: “Still those Questions.. “

(It’s Ian’s Diary Room they can hear.. Frank was in the HOH at the time.. )

You can see on the memory wall that Dan and Danielle are nominated for Eviction this week. Ian is back from the Diary Roommm. Just random chit chat..

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Big Brother 14 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

11:55am Jenn and Ashley are in the arcade room talking. Jenn says that she just knew Shane was going to nominate her, she says that he was looking at her a lot right before so she just knew she was going up. Jenn says that she is just going to sit by the pool and do the dishes and start thinking about her speech. Jenn says whatever the line is fu*king drawn and I am going out for blood after this! The cameras switch to the HOH room where Danielle, Britney and Shane talk about how pissed Jenn is. Britney says that she is going to go talk to her and tell her that she is sorry and that she will tell her to come up to talk to him (Shane). Britney goes down to talk to Jenn. Jenn is in the kitchen and yells FU*K. Britney takes Jenn into the arcade room and tells her she is sorry that she got nominated that she didn’t know it was happening. Britney tells Jenn that she told Shane she didn’t want to know who he was going to nominated after getting her name thrown out there with the nominations. Jenn says that she wants to campaign for Britney’s vote. Britney says absolutely. Britney tells her that Shane wants to talk to her. Jenn says that she wants wait until she calms down.

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Big Brother Spoilers – The Avocado Goddess JUMPS into the Game

9:31pm Cam 1-2 Ashley and Ian Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Ashley tells him that they both love this game so much and she would never throw the POV competition.

Ian: “I think it will be OK ASh”
AShley: ‘Whatever happens I think it will be the same outcome.. Boogie goes home”
Ian: “Ya.. he’ll see his kid”
Ashley: “Like Janelle”
AShley : “I kind of feel bad.. but what can you do.. thats the way the cookie crumbles.. it’s just a game”
AShley is worried about the nominations. Ian tells her all she can do at this point is hope for the best Monday morning. Ashley wonders if they luxury competition will be tomorrow. Ian doesn’t think so he’s thinking some bodies need to leave first before CBS pulls the luxuries out.
Ashley mentions that there is a lot of stuff being said about Dan. Ian doesn’t believe it Ian likes Dan.
Britney Joins them.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Boogie and Frank Call Dan out Frank: “I’ll start 3 weeks ago when you lied to our face”

10:15pm Cam 3-4 Dan and Shane HOH Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Dan tells him he’s got Shane’s back no matter what happens. Dan thinks that Boogie and Frank are onto him but they have no idea it is Ian spilling the information. Frank joins them in the HOH, “So what happened to the Silent 6.. I feel like a idiot with all the blogging I did about it” Shane: “I don’t know what is going on.. who to believe” Dan mentions that he’s always been taking the heat in this game. Frank questions him why he feels like that Dan’s never been on the block he’s been safe every week. Dan: “My season I was a constant target played the game from the back”

Britney joins them. Frank asks her if she needs a hug. Britney says no she’s alright. Shane leaves.. Silence.. They are looking at the spy screen at Joe, Danielle and Ashley working out in the living room (Pilates)
Frank: “What if his name gets drawn and the comp is literally hauling bricks tomorrow” (The POV tomorrow)
Dan: “Hauling Bricks”

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Boogie: “You made the big moves sweetheart.. one of us is staying honey and guess who we’re coming after”

7:55pm cam 1-2 Britney and Boogie Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Britney telling him that she did hear Boogie and Frank are coming after her and Shane.

Boogie: “Who are you talking to britney.. you made the big moves sweetheart.. one of us are staying honey and guess who we’re coming after”
Frank: “Last week I could have put you up and I didn’t “
Britney” I did hear you were coming after me that is all.. I do not have some power of Shane.. I’m not sitting upstairs in my thrown controlling everyone”
Boogie: “Was Dan and Danielle in on this decision”
Britney says no.. This wasn’t my HOH I never put the keys in the box.

Britney looks at Boogie: “you didn’t say make a big move that you are not going to like to Boogie: “NO”

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Big Brother 14 Spoilers Nomination Results – Silent 6 No More

Shane says he was misguided by someone in the house he got confused and didn’t know what to do. All he was hearing from everyone in the house was “You can’t trust frank you can’t trust boogie” Boogie asks if POV is played: “Are you up to stick with the plan or is this Disco Wars” Shane: “no we can talk” Boogie: “If I knew you were considering this I wouldn’t have gone for the 10 grand whats that after taxes”
Boogie says about Britney that she doesn’t give a f**k about Shane she’s going to use him she’s going to ride your back to the end” Shane says Britney put things in his mind and he still really trusts her because she his coach.
Frank and Boogie Nominated
(Frank is really pissed and he shows it.. Boogie is keep his cool.. Shane blames the nominations on Britney)

Shane thought this was going to be a lot worse he thanks them for being cool. Boogie reminds him that the thing about putting a duo up is one of them stays. Boogie isn’t mad he knows if they stay this week they still can work with Shane.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Ashley to Frank high as a Kite, “My Group is Shady your group is Thick as Thieves

5:32pm HOH Keyser Soze and Frank

Ashley: “You know I’m hurt and everything>..”
Frank : “you’re not going up”
Ashley: “ohh ok Cool ..”
Ashley giggles says she thought her and Joe were going to be nominated.
Frank says if she wins POV he doesn’t want her to use it because then he has to make 3 people pissed.
Ashley confirms she won’t use the POV if she just happens to win it.
Ashley: ‘I don’t want you to think i’m useless in this game I’m getting better”
Ashley briefly mentions how she was loyal to Janelle up until she found out all the nasty things Janelle was saying behind her back. Ashley has never felt like she was part of a group, the people she was with in the game were shady and she never fit in. Ashley thinks Frank’s group has always been tight.

They start laughing and Eagle eye joe. Before the Have Nots Competition Joe told Britney he was hoping that it would involve hauling Bricks. Ashley says she’s bummed out she couldn’t compete in the comp today.

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Big Brother Spoilers Season Reboot Nomination Results

8:00pm Cam 3-4 HOH Wil, Danielle and Dan Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Wil telling them it’s OK he knows he’s not the target. Wil tells danielle not to feel bad he still respects her.
danielle tells him she wants him to still come up to the HOH and Hang out with them. Wil says he will, it’s just a game and he can still hang out with them all.
Danielle: “I think so highly of you.. I’m sorry”
Wil: “Don’t Worry.. Give me a hug”
Wil hugs both of them and leaves.

Dan: “Ian’s a rat” Dan caught Ian talking to Boogie after the Power of Veto Ceremony. Dan tells her they cannot trust Ian they’ll have to see what he says tonight. Dan: “Wil wins the POV you should put Boogie’s ass up”

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One Showmance Ends Another Begins – Shane “that’s like a 10lb dumbbell coming out of your V**”

11:18pm Cam 3-4 HOH Dan, Danielle, Britney, SHane

Shane mentions to Dan that Frank was telling him he wants to bring Danielle in because she’s strong competitor. Dan isn’t too excited about it he thinks Frank will give Jenn and Ian priority. Shane agrees. Dan asks him what’s up with Joe is he pissed? Shane says Joe is freaking out he told them that his blood pressure was skyrocketing and he had to go into his room to calm down. While he was in his room he was doing some thinking and he thinks Shane needs to join up with Wil, Joe and Ashley.

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Big Brother Spoilers Week 3 Nomination Results Britney: “You can b*ckd00r anybody”

8:40pm Cam 3-4 HOH Britney and Janelle Watch with FlashBack FREE TRIAL!

Janelle asks her why did Shane nominate 2 of her players. Britney explains that week one Janelle and her team burnt them bad and Boogie’s team never has.
Janelle is warning her that Frank is very dangerous

Britney asks her if she was going around trying to get people to hate JOJO to make sure she gets evicted . Janelle says she wasn’t

janelle: “I don’t want to have JOJO leave.. my team voted for her”
Britney points out that she htought Fireworks was going to come out of joe’s butt when Frank won HOH last week. Brintet reminds her that all her team was her friend

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Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Results JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will lose weight”

10:10pm Have Nots – Janelle, Jojo, Wil, Ashely talking about the nominations. Frank and Kara have been put up for Evictions. They feel bad for kara because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Kara and Frank have been nominated for eviction. It’s pretty obvious that Britney and Janelle’s Teams are working together. Kara joins them and they start chatting about the Alcohol they have been drinking. Kara points out that Dan is Light Weight because after he had one drink his eyes got droopy. We also find out that the Have nots this week are Ashley, ian and Danielle. They briefly talk about Willie targeting Frank this week. Talk drifts to eating and gaining weight. JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will loose weight”. They head to the kitchen table to play games.

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