“I’ve put in a lot of work, a lot of covering her (Sarah), I’m not even guaranteed final 3” -B

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH 3 part finale is next
Nominations: Ashleigh & Godfrey

The Big Brother Canada Awards – And the Award goes to…
Best Godfrey speech – “Blood on these hands” or “This ain’t no lovers paradise guys”
Favourite man of style – Zach & Kevin: French maids or Jordan in snorkeling gear
Favourite Lady in Red – Pilar as a lobster or Willow as a ketchup bottle
Best make-out session – Kevin & Pilar in the rain or Sarah & Willow in the pantry
Best BBTV Skillz – Sarah’s stand-up or Tres B’s dance routine
Best celebration – Bruno after “through The Wringer” or Godfrey after Jordan’s eviction
Best Zach sack – Beach ball sack or Laundry sack
Favourite “Twerk it girl moment – Pilar or Ashleigh
Favourite human washboard – Bobby or Zach
Best battle of words – Johnny vs Graig or Sarah vs Bruno
Favourite pet – Piggy or Rocky

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-21 16-58-23-256

8:00pm HOH Ashleigh, Brittnee and Godfrey
Godfrey and Ashleigh chatting about the season and past houseguests..

Godfrey called into the Diary room leaving Brittnee and Ashleigh. Ashleigh says she’s so nervous about these next couple days but also really excited.
Brittnee it’s hard to know it’s almost over.. It’s been really hard.. I miss my family and friends so much that is the one thing Zach and I bonded on.

Brittnee says she doesn’t like Sarah how she is when she drinks, “I don’t like it, she just gets this way.. I’m just here chilling.. Love the girl to death I’m just like.. ”
Brittnee – I’ve put in a lot of work alot of covering her.. I’ve given this my everything.

Ashleigh agrees says Brittnee has committed a lot of the crimes and Sarah has done a lot of the scheming behind.
Sarah comes back in Ashleigh on the toilet.
Brittnee says she doesn’t think Ika liked Ashleigh
Sarah agrees.
Ashleigh comes back they start talking about the best make out. Brittnee comments on how long Sarah kissed Willow.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-21 17-26-22-852

8:25pm Brittnee, Ashleigh and Sarah
(Brittnee is noticeably upset about something. lots of tension. Seems like something happened or brittnee saw something during the awards ceremony. Sarah seems a little touchy as well)

Brittnee – I’m not even guaranteed final 3 and I’ve put in so much work i’m exhausted
Brittnee – I never imagine it was going to be like this.
Brittnee and Sarah worried about how the people on the outside are going to view them.
Ashleigh thinks they are being silly the public voted them a power they know they are loved by the fans.
Sarah argues this says the fans only gave them the power because they were the underdogs. Ashleigh doesn’t think so she thinks Sarah and Brittnee are well liked.
Sarah doesn’t think they will show her in a good light when it comes to the fights.

Godfrey comes back. Sarah says they have to keep the outfits on for a biut. He was told they just have to make sure they hang the clothes somewhere. He’s going to keep his one “I look fabulous”

They talk about Ika how nice she was. Sarah says the house was mean to Ika that is why she tore up the letters. Godfrey says Ika was HOT.
Ashleigh corrects her says some of the things that came out of Ika’s mouth was cold.
Sarah doesn’t think so says the house treated Ika like a outcast all week.
Sarah says Ika only kicked Andrew’s letter becuase he was a jerk.
ASh – She kicked heather’s.
Sarah – well that was her hatred for heather.
(Ika said some very nasty things about Heather last season)
Sarah also point out that the producers what dramatic thing to happen so they’ll put the houseguests in situations where that happens, “They’re making a TV show” .

Ashleigh – I was like Jordan nice bum where you from.. he said Langley want to bang me.. (LOL I cam from that part of Canada nice to see this joke is still making the rounds)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-21 17-24-01-836

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-21 17-57-25-697

8:57pm Godfrey cahnges his pants calls his outfit the Sweat-uxedo

10:13pm Brittnee, Godfrey and Sarah more talk about the season and the evicted houseguests games. Ashleigh comes in near the end says Nominations are tonight it’s on the living room screen.

12:10am Feeds down for nomination ceremony

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-21 21-13-50-915

nominations are over AShleigh and Godfrey have been nominated.

12:21am Sarah and Brittnee HOH

Brittnee says if Godfrey wins the POV she’ll sit him down and be like ‘real talk Godfrey”
They agree the best chance they have is with each other.
Brittnee thinks she has Godfrey convinced to take her over Ashleigh.

12:24am Godfrey and AShleigh
Godfrey says Sarah and Brittnee are taking each other it’s clear to him. Godfrey knows if AShleigh goes out he has to win the final HOH otherwise he’s not gettign to the final 2.
AShleigh tells him he’s her “Rid and Die”
Godfrey – “I’m the new Pili yo”

Godfrey – I need you to stay.. it’s 20 grand yo
Ashleigh points out if Brittnee leaves Sarah will take Godfrey and so will she.
Ashleigh – tomorrow’s POV is a 20 thousand dollar comp
AShleigh goes to the washroom.. After she’s done heads into the HOH to talk to Brittnee and Sarah. They try to convince her that Godfrey will win if he gets to final 2.
Sarah says Godfrey is going ot pull out some “Next level sh1t” in his speech to get the Jury votes. (The part with Ashleigh talking to Brittnee and Sarah in the HOH is in the last part of the video above)

1:20am Brittnee and Sarah

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I’m so sick of Sarah!!!


Looks like there is an imposter posing as 100%. I really don’t know why people do this, why use someone else’s nickname on here only to post negative stuff?


what did rachael reilly do in the game other then cry


Exactly both Sarah and Racheal are sickening to watch because of the constant crying and whining when people don’t do exactly as they demand.

Of course when power comes around everyone else becomes peasants who are lucky if they are granted 15 minutes of your time (to grill them of course).

Jesus & Nem

You’re kidding … right?? Not a Rachael fan, but truth is truth. She was a one woman wrecking crew when it came to Comps.. I hate the player.. But I respect the game.


what did rachael reilly do ither then cry


won comps


Hang in there…. less than a week left ; )


Well boo feaking hoo pal.


I hope Ashley takes Brittney out. Sarah for the WIN!


go sarah go!

Child please!

Thats right. Go all the way back to your weed shack Sarah.


she works at the vapour lounge on yonge st!

Child Please!

yep… the weed shack. I know exactly what you mean …

another name

i’m thinking britt’s lack of nomination for a single award has her itching. It’s been said by many houseguests throughout the season that britt likes attention. sarah nominated for two awards, including one where sarah was trying to save willow (the fight) / godfrey getting an entire category to himself and the chance at a second award for best reaction / Ashleigh being up for an award moment… Britt’s not feeling she got attention in airtime.


That probalay brought home what Ashley said yesterday about ppl crediting Sarah for her moves. She’s probalay worried she wasn’t portrayed as having done anything and her not getting nominated once may have confirmed that (for her).

Nail on the Head

Say no more. Except I will say, lol, that some friction between Sarah and Britnee, however low grade, is good for the game.


Yeah as much as I like Britt there have been a couple of time she has showcased a bit of a bratty side, and each one is tied to her not being the center of attention.

1) The night she got drunk (everyone kissing in hot tub) & Zach spurned her she was saying a lot of mean things about Ash, that even carried over to the next day.

2) In her DR she said she wanted Willow gone b/c she was getting too close to Sarah & she couldn’t have that. It made Britt & Sarah’s road even more difficult b/c of her jealousy.

3) It appears tonight again it’s happening and hearing her complain to Ash about Sarah (being drunk) when Ash was her target the time Britt got drunk is kind of ironic.

I think you are probably right and it was probably the first time she saw the Willow/Sarah kiss so it likely made her mad (read: jealous). Her saying how she’s carried Sarah so much is uncalled for (unless it’s strategy) but I’ve noticed since Sarah won her 2nd HOH Britt has been acting very defeated.

And, in honesty it bothers me to hear her make comments like I did the dirty work. It was obvious Sarah held back in the SP comp b/c Britt was the one on the block. Sarah had to win POV to save her life (Britt didn’t save her) & just like Britt winning was important so too was Sarah’s last 2 HOH’s or Britt & her would’ve been the targets.

Little whining over spilt milk if you ask me. Then again, like I said it might all be strategy or maybe she’s trying to convince herself not to take Sarah in the end should she get there. That would be the ultimate slap…. maybe we’ll still get some drama in the final days.


You make some good points however I have to disagree with one. When you said Britt wanted willow out because of her jealousy, I believe that had Willow stayed, Britt would have Been second on Sarah’s list of who she is going to be loyal too. Britt knew this, and had to get her out to lengthen her stay in the house. If Britt and willow were on the block together, 100% Sarah would have saved willow. I’m hoping for a Britt and Godfrey final 2, if that was the case I honestly don’t know who would win!

Too Little, Too Late

Britnee should have used the double, and the chance she had, to get rid of
Sarah. She didn’t and now she is stewing in the bed she made. Just a day or so ago, Sarah was comparing their achievements in the game and how she (Sarah) felt that her and Brtinee were pretty equal. Britt was given all this power in the game, won lots in her own right, and still f’d herself for her lack of guts. Way to go whiny wimp, you had your chance, didn’t take it, now go mope about it as per usual.


they should have ended this show on sunday night and go against masterchef canada

The real "TruthHurts"

I’ve used a lot of monikers this season… and this season hasn’t been too bad.
in my opinion it was way better than season 2 and the gremlin show.
nevertheless, Simon and Dawg, I just donated toyour site.
Thank you so much for your hard work and making the big brother experience a bearable and (i’d dare say) enjoyable one.

The Truth

Oddly enough even though (The Fist Five) Sabrina was annoying I found (The Gremlins) Sabrina and Rachelle entertaining. How can you forget that they had come up with some kind of kooky business or the “DOES EVERYBODY WANT GOOD F*CKING T.V!”. LOL. That T.V Gold was provided courtesy of “The Gremlins.


Listening to sarah try to tell ashleigh that Canada doesnt love her and B (because they won the special power) was quite annoying…..if the roles were reversed and Bruno or anyone else was trying to say what she was saying tonite, she would go and scurry to B and complain to her how “insulting” it is that there actually saying that to her.


Britt is a sourpuss. I guarantee she’s pissed about Sarah trying to save willow and Sarah making out with willow. She’s so annoying. I’m sorry, I admit she’s played a good game but she irks me. Especially the DR sessions. Ugh.


Anybody but Sarah for the win. She’s one nasty, I mean dirty girl. Ok she’s both!


stop using my name, this is not me posting…sheesh really, isn’t there something more important or interesting that you can do?

Grease Monkey

Sarah is a grease monkey. Did you see her hair-do for the pov – grease and twine? Did she forget she was on national tv for that ceremony? I get it for the down time and hence live feeds, but come on, Bruno is not a mysoginist, he is just clearly anti-circus.

The Truth

Sometimes when I read comments like this it’s a toss up. I want to press thumbs down because I don’t agree with all the statements but I want press thumbs up because it just so funny.


There was a time when Britt. Was Britt downer. It want nice to watch.


just remember crying win in the game just ask rachael reilly!


Good Grief…get over it already please, that’s the only thing you’ve posted for days on end!


Ugh! Get the fro out of here. Frodo


At this point I wouldn’t mind Ash winning the Veto and voting out Brit
She thinks her n Zack “bonded” (she has a major crush on him)
Zack wants nothing to do with Brit
She is still jealous of Willow n Sarah = bad game moves
I think she is also scorned, because no one wanted a showmance with her
I’ve always disliked her and never trusted her … good riddance
Sarah for the Win!


rather see godfrey win the veto


Rather have ANYONE but Sarah for the WIN! Can’t stand her!


Britt voted out at this point would help Sarah to a degree. Britt would ensure the jury know that Sarah was not behind Brittès poor game moves and be a vote for Sarah. On the other hand Britt is probably the only one to take Sarah F2.


Sarah is actually being so stupid in those videos. No one would have voted Sabrina and Rachelle a power last season. Please!

another name

I know it’s absolute conjecture, and i’m not agreeing with sarah’s argument when I say this, but I might have voted for rachelle or Sabrina to get a special power in the second half of last season. no, really. not because I liked them, but because it would have been good for drama.
after reading tweets ( I hate twitter, but I do look occasionally) from two of the sloppy seconds saying how much they hate twists after their entire game was essential predicated on a production twist last year (Canada’s hoh), i’d feel even more validated in doing so if the option had been available at the time.


who won the awards?


Whaling the sideshow. Didn’t peter and zack had history. Interesting. Can someone elaborate ?

another name

Zach’s tweet to peter:
you are an awful bb player. Had a chance to make a big move, and crumbled like a b!tch. Go back to your nothing life peter.


After Peter was voted out …
Zack Tweeted Peter talking major smack … rubbing salt in the wounds
It shows Zacks true character …
Who goes out of their way to put someone down when their already down.
Kind of like Zack used Ash …
“she has an emotional connection to me, I’m going milk it for all its worth”
Interesting Peter had forgot about it till one of Zacks brilliant friends
retweeted it to Peter when Zack got on the show


I think Peter showed a lot of class tonight on the sideshow. I didn’t like him too much during his season but give him kudos for how he handled tonight


Once this tweet resurface Peter had a heavy hand in this becoming an issue in the BBtwitter world. It is hard to determine which is worse, the initial tweet by Zach. or Peters media whoring on someone while they are in the BBHouse to be chastised by them upon their exit on national tv.
It is like he had little negative to say about Zachs game so chose this path.
None of it was classy, just like his attack on Jordans love of the game not classy.


Sarah and B want to defend Ika’s actions in the house? She was a vile human being. I give her credit for apologizing to Heather once she was out of the house, but there’s no defending the things she said and did to Heather for absolutely no reason. That was bullying on a personal level and there’s no excuse for it. Ika shredding the letters because she knew she was goner anyway doesn’t make her a queen. And she gets the opportunity to come back in the house as a guest and she dogs on Ashleigh? How pathetic and immature. I cannot believe she’s 30 and has children but still acts the way that she does.


I agree completely, I despise Ika…. she’s nasty.

The Truth

I’m surprised that still till this day people have such an emotional reaction to Lettergate. Get over it already. Big Brother thrives of big personalities, big moves and drama. That’s why she’s back in the house. Ashleigh is nice but kinda boring for t.v. If I had to rate her personality on a spicy meter she’d be a green pepper. Ika’s more like a jalepeno.


My feelings for Ika had nothing to do with the letters and everything to do with her being an abrasive, toxic, bullying biotch, the personal attacks she made had absolutely nothing to do with game. She is and will always be viewed as a despicable being in my eyes for what she did to Heather.


She was leaving the game at this point. I enjoyed watching Ika shred the letters and the reaction following. It made great tv.


Like I said… my feelings for Ika have “nothing to do with the shredding of letters”. I believe anyone of the house guest would have taken the money. It was good TV.
Ika being a bully however… was going on long BEFORE that point and that is why I don’t like her.

team B



Why are you yelling?


I wasn’t impressed with zacks game. Was anyone else? People were mezermized by the jock type thought they could use him as they expected him to win most comps. He strategy sessions at times were hilarious. He was so out of touch of what was going on on the house. Could have kept close to Britt and worked on Godfrey. What great game?


Agree. In his exit interview he admits that after JP left he didn’t have that much grasp of what was happening in the house. His gameplay would’ve probably been better if he had something going on with S/B as well as the Diapers



Side Show: Peter’s words of wisdom for Zach
Credit to Hampsterwatch


I liked the idea of the sideshow but the production of it bothers me. The purpose, I think of the show is to analyze the game. Time is wasted every week with the introduction of Gary and Peter who are regulars. I’d rather a round table more discussion. I am a Gary fan but this isn’t for me. He really never has anything of substance except in his rants maybe that’s all he should get. And if it’s true he is becoming a deva than maybe his time is done. I think he blew a few opportunies because I saw him on a talk show and he was looking all over the place didn’t have the natural ability to ignore what was going on off camera and that, maybe nervous laugh.


Marie, You may like
RHAP http://robhasawebsite.com
they do a BBCA recap on Tuesday and Friday nights
and will do a recap for BBUS on Wednesday night I believe … when it starts


The side show could be so much better. Portions are hard to watch. Gary is so over the top its annoying, its all look at my crazy style( terrible) and no substance. The acting in the scene with JP and Sindy was bad soap opera. I don’t get why they would throw that in there it was so staged I would be embarassed to be in production and had given that the green light.


BB16 contestant Caleb Reynolds is rumored to be on Survivor 32 airing in spring 2016.

another name

I wonder if he found a durian fruit, named it amber and fixated on it.


Bb17 is most likely not all stars but there might be some returning houseguest like frank, matt from bb12, other fan favorite but not legends like derrick, will, dan, or ian.

BB fan

I think Zach redeemed himself somewhat in the eyes of BB fans who viewed him as arrogant. His eviction speech last night and how he conducted himself on the sideshow tonight showed a more humble Zach who may have actually learnt something valuable about himself from being on BB.

Peter Brown’s comments to Zach on the sideshow about internet/twitter-haters were very poignant.
Zach and BB production have gone to great lengths to promote Zach as a wholesome “pre-med university quarterback” In reality, if you check the University of Regina Rams website you will see that the last game Zach played in as a University of Regina Rams was in 2012!. He was redshirted for both the 2013 and 2014 season. He started in 2010 as a slotback and only became quarterback in 2011 after injuries to the other two Rams quarterbacks. His “coveted #17” has been assigned to another player for 2015, so he will NOT be part of the 2015 Rams roster. He may have aspiration of medicine in the future but for the past 4 years he has been a student in the Faculty of Education, not science or a pre-med/professional program! As a varsity athlete and future teacher/coach he should never have known better than to tweet to Peter Brown that “You are an awful bb player. Had a chance to make a big move and crumbled like a bitch. Go back to your nothing life”, furthermore, given Peter’s apparent food aversions, Zach’s other tweet to Peter “Go eat a salad and cry about it. #pussy” is why there are posting about Zach’s cyber-bullying of Peter.


Please stop stalking the house guests.

The Truth

Peter looks good in a suit. On the Sideshow today he reminds me of Enigma from Gotham.


So dropped In a few times just reading to see where people are.
Frodo is the original 1 trick pony it appears from this thread. Why not just say it Rachel riley must die lol! So bad hating on someone that much. 😛
What appears clear is many Sarah trolls are happy if B goes. Surprise they are at least smart enough to know B is stiff competition. I think everyone is underestimating GOD IMO. Ash has no shot F2 unless there is an insane bitter jury vote. I had it B/GOD then Sarah as the pecking order on votes. Think GOD is now 3rd and Sarah/B a bloody toss up.
So what that means is this take Sarah F2 you likely go home with 2nd place money. By inference get picked by Sarah F2 cash second and say TY Sarah.
The GOD float was/is to this point missing the big flip ending. F4 sir better do something worthy of jury votes.
Best F4 down for Sarah…. Ash evicted 4th. Would have said F2 after Pili with Sarah is 100K. more convinced now she wins versus them all. So Ash going opens up the endurance comp to Sarah which means 7 questions potentially. 4th second good option is B going. Saying this as a far less good option but it is the only one she may lose to.
F3 question is would either of them take Sarah. B would be a fool. Sarah might if she believes she loses to either of the other 2 F3 finalist. Think Ash has little love for B myself.
F4 down for B… from solid to she better scramble a little. The attitude might be rubbing off on the HG’s. Sarah likely needs B only if B wins 7 questions think Sarah is only thinking Sarah. She is merely waiting the POV winner. B should be safe if GOD wins. Ash win no idea and Sarah could make a move with POV by giving it to Ash then B evicted that earns her 100K IMO. Jury vote at least 6-7 for the win plus Canada overwhelmingly. All the Sarah talk aside she is better served winning that POV then letting someone else decide her fate.
F4 Ash needs the POV… again. Sits 7 questions if she is F3 and gets 2nd place money at best. No shot at 100K IMO
F4 GOD…. He wins POV then what? Make a game move and take out B or the easy evict with Ash. Needs Sarah gone the most not happening at this point. He’s been a lay about way to long. From float to gutless and lazy. Maybe he can turn his BB game on like a faucet GOoD luck. Someone’s got to carry his butt at this point. Carry Ash’s butt if you have a choice.

Not so good news…. well wouldn’t be accept it’s Sarah. This feels much like Gary from BB CAN 1 where I keep thinking there is a connection to the show and an agenda to get her the money. Leaving that aside and not worrying about the stoner trolls here she sits F3 with 2 we don’t know. I think nothing is 100% known til the eviction ceremony. Best for Sarah is Ash and B and that’s a no brainer.. Interesting if B has veto would Sarah rough her up to get GOD evicted. GOD is a loose cannon and likely takes B over Sarah F2 and Ash as well. B might take Sarah and if enough time between 7 questions and eviction Sarah could persuade Ash to take her. She’s a hell of a bully let’s face it.

Should know whose evicted no later than Saturday night.


Would somebody rip that damn tie-dyed shirt off Sarah’s back please. The damn thing is going to show up at the next comp by itself. I’ve seem it four times as much as I used to see Porsche’s pink track suit. She wears it during the day, then to bed, and again the next day. Has that girl ever done laundry since she has been in the house?

Big BoBo

Hope either God or Ash win veto and send Brit out. It will be boring to watch Brit Sarah and God in final 3


A huge thumbs down lol

What happened to the most deserving to the end? Troll manipulation at it’s best. It’s got nothing to do with entertainment value. Ash out forth gives some suspense and actually helps Sarah giving her a shot at endurance. Maybe part 1 will be balancing something with an arm like a past season and GOD gets the fix to final 2. Ash gone Sarah has a decent shot 7 questions IMO.
Ash F3 she is 2nd place money almost garunteed. Sabby did it last season. Then there was Gina Marie lord there is a list I must say. More boring with Ash F3 gotta be S B G just to see if the backstab comes at the end.

The season in general. I’ll give Kasting a C-. If you say B to D I’m ok with anything in those ranges. The game play bordered on some of the worst ever like Zack’s HOH. The loved Cindy was a train wreck. Get a second chance get evicted for the exact same reason twice. You played to hard to fast …. Jebus.
Alliances names from stupid to funny. The only one you can say was true from beginning to end was diapers. Don’t have to like them but it speaks to character. sadly worse played alliance as well. They never leveraged the power of 4.(key) They cut no deals to test others integrity basically. Save a person on the block then see if they keep their word. this potentially could have showed how dangerous Sarah was from the start. to me the failure falls squarely on there not being consequences for negative actions out side the alliance. Sarah/B turned twice no consequences has that working out/
Production… I’m not going over all I’ve written but in general the secret power was a way to heavily weighted idea. Forget who got it just look how many folks effectively lost 100k. Add in the number of non feeders voting on Global edits the things a complete joke.
What’s worst from my perspective is I never found a true favourite. I never saw a game worthy of cheering for. With so many people so late in the season that says a lot. The result matters little to me looking to BB 17 and hope the cast is a good mix. If there is BB CAN 4, no sure thing with the ratings, get back on slice. serve a little booze and tweak the cast mix somehow. Few more 30/40 somethings maybe as an example. Just get some life in it. Stop bring back early evictees counter productive. Fix the ethic issues I believe have hurt the show since season 1.
Lastly find HG’s who have a pair! A season where we never hear an HG say I don’t want blood on my hands. A season where we don’t hear I’m doing what’s best for my game! Almost always someone else has manipulated them so give us a break. In fact lets take a crazy idea out of the box. not Pandora’s box either(this is due for a return). Lets see the HOH nom then everyone take responsibility for there vote. They all get the blood and the glory!


someone put a muzzle on Ashleigh!!!! And cover her nose at the same time.


You might want to try to judge the House Guest for their game play
Strategy, Social, n Comps … I view it as a chess match myself, not a popularity contest
I try to keep HG personality and my personal opinions to a minimum
Unless they cross the line.
We all need to improve on something
Also I wish all the HG the best of luck in their lives …
(I go by the philosophy of .. a community is only as strong as its weakest link …
So strengthening the weakest link/s is mutually beneficial to everyone)
Remember … It’s a Game!
So Anonymously posting thoughts of violence is something one might want to think about
If that was your Mother, Sister, friend, etc… Would you appreciate such a comment?
It really is a small world, we all need to respect each other, Ash has in no way disrespected you Anon …Think about it!

another name

i’m sitting back thinking about the games the f4 have played until now.
Sarah has scratched and scraped while strategizing and attempting to manipulate her way to the finals. she played the underdog game. she has late game comp wins when they were needed to get her to f3.
Godfrey has played the under the radar social game to the extent that he is wanted in the f3 by everyone.
Britt has played the social game. she’s relatively well liked by everyone on jury. she’s won comps and been on the receiving end of a game changing twist. almost every player she took out on her hoh wins had mentioned wanting her to be evicted.
Ashleigh played the showmance game. she contributed her vote to her alliance. she won veto when she most needed to.
for some reason, I still have the least respect for Ashleigh’s game. I can’t help it. when someone contributes nothing but a vote for weeks, and has no strategy of their own but follow’s their showmance’s playbook to get to the finals, I can’t find that player deserving of my support. I’ve read that she’s now the underdog. I disagree. She’s the sole survivor of the dominant force in the house for 7 or so weeks. her own ‘ride or die’ pilar said in her sideshow interview that they wouldn’t bother with working with the others, because they were on the bottom and the diapers were on top. does being a crestfallen top dog in the final week mean you are an underdog? to some maybe, but not to me.
I don’t dislike Ashleigh. I just don’t personally respect her game. she’ll probably make f3.


Please Britt stop whining. Poor you, you worked so hard to get here ….. what the heck do you think everyone else did.